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I know this was from forever ago but can we get something like post/114098941099 about realizing they're in love again? It was just so unbearably cute. Maybe with Suga, Kuroo, Tsukishima, and Iwaizumi this time?

how about yES 
here is the post they’re talking about~ also sorry that suga’s was a bit shorter, it just kinda came out that way haha = 3= (trust me he is my personal favorite)

When Sugawara woke, it was early morning. Grey beams of light had just begun to seep through the sheer curtains and across the room, as lazy as he felt himself. Suga felt a light gust of air graze his neck and looked down to see his s/o, breathing softly under his embrace. He lifted a hand and brushed a stray strand of hair away from their face, and continued to gaze at their serene expression as they slept. I love you. Suga blinked in momentary shock as the thought crossed his mind. A smile gradually appeared on his face, and he gently took hold of their cheek, pressing his lips to their forehead. Their eyelashes fluttered slightly, and they mumbled something that sounded like his name, shifted slightly, and their even breathing resumed.

“I’m glad I met you,” Suga whispered, and continued watching them until he fell back asleep.

Kuroo could have sworn that his s/o was just behind him, but they were, in fact, nowhere in sight. He cursed himself as he scanned the crowd–he should have known better than to ask them to explore the school festival with him during the busiest time. Especially when ____-chan is so easily distracted. Kuroo felt his usual smirk creep back on his face as he thought of them. Considering that, he thought of the things that would most likely catch their attention, and they caught his eye at a food stand at the other end of the walkway. Of course. Shaking his head, he strode over, ready to surprise them, when they turned around abruptly and gave him a toothy grin.

“Ah, Kuroo-san! There you are, I was looking for you!” Oh, the irony. Kuroo was about to protest when they pushed a small tray into his hand.
“I found your favorite sweet, taiyaki!” His s/o pointed to the hot, fish-shaped pastry sitting on the paper container. He laughed, and impulsively leaned down to kiss them on the forehead. “W-what was that for?”
“Nothing,” he chuckled again, and reached down with his free hand to grasp theirs, leading them out of the area. They sure were a handful, but Kuroo knew now that this was one of the things he’d grown to love them for. Love, huh? He smiled to himself as they neared the edge of the crowd.

Well, I can tell them later.

(note: the “tsuki” in his last name is the kanji for “moon”) 

It was rare for his s/o to ask for him to meet them so late at night, so naturally Tsukishima rushed out as soon as he saw their text. Not that he would ever admit that to them. Imagine his shock when he saw his s/o laying on the grass to the side of a road.
“Oy, ____, are you okay?!” He demanded, scrambling to the ground to get a better look at them. It was at that moment that Tsukishima realized their eyes were open, and a small smile was etched across their cute face.
“Oh, there you are, Kei!” They let out a soft chuckle at his flustered expression, and sat up to kiss his cheek.
“Is something wrong?” The confusion on his face was evident. Their grin widened, and they laid back down.

“The only thing wrong was that you weren’t here to see this!” Tsukishima’s s/o pointed up at the sky. It was then that he noticed the night sky, and the clarity of the stars that distantly hung there. He breathed a heavy sigh of relief, and was about to scold them for worrying him. But he stopped when he saw the stars in their eyes–in both ways. He studied their exhilarated expression as they stared at the sky above, when they suddenly spoke. “Tsukishima Kei.” He blinked in surprise and let out a short laugh at their cheesy joke. But they weren’t finished. His s/o shifted their gaze and looked him straight in the eye. “I love you.”

Tsukishima could have sworn his heart stopped. He turned away, and flopped down beside them, hoping desperately that the darkness would hide his burning face.

“Idiot, don’t steal my line.”

Iwaizumi didn’t understand what was wrong with him. At first he’d dismissed it simply as a headache, but quickly realized his head didn’t actually hurt. Though if asked, his thoughts could best be described as “spinning”. The effect it had on his performance at practice was minimal, but of course Oikawa noticed right away.
“Iwa-chan, have you been slacking in practice lately?” The Aoba Jousai captain strolled over to the ace during their water break. Normally, Iwaizumi would have felt his irritation levels spike immediately and told him to mind his own business. Today was different. The ace jumped to his feet and grabbed Oikawa by his shoulders, and the setter braced himself for a headbutt. But to his surprise, Iwaizumi just looked frustrated.

“What the hell is wrong with me? What did ____ do to me? I can’t get them out of my head…” His voice trailed off and his grip on Oikawa gradually loosened. Hanamaki and Matsukawa had been eavesdropping apparently, and chimed in. “Obviously you’re in love with them.”
Iwaizumi froze. Suddenly, he broke into a sprint for the gym entrance. “Iwa-chan, where are you going?”

“Where else?!” He hollered back, and with that, he disappeared. His onlookers looked at each other in confusion, and Oikawa gave them a dismissive gesture to return to practice.
Obviously to go tell them.

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(1) I keep seeing the gifset "So that's the kid you can't stop talking about" and I have so many feelings about it like is Derek the new kid at school? Maybe he was homeschooled for a while because of his were-wolfitude (maybe werewolves are known but they're *weird* and *different* and *scary* and that's why he's sitting alone) And Stiles knows he shouldn't because he's finally made it to the popular table but somehow he can't stop looking? And Derek's a little socially awkward (he's never

been around kids his own age much) but he’s just so cute and a little cocky and he actually introduces himself like the whole school hasn’t been talking about the mysterious and beautiful Hale siblings that suddenly showed up at school (maybe it’s just a *rumor* that they’re werewolves, either way they’re kinda not normal somehow) and Stiles couldn’t tell you how but somehow they end up hanging out? Kind of a lot? And he likes it? But he’s also TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH LYDIA as far as anyone else is concerned because come on, like he needs a gay rumor right after he’s finally made it?

And so he’s a little flustered when Cora corners him and she’s also v scary and he doesn’t really know which is the right answer? Is she gonna beat him up if he says yes? Is she gonna hoist him up the flagpole underwear first if he says no? So he goes with no because at least it’s true and kind of ignores the way his own heart beats a little faster and the look Cora gives him which implies it was the wrong answer.

And then maybe something *goes down* at the school or maybe it’s just a lacrosse game or something idk but they’re close to each other in the dark hallways and breathing hard and then suddenly all of their parents show up (because Derek’s are the alphas and obviously the Sheriff is going to be around if there’s funny business) and it’s awkward introduction time and Derek’s parents are actually really nice and being weirdly friendly to him when they found him in such a mess and meanwhile the Sheriff is around looking all suspicious and Stiles is especially not telling HIM that he’s having not-so-straight-Derek-related feelings, but apparently they’re on different pages or the way they held hands when they ran down the halls gave the wrong impression because Derek almost introduces himself as his BOYFRIEND God what a disaster they only kissed that one time in secret so thank god his dad doesn’t seem to notice how weird Stiles is being, except he totally does but Stiles isn’t even paying attention to his dad anymore because Derek’s gone all hurt and offended and stiff and when his parents guide him away Stiles hears his mom go all excited “so that’s the kid you can’t stop talking about” and Derek just says glumly “Doesn’t matter. He doesn’t seem to like me very much.” And why does Stiles feel so bad and guilty about that? And Derek’s been talking about him at home and that’s why Cora was so weird that one time?

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