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Yellow Flowers // Sirius Black

Pairing: (Young) Sirius Black x Slytherin!Reader
Word count: 4257
Prompt: Sirius and Y/N have been good friends their entire lives due to their families being very close-knit. Sirius knows about Y/N’s secret and when confronted with it, thinks of the perfect solution.

Possible trigger warning for abuse, also: swear words

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“The Blacks are coming over for supper tonight,” mother said as she started running her brush through my hair. We were seated in front of my big mirror, the one that reflected back my entire room. It was the one place in the house where most of the dark furniture did not wash out every other colour: there were vibrant greens and soft blues and the flowers on my desk and windowsill were a bright yellow, gifts of one of the Black boys who were to visit that night. I involuntarily smiled at the thought of that moment, the sheer memory of it always bringing a light blush to my cheeks; the moment that he came to me with two ridiculously big bouquets of flowers.

“Are those for mother?” I asked, having come down to greet the Black family in the hallway and staying behind to talk to their eldest son Sirius. He was of my age and we were in the same year at Hogwarts, same class even, but I was a Slytherin and he was a Gryffindor. Naturally, that stirred some rivalry in us whilst we were at school, but at home, we were friends.
“No, silly, they’re for you.” Sirius held them out to me and seemed a little bit nervous about the whole ordeal. It was unusual for the Blacks to bring any gifts when visiting, except for around Christmas or birthdays. Usually, those gifts were not as pretty and colourful as Sirius’ flowers and mostly contained nasty hexes or were used to cast similar hexes onto others. Not necessarily what you’d like to get when you’re a 10 year old girl.
Taken aback by his gift, I took them into my arms and admired their smell and colour. “These are beautiful, Sirius. Are they really for me?”
“Yes, Y/N, they are.” He smiled and ran his hands through his long, dark hair, pushing it out of his face. I wished I could thank him in a different way, but I didn’t have the words to. Instead I gave him a huge smile in return and went to put the flowers in water.

I had wondered an endless amount about those flowers - why they were for me, why Sirius of all people would give me them. Was it because of his brother? Regulus was 3 years Sirius’ junior, and he was also sorted into Slytherin, just like me. He tried to fit in with the ‘cool’ crowd, those who had managed to become excellent in the Dark Arts and seemed to lure Regulus in effortlessly, but it earned the poor Black more teases than anything else. Because I had known Regulus all his life, I had decided to help him out whenever I noticed him getting teased, or sometimes bullied, again. I had assumed then that Sirius had given me those flowers to thank me for taking care of Regulus in his first year at school, in ways that Sirius himself couldn’t.
When mother finished brushing my hair, she left me alone to get dressed and get ready for the rest of the day. Just like any other summer, I was forced to study a few days a week, and this was one of them. I sat down at my desk, glanced at the yellow flowers once more, before starting on my History of Magic homework. Once I got to a part about a warrior called Wulfric the Great, I remembered one remarkable moment.

Normally, a History of Magic lesson would pass quietly. Most students were either fast asleep or staring out of the window trying their best not to fall asleep, as professor Binns spoke in a monotone voice about Wulfric the Giantslayer. It could have been a very interesting story, had Binns not been such a boring teacher.
I was trying my best to pay the leastet bit of attention, but found myself scribbling little flowers and hearts on the corner of my piece of parchment. My hand was stained with ink from rubbing over it while writing and with a sigh I put down my feather. I had to wash that ink of.
“Need some water?” came a voice from behind me. I knew who sat behind me, and it certainly wasn’t the person who was at that moment talking to me. I spun around in my seat and was met with a spurt of water right in my face. It came from the tip of a wand, the tip of-
“Sirius!” I exclaimed, not bothering to keep my voice down. As I had expected, Binns didn’t care about the disruption and continued talking, but all students had directed their attention to Sirius Black and Y/N Y/L/N.
“Sorry,” he laughed, not really being sorry of course. Mostly Gryffindors were laughing, but some of the Slytherins were snickering as well. I cast them all angry looks and turned around in my seat, trying to dry my face with one of the drier parts of my cloak.

I smiled. Gryffindors and Slytherins were always at war with one another, but to me, Sirius was nothing if not charming whenever he pulled a prank on anyone. It was different when I was the target, but still I could not be angry at him. It was Sirius after all…
It was a couple of hours later, when I finally finished the essay I had to write, when I heard the clinging of a bell that sounded all throughout the house. That bell could only mean one thing: the Blacks had arrived. I jumped up and practically ran to my mirror, making sure that every little strand of hair was smoothed down perfectly, and that my dress was not crinkly from sitting down in it for so many hours on end.
“Y/N!” mother yelled up through the floorboards. I hurried downstairs, just in time for my father to open the door. He greeted Orion Black with a rough handshake, and his wife Walburga with some kisses to the cheek. He greeted the two boys with a handshake as well and then he showed Orion to the kitchen. They were out of sight after Orion had greeted mother. He never showed any interest to me.
Walburga Black kissed my mother on the cheeks and then moved onto me as mother greeted her sons. “Y/N, I see you took out your best dress tonight. In honour of us, I suppose?”
I laughed politely, as if she had made a joke. I knew for certain that it was truly an insult instead.
Walburga and my mother disappeared to the kitchen and as usual, I was left with just Regulus and Sirius now. The brothers stood in silence for a moment, when they finally moved. Regulus just nodded at me and followed our parents to the kitchen, where he would resort to playing with our house elf. Sirius told me that out of everyone at Grimmauldplace, Regulus liked their house elf Kreacher the best. Maybe there was a reason he preferred enslaved creatures to the ones that could walk freely, like us.
“Hi,” I said to Sirius, shuffling my feet a little bit. The first meeting after the end of term was always the most awkward, where we had to find our roles as childhood friends again. After all, at school we were almost enemies. There was always that playful wink of his in my direction, or that smile I gave him whenever I knew he was just pretending, but we were supposed to hate each other. That’s what Slytherins and Gryffindors have always done and will always continue to do. But that’s just simply not the way that Sirius and I were. “Let me show you your flowers.”
I went up the stairs in front of him and led him to my room. We had just a couple of minutes until I would be called down again to help prepare dinner. My mother loved to cook whenever we had guests and would not leave anything up to our house elf if she deemed the visitors important enough.
“They look good in your room,” said Sirius, wandering over to my desk and touching a petal gently. I knew they were not supposed to be alive anymore, but I managed to keep them alive through magic. I had instructed our house elf well and she would keep them alive for me.
“Thank you.” I shut the door behind Sirius and myself and leaned against it, watching him look at the books on my desk. “I was just doing some History of Magic homework when you arrived,” I explained.
“Always on top of your school work.” Sirius smiled at me. “I haven’t touched a single book yet.”
“Didn’t think you had,” I said.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” He spun around and for a second looked dangerously threatening, but I knew he was just joking and laughed. He cracked a smile as well and wandered over to investigate the flowers on the windowsill. “These are even more beautiful.”
“They get that way under the right amount of sunlight,” I said. I had all of that knowledge from Herbology and had asked professor Sprout how to preserve blooming flowers. I distinctively remember having been red in the face by my own question, trying but failing to ignore the strange looks I was getting from the Hufflepuffs and other Slytherins in my class that had managed to overhear my question.
“Sometimes I wonder why you weren’t put in Ravenclaw,” Sirius said thoughtfully.
“Probably because I’m not intelligent enough.”
“Nonsense,” he immediately protested. He opened his mouth to continue, but -
“Y/N!” a voice called from downstairs. My mother.
Immediately thereafter, a second voice joined it: “Sirius!” It was his mother.
“Let’s go,” I said. We hurried downstairs and as I had expected, mother requested my presence in the kitchen. Walburga was told to sit down, even though she really wanted to help us - “No, please, I insist.” “It’ll be alright, Walburga, I do this all the time-” - and she and Sirius joined the people in the dining room, where Regulus, Orion and my father were undoubtedly talking about something unimportant.
As soon as we were alone in the kitchen, mother turned to me, pointing at me with her spoon. “Don’t mess up the carrots this time, Y/N! I also want every single piece of cabbage to be shredded absolutely perfectly. If not, you know the consequences,” she said, after which she started stirring the food that was already in the pot, smelling deliciously. I started cutting up the many carrots, trying my best not to screw up.
“Are the carrots ready? They need to be put in now.”
I had just one carrot left to cut and my mother started getting inpatient. “With now, I mean now! Not just whenever you want to.” In my hurry to cut the last carrot, I accidentally made a cut in my finger, blood instantly seeping out of the wound and onto the pieces of carrot that were still on my chopping board. I stared at the mess I created for a bit longer than any other person would have.
“You did that on purpose, didn’t you, child?”
“No, mother, I swear-” I looked up at mother, who loomed over me threateningly. Her eyes held the same venomous look as a snake’s.
“You know what the consequences are, Y/N. And this time there is no chance you can convince me you weren’t in the wrong.” Mother grabbed my uncut hand, the one I had been using to clutch my wounded one. “This is what dumb whores like you deserve!” She pushed my hand against the hot pot, first on side, than the other. Tears welled up in my eyes but I knew not to make a noise, or my punishment would be even worse.
“Go and get cleaned up, you pig!” Mother pushed me away from the food. I stumbled and almost fell, but managed to stabilize myself. I hurried off before mother could hurtle more insults at me, up the stairs toward the bathroom, where we kept an emergency kit.
I noticed I was getting blood everywhere - on the stairs, the carpet, the sink - but I had no choice for my other hand was burning so badly. I had never treated a burn with magic before and seeing as mother had burned my wandhand, I couldn’t easily heal my cut one.
I wasn’t aware of the ruckus I was making, until I suddenly heard loud footsteps on the staircase. I held still, hoping, praying that it wasn’t going to be mother. Not mother, please, not mother wanting to tell me off for crying…
Instead, there was a knock on the door. I held still at first, but an involuntary sob gave off my position. Shit, that hand really hurt. I held my breath, hoping I hadn’t been heard. Another knock. “Y/N, open up please.” I recognized that voice. It was Sirius.
I managed to get even more blood anywhere while unlocking the door. It was swung open immediately, revealing a frantic Sirius on the other side of it. He stepped inside and closed the door behind him. “Come on,” he said. “No second to lose.”
He took out his wand from his pocket and motioned for me to hold out my hands to him. He took the bleeding hand and muttered a few words, letting me weep silently. “Accio burn ointment,” he flicked his wand and a small vial of ointment shot out of the emergency kit. Sirius softly rubbed it onto my stinging skin, softening the pain immediately. I let out a sigh of release, but couldn’t put a stop to my tears.
Sirius let bandages shoot out of his wand that he wrapped softly around my hand, covering up the burned areas perfectly. When he finished wrapping the bandage around it, he placed a kiss on top of my hand and pulled me in for a hug. He didn’t say anything, just held me there until we were called down for supper.
I wondered if Sirius knew what had happened, if he knew what we were heading down toward. My mother. A monster at moments like this. But I loved her.
I put away the emergency kit quickly and Sirius wiped away my tears softly. Without saying another word, we went downstairs, where I was forced to sit at a table with mother, who seemed utterly emotionless at the hurt she had caused me. I was used to it, but I saw how Sirius, who sat across from me, was getting angrier and angrier by the minute. But he wisely kept his mouth shut.
He managed to stay calm until after dessert - the leftovers of a cake I had made just a day ago, which seemed ages looking back on it then - and even after tea. Finally, it was time for the Blacks to leave. Orion didn’t look at me, Walburga only nodded at me and said: “What a klutz you are,” in response to my bandaged hand and Regulus gave me a warm, shy smile before hurrying on to greet mother and father. Sirius stopped a little longer in front of me.
“I have asked your father if he could take you to see me next week. Are you alright with that?” I nodded, because I felt warm inside from the way he had indirectly stuck up for me just now. He smiled at me and hugged me quickly, without our parents taking any notice. He was fast to kiss mothers’ cheeks and took a little bit longer to shake fathers’ hand. And then the Black family was gone.

It was indeed well into the next week when my father brought up the subject of the Blacks again. “Young Sirius has asked me if I would mind taking you to see him in London today,” father said. We were seated at the kitchen table after breakfast and our house elf was cleaning up around us. Mother was taking a bath upstairs, she was going off to Diagon Alley with a few of her friends that day and was excited to be out of the house for a minute. I thought I was going to spend the day in the house alone, with only our house elf as company. I would be able to read and wander around the house, but the prospect of seeing Sirius again, was even better.
Father dropped mother off first at the Leaky Cauldron. I wondered why he hadn’t taken me to Grimmauldplace before, since the Ministry was practically around the corner from the Leaky Cauldron, but instead of dropping me on the other side of town, he drove around the block and dropped me off in front of the Leaky Cauldron as well. I raised an eyebrow at him, but my father shook his head and it made me not say anything. I only thanked him for driving me here. He nodded and left, racing down the street and disappearing from view.
With a deep breath, I entered the Leaky Cauldron, afraid to come across my mother. But no, she wasn’t there, and in the corner of the Leaky Cauldron, I saw Sirius. However, he wasn’t alone, he had taken James. It took all of me not to turn around and leave this nasty old pub then and there, but the effort my father had put into me seeing Sirius that day, was enough to drive me further, through the pub, toward Sirius.
“Y/N!” he greeted enthusiastically upon seeing me. He hugged me and then proceeded to introduce me to James, as if I had no idea who James Potter was. Of course I knew who he was - one of those annoying school friends of Sirius’.
Tom the Innkeeper came over to us and the two boys ordered butterbeer while I ordered a pumpkin juice. We exchanged niceties and then James announced he had to go to the loo, leaving Sirius and I alone.
“Why did you bring him?” I immediately asked.
“How is your hand?” Sirius bounced back.
“That’s not what I asked.”
“I want an answer,” Sirius said. “And, has anything else happened in the last couple of days?” He knew. I knew then for sure that he knew. I didn’t know how much exactly, but it could have been everything.
I stared down at the table as I shook my head, looking at my hand. It was no longer bandaged as it had been last Friday, but I could see the blisters and the redness of the burn lingering on my hand. A cruel reminder of what mother did to me for accidentally cutting my own hand while chopping carrots.
“Look at me,” Sirius said. It was the different tone of voice that made me do as he said. “I’m moving out. I wanted to tell you last Friday, but now I’ve made things definite. James’ parents are nice enough to let me stay with them for the reminder of my school years. And, since that’s just two of them, I reckon that- Actually, I asked them.”
“What? You asked them what?”
“I asked them if you could stay as well. Even if it was just the rest of this summer. You can’t stay in that house anymore, Y/N… I know it happens more often than you want me to think. And not only when you’re preparing stew.”
“Sirius, I can’t- I can’t stay with James and his parents. I barely know him-”
“But you know me,” said Sirius. “Trust me. If you want, you can be out of James’ home within minutes, if you have another place to stay. Just please tell me you won’t go back to your mother, OK? Promise me. At least, not longer than to just grab a few things.”
“Sirius- You can’t ask me this.”
“I’m not asking you to. I’m telling you to.” He took my hands into his. “Come on. Do you want James to tell you that it’s fine? That you can be with us? If you don’t feel comfortable living in the same house as James, then at least think of me there. If you want we can rent out an apartment together as soon as we have the opportunity.”
“Sirius, if she doesn’t want it,” suddenly James appeared behind his friend, “you can’t force her to.” He said down in the chair he had previously been sitting in and took a sip of his butterbeer. “Y/N, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. It’s just that Sirius is very concerned for you and he’d rather see you somewhere safe.”
“You told him?”
“I couldn’t keep it to myself,” said Sirius.
I sighed and stood up. “I have to think this over, OK? On my own. I can’t promise you anything. Not yet.”
“Where are you going?” Sirius asked upon me walking away from their table.
“Out. I’ll be back soon.”
I took a walk around the Muggle neighbourhood, looking around and thinking everything through. I’d love to be away from the house that has always been abusive to me. My mother was impossible to go in against and I knew my father was afraid of her in some way. That’s why he drove me here and why he approved of me seeing Sirius today. He knew that Sirius was going to ask me to move out of the house. I knew I wanted to talk to my father more than ever, so I made my way to the guest entrance of the Ministry of Magic.
It was easy to get in as I had been there more often. The phonebooth lowered me to the Atrium and then I used an elevator to navigate to the right floor. I found my father sitting at his desk reading some report and scribbling little notes in the margins when he looked up and saw me. “Y/N.” He didn’t sound surprised.
“Sirius has told me about his plan,” I said.
“Has he?” Father took off his glasses and lay them down on his desk, focusing his eyes on me instead of the text in front of him. “What did you say?”
“Nothing yet,” I admitted. “I need to know what you think.”
“But it’s your choice to make,” he said. “The Black family has always offered us more than we can give back, but I know it hasn’t been easy on Sirius living in that house. Grimmauldplace is dark, and not everyone in that house has been treated well. I think he is making the right choice moving to James Potter.”
“Do you think I would make the right choice if I were to move to James Potter?”
“I know you’re not friends with him,” father said. “Sirius has told me that much. But I am willing to make sure that you can live somewhere else. First, you need to get out of the house and the only way I can see that happening right now, is if you allow Sirius to help you. I don’t want her to get her hands on you again.”
I knew he was talking about mother. “Am I making the right choice?”
“Do what you need to do, my darling. I will support you endlessly.”
As I walked back to the Leaky Cauldron I repeated in my head what I was going to tell Sirius. I had so many responses in the back of my head that I was trying to pick the right one from, that every thought was starting to get all jumbled and messed up. I sighed as I pushed open the door, still not having decided upon the right way to tell him.
Sirius and James were still at the table I had left them at, my untouched pumpkin juice sitting at the table as well. They had ordered food, I could see that from the crumbs on the empty plates in front of them, and they had been waiting all along for me to come back.
Upon seeing me, Sirius instantly jumped up. I could see that he had been a nervous wreck all the while I had been gone. I didn’t know what to say, so I let my actions speak the truth for me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him against me. “Thank you,” I whispered, before pressing my lips against his.
He kissed back, but I could feel how surprised he was in how his hands touched my body, first my upperback and then the small of it. He pulled back. “Are you- are you coming with me to James?”
I nodded. “Yes.”
“Because it’s what I need to do. Thank you for your flowers.”
“That’s ages ago,” Sirius said, surprised I would bring them up now.
“No. No, it’s not. Everytime I look at them I am reminded that I have you. That we have each other.” I smiled and hugged him now, tighter than ever. Then I quickly let go of him, went around the table and wrapped my arms around James as well. “Thank you! And your parents! I can’t wait to meet those kind souls!”
James and Sirius exchanged a look that I couldn’t see. They knew my reaction was sincere, James was congratulating Sirius on his catch and they were secretly slapping each other on the back. All three of those simultaenously.
I let go of James. “Now. Who wants stew?”

So this is what we learned after crack theories week:

Eldians are actually some kind of solar panels and Founding Titan is harvesting sun power from them and not just that, they are also a seperate species called Homo Kyojinus and their Founding Goddess Ymir Fritz is actually a lizard that has been cursed some time ago because she never ate any carrots once in her life. 13 year old curse can be cured with paths, if that thing really exists. Armin knows everything and planned the integrity of SnK. 

Easterners are hiding in Liberio, and they are not the only ones, Tyburs are zekeret Ackermans hiding somewhere too. Jean is also another Ackerman we were never aware ofYmir Fritz is reincarnated her glorious blond locks to Erwin’s eyebrows and Erwin reincarnated to Armin’s eyebrows which has been grown more than his hair during 4 year timeskip, yes, Armin who is the zekeret son of Zeke Jaeger, aka known as Armin Reiss Fritz Galliard Reeves Braun Ackerman Tybur Yeager Arlert. Armin is not the only one that we can prove he is related to someone thanks to his blond locks, we also proved that Flock is a Tybur thanks to his blond locks. Ymir Fritz is not the only one that has zekeret relatives around, our Ymir may be a Jaeger, just like Bertolt Hoover Jaeger

Marco is alive and looking for revenge with his real family, TybursErwin is a vampire lord while Ackermans are byproducts of salmon fish. Ymir is fooling everyone by telling she is dead, and Marlowe is not acting different! Grisha jaeger’s legs are still running around in some forest in Paradis, while Paradis folks are up to different stuff, like seeking aliances with Eek Sea Nation or burying Darious Zackley to mainland or getting Annie out of crystal and more

Zeke is an East Sea spy and the inventor of baseball. Mikasa is a Targaryen and Tyburs are literally Jedis. Mads Mikkelsen is the solution of all our problemsSnK world is mysterious as ever but for Pixis, these doesn’t matter because he just misses Annie terribly.

And that was a write up! Thanks everyone for your efforts! THANK YOU ALL FOR JOINING!

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annabathtime  asked:

Pipabeth opposite sports teams headcanon???!! What sport? Games/matches?? Practices? Eventual asking out?

Because it’s you my mind immediately went to opposing swim teams and, yeS

  • piper who has always associated water and the ocean with good memories because she and her father bond over surfing
  • she’s really stubborn about not participating in school functions for a while, especially when she knows she won’t be sticking around for long
  • even though the pools at the expensive schools her dad insists she go to are realllly tempting
  • but then one day she just goes ‘u kno what fuck everything’ and signs her name dramatically on the sign-up sheet
  • she becomes a kind of champion in her school and makes real friends her age for the first time in her life
  • piper has a love/hate relationship with the attention because she’s starved for it but also wants to fall off the radar ??
  • but it’s the first time in her life she’s been known for anything other than being tristan mclean’s daughter and it feels good
  • side note: piper probably grows her hair out at this point and getting it all to fit under the swim cap is. a struggle.
  • piper is Gay so seeing all these girls in bathing suits is like Woah
  • piper’s team’s main competition every year is a girl named annabeth chase from their rival school who is sO gOod
  • piper’s conflicted because it’s infuriating how talented this girl is but it’s also kind of hot
  • ((it’s actually REALLY hot but she’s not telling anyone THAT))
  • they end up striking up a conversation in the locker rooms at a state-wide competition junior year and hitting it off
  • they’re both like mentally hitting themselves over the head for not talking to each other sooner because they click immediately
  • locker room convos become a regular thing, and both girls start hanging out in between practices
  • despite this, annabeth is still suspicious of piper and like 80% convinced the other girl’s just trying to throw her off her game
  • sometimes piper’s in the water and she can FEEL annabeth’s eyes on her from her spot in the bleachers
  • annabeth’s supposed to be doing homework but algebra isn’t particularly enticing and piper IS
  • and again, annabeth is s u s p i c i o u s
  • and very disgruntled
  • piper shouldn’t be allowed to be this hot for fuck’s sake
  • at the end of the week there’s a mini-party as celebration and piper does a lot of flirting and annabeth does a lot of blushing
  • and piper’s been planning to ask her out for the last couple days but before she has the chance annabeth asks *her*
  • annabeth has the most nervous smile but she’s good at reading ppl and she can tell this whole shebang isn’t one-sided
  • at least she thinks it isn’t
  • of course she’s RIGHT
  • annabeth totally sneaks into piper’s school ALL THE TIME after they start dating
  • once they go to the local pool with the intent to practice but it’s just the two of them and there’s Tension
  • they decide to warm up by doing laps, which quickly turns into racing across the pool, which turns into a full-blown splash fight
  • annabeth does a half laughing-half shrieking thing every time she gets splashed that makes piper’s heart THUMP
  • when the lifeguard finally shows up they’re forced to pull apart and pretend they weren’t just trying to figure out how to thread water and kiss at the same time
  • they’re blushing blushing blushing
  • (a lifeguard should always supervise you if your swimming in a public area buddios this was just a not-very-good one who gets fired a week later, k?)
  • in conclusion, piper and annabeth are Gay and Good the enD

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Request: Sasuke meets Sakuras parrents, and Sakuras dad is not that happy about the thing that's going on between sasusaku -perhaps post redemtion journey and before sasusaku travelling :) Btw i love love love ur writing! :D <3

Sorry this took forever, but I hope you enjoy it! ♥ and thank you for requesting and I’m glad you love my writing! It really means a lot to me :)

“Uchiha, you say?”

Sakura could feel her stomach churn after the food had set and her eyes switch from her father to Sasuke, her heart beating rapidly within her chest.

“Yes, dad. We’ve gone over this. Sasuke Uchiha,” she could hardly form the words due to her tongue going numb with pins and needles. Sasuke only sat with his perfectly straight posture and expressionless look.

Although, Sakura could see right through his beautifully dark and violet eyes that life sparkled within once more. He wasn’t on a journey for revenge, or redemption. He was home with her, and willing to work on things for the sake of their new born relationship.

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Hiraeth (Jaebum Drabble)

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18./20. “I wish I could stop loving you”/ “I’ll protect you no matter what… even if it kills me”

Warnings: Mentions of PTSD, War, Blood

Word Count: 3875

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A/N: i finally finished my exams so i can freely post imagines until i go on vacation yay

@felelotlen-felhotlen i’m so sorry this took forever!

  • PAIRING: Young!Sirius Black x Reader
  • SUMMARY: In which Sirius takes up smoking after quitting to forget about his feelings for Y/N.
  • WARNINGS: a tad bit of cursing and angst
  • WORDS: 514
  • PROMPT: (requested by: @felelotlen-felhotlen)
  • 10. “You know why?! It’s because I’m fucking in love with you!”
  • 14. “Oh yeah, why don’t you come over here and make me.”
  • 24. “Oh my…dude, you love her.”

The final year and the final week of Hogwarts. All the students have been waiting for this ever since day one, especially Y/N. She can finally finish school and be an independent woman and live in the muggle world to start her career. Of course, she’s going to miss the place that she had once called her second home, but she’s extra excited to be out in the real world.

Sirius wasn’t excited nor feeling anything. The reason being he was just living in the moment, which is his motto of life. The dark-haired man was calmly taking drags out of his cigarette while taking the scenery of the Black Lake. It was silent, the only noise being the gooses’ quacks and the birds chirping. 

His thoughts surrounding a certain Y/H/C girl, also known as Y/N. Who he has had a crush on since he first laid eyes on her when they were eleven, in the first year. He’s never been one to voice out his own thoughts, being that the dark-haired man is afraid of rejection. Primarily because he has come from a place where he has been rejected many times; by his mother, his father, his whole family generally.

The Sirius Black, the man who did not fear anything, his fear was rejection. 

When he told James his feelings for her, the charming brunet man only gaped at him saying, “Oh my…dude, you love her.” Now all he ever realized that his feelings for the Y/E/C girl have officially blossomed into love.

He was so clouded by his thoughts that he didn’t hear the footsteps that came from behind him. “Since when do you smoke?” 

“Since forever.” He simply replied as he took a long drag out of the substance.

“Well, I find it disgusting. Just get it out of your mouth, I-I hate it.”

“Oh yeah, why don’t you come over here and make me.” The dark haired man commented sassily. The girl plopped down next to him, in surprise that she had lost balance.

“What the fuck is wrong with you Sirius?” The man simply couldn’t take it anymore, he’s been hiding his feelings from her for years now. Hooking up with girls, or even smoking cigarettes isn’t going to help him get over his love for her eventually. He had finally lost his cool.

“It’s because of you, Y/N, don’t you fucking get it! You’re such an addiction, that cigarettes are nothing but something that I simply smoke. You have always been my addiction! You know why?! It’s because I’m fucking in love with you!”

She was in utter shock, she couldn’t move or speak. Silence enveloped the two youngsters, even Sirius looked down in disappointment. The gray-eyed man was about to get up from his spot on the ground when the girl stopped him, grabbing his bicep with her firm grip before he could escape anywhere. Getting up with him, she licked her lips, saying the words that she never thought she would ever say to him. “I love you too.”

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A Start Up List of Working Latina Actresses who reasonably *could* play Henry Mills’ Love Interest and Lucy Mills’ Mother

So I saw a few people yesterday trying to come up with actresses who might play next year’s “Mystery Woman” (who I think we are all for the moment predicting will be Princess Elena of Avalor). Anyway, I meant to do this yesterday…. but life, you know?…. so here are Latina actresses in their late 20s/very early 30s who could reasonably audition for the role.

In general, I try to keep up with Latinx Hollywood, but still this list was harder than I thought! Most of the more well known working Latinas are too old for the role, the famous ones who are the right age are OBVIOUSLY WAY TO EXPENSIVE for Once (Selena, Demi, I’m looking at you!) or currently working in large, mainstream roles (Stephanie Beatriz, Aubrey Plaza, etc). 

But here’s a starting list of roughly 10 or so potentials that I came up with, mostly former child stars looking for a “transition role”, a few from edgy streaming dramas who might be interested in the stability of a mainstream network paycheck, one who is so perfect I can’t imagine anything else now. I will put this out there, in case anyone is interested or curious…

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Hogwarts Was Our Home

@harrypotternetwork Creation Event: Our Home; Hogwarts

(I misunderstood the topic, didn’t I?)

At the beginning I’d like to thank @alwaysdrarry for looking through this one-shot.

They were able to win the war. Voldemort has been defeated but the price they had to pay for it was very high. Hermione is back at Hogwarts to finish her education but the castle doesn’t seem to be her home anymore. Not when she’s here without her best-friends.

The history of this place has changed, probably in the most brutal way. It wasn’t the same castle anymore… even though it was. The halls weren’t the same… even though they were. The classrooms weren’t the same… even though they were. People weren’t the same… oh yes. People weren’t the same anymore and most likely they never will be.

Hogwarts, their home, has changed. They all have changed. The war had changed them.

They weren’t the same anymore. They weren’t carefree children nor were they adults. In fact some of them still didn’t know who they had become. So who were they then?

The broken souls.

The war took a lot. It took away their innocence, their childhood, their peace and in many cases even their families. It was impossible to tell how many young witches and wizards were placed in orphanages or in different families only because they lost their parents and siblings to the war.

Because Death doesn’t ask you what you like or if it’s fair. Thanatos collects what belongs to him when he thinks it’s time and doesn’t care about anything else. He doesn’t care about people’s begging, he takes and takes and takes. He doesn’t care if you’re young or old, if you have a family or if you’re single. The final decision always belongs to him.

Was it fair? Of course it wasn’t but nothing could change what happened. Even if there was a Time-Turner.

Because nothing, nothing, not even time will save you from Death.

If there was a way to talk with dead people who didn’t return as ghosts, Sirius Black would gladly confirm this theory to you. When he was saved in 1994 by his godson, Harry Potter, and his best-friend, Hermione Granger, from the Dementor’s kiss (due to using Hermione’s Time-Turner she had in that year) he thought that he won a second life. However, Thanatos remembers. He never forgets that there was a soul which should join him. So two years later Death reclaimed his victim and took Sirius with him. Forever. Or what about Tom Riddle? The dark wizard, also known as Lord Voldemort, created seven Horcruxes thinking that they would ensure him immortality. Did he succeed? Of course not. Because Thanatos takes and takes and takes.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, will save you from dying.

A brown-haired girl dressed in Gryffindor robes was sitting on a bench near the Great Lake located to the south of Hogwarts Castle and was staring into the surface. She had a silver Head Girl badge with a letter “P” pinned to her chest and was clearly lost in thought. Being the Head Girl was one of her biggest dreams since she found out that she was a witch when she turned eleven. She was, after all, the best student in the school, many people called her the brightest witch of her age. She should be happy that her dream came true. She should, however, she wasn’t.

When she dreamed about becoming the Head Girl she saw herself as along with her two best-friends, Harry and Ron, she marches through the castle corridors, eats in the Great Hall, laughs a lot with Potter hearing the red-haired boy’s jokes…

But then the war came and changed everything. Ruined everything. Turned people’s lives into a living hell.

They had to grow up. They were – still are – only teenagers but they had to become adults. They had to start fighting in order to protect what they loved. She and her best-friends had to run. Harry was the biggest enemy of Lord Voldemort and the only person who could defeat him. Ron and her came with him because they were in this together. If one was in danger, the others would help him no matter what. They were in this until the end. Also, she had to run anyway as her blood status was less than desired in Voldemort’s point of view.


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Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch - More Than Just A Coffee

Originally posted by perksofbeinganavengers

You met Wanda at one of Tony’s parties and the two of you hit it off right away. Time passes and you spend a lot of time with her, you often meet up in your favorite coffee shop. You both fall for each other, but have not yet admitted it to each other. Is it really true that even coffee can bring you love? Will you and Wanda ever get the courage to tell each other how you really feel?

Pairing: Wanda x Reader

Characters: Reader, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark. Other Avengers (Mentioned)

A/N Thank you to @pollaluci for helping me with this and thank you to @mo320 for being my beta!

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2 years later...

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Featuring: Tony Stark, Thor, Nick Fury and Natasha Romanoff

Word count: 2292 words

Warnings: I don’t know if there’s some swearing, probably there is. And angst. 

Tags: none.

Notes: if you would like me to do a Part 2 of this one just tell me and I will! But for now it will be just a one part imagine. 

Originally posted by forchrisevans

The moment you left the Avengers HQ two years ago, without looking back, you literally felt like your world crashed down. You had been forced to leave everything and everyone you loved behind for their own safety. For some reason, HYDRA was after you and you just couldn’t take any chances. Not with your family and especially not with Steve. 

Leaving him broke your heart the most, knowing that you were breaking his heart was the worst you had ever done. You didn’t say anything. You just left a note for everyone in which you really didn’t explain anything. You just said goodbye and assured them it was for the best. You changed your phone number and even your name, so no one was able to reach you ever again. 

But now you were free. HYDRA had gave up on you after two long years and finally, going back home, was safe for everyone. 

The only question was… Would they want you back? Would he want you back?

You had talked to Fury in his own office to make sure it was safe. Once he told you indeed it was and that you could go back to the field and to the team all you wanted to do was going back home. The director had to make some calls but everything was settled in just one morning.

“Are you ready to go back?” Nick asked you as he walked you to the car that would take you back to the HQ.

“I know I am… I don’t know if they are”, you said with concern. 

“They? Or he?” He asked. With a sigh you looked up and saw he was even smiling a little. 

“Both”, you admitted shaking your head. 

“I guess you are about to find out, don’t you?” He asked opening the driver door for you and giving you the keys.

“Thanks Fury…for helping me hide and everything”, you said before you got into the car. Once in there, you closed the door and rolled down the window.

“You’re welcome Agent”, he said. “Good luck”, he added.

With a nod you started the engine and immediately you started driving. During the drive you tried your best in order to keep your head away from Steve, but it wasn’t easy, not at all. It was impossible. You didn’t even know what to say once you saw him. Maybe he didn’t even want to see you after all, and you would deserve it for sure. 

You had to drive for two hours before you got there. It was in the same place as always, surrounded by woods so no one would ever find it. It surprised you to see Tony waiting at the door but all you could guess was that Fury had contacted him to tell him you were back. 

When you parked you still took your time to leave the car, as you were trying to find the words to say sorry for leaving them, but they just wouldn’t come up to your mouth. And you knew when Tony approached the car that you were out of time, so taking the keys you got off the car, looking at the man that had been like a father to you.

“You’re a fucking idiot”

He didn’t say anything else. He just pulled you closer and hugged you as tight as he could, rubbing your back as you hide your face in his neck. 

“I’m sorry”, you whispered tearing up. Damn. You had hoped that those stupid tears would leave it place but obviously you were wrong about it. 

“You should be”, he said pulling away to look at you as he whipped away your tears. “You left us dealing with a really broken-hearted and moody Cap. It was a nightmare”

“How is he?” You dared to ask.

“He is…handling it I guess. He’s not over you. Not at all if that’s what you want to know”, he told you leaned against the car. “But he’s pissed”, he added.

“I deserve it”, you said looking down.

“Why didn’t you tell us about HYDRA? We would have helped you, protected you”, he said.

“I know and there’s was a big chance of you ending up dead. I wasn’t taking any chances, Tony” you said looking at him. 

He looked at you for some minutes before he sighed and hugged you again, kissing your forehead softly.

“Let’s go inside. Steve is out with Terminator so you still have time to think about what you’re going to tell him”, he said walking to the trunk to take your cases. 

“Who’s inside? And what do they know?” You asked taking one of the cases after you laughed at Bucky’s new nickname. You were sure the soldier hated it. 

“Natasha and Thor”, he said. “They also know why you left. Fury called when you were on your way. Probably he wanted you to spare all the explanations part”, he said. 

“Thanks Fury”, you chuckled.

But you knew you would have to explain it Steve when he came back. There was no way you would spare that. The facility was just like you remembered. Everything was exactly the same. The moment you put a foot in it you instantly felt like home once again, a feeling you had been missing for the past two years of your life. 

Tony and you put the cases next to the door and headed towards the common room. You saw it was a bit of a mess, bottles of beer everywhere and also some remains of pizza. It was weird to see it like that since you knew how Tony was when it came down to cleaning. He wouldn’t do it, of course, but he wouldn’t let everyone mess with his place. 

“What happened here?” You asked frowning. 

“Cap happened”, you heard a well-known voice coming from the kitchen. When you turned, you saw Natasha coming out of it. Her hair was longer now but she still looked the same. “That’s what he does every night”, she shrugged.

A lump of guilt appeared in your stomach the moment you looked around again. Realisation hit you like a truck. You had really broke the man you loved the most. He probably hated you at that moment and no excuses would make him forgive you. Before the tears fell down again, Natasha was already hugging you tight, just like Tony did when he saw you. 

“You’re such an idiot”, she said pulling away with a frown. It actually made you chuckle this time. Was that going to be everyone’s first words to you? “You should have told us and we would have protected you!”

“I already gave her the talk. You can spare it” Tony said taking a slice of the cold pizza from the box. Nat looked at him and then at you with a sigh.

“How are you?” She asked.

“Fine I guess”, you shrugged. “I don’t know, really. The last years have been a total mess. I’ve been on the run the whole time, not sleeping in the same bed for more than three days”

“So that’s the reason you look like crap”, she pointed out.

“Thank you Widow, so helpful”, you said sarcastic. “How is he?” You finally asked.

She bite her lip and sighed looking around once again, taking in the surroundings, the beers, and then you. 

“He’s a mess. He still loves you but he’s…furious. He’s been reckless in the missions, it was stressful for everyone if I’m honest with you”, she said. 

“He hates me, right? I mean…I would totally deserve it”, you said looking down.

“I don’t know. He doesn’t…talk about you, to be honest.”

That actually surprised you and you wish you could know what it meant. Was it good? No, of course it wasn’t. It was bad. Really bad actually. But those were the consequences of your actions and you had to accept them, even if you didn’t like them. 

“Where’s Thor?” You asked when you remembered that Tony told you he was there as well.

“He’s discovered Skype”, Natasha laughed. “So he’s in his room talking to Jane”, she explained making you laugh as well. 

“He’ll probably be busy for the next couple of hours so be patient”, Tony said getting up. “Why don’t you go and take a shower?” He suggested. Actually you were dying for that shower.

“Where’s my room?” You smiled.

“The same”, Tony smiled back. “It’s just like how you left it”

You were glad that you still had the same old room but at the same time it was something that made you feel kind of nervous since Steve’s was just in front of yours. It’s not like you wanted to avoid him but it would be easier not running into him first thing every morning. 

Tony helped you with the cases and then left you alone in your room. He knew you needed now some time to adapt and to mentally prepare for what was about to happen. You didn’t even know how to face it if you were honest with yourself, and a part of you wanted to hide forever. But that wasn’t an option and you knew it. You weren’t a coward, you’ve never been and you weren’t going to start at that point. 

You really took your time in the shower. You were in the like an hour, preparing yourself for every scenario possible when you saw Steve. Some of them were good, he had missed you too much and he forgave you. But most of them were realistic: he wasn’t willing to forgive you that easily, he was pissed, disappointed and broken hearted. Or maybe he would never forgive you. 

Once you walked out of the bathroom, naked and your hair still dripping, you got dressed into some shorts and a white t-shirt you used to use to be around the house. It was time. He was probably back into the HQ by now and you had to face him. Barefoot, you walked out of the room, closing the door behind you and trying to ignore the door just in front of yours. Would he be in there? Ignoring the thoughts in your head, you went to the common area.

“(Y/N)!” You heard Thor’s deep voice. “Welcome back little warrior”, he said hugging you so tight that he actually picked you up from the floor. “You look as beautiful as always”, he complimented you.

“Thanks God she took a shower”, Natasha said from the couch while reading a magazine. “Steve is upstairs”, she added looking at you for a moment.

“Oh…” You mumbled. “Does he know I’m here?” You asked. 

“I do”

Your whole world trembled the moment you heard his voice right behind you. Too afraid to turn around you just stood there, eyes closed and taking a deep breath. He was so fucking silent as always which had caused you not to hear him coming. Slowly, you turned around as you heard Natasha and Thor leaving the room so you two could talk. Or fight. Or both. Seeing him face to face, instead of looking at pictures in your phone, was truly breath-taking. He was the same. Handsome, hot, with some blue eyes that made you feel like you were flying just by looking at them and those lips. Oh those lips, so kissable and tempting. 

But you could also see the differences: he had bags under his eyes and there was not warm or welcoming in his eyes. There was pain and there was anger. Towards you. You never thought he would ever look at you that way but there you were, feeling insignificant and miserable in front of him, when he used to make you feel the opposite with just one touch.

“Hi”, that was all you were able to say once you found your own voice. 

“You’re back”, he said crossing his arms, which were now bigger, in front of his chest. 

“Yes…” You whispered. 

You knew it was the moment to explain everything to him. Why you left, why you said nothing, why you didn’t contact him and why you were finally back. You had to tell him he had been the only thing in your mind during the past two years, that you loved him even more than what you did before you left. But would he be willing to listen?

“Steve I-“, you tried to talk but he interrupted you.

“I’m really not interested in anything you have to say (Y/N)”, he said coldly. “You left without an explanation. An explanation I’ve been looking for but I stopped. I don’t care. I don’t care you’re back”, every word he said stabbed you in the chest like knives. “You literally broke me and now you dare to come back like nothing? No, thank you. I will cope with you being here because I have no other choice, but that’s all. I’m not interested in anything you have to say.”

Once he finished his speech he walked into the kitchen, leaving you there, completely out of words. You knew you deserved it but you surely didn’t expect it like this. At least, you thought he would listen to you before telling you to back off. But you didn’t even have that choice. 

It took you some minutes to be able to react and when you did it, all you could do was going to the elevator. All you needed at that moment was being alone. Being alone and cry. Because it didn’t matter how much you knew you deserved it, hearing those words from the person you love the most in the entire universe, was too painful to handle it. 

anonymous asked:

hello kiwi-chan! (hua I hope you don't me calling you that :>) can I request a scenario for oikawa, wakatoshi and yuji for the prompt "A always sees B in baggy clothings and pretty much able to seal their feelings but one day B comes wearing fitting outfit and it shocked A so much A chocked"? the rest is up to you oho ho ho~The boys can be person A :3 thank you so much! good luck on the blog!

of course you can call me that! it’s super cute! also thanks for such a cute request and thanks for the good wishes! i hope i did this justice cause it’s the first time i’m writing for terushima so i apologize if he’s a tad ooc! also it got kinda long….ahaha my b

oikawa tooru

Oikawa Tooru was speechless – a rarity in all his 20 years of life. His glass was frozen in his hand, halfway to his mouth as he stared at you entering the club, head whipping around in search of him. Your hair was done up prettily and your shoes complimented your legs perfectly, but what really caught him off guard was your dress – tight and short.

In the year that Oikawa had known you, he had never seen you wear anything from fitting. You’d occasionally wear shorts, so the beauty of your legs was no stranger to him, but the rest of your body was a mystery, and he was immensely curious to see what lay beneath your seemingly endless layers of clothing. Regardless of what you wore, his feelings for you grew with every word that passed between those bubblegum lips of yours; however, he’d be lying if he said that asking you out for drinks at a nightclub came with innocent intentions.

Once you caught sight of him, a smile lit up your face, and Oikawa could feel a hot blush rise on his own. The thudding bass of the club’s music was no match for the rhythm his heart played against his ribcage. He finally found the strength in him to bring his glass up to his lips, the iced drink a stark contrast to the heat he was feeling everywhere else. He watched as you pushed your way through the crowd to stand in front of him, looking up at him with expectant eyes. A beat of awkward silence followed your arrival, but the brunette swiftly and smoothly covered it up, “Well, don’t you look pretty?”

Your cheeks tinted a light pink at his compliment, as you laughed, “Why thank you! I wasn’t sure if it was entirely appropriate, but either way, it seems to do the job in a place like this.”

That it did. The dress was tight enough to highlight your curves, but modest enough to stay classy.

A perfect fit, for a perfect girl.

He brought his glass to his lips again, listening to you talk enthusiastically before you bent over the counter to order a drink. It was then that the setter caught a glimpse of the back of your dress, quickly taking note of the bare skin of your back, revealed by the plunging hemline of your dress. He gasped, choking on whatever was left in his glass, trying his best to compose himself as you turned to face him again, glass of bourbon hanging between your fingers.

“You alright there?” He nodded mutely as you laughed, downing the rest of your drink before slamming the glass back down on the counter, taking his hand in yours, “Let’s go dance! Only if you can handle it though.” You teased him, noting his unusual stuttering, obviously picking up on the effect you had on him.

He licked his lips, eager to join you on the dance floor, vaguely wondering if you had any more surprises in store for him. You were, he decided, going to be the death of him.

ushijima wakatoshi

At first Ushijima didn’t really notice that everything in your closet was two sizes too big for you and that you weren’t too keen on form fitting clothing, opting to wear boyfriend jeans and t-shirts instead of the skinny jeans and tank tops most girls found so alluring. Either way, regardless of your clothing choices, Ushijima caught himself falling more and more for you each day, overlooking everything that didn’t have anything to do with your stunning personality.

Despite the infancy of your relationship, you had asked him to attend your sister’s wedding as your date, to which he happily (as happily as Ushijima Wakatoshi could be) obliged. Your sister, having always been the lethal combination of both flighty and flaky, left you to deal with the bridesmaids’ dresses, with the claim that “You’re my maid of honor, [Name]! This is the stuff that you have to do!”

A sigh left your lips as you browsed the endless racks of dresses in the bridal shop. Ushijima trailed behind you, occasionally offering his opinion when prompted, suit bag thrown over his shoulder as he waited for you to reach a verdict. At the end of thirty minutes, a pretty saleswoman asked if she could get you a fitting room, to which you begrudgingly agreed to, casting an apologetic look to your boyfriend, “I’ll be in and out in 10 minutes, I promise. Just wait outside for a bit.”

The bridal store your sister had referred you to was quite lavish, adorned with chandeliers and off white couches. Ushijima took it upon himself to sit in a love seat situated across your dressing room, graciously taking a water bottle from the same saleswoman who showed you to your room. True to your word, after 8 minutes you called out to him, “Hey, Wakatoshi? I’m on the last dress, but can you zip me up? I’m having trouble reaching around.” With a short nod that he knew you weren’t going to see, he gently knocked on the door to get you to open it. You seemed relived when you saw him, moving your hair out of the way and turning around so your back was facing him, “It’s kinda tight so the zipper’s pretty stiff.”

Tight? Definitely. Stiff? The zipper wasn’t the only thing. Ushijima fought down a blush as his fingertips momentarily grazed over the bare skin of your back. At the familiar sound of the whine of the zipper going up, you sighed in relief, turning to face him, “What do you think? Is it too much?”

It was too much and not enough at the same time. The dress generously outlined the contours of your body and the strapless, sweetheart neckline was the perfect mix of elegant and sexy. Crossing his arms in front of his chest, the corner’s of your boyfriend’s lips curved up in the slightest, genuine compliment falling from his lips, “You look beautiful.” It was your turn to blush as you looked away, the raw sincerity in his eyes too much for you to handle. As he watched you look at yourself in the mirror, Ushijima unscrewed the cap of his water bottle and brought it to his lips, smile still present. You really did look perfect.

A small tug on his shirt sleeve pulled him out of his reverie, “Can you help me unzip?” What was left of the water in his mouth seemed to travel down the wrong pipe as Ushijima sputtered, coughing to regain his composure.

terushima yuuji

“Babe! Let’s go shopping.” Terushima flopped onto the couch, resting his head in your lap as you looked down at him, setting your book aside in favor of running your fingers through your boyfriend’s hair, “Why the sudden interest in shopping now, huh, Yuuji?”

He grinned devilishly, “No reason. Now let’s go!”

Thirty minutes and a reckless car ride later, you were yanked not so graciously into one of the stores in the mall, vaguely noting that there was nothing in the store that you would wear – everything seemed so flashy and formal, “Why’re we in here? This is all formal wear.”

Terushima was in the middle of picking out things for you to wear when you asked him your question. Pausing momentarily, he turned to give you a genuine, heart stopping smile, “I’m planning something special for next week and I wanna buy you something to wear.”

You felt your cheeks heat up as he pushed a pile of clothes into your arms, “So try these on for me okay? Make sure you try this one on first,” A slender finger pointed to the dress resting on the top of the pile, “Now go!”

You sighed, deciding to go along with your boyfriend’s whims, happy that he wanted to take you somewhere nice and was willing to buy you something to wear. As you closed the door to the dressing room, you held up the dress Terushima wanted you to try on first, and you grimaced.

Slipping it over your head, the first thing you noticed was how snug the material felt on your body. Taking a peek at yourself in the mirror, you raised an eyebrow, noting that it didn’t look too bad. The neckline was a bit to low and the hemline went up past your comfort zone, but it didn’t look bad.

Apparently, your silence made Terushima anxious as he bounced his leg in his seat. It was true he’d never seen you in anything form fitting before, so he’d purposely given you a tight dress to try on first, but suddenly he felt bad. Had he made you uncomfortable? That was the last thing he wanted. He heard the lock unclick before he could think any more of it.

The sight of you in that black little number had him coughing and stuttering all over the place; he expected you to look good but you completely blew him out of the water when you stepped out of the room. You took his reaction as a negative one and immediately asked, “Do you not like it?”

He couldn’t deny you faster. He shot up from his chair, heat rising to his cheeks at his embarrassing reaction, “No, no, no! I love it! You look…you look really…hot.” You laughed, mirth rising to your eyes; Terushima rarely ever blushed, and to see him such as such a mess over a simple thing like a dress was strangely satisfying, “So I guess we’re buying this one?”

The blonde nodded vigorously before adding meekly, “Do you need any help taking it off?”

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WAIT WERE CHARLES ADAMS AND JOHN MULLIGAN GAY? CAN YOU DIRECT ME TO SOME SOLID SOURCES FOR THAT? if it's true than it makes total sense that they moved in with steuben and basically thats cute

With regards to Charles, whom I would argue is bi rather than gay, his behavior around 1789 onwards began concerning his family, and they start making vague observations about things he was doing that concerned them”

When William Cranch wrote to Quincy about troubling behavior of his brother’s, Quincy wrote back on May 27, 1789:

“With respect to Charles the tender solicitude, which you feel in regard to his conduct is only an additional evidence of a disposition, which I have long known to be peculiarly yours. it adds to the number of obligations for which I feel myself indebted to you, but it cannot add any thing to the settled opinion which I have of the excellency of your heart.— I wrote him a very serious Letter three weeks ago and conversed with him at Haverhill upon the subject in such a manner as must I think lead him to be more cautious. However I depend much more upon the alteration which is soon to take place in his situation, than upon any advice or counsel, that I can ever give him. I am well convinced that if any thing can keep him within the limits of regularity, it will be his knowlege of my fathers being near him and the fear of being discovered by him.”

Abigail Adams had voiced her own concerns about the sort of company Charles was keeping, and Mary Smith Cranch wrote to her back June 21, 1789:

“My dear charles will I hope guard against every temptation to evil— tell him that I love him with an affection little short of what I feel for my own son— tell him also if you please that as he has his companions now to chuse anew that I conjure him by all that is sacred as he values his reputation among the virtuous & worthy of mankind— as he would not imbitter the declining years of his Parents & wound the hearts of his Friends to be careful who he admits to call him thier Friend & associate”

They never specify exactly what sort of behavior is troubling them or what sort of bad company Charles is keeping. It’s possible that it’s just about his alcoholism, but there’s enough not being said here to make one suspicious. 

So then in July 1789, John Adams puts Charles into the care of Alexander Hamilton as his law clerk, which Hamilton did for about six months before he became Secretary of the Treasury. And it was around this time that Charles became acquainted with John Mulligan (who also became a law clerk of Hamilton’s, since he was the son of his friend Hercules Mulligan) as well as the Baron von Steuben. 

Charles loved the Baron, writing to his mother in April 1792 that “He is the best man in the world I sincerely beleive” and in October “My dear Mamma there is something in this man that is more than mortal.”

Adams and Mulligan lived together until around late 1792 that Charles’s parents apparently became concerned about how close they were becoming and wanted them separated. Charles and John wrote to the Baron (in letters that are now missing), who responded on January 1793 to John Mulligan:

“Your letter of the 7th was handed me yesterday by Mr. Hamilton. In vain, my dear child, should I undertake to explain to you the sensation which the letter created in my heart. Neither have I the courage to attempt to arrest the tears you have so great reason to shed. For a heart so feeling as yours this was the severest of trials, and nothing but time can bring consolation under circumstances so afflicting.

Strength of mind in enfeebled by griefs of this nature; but, my friend, one ought not to suffer it to be entirely extinguished, for it is the duty of a sensible man to cherish the heavenly fire with which we are endowed by Providence.

Despite moral philosophy I weep with you, and glory in the human weakness of mingling my tears with those of a friend I so tenderly love.

My dear Charles ought, ere this, to have received my answer to the touching letter he wrote.

I repeat my entreaties, to hasten your journey to Philadelphia as soon as your strength permits. My heart and my arms are open to receive you. In the midst of the attention and fetes which they have the goodness to give me, I enjoy not a moment’s tranquility until I hold you in my arms. Grant me this favor without delay, but divide your journey, that you may not be fatigued at the expense of your health.

0, if our friend could accompany you! Embrace him for me, with the same tender friendship I feel for you.”

So then Charles and John began living with the Baron. Mulligan, who loved the Baron even more than Charles, had become his secretary, and something like another “son” to Steuben. 

Charles wrote to his mother in September 1794, shortly before the Baron’s death, 

“The earnest solicitations of the Baron have drawn a promise from me to spend a few days with him at his solitude after I have passed my Counsellors examination. I have always lamented that you have so little acquaintance with this excellent man I never have know a more noble character and his affection for me calls forth every sentiment of gratitude which can exist in my breast.”

Mulligan was with von Steuben when he died, writing desperately to Benjamin Walker (one of the Baron’s lovers) afterwards that “The stroke was too violent, and yesterday, at half past twelve o'clock,-oh, my good God, my parent died! Oh, Colonel Walker, our friend, my all; I can write no more. Come if you can, I am lonely. Oh, good God, what solitude is in my bosom. Oh, if you were here to mingle your tears with mine, there would be some consolation for the distressed.”

Then in 1795, Charles married, Sally Smith, the sister of his brother-in-law William Smith (also a former aide of Steuben’s), to the relief of most of his family, as his sister Abigail wrote Quincy: “When this reaches you it will I dare say be no news to you to be informed of Charles Marriage after all the Hair Breadth scrapes and iminent dangers he has run, He is at last Safe Landed.”

And as is known, over the next four years, Charles’s life fell apart due to poor money handling and alcoholism. Then in October 1799, shortly before his death, John Adams disowned him, calling him:

“A Madman possessed of the Devil can alone express or represent. I renounce him. Davids Absalom had some ambition and some Enterprize. Mine is a mere Rake, Buck, Blood and Beast.”

Now it is entirely possible that Adams’s renunciation of his son was just due to the alcoholism, but again, there’s enough not being said here to raise some suspicions.

So, you want to buy a tarantula.

When I went searching for my first tarantula back in the late ’90s, the only information I could find on them was in exotic pet magazines and outdated books. Although there was plenty of information to be found on common species like G. rosea and B. smithi, many of the species I encountered at shows, some labeled with nonsensical common names, were enigmas. Back then, if you saw something that looked “cool”, you bought it with little concern to whether or not the species might be a bit too much for someone new to the hobby to handle. I’m sure several folks went home with animals that they they were ill-equipped to  care for (or that they became terrified of).

Today with internet, any information you need is just a mouse click away. With hundreds of websites, blogs, and forums devoted to tarantula keeping, it is much easier for the novice keeper to interact with other enthusiasts and access current information on the hobby. Nowadays, there is no excuse for ignorance, and it is the responsibility of the newbie to do his or her homework BEFORE acquiring a new animal.

Perhaps the first question one new to tarantulas should be asking is, “What is a good beginner tarantula species for me to start with?” There are a staggering number of species currently available in the hobby, and many of them have dispositions or husbandry requirements that render them unsuitable to advanced keepers. Conversely, there are several species that make for excellent “gateway” pets into this addictive hobby.

To create the following list, I first drew from my own experience and observations. I then reviewed several forum threads on good beginner Ts from three different message boards and recorded the species that came up the most. Species have been selected on temperament, ease of husbandry and care, and cost and availability. I also currently keep all of the species on the list, so I can support other keepers’ reports with my own observations. There are certainly other species that would make good pets for the first-timer. If you feel that I missed your favorite, feel free to comment.

Now…onto the list.

1. Brachypelma albopilosum

Whenever one asks on the boards what the best beginner T is, the B. albopilosum is mentioned early and often. A gentle terrestrial with a medium growth rate, the “Honduran Curly Hair” is renowned for its calm disposition and ease of care. Reports of hair-kicking or threat postures are almost non-existent, and many report handling this T frequently and without incident. This species is very readily available in the hobby, with slings often given as freebies, so this is not an expensive species to acquire. Plus, their little curly hairs just make them so darned cute (they are always having a bad hair day).

I keep my little guy with mostly dry substrate and moisten one corner. It is kept at room temps (70º to 84º) and it has been growing at a medium pace. Slings like to dig, so be sure to give them a few inches of substrate when they are smaller. Adults will normally remain out in the open, but a hide should be provided.

2. Euathlus sp. red

This dwarf species is the only one I can confidently refer to as “adorable”. Maxing out at about 3.5-3.75″, the Euathlus sp red is a calm, gentle, inquisitive species and a wonderful beginner T. Although I don’t normally handle my animals, this is a species I find myself making an exception for. Whenever I open their enclosures for maintenance, these curious little guys will calmly climb out of their cages and into my hand. Many times, they will curl up next to my thumb and just sit there. For one looking to ease into the hobby, there is no better ambassador. This is the tarantula I introduce to folks who have a fear of the animal.

So cute.

Husbandry for these little guys is easy. Dry substrate with a water bowl is sufficient; I overflow the bowl a bit, and I’ve observed that they will sometimes stand over the moist patch. They do fine at room temperature (my temps range from 70º to 84º throughout the year). I supply hides, but my girls rarely use them.

Things to consider: If there is a downside to this species, it can be its propensity to fast during the cooler months. For someone new to the hobby, this could be cause for stress. Also, as slings they are VERY small. They can also be a bit more difficult to come by in the hobby.

3. Grammostola pulchra

Sometimes referred to as “The Black Lab of Tarantulas”, the G. pulchra is a jet black gentle giant. Reaching sizes of 8″, this heavy-bodied T is recognized for its very calm nature and is usually a species that is reluctant to flick hair and tolerates handling well. A very slow growing species, females can live for decades while even the males can make it to 8 years. This means that if you purchase one as a sling, you will enjoy many years with this animal regardless of the sex.

Like the previous species mentioned, this species does well on dry substrate with a water dish. I like to keep one corner of the enclosure a bit damp. Slings will dig, so provide them with several inches of sub to allow for burrowing. Older specimens should be provided with a hide. I keep this species between 68º and 80º.

Things to consider: Slings of this species can be a little more on the expensive side, with $40-$50 being common. It is also a very slow grower, so if you buy a sling, it will be quite a few years before this T hits its adult size. Adult specimens are also very expensive, with large females fetching $200 or more.

4. Brachypelma Smithi

One of the most gorgeous and long-lived species (at least in my opinion) is also one of the best starter tarantulas. With it’s fiery red/yellow/orange leg markings set against the dark brown/black base color, this is one awesome showcase animal. The B. smithi is also known to mature into a calm, even-tempered adult, which makes it a wonderful starter tarantula. With an estimated life-expectancy of 40-plus years for females, you will also have decades with your new pet.

Again, there are no special care requirements with this species. An enclosure with more floor space than height, dry substrate, a water dish, and a hide will suffice. Slings will want to burrow, so provide them with a few inches of sub to tunnel in. I keep mine at temps between 68º and 84º, and there are no humidity requirements.

Things to consider: Younger B. smithi can be skittish, kicking hair or even threatening to bite when disturbed. Most will outgrow this behavior. As this is a long-living species, adult females can be quite pricey.

5. Grammostola pulchripes

The G. pulchripes or “Chaco Golden Knee” is a beautiful terrestrial species that can reach an impressive size of 8″. Like other Grammostolas, this one is a slow grower, taking many years to reach maturity. However, the G. pulchripes is generally recognized as having a very calm disposition, which makes it a wonderful candidate as a first tarantula. Many point to this species as one of the ones most tolerable of handling. And, for those looking for a display T, this golden-striped beauty loves to sit out in the open, meaning you’ll always see your new pet. Even better, the G. pulchripes is readily available, and slings can be procured for as little as $10.

As slings, these guys are little bulldozers, constantly digging an rearranging their substrate. Be sure to give slings plenty of mostly dry substrate in which to play. I keep mine in containers allowing for about 4″ of sub, and I moisten down one corner. Adults should be kept in an enclosure allowing for more floor space than height with a water dish and hide provided. These guys can be kept at room temps (I keep mine between 70º and 84º) and there are no specific humidity requirements.

Things to consider: Although this T has a reputation for tolerating handling, individuals may vary in temperament. This is also a large T, so a bite could be quite painful and could cause mechanical damage. Always exercise caution if handling and make the safety of your animal your first priority.

6. Grammostola rosea/porteri

For years, the G. rosea (or “Rosie”, as it’s often referred to) was the most recommended beginner species. This readily available, inexpensive tarantula is recognized for its extreme hardiness and a supposedly tractable disposition. Although other species have emerged over the years that have proven to be better first Ts, the G. rosea shouldn’t be overlooked. For someone looking to get their first T, this slow-growing, long-living species can be a great choice. With the porteri reaching a max size of about 6″, it is a fairly good sized display T as well. G. rosea/porteri slings can usually be purchased for under $10, and adult females can be acquired for around $30, making this species VERY affordable.

The G. rosea/porteri are very simple to care for. Supply them with dry substrate, a hide, and a water dish. I do NOT moisten overflow the dish as this species abhors wet sub. This species will tolerate temps in the mid-60s, so for folks with cooler home temps, this species could be ideal.

Things to consider: Despite its rep for being a “handling friendly” spider, this species can be quite unpredictable in temperament. Many keepers admit to having “Psycho Rosies” that can be quite defensive and bitey. The G. porteri is also known to fast for long periods of time, which can be quite disconcerting for new keepers. Finally, this species is the quintessential “Pet Rock”, spending the majority of its time sitting in one spot.

7. Euathlus Parvulus

A new addition to the list, the E. parvulus (formally P. parvulus) should not be overlooked by anyone searching for a good beginner T. The E. parvulus is a medium-sized tarantula, reaching only about 5″ in max size. This hardy and attractive species (light exposes a gorgeous palette of red, metallic greens, and golds) is another “pet rock”, always remaining visible. Temperament-wise, this is a relatively calm species that would rather scurry away when spooked. In the two years I’ve had mine, she has never flicked a hair or thrown up a threat pose. 

Care for this species is very easy. Adults will need about 5 gallons of space, dry substrate, a water dish, and a hide. Mine has proven to be an excellent eater, refusing a meal only when in premolt. Like other species on this list, the E. parvulus does well at room temperature (mine is kept between 68 and 84 degrees, depending on the season).

Things to consider: Although young females are relatively easy to come by and inexpensive (most sell for around $60), slings can be a bit more difficult to locate. 

*Note: The following species are still beginner level due to cost and ease of husbandry, but their behaviors can make them a just a little trickier than the those of the tarantulas named earlier. Also, I would not endorse attempting to hold any of these next two.

8. Chromatapelma cyaneopubescens

Many first time keepers are immediately enticed by some of the more colorful species available on the market. Unfortunately, if they do their research, they will soon discover that the P. metallica, M. balfouri, and H. lividum are advanced Ts that would normally prove overwhelming for the new keeper. Enter C. cyaneopubescens, or the GBB. This stunning species sports amazing colors, and its easy husbandry makes it a wonderful entry-level tarantula. GBBs are voracious eaters, only refusing food when they are in premolt, and they have a reasonably fast growth rate, which is great for the impatient keeper. They are also prolific webbers, making for a beautiful display animal.

This is a species that likes it dry. For slings, I keep one corner a little damp and use and eye dropper to put a little drinking water on the webbing. If supplied with a little extra height and something to anchor to, this species will produce copious amounts of webbing. I keep this species between 70º to 84º; it has no specific humidity requirements. They eat like machines, often snatching prey before it hits the ground, so keep them well fed.

Things to consider: I have seen this species described as an “intermediate” level tarantula due to its speed and skittishness. That said, this was one of the first tarantulas I acquired, and I had no problems with it. As long as the keeper is respectful of its speed, there should be little issue. This might be one you get as a sling so that you can get used to the animal and its personality as it grows.

9. Lasiodora parahybana

Bigger is always better…that can often be the mantra of someone new to the hobby. Many keepers become fascinated with large tarantulas after learning some of these beasts get to 9″ + in size. Unfortunately, some of the larger genera like Pamphobeteus and Theraphosa have husbandry requirements and temperaments that can make them too advanced for many keepers. However, for those new to the hobby who are looking for something BIG, the L. parahybana is the perfect choice. This large terrestrial has been said to reach sizes of 10″, although 8″ is probably more common. Although slings and juveniles can be a bit skittish, flicking hair when disturbed, most adults are calmer and make great display Ts.

Husbandry is simple: provide this species with more floor space than height, and keep the substrate on the dry side. I do moisten approximately 1/3 of the sub and allow it to dry out in between. A water bowl with fresh water should be provided at all times, as should a hide (although my larger specimen never uses hers). They are tolerant of lower temps, but this is a species that will grow like a weed if kept a little warmer. Mine are kept between 70º to 84º. Although there are no stringent humidity requirements, mine seem to appreciate a moist area. Smaller slings like to burrow, so give them an enclosure that allows for a few inches of substrate.

Things to consider: This is a large species, and should be treated with care. A bite from this animal could do serious mechanical damage. Also, as this spider can get very large, space may be an issue as it reaches adulthood. Be prepared to procure larger housing.

Did I miss one?

There are obviously many other species out there that can make for good beginner pets. Do you think I missed an obvious one? Let me know in the comments section, and perhaps I’ll add it to the list.

So last weekend I went on a trip to the beach with my friends, and it was kind of sorta life changing to me? In part because it was the first time I’ve gone so far away from home with like no parents or relatives, which felt interestingly independent to me, and also because it really helped me out with my body image issues. 

For several years now I’ve known I’m a bit overweight according to the BMI scale, and I’ve always felt really self-conscious about my belly and body hair; for this trip I was very nervous that my friends would make fun of my looks, so imagine my surprise when most of them were in more or less the same shape, or just didn’t care about it one bit. Sure, I still have a bit of a beer belly, but it doesn’t feel so bad when you’re at the beach surrounded of a metric ton of other shirtless people with beer bellies! Like idk I guess it feels nice to know you’re not a fat fuck and more like just sort of average-sized…!

Alright hear me out guys

So, I usually like to think of Colin as a toddler/small child. Yes. That’s what I think. Why you ask? HEY GOOD QUESTION (that’s…that’s a reference to DHMIS 4). He seems to have all of the characteristics of a small child. He doesn’t let others have their turn (poor Gilbert), he’s prone to throw fits over the smallest things, and he mainly likes to focus on himself (he’s constantly boasting on how awesome the digital world is, and how much of a “clevery guy” he is) And that’s another thing. He seems to have the hardest time forming grammatically correct sentences than any of the other teachers. Sure, Tony has his little “It’s time to go to TIME” line, but Colin has an abundance of these lines. I.E, “Count to a fifty in the blink of my eye”, “help you to find something you’re wanting to find”, “I’m very clevery guy”, etc. He makes up fake words (much how small children do), either because he can’t think of actual words that would work instead, he doesn’t have a large vocabulary, or he’s just being a silly computer. However, I think Becky and Joe gave him these characteristics on purpose. Why? Well, think of the past lessons and teachers. There’s been Creativity, Time, Love, and Technology. Now, which of those things most recently came into the world? Which one is still rather new in our ever-growing society? Technology. So it would make sense for Colin to be a small child, as the lesson he teaches (and the very thing that he is, a computer) is the newest and youngest of the other ideas of life. Heck, whenever people aren’t thinking of Tony as some hot, twenty year old psychotic killer, most people cite him as the oldest teacher. Now, this is most likely due to his deep voice and “facial hair”, but it could also be for another reason. What’s one of the oldest concepts known to man? Time. But that’s just a theory. A GAME theory.

anonymous asked:

ok we dont talk nearly enough about how zen could fucking predict the future in a dream, what a magic perfect boy. so, this got me thinking, headcanons for a fantasy/supernatural au with magic and creatures and such w the rfa?

guh fantasy is my fave and i could go a mile an d a half with these headcanons but he’s the basics (next time the ask is open, someone pls request this because i just love it and would love to develop it more) - some spoilers in the last three!

  • Yoosung is the hero that came from a super-normal family, but dedicated years of his life to becoming the most powerful guild leader in the land. He’s known, respected, and loved by all; for his good looks, loving soul, and great talent in protecting the land. He’s also a sucker for animals, and has nearly been mauled to death by wild beasts multiple times…
  • Zen, of course, is the prophet. The one who can predict the future, and who lives in a high, high tower (”Let down your hair, Rapunzen!“). He possesses more power than this, however - he’s also an enchanter, and has an incredible ability to hex those that he needs something from. Of course, his good looks are helpful, too. Although he seems happy-go-luck to the naked eye, he suffers massively because of his prophetic dreams - seeing the future is a curse, more than a blessing.
  • Jumin is the prince of the land, and the de facto ruler of his father’s kingdom.  He’s dabbled in dark magic, although was quickly warned away by his assistant. Jumin isn’t loved throughout the land, although the women of his realm dote over him. Really, although he’s cold, he’s desperate for a more fulfilling life; seeing his subjects fight to protect the land, form a bond through camaraderie… He was handed life on a silver spoon, but, sometimes, he wished that he had been given broth in a wooden bowl.
  • Jaehee is the prince’s loyal assistant. She’s ruthlessly efficient, and an extremely potent mage - although not by birth. She mutated at a very young age, and ever since then, she’s felt as though she’s good for little but work. She wants more, really, but she knows that her magic is essential for the prince; if she could make an impact on this realm, then she would.
  • Seven is a rogue mage - no one really knows where he comes from, or even why they’re friends with him. He’s extremely talented, but almost impossible to reach, or to take seriously. He specialises in subterfuge and manipulation; it’s rare that he’ll let someone much closer than a conversation. He’s been one of the magi since birth, and he’d be damned if he let his talents go to waste when so many suffer - but his real agenda is essentially unknown. He wants to find his brother, and, by the gods, nothing can stop a mage when they want something.

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Soulmate AU! Kuroo Tetsurou

Wow, okay so sorry I’ve been doing fuck-all. Kinda sad atm so I’m not very productive. Happy Easter to those who celebrate it and have a fantastic day to those who don’t! I hope you enjoy!(also fuck titles)

The train rocked from side to side, the chatter and rattling taking up the otherwise rather quiet space. As always, Kuroo sat beside Kenma, only this time he wasn’t leaning back with a cocky smirk. He was sitting forwards, his hands resting on his lap and fiddling about. They twisted nervously from side to side, rubbing his palms and the backs of his hands. His feet were similarly busy, tapping up and down and from side to side. He was uncharacteristically quiet as well, dwelling as he was on his thoughts.

The setter glanced over, knowing the reason but feeling the need to ask to make sure just once more. “It’s today, right?” The black-haired teenager froze as if struck, shooting a look over at his quiet friend and nodding curtly. He didn’t want to seem too nervous, but he should have guessed that Kenma would be able to read his actions easily. Let’s face it though, had anyone else been in this situation, they would also be nervous.

For today was the day he’d waited for, for years. Ever since he’d actually noticed the numbers on his wrist and known what their significance was, he’d wanted this day to arrive. Now, all he wanted was to either go back to bed or lock himself up in a toilet and try not to hurl. He should be feeling unbearable happy and excited, knowing that the person he’d spend his entire life would soon be known to him. But his stomach didn’t let him sleep all night and was even now churning dangerously.

He drew another hand through his hair, which was even messier than usual due to his nightly tossing and turning. Briefly, he wondered what his soulmate might think of it – would they like it? Would they draw their fingers carefully through it? – and sighed. He remembered his mother, this morning, the way she tried to force him in to a suit and desperately tried to flatten his hair with gel. Luckily, he’d fled on sight of the suit on the hanger and the pot of hair gel. He wasn’t about to dress himself up as if he was someone he wasn’t, not when it came to the first meeting with his soulmate.  

Kenma’s attention had long since shifted back to his console, because if Kuroo wanted to talk about it, he would. He wasn’t about to push him for details of what it felt like (he still several years on his timer left). Kuroo let his head rest against the back of the seat, staring up at the paint peeling from the metal ceiling. To an outsider, it would simply seem as though he was frowning very hard, but all of his teammates would guess that he was simply thinking very hard. What would his soulmate be like? It wasn’t as though this was the first time he was asking himself this question, but it seemed more relevant now than ever before. What would they be like? Tall, short…? He hoped that they’d be small enough for him to rest his chin on their head at least.


Only a minute and a half now. He saw these numbers as he checked his wrist again, getting his concentration thrown off. “Kuroo!” He heard his cue too late, but ran and jumped anyway, fluffing the spike and sending it out way over the net and through the door. “Shit, sorry.” He wiped his face with his shirt and noted how his teammates would usually have said something sarcastic, but no comments came. They all knew how he must be feeling and were going easy on him. He couldn’t help but feel a small smile tug at his lips.

“I’ll get the ball,” he told no one in particular, walking over to the open door through which the ball had disappeared. He came up short however, due to the sound of a loud beep and due to the fact that someone was standing right in front of the door. His eyes were wide, his body instinctively freezing as he stared at the person in front of him. They were staring at him too, with a surprised expression which fell into sheepish delight. “I believe this might be yours.” They said and his stomach twisted at the sound of their voice, his mouth dry and hanging open slightly. Offering up the volleyball he’d fluffed just before, they smiled shyly and held it up in two hands. “Yeah,” he murmured, feeling his face flushing due to that small voice crack on the short word. He took the ball from them and he wasn’t sure if they did it purposefully, but their fingers brushed his as they pulled back. Intentional or not, it got his heart racing.

Their eyes were raking in his body, taking in the sweaty, flustered form of Kuroo Tetsurou, whom they now knew to be their soulmate. He looked them over as well and he could honestly say that all of his imaginations fell short of their glowing face and bright eyes, their shiny hair and just overall adorableness. “Thanks for bringing this,” he said, clearing his throat and trying to be more like himself. “I didn’t know my strength and sent it flying.” He heard several snorts of derision behind him, but decided to ignore them.

“No problem.” They replied, sending him a smile that made his knees feel weak and caused his stomach to do a sudden back flip. They decided to take the wheel, bowing and telling him their name, before cocking their head, waiting for him to respond. “Oh, I’m Kuroo Tetsurou.” He decided to add something cool. “I’m the volleyball team captain as well.” He managed to smile crookedly and when they smiled warmly back at him, seemingly such a heartfelt smile, he just knew.
He knew that everything would be alright. As long as they were by his side.

He found that, even though they were standing on a lower step, he could place his chin easily on top of their head.

Ava's Demon Theory

The hosts of demons have certain characteristics that show they’re a host. Ava’s and Maggie’s hair both changed after they made pacts (Ava’s from light brown to reddish, Maggie’s from brown to green). And hosts also have colored pupils, regardless of whether they made a pact yet or not. The only exception to the colored pupils is Fira, who is a fan-made OC that Michelle added in, but is not a host.

Ava has always had red pupils because she has always had Wrathia. Gil’s pupils changed from black to white after he died  and came back to life as a host.  But flashbacks of younger Maggie, the photograph, the younger her with brown hair who was choking Ava in her mind… she had black pupils.  It was also mentioned that she’s made Tuls wait 4 years, not 15. And it’s also known that something bad happened that ended her and Ava’s friendship.

What if Ava killed Maggie, and then Maggie came back as a host.

Tiny zircons suggest life on Earth started earlier than we thought, UCLA researchers say

By Deborah Netburn

Los Angeles may be a city obsessed with youth, but it is also home to the world’s largest collection of Hadean zircons — the oldest known material on Earth.

Hadean zircons are tiny — about the same width as a strand of hair — but they contain a huge amount of information about the earliest days of our planet.

The Hadean period began 4.5 billion years ago, when Earth was just 40 million or so years old. Scientists have long presumed it was a time of hell-like conditions, characterized by scorching temperatures and molten rock.

But the zircons reveal a different story. Chemical signatures embedded in the crystals suggest the planet had water, continents and even interconnected oceans.

This month, researchers studying these zircons made an even more unexpected discovery: the first evidence that life may have existed 4.1 billion years ago. That’s 300 million years earlier than was previously thought.

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