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Okay so I’ve done Career and Childhood in astrology so I decided to go with one that I know a ton of people would find useful (personally I’m not really into the love side of astrology but I get why a lot of people are). So anyways, here’s where you should look in the natal chart to learn more about your approach to/experience with love!

Ascendant: An all-rounder placement for practically anything, the ascendant will show you how you come across to others and how you’re perceived, who you attract etc.

Descendant: Otherwise known as the 7th House cusp, this placement shows you who you attract intimately and how you behave in close, personal relationships.

Moon Placements/Aspects: When looking at committed relationships in particular, the moon placements/aspects will show us what makes us feel at home and comfortable. It’s important to look at these placements because any strong relationship needs a strong emotional foundation, so you should know your own inside out. 

Venus Placements/Aspects: No surprises here, Venus being the planet of love and romance, we look here to see how we initiate romantic pursuits, how we flirt etc. We also see the type of vibe we give off to other people and the house it’s in can show us where in our life we give a lot of our love to. It’s super important to look at Venus because it shows us what we want, what we’re attracted to and how we handle affairs of the heart.

Mars Placements/Aspects: Mars is the masculine counterpart of counterpart. When looking at it in relationships, we mainly focus on the sexual element. Our libido, sexual tastes etc. However, while that’s all well and useful, it’s also great to look at for anger. Being honest, it would be stupid to think that our capacity for anger and patience are irrelevant in relationships, so it’s important to look at Mars to pay attention to what gets on our nerves and furthermore, how we should handle our anger especially around others. 

5th House: The 5th House represents a multitude of things, joy, talent, children - but in this case, romance and casual sex. We should look at the 5th House to see what our natural aphrodisiacs are, as well as our turn-ons (to a lesser extent than Mars). The 5th House will show us what we find appealing in light-hearted romance.

♛ Exposing BTS Series ♛ Namjoon: A Born Leader (Part I)

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Just from looking at his signs and aspects, one can tell that we are dealing with a man of great talent and purpose. Looking further into his natal chart confirms this. Let’s see what truly makes Namjoon our golden leader.

(extremely long, detailed text/gif heavy post ahead!)

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Humans are Weird: Empathy

Humans are Weird: Reacting to other people’s pain.

Ambassador Xaacy
Human year 3078
Day 27 of Cultural Mission between Earth and Th'urag'ony

I have discovered the strangest phenomenon. A male human was working on a project in the lab when another scientist threw him a wrench (a small metal tool used to tighten things). He failed to catch it, and instead it hit his genitals. He groaned fell to the floor (this is a well known weak spot in humans’ armor). I was surprised to see all the fellow male scientists cringing and covering their vulnerable spots. Even some of the females winced. Curious, I asked why they flinched at his injuries.

“You do not have a hive mind, and you were not hurt. So why do you act as though you too were hurt?”

“It’s just a reflex,” they explained, “Empathy, ya know?”

….Translation does not compute.

“What is empathy?”

“It’s like, feeling what others feel. Putting yourself in their shoes.”

“What do your foot coverings have to do with this?”

“….never mind.”

After this incident, I decided to research this “empathy” further.
I used what the humans call “YouTube” to look up videos of humans being hurt in commonplace accidents. I then showed the videos the various humans.
Almost all of them flinched, groaned, made noises of distress, or held the corresponding body part that was hurt in the videos.
It seems that humans have such a strong pack bond that it spreads to strangers and allows them to feel phantom pains when others are hurt. It doesn’t just apply to humans though. Many humans reacted similarly to videos of other species being hurt. Earth animals, species from other planets, and known criminals all garnered the phantom pain response and sounds of distress.

(A small percent of humans failed to respond to all images)

This response is triggered by real life occurrences and even imaginary situations. Some humans also react to emotional or mental pain shown by others.

Note: More research needed to see if this “empathy” is triggered by more than just pain. I plan on showing them “happy videos” next and recording their reactions.

Culture Shock: Everything You Need To Know About ‘Blade Runner’

Since it was first released in 1982, Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ has become one of the most loved and influential sci-fi movies of all time. With a long-awaited sequel now in theaters, there’s no better time to dive into this rich, atmospheric universe. So if you’re a newcomer to the series, here’s everything you need to know about ‘Blade Runner’ to talk about replicants and Voight-Kampff tests like a pro!

Actor Rutger Hauer famously rewrote his iconic “Tears In Rain” speech from the end of the film after early drafts of the script had his character describe Rutger Hauer’s height, weight, and the frequency of his bowel movements: Hauer’s edited monologue opted for the subtler approach of describing the beautiful sights his character had seen during his life, while a blimp passes by behind him broadcasting Rutger Hauer’s blood type and the age at which he started going through puberty.

The film’s Voight-Kampff machine, which sniffs out replicants living as humans, also appeared on The Cosby Show in an episode where Rudy uses it to discover Theo is a replicant then melts him in a foundry: Theo’s dying cries of “I feel real! I feel real!” as the fires melt his metal frame and intricate robot circuitry make for what is considered one of the most emotional moments in Cosby Show history, and Rudy’s final line, “I finally murdered my fake brother the robot, and I don‘t feel anything,” received so much applause from the studio audience that the line had to be reshot.

The original Blade Runner is known for its dystopian vision of a Los Angeles covered top to bottom in thousands of neon billboard ads for Boston Market: Ridley Scott’s original Blade Runner movie presents a nightmare vision of capitalism run awry in a futuristic Los Angeles where thousands of neon advertisements for the delicious rotisserie chicken of Boston Market dominate the landscape. It is also revealed that mankind has become so advanced in the Blade Runner universe that it has built planet-sized billboards for Boston Market in outer space, and that earthlings will frequently travel to space just to look at the billboards and quietly think about Boston Market before returning home.

The film has been edited into 2,839 different versions to tailor it to every person director Ridley Scott knows: Ridley Scott famously tinkered endlessly with the edits on Blade Runner, carefully handcrafting nearly 3,000 versions of the film made specifically for each person that Ridley Scott has ever met. While all of these cuts have their merits and their faults, the six-hour “Teeth Aplenty” version that Scott made for his dentist is often considered by fans to be the definitive Blade Runner.

The Coca-Cola Company sued Ridley Scott because Blade Runner features numerous scenes where Harrison Ford calls Coca-Cola “the unpopular pig drink everyone hates in the future”: Several times during Blade Runner, Harrison Ford’s character, Deckard, would walk past a Coke machine, point his thumb at it, and say to the person next to him, “There’s that well-known pig drink Coca-Cola that we all absolutely despise in the future.” The person speaking with Deckard nods and says, “For sure, Deckard. Here in the future we know that Coca-Cola is basically pig juice for criminals.” Coca-Cola had paid millions of dollars to have its product featured in the film, and the soft-drink giant was so unhappy with this depiction that it sued director Ridley Scott for millions of dollars.

The reason why Virgo is nit-picky and particular with their surroundings is because they’re quite sensitive. Virgo is esoterically ruled by the Moon, a planet known for sensitivity and feelings. There wouldn’t be a need to be nit-picky at all unless you were bothered by your surroundings. The able to feel comfortable or bothered is determined by our sensitivity. With Virgo being an Earth sign, they can often justify their nit-picky tendencies for practical means and usually, it’s reasonable. However, while Virgo is a realistic Earth sign, Virgo is also ruled by Mercury, the sign of the mind. Virgo at its worst will be nit-picky and argue for the practicality of it only to find that it’s all in their heads.

Karmic Synastry

Okay so those of you that have been following me for a long time know that compatibility is my least favourite part of astrology, but I do happen to love karmic astrology so I made some kind of a compromise, you’re welcome.

*Not strictly romantic synastry, can be interpreted platonically. 

Outer planets forming relationships with inner planets in synastry are known to be karmic ties between the souls of the two people. It’s common for the two to have some kind of conflict or tension until the karma is settled.

Saturn in synastry

  • Saturn in general is known to be a karmic planet, as it shows us where we need to work on ourselves in this life. He is the great teacher and will present us with lessons that are based on our previous experiences. 
  • When Saturn comes into contact with personal planets in synastry, there is often a debt to be repaid from the previous life, the planet person being indebted to the Saturn person. 
  • The nature of the planet that is aspect will be the nature of the debt to be repaid.The houses that the Saturn and personal planet fall into will indicate the areas of life that need to be focused on when settling this debt.

Uranus in synastry

  • Uranus in synastry will show a karmic relationship between two people regarding the pull and push between independence and dependency.
  • When Uranus comes into contact with a personal planet, the planet person will feel dependent on the Uranus person in some way or another (the nature of the dependency will depend on the planet)
  • The Uranus person, who in a past life may have been left dependent on this person, will seek freedom and independence in this life.
  • There will be a push and pull relationship here that may seem chaotic until a balance is found and the karma is settled

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that strong virgo-capricorn bond is really present with tae and namjoon. they work very well and create magic together. here are a few aspects between each other that make it happen:

mercury trine venus
this is a really positive aspect that makes their relationship positive and smooth overall. communication flows between them freely which allows for such good collaborations. venus rules creativity and art which is why they’re so musically productive together. there’s a natural sensitivity, like they’re in tune with each other’s thoughts and feelings. also, they share similar tastes in fashion, music, and the arts (and vmon being known for their unique and bold fashion, i think this is especially true)

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mercury conjunct uranus
now this is an intellectual™ couple. a lot of learning and mental growth happens together. they inspire each other to develops unique and creative ideas. the uranus individual (taehyung) broadens the mercury person’s (namjoon) horizons and enlivens his ideas. they enjoy bouncing ideas off of each other. together they come up with truly amazing products

saturn sextile neptune
this aspect blends the grounded, realistic planet saturn with the dreamy, idealistic planet neptune and creates a perfect balance. taehyung (the neptune) brings dreams and creativity while namjoon (the saturn) brings common sense and planning. it’s like yin and yang

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Glyph ( ♇ )

Ruler of Scorpio
Exalted in N/A
Detriment in Taurus
Fall in N/A

Time Spent in a Sign: About 12 - 31 years

Mythology behind Pluto
Lord of the Underworld is Pluto. In Greek Mythology, Pluto’s equivalent is Hades; Lord of the Underworld as well. He is the one that abducted Persephone, causing her mother Demeter to create Winter in grief of her daughter Persephone disappearing. Hades, is also known as the God of Wealth and it’s all under his rule, of course. His companion is Cerberus, a three-headed hound, who is known to guard the gates of the underworld ferociously, to prevent the dead from leaving.

Pluto in Astrology
In astrology, Pluto is associated with death, transformation and renewal. Like Saturn, Pluto also gets a bad rep for making things difficult in someones chart. But of course, the energy and the effects are often misunderstood. Pluto is powerful and wherever it is placed in your chart, you must learn to let go or it will hurt holding on. Pluto, however, is a generational planet and thus its impact is not necessarily personal. It can be personal depending on what House Pluto is placed in in your chart! Pluto is not a pretty planet and it does not govern pretty things. It is destruction, death, terror, obsession, power, control and the subconscious. But once you learn to surrender to Pluto, things won’t be so hard anymore.

Pluto in Aries
The generation of Pluto in Aries is not afraid to start new things. They can get rid of the past to focus on new beginnings. This generation makes for true pioneers.

Pluto in Taurus
Pluto is detriment in Taurus. The generation of Pluto in Taurus is mainly concerned with their own personal wealth or well being. Possessions are of importance and once the Pluto in Taurus generation sets their mind on something, it is difficult to change it.

Pluto in Gemini
The generation of Pluto in Gemini is not afraid to question anything and everything and especially not afraid to dive so deeply. They are indeed versatile and creative.

Pluto in Cancer
The generation of Pluto in Cancer is concerned with matters of the home and their roots because family is of great importance to them.  No matter how far they stray, this generation will always come home. They are also not afraid to transform, always trusting their instincts to do so. If it feels right to them, they’ll do so.

Pluto in Leo
The generation of Pluto in Leo transforms in a creative, almost entertaining way. They are a hopeful generation and approach their goals in a stubborn and exciting way.

Pluto in Virgo
The generation of Pluto in Virgo is adapting to situations and are very inventive and resourceful as well. They are critical of the things happening around them. Extremely observant and they’ll go about change and transformation without much of a problem since they are all for improvement.

Pluto in Libra
The generation of Pluto in Libra are concerned with the rights of others and law and justice. If things don’t seem fair in any way shape or form, they may act on it immediately. But for the most part, they will attempt to find middle ground.

Pluto in Scorpio
Pluto is domicile in Scorpio. The generation of Pluto in Scorpio is not afraid to transform and dive so deeply into what others consider forbidden or taboo. They have the “wow-factor” in the sense that they fight to make unconventional things seem normal by others.

Pluto in Sagittarius
The generation of Pluto in Sagittarius is not afraid to transform freely and encourage others to do so. They may be open minded and accepting towards a lot of things and aren’t afraid to question and fight for things that seem unjust. They detest restrictions and limitations on their freedom of expression.

Pluto in Capricorn
The generation of Pluto in Capricorn could strongly be against authority or any form of abusive power. They aim for independence and can expose authoritative figures who may limit their independence. They are a cautious generation that places a limit on anything they feel deserves to have its limitations.

Pluto in Aquarius
The generation of Pluto in Aquarius is eccentric, to say the least. They aim to really break barriers and any injustice they notice in their society.

Pluto in Pisces
The generation of Pluto in Pisces knowns absolutely no limits. They are considerate of others and they can ponder about how their actions will affect the lives of other people. Nonetheless, they want the best for everyone.

Important Notice
Since Pluto is also somewhat of a recently discovered planet, it is not yet established what sign it’s exalted in. The most logical sign it should be exalted in is Aries, but others argue Leo or Pisces. To avoid confusion or conflicts, Pluto in this post will remain “N/A”.

Planets and Houses & What They Represent (astrology), Beginners Guide:

I’ve been researching what each of the planets mean in astrology, and I’ve complied a list for my grimore that I also want to share with you and fellow cosmic witches who have recently began their path 💜 if anyone wants to add to the list or make educated changes, I welcome it:




  • Who you are/your core.


  • How you feel/your emotional self.


  • How you think & communicate.


  • Personal values & morals. Your love life. What you seek in a partner.


  • Your anger. Aggression. Your energy. Can contribute to relationships.


  • Originality. Luck. Business.


  • Your ambition & discipline.


  • Spirituality & belief.


  • Fantasies & what you dream of.


  • Secrets & mystery of who you are.


  • Your dark side.


  • Goals that need to be completed. A peak into your future.


Also we have HOUSES, which I’m gunna include here:



  • What the outside world feels and sees of you. Also known as your RISING sign.


  • Finances & Possessions. The material world. Self Worth.


  • Community and thought. How you process and share information.


  • Family & instincts. What brings you comfort. How you act at home.


  • Creativity & pleasure. What makes you feel good. Your need for attention.


  • Health. How you care and support yourself & others. Your well being.


  • Business & partnerships. Ability to compromise. Marriages & contracts.


  • Transformation & change. Universal experiences. Life’s mysteries.


  • Adventure & belief. Expand your understanding of the world & universe.


  • Talents & What you’re good at. Work and hobbies also.


  • Groups & friendships. How you relate to the rest of the world and humanity.


  • Inner growth. Your deepest thoughts and fears. Your subconscious.


These are just the basic representations of the planets and houses, there are much more detailed descriptions, but I find having it in this format helps me when reading up on my different signs and understanding others 🔮

I hope this helps other beginner cosmic witches/witches with their path!


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Hi yes he'llo!!! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU BRO YOU DESERVE ALL THOSE FOLLOWERS YOU'RE AMAZING. But for the prompt, I would like, nay, LOVE sterek with the prompt "why haven't you kissed me?".

Katie, my darling, this likely isn’t what you were looking for, BUT I hope you enjoy it nonetheless 💕💕💕💕💕

Backyard barbeques are such a pleasant type of social gathering. They’re outside, typically with enough people to never get stuck with one person, and the food is always bountiful. And really, the overflowing food and booze is enough to draw Stiles out of his apartment to spend time with other sentient beings. He’d say humans but he mostly gets invited to Hale gatherings and well. Even if a few of the Hales are humans, the majority are werewolves so. Sentient beings it is.

In Stiles’ twenty-three years of living he has attended twenty-three 4th of July barbeques. This year is a little different than years past, mostly because of Cora. Ever since she turned 21 and has been allowed to have the drinks Peter concocts, Stiles has been her designated driver. And sometimes that just means he’s her designated babysitter while she’s under the influence.

So that’s what he’s doing now. Babysitting the middle Hale child in her own backyard because when he’d tried to reason that there were enough adults around concerned with her well-being she’d gotten all teary eyed and Stiles refuses to be responsible for Cora drunk crying.

The repercussions of that are worse than just sucking it up and being her sober companion for the day.

Which is why she’s currently plastered along his back as he walks her back towards the clearing behind the Hale mansion from where she’d wandered into the woods for a nap.

“Why haven’t you kissed me?” she pouts and tucks her face into Stiles’ neck, he can feel the pout on her lips from where they’re pressed into his skin.

“Because I like boys, Cora,” he responds dryly and she nips at his neck.

“Your ass is just as bi as mine is, Stilinski,” she snaps back and Stiles really wishes he could just drop her.

“With a preference for boys, Hale,” he responds evenly and really, they’ve had this conversation sober, he’s not sure why it’s coming up today of all days.

“Exactly! So why haven’t you kissed him?” she asks as if that was her question all along.

“What? Him who?” Stiles asks, heart picking up speed a little as they get closer to the clearing.

“Him, my brother!” she yells into his ear and Stiles drops her in the soft grass.

“Cora,” he says, hoping the warning in his tone is enough to stop her.

“No, seriously. Stop with the pining and just go for it! Just tell him already!” she enthuses while making herself comfortable in the grass.

The thing is, Stiles has been over this, ad nauseam. He can’t make his feelings known.

He has a list of reasons why it would be okay to do so.

1. Mayor Hale already has queer children out and proud in her family.

2. Mayor Hale and Sheriff Stilinski have run a joint political platform for the last three elections and won, the last one unopposed. So the potential in-laws already get along.

3. Stiles has endeared himself to 90% of the family over the years just by being his nerdy, loyal, jump-in-and-help self. (The other 10% are out of state and don’t get exposed to his awesomeness regularly.)

4. Hale wolves being in relationships with humans is historically a non-issue.

5. It has the potential to increase his happiness and life-fulfillment tenfold.

And really there’s more but they’re specific to the intimate details of the potential relationship. And even though it’s pushing one hundred bullet points by now it all gets washed away by the reason to keep his feelings to himself.

The potential rejection would no doubt end his relationship with not only his life-long best friend but also the only family he’s ever known outside of his own father.

Because even though Stiles and Cora are technically the closest in age among the Hale children, Stiles has been best friends with Derek since middle school.

They’ve overcome teenage hormones, long-distance through college and made it out the other side settled in apartments while working their almost-dream jobs in their hometown to be close to family. Honestly, there isn’t a person alive on the planet that Stiles trusts more, cares more about, or feels safer with.

And he can’t throw that away. He has told Cora this, not in so many words but he’s told her that it’s not going to happen. That he can’t risk the potential fallout after a rejection.

“You know why I can’t do that Cora,” he tells her loudly, annoyed with her already and it’s only 11:00 in the morning.

“Why not?” she shouts back in his face.

“Because I love him and I can’t lose him!” he yells back.

He snaps his mouth shut so fast his teeth clank because everyone in the yard just heard him say that. And knowing the Hales, they probably know exactly who he’s talking about. Meddling wolves.

“Well you just told him,” a deep voice says behind Stiles and Stiles closes his eyes as he heaves a sigh. He doesn’t want to see Cora’s smug face at having forced his hand and he doesn’t want to turn around to see the look on Derek’s face.

Stiles’ heart is racing, his palms feel clammy and he kind of feels like he’s gonna pass out. Or throw up. So he waits for the inevitable. Waits for Derek to tell him the words that have haunted Stiles’ nightmares since he was 18 years old and realized he’d fallen in love with his best friend.

He distantly realizes that his thoughts are spiraling out of control but he doesn’t realize he’s hyperventilating until strong arms wrap around his waist from behind, Derek’s calming voice in his ear.

“It’s okay, Stiles just take a deep breath. Just breathe, bud, please, it’s okay, I promise,” he’s murmuring and Cora is in front of him, looking decidedly soberer now that she was a few minutes ago as she wandered into the woods to nap.

Stiles closes his eyes again, and tries to take a deep breath. He just needs to adjust his worldview for a minute. Cora set him up, Stiles admitted his feelings out loud in front of all the Hales and Derek hasn’t run away. He takes another breath, and then another before he opens his eyes to glare at Cora.

“I hate you,” he says petulantly. “Go away.”

Cora snorts, smacks his cheek tenderly and starts walking back towards the house.

It doesn’t escape his notice that Derek is still holding Stiles. Tenderly and yet firmly and everything that Stiles dreamed it would be like.

“Can I admit something?” Derek asks, without letting go and Stiles leans back against his strong chest as he nods.

“I can’t lose you either,” he whispers and Stiles hates that his eyes are starting to well up. “You’re my best friend and no matter how many times Laura demanded I tell you how I felt, I couldn’t risk it either.”

“How do you feel?” Stiles asks, voice all croaky and quiet but he doesn’t care. He’s on the verge of something amazing. He wonders if this is what it’s like to be in a fairytale.

“I love you,” Derek murmurs into Stiles’ neck, rubbing his soft whiskered cheek over the same spot Cora had nipped at earlier. Covering her scent Stiles realizes after a beat. “And not as an honorary-Hale-brother,” he clarifies and Stiles feels a tear roll down his cheek out of sheer overwhelming relief. “I love you like I’ve loved no one else in my life. I want to spend the rest of my life beside you. I want your smile and your anger and your grief. I want all of you, in every way I can get you. In ways no one else has seen you. I want you to be my love.”

Stiles honks out a sob when it rips its way through his chest and then he’s turning around in Derek’s arms and burying his face in Derek’s chest. He never imagined being this overwhelmed but it’s okay, it’s all so much more than okay.

“I love you,” he repeats, over and over again until the tears stop and he’s laughing. “God, I love you so much, I can’t believe this is happening,” he admits, smiling so wide his face hurts as he pulls back to look at Derek, to see him smiling just as brightly.

“Believe it,” Derek replies and Stiles can’t resist pressing his lips to Derek’s. Can’t hold himself back any longer. It’s not the best, only because their smiles as still so big.

“Wanna get out of here?” Derek asks quietly and Stiles pulls back with a jerk.

“And waste the opportunity to spread our happy, horny pheromones around where your sisters can’t escape? Are you crazy?”

Derek’s grin turns sharp and he leans in for another peck of a kiss.

“Only for you.”


I didn’t share any photos yesterday, so a thematically similar bonus set for today on our #DecemberRewind. These were taken mostly at Loop Head and the Cliffs of Moher along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way in June 2016. The first picture is one of the weirdest and most delightful places I have ever been - that moss is incredibly springy, so soft it didn’t feel real. The bounciness and overall look of the place made me feel so much like a kid that in my head, I call this spot Tellytubbyland. I post that picture specifically in @resistancepilots honor as she is busy studying and can come back to this in her notifications.

The rest reminded me of the photos I just posted of Jüngfrau and Grindelwald, wildflowers blooming near mountains and cliff edges. Extra exciting is that the island of Skellig Michael, also known as Luke Skywalker’s hermit planet Acht-To, is fairly close to Loop Head. The Last Jedi was still filming when I was in Ireland, I believe. I missed out of visiting Skellig because of our timing and the weather, but I’m excited to see it on the silver screen on Thursday!! | ig:

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Please explain why Jimin always wants to be in the centre in the spotlight with ALLL the attention on him gosh hes a cutie hehe. The members were like even when its not his part on stage (i think it was cypher omg) he would try dominate the centre stage?

a wonderful question! when we look at the house where he has a stellium (3 or more planets)) it explains why he’s so endearing in that aspect.

the 5th house is a joyous house. it rules pleasure, fun, and creativity. it shows how we make ourselves feel good, what we indulge in. it’s ruled by the sun and the sign leo, which can give you an idea of how flashy this house is. leos are often known for their “me, me, me!” attitude. planets that lie there are essentially screaming that phase. they want to be noticed and appreciated. 

jimin’s venus lies in this house. venus is the planet of love, more specifically love we receive from others. it rules our relationships: both intimate and platonic. to sum it up, his venus in the 5th craves love from others! this placement makes him bright and over exaggerated in his mannerism in order to get that attention that makes him glow. it also creates a bit of a drama queen who, in true leo fashion, will demand the spotlight they feel they deserve 

An Alternative Look at Exaltations and Falls in Astrology

Sun is exalted in Aries, but these people tend to not understand that other people are not as full of energy and motivation as they are. They push other people forward, which is great in its own right, but they don’t nurture the tenderness within themselves and others.

Sun is in its fall in Libra, in fact, since the season of fall begins when the Sun is in Libra could very well be the reason why we speak of planetary falls. October 5th is the most common birthday in the United States, and September 23rd is the most abundant birth day in Britain; all around the world, there are more Virgos and Libras than any other sun sign!The universe planned it to be this way because there needs to be plenty of people who just go along with others, harmonizing, not causing conflict. They might or might not think for themselves depending on other placements in their natal chart.

Moon is exalted in Taurus but is it really a superior placement? When the bull is expressed by one’s emotions, they get irrationally angry when other people do not do as they say. They might not know how to take a step back from the heat of the moment and consider that the other person has a valid stance. Grinding their hooves into the ground, they lash out if someone challenges them. When their progressed moon is in an air sign, they have the chance to learn to outgrow this behavior. (See my post about Secondary Progressed Moon Signs)

Moon falls in Scorpio, but these people are very perceptive. They can be vengeful towards those who have hurt them, unless if they have evolved past that. Astounding psychic abilities are their gift. Heartbreak cuts them down to their soul, other factors in their chart reveal how they process it.

Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, but many of us get annoyed by a know-it-all who has an opinion on everything! They can get too fixated on an idea.

Mercury falls in Leo, but their ego drives them to be productive. They may not view life objectively as an air Mercury would.

Venus is exalted in Pisces, but is it truly wise to put on those rose colored glasses to overlook problems and be “la dee da”? Virgo may be the “fall” of Venus but they value solutions and being discerning in how they give out their love! Venus in Virgo spends their energy on people who matter, rather than allowing compassion to spread themselves too thin as a Venus in Pisces would. Venus in Pisces experiences pleasure thru escapism, people with this placement often love to get drunk and ignore their life circumstance for a few hours. Venus in Pisces gets swept away when a loved one appeals to their wishes, they need to remind themselves of reality.

Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which can be sensibly handling their anger, IF this person has done deep emotional reflection to work thru their wounds. This is how the entire chart comes into play when understand just one planet, we’d also look at Chiron and the Moon to know exactly what kind of wounds they are processing in their soul. You can’t have a healthy Mars without a well-developed Chiron and a Moon that has looked at their own emotions in an honest way. Many with Mars in Capricorn are mature about getting to work but less mature about handling their feelings, or vice versa. They grind their hooves into the ground, holding onto facts about human nature and the world that they are angry about.

Mars falls in Cancer, as Cancer as known as the most womanly, motherly sign, but many men I know with this placement have no trouble expressing their masculinity! They are considerate about women’s sexual needs. In touch with their softer side, their psyche seesaws between masculine and feminine.

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, but is it always a good idea to bask in the abundance of comfort? People with this placement might be generous and caring, but they might not have that “get up and put your nose to the grindstone” motivation unless other placements in their chart indicate that.

Jupiter has its “fall” in Capricorn, but people with this do not spend money on frivolous things. They have trouble giving out their love.

Saturn is exalted in Libra, but if a boss catered to their employees all the time, would that be most profitable for the company? Probably not. Sometimes authority figures need to be stern and not harmonizing. The most evolved manifestation of Saturn in Libra would be a fair minded boss. In Jungian psychology, or Myer’s Briggs, Libra can come out as Perceiving or Judging. The Libras who love justice and structure are Judging, whereas the Libras that are always pleasing everyone are more Perceiving. Point is, there are a variety of ways that Saturn in Libra could be. Cooperation between everyone gets things done! Saturn in Libra brings people and projects together by being the diplomat!

Saturn falls in Aries, but sometimes we need a pushy boss. This placement can be expressed as mean and demanding, or driven to succeed. Many people who have Saturn in Aries are very persistent.

Some astrologers claim that Uranus is exalted in Scorpio as she has a love for chaos! If someone has this placement, and Uranus makes hard aspects to other planets, it would express itself in a dangerous way. If I were giving a reading and someone had Uranus in Scorpio square sun in Aquarius, I’d be concerned that their detached nature would cause them to be hurtful to others without realizing. This is how Astrology can aid us in personal development!

Uranus is inhibited by Taurus because Uranus would feel confined from its erratic brilliance, thus it would fall. Look to other factors in the chart to see if this person is truly stable. Uranus in Taurus could be a generation of rebels that take logical steps to overrule unjust ways of this world!

Some astrologers say that Neptune is exalted in Leo as mysticism would be expressed as confident, steady creativity.

Neptune would fall in Aquarius because too much skepticism can blind us from inspiration just as much as rationality could be blinded by faith! Just let that nugget of wisdom sink in… One of my friends, Owen Burns said, “Science is just another religion unless you can actually explain it” Not everything in this world needs to or has to be proved by science, as we can find inspiration and hope in non-scientific practices like Astrology.

In my opinion, Pluto would fall in Gemini because it clings to what is light and breezy, not daring to face the depths. I see Pluto as exalted in Sagittarius, as it is still a soul searcher, but not as bogged down as Scorpio.

Please Note: October 5th may or may not be the most popular birth date, it’s just a fun fact I heard. I’ve checked out a few different sources, some say Scorpio is the most common sun sign, some say it’s Libra or Virgo. I’ve even found information showing that June and July birthdays are very common. One of my astrologer friends said that Capricorn is statistically the least common sun sign, other sources say Aquarius is the rarest. It probably varies year by year, I would guess.

I truly have a passion for giving in depth readings! Message me if you want a thought provoking report on your natal chart, or your progressed chart, or synastry, or a forecast about how the planets will treat YOU throughout upcoming months! I can write 10+ pages all about you!

check out   and

Hey, so, funfact.

In Mass Effect 2, when Shephard meets Thane, Shape of Water is a classic old-timey movie, roughly 150 years old but probably still watchable. If Shep is into Thane, there is a VERY HIGH CHANCE she is internally telling herself that its rude to be infatuated just because he reminds her of the first man on film she ever fell in love with

(((additionally, if they get together, that movie WILL come up and Thane will get to tell her that he’s flattered but also very confused)))

[[[Siha, i’m not mad, im honestly fascinated by the similarities, he looks like one of OUR river deities, this feels like a film about an ancient drell god landing on your planet and falling in love with the locals, please send me this movie i need to email it to everyone i have ever known]]]

Astrological Birthstones and Their Metaphysical Properties

Zodiac Birthstones not only balance negative aspects of the signs but brings out their best characteristics. All of this information comes from Love is in the Earth by Melody. These are just a few of many; if you are interested in learning more feel free to ask!

Aries: Bloodstone - “Stone of Courage”, a variety of quartz, this stone can be red or green and has intense healing properties, it is associated with the Heart or Anahata Chakra; it helps center and ground the heart, re-align the body’s energy, and overcome anxiety. This is Aries’ stone as it balances their raw energy and fire, bringing them adaptability, decisiveness, and aids them in overcoming the selfishness that Aries, the first sign, ruler of the House of Self, may feel.

Taurus: Rose Quartz - “Stone of Gentle Love”, its color can vary from a soft pink to a golden-white, it has a very gentle energy and is associated with the Heart Chakra, Anahata, and Crown Chakra, Sahasrana; it promotes feelings of love, especially self-love, and emits a soft, calm energy, providing anyone who holds or wears it with patience and a clear and open mind. The stone of love will help Taurus, ruled by the planet of love, with their obstinate nature, insensitivity, and feelings of insecurity while bringing out their good characteristics: patience, loyalty, and calm.

Gemini: Agate - “Stone of Balance”, can be many different colors: red, green, yellow, etc; it has a stabilizing and cleansing effect on the wearer, balancing yin-yang energy as well as the physical, emotional, and intellectual states of the body. Agate also helps the wearer develop decisiveness, which is important for vacillating Gemini, as well as other analytical capabilities and eloquence, tied to Gemini’s ruler: Mercury, planet of the mind.

Cancer: Moonstone - “Stone of Beginnings and Ends”, a white, milky color, Moonstone is balancing and gentle, the wearer will feel calm, introspective, and reflective - qualities typical to Cancer; it opens the wearer to what they need from the universe, assisting in handling change, cycles, beginnings and ends. It also cleanses the chakras. Cancer, known for intense emotions, will be able to sort through their feelings with the assistance of this stone, even experiencing moments of intuition due to its strength and feeling composed though emotions are running high.

Leo: Carnelian - “Stone of Familial Love”, red or orange, it is a protective stone that dispels apathy, indolence, envy, fear, rage, and sorrow from around the holder and within them. Carnelian enhances the wearer’s perceptions, opening their eyes to their own emotional state, the self, and how others perceive them which is important for self-centered Leo. Its powers center around the home, a key part of any Leo’s life: it balances the energies within the home and promotes love within it. Carnelian drives the holder to act, to take initiative, Leo’s strong suit, and increases their creativity and compassion.

Virgo: Zircon - “Stone of Virtue”, it may be clear, red, green, yellow, and grey; it intensifies properties of the first, third, and fourth chakras. This stone truly promotes qualities tied with Virgo: it strengthens unions of all forms (physical, mental, emotional, etc), increases perseverance in all endeavors, constancy, and purity. Zircon will help Virgo recognize that it is alright to be imperfect, to see the beauty of it, and ease their nerves as well as remind them of the bigger picture, as they can become so caught up in the details.

Libra: Lepidolite - “Stone of Transition”, colored pink, purple, yellow, grey, and white; it can activate the Throat, Heart, Third-Eye, and Crown chakras. Lepidolite heightens awareness, reduces stress, and alleviates despondency. This stone can evolve lesser energy into positive, fully-fledged energy. Its title helps through situations of change and variability in life and can assist one change their old habits by allowing for smooth transitions. Lepidolite enhances Libra’s already strong diplomatic and balancing abilities. It can ease their indecisiveness and indolence.

Scorpio: Ruby - “Stone of Nobility”, red or pink, this stone stimulates the Heart chakra, Anahata. Ruby is truly Scorpios stone, protecting those of this intuitive, almost psychic, Sign from psychic attack. It stimulates the loving, emotional side toward nurturing, which is good for Scorpios who can sometimes be insulting or intolerant, as well as encouraging gentleness when arguing, an issue for hotheaded and vindictive Scorpio. It also enables the wearer to rise above negative feelings such as anguish, distress, and other forms of suffering and recognize that these are not innate aspects of life.

Sagittarius: Topaz - “Stone of Success”, the color range includes pink, yellow, red, and green; it is also called the “Stone of True Love”. It promotes Sagittarian qualities such as individuality, creativity, and confidence. It inspires the holder to trust in their own decisions, replaces negative energy and emotions with positive ones, and enables the release of annoyances and doubts. Its energy acts through the powers of attraction and manifestation. Sagittarians can blunder along in life but this stone will help them see the big picture while still seeing even the smallest connections and details.

Capricorn: Garnet - “Stone of Health”, red, green, yellow, pink, purple, black, extracts negative energy from the chakras and transmutes that energy to a beneficial state. It helps one change the world around them by bringing the creative powers to the stage of implementation, what hardworking and realistic Capricorn may need. It allows one to recognize their responsibilities and approach them with patience. It is also called the “Stone of Commitment”, referring to commitments to purposes, others, and to oneself. It empowers the wearer to express warmth and understanding, which may be hard for Capricorn.

Aquarius: Amethyst - “Stone of Spirituality”, purple or lavender, stimulates Throat and Heart chakras while also calming them. It is also called the “Stone of Contentment” and “Stone of Metamorphosis”, Amethyst facilitates the transmutation of lower energy to higher, as well as stabilizing and transmuting dysfunctional energies within the body. It balances the intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies which can give airy Aquarius a solid and supportive base. It enhances cooperation, flexibility, and soothes the temperament, much like an Aquarian. It also assists in the formation of new thoughts and ideas.

Pisces: Aquamarine - “Stone of Valor”, light blue to green, stimulates and cleanses the Throat chakra. It enhances one’s ability for rapid intellectual response and accelerates intellectual reasoning process, which is fantastic for deep-feeling Pisces who may feel and subsequently act before thinking. It also shields and protects the wearer, also important for this sensitive Sign. This stone emits a gentle and passionate energy, promoting tolerance, and inspires humanitarian feelings, all very Piscean qualities.

Magic [Tim Drake x Reader]

Anonymous requested: “Could you do a Batfamily x reader imagine where the family ( Dick, Jason, Damian, Cass, Duke, Barbs, and Steph) ship you and Tim together (reader is a year younger than Tim), but Tim is kinda still hooked on Steph and of course, reader has a big crush on Tim and this breaks her heart when he tells her he kinda still likes steph, you can choose the ending! Sorry if this is too much, and also, reader is Bruce’s kid and Damian’s half-sibling! :))))))”

A/N: So I changed it a little bit…

Pairing: Tim Drake x Reader x Alfred [Family]

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2054



[F/N] [M/N] Pennyworth was a beautiful, intelligent and capable young lady with an incredible array of talents. She had an amazing personality and a loving heart, but she was fiery and not someone to underestimate, much like her grandfather. She was adored by those older than her, idolized by those younger than her, the person every girl wanted to be and every boy wanted to date… but, as if her story was a Shakespearean tragedy, there was one person who didn’t fit into those categories and he happened to be the one boy she was hopelessly in love with.

Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne was a handsome, intellectual and talented young man with the variety of skills. He was a unique person but ultimately had the most selfless heart of anybody, but that didn’t mean he was weak. No, his will was stronger than the very gravity that kept the planets in orbit. He had many enemies, he had many friends, and he was also the one [F/N] had unwillingly given her heart to, but alas, he had not noticed her priceless gift for his eyes were set on the young maiden known as Stephanie Brown.

[F/N] knew of his infatuation with Steph. After all, they had been together for quite a while before the relationship came to an end. It was clear Tim still had feelings for the blonde woman while Steph possessed no such feelings towards him. As for [F/N], our poor, sweet [F/N], she could only watch as the man she loved gaze lovingly at a woman that wasn’t her.

The rest of the family looked at her with sadness and pity for unlike the oblivious Tim, they knew of her feelings. They thought [F/N] and Tim would be a perfect match and there was no doubt in their mind that the pair were meant for each other. They had tried countless times to help young [F/N] but Tim would not budge.

[F/N] had tried to keep her emotions down. She thought that if she ignored them, then perhaps they would disappear, but she thought wrong. In fact, she had never been so wrong in her life. She should know better than to suppress love for love always found a way. The feeling only grew and grew until it was a hurricane inside her consciousness tearing everything she created, all those lessons she learned and the walls she built. Everything was shattered by this one emotion.

For that very reason, the young [F/N] found herself in front of the door of Tim’s room. She had been blessed by Fortune as she spent most winters and summers at the very manor her love lived in. Her grandfather was their faithful butler and a dear friend of the family so when she decided to live in America, of course they would welcome her with open arms. She fiddled with the hem of her exquisite dress, one which she had put on just to make her look even more impressive in Tim’s eyes.

Taking a deep breath in, she raised her hand and knocked the oak door, the sound resonating through the hallway. It may be late but knowing the man who swept her off her feet, [F/N] didn’t doubt for a bit that he would still be up, stressing himself over a riddle in a case with a cup of coffee by his side. She was proven right, because moments later the door opened, revealing a sleep-deprived vigilante with unkempt hair and dark bags under his eyes.

Even when she saw him in such an… unflattering state, [F/N]’s heart didn’t fail to speed up. A blush bloomed on her cheeks and she glanced down at her feet in embarrassment.

“[F/N]? What are you doing here so late?” he questioned her, staring at her with those perplexing azure eyes of his.

His voice made the hair on her skin stand upright. She made herself look at him in the eyes–after all, her grandfather taught her it was rude to not look at someone properly when being spoken to. She knew she had to answer, not just because his eyes told her he demanded an answer, but because her heart demanded to be spoken. It had won the war inside of her and overpowered her brain, taking control of her actions and words.

So it wasn’t her mind that spoke the words she was about to speak, but her heart, her pitifully honest heart. “I’m sorry Tim, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.” The curiosity in his eyes increased.

“I–I love you.” she uttered, and as if she was under some spell, everything was confessed. “I’ve loved you for the longest time and–and I don’t know how to stop. I’ve tried and tried and I still can’t get rid of this… this… feeling inside me,” she brought her hand up to her chest. “this feeling whenever I see you, hear your voice, see your stupid smile.” She paused for a second before continuing. “You make me… so happy, just by being here. It’s uncanny really.”

Tim was staring at her with shock etched on his face. He didn’t say anything and for a minute there was nothing but a tense silence, but then he spoke and his words broke [F/N]’s heart. “I–I’m sorry [F/N]… I don’t love you that way, I… I still have feelings for… Steph…”

[F/N] nodded in understanding but she couldn’t stop the tears from appearing in her eyes. She fought them off and fought to keep her voice steady. “I–I know… I know I would never have your heart but…” a sad smile made it’s way to her face, “no matter who you love, or how much time has passed, I’ll still be that hopeless girl, still in love with the Gotham Prince who stole her heart.”

She took a step back, and as a tear finally escaped, cascading down her cheek, she whispered, “goodbye Tim.”

Little did anyone know Miss [F/N] Pennyworth had grand plans for herself, plans that were not put into motion because of her love. Yet now that she had made her confession and had her heart brutally crushed, she couldn’t bear to face Tim anymore and she was sure he felt the same way. So she must be the one to take responsibility–after all, she brewed up this mess.

That was her state of mind as she stepped out of the airport and onto the streets of London.

Back at the manor, Tim was in distress. [F/N] was a person dear to his heart and he had no intentions of breaking hers, but apparently he did just that. It must’ve hurt her more than he thought possible because he hadn’t seen her around in weeks, but perhaps that was because he was avoiding her himself.

Her absence somewhat caused a pain in his chest. He yearned for her silly grin and contagious laugh. In fact just her very presence would be enough to halt this feeling. That was how he ended up searching for her this last few days yet she seemed to have disappeared altogether. In fact, even her room was cleaned. There were no traces of her.

He had avoided asking Alfred. After all, he did break [F/N]’s heart so he didn’t expect the old man to be very happy about that, but now he didn’t see any other solutions. When he got an answer though, he was thoroughly astonished.

“Cambridge?!” He exclaimed. “She went to Cambridge?!”

“Yes.” Alfred confirmed with a solemn nod. “She had received the offer long ago but she hesitated. It seemed you helped convince her Master Tim.”

Tim’s heart sank at those words. No matter which perspective he viewed the situation from, the conclusion was the same; she left because of him. Knowing her, she must have thought that it was for the better, it would’ve been terribly awkward for the both of them so she chose to leave so that he didn’t have to experience that.

It was almost amusing how much of a blow the fact dealt to him. They say you never know how much you love something, or someone, until they’re gone and Tim could laugh at how true that was. Wasn’t it Steph who he loved? If so, why did [F/N]’s departure give him so much pain? Why did he yearn for her with such intensity?

Could it be….

The weather chose to be kind on our maiden [F/N] and gave her sunshine, contrasting the days of cloudiness. The campus was packed with prodigies all aiming to achieve nothing but greatness, and beyond. She actually discovered a challenge here though none could compare to the obstacles she faced when competing against the Wayne family who were all exceptionally smart.

As she exited the grand corridors of the extravagant university, she came face-to-face with a familiar face, one that made her heart dance inside her chest and her skin tingle with unwanted excitement.

Tim Drake… she didn’t know whether to feel happy or upset by his unannounced appearance, but there was one thing she knew she was, and that was unprepared. The poor girl was panicking internally for she knew not how to face him. What would she say? How should she act? Should she greet him like an old friend or brush him off as merely another stranger?

“[F/N].” He called out to her, reached his hand out to her as if he wished to graze her skin. He stepped closer and as if some deity had possessed her to stand still, she allowed him to embrace her. His cologne had a lovely smell that filled her nostrils and had her dizzy. He was warm and comforting and reminded her of home.

“W–What are you doing here Tim?” [F/N] questioned in shock. “Shouldn’t you be in Gotham?”

“I… I wanted to apologize.” He admitted in a hoarse voice, looking at her with sad eyes. She noticed the dark marks under his eyes had intensified and it made her upset to think that she may be the one who caused him such turmoil.

She smiled sadly as she said, “oh Tim, there’s no need to apologize. I should’ve known better.”

Tim, however, shook his head frantically to deny her claims. “No, you don’t understand…” [F/N] arched her eyebrows in confusion and curiosity. “I…” Tim ran his hand through his raven locks to gather his thoughts, “I was wrong. I thought I loved Steph but… that was a mistake. It isn’t Steph.”

[F/N]’s heart pounded rapidly in her chest and her [E/C] eyes were as wide as saucers. “T–Then who…”

“It’s you, [F/N].” Tim smiled, as if mocking his own stupidity, “you’re the one I love. It may have taken me… ages to finally notice. It took you to leave us to make me realize, but I love you [F/N].”

[F/N] began to blink rapidly as she tried to process this new situation at hand. The news hit her like a storm and she was once more at a loss of what to do. Her mouth hung open and she searched in Tim’s eyes for any dishonestly or uncertainty, but all she saw was the opposite; determination, hope and more certainty than anyone she knew.

“I… Tim I…” She didn’t notice she was crying until Tim wiped her tears away with his fingers, his touch gentle and careful. “I don’t know what to say…”

“You don’t have to say anything. You don’t even have to love me back… I’ll understand.” The pain in his voice when he spoke those words were clear and evident. She shook her head in denial.

“No, Tim…” she grasped his hand tightly, “I meant what I said before. I’ll… I’ll always love you.”

“Even after…”

She chuckled and nodded. “Even after you broke my heart.”

The smile on Tim’s face would light up even the darkest hour. It could melt glaciers and outshine the millions of stars in the sky. In a blink of an eye, he brought [F/N] towards him and slammed his lips against hers in a feverish kiss.

And it was absolutely magical.

Yoongi Analysis

General Analysis:

Yoongi has a pisces sun and virgo moon. Pisces tend to be rather elusive but open vulnerability. They get this reputation of being dreamers or highly indulged in sleep because they are ruled by Neptune, the planet of the subconscious. Pisces suns are usually equipped with creativity, extending to all fields in art, music, and cinema. Virgo moon usually induces anxieties or inner tensions. Virgo is all about order and organization so a virgo moon may “organize” their feelings whether by making lists or mentally compartmentalizing things. Virgo moons are also known to have quirks or rituals, such as biting nails, tapping their foot, etc. Mercury is also in pisces. Mercury pisces are very disorganized, they tend to speak what’s ever on their mind, there is no sense of boundaries. Their voices tend to be smooth, very enticing and safe. Venus in aries shows a rather domineering approach to romance. Venus aries are very direct flirters–if they like you, they will make it pretty obvious. Aries venus benefits from competition in romances, in fact they get off on it. They also can fall in love pretty quickly as well as fall out of love. Venus aries tend to have short but high energy romances, because they operate very primal. Mars in cancer can be very passive-aggressive. They don’t necessarily blow up in people’s faces, but it is gradual and inconsistent.


Mars Opposite Uranus: He is a debater, he indulges in conflicts. Sex is approached with heavy hunger and speed. His opinions are very firm and he can very erratic.

Moon Opposite Mercury: There is a dissonance with his rational and emotional mind. It’s very hard to open up to others in a verbal conversation. Moon-Mercury aspects tend to be skilled in storytelling or other creative forms of writing. He is not very good at decision making as he may be biased or just very subjective. In oppositions, the individual usually favors one planet while the other acts out negatively. If he favors his moon, then his mercury will make him very anxious, disorganized, and incoherent. If he favors his mercury, his moon can make him emotionally inconsistent and volatile.

Venus Square Mars: He is very demanding when it comes to love. He can be sensual and warming, but he has a lot of expectations and he needs his partner to live up to them. When this aspect is not handled properly, it can lead to cheating, excessive spending and overindulgence whether it is food, alcohol, etc.

Venus Opposite Jupiter: He has a hard time accepting his competence in relationships. He may feel he can never adequately cope with relationships. He may seek social approval from others. There tends to be a big insecurity in this aspect but when it is handled properly, it can foster a great sense of creative expression.

Venus Sextile Saturn: May have a hard time accepting affection in relationships. This is harmonious, so he can be a stoic lover; prefers to have a very matured relationship.

Saturn Square Pluto: He may be divided whether to live his life in structure or destructuralize it and reinvent himself. He can be very selfish, highly pessimistic if this aspect isn’t contained. He may feel very constricted by societal constraints and his surroundings are very impacting on his nature; can be quite negative sometimes. Saturn is a very restricting planet, so when it aspects pluto there could be low self esteem especially when it comes to talents.

Mercury Trine Pluto: He may want to know more about you then you know about him. He may want to know your secrets even just by the look of an eye. He knows everyone has baggage and he is very interested to find out what that is.

Aries Ascendant/Libra Descendant: Aries risings tend to be very loud, never really floating in the background. They can be quite intimidating because mars ruled is in the first house. He may be outspoken and a bit hyped. Since Aries is in his first house, this means Libra is in his 7th house. When it comes to partnerships, he may prefer someone who is more balanced, peaceful and objectively equipped to balance his very impulsive Aries nature. So, he may gravitate or be attracted to libra types or people with a strong venus influence in their charts.


Virgo and Pisces are intercepted; therefore, he lacked pisces and virgo in his development. A Pisces interception could indicate a hard time falling asleep. This sign also rules dreams, so he may feel like his goals or ideals can never be reached but that’s what keeps him going and striving for more. He also may lack finding spirituality and may rely on someone else to guide him. Virgo intercepted can indicate lack of organization, he has no sense of routine and may find it hard looking at tiny details. He can have a hard time taking in information and sorting it out; he lacks the logical and analytical skills. Although, he has a capricorn duplication, so this allows him to overcome lack of organization. Cancer duplication allows him to feel secured at home.

Twelfth House Stellium and Interception: He has a 12th house stellium so the 12th house represents what cannot be seen. There is a lot of qualities of him lying beneath the surface. He can be elusive; reserved, but you can see the depth by looking at his eyes. 12th house intercepted could indicate self sabotage, a lack of intuition and very shattered dreams. If the 12th house is intercepted, the sixth house is intercepted by default. He may have a hard time taking control of his career, and feels he lacks some form of leadership quality or good work ethic. Relationships in career could be hard to maintain.

Planets Intercepted:

Sun: His ego and identity was denied praise. He may feel like he can compliment himself without someone accusing him of being vain; very low self esteem. He may find it hard to be generous or appreciate others because of the fear he might be spited. The sun represents the father figure, so he may have had a tough relationship with his dad; may not have been very supportive in his talents or in general.

Moon: His emotional nature was denied. He may find it hard to show emotion now that he has been injected into the real world. He may find it hard to get in touch with his vulnerabilities. The moon represents the mother so again, he may have had a tough relationship with his mom; she may not have been nurturing and supportive.

Mercury: He doubts his mental capabilities; he may have been told that he was intellectually inferior and while growing up, he was told to reject his curiosity. His mind may not have been prosperous in terms of imagination or free thought.

Saturn: He may lack the understanding of the karmic lessons provided by saturn. He has not been disciplined enough and may feel completely powerless when it comes to fixing his issues.

Some Headcanons for a Superhero AU
  • Aang is The Avatar, the last survivor of his planet which was wiped but by an unknown enemy. His has a lot of elemental powers as well as super strength. Like his people, he is also connected to the planet e inhabits, and here on Earth he can feel its pain. (thanks @avatarwindboy for coming up with this concept)/
  • Opposite him is Zuko, known as Firelord. The son of Ozai, the Phoenix King, Zuko used to be one of Aang’s many enemies until he eventual saw the light and became a vigilante superhero with the mission of riding hos city of his father’s influence. 
    • One idea I had that didn’t really add up was that maybe the Firefam were like Jack Kirby’s New Gods, with Zuko being a sleeper agent or something who turns evil for a time until he breaks free from whatever mind control was being used on him and fights alongside the resistance. 
      • In this version of the au, it’s the FIrefam that destroyed Aang’s planet. 
  • In this universe, Captain Boomerang is not only a a hero, but also is the superhero name for Sokka, whose weapons of choice include multiple boomerangs and a sword made from a special indestructible metal. 
  • Sokka’s sister,Katara, is the hero known as Water Girl, and is of course a water elemental. 
  • Toph is the Blind Bandit, a blind earth elemental who can see using the vibrations in the earth. She ran away from home as a teenager and eventually ended up joining the heroes. 
  • Suki is known as the Kyoshi Warrior, a name that was held my many warriors before her. She fights with a mystical sword and enchanted fans that allow her to her will. Imagine if you could create tornados just by fanning yourself. 
  • Zuko’s uncle and eventual mentor, Iroh, became known as the White Dragon after leaving the employ of the Firefam. 
  • And, since we’re stealing DC superhero and villain names, and because I honestly can’t think of a better name, Long Feng is known as the Green Lantern. In this universe, the Green Lantern has a special lantern whose light can be used to hypnotize and brainwash its victims. 
    • He once used it on Zuko and forced him to attack Aang. 
    • He also killed Jet, or Freedom Fighter, in multiple timelines. 
Yondu Week: Day Three: Bonds

Peter’s voice echoes through the Quadrant. “Shit!”

Kraglin’s head snaps up as the younger mans’ form flashes by the doorway, and rises halfway from his chair where he’s seated next to his recovering Captain. “Peter! What’s goin’ on?”

He backtracks and sticks his curly head in the doorway, panting slightly. He open his mouth to explain, then his eyes focus on Yondu. “Hi Dad, how’re you feelin-”

“Shut up, Quill,” Yondu interrupts, rolling his eyes. “What the hell is goin’ on out there?”

“Oh - there ships dropping out of hyperspace all over the damn place.”

“What kinda ships?” Yondu snaps.

“Hell, I don’t know!” Quill snaps back. “But we’d better get outta here.”

Kraglin and Yondu exchange looks, then Kraglin pulls down a nearby screen. With a few clicks, he has the radar and exterior cameras up. 

“Quill, don’t move this ship,” Yondu says.

“Why not?”

“They’re Ravager ships.” His eyes widen as more and more pop into view. “Shit, it’s…it’s every last one of ‘em. All One Hundred Clans.”

An unexpectedly short time later, Quill appears again, popping his head into Yondu’s room. “Da- I mean, uh. Yondu? You have a visitor?” He stands aside, and Yondu’s not sure who he’s expecting to see, but Stakar Ogord is pretty far down on the list.

Kraglin stiffens at his side, rises to his feet. Yondu glances at the First Mate; his eyes are steely, narrowed at Ogord. Since Yondu was brought back to life, Kraglin’s been ultra-protective. The man barely leaves his side; only when he absolutely needs to sleep, or when Yondu yells that he needs some privacy. The Centaurian reaches out, snags his wrist, and the First Mate’s gaze goes from Stakar down to meet his eyes. 

“Go, boy,” he says quietly, with a nod at the door.

Kraglin’s jaw tightens, but then he nods. “Yessir.” With a firm, reassuring squeeze to Yondu’s wrist in return, he leaves the room. “I’ll be jus’ outside.” The door closes behind him, leaving Yondu alone with his former Captain.

Stakar shifts from foot to foot with uncharacteristic nervousness, hands clasped in front of him. He hesitantly approaches. “How are you feeling?”

“Like shit,” Yondu answers.

Stakar nods, offers a small laugh. “Yeah, I’d expect so.”

There’s silence for a few awkward minutes, then Yondu sighs. “What do ya want, Stakar?”

His face falls slightly, as if dejected, then just as quickly is replaced with a hard, stony expression. He squares his shoulders. “Can you get on your feet?”

“Yeah, I ain’t some sorta cripple.”

“Go on, then.”

With a snarl and a grunt, Yondu shakily swings his legs over the side of the bed and stands. His hand clenches a railing on the wall until his knuckles whiten, but he stands tall. 

Stakar opens the door and gestures out into the hallway. “Come on.”

Peter and Kraglin, who are leaning against the opposite wall, shoulder to shoulder, straighten up as Yondu appears in the doorway. “Cap'n-”

“Dad, you shouldn’t be-”

“Shut up,” Yondu snaps. “Coupl'a nursemaids. I’ll walk around if I damn well feel like it.” He wheezes - the vacuum was hardest on his lungs. He takes a step forward, stumbles slightly, and all three men flinch violently, reaching for him. “Don’t ya touch me,” he snarls. “M’ fine.”

After a deep, rattling breath, he lets go of the doorframe and takes a few steady steps into the hall. He spreads his hands at Stakar as if to say Well?

Stakar nods. “Gonna need you to follow me,” he says, jabbing his thumb in the direction of his ship.

Kraglin and Peter stand behind Yondu, and they exchange looks. “We’re comin’ too,” Kraglin says, his voice almost in a growl.

Stakar looks up into his face, slightly startled at the tone, then smiles softly. “Sure, boy. No problem.”

Yondu takes a shaky step forward, snapping at Peter when he tries to assist. “M' fine, dammit!”

“Okay, okay! Geez.”

Stakar leads them back to his ship the Starhawk, into the main mess which is in the center of the vessel. The giant room is filled with Ravagers, the floor itself lined almost twenty deep. Looking up, they can see Ravagers from all factions leaning over catwalks and railings, even poised on ladders and stairs, standing on tables and chairs to get better vantage points. As Yondu, Kraglin and Peter enter with Stakar, they are enclosed by the crowd at their backs.

Peter and Kraglin move closer to Yondu. There’s nothing they could possibly do against so many Ravagers if they intend violence, but hell if they aren’t going to fight to their last breath. They almost lost Yondu once, it’s not going to happen again.

Yondu looks around, heart beating fast. His skin is prickling, his stomach dropped to his boots. The last time he was in a room like this, he was being exiled. What now? Execution, for killing his mutinous crew? For blowing his ship? Peering around, his eyes fall on familiar faces - Martinex, Aleta, Charlie-27, Mainframe, Krugarr. There are other faces he recognizes too – leaders of other Clans - but those are the ones he considered family. He averts his eyes from theirs in shame.

Stakar raises his hands, and the ship falls quiet. He turns to Yondu. “Yondu Udonta,” he begins, and Yondu clenches his jaw so hard he swears a tooth cracks. “You were exiled twenty-eight years ago. But you have now been brought before the One Hundred Clans today for a different reason.” He turns his back to him to address the crowd. “We hang amidst the remains of Ego, the Living Planet. Ego, as it recently has come to our attention, was responsible for the murder of over two thousand children over the span of at least 60 years. It is partly thanks to Yondu that Ego is now dead, and will no longer be a threat to our galaxy. Yondu traveled to the Living Planet not with the intention to kill Ego, but to save one of the Guardians of the Galaxy - the Guardian Peter Quill, also known as Star Lord.” Stakar gestures to the young man, and Yondu feels Quill move just a little closer to him. “Not only did he save this Guardian, but he sacrificed himself in order to do so. He died for this man, and it is only by the grace of the gods that he stands before us today.” Stakar turns to him again, and Yondu’s lips part in a silent gasp of astonishment. There are tears in Stakar’s eyes. “Yondu Udonta. Because of this heroic and selfless act, the Clans have unanimously agreed to lift your exile.”

Yondu truly gasps now, taking an involuntary step backwards. He hears Kraglin let out a small cry behind him. "Wh-what?“ he whispers.

Aleta Ogord comes forward and places something in Stakar’s hand. He lifts it high above his head for everyone to see. It’s a gold Ravager badge. “Yondu Udonta. I, Stakar Ogord, leader of the One Hundred Ravager Clans, in agreement with the Captains of said Clans, and in witness of all present, hereby lift your exile and welcome you - proudly - back into our ranks.” He comes forward and affixes the badge to his coat. The ship shakes with the deafening roar of thousands of Ravagers.

Stakar places his hands on either side of Yondu’s face, drawing him close. Tears run down his cheeks. “Welcome home, son.”

The Moon Signs ☽

Part I ; { Part II }

Aries Moon

Watch out! Aries Moon is one defensive Moon sign. The planet of Mars is well known for feelings of anger, action and fearlessness. Aries Moon will respectfully fight their way into what’s right. Aries Moon is never afraid to say what’s on their mind. Be careful because Aries Moon is quick to anger but also quick to forgive.

Taurus Moon

Taurus Moon typically is hard to anger. Planet of Venus is know for the traits of peace and harmony. Taurus Moon will argue their rights when they feel they no longer have their privacy. Taurus is one for peace and all rights…. good luck winning a debate over them. Stubborn as Taurus Moon are, they try their hardest to win every argument. With the facts, Taurus Moon has no fear over getting thrown to the curve. After all this Moon Sign wants love and peace involved not arguments nor disharmony.

Gemini Moon

Gemini Moons are talented with words. They know exactly what to say at the right time. Clear communication is found here. They get things straight to the point with the facts. They are quick to snap or become moody. Gemini Moons feel that they are misunderstood often. If you are not willing to talk things out with respect around Gemini Moon, they will not bother with immature people.

Cancer Moon

Sensitive as Cancer Moon’s are…. remember they are the defenders. These are the folks to have a soft heart. Especially when you try to hurt their family, this is the time the Mama or Father bear attacks. They’re not the type to scream or shout their pain when arguing. They will sit down and confront problems and find solutions with their broken heart or maybe even shed light tears. They mean no harm; they are sensitive souls.

Leo Moon

Leo Moon is dramatic and may exaggerate feelings. When Leo Moon feels their space and pride is taken from them, they make the biggest scene. Leo is loyal and loving, but when you try to argue with them, they attack quickly. Leo Moon does care about their image so they do think before they react. An emotional state with them can be seen with Leo Moon. Just be respectful and give them their space.

Virgo Moon

Virgo Moon’s are the ones to be trusted. Often they will complain. They are serious when they talk. Virgo Moon will throw the facts at you. They are usually restless when upset. Their views and opinions need to be heard and respected. They feel the need to express their feelings and give solutions to problems. They can be micromanaging but only because they care and want to help you.