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DA:2 companions react to Hawke and Fenris' baby

I… I love you for this anon. I am baby trash and I am Fenris trash. I am trash.

Aveline: She isn’t quite sure, at first, that they’ll be good parents, but she quickly changes her mind when she sees how careful and loving both parents are with their new baby. She knows that this kid is going to end up being as fierce as a dragon and their parents will love them more than anything. She’ll be around for when they run into trouble.

Merrill: She oohs and ahhs and makes funny faces to make the kid laugh. All she had to do was take one look at the happy, proud, sleep-deprived parents to know that this was going to be the best thing for them all. She frequently babysits and tells Dalish stories to get the kid to sleep.

Sebastian: The baby is a gift from the Maker, but the way Hawke and Fenris both look at the child is a miracle. Like Aveline, he wasn’t quite sure at first. Both of them have dealt with such loss and pain. Fenris especially has a tendency to be a bit antagonistic. Yet he could never question that they will be wonderful parents.

Varric: This is going to make for a crazy addition to his book! There’s no denying that this kid is probably simultaneously very safe and very in danger. Most of the city of Kirkwall would rise up in defense of their Champion’s kid, but there were also a lot of factions that might try to hurt Hawke and Fenris using their beloved baby. He starts paying off the Carta to keep an ear out for anyone who might hurt the kid.

Isabela: The sight of Hawke and Fenris with their new baby is the cutest thing she’s ever seen. She’s going to teach that kid how to hold their liquor and all the dirty limericks she’s ever known. And Auntie Isabela will always be around to help make mischief.

Anders: If the baby is biologically Hawke’s and Fenris’, he insists on being the one to deliver it. Even though he and Fenris don’t really get along, Hawke is his friend and he wants to do this. But even if the child is adopted, he’s always there to help. He’ll heal scraped knees and bruised elbows. He doesn’t think he’s ever seen Hawke so happy, and even Fenris smiles, so he’s going to do everything he can to make sure they all stay safe.

Bethany: She’s going the be the best aunt ever. Whenever she can find the time to visit her sibling, she’s there, holding the child and playing with them. She knows her sibling and Fenris both have issues, but who doesn’t? She knows from personal experience that this child will be loved and treasured forever.

Carver: He finds the concept of his sibling being a parent kind of strange. Somehow, he’d never really thought it would happen, maybe because of all the years when they had to essentially parent him. He feels kind of bad for that and he makes up for it by helping out with baby care in whatever way he can. If he’s a Templar, he spends most of his down time with the baby. If he’s a Warden, he sends back unique toys or interesting baby clothes from wherever he’s stationed. And he protects both his sibling and their kid from any threat.

Fenris: The first time he holds his baby, he’s terrified. What if he drops them? What if his lyrium can hurt them? What if he’s a terrible dad? But the moment the child is settled in his embrace, all thought flee except that he will protect this child with his life if he has to. He has a purpose now, and responsibility. He knows he’d do anything for his child. He grins at Hawke, wanting to share this feeling. He knows it’s going to be a bumpy road, but he also knows that they’ll make it. It’s going to be wonderful.


Blue Hawke: They are going to nurture their child if it kills them. This baby is everything. They lean against Fenris, their baby snug in their arms, and they know everything is perfect.

Purple Hawke: They have a feeling that this baby is going to be a handful and probably take after them a little too much. If Fenris thinks one Hawke in the house is hard to deal with? Oh, just wait! It’s going to be amazing and overwhelming and crazy and perfect.

Red Hawke: If anyone so much as sneezes too close to their child, there will be hell to pay. No one will ever threaten their family, no matter what. They’ve lost too much. Never again. This baby is beautiful and they know Fenris will be there through it all, just as fiercely protective. This family will be perfect.

Sense8 Headcanon #10 -Bby, Smol and Teen Sensates <3


  • Bby Nomi’s first word was “Elmo”, as her favourite show was Sesamo Street. Her mother tried to make her say “mama”, but bby Nomi was a very stubborn baby.
  • Smol Nomi liked to dress up with her little sister and pretend they were both warrior princesses. Although Teagan didn’t usually intervened when Nomi’s mother argued with her about the dresses, she would secretly sneak the toys or clothes Nomi liked into her bedroom.
  • Teen Nomi had the worst crush ever on a pretty girl from calculus. Although they didn’t date, the both of them became quite good friends. She was the one to help Nomi to buy her first bra after she transitioned (”I’m sorry, but I’m still a bit clueless about the cup size” “I’ve been buying bras for years and I still don’t master this, so don’t worry. Try this one, is cute”) and Nomi was one of her bridesmaids at the girl’s wedding.


  • Bby Lito liked shiny things so much that when they were visiting his dad’s family in Bilbao, he got lost because he saw an elderly woman with a lot of rings and necklaces and decided that it was a good idea to follow her.
  • Smol Lito would stand in front of the TV and reproduce whatever telenovela his mother was watching at the moment. It was very amusing to see, that child that was missing a front tooth behaving like the most proffesional actor ever, and his mother would always clap.
  • Teen Lito was honestly clueless about girls. Yeah, they were nice, they were pretty, but he just didn’t get it, and it was even funnier because he was already pretty handsome and girls were crushing hard on him. Cue his mother trying not to laugh when she saw her child teaching his cousin’s cute friend how to dance -Lito could be clueless, but she wasn’t. She didn’t force him to do anything, however, and told him how to gently let down girls.   


  • Babies sometimes like to sleep with weird shit. For Sun, that was her father’s calculator. Bby Sun would cry and fuss endlessly until somebody gave her the calculator.
  • Smol Sun was the kind of kid what was very quiet, but it was because she was trying to prank her brother. When he eventually discovered that his sister was the one tying together his shoelaces or putting ink into his shampoo, he would throw a fit while Sun hid with her mother, both giggling and eating sweets.
  • Teen Sun discovered that sex was a great way to cope -until it wasn’t, because relationships can be very complicated. She got a couple of broken hearts, but also some friends with benefits and buddies that would show up at the underground rings to support her. She wasn’t as lonely as it could seem. One of her exs was the one to give her a small white puppy that would become her best friend.


  • Bby Capheus scared his mother to death when he tried to run after a zebra. But instead of kicking the small human, the zebra allowed him to pet her and his mother to get him back.
  • Smol Capheus would blush like there was no tomorrow whenever a woman talked to him. It didn’t matter if it was a young girl his age, a pretty young woman or an elderly one, and all of them were in awe of that kid that tried so hard to be a little gentleman. His mother was very proud.
  • Teen Capheus would become everybody’s friend. He was just to nice and tried to help out people without expecting anything back, that his mother had to scare away too many young girls that wanted to date him so badly. But he was just happily learning how to fix engines and getting into trouble with Jela when he tried to free some animal that was being sold by poachers.  


  • Bby Riley tried so, so hard to hum whatever piece her father was playing at the moment, that it was hilarious, watching that baby shaking her rattle as if it was a baton and trying to hum Mozart’s Turkish March.
  • Smol Riley wanted to play the piano -but to learn on her own. That lead to lots of times when her dad would be napping, only to be abruptly waken up by his daughter slamming the keys of the instrument. He pretended to be still sleeping just to hear her.
  • Teen Riley crushed on everybody. It wasn’t even funny anymore, and on top of that she managed to scare people away telling them that she wanted to have children later in life or talking a bit too much and getting too excited about music. When she went to college and met that cute boy that would listen to her for hours and wanted a kid to teach them to ride a horse, she fell head over heels.


  • Bby Wolfgang was the cutest child to ever cute, and usually fell asleep on whoever was holding him at the time. There are just so many pictures of him sleeping in his mother or his aunt’s arms. 
  • Smol Wolfgang was a complete menace, the kind of kid that would end up with scratches all over him because he wanted so badly to pet some animal. And he would never cry, because, hey, he actually managed to pet that cat that was believed to be a demon’s spawn.
  • Teen Wolfgang had a reputation of being a fuckboy although the poor thing didn’t even kiss a girl until he was almost seventeen and it was her the one to kiss him because he didn’t know if she would be okay with it. He was also known for punching neonazis, and if some asshole tried to harass any girl in front of Wolfgang, God help him.


  • Bby Kala got lost the day before her cousin’s wedding. Her mother found her sleeping under some colourful fabrics that were discarded while creating the wedding dress.
  • Kala was that one kid that takes mud cakes way too seriously. When her father allowed her to help him out one day, smol Kala made a complete mess in the kitchen but to this day her mother swears that Kala’s biryani was even better than her father’s. He never denies it.
  • Teachers feared teen Kala, because she was asking questions all the the time, and they weren’t silly questions but ones that would make the teachers think about them and in the end they would get really confused because “Did this girl outsmart me?”. Also, she was feared because that one time when she almost blew up the lab, and known for messing up science and religion, trying to mix it all and make sense of it. It took a while for her to understand that, maybe science and religion don’t have a lot in common, but she believed in both and that’s alright.


  • Bby Will was the biggest and cutest hair puller baby ever. Like, if you hold him and your hair is down, say good bye to it. Even when he didn’t pull, he got very concentrated petting it. He once saw a girl with bright pink hair. It was a mess.
  • He was easily the most responsable kid you would ever meet, like, the old ladies of his neighborhood loved smol Will to pieces and he was the default baby sitter for so many years that a lot of kids grew up looking up to him.
  • In highschool, he was this kid that you would try not to hate because, hey, it’s not his fault that he’s genuinely nice and seems to be perfect at fucking everything and the biggest dork ever. He got the worst crush ever on Jared Leto but he thought he just realy liked his music. Teen Will was also that one por soul that can’t realize when he’s being hitted on to save his life -it took meeting Diego at the academy and him showing him the signs for Will to finally understand it.

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💗 ((also it's unfair that this is a one-sided deal so im gonna say ur the kindest, smartest, cutest person ive ever known in my entire life and i would honestly give so much to be like u bc ur truly what it means to be a good person and good friend and about everything in the book so this is my compliment to u 😛))

My babie sister 😢😢😢 “you’re what it means to be a good person” pLEASE donut do this 🏃😩 but honestly I really do think of you as a little sister. You’re just, such a thoughtful and mature person but at the same time a smol who needs to be hugged on the daily :((( I tell you a whole lot, probably more than you think I tell you. I don’t like letting people know exactly how much they mean to me or how much I tell them but you really do mean a lot to me :’( I love how much thought you put into everything and how you’re so guided by your morals. Also you’re a strong lil bub and I lov you k? 💞💞💞

An Adventure into My OTP Also Known as Ziall

 Let’s Start.

I think we should start with the Loving looks.

Zayn you’re staring.

These boys love to touch, let’s take a look.

 It’s obvious Zayn loves Niall.

yep, they are in love. 

They are just the cutest!

Now how about Cuddling and Tender touches. 

One arm, Zayn do you do this often?

He is holding his hand, ever so gently

Facts and Adorable quotes

Zayn is so Protective over Niall, and it hurts my fragile baby heart.

Just so we can see how perfect they look together, let’s look at some manips,

Perfect Match. I mean the Badboy and His Shy goofy Boyfriend, Best match.


 I can’t forget The amazing and Adorable Fan Art!  

Ziall shippers are amazing artists.

 Now Here is a few last gifs. 

Yeah, so Wanna tell me Ziall can’t be an OTP. Because Damn, It is.

Modern AU

Okay so. I’ve been thinking about this a lot & decided to put it on here. Just my interpretation of what would happen 2 the characters

Rick & Michonne

•Lori & Rick are divorced

•Lori is w/ Shane & Rick & Shane don’t rly hate each other? They just aren’t as good of friends as they used to be

•Rick gets remarried to Michonne and she’s legit so perfect to him… It’s super sweet

•Judith was born before Rick & Lori divorced so they both get the kids half & half basically but. U kno.

•Michonne is more of a mother to Rick’s kids than Lori is tbh. And that’s p canon in the actual show too

•Michonne is a business woman & she wears suits for work & looks rly fuckin hot. ( business woman like from the TWD Michonne game )

•Rick is rly into it. Like. Honestly anything looks good on her

•Everything is fine Rick’s still a police officer & everything’s perfect ok.

Maggie & Glenn

•Glenn’s friends w/ Tara & she works at like. A grocery store & that’s where Glenn meets Maggie basically? & Tara is kinda his wing woman & they get along rly well

•They actually have a legit wedding ceremony?? & it’s rly pretty probably on Hershel’s farm & all of their friends are invited ( basically everyone from TWD )

•Maggie has a healthy baby boy & they name him Hershel Jr. If it’s a girl then Beth.

•Hershel lives to be a grandpa & he’s legit so sweet to the baby,,, its perfect


•Beth is a good aunt

Denise & Tara

•Tara works at the grocery store like I said

•and she sees denise come in one day & kinda just ‘HOLYSHITURBEAUTIFUL’

•and from that day forward Denise keeps coming in to buy things… And they kinda play the ‘stare then look away game’

•and tara notices that half the time Denise comes & doesn’t even buy anything.

•and then Tara works up the courage to go & talk to her & ends up in the fruit section making fruit puns to her

•and the puns are so horrible that Denise laughs

•tara'a smooooooothIEness™™™ scores her a date

•and theyre so grossly cute,,,, like honestly

•& she talks about denise to glen all of the time

Daryl & Jesus

•Jesus is super down to earth. Legit. Honestly I can kinda see him as a pothead(?) not like a ‘WEED IS LIFE’ type of thing but he does it once in a while lol

•Daryl is probably his neighbor or smth. & he works on his bike a lot in his garage/driveway

•jesus sometimes ( coughs all of the time) watches him bc hes fuckin hot as hell tbh

•Daryl catches him watching & jesus kinda just ‘ok but maybe he DIDNT SEE’

•and then Daryl confronts him about it one day. And that’s where their ‘friend i want 2 fuck’ relationship begins

•it takes a while for daryl to fall for jesus tbh

•bc he has internalized homophobia from Merle

•Merle can tell Daryl’s into Paul. & Merle is such a bitch about it its so bad

•Daryl learns to accept himself w help from Denise & Aaron probably.

•& Paul probably asks him to dinner or smth like that

•once theyre dating theyre kinda inseparable(?) its p cute.

•Paul teaches him 2 accept himself even more & helps him open up.

•Daryl is so in love w him… Honestly… Its just..

•they ALSO care for everyone’s babies if like. A couple has to get out of town or smth Paul gladly agrees to watch the babies he would b such a good dad

•they probably dont adopt children tho(?)

•legit my favs

Aaron & Eric


•they’re probably the first ppl out of their friend group to get married like. Next to Richonne

•they probably have the cutest house w the cutest stuff in it,,, and they cook together & clean together & they just.

•they love each other sm

•they probably adopt a ton of kids tbh

•legit the cutest ppl ever,,, they probably have a garden

•and they do nice things for their friends all of the time

•basically they’re goals

Sasha & Abraham

•basically they start off as bros

•but Abraham breaks the ‘no hetero’ rule

•plus hes w/ Rosita?? Yeah

•Sasha lowkey likes him too

•theyre kinda awkward for a while. Abraham ends up leaving rosita & then he finally works up the courage to say hes in love w sasha.

•its p angsty

•sasha says she likes him too tho

•and they date & it ends up fine

•they probably have like. Two kids. & theyre beautiful

Tobin & Carol

•Carol loves baking & giving all of her friends her baked stuff ofc. Already canon

•Tobin tastes all of it first to check and see if it’s poison (even tho carol knows he just wants 2 eat all of the stuff she cooks)

•tobin legit greets her by kissing all over her face every single time,,, its so cute


•sophia likes Tobin hes super nice to her & he tells her stories & stuff

•basically a way better dad than Ed

•Tobin treats Carol like a princess lmao

Rosita & Eugene

•Eugene always has had a thing for her?

•it took a while for Rosita to return his feelings

•he flaunts her to everyone basically,,, lowkey tho. Hes so happy to be w her

•rosita teaches him to be more confident

•Eugene snores at night & Rosita has to hit him w a pillow to get him to stop lol

•honestly i love them

&& that’s all i could think of!! This took forever to type out holy shit my fingers are shaking

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Can you u explain what got7 is? Sorry if I sound stupid but I'm really curious and I see pictures of them and there cute ahah. Thanks


WELCOME MY CHILDREN! Welcome to my class! This class will about GOT7! Let’s get started!



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Bam Bam

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And Yugyeom

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They have released five albums:

Got It? (EP Album)

Promotion Song - Girls Girls Girls

Dance Practice: #1 or #2


Promotion Song - A

Dance Practice - #1 or #2


Promotion Song - Stop Stop It (하지하지마)

Dance Practice - #1 or #2

Just Right

Promotion Song - Just Right

Dance Practice - #1 or #2


Promotion Song - If You Do 니가 하면

Dance Practice - #1 or #2 or #3

MAD - Merry/Winter Edition

Promotion Song - Confession Song 고백송

Dance Practice: #1



Promotion songs - All Around The World Love Train Laugh Laugh Laugh 

Dance Practice -


Love Train - #1

Laugh Laugh Laugh - #1 or #2

So now that all the mentions are out of the way! Its time to introduce my best friends to all of you, BOYS!

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Okay boys its time for introductions so lets get to it! JAEBUM!

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Jaebum: GIVE ME A SECOND! GUYS GET OFF! Okay I’m ready!

JAEBUM - The Leader

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Jaebum is the Father and leader of the seven and is probably the one with most dignity AND follows culture the most. He is one of the vocalists of GOT7. He is one of the sweetest, most compassionate leaders around. Before GOT7 he was apart of the JJ Project alongside GOT7 member Jinyoung.

Me: Thank you Jaebum! MARK!

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Mark: Babe do I have to do this?

Me: Please Babe! It’ll only take 5 minutes! Come on!


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Mark is the silent, beautiful, sexy martial arts guy of GOT7. He is the oldest of the seven and is probably the most mature, and is also the main rapper of the band. Mark writes his own raps for the albums. He has his silent moments, but he can be crazy and sexy when he wants to be! 


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Jackson: Huh? I wasn’t doing anything!


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Jackson is the wild and sexy member of GOT7! He is the lead rapper and also does martial arts alongside Mark. He is the mood maker of the group, he seems like a very cocky, “up himself” kinda guy, but really he is a sentimental, loving young man that loves and appreciates his members as brothers and family. 

Me: Okay Mama Jinyoung?!

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Jinyoung: Coming Darling!


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Jinyoung is the Mother of GOT7 and is also known as GOT7′s King of Aegyo! He is the lead vocalist of the band and also choreograph most of their songs. He really takes care of all the GOT7 members when needed and controls them when things are just a little bit over the limit, but he loves to have fun as well. Isn’t he a sweetie?!

Me: Youngjae? YOUNGJAE?!

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Youngjae: Oh crap! COMING!


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Youngjae is IGOT7 and GOT7′S ray of sunshine. He is the squishiest of the members in my book and has the voice of an absolute angel. He is the main vocalist of GOT7. Everyone knows him for his amazing rang and his ability at singing and also his contagious laughter.

Me: Bam Bam please stop cuddling Jaebum like a helpless Koala! Please come and speak to the people!

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Bam Bam: Okay Okay I’m coming grandma!


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This fella is the fashionista of the entire group and is also full of life just like Jackson! Jackbam for life! He is lead rapper and vocalist of GOT7. He is known VERY WELL for his fashion sense and his loveable personality. Bam Bam is also known for his thai rap “Seven steps to heaven” (please correct me if the name is wrong, I can’t remember its full name) which the boys always stop him from doing. 


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Yugyeom: Girl please you can’t tell me what to do!


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Yugyeom is GOT7′s giant baby. He is one of the vocalists of GOT7 and well known for being the maknae. This giant baby is the cutest sweetheart you would ever meet, but he has his rude moments of course, can’t leave it all to the Hyung’s can we? He also, alongside Mama Jinyoung, choreographs the dances for GOT7. 


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GOT7 is a very unique group, very different than the usual bands that are in the KPOP industry. Debuted in 2014 on the 16th of January, they are a martial arts, hip hop and pop seven member boy band. They have members from South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and The USA. Each boy is dedicated to their fans and they are loved by all for their kind, sweet personalities. Their fanbase is called IGOT7, and consider themselves one big family all over the world. 

Me: Thank you boys for your participation! I love you!

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GOT7: Its okay Shyami! We love you so much! :)

I hope you enjoyed this class! If you require any assistance don’t be afraid to ask! And if you want to learn about another band, please request!

Kitten (Mikey)

You were visiting your boyfriend for a few weeks. You were unpacking some of your stuff when you heard Mikey shouting at you from the living room. “What is this?” Mikey asked. He was staring at his computer screen. You walked over and wrapped your arms around you boyfriend, resting your head on his shoulder, and looked at the computer screen. “What?” you asked, giving him a peck on the cheek.

You had met your boyfriend a few months ago at one of his shows. Your friend had won VIP tickets to the show closest to your home town. It was weird, having drooled over Mikey for a while before the show, that you were with him now. He thought the stories about that were funny. He loved when he first heard your friend make fun of you for how you took hours upon hours to get ready for the show because you wanted to look perfect. 

You smiled at the thought of when you first met and nuzzled yourself into his neck. “I’m a kitten?” Mikey asked, confused. You giggled. “Of course you’re a kitten” you said. “What does that even mean?” he asked, throwing his hands up in the air. 

“Does everybody call me a kitten?” Mikey asked you. You were laying on the couch with him and he was playing with your hair. “Everybody calls you kitten” you smiled. “Is that why you call me a kitten sometimes” he asked. “Might be part of the reason kitten” you giggled and kissed his nose.

“Okay so why does everybody call me that?” he asked. “Full of questions today aren’t you, Mikey?” you looked up at him. “Well is there a reason?” he asked. “You’re just a kitten. You make faces that a kitten does and you’re just cuddly. And loveable. And just kitten like” you told him. “I guess it started with you being so obvious about how much you love cats and then the fam started comparing you to kittens. It’s your own fault really” you smirked at him. 

“Come on” Mikey said, getting up suddenly and pulling you with him. “Where are we going?” you asked. “You’ll see” he smiled. Twenty minutes later you were pulling into the parking lot of an animal shelter. “Let’s get a kitten” he smiled “You said the word kitten so many times I just couldn’t handle it”. “You’re too cute. You know that right?” you smiled. He leaned down to kiss you and then smirked and said “I know”.

It only took a half hour for Mikey to pick out the kitty he wanted. He was a little overwhelmed when you first walked in and it took you a solid five minutes to convince him that he couldn’t take home every cat. You settled on the name Lacey, after Brand New’s vocalist Jesse Lacey.

“Let’s take a family picture” Mikey said, holding out his phone. You were smiling down at Lacey in your arms when Mikey snapped the picture. “You two are the cutest things I’ve ever seen” he smiled down at the photo. “I’m going to instagram this” he announced. 

He put a black and white filter on the photo with the caption “Princess, kitten, and actual kitten. Mommy, daddy, and baby. Also known as Y/n, Mikey, and Lacey. First family portrait”.