also just clara in a suit

another thing that annoys me abt moffat writing, now dr who is a Thing again: his naming. amelia pond. clara oswald. river fucking song. its like the names id give my quirky mary sues and gary stus when i was 12 - except he only does it to the girls

its really? just? idk annoying. and is part of his panic pixie dream girl this woman is ~speshul thing that i loathe. like donna nobles name was specifically chosen; noble, as a trait - and obvs everyones name is chosen to suit them and even say smth abt them but moffat likes peculiar, creative names and its fucking annoying


Completely 100% serious predictions for Time Heist.

(If anyone needed another tale of bank robbery in the Doctor Who universe, try the Bernice Summerfield audio Glory Days. I swear this post makes sense in context.)

(Forgot to add, this is for everyone who made a request that had a tree in it, i.e. climbing a tree, carving initials in a tree…)

Thoughts on Doctor Who 8x01 - Deep Breath

Started watching Deep Breath with my roommate and paused so much to rant that around 22min I stopped, typed up my reactions to everything so far, and continued to type for the rest of the episode.

Behind a Read More for spoilers. Tagged anti-Moffat because even though I don’t rag on the man himself too much, I certainly rag on this episode.

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Okay soo, i WAS going to have a photoshoot today, Iwas just going to fix one little thing on the sleeve.
..Aaand then that little thing turned into many things. So I ended up altering the corset AGAIN, but now it looks sooo much better. The bottom now has the V shape thingy and looks way more accurate and flattering.
I only need to fix up the other sleeve, and THEN I will take some new pictures, which i’m super excited about!! Some studio pictures first, and when the snow finally comes I will go up to the Norwegian mountains and takes lots of new scenic pictures again, woo!!

I’ve never worked this long on one costume before, but now i’m just super happy with how it looks, wig included, which I’ve haven’t really been before. The color suits me much better than the platinum blonde, and since this was a cheap random wig from eBay I wasn’t afraid of screwing up completely while styling it, so I added a glue front, and cut and styled it exactly how I wanted it. I also added tons of glitter to my snowflake hairpins (not pictured), so everything is just extra sparkly and nice, and EXACTLY how I want it. YESSS.

The Christmas Spent Alone: Part 3 of 3

TITLE: The Christmas Spent Alone


AUTHOR : tomcuddlesfic


GENRE:  romance / angst / fluff

FIC SUMMARY: Clara is spending Christmas alone until her neighbor shows up at her front door and her holidays suddenly become more interesting.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Merry Christmas my lovely readers. This is the final part in the series and it was extremely fun to write. This is also the longest part yet. I hope everyone is having a fun time today <333 Feedback would be amazing!

Part one / Part two

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dorkytedbear  asked:

Okay I dunno maybe it's just me but like I'm not enjoying Capaldi at all. Like I'm sure he'd be a great Doctor... If he had more development. Clara's getting way too much time and its not Doctor who anymore. I miss episodes like "waters of Mars"

Oh, I’m loving Capaldi so far! It’s funny though that you feel like he’s not getting enough development. To me, he started out pretty gruff and intimidating, and almost callous when it came to affection. Similar in ways to the Seventh Doctor, if you’re a fan of Classic Who, who could have a bit of a cruel streak at times.

Actually, their arcs seem to mirror each other in reverse so far: the Seventh Doctor started out a bit silly and steadily got darker, while everyone thought that Twelve would be super gritty, and that’s slowly evolved into…

And to your other point about Clara, if anything, I think one of the smartest choices the writers ever made was giving Clara her own life.

Unlike companions like Rose or Amy (mostly in the beginning for her), she doesn’t live in the TARDIS, and only joins the Doctor on adventures when it suits her schedule. That’s neat. It also allows the possibility of companion-lite stories, like The Woman Who Lived.

I like how Clara almost seems to have her own little storyline happening in most episodes this series, instead of just following around the Doctor without much actual contribution to anything that was happening, and I still feel that her own little plots don’t take up too much attention from what’s happening with the Doctor.

Still though, I can definitely see how this was more of an “issue” in Series 8!

I have a problem with this post:

Y'know, the one that sees one image (one!) from the new series and condemns it as sexist before even watching the series.

First off, let’s look at the image that caused the problems; 

Now immediately you can tell Capaldi’s pose is all about power; he is confronting the camera, staring it down, giving us the impression that he’s going to be very in-your-face and combative. He’s also in front, but that’s probably because this is the first picture of him in the TARDIS while we’ve already seen various pictures of Clara.

Clara is is the background, smiling sweetly, but that does not mean she’s a victim of sexism, nor does it mean she’s not a strong character. She’s not staring at the camera, because that’s not who she is; she doesn’t stare down monsters, she talks to them, calmly, like she did with Skaldak the ice warrior and the warriors fighting the cybermen. The fact that she’s looking in a different direction to the doctor shows that she thinks in a different way and focuses on different things. That’s all fine and good. I read somewhere (I hope you’ll forgive me as I can’t find the source) that Jenna described it as an in-between pose, echoing her character, who is excited about the prospect of travelling, but also more cautious as her best friend has turned into someone who, we’re told, will be much darker and less amiable.

If you’re still not convinced by that argument, there are several official promotional pictures where Clara is on level footing with the doctor, staring into the camera in a way that still fit her character: for example:

here she’s looking into the spooky unknown, armed with only candles, but still looking as competent as Matt’s Doctor, who has a more useful tool. She is also portrayed as being the same height as Matt, despite Matt being at least a foot taller than her.

Here we see Jenna and Matt both observing the villain from different viewpoints, thus showing their different, yet compatable personalities. You’ll forgive her slightly startled expression because her character has only just been thrown into this world of science fiction and danger

Here, Clara’s still adjusting to the doctor and the danger (you’ll recall she thought they were going to Vegas) but has adopted the iconic Buffy fashion of both a feminine dress and a masculine navy uniform, showing that she can use both icons of masculinity and femininity to useful effect, and as such is staring into the camera, smiling, because she’s optimistic and sees the good in people, even in aliens trying to destroy Earth.

On the other hand, saying Clara’s been subsidised by the writers and saying Rose was better seems incredibly hypocritical, especially when most of her pictures present her as behind the Doctor or holding on to him for support, like so:

Rose was a good character, I’m not denying that. But so is Clara. Implying that there’s only one way to be a good female character is sexist. You don’t have to be strong or confrontational to be a good companion or a good character. Both Clara and Rose have their strong points and their weak points, their strengths and their weaknesses and that’s fine; that’s good even, because you have a more diverse cast of female characters.

So please don’t disregard the next series of Doctor Who by virtue of this one still, especially when it’s geared up to be a good one, with presumably much more character development for Clara. 

PS. Don’t blame Moffat for the picture; he’s a writer, not a photographer. Do you honestly think he was there saying, “No, Jenna, try and look weak and imply you need a brave man”? Come on. 

The message to leave you with is this; be a feminist, that’s good. Point out problematic areas of shows, that’s also good. But if you go into a show with an agenda and aim to prove from the start that the show’s sexist to suit your opinions, then you’re going to perceive it badly, because you can create problems with anything if you try hard enough. Always ask yourself why they’ve done something in this way or that rather than just assuming sexism. The world may just surprise you.