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Auntie Bells

by reddit user Pippinacious

Auntie Bells wasn’t really my auntie, or anyone else’s for that matter. I’m not sure she even had any real family at all. It was just what everyone called her. She’d been a fixture in the neighborhood since long before I was born and there wasn’t a single person who didn’t at least know of her.

She was something of a living legend; a crazy cat lady type without the cats. It wasn’t unusual to look out your window in the dead of night and see Auntie Bells shuffling down the street, big walking stick clutched in one hand, her tameless hair shining white in the moonlight. And if you didn’t see her, you’d hear her. Auntie Bells took her name from the bracelets she wore on both wrists, strands of twine run through a countless number of tiny bells that tinkled with her every movement.

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mandamae84  asked:

Hi. I love the fics where Louis and Harry start out hating each other and have really hot hate sex but end up falling in love along the way. Do you have some recommendations? Thanks!

- You Drive Me Round The Bend In which Louis is a spoilt rich kid who’s always on the phone while he drives and Harry is a struggling musician making his way down the mountain. It’s just a matter of time before they crash and burn.(77k)

- Three French Hems : In which Louis is a designer at Burberry and Harry spends December wearing Lanvin… and Lanvin… and Lanvin. 19k 

- Reeling Through The Fall :They hate each other. Except for when they don’t.  40k.

- Up To No Good : Harry doesn’t think of himself as a womanizer, not at all. Sure, he enjoys sex, enjoys how women feel underneath him, and by some people’s standards he has sex with quite a lot of people, but that’s no reason to tell him that he can’t have a female PA anymore.It’s especially no excuse for giving him a male PA who’s possibly the most gorgeous boy in the world who won’t even let Harry look at him for too long.Sometimes Harry hates his life.   22k

- Search and Rescue Me : Louis never really paid attention to Harry until they get stuck in the locker room together. Larry High School AU (17k)

- Love Is A Rebellious Bird   : Louis is the concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra, Harry is the New! and Exciting! interim conductor/ex-cello prodigy who “has made Mozart cool again” according to Esquire Magazine (Louis hates him immediately, which is definitely why he internet stalked him in his dark bedroom late at night that one time), and Niall is the best.  Zayn and Liam are around too. (134k)

- Learning to breathe : He’s playing football at one of the top universities in England and he should love everything about his life right now, but instead he’s moving backwards. How does your past fit into your present? Louis is still figuring it out.  (110k) .

- Our blood is boiling : “I can’t believe you’re making me this angry when it’s almost midnight and I’m not even drunk. You know what? I could take you down right here, right now—”“You’re red.” Harry interrupts, his lips curving up into a smug grin. “Am I making you red?”Louis purses his lips and absentmindedly brings a hand up to feel his cheek. It’s definitely warm. God, how can he even come back from this? [Louis meets indie singer Harry Styles, otherwise known as the bane of his existence, at a pub.] (6.5k)

I know you say Larry fics. But well, I HAVE TO SAY IT: Hate to love fics are so good with Tomlinshaw. Go read this 2 :

- but it’s better if you do : Louis definitely does not care about Nick’s opinion of him. And Nick definitely is not obsessed with Louis.

- I Had Rather Hear My Dog Bark At A Crow : The first time Louis Tomlinson kisses him, Nick is three sheets to the wind, wearing a pirate hat, and so fucking tired of Louis being a complete and utter knobhead that he’s spent the last ten minutes snapping at him. The kiss takes him rather by surprise, all things considered. Or: Nick and Louis don’t like each other, not even a little bit, not even at all. AKA THE BEST FIC EVER.

UPDATE (much more fics under the cut)(last update on April 4th 2017)

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{Mafia AU Reaction} When EXO are in the mafia and you’re their wife but you try and run away

Hey! I love your writing! I was wondering if you could kinda do like an EXO mafia!AU you’re in an arranged marriage where you try to run away but end up getting caught by him???

Note: I almost just died writing this, but it’s okay I somehow survived, though I have acquired a shot of Mafia!EXO feels, thanks anon ;) teehee~ I had a lot of fun with this, I hope you will all enjoy it and especially the anon who requested it. Fighting!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by fy-sexo-exo

In the mafia, Chanyeol deals with drugs, or does simple missions because he isn’t suited to the hard jobs. Chanyeol grows attachments easily, and that can sometimes interfere with his work, so he’s never given the emotionally difficult jobs. Kris’ tough, but he’s not a heartless bastard - and Chanyeol is grateful for that. His emotional side is what drew you to Chanyeol in the first place, you thought you could change him, bring him back and have a nice normal life together. But those were your vulnerable days, and now, married, you realise how stupid you’d been. Running away seemed like the only plausible thing to do, for your own good, but running away from Chanyeol and his gang members was never going to be so simple.

Chanyeol: “Why did you try to run away?”

{y/n}: “Can’t you see what this is doing to me? I can’t live like this!”

Chanyeol: “One more chance… Please… I can change, I promise.”

Do Kyungsoo

Originally posted by jonginssoo

You want to run away from Do Kyungsoo? Yeah, you’re delusional. You signed that marriage contract, there’s no way you’re getting away from this man. Kyungsoo, professionally known as D.O., is not lighthearted, he’s ruthless, a cold killer, so a simple runaway isn’t going to phase him at all. As soon as he caught you, he simply smiled, in this spine shivering way and pulled you in with one arm wrapped around your waist, his other hand occupying a knife that he placed next to your neck, grazing lightly against the skin teasingly.

Kyungsoo: “Thought you’d run, did you? Well Jagi, I’m afraid to tell you that you’re stuck, I’m your fate now.”

{y/n}: “You’re crazy.”

Kyungsoo: “Crazy in love with you, my dear. And it won’t be long until you feel the same way about me. But for now, I think I owe you a punishment.”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by ohsexyguys

Baekhyun is a part of the EXO gang, but his job isn’t as mainstream as the others. Instead, he’s more of a male prostitute, and sells his body for money and secrets. If EXO needs to get information on another gang or the government, Baekhyun will pull his skills on any man or woman and has their every thought rolling off their tongues within seconds. But he has a heart, and when he finds out he’s marrying you, it throws him off guard a lot. It doesn’t feel right continuing in the job he i doing, but he only does something about it when he finds out that you’ve run away.

Baekhyun: “I’m sorry {y/n}, I know it’s hard on you.”

{y/n}: “I can’t be with a man that sleeps with other people.”

Baekhyun: “Then I’ll change, please don’t leave me. This can really work between us, I promise.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by fy-sexo-exo

Sehun was most likely the most pissed off out of all the members when he found out that he was arranged to be married with you. It had been your families that had decided on it. Little did you or his family know about his underground life as a mafia worker. When you found out, you were sworn to secrecy, with not only Sehun on your back, but also his boss, Kim Junmyeon too. When you were officially Sehun’s wife, you realised how hard this life was going to be. You didn’t know what Sehun did when he went ‘off to work’ and a part of you really didn’t want to know. But your mind did wander, did he kill others? Is he dead? Is he having sex with another women? It would explain him coming home so late and stumbling into bed around 4am after not seeing you for hours. This built up over time, until you finally decided to run away - to make a new life, but getting away from this wasn’t as simple as you anticipated.

Sehun: *Pins you up against the wall* “And where did you think you were going?”

{y/n}: “The store, we ran out of-”

Sehun: “You had a suitcase! You’re not getting away from me, {y/n}. This is your life now, if you run away, there’s nothing I can do to help you. Junmyeon will track you down and kill you, you know too much.”

{y/n}: “Maybe it’s better than living like this!”

Sehun: *Hides his hurt - but too stubborn to show it* “Whatever {y/n}, do whatever you want, I’ll let Junmyeon kill you for all I care!” *wouldn’t actually, he’d probably sacrifice himself for you tbh*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by archive-gif-source

If you’ve ever thought running away from Zhang Yixing, then you’ve got another thing coming. You signed that marriage contract, and now you’re his, and he likes to remind you of that a hell of a lot. His job in the mafia is the ‘sweetheart scam.’ he acts innocent, but like hell is he. He gets all the pretty little details from people with the eyes of a puppy until he doesn’t need him, and that’s when his true devilish eyes show. Seeing Yixing is like seeing red, he’s a demon with the face of an angel. A fallen angel. That’s what he is.

Yixing: “But sweetheart, why are all your clothes laid out on the bed, are you going somewhere?” *somehow his sweet tone is more terrifying than if he was angry*

{y/n}: “I- I was just… sorting through them, I need to throw some away.”

Yixing: “Oh good, for a moment there, I thought you were planning on running. But you’re not that stupid, are you? {y/n}, because you know you can never run away jagi, you’re all mine.” *Hugs you from behind, smirking into your hair this lil’ shit wrecks everyone oml*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by exoxoolf

Since Jongdae is the master of kidnapping, there isn’t much chance of you getting very far however hard you try. He knew you’d escaped the second he came home after a job one evening. He knew you’d been acting more withdrawn than usual, and he saw your change of personality - but he never thought you’d actually try and runaway. With the help of his mastermind friend, Minseok, he managed to trakc you down before shooting off into the night to bring you back.

{y/n}: “I can’t believe you kidnapped me! Let me go!”

Jongdae: “The door is just over there… if you can get to it, that is.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by yumikasai

Minseok is a man of many talents. Mainly, he’s the computer man, he can hack any code, and can sweet talk anyone he needs information from, he’s the master of cyber stalking. But his talents don’t stop there, he doesn’t make a bad field man either, and he certainly never lacks in the seduction category. He was more than likely the most shocked when he found out about his arranged marriage. Minseok isn’t stupid, he knows it would be dangerous for both of you in this relationship, but on the other hand, what does he want more - his job? Or his dream life where he can settle down with a beautiful partner like yourself?

Minseok: *Finally finds you after looking for two days straight without rest.* “Bloody hell {y/n}, do you know how worried I was?!”

{y/n}: “Oh I’m sure you were in shambles while you fucked that other girl.”

Minseok: “You know all of that is for my job…”

{y/n}: “If you don’t stop then all of this will go in my history and I’ll move on!”

Minseok: “I’m not going to let you, not that easily.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by kim-jongmin

Tao is the main assassin for the mafia alongside Kyungsoo. He’s lethal and powerful. He’s not just strong with his body, but he’s also a martial artist. He might not be as good at shooting a gun long range like Kyungsoo, but he has the combat, and getting anywhere near this man will have you six feet under within seconds. When he found out that you had run away from him, he wasn’t happy, and set straight out to look for you without really thinking too much about a strategy. When he finally found you in a hotel room not too far from where you and he live, he pushed you up against the wall, holding you tightly to show his control.

Tao: “You made a bad decision today {y/n}, and now you’re going to pay.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by baekintime

Kris is the leader of the mafia, but everyone knows that Suho runs the show. He’s good to look at, posh suits and expensive cars, but don’t be deluded by his false sense of security, this man could do a lot of damage. One of the other members heard you packing up some clothes one night and told Suho, so you didn’t even get the chance to escape. You went upstairs, ready to grab your bag when you saw your arranged husband waiting or you, sitting on the bed with an expectant smirk riding on his face.

Suho: “Going somewhere, jagi?”

{y/n}: “N-no, why would I do that?”

Suho: “See that’s what I thought… you’d be stupid to run babe, especially when everyone knows you’re mine, and no one messes with me.”

Lu Han

Originally posted by jonnasexoticworld

Luhan has the job of sweet talking and seducing people for information, like Yixing. But unlike Yixing, Luhan makes attachments a lot easier, and can be swayed by his feelings very quickly. This is why you are his downfall. He married you because he was forced to, but now, he can feel himself falling for you, and there’s nothing worse than falling in love in an industry that prohibits it. But Luhan is hopeful, and holds his heart over his head. He doesn’t tell anyone when you ran away, just snuck out and looked for you himself, when he finally found you, a wash of emotions ran through him, all he wanted was you, and nothing was more important to him than that.

Luhan: “I’m sorry jagi, I’m so sorry. I know you deserve better than me, but please give me another chance. I can change, I’ll pull out of his fucking shit job and we’ll settle. We can buy a house and a dog. Our biggest worries will be what colour to paint the bathroom and what school our children will be going to attend… please… I need you.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by blondejongin

Kai is the man that goes to retrieve things that are owed to the boss. Mostly money, but every now and again he does need to get his hands dirty. He’s good at his job, and not a lot scares him anymore. He doesn’t like anyone treading in his territory, part of the reason why he doesn’t get along with Kyungsoo or Tao, he likes to do work alone, and hates nothing more than to find his work already done. When he found out that you were planning on running away from him, he wasn’t happy, and was waiting for you around the corner as you stepped outside of the house.

{y/n}: “Oh Kai… I was just…. Just looking for you, yeah, just looking for you.”

Kai: *Knows you’re lying* “You have ten seconds to get inside the house before I punish you where you stand.”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by chan-baek-yeol

The leader of EXO mafia doesn’t like it when things don’t run smoothly, and he also doesn’t like it when people defy or betray him, so when he finds out that you’ve run away, he sets his whole team out to go and find you, and they weren’t allowed to rest until you had been found. But of course, his men are smart, ad strong, and it didn’t take them very long at all to find you. Between Minseok’s tracking and Jongdae’s kidnapping and Kyungsoo’s long range shots and Tao’s excellent strength, you were next to powerless against these eleven mafia professionals. When you were finally flung into Kris’ office, alone and weeping on your knees before him, he smiled, because he knew you were all his again.

Affair ♦ Jared Leto Imagine

Words: 3,347
Triggers/Warnings: Explicit language, nudity, sex (smut)

Another AU to warm hearts (or not) because we need more AU’s in this fandom.

I sigh, looking at him. It was wrong since the first day, but we persisted, and we still do.

The first time I ever laid my eyes on Jared was when I got into his shop, looking for fertilizer for my garden. I’m a lawyer and he’s an agricultural engineer who owns an agricultural supply store. But he’s far more intelligent to be working in it, selling fertilizer for naïve women in this expertise.

Actually, we met because fate wanted to. Jared attends field calls all day in farms, he’s only at the shop by the closing time. And I went to look for the fertilizer after work, by the closing time of the shop.

I get into the store and walk around for a bit, searching for what I came for. “May I help you, miss?” I hear the deep voice.

“Uh, yes,” I reply, before raising my eyes to look at him. And when I do, I’m greeted by big blue eyes of a handsome man. “Hm, I’m looking for fertilizer for ornamental plants,” I say, gulping discreetly at the sight of him.

“Hmm,” He nods, leaving the counter. “This way,” He calls, walking towards another alley.

“Thanks,” I say, looking at the shelves filled with different bags of fertilizers.

“What kind of ornamental plants?” He asks, hands on his hips, looking at me. “Maybe I can help you with the right fertilizer,”

“Oh, I have so many different types,” I smile, focused on the bags. “I have petunias, daisies, roses, hydrangeas, all the colors of moss roses, and so on,” I say, looking up at him.

He has an eyebrow up. “Where did you get all the colors of moss roses?” He asks. “They are not from the States,”

“I travel,” I shrug off.

“Hm,” He nods. “So, this is the better choice,” He points out to a bag. “But you can’t put it above the seeds bec–”

“Because it’ll burn the seed, I know,” I say, taking the bag recommended. “I don’t have seeds, though. My plants are fully grown, they just need a treat,” I continue. “I’ll take it,” I say, turning to him.

“Okay,” He nods, taking it from my hands and walking towards the counter. I follow him. “Eleven ninety-nine,” He looks at me.

In response, I take off my wallet and give to him my debit card. The second thing I realize in this handsome man: the thick gold wedding band on his left ring finger. Of course. A man like this it’s not alone.

“Can I ask you a question?” He asks while working on my debit card.

“That’s one, but, sure,” I smile.

Yes, I’m flirting with a married man. What can I do? He’s handsome. Sue me!

He smiles at me too and, wow, what a beautiful smile. “How do you know so much about gardening?” He asks. “Don’t get me wrong, but you don’t seem the type that likes to get hands dirty,” He points at my designer suit and manicured nails

“My mom loves her garden, I’ve learned a few things,” I say. “And I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty. I can wash it,” I add, making him chuckle.

“Right,” He nods. “Here it is. I’m Jared, by the way,” He introduces himself, returning my card and giving me my order.

I introduce myself and shake his hand, taking everything to leave the store.

“You know,” Jared starts and I stop midway, turning to look at him. “I could get a look in your garden someday, give you some tips,” He suggests.

I look elsewhere, in a thinking way. Well, he, a married man, is flirting with me too. “Hm,” I look back at him. “Someday,” I concede, before smiling and turning to leave again.

Just as I reach the door, it opens and a pretty woman gets into the store. She smiles at me and holds it open, I thank her as I pass by but I can still hear her calling Jared “honey” when I’m outside. It was his wife. When I first met him, I also met his wife. Jared is only at the shop by the closing time and his wife meets him there so they go home together.

A week later after I met Jared, I didn’t go back to the shop, I didn’t need to. I was at home, hanging out with some legal papers when the doorbell rings. I don’t think about who might be, I simply stand up and go answer the door. And I frown when I see who’s standing outside.

Jared looks at me, who’s wearing a simple black tank top and denim shorts that once were pants. He smiles, looking at my pigtails. “I liked your hair,” He says.

“Thanks,” I reply automatically. “What are you doing in here?”

“It’s someday,” He says simply. “May I come in?”

No, you can’t come in. You’re a stranger and I don’t know how the fuck you got my address. By the time I think of saying it, Jared lets himself in, pushing the door open and passing by me. Surprised and with my mouth agape, I close the door of my apartment and follow the stranger-and-extremely-handsome-married man.

“How did you got my address?” I ask curiously as he looks around my place.

“Do you really want to know?” Jared asks, turning to look at me. “It’ll sound really creepy,”

“Oh, really?” I say sarcastically. “Because a man I bought fertilizer from just showed up at my place and that is not creepy at all,”

He chuckles. “I googled you, found your Facebook and the office you work for. Then I just followed you home,” He says like it’s totally normal.

“Give me one good reason to not call the police right now,” I take my phone, looking at him.

Jared chuckles again, shaking his head. “I just came to see your garden,” He says and I narrow my eyes.

“Try harder,” I say, looking down at my phone.

“I’m serious,” Jared says, reaching out to me and taking my phone away. “Thrust me,” He whispers and something in his eyes makes me believe in him.

“If you try something, be aware that I know at least three known murderers,” I threaten, taking my phone back from his grip.

Jared frowns, but his smile doesn’t disappear. “Why do you know murderers?” He asks as I walk towards the table, closing several case files.

“Because I’m a lawyer,” I shake my head, like the answer it’s obvious.

“Did you defend them?” He asks curiously.

“Yes,” I reply, turning around and lean on the table.

“And they were guilty?” He continues, raising an eyebrow.

I shake my head before answering. “Yes, they were,”

“Why would you defend a murderer if you know they’re guilty?” Jared asks incredulously.

“I’m a lawyer who works in an office, this means I work for someone. Sometimes, I get cases that I don’t want to work on, but I need to because this is my job,” I reply pointedly, tired of the subject.

But Jared chuckles, regardless. “That’s sexy,” He says and I raise my eyebrow. “So, where’s this garden of yours?” Jared asks before I could say something regarding his previous comment.

A married man is at my house, he has stalked me and now he’s calling me sexy.

I shake my head. “I can easily say that there’s something really wrong with you,” I say, walking towards my balcony.

“I couldn’t agree more with you,” He says, following me.

I push the doors to my balcony open and I can’t help but smile at the sight of my beautiful garden. It’s the best someone could do in an apartment and I’m sure Jared, the agricultural engineer, agrees because the amazement on his face is clear. The handrail is completely taken by different colors of climbing plants and, on the floor next to it, are the others.

“Wow,” Jared finally vocalizes his amazement. “I’ve never seen a garden like this in apartments,” He affirms, walking closer to my roses. “You travel a lot,” He concludes, looking at me. “To get all these plants… There’s no other explanation,”

But he already knew it. He already knows that she’s not married nor have a boyfriend too. Her apartment is very minimalist, the decorations are basically souvenirs from her many trips. Her photographs are from family and some friends. Some men show up from time to time, but she doesn’t show a stronger affection for either of them or else, she would have other photos of him.

“Thanks,” I smile, looking at him.

I take a seat on the small table in my balcony and we engage in a conversation about plants. I don’t know how it happened, but at some point, we’re drinking coffee together on my balcony and, in the next second, I’m shirtless, pressed against the wall with Jared’s naked chest against mine, trapping me as he kisses my neck.

It escalated really fast and he’s fucking me on the floor, next to the door of my balcony. I’m fucking a married man and that never goes through my mind as he thrust hard into me, pleasing in a way other men never did. It’s totally lust, and it’s good. It’s totally wrong, but it’s good. It’s a huge risk, but all the risks are good.

He leaves my apartment eventually, at the end of the afternoon, when he’s supposed to go to his shop and wait for his wife. I try to focus back on work, but I can’t stop thinking about what we did. A married man just had an affair with me, this makes me the “other”. What am I doing? I still ask myself. I’m a lawyer, I’m more than aware of what affairs can do to marriages. What am I doing to that poor woman who did nothing to deserve this?

That night I swore to myself that I should forget that, I’ll never see Jared again, that will never happen again, this never happened. Fool me. It was easy for him to get my address, it shouldn’t be a surprise when I get a call from him. I ignored all his calls after the first, but I couldn’t ignore when he knocked on my door in the following week.

I tried to put some self-respect on my head, but this man is a true Greek god, with that blue eyes and that amazing body. I never talked to him about his wife, nor tried to stop him when he showed up on my door. That afternoon Jared fucked me in my bed, in my kitchen counter, and in my bathtub. Just like he is a god, the sex is heavenly.

He showed up often and texted me just as often. We keep this affair going on, until the present day. Jared fucks me once a week, maybe twice, it’s when he slips from work. I don’t know what the excuses he gives to his wife are, but he just shows up and make me feel special. It’s pathetic, I know, but my sex life is a joke and having this man wanting me is something… Special.

Today, over than six months keeping this relationship, Jared asked me to get lunch with him. Sometimes he would invite me out to places that wouldn’t raise suspicions to compromise his marriage and he’d introduce me as a friend to people, but never someone close to him.

Six months of this relationship and I’m madly in love with him. Why wouldn’t I be? Jared is the most perfect man I ever met. He’s funny, kind, protective, gentle and yet rough, very smart and yet an idiot. He’s just the kind of man you fall for.

So, yes, I go for lunch with him and then he invites me somewhere else, claiming he has something to show me. Reluctantly, I agree and call my office, letting my secretary know that I had a personal emergency and I wouldn’t be able to return now and, maybe, don’t return at all for the afternoon. Jared liked the last part and he says so, I just roll my eyes and let him drive.

As soon as we arrive at the farm, I tell him that he should let me know so we could pass by my apartment and I could change my clothes. Jared laughs it off, of course, he’s wearing a flannel shirt, pants, and boots, while I’m wearing a suit and stilettos, the perfect outfit to walk around a farm.

Like always, I’m introduced as his friend to the farmers that know Jared way too well and the lady shows me her huge garden with an enormous variety of plants. I almost cry when I see it and we talk about it for an entire hour. The lovely lady gives me some seedlings of beautiful plants to add to my garden before Jared drags me to see something else.

Now it’s time for the lady’s husband to show around. I have the opportunity to feed baby goats, lambs, and little adorable piglets. I just can’t feed calves because the flock is grazing currently in a pasture very far from the house, but I love every second of it. I have no desire to see chickens, though, so we sit around to rest.

“I should head back to the office,” I say to Jared, watching the lady working. “Or to my apartment to take a shower,” I add, tilting my head.

“To your apartment to take a shower,” Jared replies with a chuckle.

“What?” I ask. “Am I stinking?” I raise my arm playfully to sniff my armpits.

“Yes, you are,” He says jokingly, turning to look at me. “You’re stinking to goats, sheeps, and pigs. Especially goats,” Jared says, smiling. “And your clothes are filthy. You insisted on holding them while feeding them,”

“But they are so cute!” I defend myself in a high pitched voice and Jared raises his eyebrow. “Alright, let’s go,” I say, standing up.

We bid goodbye to the farmers and I thank them one more time for the great time I had and for the seedlings I got. Jared helps me get them to his car and we leave. Sometimes we talk during the ride, sometimes not, but he’s hand is always on my tight, like a married couple. My thoughts can’t help but drift to that and I get down instantly, thinking about it unstoppably, thinking how he’s never gonna be mine.

“Should I park here or should I get in?” Jared asks when we reach my apartment complex.

“Will you come up?” I ask, looking at the building then at him.

“You want me to come up?” He asks back with his eyebrows up.

I give him a pointed look like I’m not gonna answer his stupid question. “Get in,” I murmur regardless.

Jared obeys and gets inside my apartment complex. I take my briefcase that was in his car all this time and he takes my seedlings. Together, we take the elevator to my floor and get inside my apartment quickly. By habit, I drop my briefcase and keys on the sofa and walk towards my bedroom.

“Where do I leave these?” Jared asks regarding the seedlings.

“Hm,” I hum without turning to look at him and continuing the path towards my bedroom. “Leave it on the kitchen counter, I’ll deal with it later,” I say to him, taking off my blazer.

Inside my bedroom, I check my phone before leaving it on the nightstand. Jared gets to the room when I’m throwing the dirty blazer on the laundry hamper on the bathroom. He leans on the doorway and watches me strip, arms crossed on his chest. I turn to look at him, unbuttoning my shirt.

I take it off slowly and his gaze goes from my face to my torso, surveying it like a million times before. I throw the shirt on the hamper too and open the side zipper of my skirt, sliding it off slowly too. Jared’s breathing gets caught in his throat when he says my full set of lingerie with garters and everything.

“What?” I ask, raising an eyebrow. “Are you gonna stare the whole afternoon?”

No need to say more, Jared leaves his spot on the doorway and comes towards me like a lion runs towards its prey. Our bodies collide and he attacks my mouth, pushing me backward. I stop when I hit my nightstand, having my lampshade, photo, and phone knocked down to the floor. Quickly, I get rid of his flannel shirt and the simple white t-shirt under it, revealing the pale skin of his magnificent torso that I explore with my hands.

Slowly, we get rid of our clothes until there’s nothing left. I whisper bathroom to him and Jared understands quickly, wrapping my legs around his hips and carrying me to the shower. The first splash of water is cold and I shiver under it, but Jared adjusts the temperature quickly, without stopping the kisses on my neck.

I moan and Jared puts me under the stream of water, making me completely and literally wet. He steps back and watches for a second, before attacking me again. He doesn’t wait any longer, Jared traps me against the wall, pulls me up with both hands on my ass and gets inside of me. I moan loudly in surprise, feeling my walls clutch around his dick, trying to adjust to it.

The sound of two wet bodies collapsing against each other fills the bathroom in a matter of seconds and my moans follow, increasing the intensity as he goes faster and faster. Before putting me against the glass wall and fucking me from behind, Jared leans his forehead on mine, looking deep into my eyes as he slams on me.

After almost breaking the glass, he turns me to him again, holding a leg up to give easy access to my pussy. I want to dig my fingernails deep into his back when I come, dragging it down to leave my mark, but I can’t. He, on the other hand, leaves bruises all over my neck, biting hard my shoulder when he finally comes.

“Fuck!” Jared says while holding my shaking body. “Are you okay?” He asks, realizing my hyperventilating situation post-fuck.

I nod slowly, unable to form a coherent sentence. Once again, he puts me against the wall and rests his head on the crook of my neck, trying to regain his own breathing as the water runs down his bare back.

“You’re so sexy, babe,” He says quietly, running his hand down on my side. “Do you know that?” Jared raises his eyes to look at mine.

“Let’s just… Oh god,” I stutter, still feeling the aftershocks of the orgasm. “Let’s just finish this shower,”

We shower together, playing with each other, and then we go to the bed, but there’s no sex, just cuddling and talking until Jared gets a call. He goes out of the room to answer it and I stay alone, thinking, which is not a good thinking. Like always, nagging around my mind, the fact that Jared is married and he’s never gonna be only mine comes around and I stand up, looking out the window and thinking about it.

“Sorry,” He says, coming back to the room, and I can sense the smile on his voice. “Some problems at the shop, I have to go earlier today,” He adds, lying back down on the bed. “In about… Two hours,” Jared clarifies, still smiling.

I don’t say anything or turn to look at him, I just keep still on my window, looking at the city’s landscape, completely naked. Jared frowns for a bit, sensing something wrong.

“What’s wrong babe?” He asks, staring at my bare back.

“Would you leave your wife for me?” I finally ask, turning to look at him.

Jared chuckles, but his smile fades when he realizes I’m serious about it. “What?”


Cinderella (Part 3)

Summary: AU. After the tragic passing of reader’s father, reader is left with a cruel stepmother and two miserable step-sisters, who not only don’t care about her, but they use her for their own gain. Will a handsome stranger offer her the freedom she longs for?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,974

Warnings: language, mentions of crime, some fluff

A/N: This is my entry for the @stories-from-stark-tower ‘s AU movie challenge. It’s based off of the 2015 Disney adaptation of Cinderella, only with a bit of my own spin on it. Some things have been changed. No Bucky in this chapter.

Parts 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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AU where Person A is stalked on their way home, and they accidently called the wrong number and Person B picks up and comes to help.

Asami kept a quick pace; occasionally looking over her shoulder periodically to see if the shady looking man was still tailing her.

He was, and to her horror, it seemed like he was starting to gain.

The heiress bit down a scream of frustration and sped up again, the young woman was nearly jogging at this point.

She couldn’t believe her bad luck when her satomobile decided to backfire and fry the engine circuits; it didn’t help that her cell was also dead, and now she was stuck in the outskirts of the slums of Republic City- miles away from where her friends and family lived.

Her heels had long since been removed, especially when she started speed-walking after noticing her apparent stalker four blocks back.

It wasn’t as if she couldn’t defend herself if attacked, she was a black belt in four different styles of martial arts due to training since she was waist high; however, this mystery man might have had a weapon of sorts, while the only thing she had to defend herself besides fighting was the small can of pepper spray in her purse.

About another block up, the silhouette of a payphone booth came into view, and Asami felt a burst of relief in her chest; although even that seemed dampened when she looked back once more and saw the man had somehow cut the distance between them in half.

Her heart pounded in her ears, and Asami almost broke out into a run as her panic increased.

Increasing her speed once more, the engineer all but crashed into the phone booth, fumbling with the lock and stepping inside the small space of the booth.

She thanked the spirits when she saw the lock was in working order and shakily inserted the quarters into the slot, all while watching her stalker as he waited in the shadow of a building some thirty feet away.

Asami took a calming breath and dialed the number of the only friend she had who would still be up at this time.


Korra groaned and rolled over onto her side as she heard the tell-tale shrill ring of her cell, reaching over onto the nightstand and blindly reaching out for the offending device.

Naga grumbled down at the end of the bed, the large Labrador making known her displeasure of having their glorious sleep interrupted.

Korra sighed and looked at the clock as her fingers closed around the phone, “Who in their right mind decides to call me at 1:32 in the morning!?” 

She pressed down on the answer button and held the phone up to her ear, “Hello?”

“Opal!? Are you up!?” A hurried female voice exited the speaker, and Korra couldn’t help but notice how angelic the woman sounded despite the obvious panic she could hear in her voice.

“Uh, I think you got the wrong number lady,” Korra rubbed at her eye. “This is Korra, not Opal.”

“I’m sorry! I’m just really freaked out and the numbers are faded on the payphone, and my hands are shaking and I kind of fear for my life right now,” the woman sounded frantic, and Korra frowned as she sat up in her bed, patting Naga’s stomach with her free hand.

“What’s wrong? Why are you in a phone booth at this time at night?”

“I was working late on a project, and my car broke down once I got too far to walk back to my work, and unluckily it just happened to be in the slums, and there’s this guy who’s been following me for almost half-an-hour now, and now he’s literally waiting thirty feet outside the phone booth and I can see him looking right at me, please help.”

Korra was immediately alert, all traces of sleep whisked away from her mind as she picked up on the seriousness of the situation.

Hell, there was no way she’d be able to live with herself if she let something happen to this poor girl.

“Okay,” the muscular woman rolled out of bed, pulling up her sweats and grabbing for a shirt. “Where are you right now?”

“I’m at the intersection Fifth and Horizon, by the east side of Roku Park.”

“I’m on my way,” Korra pulled her sneakers on and grabbed the leash, whistling for Naga to follow. “Stay in the phone booth, and whatever you do, do not hang up the phone. I’m not too far from Roku Park, so I should be there in around ten maybe fifteen minutes.”

“Okay,” the woman sounded relieved, but Korra was still privy to the tension in her voice. “Please hurry.”

Korra pulled open the door, Naga’s leash held firmly in her hand as the Labrador pulled her down the hall of her apartment building, “Don’t worry. I will.”


She stayed on her cell with the lady the whole jog there, keeping her calm with little jokes and asking her to describe how her day was and other things.

Naga was on alert by the time she saw the stop light near the intersection, the dog was specially trained as a guard dog after all.

Korra picked up the pace when she turned the corner, seeing the phone booth and catching sight of the figure inside it.

That also meant she was able to lay eyes on the pervert leaning against the building some distance away from the booth, and a snarl almost raised in her throat when she caught sight of the man openly staring at the lady.

“I’m here,” Korra clenched the phone tighter. “I’m crossing the street now.”

The sigh of relief coming from the speaker was enough to make it known that she had done the right thing, and Korra watched as the woman wheeled around in the booth to look in her direction, “I see you. He’s still by the building.”

“I see him,” Korra whistled down at Naga, who automatically stood at attention. “Naga. Speak!”

The ear-shattering bark that followed was enough to startle the man, and effectively scare him off when he noticed the two newcomers standing at the corner.

Korra watched with narrowed eyes as the fool stumbled back down the block and disappeared around the corner, keeping a careful lookout to make sure he didn’t try and circle around through the adjacent alley or the street running parallel behind them.

The woman carefully opened the booth door, and stepped out into the cool night air; her eyes were brimming with tears, and Korra only had a second before she suddenly had a armful of beautiful stranger.

“Thank you,” the words brought a slight blush to her face, and Korra smiled and pulled away, rubbing the back of her head as she waved her off.

“It was nothing,” she patted Naga on the head. “This one’s always up for a late-night walk, and I couldn’t very well leave you alone out here with that man in good conscious.” She pulled her jacket to the side, exposing the used gun holster and badge clipped to her pants, “Part of the job and all that.”

A chuckle escaped the other’s mouth, and she leaned down to pet the affectionate dog rubbing against her leg, “My luck can’t be that bad if I manage to accidently call an off-duty police officer.”

“I wouldn’t say its bad at all,” Korra looked around. “So, do you have a ride home, or anywhere nearby you can stay for the night?”

She shook her head and looked down, “Not around here, I’m afraid.”

“You can stay with me then,” Korra tugged on the leash and pointed back in the direction she came from. “My room-mate moved out a little over a month ago, so you’d be the first person to actually get to use the guest room.”

“Sounds like quite the honor,” the green-eyed woman smiled and held out her hand, a thankful gleam in her eyes, “I’m Asami.”

The off time officer returned the grin and turned to grasp her hand in a firm shake, “Korra.”

Beauty and the Beast

Word count: 5399 (I apologize to everyone with ocd)

Summary: (Beauty and the Beast AU) Dorian is on the run from his home land. Forced out by his countrymen and unwanted by his family, he finds comfort in an unlikely place with an unlikely friend. Cullen, trapped in the body of a lion, falls for the handsome mage and his accepting nature almost immediately.

           Wind blew from all directions, even upwards as Dorian’s skirts went flying into his face. If he had known he would get lost in the mountains for weeks on end, he may have thought to bring some more sensible clothing. But this journey, being as spontaneous as it was, left no time for preparation, only running.

The wind only blew harder, soon making it impossible for Dorian to stand upright. He swore as he threw down his pack and began unraveling his tent. He fumbled with it for a few minutes, the wind molesting him throughout the ordeal, until a sudden gust ripped the fabric from his hands and sent it whirling into the air. Dorian chased after it for a few feet before tripping and falling face first into the snow. He didn’t move for a good three or so minutes, hoping he would get frostbite and die.

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The signs as 'Supernatural' creatures
  • Aries // Amazons — Amazons are female warriors known for their super strength, battle abilities and their ability to reproduce incredibly quickly. These powers were given to the Amazons by the goddess Harmonia after a long and devastating war. They are trained by their elders and are branded with a mark of their people on their inner wrist. An Amazon child grows to maturity within three days. At the end of this cycle there is a ritual where they are made to kill their fathers, remove their hands and feet and ingest some of their flesh.
  • Taurus // Crossroads Demon — Crossroads Demons exist to make deals with humans in exchange for their souls. Souls posses great power and these types of demons want to horde them to themselves. They're made up of red smoke but can possess humans while working, their eyes are a blood red and they can be summoned at a crossroads, hence the name. Unlike other demons these are less foot soldier and more businessman. They take a backseat on the fighting and rake in the goods. After providing their 'services' they give their victims an amount of time to enjoy the benefits before sending a hell hound to drag them to eternal damnation.
  • Gemini // Siren — Sirens are creatures mainly found in Greece that have the ability to shapeshift into whatever their victim desires or longs for such as a lover or a friend. They usually use their charm to make the victim fall in love with them and, while under their spell, commit violent and destructive acts, usually resulting in deaths. They have a gland in their mouth that produces Oxytocin, otherwise known as the 'love hormone', and transfer it into the mouth of the human. Once the substance is in the victim they will form an intense love for the Siren and do anything, no matter how horrific, for them.
  • Cancer // Woman in White — Many variations of this story exist but they all share these similarities. A young woman, blinded by rage or temporary insanity murders her children after being wronged or mistreated by the children's father. Once she dies she becomes a spirit, doomed to spend her afterlife crying out for her lost children. She often appears as a hitchhiker, looking for a way home but vanishes when the driver passes a grave yard or reaches her destination. She is also known to stumble across children in the night and on occasion, carries them off to the nether regions where she dwells.
  • Leo // Phoenix — A phoenix is a fiery and powerful creature that is so rare that people dismiss them as mythical. They can disguise themselves in the form of a human however still possess powers such as being able to incinerate a person to a pile of ashes with a single touch. A Phoenix is difficult to kill and immortal. They can heal themselves, regenerate and are invulnerable to most human methods of killing but despite this can still be slain if you know how. Upon death the Phoenix will spontaneously combust and even in death their ashes possess extreme powers.
  • Virgo // Reaper — Reapers are angels that serve death and are set with the task of delivering souls to their final destination. They are hard working and dedicated to their cause. Reapers will only kill on order from heaven however they are unable to force souls to go with them, instead they have to convince them. Reapers are sympathetic and caring with their victims and try to make the transition of death as easy as possible, however they don't cave or make allowances. When a persons time comes, they have to die.
  • Libra // Bloody Mary — There are many variations of this story too, but all center around a spirit that travels through mirrors. Bloody Mary has been thought to be a witch who killed her children, a mother who's unborn babies were murdered or even someone who died in a car crash or a former beauty queen slaughtered in front of a mirror. Bloody Mary can be summoned in numerous ways such as claiming to have killed her children or chanting her name in front of the bathroom mirror three or thirteen times. If successful she will appear and either tell the summoner their future... or scratch their eyes out for their trouble.
  • Scorpio // Four Horsemen of the Apocyalipse — The Four Horsemen represent War, Pestilence, Famine and Death. The Horsemen are powerful, immortal beings that act as instruments of chaos and destruction during the Apocalypse. They are incredibly powerful creatures that appear in human form and drive cars similar to the descriptions of their horses in lore. Although they come together to wreak havoc during the Apocalypse and are much stronger with the presence of Lucifer on earth, they have always been active throughout time and their origin and ages are unknown.
  • Sagittarius // Shōjō — A Shōjō is a Japanese ghost-like monster. It is invisible, much like a ghost, however it is alive and can also be seen by those who are drunk. It can be harnessed in a spell box to do the bidding of it's captor. It usually chooses to attack it's victim when they're inebriated so they can see it coming after stalking them slowly over time. The Shōjō are known for their fondness of alcohol and can be found 'haunting' breweries in Japan, particularly in ancient times.
  • Capricorn // Angels — Angels are powerful, almost robotic, celestial servants of God. They possess humans as a vessel to hide their true form which is overwhelmingly beautiful and dangerous. They do however need consent from their vessel to use them, unlike demons. They're loyal and rarely question their command without outside involvement. They stay faithful to their cause and deliver a righteous judgement to those who challenge heaven. They are by far one of the most powerful creatures in existence which can cause a problem when two of them decide its apocalypse time.
  • Aquarius // Djinn — A Djinn is a very rare and powerful type of cave dwelling creature that are often referred to as Genies that have the power to produce incredibly powerful hallucinations inside the minds of humans. They are humanoid in appearance with tattoos all over their body. The creature can kill with one touch or produce a poison that leaves the human in a coma while they feed on their blood. Unlike Genies, they don't grant wishes, but instead allow their victim to believe they're living their deepest desires while in a dream-like hallucinating state. The fantasies are incredibly vivid and the victim can almost never tell the difference between that and reality. They can be killed with a silver knife dipped in lamb's blood.
  • Pisces // Banshee — A Banshee is a death omen that comes in the form of a woman. It is said that she is the disembodied soul of someone with a strong and powerful connection to a family, be that a positive connection or a negative one. If she loves those she calls upon, the wail is soothing and tender to comfort them that it is almost time to die. However, if she hates them it is a delighted demonic howling as she relishes in their impending death.
Right Your Wrongs - Chapter One

Eventual Bucky Barnes x OC and Steve Rogers x OC

Chapter Directory 

Blurb: Two unlikely best friends are given two different proposals that are in regards to the Winter Soldier.

Word Count: 2291

Author’s Note: This is a short, boring introduction that kind of gives you an insight as to what the story is about. I promise it’ll get better. 

The Winter Soldier debacle started early in the day. 

The first proposition was given by Tony Stark.

He made sure to tell her that he wasn’t just speaking for himself but for the entire corporation of S.H.I.E.L.D. This is what was going to be best for the world – for everything that had happened to Washington D.C. For everything that the families of the murdered men and women had to go through; for what the world had to go through.

Tony rubbed the stubble on his chin, addressing her as ‘Australia’ rather than by her name. Before he was to go any further with the conversation, he was now waiting for another arrival. For now, he was doing his own sort of profile on 'Australia’. She was quite short, someone you’d easily lose in a crowd – maybe around 5'3? Her eyes were a very dark blue and currently looked as if they were filled with curiosity but also worry. Her hair was a chestnut kind of brown and it was put up in a neat ponytail, which happened to be the only neat thing about her as her business clothes were very crumpled which gave away to him that she hadn’t be all that organised this morning. She was very pretty though – that was for sure, but he’d read her file and saw she had no previous fighting training which could end up being bad for her.

He’d have to get Romanoff on that.

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anonymous asked:

oh hey another off-handed queen reference in Arya's narrative: "I’ll dress you all in yellow silk, and on your head a crown." interesting. this song is clearly in reference to Arya x Gendry, as you so explained. And, the 'yellow silk', is yellow not a color of house baratheon? aka the house of the current royal family aka the house of which Gendry is technically a part of? haha I know its a long shot, I don't think/want Arya to be a queen, but its fun to speculate.

I love speculating about this stuff- the kind that no one talks about. It’s fun like you say!

I’m actually very surprised that there are as many queen references in Arya’s narrative considering that she’s that she’s pretty removed from Westerosi nobility’s politics. I say “pretty” because she does spend much of the first book living in KL’s court and meets some nobles in her journeys (Lady Smallwood, Roose Bolton, Lord Beric, Ned Dayne, ect.) In fact, she spends a fair amount of time witnessing political interactions and battle plans when she serves as Lord Bolton’s cupbearer. 

She brought Lord Bolton a damp washcloth to wipe down his soft hairless body. “I will send a letter of my own,” he told the onetime maester.

“To the Lady Walda?”
“To Ser Helman Tallhart.”
A rider from Ser Helman had come two days past. Tallhart men had taken the castle of the 
Darrys, accepting the surrender of its Lannister garrison after a brief siege.

“Tell him to put the captives to the sword and the castle to the torch, by command of the king.

Then he is to join forces with Robett Glover and strike east toward Duskendale. Those are rich lands, and hardly touched by the fighting. It is time they had a taste. Glover has lost a castle, and Tallhart a son. Let them take their vengeance on Duskendale.” Arya, ACoK

Arya ends up being aware of Robb’s forces (and the Red Wedding, though she doesn’t recognize that.) She even thinks to herself about the Lannister surrender. She does get insight into what’s going on there at least. 

She also interestingly enough learns a little of Braavosi politics, which could be useful considering Braavos and Westeros have a shown, interwoven relationship (Iron Bank of Braavos):

The Sealord is still sick.”

“This is no new thing. The Sealord was sick yesterday, and he will still be sick upon the morrow.”

“Or dead.”

“When he is dead, that will be a new thing.”

When he is dead, there will be a choosing, and the knives will come out. That was the way of it in Braavos. In Westeros, a dead king was followed by his eldest son, but the Braavosi had no kings. “Tormo Fregar will be the new sealord.”

“Is that what they are saying at the Inn of the Green Eel?”


The kindly man took a bite of his egg. The girl heard him chewing. He never spoke with his mouth full. He swallowed, and said, “Some men say there is wisdom in wine. Such men are fools. At other inns other names are being bruited about, never doubt.” He took another bite of egg, chewed, swallowed. “What three new things do you know, that you did not know before?”

“I know that some men are saying that Tormo Fregar will surely be the new sealord,” she answered. “Some drunken men." Arya, ADWD

She even manages to hear about Dany when she listens to tales from sailors. 

Anyway, the point is that Arya is not that closely connected to politics and yet there are some queen references specific to her narrative. Let’s see, I’m trying to remember the ones I found (this is an old ask.)

Well, first there’s Nymeria.

The direwolves are heavily established as being a representative of the Stark.

“He is part of you, Robb. To fear him is to fear you.”Catelyn to Robb about Grey Wind, ASoS

Ghost did not count. Ghost was closer than a friend. Ghost was part of him.Jon, ADWD

And Arya named her direwolf after a famous woman queen:

Arya had named her after the warrior queen of the Rhoyne, who had led her people across the narrow sea. That had been a great scandal too. Arya, AGoT

Interestingly enough, it’s important to note what Nymeria was famous for here. Queen Nymeria saved her people, brought ten thousand ships. and conquered Dorne to be a home for her people. 

Why does that matter? Well, she saved her people and gave them a home, but really it’s because she led them. And Nymeria the direwolf is racking up quite an impressive following right now:

They say the pack is led by a monstrous she-wolf, a stalking shadow grim and grey and huge. They will tell you that she has been known to bring aurochs down all by herself, that no trap nor snare can hold her, that she fears neither steel nor fire, slays any wolf that tries to mount her, and devours no other flesh but man.”  Brienne, AFFC

"Wolves. Hundreds of the bloody beggars.” He’d lost two sentries to them. The wolves had come out of the dark to savage them. “Armed men in mail and boiled leather, and yet the beasts had no fear of them. Before he died, Jate said the pack was led by a she-wolf of monstrous size. A direwolf, to hear him tell it.”Jaime, AFFC

Nymeria is leading a pack of hundreds of wolves. Hundreds. Nymeria and Arya are interconnected, it’s heavily established that the direwolves are a part of their specific Stark, and Nymeria is named after a famous, conquering queen while the wolf more or less takes over the Riverlands. Also, Nymeria the direwolf is a leader. Our insight through Arya’s dreams tell us that Nymeria controls and commands her pack:

As she dragged it up the muddy bank, one of her little brothers came prowling, his tongue lolling from his mouth. She had to snarl to drive him off, or else he would have fed….

Men on horses, with flapping black and yellow and pink wings and long shiny claws in hand. Some of her younger brothers bared their teeth to defend the food they’d found, but she snapped at them until they scattered. Arya, ASoS

So Nymeria’s often mentioned pack of hundreds of wolves in the Riverlands that she controls could be an instance of foreshadowing of a future role of Arya’s. Symbolically a part of Arya is leading hundreds of wolves could actually equate to Arya leading a large number of “wolves” (Northmen or Stark men.) After all, Arya even calls Northmen and her father/Robb’s forces her “pack”. On seeing the Northmen in cages with the Brotherhood Without Banners:

Wolves, she thought again. Like me. Was this her pack?  

Then there’s the seemingly illogical conversation Arya had with her father about her future marriage, especially when you juxtapose it with Sansa’s similar talk.

“You,” Ned said, kissing her lightly on the brow, “will marry a king and rule his castle, and your sons will be knights and princes and lords and, yes, perhaps even a High Septon.” Arya, AGoT

Ned, for no fathomable reason, tells Arya that she will marry a king, only a king, no other candidates. And that’s especially weird because he gives four potential professions for her future sons (knights, princes, lords, maybe a High Septon,) but only one for her future husband: a king. Compare it with Sansa’s same talk:

“Sweet one,” her father said gently, “listen to me. When you’re old enough, I will make you a match with a high lord who’s worthy of you, someone brave and gentle and strong. This match with Joffrey was a terrible mistake.” Sansa, AGoT

So Arya is told she’ll marry a king with no other options while Sansa is still engaged to the future king, the assumably only king of the next generation in Westeros- making this comment even stranger. But Sansa, as soon as her betrothal is called off by Ned, is told that he will make her a match with a “high lord”, not a king or any other option.  

I actually failed to connect the yellow to House Baratheon, but you’re definitely right. That could also be another nod to Gendry’s parentage- as if we don’t have them everywhere. And another queen reference since as you point out, it says the Maiden in the Tree (who represents Arya) is given a crown for her head and Baratheon, current rulers on the Iron Throne, colored silk.

I’ll dress you all in yellow silk, and on your head a crown 
Arya, ASoS

And some people speculate that the reason why we keep being reminded of the connection between Arya and Lyanna (in AGoT with Ned, then in ASoS with Harwin, and then again in ADWD with Bran) may be because of the whole Robert/Lyanna/Rhaegar thing be referenced in Arya’s plot with Gendry/Aegon. I don’t believe that, but it is worth mentioning because the Lyanna comparison is definitely going to mean something later if you ask me- I mean all the connections between Sansa and Catelyn ended up being hugely important for Sansa’s storyline and flee from KL. Rhaegar was the heir to the Iron Throne and Robert eventually became the King. If Aegon is truly who he says, it’s definitely not outside the realm of possibility that he will end up as some sort of king (I believe the Seven Kingdoms will become seven kingdoms with their own rulers at the end.) But, like I said, I don’t really believe that speculation.

So there are quite a bit of Arya/queen references.

Note: these don’t include all the actual queen references in Arya’s narrative. Arya thinks of Queen Cersei a lot, met someone named after a pirate queen and learned of that queen (the Black Pearl,) talks of the “Merling Queen” a fair amount, ect. These are just references that directly tie Arya to being a queen of some sort. And I think there are others, I didn’t really look too deeply for them.

But I would like to say that this is why I don’t really go on all the instances of “foreshadowing” picked up by the fans. The books are so long and complex that I think you can find fake instances of “foreshadowing” for a lot of what you look for. Like here, Ned’s lines alone do seem to indicate foreshadowing, especially considering Sansa does end up marrying a high lord (Tyrion,) but that isn’t necessarily true. And I still really doubt that Arya will become a queen for a variety of reasons and also because her endgame will almost certainly be in Winterfell where Bran or Jon will undoubtably rule. 

Follow You pt. 3

Summary:  Bucky Barnes thought that ‘going under’ would be best for him. He thought that entering himself into a comatose would diffuse the war that waged within his mind every time he closed his eyes. When it doesn’t work, he’s back at square one, and Tony Stark enlists the help of New York’s brightest and most ambitious psychologist in order to help the newest member of the team.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,898

A/N: So glad that you guys are liking this so far! As promised, we finally meet Bucky in this one! Hope you enjoy! Many more to come!

Read part two here!

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“Wear something provocative.

Two hours before she was to be at the Avengers tower, Tony himself had called her ‘just to check in’. Only what he really called to say was that she should throw on her fishnets and stilettos, because apparently he thought that it would be hilarious to see the look on Bucky Barnes’ face when she strode in looking like something out of a porno flick.

“Better yet, you should run out and buy one of those skimpy, little nurse’s outfits that they sell at the lingerie store. You know the one that has little, red heart buttons going down the front that comes with a fake stethoscope?”

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rosymamacita  asked:

Oooh congratulations! I'm so excited that you're taking prompts. How do you feel about fake dating AUs? Or maybe fake marriage even. How about with a side order of "doing it to save my friends".

“You’ll want to be careful with my sister,” Roan advises as they walk through the hushed halls of the old church. It’s been remodeled since the war, Bellamy thinks, but the high ceilings and stained glass windows remain is surprisingly good condition. “Nialetta’s been a queen since she was eighteen, a widow since she was twenty. She’s fair, or so I’ve heard, but bored.”

Next to him, Clarke rolls her shoulders back in a way that makes her just slightly taller, a trick Bellamy finds endearing but also pointless, since most people seem to forget Clarke’s size the second she opens her mouth. “She’ll listen to us,” Clarke says, assured.

Roan responds with a noncommittal hum, one that Bellamy doesn’t love, but before either he or Clarke can respond, the big oak doors open and Roan steps forward to lead them into the Queen of Tariokru’s receiving chambers. A woman in her late twenties looks down on them from the remnants of a pulpit, eyes sharp and calculating as Bellamy watches them sweep first over himself, then Clarke and finally lingering on Roan. The stained glass window behind her throws arcs of colored light across the floor and Clarke glances up at him, face lit in blue. Bellamy gives her reassuring quirk of his lips.

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Enemies to Lovers Fic Rec

The Man I Love 17k

It’s the Roaring Twenties, a time of blissful prosperity, overflowing champagne flutes, adrenaline-filled dancing, and the rise of the Jazz Age—and Louis Tomlinson absolutely abhors it all. A stickler for modest classics, jazz is the bane of Louis’ existence.

Coincidentally, Harry Styles is the bass player for an underground jazz band.


The 1920s AU where Louis is a hardworking, no nonsense paralegal, Harry is in love with the greatest city on earth, Zayn is the enigmatic leader of the band, Niall’s just there to make sure everyone’s having a good time, and Liam is the barber who started it all.

Court-Ordered 10k

The one where pot-smoking Louis and SeaWorld protester Harry both get community service, and don’t get along at all. Until they do.

The Coffee Factor 10k

The one where Harry’s a musician hired to play ballads on The Coffee Factor and so, so nice that it’s infuriating. Louis, manager of the establishment, also known as the Grinch who stole Valentine’s, kinda of hates the singer’s guts.
A bet set between the pair might be the only way to draw them together.

kiss me on the mouth and set me free 17k

Louis is a gamer and Harry is a beauty guru, and VidCon is a good place to fall in love.

can i not like you for a while? 43k

louis tomlinson is awful. harry is just as difficult, and they’re both terrible to each other. it makes being in the same acapella group together quite complicated.

We’re Like Bumper Cars 31k

AU where Louis and Harry are rivals of the century and Cross Country competitors before things get complicated and they play pretend.

we’ll stir the stars around 29k

It seems like the way their eyes look would feel electric, but it doesn’t. It feels solid, like the earth below them. It’s the way a mountain reaches up into the sky, and it’s the way the ground steadies you. It’s complete and steady and Harry’s heart thuds inside his chest with the strength of it.

or, the one where harry and louis hate each other until they don’t

Reckless Serenade 10k

A Hogwarts AU where Harry and Louis hate each other, but then an acromantula makes them not. Also, there are lots of awkward moments involving erection éclairs and Drarry erotica.

Erase My History, (Expo)se Me 6k

“My hair does not smell like strawberries.”

Louis blinks up at Mr. Styles. “I never said your hair smells like strawberries. How would I even know that?” Harry’s hair does smell like strawberries, Harry himself smells like strawberries, everyone who’s been within three feet of him knows this.
Or the one where Harry and Louis both teacher history, their students think they should date, and one pink dry-erase marker is trying to ruin their lives (with a little help of course).

Unbelievers 136k

It’s Louis’ senior year, and he’s dead set on doing it right. However, along with his pair of cleats, a healthy dose of sarcasm and his ridiculous best friend, he’s also got a complicated family, a terrifyingly uncertain future, and a mortal enemy making his life just that much worse. Mortal enemies “with benefits” was not exactly the plan.

Or: The one where Louis and Harry definitely aren’t friends, and football is everything.

Teacups 25k

“Looks like your attraction is not any body’s cup of tea today,” he puns cheekily. Harry rolls his eyes and lifts the box onto the counter easily, dusting his hands off without a blink of an eye to Louis. “I think it might be your costume.”

“Alright, babe, you listen here.” Harry comes forward and makes sure he’s close to Louis’ ear. Louis swallows carefully when Harry speaks. “Cut this shit out, you’re no Peter Pan in my eyes. You’re a fucking twit. I know what you’re like, and that’s all you need to worry about.”

or the au where louis works as peter pan at paris’ eurodisney while harry’s the mad-hatter who works at the teacup ride, and just so happens to be the annoyingly gorgeous man louis is in love with.

everything that shone ain’t always gonna be gold 49k

Inception-inspired AU. Louis Tomlinson is the most respected and skilled extractor in the dream-sharing business; together he and his point man Zayn have been hired countless times to steal hundreds of valuable secrets straight from the minds of CEOs and politicians. One day, a mysterious and wealthy client contacts Louis and Zayn, offering them triple their normal rate in exchange for successfully completing a job that other extracting teams have deemed “impossible.” The one catch is that this client wants the very best - so he’s decided to team Louis’ skills up with those of Louis’ most hated rival, another highly-respected extractor named Harry Styles. Can Louis and Harry work together to complete the job and get the payout, or will they lose their minds along the way?

After Hours 26k

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are the bane of each other’s existences. Unfortunately, they’re already in love–even if they aren’t completely aware of this minor detail.

[A “You’ve Got Mail” AU]

Young & Beautiful 227k

Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes.

Love Is A Rebellious Bird 134k

AU in which the boys still make music. Louis is the concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra, Harry is the New! and Exciting! interim conductor/ex-cello prodigy who “has made Mozart cool again” according to Esquire Magazine (Louis hates him immediately, which is definitely why he internet stalked him in his dark bedroom late at night that one time), and Niall is the best. Zayn and Liam are around too.

Don’t hum Bolero.

Bambi 18k

au where harry becomes an assassin and has a mission at louis’ house to steal the million dollar zirconia for zayn. 

Up To No Good 26k

Harry doesn’t think of himself as a womanizer, not at all. Sure, he enjoys sex, enjoys how women feel underneath him, and by some people’s standards he has sex with quite a lot of people, but that’s no reason to tell him that he can’t have a female PA anymore.

It’s especially no excuse for giving him a male PA who’s possibly the most gorgeous boy in the world who won’t even let Harry look at him for too long.

Sometimes Harry hates his life.

Fic Rec: Sterek

One thing everyone should know, I ALWAYS read more than I write. For every word of fic you get from me, I’ve read another ten-thousand-plus. 

Anyway, my bookmarks on AO3 are overflowing with Sterek, so I thought I’d share the love for a few of my recent favorites.

All That’s Best of Dark and Bright - MtF Stiles

It’s not a gender identity crisis if you’ve known all along what the problem is. If you’ve been purposely trying to ignore it since you were old enough to consciously make that choice.

But what happens after that, when you finally learn how to let go?

A sudden simple twist of fate - post 3a

Stiles still has Derek’s number saved in his phone, and he tells himself he’s going to delete it, but he doesn’t. Instead, he sends Derek a text. Okay, four texts.

Being Found and sequel, Finding - established relationship, slow, soft, and sexy porn

“Hey,” Stiles said, eyes lighting up as a grin spread across his face. “There is a mostly naked werewolf in my bed.”

Biology Is Not Power  - I usually don’t like A/B/O dynamics fics due to how they tend to marginalize one dynamic or the other, but I enjoyed this one. *points to first sentence in the summary*

Biology is not related to power. That’s the first lesson everyone learns in their Sexuality and Humanity class in high school. Like, the very first thing. First words in the book and everything.

Stiles is an alpha. Derek is an omega. Somehow Derek’s status completely and utterly missed Stiles…right up until Derek showed up at his house in heat. Well. This’ll be fun.

Brilliant & Ridiculous - accidental relationship, bottom!Derek

All Derek wanted was for the woman to leave him alone and ring up his groceries. How that led to her thinking Stiles is his boyfriend is something he blames on Stiles and his inability to stay out of trouble for five minutes.

B.S.T.P.H.T. - magic!Stiles, ritual sex, loss of virginity

Before Derek has the presence of mind to object, Stiles pushes the paper in his hands and makes for his jeep. “Just read it, okay?” is the last thing he says before slamming the door shut.

He starts the engine, and drives away in record time with gravel scrunching under his tires while Derek stands there dumfounded. He accelerates unusually fast, and the jeep’s back lights disappear into the night.

What. The. Fuck.

Cornerstone - modern AU, blind!Stiles, bottom!Derek

Suffering from PTSD, ex-Marine Derek Hale moves back to Beacon Hills to open a bookshop and find a calmer life. That’s where he meets Stiles, completely by accident. Stiles is talkative, charming and curious. Somehow, despite the fact that he’s blind, he’s able to read Derek like no one else.

Hale Construction - Stiles takes care of Derek and visa versa

Derek gets a business and a home. Stiles gets his own Batman. The sheriff gets hash browns. The Stilinski household is expanded without anyone quite talking about it.

if you’re running out of breath and your building’s burning down - future fic, happy ending

It isn’t witches this time.

“Forest. Nemeton. Come, please. Hurry. Now.”

The line goes dead, and Derek’s heart stops still.

Milk and Honey - fairy!Derek, size difference

Somehow, Stiles found himself being courted by the grumpiest fairy in existence.

Play it Again  - one of my all-time FAVES. 

If you haven’t read it yet, you should.

In which Stiles goes along with one of Derek’s plans and ends up in an alternate universe as a result. He should’ve known better. He did know better, actually, and that means he has no one to blame but himself.

“Laura wants to lure the kid in with food and kindness and make a pet of him, like a feral cat. Derek wants to have him arrested for stalking. They’re at an impasse. (And the rest of the family is staying emphatically out of it in a way that suggests bets have been placed.)”

Running Towards You - post 3b, happy ending

“It’s 2 A.M.,” Derek says. “What are you doing here?”
Stiles turns to him with raised eyebrows. “We haven’t finished Harry Potter,” he says, as if it’s obvious, and Derek just stares at him. “I mean, if you don’t want to know what happens with Fluffy and the dragon, fine. But I personally think that the plot only gets better from here.“

In which Derek and Stiles are both broken, but it takes a few paperback novels for them to realize that it makes them fit together just right.

Say Something - post s2 AU, insomnia

That first time Stiles decided it was probably wise to let sleeping werewolves lie.

Secrets - time travel, fix-it

There are secrets he holds close, trapped tight against his chest and heart, where no-one knows to look and where he can keep them safe. Secrets he dares not tell anyone.

A time-travel fix-it one-shot, where Stiles manages to fix everything.

Sense of Home - post 3a, bottom!Derek

Home can be a place, but it can also be a person.

After the events with the Nemeton, Stiles starts suffering the consequences of their sacrifice. A journey he attempts to make on his own, but only becomes worse with every step he takes. In the process he seeks comfort in an unexpected place and it draws him toward an unexpected person.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Supernatural crossover, demon!Stiles

Derek’s soul isn’t worth anything. Can’t be, right? Not after everything. It’s an easy decision for him, then, to offer it up in exchange for his sister’s life.

If only the demon he makes the deal with weren’t so intent on hanging around until Derek’s contract is up…

Thank You, Rose Tyler. - ambiguous timeline, DW references, mates

Stiles accidentally manages to become Derek’s best friend through one texting mishap. It’s all fine, except for the part where Stiles is kind of hopelessly in love with his Alpha.

the fortress round my heart - post 3a, roadtrip

Cora wants to go on a road trip. “Fuck this place,” she says vehemently. “Fuck this toxic hellhole cesspit.”

Derek has nothing left, can’t disagree with her, so they go.

The last temptation - established relationship, bottom!Derek

Derek always gets stuck between making too much noise or just gasping silently.

He knows he’d been making noise earlier; when Stiles walked them both into the bedroom he’d been humming into kisses and mumbling dry responses to Stiles saying he “had plans”; when Stiles tugged at his clothes he remembers he’d said something meant to pass for controlled about patience that had made Stiles roll his eyes.

And when Stiles pulled his mouth off Derek’s dick with a slurp so lewd it had to be at least half on purpose and told him to roll over with his voice gone rough, Derek’s sure he’d breathed out, “Yeah. Yeah okay.”

The Moon and Me - Addams Family crossover

“So is this a werewolf thing or a you thing?” Stiles asks eventually. He’s half-hysterical, but his heartbeat is still steadier than Derek would have expected it to be. “Because I’m pretty sure Scott would die if I chopped off his head.”

“It’s a me thing,” Derek says. “Well, it’s a Hale thing. A Hale-Addams thing. Look, can you help me reattach this? I’m a bit out of practice, so it’ll be easier if you do it.”

We Got Something Magic - soulmates concept

Scott is never bitten, so Stiles never meets Derek or learns about werewolves. He is, however, since a young age, captivated by a recurring dream of a beautiful, red-eyed wolf that he comes to hold dear to his heart. After college, he moves to Seattle and decides to get a tattoo to acknowledge his dream Wolf, finding a lot more than he expected at Triskele Tattoo.

In which Derek is a tattoo artist and a good alpha, Laura is alive, and Stiles and Derek share each other’s dreams.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation - wolf!Derek, magic!Stiles

There’s something weird about Beacon Hills that Stiles can’t quite put his finger on. The way everyone in town knows his name the day he arrives. The way they insist the melancholic howling that echoes through the forest every night is just a dog. The way his dad denies getting a dog, even though Stiles comes home to find one sprawled across his bed, some big black thing whose eyes gleam red in the right light. The way that massive oak tree out in the woods vibrates under his touch, pulsing with sickly life.

There’s something weird going on in this town, and Stiles is determined to get to the bottom of it.

Wolf of the Waters - merman!Stiles, Derek’s  still a werewolf

An AU in which Derek flees to his family’s vacation home on the coast in an attempt to leave behind Beacon Hills and all its ghosts. Stiles is a bold young merman who likes to feel the sun on his scales and isn’t about to give up his favorite place to sun bathe just because a brooding werewolf has moved into the long abandoned beach house. Mythical creatures abound and romance is in abundance.

Work In Progress - post 3a

“What are you trying to do?” Lydia asks finally.

“Fix Derek,” Stiles says, not bothering to dissemble – Lydia’s been lied to enough. “You know, before someone or something else tries to use him.”

"We're Close"

A Steroline Drabble: Elena finds out about Sarah Salvatore and that Caroline already knew. Somewhat A/U where Elena never had a memory wipe.

Even before Elena walked into the Salvatore boarding house she could hear shouting.

“What do you expect Damon? You are never stable for very long! How long until something happens and you go off the deep end? Why would I EVER risk that?”

Stefan had his hands on his hips and was staring at Damon who was drinking a large glass of bourbon.

“You should have told me Stefan.” He said his brothers name like a expletive.

They both looked over to the doorway to see Elena looking dumbfounded.

“What’s going on?” She walked over the the men, both glaring at each other.

“I’ll let Damon tell you, i’m sure he would like the opportunity to explain himself.” Stefan rolled his eyes as he sat down in the chair behind him. He sipped his bourbon slowly and stared into the roaring fire blazing in the fireplace.

“Damon?” Elena searched Damon’s eyes.

“Well, Stefan. Elena already knows the dirty details of this little family drama. I told her a while ago how TORTURED I was over the fact that I KILLED a pregnant woman out of spite."  Damon stared Stefan down, clenching his fist and practically spitting the words at him.

"Stefan, what’s going on?” Elena turned to him them. Damon had confessed this secret to her almost a year ago and while it disturbed her, she knew how much he regretted it. She also knew from personal experience, that without emotions, vampires could do unimaginable things.

Stefan took a moment to process that Elena knew that Damon had killed Zach’s girlfriend. He sighed forcibly.

“The baby didn’t die. I was able to get her to the hospital in time, and the doctors saved her. That woman, the woman with Enzo today. That is her. Sarah Nelson is Sarah Salvatore.”

Elena gasped. “You knew she was alive?”

“Yes.” Stefan stood up, a stern look in his eyes.

“And you didn’t tell anyone?” Elena couldn’t imagine why Stefan would keep something like this from Damon, from her.

“No. Except Caroline. I told Caroline a few weeks ago.” Stefan couldn’t help the way his heart pounded at the sound of her name on his tongue.

“Caroline? You told….Caroline.” Elena turned away from him, bringing her hands up to her hair and running them through.

“Yes, I told Caroline. I trust her.” It was a simple fact, something Stefan had always known, just never felt the need to declare.

“You don’t trust me?” The hurt in Elena’s voice was apparent, she didn’t even try to hide it.

Stefan felt himself getting angry. He was tired of Elena making things about herself.

“Elena, this isn’t about you. I told Caroline because….because I did! Because Enzo started stalking me and found Sarah. Because I needed to tell someone, talk to someone about it. Because Caroline is practically my best friend, because…we’re close."  His last words came out softer than the rest.

Stefan kept his eyes on Elena, willing her to challenge him again. He crossed his arms.

"Well, brother, what now? Don’t think im going to just forgive you for this, but we have to do something about Enzo.” Damon stepped between Stefan and Elena and glared at his brother.

“Enzo?” Caroline Forbes walked in then,  a concerned look on her face. “Did he do something to Sarah?” She looked to Stefan for confirmation while walking directly to him, standing less than a foot away. Stefan uncrossed his arms and put a hand on Caroline’s upper arm.

“He has inserted himself into her life, but she doesn’t seem to be in any immediate danger.” Stefan looked into Caroline’s eyes, comforting her with his.

Caroline sighed and nodded. Keeping Stefan’ s eye contact.

Elena took in the scene in front of her.

Stefan and Caroline were close. It was obvious. She hadn’t really noticed how close they had gotten, but now she sees it.

The way Stefan is looking at her, the way Caroline stares back at him, its impossible not to see what has happened.

Stefan has fallen for Caroline.

anonymous asked:

Prompt for day 7 : kc + arranged wedding please.

HI people! I AM VERY SAD THAT THERE IS NO MORE AU WEEK!!! WAHH!! :( But all good things must come to an end. I’m very much looking forward to getting through all the new fics that have been posted!! 

Anyway, here’s my last contribution for the week. THANK YOU ANON for the prompt. I kind of got obsessed with this universe. Also thanks to @austennerdita2533 and @themikaelsoncupcake for reading through it and telling me I’m not crazy for writing this. Also to @nemesis729 this fits the prompt you gave me about the class argument! So thanks for that! 

Hope you enjoy.

Because I Love Her


“I really think marriage, as it stands today, should be a choice made by two people who are in love. A woman and a man, a woman and a woman, a man and a man, a trans woman and a cis man. Whatever.”

Week one of her third year women’s studies class and Caroline felt a twinge of pride at expressing her opinion. It was something she felt strongly about, and was excited when her tutor had asked their opinions on marriage as a warm-up question.

“While, historically, it was an institution, I think that feminism has developed to the point where it can be something women can enter into willingly, rather than something forced upon them.”

Then a voice spoke up.

“Oh, come now, love. Marriage is an institution, it’s been used since the dawn of time to strengthen political ties, ensure a family’s financial stability and to increase one’s clout. Romance was rarely a factor.”

And Caroline froze, she whipped her head around to the top of the lecture theatre, where her eyes locked with his. A tirade of conflicting emotions washed over her, and it took all her willpower not to jump up and flee the theatre. Hell, it took all she had not to flee the damn country.

“Seriously! I can’t believe you!”

They had started out friends.

“You can’t believe me? I thought given your own marital situation, you would agree with my point, as cynical as it is.”

Admittedly that had been a long time ago, but they had been friends. Best friends, in fact.

“And what about art? Music? Poetry? Literature? All these things have been portraying love and romance within relationships long before Hallmark was a thing, Niklaus.”

The class around them watched in awe and trepidation as Caroline and the newcomer tossed their arguments at each other as easily as if they were an old married couple.  

“Perhaps, but the majority of those texts were about the forbidden or unrequited nature of love. Never in terms of marriage.”

Caroline felt tears burn behind her eyes, but she jumped to her feet.

“Maybe you’re right, but marrying for love came from somewhere. Hallmark didn’t just decide it was a like 85 years ago. It came from unifying two people who want to be together. If you’re going to be tethered to someone for the rest of your life, you may as well want to be with them. And that’s what I believe, whether you’re too jaded and cynical to believe it or not.”

Klaus opened his mouth to offer his rebuttal when the lecturer spoke up.

“Perhaps, Ms Mikaelson, you and the newcomer, should take this argument elsewhere. Your points are valid, but you are now disrupting my class.”

She didn’t say it rudely, or with a hint of irritation, but she did say it with a finality that Caroline couldn’t ignore, so she scooped up her things, embarrassed.

“I’m sorry for being disruptive,” she said. “But please. It’s Caroline. Please don’t ever call me Ms Mikaelson again.”

And with that, Caroline stalked out of the class, her fiery, determined eyes on Klaus as she went. He looked almost smug at getting her kicked out of class. The two of them walked in extremely tense silence for a few minutes, until they had cleared the building and were out of earshot of anyone still in class.

“What the hell are you doing here?” she roared.

She was upset. Almost more upset than she had been in early November, almost three years previous. She let the tears fall from her eyes, as the emotions that always raged through her when he was around took hold of her body.

“Exchange,” he shrugged. “Oxford was boring, so I’m my final year here instead.”

Caroline’s mouth fell open, as she saw all of her beautiful carefree plans fall away.

“Please tell me there’s more to it than that, Klaus. Please tell me there was a parent involved, or something. Please tell me you didn’t take away my last shred of freedom because you were ‘bored’.”

“Caroline, sweetheart,” he said, softly, brushing a strand of her hair from her face. “I can’t tell you that.”

Klaus did have a tender side. She knew that. She’d always known that. She’d known it since she met him.

“Why do you have to do this to me?” she asked, thickly.

Caroline honestly thought she’d have two more years of freedom. Two years to be normal. Two years of being her own person, before family obligation took hold.  

“What do you expect from me?”

She didn’t know. Once upon a time she would have expected him to always be on her team. To always have her back. But these days…

“More. Something! I don’t know!”

As she looked into his eyes, for the first time in years, Caroline saw her everything she felt for him and about them, reflected in his eyes. It only served to confuse her more.

“Well, you shouldn’t have.”

Caroline’s face contorted in disgust, and she spat the only poison that ever seemed to work on him.

“I don’t know why I expected you to be less despicable than your parents.”

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Judging Books By Covers

TITLE: Judging Books By Covers

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Thirty

AUTHOR: wolfpawn


Imagine Loki is cast out into a castle in his Jotun form, under a spell that will return him to his Aesir one if he learns to accept himself for who he is, not what he looks like, and can find another who will do the same. Angry and repulsed by his own appearance, Loki fears he will live out his days as the monster he so greatly loathes. 


Lagertha pulled on the reins and the horse came to a halt. Looking at her old home, she forced herself to forget the argument with her father the last time she was there, he had apologised, it was over and done.

She got off the cart and tied the reins at a post, wondering why her father had not opened the door yet. Lagertha walked to the back of the cart and grabbed the food she planned on cooking for their meal and walked to the door, surprised to see to see that it was locked. Her father knew she was coming, which made her wonder where he was.

“Lagertha!” She smiled before she turned toward the small voice. “You look so pretty.”

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anonymous asked:

If Larries are insistent on acting like they’re experts on celebrity closeting, they should read Portia De Rossi’s autobiography. She wrote about how scared she was of being outed, and how one single paparazzi had seemed to figure out that she was gay and began stalking her to get photos. They waited outside her house every day. Portia wasn’t anywhere near on the same level of fame as Harry and Louis but she lived in fear that the paparazzi would find some evidence and out her. (1/3)

In the end, she WAS outed against her will when paparazzi got photos of her kissing a girlfriend and she was forced to come out to her family and friends overnight because she knew the pictures would be published the next day and there’d be nothing she could do. The fact that Larries think that Louis and Harry’s relationship is a widely known industry secret and that, 5 years in, NOBODY would have been able to catch them together, is so laughable. (2/3)

That they think Modest or Simon or whoever their villain of the week is could control every individual paparazzi and publication is absolutely ridiculous. It would take one amateur photographer following them for a while and it would be over. If celebrities could control the media and paparazzi, negative stories would never be published. Sorry just had to get that off my chest lol (3/3)

I did not know all of that about Portia, anon! But I am familiar with some other closeted celebrity tales. I followed Lance Bass’s coming out, and how he described the relentless internet speculation that led to it (and that he had only 24 hours to prepare for his People Magazine cover due to being forcibly outed). There’s also the story of how Lily Wachowski was forced to come out as a transgender woman before she was ready because a publication sniffed her out and was threatening to do it for her.

Other antis have talked about paparazzi and how they work (and don’t) work, and I include this all here for reference, but the fact is that larries don’t particularly care about or retain these details. The lives of actual celebrities and LGBT celebs in particular are only interesting to them insofar as salient details can be plucked from their stories and then used as talking points when gish galloping people about the Larrie fairytale.

So you get “photo bans” on anyone ever taking or publishing pictures of larry together (magically enforceable by all-powerful NDAs–)

Pro-tip: you sign an NDA in exchange for compensation or a product; “not being sued” is not the compensation you would sign an NDA for, and given the amount of $$$ one could get for breaking the lid off of “Larry Stylinson” that compensation for holding one’s camera trigger finger would have to be hefty indeed for all the paparazzi being paid off to look the other way.

You get the erasure of past hetero relationships by closeted celebrities regardless of how said celebrity has characterized those relationships themselves, you get a complete and total dismissal of the ways in which online speculation and fannish prying can lead to anxiety and stress on the parts of closeted celebrities and eventually occasionally forced outing (which larries would indubitably be contributing to). You get them ignoring the fact that at no point has any celebrity claimed they were forced contractually to hide their relationships or fake participation in others, nevermind faking an entire human gestation and life.

None of this matters to Larries. Anything goes in service of keeping the tale alive and warm bodies in the pews at this point.

Re: your last note about celebrities obviously not being able to control the media, I completely agree, but the Larries must believe that EVERY story is controlled by SOME entity; either a deliberate smear campaign by the forces of evil, or a positive spin by the forces of good.

After all:

Nothing happens by accident. Conspiracy implies a world based on intentionality, from which accident and coincidence have been removed. Anything that happens occurs because it has been willed. At its most extreme, the result is a “fantasy [world]… far more coherent than the real world.”

REQUEST: High School reunion with Dan

REQUEST: Dan x reader where she loved him in high school but he chose an easier girl over her and now they meet few years later on a reunion and she’s still bitter about it but he wants to prove that he changed. If you write it, thank you <3

I took a bit of a spin on the request but otherwise it stayed pretty much the same. Also Part 12 should be up within the next few days as I’m back home now and am still on break. Again, a massive thank you to everyone who even follows/likes my work it means so much especially when you send me a message. All of your love makes my day!

MASTERLIST (more requests on there and a series) 



Banners constantly regurgitating those words were spread across the school assembly hall that neither 86 of us had been in for a solid 7 years. Walking over to the registration counter, I noticed the woman recording names as Gianna Lynch, one of the people I had done my GCSE biology coursework with on Mitosis and Meiosis along with Dan.

Daniel Howell.

That was someone who I was actually interested to see. To be frank, I had been infatuated with him during 6th form and then a few months of slight Facebook stalking once we had all graduated. He was the only one who had stayed in town really while all of us had moved away either for university or to go travelling.  It’s funny though how the mind works, I attempted to (sometimes successfully and sometimes not) to push away any awkward or embarrassing memory that would resurface from school but the one that just would not go away was when I had told Dan that I loved him.

Of course you must consider that I was 17 at the time and my definition of ‘love’ was one based off novels and American TV shows, so it was probably more a desire for affection to please my teenage hormones. It was a strong desire to say that. I remember we had been at a party, we had been in the same group of friends, and maybe I had had a few too many blackcurrants Smirnoff’s or some other sugar filled alcoholic drink that we had bargained out of any of our friends who were already 18.

“Dan! Chat? Please?” I slurred out, as I held onto one of the pillars outside in our friends garden, leaning my body weight against it and smiling broadly at Dan

“Hah sure, maybe ease up on the drinks? You’ve probably had enough for tonight” he replied with a calm tone. As he put his arms around my shoulders trying to get me to sit down on a footstep off the porch area I blurted out those three words.

I remember briefly him stopping and looking at me with a picture of guilt being painted on his face. He asked if I was really sure or if I was just drunk or messing with him. I was obviously drunk but the later one was not true, whether now at the time I should have just admitted it that way. He then went onto explain that him and a girl I vaguely knew called Jenna had started dating a few weeks back but since I had been sick I hadn’t known.  The good thing though about Dan was that he didn’t make it awkward like others would have, he just brushed it under the table and made sure that I was not going to throw up from all the drinks I had downed earlier.

7 years later and it almost felt as if that party was repeating itself again, but instead of Doritos there were Salmon and caper Canapés and cheap booze was replaced with Chardonnay and Rosé in little plastic flute cups dotted around tables throughout the venue

“Mumma, how long have we got to be here?” Sam pulled a loose part of my skirt to get my attention. Of course brining my beautiful five year old was not ideal, but neither was I able to find any babysitters so I had just gone out on the whim that others had had children and had to bring them. I was right but they were bringing them in strollers, I guess they had made the smart move of actually knowing what contraception was at 20.

“We won’t be here long honey, an hour at the most. I just want to see a few people and then we can get some ice cream on the way home?” as I bent down I pointed out my baby finger to make a pinkie promise. She nodded her head at me and smiled, her way of guaranteeing the promise would be made. I pulled out my phone from my bag and gave it to her, specifically only giving her access to the ‘Pippa Pig’ game she liked so much as she plopped herself down at a table over by the dessert area.


Turning around I saw Dan standing there gripping to an empty plastic cup and reaching out to hug me.

“Hey Dan, nice to see you again” was what I got out of my throat as he hugged me like we used to as teenagers, all giddy and excited.

“I didn’t know you had a kid? She’s adorable though” as he said that we both looked over at Sam intensely focussing on the graphics that were flashing of Peppa pig and her family on my phone’s screen

“Ah yeah sorry I mean I didn’t feel like I had to tell everyone ‘hey I pushed a child out of my vagina when I was 20’ and then post it all over social media but I guess hey that’s just me….Wait sorry no did that come across rude? Oh god that wasn’t meant to come across being mean or anything I just mean you know when people see me with a kid they immediately assume the worst”, I was staring to ramble off now but Dan was just laughing at me now. I wanted to laugh back but I guess hurt feelings still existed after 7 years.

Although we had been friends after the whole incident at the party, it had not been the same. We would only ever hang out in groups and we stopped playing DDR together, only messaging each other our high scores on Myspace with excuses like ‘I’ve got too much homework’ or ‘My boss wants me to work tonight’ became a regular reason why we stopped hanging out completely.  

“And the worse would be?”  He raised an eyebrow at me obviously knowing some sort of idea about what I was going to respond but wanted me to play it out. God was he being annoying.

“I had unprotected drunken sex is that what you wanted to hear Dan? For you to feel some sort of self-satisfaction because when you were 20 you were studying law and I was studying every cheap pregnancy book I could find that emphasised one parent parenting”. The tone in my voice was starting to get more agitated as time went on and I   didn’t want to draw attention especially not to embarrass Sam or to give the wine mums something to snicker about.

“Look can we not talk about anything to do with Sam? Maybe you should just go back to your own wife and your toddler”

As I began to walk over to Sam to let her know we were going to go ahead of time a hand reached over and turned me around facing them.

“Y/n I’m not married. If you’re talking about Jenna, we broke up after exams finished but of course you wouldn’t have known because you locked yourself away from everyone. On everything”

I just ignored him. I processed his words, and stored them as I went over to make sure Sam had her coat and her shoes tied up.

“And now you’re just running away again. The only reason I came tonight was in hope of actually just seeing you and being able to sort out whatever happened 7 years ago”

I hushed to Sam that I would just be a moment as she sneakily continued playing her game, instead doing the buttons on her coat up.

“Can we move on? Dan it was 7 years ago. I had a big ole’ high school crush on you that I’m pretty sure all of our friends knew about but you and then you went and asked Jenna to –“

“y/n I knew you liked me but you were just as difficult as you are now. Whenever things get serious or a bit tough you just runaway and don’t think of telling anyone. You push people aside. Jenna had just suggested we go on a date and I had waited so long for something to actually happen between us, and when nothing was I took Jenna up on it. Jen’s great but I had wished you known that and not know her as the girl that from what I remember Ben saying “a dirty slut who only wants Dan because he’s one of the only Virgin guys in the year” “

Ok this was enough. I took his hand and made him follow me out to the concrete courtyard that had become a makeshift carpark for the night.

“Yeah I probably said that okay but why are you bringing this up now Dan. There’s literally no reason for you too. I know I push people away and of course I want to not be able to do that and actually accept people in but you don’t know how terrifying that was for me as a teenager. I didn’t know who I really was? Does anyone really? But I thought that night well why not I just tell him how I feel what would be the worst that could happen but then you were with Jenna and I felt like a failure. It’s stupid I know looking back on it like that, we were all just being stupid teenagers”

It felt as if a massive weight I didn’t even realise was there had been lifted off my chest. I hadn’t really realised till now how this 7 year old stress had somehow remained with me the whole time growing to a childlike size demanding my energy constantly.

“How about we make it up to each other? I know you’re not going to accept me taking you out for dinner or anything really. So how about we just have drinks somewhere in Reading. I pay for my drinks, you pay for yours”  He looked so hopeful at me that I almost considered taking him up on the offer but Sam. Sam was my priority, she had been for the past 5 years and I couldn’t let Dan change that.

“I’m sorry Dan but no. I want to just leave it behind us, coming back to this wasn’t a good idea for both of us. This school was nothing but toxic to both of us and we shouldn’t have to celebrate our graduation what 7 years later aha”

Part of me wanted to talk to him so badly but the other half, 18 year old y/n, which still existed within me somewhere was constantly saying run

Run away

Don’t stay

It’s not worth it

As I went quickly back inside to get Sam, I picked her up and hurriedly left so I wouldn’t have to make eye contact with anyone else. Dan was still in the carpark, just standing on the edge to avoid getting in anyone’s way just looking down at his phone. I assumed he’d just be ordering an Uber or other taxi service.

Don’t waste your time

y/n look away

The little chants kept going on in my head as I secured Sam into her safety seat. It was as if I was no longer 25 and was now 18 all over again with back acne and an unhealthy obsession with ‘Owl City’. As I put the car into first gear I began to pull out and manoeuvre my way around the courtyard to somehow find a way out. At the obvious exit Dan was still standing there but this times with his hands in pocket looking just looking around with disappointment.

Never look at this place again

Avoid any-

Fuck it.

As I pulled up to Dan, I rolled down the window and shouted his name to grab attention

“Okay we can talk. But at my place, so I can make sure Sam will get to sleep and you cancel your ride and just come with me. It’ll be easier”

Maybe it was right after all to give us another chance.