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Niki Caro to join the $100 mil club with Disney’s Mulan

Caro has been selected to direct the live-action version of Mulan. Caro is best known for her breakthrough Whale Rider, but has also directed numerous films including the upcoming The Zookeeper’s Wife starring Jessica Chastain.

She now joins Kathryn Bigelow, Patty Jenkins, Ava DuVernay and the Wachowski sisters as the only women directors to have directed live-action movies with budgets of $100 million or more. 


DID YA KNOW? The new anime Yuri On Ice!! is generating buzz for a lot of reasons. It centers on the arguably more unconventional sport of figure skating, for one, with choreographed sequences to match. It’s also not based off of a manga, making what’s in story a mystery to viewers. But the director might be familiar to you. YOI is actually directed by Sayo Yamamoto, the woman behind another unique series, Michiko to Hatchin

MTH was a series that took place in a fictional South American country, chronicling the adventures of protagonist Michiko Marandoro. Yamamoto has also made her name in the anime world by directing the 2012 Lupin III series, The Woman Called Fujiko Mine. Yamamoto is known for her strong creative sensibilities, as well as being one of the more well-known woman directors in recent anime history. She has previously worked on popular series such as Samurai Champloo, Space Dandy, Eureka Seven, and Texhnolyze.


Ok. So everyone is basically saying that Cas saying “I love you” is directed towards Dean and that him saying “I love all of you” was partially directed to Sam because like no homo and stuff😂. But, I was just thinking that “I love all of you” could have an alternative meaning than that he loves the Winchesters like family. I mean, I’m sure he loves all of them like family and that means a lot to me. But, I was also thinking, could the “I love all of you” was also intentionally directed towards Dean? I mean, we know how much crap Dean has been through and how much shit he carries on his shoulders and how he still blames himself for a lot of things, some that wasn’t even his fault. Cas knows this. He has known this since the day he met Dean when he looked into his eyes and said “You don’t think you deserve to be saved.”. I think that Cas knows how much Dean relies on his family to forget the weight he carries within him and that his death will impact him much more than it will impact Sam. Cas knew that when he dies, a little part of Dean will die with him and he will revert back to his cycle of blaming, hating and purposely destroying himself. 

So in one of his last moments, Cas was trying to tell Dean that he loves him. He loves all of him, even the dark edges that came from years of hunting and losing the ones he loved. He loves him despite all his mistakes and despite all the things Dean constantly blames himself for. Even when dying, Cas had to ensure that Dean will go on. Dean will live. His number one priority is Dean and not himself. It has always been Dean since he rebelled heaven for him and gave up an entire army of angels for him. He was trying to ensure that Dean knows how much Cas loves him, every little part of him before his death. 

That’s love, bitch.

Im going to go cry in my room now. Destiel *sob*

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What do you think would be a good weapon for an Onxy and Petalite, and what would a good fusion be for them?

Petalite is known as the angelic stone, which helps you connect to angels. It is also a stone that has strong protective energies. If you are looking for a more offensive weapon, I would suggest a quarterstaff, since you can use it to block and be defensive while still having a direct weapon. Alternatively a pole-arm could word- such as a Fauchard, or a bill hook, which were often used to get in between the armor of combatants. A good offense can be a good defense, after all.

For more a defensive weapon, a type of shield could work. A smaller shield like a buckler could be used for a lighter defense, but quicker to attack with. Or a larger shield like a kite shield, which can cover more of Petalite’s body, but be heavier and harder to use to attack with.

For something between, a Cestus can have blades and padding to block blows with attached to it.

An Onyx is used for defense against negativity directed at you, and it is also used for releasing negative energies from yourself.
My first suggestion would be some form of shield that absorbs attacks, then releases it as energy back at the foe.
Another suggestion would maybe be a type of club. Such as a ball club, for a more offensive approach, or a Jitte for disarming enemies.
And lastly, a whip could be used Amethyst or Indiana Jones style as a weapon that can not only disarm enemies, but be used in a hug versatile manner.

When it comes to fusing them, I am not sure what color Petalite you might be going for. But clear and pink Petalite seem the most common- so I will mostly go by those colors.
My suggestions would be:


Strawberry Quartz

Mary Ellen Jasper


Tiffany Stone

- Mod Sapphire ❤

America's 50 Stereotypes

Alabama: Our state bird is the nascar
Alaska: I can see seasonal depression from here
Arizona: Keeping Indians in and Mexicans out
Arkansas: Great scenery, brilliant people…ha ha sorry no…we have Walmart?
California: Bootlegged computer hippies who really want to direct
Colorado: SNOW…I mean cocaine but we’re also known for skiing
Connecticut: Great schools because there’s nothing better to do
Delaware: Come, we have low incorporation fees…no seriously, please come…
Florida: The more North you go, the more South it gets
Georgia: Atlanta! We’re kinda ashamed of the rest of it though…
Hawaii: If you lived here, you’d be lazy too
Idaho: Potatoes and Napoleon Dynamite, God we’re cool!
Illinois: Look, a non-corrupt politician for once…so far…
Indiana: You need to drive through us to get to somewhere better
Iowa: 56 thousand square miles of dull
Kansas: White bread making wheat bread
Kentucky: Farming from the future, textbooks from 1925
Louisiana: Thanks BP, like we didn’t have enough problems
Maine: A wicked lot of moose, eh
Maryland: Have Jeeves bring the lobster boat around
Massachusetts: Our chief export is obnoxious Pacs fans
Michigan: Cereal makers and cereal killers
Minnesota: Too nice not to elect douchey governors
Mississippi: I’m gonna need a bigger Bible Belt
Missouri: We’re #1…in meth…
Montana: Speed limits don’t matter when you’re drunk
Nebraska: Footballs, drawls, and overalls
Nevada: No laws, no problem…except all the murders…
New Hampshire: ½ Hippie ½ French, all upperclass
New Jersey: G.T.F.O.
New Mexico: Like regular Mexico but with more U.F.O.s
New York: World’s biggest ego
North Carolina: 1st in flight…and lung cancer…
North Dakota: Somehow even worse than South Dakota
Ohio: People care about us at election time
Oklahoma: 10 days tornado free!
Oregon: Dreadlocks on caucasians
Pennsylvania: Even our Amish will fight you
Rhode Island: No seriously, we’re a state!
South Carolina: Still accepting Confederate dollars
South Dakota: …at least we’re not North Dakota…
Tennessee: Where white people music comes from
Texas: Everything’s bigger…even our morons…
Utah: Multiple homely wives
Vermont: Gay marriages on maple syrup farms
Virginia: From center of civilization to Hicksville in 20 minutes flat
Washington: Richer hippies in Oregon
West Virginia: The inbred love child of Virginia and D.C.
Wisconsin: It’s too cold to be sober
Wyoming: We don’t have any gay cowboys alright?!


G2 Helryx 

Fierce, decisive, and direct, Helryx is a figure charged with considerable responsibility. Unwilling to compromise or make mistakes, she is known to have proven herself impatient and demanding. However, she also possesses a rare eccentric streak, often fluctuating between mild-mannered quips and heated debate. Passionate about her homeland and intrigued by the applications of Elemental Crystals, Helryx has proven herself both a cunning tactician and a capable scientist.

Helryx was also known to wear a Mask of Psychometry, one of Makuta’s earliest attempts to replicate the Mask of Time. As such, the powers of this mask are unclear, though it is likely that it allows her to witness and project abbreviated historic instances of a target.

SasuSaku – Emotional Manipulation

An example from chapter 693:

What Sakura is doing here is using emotional manipulation (which is, by the way, a form of abuse). It is also known as emotional blackmailing. However, this is not the first time. She has tried to emotionally blackmail Sasuke when he was about to leave Konoha too.

Some people might argue that Sakura influenced Sasuke because he stopped at some point to listen to her, but I beg to differ.

Manipulation is not the same as influence. Everybody uses influence with other people to advance their goals. Influence recognises the rights and boundaries of other people, and it’s based on direct, honest communication. Manipulation, on the other hand, depends on an attempt to coerce another person into giving in. Sakura wants Sasuke to give in. Not only regarding his goals, but also regarding his rejection. You can notice this in her statements. For instance, when she said in chapter 181, “If you were to stay with me… there would be no regrets… because every day we’d do something fun, we’d be happy… I swear!!!” This scene, in particular, shows how little she understands him. Sasuke can’t be happy so easily. His whole clan was killed; yet, she wants him to abandon his goals for her.

A sign that he didn’t feel comfortable with Sakura’s attempt to confess her love to him.

Feelings of guilt are an effective way to control others. Feelings of guilt are not only unnecessary, but also harmful. The thing is, they don’t make you a better person, nor do they change your behaviour. It’s enough to admit your mistakes. Furthermore, there are countless strategies to manipulate others in a certain direction. 

To list a few:

  • “How could you treat me like that?”
  • “I never expected you to be like that!”
  • “I’m grievously disappointed in you!”
  • “You hurt me!”
  • “If you love me, you wouldn’t do this!”

Sakura used the self-punisher’s threat in chapter 693. → “But I love you…!! No matter what happened, I still care about you more than I can bear…

She also tried to guilt-trip him in the same chapter. → “And here are we again, and all I can do is sit here and cry…I’m so pathetic…!

Healthy relationships are based on trust and mutual respect. Each person must feel that they are valued and loved. This is the ideal foundation for a good relationship. To a degree, everybody is self-centered, but emotionally mature people generally recognise their wrong doings. They correct their behaviour, offer an apology and begin again with a more loving approach to resolve the conflict. That’s important in a personal relationship—with your marriage or love, with your family members, and close friends. 

Both people must be committed, something that’s not present in SS. Sasuke is away from home, and he doesn’t get in touch with his family. He is not committed.

Emotional manipulation can be subtle, leaving others confused. Or it can be demanding, leaving others with fear, shame; immobilising them with guilt-trips. Either way, this is not acceptable, and the longer you allow it to continue, the more power the manipulator gains in the one-sided relationship. As a result, healthy connections are destroyed. How lucky that Sasuke is never home… oops!


Legends Of Tomorrow Episode 2.09 “Raiders of the Lost Art”
LOST MEMORIES — When Damien Darhk (guest star Neal McDonough) and Malcolm Merlyn (guest star John Barrowman) try to capture Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) in 1967, they create an Aberration big enough to draw the attention of the Legends.  However, when the team arrives they discover that Rip has no memories of his past due to “time drift” and is just a graduate film student.  After trying to convince Rip of who he was, they discover that he possesses an incredibly powerful artifact known as the Spear of Destiny, which the Legion of Doom is after. Ray (Bradon Routh) and Nate (Nick Zano) realize that the Aberration has also affected them personally making it difficult to help the team.  Meanwhile, Rory (Dominic Purcell) asks Stein (Victor Garber) for help and makes him promise to keep it a secret from the team.  Caity Lotz, Franz Drameh and Maisie Richardson-Sellers also star. Dermott Downs directed the episode written by Keto Shimizu & Chris Fedak (#209).  Original airdate 1/24/2017.

Making Contact (also known as Joey) will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on May 9 via Kino Lorber. The 1985 supernatural/fantasy film has been newly mastered in high-definition for the release.

Directed and co-written by Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, Godzilla 1998), Making Contact was a clear cash in on the success of Poltergeist. Joshua Morrell, Eva Kryll, and Tammy Shields star.

Special features are listed below.

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Harry Styles’ solo album ‘sounds like David Bowie and Queen,’ say insiders

The lead single could drop within the next two months, says a report.

Harry Styles’ upcoming solo album sounds like David Bowie and Queen, according to a new report.

Styles has been writing songs with Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid, who is also known for his collaborations with Ed Sheeran. McDaid said last year that the One Direction singer’s solo material will “blow the socks off the world”.

Now industry website HITS Daily Double reports that Styles’ album has been recorded with one producer, Jeff Bhasker, who has previously worked with artists including Kanye West, Bruno Mars and the Rolling Stones.

The website says Styles’ album is building “giant buzz” within the industry, adding: “In marked contrast to One Direction’s production by committee, Styles has crafted a set that recalls the regal high-water mark of ’70s British rock, Bowie and Queen in particular.

“The lead single, which could come out as soon as late April or early May, sounds like it would be a smash in any decade.”

Styles has signed to Columbia Records for his solo material. Discussing Styles’ solo music last month, the label’s CEO Rob Stringer said: “We’re close and we’re very excited. We have a record we’re incredibly excited about and it’s not far away from being ready. We obviously want everything to be beautifully done, because we think he’s here to stay. Harry has stepped up with the vision of someone who’s authentic.”

The Dark Tower series tells the story of Roland Deschain, Mid-World’s last gunslinger, who is traveling southeast across Mid-World’s post-apocalyptic landscape, searching for the powerful but elusive magical edifice known as The Dark Tower. Located in the fey region of End-World, amid a sea of singing red roses, the Dark Tower is the nexus point of the time-space continuum. It is the heart of all worlds, but it is also under threat. Someone, or something, is using the evil technology of the Great Old Ones to destroy it.

In Roland’s where and when, the world has already begun to move on. Time and direction are in drift, and the fabric of reality is fraying. However, things are about to get much worse. The six invisible magnetic Beams, which maintain the alignment of time, space, size, and dimension, are weakening. Because of this, the Tower itself is foundering. Unless Roland can find a way to save the Beams and stabilize the Tower, all of reality will blink out of existence.

Inspired in equal parts by Robert Browning’s poem, “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came,” J.R.R.Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, and Sergio Leone’s spaghetti Western classics, The Dark Tower series is an epic of Arthurian proportions. It is Stephen King’s magnum opus, and is the center of his amazing creative universe.

The Dark Tower upcoming 2017 American science fantasy Western horror film directed and co-written by Nikolaj Arcel, is based on the series of novels of the same name by Stephen King. The film is a quasi-sequel to the The Dark Tower book series, following the ending of The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower.
The film has been stated to be not a typical adaptation, but more of a new take on the series. Additionally, King has tweeted a photo of the Horn of Eld with the caption “Last Time Around”, which is related to a scene from the end of the final book and Arcel said that fans will know the movie is a sequel to the book series.

In September 2016, Entertainment Weekly reported that following the release of the film, a TV series set within the same continuity is scheduled to be released in 2018. Both Elba and Taylor are set to reprise their roles as Roland and Chambers respectively. Reportedly the series will potentially fill in the backstory to the film, being based on King’s The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass, and star a younger actor playing a young Roland.

The film is set to be released on July 28, 2017.

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Annie Clark to Make Directorial Debut With Horror Anthology Film ‘XX’

Annie Clark the celebrated musician and songwriter also known as St. Vincent, will make her directorial debut on Magnet Releasing’s upcoming all-female-helmed horror anthology film “XX,” the company announced Tuesday.

Not only will each segment be directed by a woman, each will star female leads. Clark’s segment, scheduled to film this spring, has been co-written and will be produced by genre maven Roxanne Benjamin (“Southbound”).

In addition to Clark, other directors attached include Karyn Kusama (“The Invitation”), Jennifer Lynch (“Surveillance”), and Jovanka Vuckovic (“The Captured Bird”), who was once the editor of Rue Morgue Magazine.

Magickal Tools

When practicing magick there are many tools that can help you to cast your intent into the universe. These tools have been used throughout multiple cultures, and traditions, and will be helpful to learn, and adapt in your magickal practice.

Altar: An altar is a space in which you can worship, and perform magick. It is connected to the element of earth, and spirit. It is a space that has already been connected to your magick working, and is a place between worlds. An altar can be made for various different purposes, and reasons. They are a great thing to have if you are performing, or doing magick.

Athame: An athame is a ceremonial short blade that is usually a double edged dagger with some sort of black handle. This tool usually corresponds to the element of fire, but has been known to also represent air on occasion. It is usually used in magick to direct energy.

Boline: A boline is a ceremonial knife that may have a curved blade instead of a straight one, usually with a white handle. It is used for cutting herbs, carving candles, and anything else that needs to be cut in a ritual manner.

Cauldron: A cauldron is a big pot that is often made out of cast iron, and is often black. The Cauldron is the element of water. It is usually used to cook, or brew things. It is also used to hold things like water, or herbs, and is sometimes used as a safe burning place.

Chalice: A chalice is a large cup, or goblet. It can be made from a plethora of different materials, and is connected to the element of water. The chalice is used to hold ritual liquids, and drinks.

Paten, or Pentacle: A paten is a disk-shaped object with a spiritual symbol on one of its faces. Most often this would be the pentacle. It represents the element of Earth, and it can be used to call the corners, and the elements to your circle.

Sword: A sword is a long metal blade, and a hilt. It is also connected to the element of fire, and air much like the athame, and its primary use in magick is to direct energy.

Wand: A wand is usually a forearm length rod. This rod is made from various materials such as wood, crystal, copper, brass, etc. The wand may also include personal touches to make it user specific. It corresponds to the element of air, but has also been known to correspond to fire as well at times. This tool is used just like the athame to direct energy in ritual, and magickal working.

Staff: A staff is a longer rod that is either usually the length of the ground to your shoulders, or the length of the ground to the top of your head. This staff can be made of various things just like the wand, and can be personalized to make it your own. It is represented of the earth element, and is a tool that is used for energy directing.

Incense Burner, Or Censer: Censers come in various different sizes, and shapes. They are places to keep your incense, while it is burning, and are connected to the element of air.

Besom, or Broom: A besom is a broom made in the traditional old fashioned way. This broom is usually made out of a stick, and twigs, or hay. Besom are connected to the element of Air, and are used to sweep negative energy from areas, and spaces.

Bells: A bell is a bell-shaped object usually with a handle that can be rang to a specific tone. The bell is connected to the element of water. It can be used to cleanse objects, and areas of negative energies as well as invite positive energy into that space through the simple ringing of its tone. It can also be used to invoke the goddess, and can open, and closed circles.

Jewellery: Jewelry, and any other type of accessory can be used in magick. It can be enchanted, empowered, or blessed, and kept on the person to act out the will that was imprinted upon it, even when the practitioner is not a hundred percent focused on it. Jewelry does not have a set elemental correspondence, but I would have to say it would be more related to earth for the slow passive energy magick that it does. Having these advantages will aid the practitioner in more of a passive magick sense, and can be made to be used in different ways from protection, to luck, to cursing.

Candles: Candles are powerful magical tools then improve and empower the magick you are doing. Candles are connected to the element of fire, and are a big part of most rituals, and spells. Candles are like generators that provide energy into the magical working. When they are burning the fire releases spiritual energy into the air, and this energy released can be changed, manipulated, and intended upon to get it to release a specific energy. This would be done through the means of getting different colored candles, or carving sigil, symbols, glyphs, or deity names upon the candle.

Feathers: Feathers from any type of bird can be used to represent the air. They can be used as fans for incense.

Stones, and Crystals: Stones, and crystals can be awfully helpful. Their element in general would be earth, though every stone, and crystal has its own unique element. Stones, and crystals bring so many different energies, and frequencies to the table that can be worked with in magick. Having these stones, and crystals nearby will allow the energy to permeate through the air. To get the most out of it in your work one must only need to look up what the stone is good for, or feel into the stone in order to understand the uses that you could get out of it.

Herbs, and Oils: Herbs, and oils just like crystals can be used in multiple situations to infuse the energies that they possess in to your magickal working. Herbs, and oils are in general the element of earth, but each herb, and oil has its own unique element. Herbs can be used to make other things such as potions, or food, and imbue them with their energies, and oils can be used to anoint objects to empower them with the energies of the oil.

Seashells: Seashells are shells formed by mollusks. These shells are connected to the element of water. They are used in magick for their connection to the sea, and powerful water energies. They are used to make you more sensitive, and connected to your emotions. They can also be used in seashell divination.

Sea Glass: Sea Glass is glass that has been rounded, and weathered by the sea. It is deeply connected to the water, rebirth, and renewal. It has been used in magick as a way to connect with the sea, and to bring water energies into people’s lives. It can also be used in spells associated with clairvoyance, or any other form of sight, and is used to clear up misconceptions, and miscommunications.

Sigils: Sigils are symbols that have a specific meaning, and energy assigned to them. There is no specific element in general for all sigils, but I’m assuming it would be earth, due to the passiveness of sigils. Sigils can be used from various traditions, and cultures to provoke, and bring in certain energies into your work, or they can be made by the practitioner, and have life breathed into it by that practitioner and their energies.

Alphabets Of Desire: Alphabets of desire are personal alphabets made of sigils that are usually reoccurring, and reused. These sigils build up energy over time, and build up power over their continuous use. Again, there is no specific element in general for all sigils, but I’m assuming it would be a earth due to the passiveness. These alphabets are usually used just like the sigils, and other magical alphabets, but now they are personalized, and bring on more powerful energy that is personal to you.

Thought-forms, or Servitors: Thought-forms are artificial spirits that are made from the intend, thoughts, and energies of a practitioner. These thought-forms are given uses, and purposes that they are told to carry out. The element that I would associate this with this fire due to the fact that it takes a large amount of creativity, and will to produce. They can be used for pretty much any purpose, and are a lot like sigils, but a lot more active.

Mortar, and Pestle: A mortar is a stone, or wood bowl, and a pestle is a stone, or wood pumble. Mortars, and Pestles are connected to the element of earth. They are used primarily to crush up herbs, and minerals into powder, and to push your intent into them while you do so.

Scrying Mirrors: A scrying mirror is a mirror that is usually black that is used in scrying, and divination. These mirrors are usually connected to the element of water, and are used to see into the future, communicate with spirits, and get insight into the world.

Crystal Balls: Crystal balls are spherical objects usually made of crystal, but can also be made of glass. It is connected to the element of water, and is also used to scry, and divine. Whether this be seeing the future, communicating with spirits, or getting insight into the world.

Pendulum: A pendulum is some sort of chain, or thread connected to a heavier object. It is connected to the element of air, and is also used in many forms of divination, and dowsing.

Divining Rods: The divining rods are two L-shaped rods that are usually made out of copper. They’re connected to the element of water. They have been used throughout history to find water, and other lost objects through the use of dowsing, and divination.

Ouija Board: Ouija boards are boards with symbols, letters, numbers, and other things printed on it. They also come with a planchette. The ouija board is connected to the element of earth, and sometimes water. It is used to communicate with entities, and on rare occasion used for divination, but a lot of practitioners choose to stay away from them due to the negative connotation that they carry.

Poppet Dolls: Poppet dolls are dolls made from various materials. These dolls are usually connected to a wide variety of different elements, but at their base I believe the element would be considered earth. They are dolls made for various purposes that take on the energies of the things they have been made out of.

Magickal Musical Instruments: All musical instruments can, and have been used in magick. The element of the instrument is determined on if it is a woodwind, brass, string, or percussion instrument, in which the element can be invoked through the use, or play of that instrument. Woodwind being air, brass being water, string being fire, and percussion being earth. These instruments can be used tools to direct energy through there play such as an incantation does.

Brass Vessel: Brass vessels are containers made of brass, and they are associated with the element of earth. They are used in forms of ceremonial magick to house spirits on the earthly plane.

Chalk: Chalk is a writing utensil that is connected again to the element of earth. It is used to draw symbols, sigils, and circles.

Triangle Of The Art: The triangle of the art is a symbol that is used in magick for holding, and binding entities to a specific spot so they do not hurt the practitioner. They’re normally use during invocations.

Cingulum, Or Cord: Cingulum, or cord is a long rope, or thread. Cingulum, or cord is representative of the element of Earth. This tool is used to measure out the size of a magickal circle, and may even be used as a physical representation of one. It has also been worn around the waist to show ranking in forms of Traditional British Wicca.

Cloth: A cloth is a piece of fabric usually black, and can even have symbols, or sigils written upon it. It is connected to the element of Earth. It is used to wraparound certain objects to seal them away, and to silence them.

Asperger: An Asperger is a tool the is used to sprinkle certain types of liquids such as water over things to purify them. The asperger is connected to the element of water.

Singing Bowls: Singing Bowls are bowls that were originally made in Tibet. These bowls are connected to the element of Water, and Air. These bowls when the rim is rubbed, or struck produce a noise that can be used in energy work, and healing because of its energy frequency that it produces.

Spiritual Statuaries: Spiritual statuaries are statues of deities, guides, or other spiritual masters. It is probably best represented by the element of spirit than anything else. These statues are like anchors, and connection points to the deity, guide, or other spiritual master. They are markers for points in which are dedicated to certain entities.

The Runes set: The runes are stones with symbols printed upon them. The runes are connected to the element of earth. There are many different types of alphabets that can be placed on these stones, but the most popular one and the one that started it all is the Elder Futhark Runes. These runes set can be used for divination, or as way to connect with the energies of the runes, or symbols placed upon the stones.

Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, And/Or Playing Cards: These cards are cards that all can be used in divination along with other types of magick. They come in a deck of cards in which all cards in the deck have their own specific meaning, and purpose. These cards are a lot like the runes in card form, and they correspond to the element of earth.

Water: Water is a tool that can be used in magick to purify, and cleanse spaces, and objects. It is connected to the element of water (obviously). It can also be used as a base to make many different tinctures, and potions.

Salt: Salt is a tool that can be used in magick that can also purify, and cleanse spaces, and objects. It is connected to the element of earth, and can be used to make salt circles, and to ward off negative entities.

Magickal Clothing: Magickal clothing such as robes play a very important part of the magical workings of many practitioners. These clothes don’t only hold the ranks in groups but can be empowered, enchanted, and blessed to give the practitioner a magical edge when practicing magick. These can also act as a protective shield from negative energies, and can also be used to bring the practitioner into a state in which they are ready to perform their work. It is connected to the element of earth.

Book of Shadows, Book Of The Art, and Grimoire: The Book of Shadows is a personal book for a person, or group. It is connected to the element of air, and inside it will usually have personal information, spells, rituals, dreams, chants, symbols, and anything else the practitioner has found helpful on their path.

Personal Items: Anything that is personal to you can be used, and be effective in magick, because of the energy connection you share between you, and that object.

The Land: The land you live on can greatly increase the power of your magick through the help of the spirit that is existent upon the land. It is a connection built in the element of earth. The land can provide you with energy, power, and understanding, and can be a major part of your path, if you allow it to be.


Woah, the Best Gem reference is here!! Prehnite (they/them) is my gem OC, and part of a rebel group opposing homeworld’s imperialistic nature. Prehnite acts as a scout for the group, and is well known for being Shit at direct combat, but pretty useful in sniping and in other utility situations. Prehnite has changed a lot since they were first created, and their personality hasn’t exactly taken a positive turn while spending hundreds of years at a time alone traveling through space, thinking about the ruined planet they once called home. Lots of juicy plot details going on in there.


Let’s Talk About Legion’s Personality

omegastation always told me I should post something about Legion, so here it finally is!

Legion is my favorite Mass Effect character. While he is on the surface very introverted and weird, requiring Shepard push Legion for information on the geth perspective and geth society, with few conversations about himself directly, I think I’ve ‘cracked the code’ so to speak and figured out what this guy’s personality is.

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Is psychokinesis or telekinesis real?

What is psychokinesis / telekinesis?

  • psycho comes from the Greek ‘psyche’, meaning spirit, soul, mind, heart, or breath

  • kinesis also from Greek and means movement or motion

  • psychokinesis literally mind-movement and is sometimes abbreviated as PK

  • also known as telekinesis from Greek which literally means distant-movement, and is sometimes abbreviated as TK. It refers to the direct influence of the mind on a material object

Psychokinesis – Is the Force with Us All?

Is psychokinesis really possible? Can we really affect our environment using nothing but the power of the mind?

Uri Gellar claims as such, as have many other people. Their claims range from being able to change the temperature of water slightly to upsetting your grandmother by twisting her favorite cutlery set out of shape. Psychokinesis has also entered the realm of science fiction and the majority of us will likely remember a young Luke Skywalker trying to lift his X-Wing Fighter from the swamp with the help of a little green fellow that had difficulty with sentence structure. Is telekinesis or psychokinesis real?In fact, the Jedi’s had an arsenal of mind tricks that allowed them to pretty much cheat their way through their adventures but is it all just a matter of science fiction, or could it be science fact?

Back here on planet Earth, psychokinesis is a branch of parapsychology that allows us to manipulate our environment using nothing but our mind. Within the field of psychokinesis you will find telekinesis which is, more specifically, the ability to move objects using nothing but thought.

 Of course, with science being unable to resist the urge to have a poke about and find out more, it has decided to have a look into this particular realm of the unexplained. As a result, there is mounting evidence that ‘the force’, or something resembling it, may not be restricted only to Jedi Knights and Sith lords after all. In fact, some say we can all learn telekinesis.

The Science 

It’s all very well taking the word of those that make extraordinary claims or fantasizing about possibilities in a galaxy far, far away but most of us want hard evidence and the good news is that we have it. At Princeton university Dr Robert G. Jahn, now retired, spent 25 years amassing an enormous database of empirical data on psychokinesis that clearly suggests the phenomena is very much a reality. He founded the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) group which undertook countless experiments under controlled, scientific conditions to measure the effect of the power of the human mind using a range of instruments. The instruments used were Random Event Generators (REGS), machines that are designed to give a completely random output such as random numbers. With no physical attachment to the machines whatsoever, subjects were then asked to attempt to influence the output of the machines using nothing but their mind. In the case of a random number generator, for example, they were asked to influence the next event by willing the next number to be higher or lower.

The project didn’t see test subjects picking up furniture and rearranging the interior decorating, the results were actually very small. So small that they would normally be disregarded and even go unnoticed but when compounded over the thousands upon thousands of snippets of data acquired they actually amounted to something really quite significant. It is important to remember at this point that this is not a knee-jerk reaction to a slight anomaly in just a few tests but a synopsis of a vast amount of data collected over a quarter of a century of controlled experiments. Such a vast amount of empirical data that has been gathered under scientific conditions is hard to deny.

Mind Power on a Global Scale

Also working at PEAR was Dr Roger D. Nelson and he took Dr Jahn’s work to another level entirely with the Global Consciousness Project. Instead of testing just one individual at a time he used the same methods to test groups of people and the results were very impressive. Working in group meditations to begin with, Dr Nelson then stepped up his research by connecting 70 REGS in locations around the world to his computer at Princeton. For the most part the charts showed nothing out of the ordinary at all, until an extraordinary event occurred.  

What made the monotony of watching a graph with all the action of watching paint dry worth it was what happened during major international events such as Diana’s death or 9/11. Is telekinesis or psychokinesis real?When events of this scale did occur, the graphs would go through the roof. It was even possible to predict heightened graph activity when a major event was approaching. When New Year celebrations were approaching, for example, it was known beforehand that the charts would go through the roof and it was even possible to follow different celebrations getting under way across the world as midnight swept across the globe’s different time zones. 

Some might choose to disregard the project as ramblings from a megalomaniac mad scientist hell bent on world domination and a penchant for assistants with a bad back. This is simply not the case for the global consciousness project however as the project was not overlooked by Dr Nelson only but was also contributed to by 75 well respected scientists from around the world. It is also the longest running and most thorough single experiment into any paranormal subject undertaken. When such a large group of respected scientists present findings from their experiments, it is wise to listen to what they have to say.

The Scientific Community
Those behind the investigations remain adamant that the science is very real with Dr Jahn going as far as to say: “If people don’t believe us after all the results we’ve produced, then they never will.”

Physicist Dick Bierman said of the Global Consciousness Project that the effects were very real and the only thing in dispute is what the results actually mean.

The recording sites for the GCP are referred to as “eggs” and comprise a hardware REG or RNG attached to a computer running custom software.

It would be easy for some to dismiss the work done by Dr Jahn as worthless due to the lack of peer reviews but that does not tell the whole story. The fact is that many in the scientific field simply dismiss the subject as preposterous without even looking at the reports. Others think that lending their support to something considered to be mumbo jumbo is a risk to their credibility and would rather avoid it so as not to harm their own career prospects.

If research into Psychokinesis continues and the experiments continue to show similar results then there will come a point when the scientific community on the whole will have to begin taking it seriously. Perhaps one day with a better understanding of the science behind ‘the force’, a little boy’s wish of becoming a Jedi Knight could be more of a career move than a wild fantasy.

By: Grahame Mackenzie

Six of Crows: Inej Ghafa (ISFP)

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by electraspectra

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Inej has strong unquestionable morals and beliefs. She constantly doubts her criminal acts and often tries to justify them using her own morals. Inej is also very individualistic and very in touch with her own feelings.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): known in the dregs as the wraith, Inej is a spy trained as an acrobat. Not only is she in touch with the physical environment ( figures out dunyasha’s tell easily), she is also very flexible and spontaneous in her workings.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Inej has a direction, a plan for her future and she is focused on the idea of destroying the slavers. She is also very religious and names her knifes with the names of ravkan saints. To her, the knifes are a symbol of holy protection.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): While this isn’t her strong suit, inej is comfortable in doing what needs to be done as long as she can morally justify it.


October 27: Ivan Reitman is 70 today.

The filmmaker is best known for directing and producing Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II. He also helmed such films as Stripes, Meatballs, Kindergarten Cop, Twins, and Dave.

As a producer, he has worked on Animal House, Heavy Metal, Space Jam, Beethoven, Disturbia, Hitchcock, and the Ghostbusters remake, to name a few.


a desire to eat bugs directly correlates to the level of midichlorians

  • anakin skywalker, a known bug-eater, has the highest midichlorian count recorded - over 20,000 (possibly over 20,000 bugs eaten??? need source)
  • evidence (as noted throughout this blog) has been provided that direct descendants, who have also inherited his force-wielding powers, may also eat bugs.
  • master yoda, a being extremely high in midichlorian levels - possibly the the highest seen before anakin, totally looks like the sorta dude who would eat bugs

 conclusion: all the strongest force-wielders will absolutely eat bugs