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TITLE: Your Past Does Not Define You

IMAGINE: It was no secret that Bucky hated his past, how he regrets being the Winter Soldier. What happens when he meets someone that can change his mind? 

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warnings: swear words, brief harassment, small violence. 

word count: 2.4k +

‘He had built up walls for years, keeping everyone out. Then she came into his life and with a touch of her finger the walls crumbled into ashes.’

Everyone knew that Bucky wasn’t one to converse with anyone, to talk to anyone let alone spend a minute in a room with someone that wasn’t Steve. He grunted and nodded, but no actual words ever came out of his mouth. He kept quiet, he kept to himself. No one really knew him, Steve did, but still…There were some things that he kept to himself, things that kept him up at night -waking from his nightmares, knives sheathed out panicking and looking around the room. He hated himself, he hated that he caused a war within a group, forcing everyone to take sides. Even years later when everything was settled, he still felt guilty thus he kept to himself. Maybe, just maybe if he didn’t speak and just did what everyone wanted him to do he could chip away the guilt.

He remembers the day vividly, it’s as if it’s a movie in his head, one that he can replay over and over again. He can pick out the exact moment that he knew in himself that she was going to change him.

“(Y/N), you have to be calm when you meet them, okay kid?” Tony looked over the kid next to him. Granted that she wasn’t a kid anymore, she was still a kid to him. “You can’t embarrass me, I have a reputation to uphold.”

(Y/N) barked out a laugh as she saw Tony puff out his chest, “I cross my heart that I won’t embarrass you.”

Tony smiled at her and opened the door, she instantly saw all the Avengers lounging around -some sitting down, some playing pool and some in the kitchen. He cleared his throat and they stopped and stared at him. “This is (Y/N),” he gestured the awed girl beside him.

She smiled at the group and waved, “I’m his love child,” she waggled her eyebrows and laughed out loudly when she saw the expressions on their face.

“She’s not,” Tony deadpanned. “What did I say about embarrassing me?” She shrugged in reply. Turning back to the group he explained, “She’s a recruit from Isla Nublar, Tony wanted her expertise on something. Plus, I’ve also known her since she was little so she’s like a little sister to me, so if any of you hurt her I will seriously kill you.”

“You can’t just mildly kill them?” (Y/N) teased and she received a jab from him. As they went around the room, introducing (Y/N) to everyone, she was awestruck by just how ordinary they were. Of course she kept up on the details, not hard to really. But it was so different, they were just normal people who were expected to drop everything to fight off the next evil.

After the introductions, she went to the kitchen to fix herself something to eat as everyone was heading to the gym. “For a bunch of superheroes they surprisingly have a lot of junk food in the fridge,” she mused to herself, thinking out loud. “Ooo, lasagne.” She picked out the heavy dish and turned around but bumped into someone.

“SHIT! I am so sorry,” (Y/N) looked at the lasagne and then back to the figure. Their black uniform was covered in red and white sauce. “I got lasagne on you,” she began wiping it off his uniform, after three wipes she realised how awkward it was.

She smiled sheepishly and look up at the man, “Sorry, didn’t mean to awkwardly touch you.” (Y/N) was going to say more but she stopped when she saw who she was talking to. It was Bucky Barnes. She read up on him, fascinated by history as both James Barnes and the Winter Soldier. “It’s not everyday that you get to live the tale that you accidentally dropped lasagne on an infamous assassin.” She tried to lighten the joke being the idiot as the was.

Bucky looked down at her, veiled amusement in his eyes. “Don’t really know the protocol for throwing lasagne at an assassin so forgive me if I don’t know how to act, I’m usually much cooler than this.” She gave him a toothy smile. (Y/N) wasn’t nervous, not at all, nor was she embarrassed.

“It’s okay,” his voice was rough from the lack of use. To his ears it sounded foreign, but to her it sounded beautiful.

“Do you want me to pay for dry-cleaning?” He tilted his head. “Uh, dry-cleaning is like this fancy service that you use when you want something to be professionally cleaned.” She sounded so unsure, but at the same time her voice was gentle and not at all patronising.

“I know what dry-cleaning is,” he gave her a small quick smile.

She found that she liked it when he smiled, he seemed younger and more relaxed even though she saw it for at least 3 seconds. “That’s good, that’s good.” She muttered, then looking down at the floor. “I haven’t been in the compound a day and I’ve already made a mess.” (Y/N) walked to the counter to fetch the kitchen roll, once in her hand she bent down and started wiping.

“Want some help?” Bucky knelt down and ripped some paper.

Maybe it was the way that she didn’t seem afraid of him and she treated him like a normal person. Or maybe it was because she made him laugh -something that hasn’t happened to him for so long. Or maybe it was her small, awkward yet charming smile that made him feel lighter than he’s ever felt before.

From that day on Bucky seeked out (Y/N), he came out of his room more, stayed in rooms longer than before. Of course everyone noticed his odd behaviour, it was hard not to. Bucky didn’t actively participate in conversations, but when (Y/N) asked him a question, flashed him a smile, or tried to include him in the conversation he reciprocated.

They were sitting in the living room, Stranger Things playing on the television. “You’re enjoying this,” she teased as she saw him lean in trying to figure out the scene.

Bucky leaned back nonchalantly and turned his head towards her, “It’s…different.”

“Different good?”

He nodded hesitantly. “It’s nice.”

She smiled triumphantly and leaned back, her arms touching his lightly. She tried not to think of how warmth seemed to radiate of him, or just how nice he smelt.

(Y/N) passed him the pizza, “Thanks, doll.” (Y/N)’s hand froze and turned to him.

He felt his face redden, and his hands clamp up. He didn’t mean to say that out loud, he didn’t mean for that nickname to slip. He didn’t turn to her, afraid of her reaction. It was an intimate nickname for someone, so he wouldn’t be surprised if she got up and left, never speaking to him again.

She made an appreciative noise, “I like that.”

Startled, he turned to her, “What?”

“I like that. It’s cute and it’s very you,” she gave him a grin and a wink. “Doll,” she tried it out, rolling the word off her tongue.

He smiled at her when she clucked her tongue, “Don’t I get a nickname?”

She narrowed her eyes, smiled and tilted her head, “Hm, what to call you. Buckster?” She tried out and she chuckled at his horrified expression. “Buckarro?” He poked her this time. “I know, I’ll call you James.”

This time he chuckled, “That’s my name, not exactly a nickname.”

“Except no one calls you that and that’s why it’s perfect. Everyone calls you Barnes, or Bucky, but never James. The name is something just the two of us,” she smiled at him.

He felt his heart quicken and reciprocated her smile. It was genuine and it was wide. It was the smile that he would have had on his face practically all the time back in the 40s. As they continued watching the show, he realized that he liked it when she said the two of them. ‘Just between the two of them.’ He smiled, contented for the first time.

(Y/N) stood in line, trying to memorize everyone’s drink order. She felt a hand touch her backside and she turned around, “What are you doing?”

The man behind her gave her a lopsided smile. Even under the bad fluro lights she could see that his eyes were glossy and he could hardly stand on his on two feet. “Hey there pretty lady.” He gave her a wink and (Y/N) screwed up her nose in disgust. “Don’t be like that,” he tried to touch her arm but she yanked it away.

“Don’t touch me,” she growled, her arms ready to fight just in case.

“Come on, pretty lady,” he yanked her by the waist and she yelped. (Y/N) hardly had time to hit the man as he was yanked off her. She tumbled to the ground, and watched as Bucky hit the man over and over again. Noticing how hard the punches were she pulled herself up and ran to where Bucky was.

“Bucky!” He didn’t turn around. He held the man’s collar and pulled his hand back to punch him again. “Bucky! Bucky!” (Y/N) ran and touched his shoulder, “James.” This time he turned around. Letting the man go.

She saw how his eyes and his face were different, she tentatively touched his cheek, “James, come back to me darling. Come back to me.” She rubbed his cheek affectionately, “I’m here, just come back to me, please.”

His gaze softened, and he cupped the hand that was on his cheek.

Bucky was sure that (Y/N) would have ran away, fleeing as she saw the side of him he desperately never wanted anyone to see, especially her. But all she did was hold his hand, nodding to Steve and took him outside leading him to the car.

Once they were in the safety of the complex, (Y/N) opened Bucky’s door and pulled him in. “Are you okay?”

He didn’t answer, instead he fell to his knees. (Y/N) knelt down and pushed back his hair, “Buck?”

“I’m sorry,” it was soft and she could hardly hear him but at the same time she could hear it clearly, the emotion; the heartbreak, anger and sadness.

(Y/N) launched herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck, squeezing him tighter as each second passed by. Once they broke apart she looked at him, “Never, ever apologize for that. Never apologize for that James.”

“I let him out, I never wanted to let him out.”

She could have burst out crying at how small he sounded. “No matter what, he will always be a part of you James, you can never erase him but,” she closed her eyes and shook her head. “Don’t ever be ashamed for something that you never did. You needed to be brainwashed, you needed a long time to transfer from James to the Winter Soldier. You’re not him.”

Bucky wrapped his arms around her, never letting her go, “You’re not him. You’re Steve’s Bucky, you’re my James, you’re our Barnes. Never forget that.” She gave him a kiss on the top of his head, “Even if you do, I’ll always be here to make you remember.”


“Always.” It was such a simple word but it was filled with so much more than it could possibly contain. He felt his heart open, and it all it took was one word for his walls to be tore down.

It was a casual day, there was nothing important. She was in her pyjamas, and he was in his gym clothes. Both of them sat at the kitchen counter, each eating their respective breakfast.

“What would you say if I asked you on a date doll?” He didn’t look at her, fear of her rejection.

She placed her spoon down, “I would say that it took you long enough James.” When he looked up he could see her smile, happiness radiating off her face.

He was Bucky before. He was known for charming the dames, being everyone’s friend and always being there for Steve. Then he was known as the Winter Soldier. He was adored. One of the greatest killing machines that HYDRA has ever created. He was feared.Then he was Barnes. Long gone was Bucky (though not for Steve, he would always be Bucky for Steve), buried underneath everything, and long gone was the Winter Soldier. He was Barnes and he was part of the Avengers. He was accepted. Finally, he was James. Her James to be exact. He was understood, loved and adored. She was the one person that managed to find him when he was so lost in the dark. She was the beacon in his life that he longed for, that he thought was long gone because of the atrocities that he committed.

But here she was, next to him, one of her arms carelessly tossed on his stomach, one under the pillow. As Bucky stroked her hair, she softly groaned and lifted her head. “Hey Buck, is it morning yet?”

He gave her a small smile. “No, not yet.” (Y/N) sat up and stretched, then with a grin she straddled him.

She grabbed his metal arm and fiddled with his fingers, “You know we could just etch the ring on your finger, I mean you won’t ever lose it that way.” (Y/N) leaned forward and laid on his chest.

He loved this position, mostly because he could feel her heartbeat. “I’m not you, doll, I mean how many times have you lost your ring?” He felt her lightly smack him, and he started running his hand down her back.

“Shut it, you love me.”

“Maybe I don’t.”

“You’re marrying me.”

“Eh,” he gave her a shrug and sat back up.

“Do I have to convince you that marrying me would be the greatest thing ever?” She grinded her hips against his, and smirked when he groaned.

“The greatest thing ever was meeting you doll,” he sat up and kissed her.

Bucky managed to find someone to break him out of his shell. A person who managed to keep the nightmares at bay, even on the rare occasions he had them she was there right by his side, brushing his hair back and whispering comforting words in his ear. He found the person that managed to love his past even when he couldn’t.

Ricky Gervais is best known for creating The Office and for behaving like a teenager who just discovered atheism on Twitter. It’s hard to imagine him breaking into entertainment if he wasn’t incredibly funny, seeing as how he devoted an entire episode of Extras to David Bowie calling him a pug-faced fatso.

And speaking of Bowie, Gervais is also a huge fan, which makes his 1984 androgynous look so deliciously amazing. The British comedian was absolutely channeling The Thin White Duke in his massively successful (in the Philippines) pop duo Seona Dancing.

Gervais sang over slick, synth-heavy keyboards, and Seona Dancing quickly won their way into the hearts of Filipino teens with their two hit singles, “More To Lose” and “Bitter Heart.” (Before you go check: Yes, there are videos, and they are extremely Eighties.) “More To Lose” was so damn popular, in fact, that a Filipino radio station would deliberately introduce the song under a fake name in order to make it impossible for rival radio stations to get their hands on. Gervais says he doesn’t miss his time as a pop idol, preferring his podcasts, TV shows, and angry online arguments. So, you know, everything worked out in the end.

11 Famous People You Never Realized Were Insanely Hot

Bullpen Talk

gif is not mine

Title: Bullpen Talk

Pairing: Derek Morgan x Reader

Word Count: 985

Warnings: fluff, slight angst

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but I wanted to write it. This is also my first Derek Morgan imagine/one-shot, so let me know how I did! I hope you enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!

You were sitting alone in the bullpen of the BAU.  Everyone else was out having a good time.  You would have gone with them, but you needed time alone.  This case brought back feelings that you didn’t want to confront, but in the end there was no use in trying to run away from them.

You held a picture of your older brother in your hand.  You remember the day he took his own life, as if it had happened yesterday.  In reality, it happened ten years ago.  No matter the circumstances, you worked the case as if it were any other case.

“I thought I might find you here [Y/N],” Derek mumbled as he walked up to your desk.  He saw the picture you had in your hand, his smile fading.  He knew about what happened to your brother.  It was part of the reason he came back to the office this late at night.  It didn’t take a profiler to know that you would be here.

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 3 449
warning : smut
summary : Reader is a werewolf who has been in a lot of fights and has some scars on her body , and she doesn’t want to sleep with Kai because of them.
* gif by fondu-with-downey

Being a werewolf had its perks but also had more than a few downsides. Y/N’s life hadn’t been easy , specially after her adoptive parents had kicked her out after she triggered her curse. Her temper had been pretty bad before she had triggered the curse and it had only gotten worse later on. Ever since that , she had gotten herself into a lot of fights and those fights had left scars. Not emotional ones , though those were there too but existing more in the form of really deep scratches , but physical ones. Y/N’s body had more than a few of them and some days she wore long sleeve shirts and jeans to cover them. That happened more frequently now that she had a boyfriend.
It had been nearly 3 months since Y/N and Kai Parker , a vampire / witch hybrid , had become a couple. Unlike what everyone said about him , he was actually a really nice person when you give him a chance to show it. Yes , he had a temper but as long as no one crossed him or anything Kai was pretty chill , kind , loving and caring specially towards her. Y/N had gotten to know both sides and weirdly , the bad side had made her fall for him. Kai was hot , dangerous , charming , funny and he had been the one to find a way to tame her , in a way. Ever since they had met , her temper had cooled down completely. Their love for each other had began changing both of them. But there were still things they hadn’t done and every time Kai tried to do something and she pushed him away, Y/N felt angry with herself , as if she is holding him back in some way and afraid , knowing there is chance he might reject her after seeing how her body looks.

A quiet evening alone was just what she and her boyfriend needed with all the craziness happening around them lately. They sat on the couch with TV was buzzing , loud enough to disturb the silence , neither of them really paying attention to what was on the screen. Y/N could feel his eyes on her the entire time.
“You know you look so beautiful with that side braid.” whispered Kai in her ear, placing his palm on her cheek. Y/N smiled shyly. “Even more beautiful when you smile.”
Y/N turned towards him seeing him smile at her , slowly leaning in towards her before kissing her her gently. His lips were so soft , she could never get enough of them or him in general. Kai had a magic touch enough to make her go crazy for him just trailing his fingers across her arm or lightly brushing his fingers against her cheek. He backed slowly her against the couch , deepening the kiss as he did. His body pressed against hers firmly , pushing his crotch against hers making her moan into the kiss. Y/N felt a dozen butterflies flap their wings in her stomach starting to melt completely under his touch. He pinned her wrists over her head leaving kisses all the way to her jaw line , down her neck to her collarbone sucking on a spot marking her as his. It all felt so good , perfect and right and then his hand slipped under her shirt starting to pull it up her body. Y/N wriggled her wrists free and pushed him off her.
“I um – I have to go take a shower.” she muttered smiling nervously , running up the stairs leaving Kai stare at her more confused than ever. He wondered what he had done wrong to get pushed away every time. It hurt him but there was something else , he could hear it in her heartbeat and see it in her eyes every time she found an excuse to push him away. A sigh left his lips and he headed upstairs , hearing the water starting to run in the shower. Kai sat on their shared bed trying to come up with an reason why she’d do this but came up empty. Not knowing was driving him insane. They trusted each other with everything , he loved that about their relationship. Whatever it was , why wouldn’t she just tell him like always?

Y/N took a little longer shower this time , trying to find a way to explain her reaction after getting out , coming up empty. About 30 minutes later she stepped out of the shower , wiping away the foggy mirror looking in her reflection for a moment - claw scratches , bite marks were covering her body here and there. A sigh left her lips and she wrapped a towel around her , walking out. Y/N closed the door and turned towards the bed finding Kai sitting there , leaning back on his hands starring at the bathroom door.
“There she is. The hottest girl in town — no , the planet.” he grinned at her , starting to get up. In a flash he got to her , kissing her cheek and placing his hands on her waist. “We need to talk. This can’t go on like this.”
“Like what ?” she sighed , taking a step away from him and going into the walk in closet. Kai’s eyes looked different , there were flashes of sadness mixed with confusion there and Y/N didn’t like seeing that in his eyes. She loved seeing them glow with happiness or with mischief.
“Something is clearly bothering – ” he sighed. “We always tell each other everything but for some reason you have chosen to keep this a secret. I just don’t understand why you won’t tell me. It’s so confusing - every time I try something you just – you are there at first and then you just … shut down and run away.”
“No , I don’t.” she lied , reaching for one of the longest shirts she could find in there. Y/N held it in front of her , making sure it’s long enough to cover her scars and turned towards Kai finding him closer than she had expected.
“Don’t make me ask the question.” he said quietly.
Y/N looked at him with a confused look in her eyes. Kai took a step towards her , gazing into her eyes raising his eyebrows a little.
“No. Wait , I’m not a -”
“- virgin?” he finished for her , seeing her blush. “Then what is it ? You don’t want to have sex with me ?”
Y/N took a step towards him. “I do. It’s just I —”
“You what ?” he asked with a small smile, brushing his thumb on her cheek before placing his hands on her waist. “You know I love you and won’t force into doing something you don’t want or like. I just want to know. Why wouldn’t you just tell me ?”
“Kai , I – you know my past. I haven’t always been this calm.” she sighed. “There were days when I’d get into fights , one after the other. I just —”
Kai studied her face. His girl looked so nervous , struggling to speak and her heart beat was so uneven. What could be so bad that she wouldn’t want to tell him ?
“You can tell me anything Y/N.” he said softly, cupping her face “You know I won’t ever judge you. ”
Y/N’s eyelids fluttered closed and she bit the inside of her cheek , struggling to force the words out. There was no right way to say it - she didn’t like how her body looked with all those marks , and there was no way for those scars to disappear. If Kai saw them he’d probably leave her and she didn’t want to lose him, ever , but she also knew she couldn’t avoid this conversation forever.
“There are scars and I’m not – I don’t like my body.” she said quietly. “And you are not going to like it either so whats t-”
Kai kissed her gently not letting her finish , unable to believe that has been the reason that makes her run every time. The most beautiful , smart , perceptive girl he has ever known , the only one who knows him truly perhaps even better than he knows himself and she still thought he’d reject her because of it. How could she even think that a few marks would change the way he sees her and feels about her ?
“Let me see.” he said softly. Y/N shook her head. “Please ?”
A sigh left her lips and she nodded. It was bound to happen at some point anyways. Kai untucked her towel letting it fall on the floor. His breath got hitched in his throat - there were scars here and there , some were small others were a little bigger but somehow those marks made him love her even more. They made her real , real people have flaws and he loved every single one of hers. He traced one of the scars gently with his fingertips a small smile spreading on his face hearing the change in her heart beat when he touched her bare skin. Y/N’s eyes kept darting everywhere but at him , not wanting to see the look on his face. Kai lifted her chin up , making her her to look into his eyes.
“You are so beautiful.” said Kai softly.
“You are just saying things.” she closed her eyes feeling his lips pressing onto hers , kissing her gently.
“I’d never lie to you sweetheart , you know that.” he said softly lifting her up bridal style, carrying her to the bed. “If you don’t believe me then let me show you.”
Kai let her down on the bed gently , brushing his palm against her cheek placing a soft kiss on her neck before rolling on top of her making his way down her body, kissing softly a scar almost at the middle between her breasts , then another not too far away from her belly button shaped like a crescent moon and trailing his fingertips across another one on her waist. He couldn’t comprehend how she could think he would reject her or stop loving her because of a few scars. It seemed unreal to him how someone would ever do that , specially to someone as kind and loving as her and that made him wonder if it had happened before. Kai kissed every square inch of body , feeling her relax more and more each time his lips touched her skin. He brushed his fingers against her heat , blowing a light stream of air on her clit making her shiver a little.
“You are more beautiful than I ever thought.” he smiled crawling over her until their eyes met. “The most beautiful girl to ever walk on this Earth.”
“Stop.” she smiled shyly , her cheeks flushing a light shade of pink.
“There is no one that even remotely compares -”
“Stop.” she smiled widely.
“- to your beauty.” said Kai smiling , trailing his fingertips across one of the scars then across another. “I love this one and this one and this one - ”
“Kai , s-stop.” she started laughing when he started tickling her.
“I love every part of you Y/N. Nothing is ever going to change that. ” he said smiling , pressing his lips onto hers kissing her gently. Y/N’s fingers tangled in his hair gripping on it lightly while his fingertips grazed across her skin down to her heat slowly rubbing circles on her clit making her moan into the kiss. Kai’s touch was making her feel on fire and she craved more and more but then he suddenly stopped.
“We dont have to do anything if you don’t want.” he said pulling away from the kiss. “I don’t want to pressure you into anything -”
Kai was being so gentle and sweet it melted her heart , just like always - he put her before him , being the sweetest carrying boyfriend ever. Everyone always saw him as a monster , someone with no emotions whatsoever but that wasn’t him. The real Kai was the exact opposite of what her friends saw when looking at him.
“I know.” she smiled. “I want to.”
Kai smiled widely at her , his lips colliding with hers again drowning her in a passionate kiss. He had wanted so many times to touch her like that , he could barely contain himself or decide what he want to do. Y/N’s hands traveled down his back , lightly grazing her fingertips across his back as she pulled his shirt over his head ,both of them smiling at each other. Her eyes were sparkling with love ,excitement and something else he couldn’t put his finger on. He brushed his nose against hers for a second , leaving kisses on his way down to her core , licking a stripe right through her middle, not taking his eyes off her hearing a soft moan tumbling off her lips. Kai placed his hands on her thighs parting them a little wider , sliding his tongue in her entrace curling it around while his nose brushed against her clit. He was gentle at first , slowly changing the tempo seeing how she responded to his touch.
“You taste better than I could’ve ever imagined.” moaned Kai , enveloping her clit with his lips , slowly sucking and tugging on it. Y/N’s hands reached for him , tangling in his hair lightly gripping on it. She wanted more of him , sure she’d never be able to get enough of his magic touch. Each time his tongue swirled around her clit at a soft swift motion felt like a match being light up , setting her on fire again and again.
“That feels amazing.” she moaned , pushing his mouth further on her while her hips pushed down on him. Kai moaned sending vibrations directly onto her clit while he continued devouring her with a hunger , building up the burning feeling in between her legs more and more each second. He replaced his tongue with his fingers - pushing them in slowly stretching her out , curling them around feeling every inch. Kai couldn’t tear his eyes off her , seeingher arch her back and throw her head back each time he pulled his fingers out , pushing them in again while nibbling on her clit. It was driving him completely insane , spurring him on to go faster.
“Oh fuck , go f-faster..” she moaned and Kai’s fingers picked up the pace even more turning her moans into small screams , feeling her walls clench around them. Hearing his name roll off her lips spurred him on even more and he decided to drive her completely wild - cheating with his vampirism to pump his fingers faster in her pushing her right over the edge. Y/N whimpered and squirmed , her body starting to shake as her orgasm tore through her body , his fingers never slowing down or stopping. He felt his jeans tightening around him just looking at her fall apart because of him. Kai pulled his fingers out bringing them to his lips , moaning as he cleaned them up as if her juices were tastiest treat he has ever tasted. Y/N pulled him up , impatient to kiss him , rolling on top of him without breaking the kiss. Her hands roamed every inch of his chest while she made her way down his chest leaving kisses all the way not taking her eyes off him as her fingers started to undo the belt on his jeans but he stopped her , gripping her wrists.
“Tonight’s not about me , sweet cheeks.” smiled Kai, pulling her up. He brushed his fingers through her semi dry hair , pulling her down for a kiss slowly rolling on top of her again. Y/N reached her hand between their bodies pushing its way in his jeans , palming him through his briefs. A low growl came from his throat , biting her lip at the end of the kiss.
“Someone’s eager.” he grinned at her.
“Don’t tell me you are not.” she beamed at him , trying to push her hand under his briefs. Kai got off the bed stripping down quickly before crawling back onto the bed with her. Y/N’s fingers wrapped around his lenght stroking him slowly , drawing slow circles on the head with her thumb , gathering the pre-cum. A quiet ‘oh’ left his lips and he closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying the feeling. His girl waited for him to open them , bringing her thumb on her lips tasting him on them. His eyes widened and he wanted her more than ever in that moment.
“That has to be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen you do.” said Kai smashing his lips against hers. He took her hands , holding them on either side of her head intertwining his fingers with hers while slowly teasing her entrance with the tip of his lenght. Their eyes met and he thrusted inside her , entering her at once. Y/N’s back arched off the bed , a small gasp leaving her lips when he did before pulling out and sliding in again slowly , making her feel every inch of him as he did. A small smile spread across her face , both of them enjoying the moment they’ve both been wanting for so long.
“You do know , you can go faster right ? I am not going to break. ” she teased , darting her tongue out licking his lip. Kai grinned at her , pressing his lips against hers as he picked up the pace slowly, filling her to the brim each time. Y/N could feel a knot starting to form in her stomach , each thrust hitting her spot bringing her closer to another release. She wondered how she had thought he would reject her. It seemed like such a silly fear in that moment , specially seeing the way he had reacted - so loving , kind and sweet. He was practically threating their first time together as if its her first time. Somehow that made her love him even more.
“Fuck you’re so tight around me. I love it.” he grinned at her , his thrusts starting to a little harder. Kai rested his forehead on hers , his hot breath hitting her face every time his hard lenght pushed inside her , starting to knock out the air from her lungs. He was almost as eager as Y/N , pushing her hips down , meeting him half way. Her walls clenched around him , making her feel even tighter and a low growl came from deep inside his throat. It felt as if they were make for each other , a perfect match. Y/N held onto his hands a little tighter the closer she got to her release , her eyes pleading for him to go faster.
“Fuck I’m so close. Don’t stop.”
Their eyes met and Y/N smiled at him nodding slightly, feeling his length twitch inside her , a louder moan escaping his lips. Kai kissed her passionately, feeling her walls contract around him again. He let go off her hands and Y/N held onto his biceps while he continued to pump inside her a faster, making her entire body feel on fire. Kai was driving her crazier by the second , each thrust leaving her craving more of him. A little louder moan left his lips , feeling her walls clench around him again and her nails dig into his skin drawing blood.
“Me too sweetheart.” he grunted , not slowing down for a second. His thick shaft twitched inside her a few seconds later and he reached his high , coming in hot spurts inside her almost a split second before came around him. Her fingers tangled in his hair tugging on it as her body shook under Kai’s , who rode throught both their orgasms until they were both finished. He collapsed onto the bed next to her , turning towards her to see her face while his fingertips trailed a scar he hadn’t noticed on her shoulder. Y/N turned her face towards him , grinning at him.
“That was – definitely worth the wait.” he grinned. “I love you Y/N. I love you , all of you.”
“I love you too -” she smiled at him , a devilish spark flashing in her eyes and she leaned in , hungrily pressing her lips against his. Y/N rolled on top of him not breaking the kiss , her lips getting more and more demanding by the second , tugging at his lip at the end of the kiss. “ - but we have a problem.”
“What ?” he asked looking around startled. “Tell me , I’ll do anything -”
“How am I ever going to get enough of you ?” she answered smiling widely.
Kai grinned at her , trailing his fingers down her back , sending shivers all over her body. “Round two ?”
Y/N bit her lip , looking at him with innocent eyes leaving kisses on her way down his chest. “Round two –”


it’s been nearly two months since i finished gotor, and i thought it was about time that i put all the chapters together on here in one neat little masterpost!


Riley glances at all of them, and in that moment it hits her how much they’ve all grown. Sure, a picture can show the physical change, but the atmosphere of their dynamic has grown and shifted with them. They’re a group of energy, boundless energy, and Maya’s determined to make it kinetic before they’re separated. For some reason, a lesson from years ago echoes through her head.

“We need to circle the ones we love for as long as they’re here. We need to hold them close, because no matter how far we travel, they are the ones who hold us in place. It’s gravity, and without it, we would just all float away from each other.”

She’s not ready to float away just yet. After a deep breath, she nods consent. “Let’s go before I change my mind.”

( also known as, the clique six road trip before they all go off to college and start their own stories. )


AO3: [ xFFNET: [ x ] FIC PAGE: [ x ] PLAYLIST: [ x ]

chapter listing

  1. girl meets acceptance
  2. girl meets the state line
  3. girl meets john hopkins university
  4. girl meets isadora smackle [ intermission ]
  5. girl meets the southern downpour
  6. girl meets the north carolina school for the arts
  7. girl meets zay babineaux [ intermission ]
  8. girl meets the side of the road
  9. girl meets washington university in st. louis
  10. girl meets farkle minkus [ intermission ]
  11. girl meets southern hospitality
  12. girl meets texas a&m university
  13. girl meets lucas friar [ intermission ]
  14. girl meets the phoenix hitchhiker
  15. girl meets the california institute of the arts
  16. girl meets maya hart [ intermission ]
  17. girl meets the end of the road
  18. girl meets riley matthews [ finale ]
Golden Sun Series

The force of the four elemental powers and the study of how they combine to create reality is known as Alchemy. The ancients sealed away the force of Alchemy, and the Warriors of Vale went on their Golden Sun quest to restore Alchemy.
Alchemy is the name given to the force at work when the four base elements combine to create reality, and is also used as a term for the study of this force. The four base elements are Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. Also known as Venus, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter, respectively. These combine to create all things in Weyard. These elements can be directly manipulated through the use of Psynergy and people who are able to use Psynergy are called Adepts.

* Requested - Reader accidentally let’s slip that they are a shape shifter and Rocket asks to see their true form. I had quite a few requests like this so enjoy!!! 💙🚀 *

“Keep calling me vermin tough guy! You just want to laugh at me like everyone else!” Rocket’s aims his gun at Drax who was being held back by Gamora.

“What the hell happened?!” You ask taking a step between the two men.

“Rocket you’re drunk, alright! No one’s laughing at you!” Peter states also stepping forward to try and diffuse the situation. You may not have known each other long but you knew how trigger happy Rocket could be.

“He thinks I’m some stupid thing, he does!” You could see Rocket’s frustrations growing and could hear the slight trembling in his voice. “Well, I didn’t ask to get made!” Your heart breaks slightly for him.
You had been there during the prison line up and over heard the fact that he was the product of illegal genetic engineering. If that wasn’t bad enough you had also seen the scars that littered his small body and the shards of metal that protruded out from under his skin.

“I didn’t ask to be torn apart amd put back together over and over and turned it to some… Some little monster!” Rocket’s slurring catches the attention of all of the people in the bar. You can see them peering over one another to catch a glimpse of the so called ‘monster’.

“Rocket,” Peter sighs tightening his jaw “No one’s calling you a monster.”

Rocket’s eyes widen and a look of disbelief crosses his face.

“He called me vermin!” He points to Drax. “She called me rodent!” He points to Gamora. You can see the tears he his trying to hold back. “Let’s see if you can laugh after five or six good shots to your frigging face!” He powers up his gun and you jump forward to stop him.

“NO NO NONONONONONO! FOUR! BILLION! UNITS! ROCKET! COME ON MAN, SUCK IT UP FOR ONE MORE LOUSY NIGHT AND YOU’RE RICH!” Peter screams really not wanting his new found crew members to kill one another. Rocket’s gaze wavers slightly as he thinks it over.

“Don’t prove them right.” You say quietly pushing his gun down. “Don’t do something stupid.”
Rocket looks at you for a moment before finally powering down his gun.

“… Fine. But I can’t promise that when all of this is done I’m not going to kill every last one of you jerks.” He holds eye contact with you for a second longer as he tries to control his breathing.

“You see! That is exactly why none of you have any friends! Five seconds after you meet somebody you’re already trying to kill them!”

Everyone looks at each other before walking away while you keep your eyes on Rocket. You couldn’t help but see a little bit of yourself in him. Despite your Terran appearance you weren’t what you seemed. You knew how it felt, to be laughed at… abandoned.

“You know… You’re not alone Rocket.” You whisper when you were sure nobody could hear you but him. “I know how you-”

“You have no idea how it feels!” He hisses.

“Actually I do. I am the only one of my kind. My family were quick to get rid of me once they knew I was different.”

“You’re a human! Your planet is crawling with people like you. You have no idea what it’s like.” Rocket growls slightly.

“I am not a human!” Your eyes widen slightly. You had never told anyone before now.

Rocket squints in confusion, looking you up and down. “You look pretty human to me…”

You sigh and take a seat. Might as well tell him. “That’s because I choose to look this way. My true appearance, it’s not like this. I’m a shape shifter. I thought that this appearance would make me seem more… approachable.”

“Oh… What do you look like then? The real you, I mean.” Rocket seems genuinely interested. You shake your head slowly.

“That doesn’t matter, besides… I need water if I’m going to be able to move around.”

“You’re a fish?” Rocket asks loudly raising a bushy eyebrow.

“Well, half fish I guess… A Mermaid actually…”

“I thought those were just a myth?”

“Well, there isn’t many of us left. When my family realised I was different they cast Mr out. Said they didn’t want any abnormalities in the families blood. Told me to never come back. So I didn’t.”

“… I’m sorry (f/n), I had no idea.” He looks down feeling slightly ashamed of himself.

“That’s the idea,” you laugh “so don’t go telling anyone. Keep this between us, okay? I just wanted to let you know you aren’t as alone as you think.”

He nods and smiles softly. “Thanks, and your family, they made a huge mistake. I know we haven’t know each other long but I can tell you’re a good person. It’s their loss and our gain. I bet you look good as a Mermaid,” He pauses for a moment debating on if he should ask you. “Show me sometime?”

You think about it for a while before nodding. You highly doubted that Rocket would be the one to judge you.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll show you my real form if you promise not to kill anyone. Deal?” You smirk pushing out your hand to shake Rocket’s.
Rocket laughs and grasps your hand.

“Deal little lady, we should probably get going.”

Back on the Milano you sat in your room. Rocket sits across from you and watches you intently.

“Don’t laugh, okay?” You say slightly hesitant.

“(F/n), look at me. I’m in no position to laugh at you.”

“Okay… close your eyes.” You whisper.

Rocket does as he’s told and smirks “You’re not gonna run off and leave me looking like an idiot are you?”

“Of course not, you do that all on your own… Don’t need my help.“ You laugh.

"Oh haha toots, aren’t you funny. You done yet? ” Rocket smirks, he admired your sense of humour.

“Yeah, promise you won’t scream or anything?”

“We have already confirmed that I’m not gonna laugh or scream or run”

“Okay, open your eyes.”

Saying Rocket was stunned would be an understatement. Your legs had transformed into a tail covered in shiny (y/f/c) scales. The same coloured scales were also scattered around your eyes.

“Woah…” Rocket whispered taking the sight of you in. “You’re… You’re…” Rocket pauses trying to find the right word.


“Beautiful.” He smiles. He jumps up and slowly makes his way over to you. “Can I?” He holds out his hand and hovers it above your tail.
You nod and watch as he gently runs his small hand over your scales. He smirks and looks up at you.

“Why the flark would you want to hide this?” He looks genuinely confused “You’re absolutely beautiful. ”

Your cheeks turn red and you laugh lightly. “You’re pretty beautiful too. Even if I did keep this form I’d have to be in water to move - meaning I wouldn’t be able to travel with you guys.”

“Well,” he strokes your tail again “we can’t have that. You’re an asset to the team… Thank you by the way, for showing me this. I can imagine it was hard for you and I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

“Thank you Rocket, and thank you for saying what you did… No one has ever told me that before.”

“Well, they’re all idiots. Don’t know a good thing when they see it.” Rocket smiles at you before walking to the door. “I’ll let you, y'know. See you in a bit..” He steps out if the room and shuts the door behind him.

You laugh to yourself quietly as you transform back into your human form. Rocket was one of the sweetest men you had ever met and the fact that he didn’t care about your true form… The fact that he found it beautiful… You bite your lip to stop yourself from smiling. The small flutter in your heart and the tingle still left behind on your skin from his touch made your smile widen. However, you knew better than to focus on emotions right now.
There was time to think about all of that, but right now, you had an Orb to steal back.

Hi guys.

It’s me chucky now known as nc2t (rip annyeongpabo). The last time I made a ff was like 10 years ago, but on 04/13 I created this blog and I wanted to express how grateful that you guys still make my tumblr experience so great. Also this is my first time where kai is not my picture.. but have my beautiful 2t boys instead ♥

To all my followers:
Even though my blog had a few changes throughout the end of 2015 & 2016 most of you guys stayed with me. I have lost a shit ton of of followers, but I still have 8k+ people who seem to enjoy what I am blogging about. So thank you for that! I appreciate each one of you and wish you all the best ♥

To all the people I am following:
Thank you once again for making my dash such a wonderful place. Whether we are mutuals or not, I enjoy every bit of random and not so random post on my dash. I wish I could include all of you, but the fact that I follow you means that I love your blog nevertheless, right ? ♥  Also feel free to check out my blogroll to see some quality blogs.

let’s go!

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Just Lena’s silly bias follow forever

I know the gif is really silly but asdfghjkl let me live

Wowie zowie i can’t believe this!
I was going to do this when i hit 150 but a lot of stuff came up and i didn’t have the time to do this. But seeing it go up to 200 blew my mind. Thank yall so much! Me and Jyushimatsu are so very happy that we have so many people to interact with! This is just something small to thank yall for dealing with me and my idiot little JyuJyu bean! It’s bias i have to admit considering there aren’t a lot of people i talk to but sure as hell would like to talk to everyone else!!! 

here’s all the mushy stuff under the cut!

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can i just say that i am sO PROUD OF MY BOYS :’)


also are they the ones during the “surprise performance” during the bbmas bc srsly namjoon said “tomorrow bts is gonna be dope” like wHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY AND WHAT LEVEL OF DOPE IM GENUINELY SCARED but also excited and jumpy af at the same time AHHHH ok ill stop rambling omg

Ever wondered how strong Asuramaru is?

We all know that he’s special even among Black Demon Series, since he had a vital role on the story. However, little do we know about him, at least for now. Based on the scarce clues, we could at least calculate how much powerful he actually is.


Asuramaru, originally known as Asura Tepes, is the brother of Krul Tepes, which is the Third Progenitor and the vampire queen of Japan. Not much revealed yet about Asura, so we could figure out that he’s really an important character that can’t be spoiled yet anytime soon.

Since Black Demon Series is all different than the usual, and EVEN to made a normal Cursed Gear required a high-ranking vampire, then we could conclude that Black Demon Series must be a really high ranking vampire, mostly a progenitor.

Asura itself, according to my theory, should be at least as powerful as Krul (if not even more), so he could be a Third Progenitor as well. This supported by the fact that Mahiru need him so bad, that she abduct him and experiment on him to complete the development of Cursed Gear. If he had such capability, then his potential must be huge.

This is not exaggerated because he must be named Asura for a reason. Asura is also a mythological figure of Hinduism/Buddhism that commonly used in modern media as a powerful, destructive deity. In mythology, Asura suppose to be a demigod/god that is opposed by the gods, and thus can be called as a demon. Asuras also known as an anti-god or fallen god in other sources, and this somehow fit with the overall theme of the story.

After becoming a Cursed Gear, he lost most of his power due to the curse and restrainment, not to mentioned that he couldn’t drink blood for years. However, being a demon, he also gain a powerful demonic power, that is enough to kill a vampire easily.

From the battle between Asuramaru and Yuu (Manga chapter 20), we can see a glimpse on how powerful he is. Yuu is trained against vampires, and Asuramaru knock him in one try, without giving him a chance to even react. 

He suppose to lost ALMOST all of his vampiric power, is still restrained slightly by the curse, and not to mentioned that he’s unarmed, unlike Kiseki-o that need to use the replica of his sword to defeat Kimizuki. So far, no vampire noble could show such immense strength, unless those in level of Ferid or higher.

If he already that strong despite him losing most of his original power, weakened by curse, and unarmed, imagine his full potential is. Even Crowley need to use his sword to do all his attack. Despite how powerful Crowley is, Krul still could defeat he and Ferid (unless when Ferid do the sneak attack from behind) easily, without a weapon as well. I think that both Asura and Krul should be seriously overpowered if they show their true power + using a 1st class vampiric noble weapon that could absorb their blood.

There also one more clue… When he revived Yuu after he overdose, Asuramaru said that he could use his full power for only 3 minute. On the first minute, Yuu could travel between huge gap of buildings in seconds.  If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what to called it.

Also during that time, he could survive 1 vs 1 fight with Crowley unharmed, even thought he get defeated anyway. Knowing that Crowley could defeat Guren, Shinya, and everyone effortlessly, then Yuu must get so much power boost to be able to close their power gap.

This is though did not reflect the TRUE full power of Asuramaru, since he’s not the one who do the attack. Kureto also said that while Black Demon Series weapons is really powerful, Yuu didn’t even manage to unleash the actual power of the his sword because he didn’t trained properly yet. So what been shown in those moments (when Asuramaru said he will lend him his full power for few minutes) is just a glimpse on Asuramaru’s full power, since Yuu couldn’t wield it properly.

If he can do it properly, he might even able to defeat Crowley alone. Well, maybe. I had high hope on that since the next manga chapter involve Crowley fighting against the squad.

Yuu and Mika will mostly not be able to defeat Crowley, especially if Ferid decide to help. The previous chapter also highlight the development of Yuu entering his demon form, and the current chapter mentioned that even as he awake, the demonic possession is progressing. There is a chance that he could show the true power of Asuramaru now.

Anyway, the group also going to rescue Krul. Later, so more development about Asuramaru is imminent, and slowly but sure, his true identity will be revealed to us. Who know if he actually hold a crucial key to the story, but never revealed yet until the plot twist come?

Anyway I hope Asuramaru had the power to physically materialize to the world and kicked the ass of Crowley and Ferid. They harmed his siblings, so it’s only natural if he had something against them. It would be really nice if he finally decide to help Yuu directly and save the group from them. :3

In my head, if Asuramaru materialize then head to head with Crowley and Ferid, then they would get rekt for sure. Seriously, Asura fucking Tepes with demonic power.

Sorry for the long post. Here some potato (inside the curry) for reading my post to the end. XD

Look at this fantastic 80′s animation.  It’s even animated to simulate how images fluctuate when viewed through waves of heat (otherwise known as “heat shimmer”–the same effect that accounts for mirages).  Though, I suppose that could also be an effect added in post.  Even so, that’s a commendable effort for the time period, and the market this was aimed at.

I wasn’t kidding when I was talking about the influence the Japanese animators had on this series.

Woooo the party is on now!
I am actually far above hundred followers by now, but I thought better now than later!

When I made this blog – and joined the League of Legends-fandom for the very first time – shortly after Rakan’s and Xayah’s release, I honestly couldn’t have known how attached I would become to this muse? Unfortunately around that time I also started to work in my real life, and that for literally half of the day on workdays, so I was not as active as I wanted to be. Most of my activity is on weekends since I’m mostly too tired to work on Rakan; and overall I am so extremely slow to write starters, answer my inbox and whatnot, that I am really grateful that so many people follow me nonetheless! I might not deserve as many in the very end since I’m probably the slowest roleplayer in the entire fandom. Like – seriously, guys, look at my blog. It’s like mostly me rambling about my birp-boy via headcanons and me writing tons of things with my  -personal, yeah seriously, don’t touch her – Xayah ( @violetrebcl ).

I am super happy that there are some people who like how I write and how I interpret Rakan. As I’ve stated so many times before I always try to be as close to canon as possible while giving my muse a soul and an own life. Thank you for giving me the chance to write him like this! All people I’ve spoken to in ooc are like…super friendly, overall? I am actually not used to it that people inside a fandom are so friendly to each other; at least this is how I view it!

So yeah, thank you for checking out and staying here! And helping me to develop my Rakan further!

Now to some people I wanna mention~ (under read more because kinda long.)

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It’s easy to forget how vast and deep the ocean really is. About 60% of it is actually a cold and dark region known as the deep ocean. And it reaches down to 11,000 meters. Yet, this remote zone is also one of the greatest habitats on Earth, harboring a huge diversity of life, from giant squids and goblin sharks to minuscule animals smaller than a millimeter. How do so many species thrive in this underwater world? Over the decades, intrepid scientists have ventured there to find out. Traveling down through the water column, pressure increases and light begins to wane. At 200 meters, photosynthesis stops and temperature decreases from surface temperatures by up to 20 degrees Celsius. By 1000 meters, normal sunlight has disappeared altogether. Without light, life as we know it seems impossible.

But, plunge deep enough and you’ll find fish with cavernous mouths, spiky teeth jutting from their jaws, and lamp-like structures protruding from their heads, like the anglerfish which entices prey with its misleading glow. What else calls the deep ocean home?

Explore more of the deep ocean in the TED-Ed Lesson The otherworldly creatures in the ocean’s deepest depths - Lidia Lins

Animation by Viviane Leezer

                         KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 6

“the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time”

A/N: NEW UPDATE! YAY! Okay, things are really getting intense now (as if they weren’t before) i’m pretty stoked to make the next few parts as I’ve got a lot in mind. BTW! Guess who finally makes an appearance this chapter? Please enjoy/reblog/like…whatever your lovely soul wants to do! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.3K+

Warning: Cursing? As usual.


Anyone who cried as much as you did couldn’t possibly recognize their own face, how could they? The way your face was heated, cheeks stained with undried tears along with your bloodshot eyes–it was something horrifying. Yet, in the back of your mind, a questioned raised: how was Kylo not the least bit grossed out at the sight of your terrifying aftermath called a face? Taking in yet another sniff as you continuously wiped your tears, you weren’t sure what you were crying about at this point. “Stupid Kylo Ren,” You muttered, tossing the crushed up toilet paper towards the mirror with such force, you couldn’t help but let out a small laugh as you watched it completely miss and land in the sink.

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This is how I die. I’m dead. The death of Sassy.

I wanted to practice drawing kissing. so why not draw a bunch of slightly different kissing’s and put them in order?! 

So here is some Ed kissing Roy!
also known as “how to draw Roy’s hair 10 different ways, and still not get it right” 

I have so many problems with this thing I dont even know. but I’m still kinda proud!

Oh dear. Loki done fucked up again. I’ve left this on a cliffhanger so I’m open to the idea of a Part 2 but I’ll need ideas. As much as I enjoy elongating stories, I need your guys’ help if you want me to add to them. Thanks to @deandoctorharryandsherlock​ for the request. 

I have a request for a LokixReader, so here goes. Can you do something where Loki is in his cell on Asgard and the reader wants to break him out. I know this is kinda vague, so just so whatever you want! Thanks! Love your writing!

“The Escape”

Loki paced the floor with his hands behind his back. He could escape if he wanted to – that’s what he told himself. He could escape if he wanted to, so it was only logical that he didn’t want to.

It had nothing to do with the fact every plan he made, every circumstance in which he freed himself, Thor got in the way. Thor always brought him to justice, back to his cell. So for now, he waited. Waited for the inevitable, for his little traps to bring about a reason that Thor should release him of his own accord. This assurance did nothing to alleviate the duration of his sentence.

The burden of waiting was worsened by the severe lack of company. Aside from his mother who visited her “son” once a week, he rarely received visitors.

He so rarely had company that he was genuinely surprised to see you standing outside of his cell. What a strange turn of events!
“Decades of desertion and finally she visits.”

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