also joe's hands

Driving home I had a bizarre thought.

The War Boys are scarred with engine parts because they believe those materials are the only things that can be repaired in the Wasteland, yet we don’t see any of them with their limbs replaced with prosthetics.  Furiosa has no scarification, no tattoos that we can see, yet she has this masterwork of metal on her left arm, tailor made for her body, to replace what she lost.  

The War Boys were only worthy of the dream of being ‘repaired’.  The idea of being ‘fixed’.  Furiosa is the only person we see, other than Joe and his sons, who is actually ‘repaired’.  It’s no wonder she was so revered.  I so want to know what she did to earn that status, but we may never know.  

This is also another striking mirror to how society works.  Only the very tip top are allowed to have the dream.  The wandering, faceless people underneath only get the pictures, the magazine clippings, the fantasy, but never the real thing.  It is promised, but almost never obtained.