also known as the western isles


Boaz Ross, a young auror, has recently come into the spotlight following his successful arrest of the Ministry’s #2 Most Wanted Criminal, even becoming so much of a celebrity he has been featured in a Witch Weekly photoshoot (above) and interviewed by Fideline MacMillan on WWN.

Ross has been a full-fledged auror for only four years, but following his prior successes in the field, Head Auror Harry Potter selected Ross to lead the investigation of a potioneer known only by the alias Rizpah, a witch with a veritable black market empire spanning the British Isles and parts of Western Europe. The DMLE has had Rizpah under investigation since 2011, but nothing of substance had come to light prior to Boaz Ross’s undercover infiltration of her network.

Despite his youth, with a whole year undercover Ross managed to identify the formidable Rizpah as one Sally Hedgerow, a former Hogwarts student who dropped off the map after receiving Oustanding NEWTs in potions and herbology. Ross also collected the names of other key players in Rizpah’s network and crucial classified intel on the functioning of the wixen world’s criminal underground.

Meanwhile, Rizpah’s black market rival, The Tsarina, remains at large, and Boaz Ross has become a celebrity heartthrob. 

(photos: Florian Wowretzko)

Banded Demoiselle (Calopteryx splendens)

…a brilliant species of broad-winged damselfly (Calopterygidae) which can be found throughout Eurasia from the Atlantic coast all the way to Lake Baikal and north-western China. It also occurs in the British Isles. Banded Demoiselles occur in many types of freshwater habitats, and are known to be particularly common in open running water bodies like streams and small rivers. Like all damselflies, banded demoiselles are predatory and will feed on a range of small flying insects. 


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Odonata-Zygoptera-Calopterygidae-Calopteryx-C. splendens

Image: Clement Bardot