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The Signs As BTS Jin Quotes

Aries: “Quiet everyone it’s my scene!”

Taurus: “The salmon is flopping and dancing in my mouth right now” *more eating noises* *even more eating noises* alSO THE ENTIRETY OF EAT JIN

Gemini: “I’M A 24-YEAR OLD ADULT” *Jimin hugs him* “DON’T TOUCH ME”

Cancer: *Suga interrupts Jin* “Was I not talking? Was I or not? Did you do good or bad?” 

Leo: “If you want my hand kisses, then I guess I have no choice” *proceeds to be extra*

Virgo: *is asked what’s the most important thing to them* “Money”

Libra: “My nickname is Jindda (which means dumb)”

Scorpio: *is asked which member he would date* “….I hate them all” 

Sagittarius: “Look at the mirror after washing up, that guy’s rather handsome”

Capricorn: “Win. Lose. I don’t care, because at the end of the day I still have this face, so who’s the real winner here?”

Aquarius: “If you don’t wake up *awkward squeaky laughter* I’ll punish you” *more awkward squeaky laughter* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Pisces: “I wish I could come here with my girlfriend….but I don’t have one”

Credits to the “Shit BTS Jin Says” video by Jimin’s Suga Kookie for most of these lmao and credits to eomma jin himself ha i’m dead inside

Chowder/Bitty smooching, ace!Chowder!

“Oh my gosh, this is, like, perfect,” Chowder said, holding the mini pie above his head and turning it over in his hands.  Little flecks of pastry fell onto his face; he giggled slightly and tried to brush them into his mouth with his sleeve.  “I’m at Samwell and I shut out Jack Zimmermann and I had vodka and you made me a pie.  I really just want to eat it right now, Bitty.  Like just take a bite out of it right here.  But won’t the rest of it fall out?”

Bitty looked up from his notebook with a smile.  “I can get you a fork if you put it back in the tin.”

Chowder frowned at the pie seriously, then said, “No, I’m gonna do it.”

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Five by Five. (Trixya) - Vixen

So this is my entry for the fic challenge, and of course it’s Trixya because hello, I am actual Trixya trash. This is just pure fluff tbh, I was going to have the fifth kiss with one of them dying, but I was in a good mood so aye. The title is from Buffy because I’m also Buffy trash. Hope you enjoy, as always, shower me in praise! - Vixen

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Exo Mtl Have a Biting Kink

Request: Could u pls do a mlt for Exo “Mlt to give you neck kisses/biting kink” Thanks xx Luv ur work, by far my favourite writer 💗

A/N: Can I just like freak out right now like what. I’m your favorite writer? That’s literally the nicest thing someone has ever said to me thank you so much ;-; (also btw this will be ot12)


Kyungsoo (have you seen his mouth though)













Kyungsoo, Zitao, Jongin, Sehun, and Minseok would be the biggest fans of giving and receiving it. I put them as the top half because I can see it being something they incorporate into little things as well, not just sex. Like you’re cooking? Backhug and a little nibble on the nape of your neck. Make-out sesh? Stops for a bit to kiss your neck too. Definitely biggest fans of it within the group.

Luhan, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Yifan would also be very big fans of this. It’d honestly be something they go to to send a message that they’re needy and want some of the good-good luhan i’m sorry. However, I don’t think they’d do it as much as the top half.

Junmyeon, Jongdae, and Yixing are people who would do it if you asked or said that you liked it, but it wouldn’t be their go-to move to get into the mood if that makes sense. Especially Yixing because he’s lowkey scared he’d hurt you in some way. But if you mentioned how much you love it, they wouldn’t be afraid to try.

-Admin Yeonie

sierrasuke  asked:

SOUHARU - “I just kissed your forehead, chill.”

g ood prompt. really good prompt. oh man. since i’ve dabbled in lovestruck sousuke before … let’s have lovestruck haru. <3 also i’m exhausted and i didn’t think about that so my writing’s really ugly, forgive me.


Back of his hand against his mouth, heart pounding against his ribcage—Haruka has never felt so cornered. So vulnerable. So aware of himself, and of how he’s feeling; although that’s more ironic than anything else, because he thinks that if given the option, he’d choose a million times to not feel anything right now, no matter the cost.

But Sousuke’s eyes are on his, unrelenting. His train of thought doesn’t last very long before it tumbles off the tracks and shatters.

“Haruka,” Sousuke says again. It might be the most horrifying thing he’s ever heard.

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it’s also important to think about times when sherlock is just too wrapped up in his own enormous brain, or john is too stressed out about finances or a part time job or his family, and sometimes when that happens the answer is no, not right now, not tonight, i love you, but no, and they still lie together with their arms wrapped round one another, they still breathe in each other’s scent and leave comforting, undemanding kisses on each other’s mouths, this is a thing that also happens, this is a thing i’m also here for


So far today Antis have spun the wheel and claimed Sam was on a Munro with Marina albeit with ZERO proof as per usual. Then they claimed that Sam was gay ( the old standby) because they say he doesn’t open his mouth when kissing Cait on screen.  Now even though our intrepid favorite blogger @jamesandclairefraser​ managed to deftly refute that with her reply, that close mouthed theory made me SO HAPPY!! Why you ask?  Well because if Antis believe that Sam NEVER opens his mouth while filming kissing scenes  it would stand to reason that they also believe he wouldn’t open his mouth while rehearsing those same scenes with Cait right? So then I guess their previous argument of this was rehearsal/blocking/filming is one that even they don’t believe!!  Of course we know Sam isn’t gay but it sure is nice to know that deep down antis KNOW that too and that they admit this was a RL moment between Sam and Cait because they just proved that to us . THANKS ANTIS! I hope you enjoy this as much as we do !💋💋💋💋


Hey guys, I have commissions open for the holidays! If you can’t get one, you can still reblog which would help me a lot! :)

  • I will not draw anything NSFW (no mouth kissing, but hugging/cuddle fluff is fine), mechas, gore, furries, complex backgrounds and more than 5 characters per commission. 
  • Complicated character designs (armor, accessories) can also increase the price!
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission that makes me uncomfortable.

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