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A Far Away Infinity

I actually am posting this when I said I was going to! A miracle. And another million thank yous for all the love for this story! It makes me write faster ;) Enjoy and let me know what you think! Also look who got fancy with a picture.

Part 1

Part 2  // Sometimes You Have to Grin and Bare it //

“So, how’s Frank?” Jamie asked, kicking a random stone off to the side and into the grass. 

The park they were walking through was busy with kids out of school running around and playing in the hills. The clouds had lifted and the lake they were walking around glistened under the attention.

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Flood my Mornings: Thanks

Anon said: If the stable chapter was in October doesn’t Bree have a birthday coming up?  how is she going to do with the terrible twos ?

Notes from Mod Bonnie:

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment: Eggs (Attack of the Pregnancy Brain!) 

November 23rd, 1950

“Happy Thanksgiving, Frasers!” Marian Harper sang out as she opened the door.

“Happy Thanksgiving,” we chorused in return, arms full of Bree and wine and basket of lemon meringue pie.

“Oof, come in out of the rain,” she clucked, ushering us into the warmth of her cozy foyer. “Though I guess we should thank our lucky stars it’s only rain, not the blizzard they’re getting down south!” 

“Oh, aye,” Jamie agreed, deftly extricating Bree from her raincoat while still holding her. “Made it a bit slow-going on the drive over, but much preferable to snow.” 

“And the rain’s good luck for Miss Bree! Happy BIRTHDAY, sweet pea!”

Thus addressed, Bree giggled and lurched forward into Marian’s arms, surprising all of us. 

“Glad to see she’s finally getting less intent on clinging only to Mama and Da,” I laughed. 

Jamie helped me out of my coat and sweetly kissed my cheek as we followed Marian into the living room. “I suppose being properly two years of age makes a difference, after all!”

Earlier that day 

“Our wee lass doesna appear to be verra sensible of the grand occasion, Sassenach.”

I wiped my hands and turned quickly from the stove (which YES, I’d managed to turn on, thank you very much), beaming. Sure enough, Bree seemed about as interested in festivities as the average boulder. She had both arms around Jamie’s neck and was making it quite clear she was not in the mood to be up and about.

“Well, I suppose she doesn’t remember her last one, little as she was,” I conceded, coming close to tickle Bree lightly in the side. “Guess what, lovey-dove? It’s your BIRTHDAY!”

The dramatic excitement in my tone made her bolt upright at once, hair wild: curlywig to end all curlywigs. “S’bird-day?” she demanded.

“Yes, baby, it’s your birthday!”

“What-is ‘at, Mama? Mama?” She continued to screw her face up at me in concentration as Jamie buckled her in to the high chair. “What-IS ‘at, bird-day? Mama? Mama, what?”  

“It means ,” Jamie offered, settling next to her and putting out one of his hands for hers, “the day you were *born,* a leannan.”

What-is-it, ‘borrnd,’ Daddy?”

“It means the day God gave ye to Mama and me,” he said patiently, “So, it’s a verra special day, aye?”

“What-is-’at?” she said immediately, lacing her fingers together and flapping them about. “Daddy, dinna kennit. What is-’at ‘spedchill’?”

Jamie sighed, love and exasperation so perfectly mingled in that way unique to parents. “’Special’ means…the verra best. Just like you, sweet wee cub.”

“See my-dese jammies?” she chirped, changing direction with lightning speed. “Dey’re porpoor, Daddy, see’um?”

“Aye,” he laughed, “I see, a leannan.” 

She pulled at the fabric of her top. “Dey’re spedchill?” 

“Aye, those are verra SPECIAL purple Jammies,”  he said, meeting my eye and trying not to laugh.

“Your birthday,” I said significantly, walking over to them with Bree’s breakfast held high, “is the day where Mama and Daddy talk about how JUST how much we LOVE our Bree.” I bent and latched onto her sweet, dimpled cheek in a huge, long mmmmmm-ing kiss and Jamie came in to do the same on the other. Bree, caught between us in a smooch sandwich, was giggling so hard she was fit to choke.

“Those are your first presents,” I said pulling back. “Two kisses for your second birthday. And here’s the next!” I slid the plate onto the tray in front of her for inspection.

“Sassenach….That is…” Jamie looked up at me with the queerest expression on his face. “…the *Cutest* thing I’ve ever seen.”

It was little more than a circle with two lopsided ears, but I’d embellished a snout with banana slices and chocolate chips for nose and eyes, and powdered sugar to top things off. 

Yes, it was fairly bloody adorable.

Bree squealed. “Issa—Lookint-’im-that-wee BEAR, Daddy!” She hooted in delight and then began promptly to demolish said wee bear.

“You’d best slow down, mo chridhe!” Jamie laughed. “He’s going to roar in your tummy for gobbling him up so fast!” 

Bree’s mouth was so full she couldn’t reply, but there came a happy, muffled *mmphurr!?!* that signified her excitement to see this play out as soon as humanly (bearly?) possible.

“So neither of you have ever had Thanksgiving before?” Tom asked as he poured Jamie a glass of wine in the sitting room.

“No, indeed!” I settled back onto the sofa with a cup of tea. “A singularly American holiday, this one.”

Tom furrowed his brows. “But you were here stateside last year too, weren’t you, Claire?”

“Oh, yes, well….Yes, but I wasn’t in the going-out frame of mind, to be honest.”

“It was a different life, before you came back, Jamie,” Marian said knowingly, beaming from the floor, where Bree was sitting on her lap playing with her birthday present from the Harpers. “We’re glad you did.”

“As am I, a nighean,” he said warmly to her, then met eyes with me. Glad doesna even begin to express it. 

It would have been a thoroughly lovely moment, except morning sickness had come a-calling with a VENGEANCE today, and I had to close my eyes while yet another urge to vomit abated. 

Jamie noticed and made as if to come to me, but just then, the doorbell rang, followed almost immediately thereafter by Della O’Malley running head-on into Jamie and nearly spilling his wine as she barreled around the corner. He managed to catch her with his free hand, and she looked as though he’d hung the bloody moon. “Hi, Mr. Fraser,” she said breathlessly, gazing up into his face.

“Happy Thanksgiving to ye, Miss Della.” He kissed her hand, which sent her into paroxysms.  Jesus H. Christ, the girl needed a cold shower, pronto

Thankfully, though, it seemed her glow wasn’t *entirely* due to infatuation with Jamie. “Claire! Claire, guess what?” she said, bouncing in my direction.

“Peter asked you to go steady?” She’d been talking about this boy for weeks, it was about time he made a move. 

“YES!!!” she squealed, thudding into a chair next to me. “Can you BELIEVE IT!??!”

“Wine, Claire?” Tom said, coming over with a glass.  

“Oh, no, thank you.”

“Whisky, then?

“No, thank you, Tom, I’m all—” Good Heavens, I nearly burped in the poor man’s face, but managed to choke back the wave of acute nausea and croak, “— all set with my tea.” 

I could have sworn Marian gave me a suspicious look, but thankfully, Jamie came to my aid. “So, from what I gather, the festivity centers around coming together and eating in a spirit of gratitude. But that’s about all I ken of it. Is there more?” 

I had told him the story earlier that morning, in fact, but I was grateful for the diversion while Tom gave the Proud Son of Massachusetts recitation of the Thanksgiving tale. 

Jamie nodded in approval. “Thanks be to God for the kindness of the native folk, then. I must say, I enjoy hearing tales of anyone that managed to fly in the face of the English crown—Sorry Sassenach,” he added with a grin.

“Does Scotland not belong to England?” Della asked, bewildered. 

“Depends on who ye ask,” Jamie laughed. “Suffice it to say, there’s a reason the marriage between Claire and me raised no small number of eyebrows.” 

“But you married anyway,” Della swooned, “how roMANTIC!!” 

Jamie grinned and sat down next to me. “Verra romantic indeed.” He saw my pallor and squeezed my hand, speaking low so only I could hear. “Are ye feeling alright, Sassenach?” 

“Bit queasy,” I admitted, resisting the urge to clutch my abdomen. 

“Can I get ye anything?” 

“No,” I whispered, squeezing his hand. “But thank you. Just have to wait for young Fraser here to settle down.” 

He smiled and ducked his head, trying not to let the others see the direction of his tender gaze. 

We had agreed not to announce the pregnancy until the three-month mark, as was customary. We knew better than anyone that tragedy could still strike after the first trimester, but had decided that for Brianna’s sake, at least, it was best to wait until the highest risk of miscarriage was past….even though acknowledging the possibility of losing another child sent claws of fear tearing at my heart. 

But I’d carried one child safely; Lord willing, I could do so again.  

Please, Lord, keep this little one safe.

Jamie wrapped one arm around my waist and pulled me closer. “I am thankful, today, ye ken?” he whispered. 

“Oh?” I murmured back, looking into his eyes, curious, but already smiling from the tone in his voice. “Whatever for?” 

“For our daughter. For you carrying her. Giving her life, this day two years ago. For—” His voice caught, just barely. “—For how ye went on living when ye didna wish to…” He gently touched my face. “For working as hard as ye do, at home and at the hospital….For being my wife. For….well…” He very discreetly touched my belly. “For our children. And for taking care of us in this new world”

I ran my hand down the side of his face, unable to speak as I kissed him. Come what might in 1951, never had I had a year in which there was so much for which to give thanks as 1950.

“I’m going to shrivel up and DIE from how much you love each other,” came Della’s tremulous threat. “Just you WAIT.”

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Miraculous Chain Fanfic

I realize that I wasn’t too specific when I last gave the link to sign up. I was just like “Here, have a link.” 

The Miraculous Chain Fanfic is going to be a group of 20-30 authors each writing a chapter to combine into one story. It may not be a masterpiece, but I believe it’s a fun way to come together and make a fun story with amazing fic authors. 

To sign up, all you need to have is a tumblr url/username (so I can know who to tag/message when I post the results of the people chosen). I’ll also need a sample of your writing so that I can see your style and see if it is good and unique! (From what I’ve read, they have been good!). Those two things are required. The third question on the form is NOT required, but it’s just a space to put some ideas for what the story is going to be about (which will be decided when I have all the people together). 

I want to use AO3 for the fic, and I think I might have figured out how (by adding everyone’s ao3 into the “add co-creators” bar, I believe that might work. If I’m wrong, and you know how, please message me!). I’m also trying to think of a way everyone could communicate together. I’m thinking the app GroupMe might work best (it’s free). There’s also Discord, but I haven’t really figured out how to use that yet.

If you have any questions please send them to this ask or message me!
Please reblog, sign up, and tag your favorite authors that you’d want to see participate! 

The link to sign up is HERE.

If you sign up/reblog/tag, thank you! It is very much appreciated and I hope you enjoy the process and final outcome!

Love, Jamie ( @give-it-agreste )


anonymous asked:

Love, love, love your fan art! In addition to the beautiful work you've already done, I'd love to see a portrayal of William Ransom! Maybe the scene from an Echo in the Bone where he realizes Jamie is his father and that he's been lied to..?

Thank you so much for this prompt, dear Anon! I am a huge fan of William in the books, who I find to be so very much like Jamie as a young man - impetuous, reckless and stubborn are the qualities which come to mind! But he is also a product of his upbringing, and the scene in Echo which you describe is HUGE in terms of William’s character development. He is very literally confronted with the truth of his history, and there is no escape or denial possible. 

I can only hope I’ve done it justice - mod Fiona

And here are some close ups :

How did you get me in bed?”
“I didn’t. I couldn’t budge you, so I just laid a quilt over you and left you on the hearth. You came to life and crawled in under your own power, somewhere in the middle of the night.”
He seemed surprised, and opened the other eye again.
“I did?”
I nodded and tried to smooth down the hair that spiked out over his left ear.
“Oh, yes. Very single-minded, you were.”
“Single-minded?” He frowned, thinking, and stretched, thrusting his arms up over his head. Then he looked startled.
“No. I couldn’t have.”
“Yes, you could. Twice.”
He squinted down his chest, as though looking for confirmation of this improbable statement, then looked back at me.
“Really? Well, that’s hardly fair; I dinna remember a thing about it.” He hesitated for a moment, looking shy. “Was it all right, then? I didna do anything foolish?”
I flopped down next to him and snuggled my head into the curve of his shoulder.
“No, I wouldn’t call it foolish. You weren’t very conversational, though.”
“Thank the Lord for small blessings,” he said, and a small chuckle rumbled through his chest.
“Mm. You’d forgotten how to say anything except ‘I love you,’ but you said that a lot.”
The chuckle came back, louder this time. “Oh, aye? Well, could have been worse, I suppose.

Dragonfly in Amber

How to deal with a drunk husband but he’s cute and you forgive him. Also he deal with you when you’re drunk and don’t complain but encourage that behavior. 

Jamie Benn #6

Requested by Anon:  Would you please write a story where Jamie Benn is reminiscing about how he met his wife as he drives her to the hospital to have their first child. He was trying to keep his wife calm reminding her how fitting it was that it’s snowing since they met when he rescued her after she lost control of her car and got stuck in a small ditch in a rare Dallas snowstorm.

*I’M BACK!!!! Thank you so much for this. I hope you like this one, I love love Jamie!! <3 Also what do you think of that facial hair, eh? Enjoy!! :)*

Word count: 897

Originally posted by brosillustrated

Jamie had that wistful look on his face that he only gets when he’s remembering a particularly special memory. You’ve seen that look when he talks about the first time he skated in front of his mom, the first time he played an NHL game with his brother, the day he proposed, things like that – and he has it now. You are one for reminiscing and stuff but this not the right place and time to look back on the last ten years or whatever because in between ice chips and contractions, you can’t stop this baby from popping out of you in a few hours.

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The Anchor – Jamie Benn (Part 2)

Originally posted by darthbenn

A/N: Greetings hockey fans/anyone reading this! Here is Part 2 of the Jamie Ben series (if you haven’t read part one, I recommend you do so), I hope you guys like it as much as I do! When this series is over I will be posting another Sidney Crosby imagine. Thank you to everyone who has sent a request in, I really like writing for you guys! Also big thank you to the people who have actively been in my asks, talking to you guys is so much fun and I love you all! Until Saturday my friends ✌️️

Part One


Seeing his face gave you goosebumps. You had no good explanation as to why. A warm hand on your cold skin gave you goosebumps. What did the mystery man want anyway? Why was that smile so charming to you? Why was he- 

“You there? I understand my face is easy to look at, but it would be nice if you would at least respond to my ‘hey’.” The man waved his hand in front of your face to see if you were alive.

“Oh… yeah, I’m sorry… h-hey.” Wow were you really THAT bad at talking to men? You were flirting with him fine during the ceremony and this is what you do now? You barely spat out a response! You were too embarrassed to look at this mystery man in the eyes, so you hung your head and started to rub the fabric of your dress between your fingers. Good job (y/n) you’re bad at everything. You thought you’d have some fun with a guy but you just fucked it up, now didn’t you? Who were you kidding, anyway? Just look at yourself for Christ’s sake! Who would want this face, this body? You’re awkward as hell and you’re not made to be loved. You’ll never get it, as long as you tried. Especially someone like HIM! He’s way out of your league. He’s-

You felt something on your chin that forced your head to point away from your lap, and up toward the mystery man again. Did he really just pull the use-my-finger-to-bring-your-face-up-because-im-a-flirty-son-of-a-bitch move?

But that face of his was so inviting. Was he actually interested in you? Do you really have a chance with the mystery man?

“Are you deaf or something? Or do you just not care about what I have to say?” Oh no. What did he say? 

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” Ok, (y/n), let’s try to get back on track with the mystery man. You can do this. I believe in you, well, me. I believe in me.

“I said,” his sigh showed that he was clearly losing patience with you, but he wasn’t going to give up that easily. “Are you on the groom’s side, or the bride’s side?”

“Officially, I’m on the bride’s side. I’ve been friends with her for ages, and when she started dating Tyler, I’ve become really close with him too. How about you?”

“You really don’t know whose side I’m on? Do you not know who I am?”

No, you dumbass, why do you think I would ask you a question like that if I already knew the answer? I don’t even know your name! You were smart enough to not say what you were thinking, so you replied instead with, “Judging by your stature and overall physical appearance, you look like a hockey player, so I would guess you’re on the groom’s side. And, and sir, I know close to nothing about the sport, so I do not happen to know who you are.”

“How can you be such close friends with Seggy and not know anything about hockey, or about me? Or, I guess I would assume that when he talks about hockey, he talks about me. But, I suppose if the lady doesn’t know, she doesn’t know. I’m Jamie Benn, but of course, a pretty girl such as yourself can call me Jamie.”

You felt yourself blush as the mystery man, who you now know as Jamie, said these things to you. He called you a pretty girl? But you’re not some exotic supermodel. Isn’t that who the rich hockey players go for?

“Ok Mr. Benn, if we’re introducing ourselves, my name is (y/n).”

“That’s a beautiful name. Can I get you a drink from the bar? What would you like?”

Come on, (y/n), don’t mess this up. You have a chance with Jamie… maybe. Probably not. Let’s not think about the odds, let’s just get this man. You can do this (y/n)! “I’m not sure. Can I come with you?” you gave him a small smile, and you got a raised eyebrow in return.

Jamie presented his arm to you, offering you to get up off your seat. Hesitantly, you took it, while he said, “Whatever we get, I don’t want to have too much. There’s no way I’m going to let myself get drunk in front of a girl like you and then forget this whole wedding, including meeting you. Actually, I don’t want to risk it. I’ll go sober tonight.”

He carefully placed your hand in his, “May I?” You nodded. Without taking his eyes off you, Jamie planted a gentle kiss on the back of the same hand.

Your eyes widened in astonishment. There was no denying your heart was melting for him. Did he just…? Did that happen? A real life hockey player. Flirt with me in such a way? He, kissed, my hand. He knows he’s cute, right? How can he not? If he didn’t know he was cute, why did he do that?

As luck would have it, the DJ started to play a slow song. The two of you had the same idea.

“Ms. (y/n), may I have this dance with you?”

“It would be my honor, Mr. Benn.”

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A friend that's an acrobat and is often found hanging from the ceiling ("what the hell are you doing?" "meditation, bitch") or somewhere that should not be humanly possible to get to? (I don't really care who you do for this one but I am a bit of a junkrat junky...Thank you for reading this btw! I love your blog! Sorry if this is a long and dumb request,also sorry about the talky thing I did.)

I hope you don’t mind but I chose Junkrat because I haven’t written about trashmouse in a while

Most of the heroes were away on missions or they were training, but not Jamie. He was in a mischievous mood and he was ready to cause some mayhem. Some old school pranks should do it for today. Things like flour in someones hairdryer, or sticking post-it notes all over Morrison’s office.

You see, his issue was that he assumed that you were away in training and so you - his best friend - would be the perfect victim for a . He was wrong, oh so wrong.

He’d snuck into your room and began to rummage around to find something to prank you with. When he completed his task, he turned away snickering to leave.

“What are you doing, Jamison?” You asked, eyes shut and hanging upside down from the ceiling. How he hadn’t seen you when he first walked in was beyond you.

He screamed and jumped back, clutching his heart. When he realised it was you, all he could manage was a “What the hell are you doing?!”

“Meditation, bitch.” Your eyes snapped open and you dropped from the ceiling and landed neatly on your feet. Your friend began to laugh nervously as you walked out the door.

You paused, leaning against the door frame. You looked over your shoulder, “Just clear up the mess you made.”

anonymous asked:

What are your favorites parts of all the books? Those parts that you usually re-read? I'm totally in love with the part when Claire gets shot and all the Jamie's POV. Also, I really love when at the end of the third book Claire falls from the ship and breaks her leg and jamie jump after her and hold her for hours. Sorry if you've been asked this before, I've just discovered your blog and I really like your answers and the way you think :)

anon 2 asked: What was your favorite chapter or happening from each book?

Hi anons - thanks for your ask, and for your kind words!

Here are my favorite quotes/scenes/passages/chapters from each Book:

Outlander: When Claire chooses Jamie at Craig Na Dun. Because it’s where their story - where their marriage - truly begins.

Dragonfly in Amber: All of chapter 17, “Possession”

Voyager: The reunion at the printshop - and later, the reunion of another kind in the room at the brothel

Drums of Autumn: All of chapter 16, “The First Law of Thermodynamics” - especially the strawberries scene

The Fiery Cross: Jocasta’s wedding - especially the scenes of Jamie admiring/lusting after Claire from afar

A Breath of Snow and Ashes: Just any of the wonderful domestic scenes of day-to-day life on Fraser’s Ridge. I especially like the part where Jamie teaches Jem how to swim, and Jem kisses Jamie’s scars to make them better

An Echo In The Bone: When Jamie and Claire return to Lallybroch, and he shows her his cave

Written In My Own Heart’s Blood: The last few chapters - the return to Fraser’s Ridge, what Jamie actually does on his “hunting trip,” the achingly beautiful words that Jamie and Claire say to each other about the depth of their love (“Sassenach—I am the true home of your heart, and I know that…I have loved others, and I do love many, Sassenach—but you alone hold all my heart, whole in your hands…and you know that”) and the wonderful, wonderful closing paragraphs of the book

gerardway: DOOM PATROL #6- In Stores Now!
We did it! Arc one concludes. I am so very proud of this arc and our team and just lucky to be a part of what I think are some really fun, heart-strong, and strange comics. (Also gorgeous thanks to the art team of @Nickderington, Tom Fowler inks on issue 6, and Tamra Bonvillain.) Todd Klein helped it flow wonderfully with the lettering as always. We have Samplerman on the variant! **EXTRA SPECIAL thanks to Tom Fowler for sweeping in with some outstanding inks and getting us across the finish line. Also thanks to Jamie S. Rich and Molly Mahan for working their editorial magic. Shelly Bond who helped Nick and I kickstart this thing. And warm thanks to Dan DiDio, Jim Lee (@jimleeart), and the brilliant DC Comics team for all the love, courage, and support.
I am so very excited for you all to read this one, as it ties almost everything up (I hope). And of course we’ve got a new and ridiculous Bane’s Coloring Corner by Brandon Bird.
I also wanted to share with you the amazing gifts Nick gave me to commemorate the first arc, and our Doom Patrol summit we are having at the house right now. We’ll be working away fine tuning arc two, catching up schedule-wise, and getting back on track— can’t wait to see you all join us again for Arc 2!
Written by Gerard Way
Pencils and cover by Nick Derington
Inks by Tom Fowler
Colors by Tamra Bonvillain
Letters by Todd Klein
Variant cover by Samplerman
With “Bane’s Coloring Corner” by Brandon Bird
#dcyounganimal #doompatrol #dccomics#janestown
#brickbybrick #fugg #dannytheambulance

anonymous asked:

but how do you have such a good grasp of Jamie and Claire? i mean honestly reading your stuff is so often just like reading the canon books. I'd love to write fic but i don't feel like my jamie and claire would sound liek them. any tips?

oh well, thank you so much for that! 


Honestly, for ME, it’s all about the audiobooks. Doesn’t suit everyone, but it really helped me get those cadences and tones and accents firmly entrenched in my mind. Most times audiobook narrators are overemphasizing every emotion and piece of dialogue which can feel weird, but it honestly gave me such a vivid sense of these characters that I don’t think I would have gotten as strongly through a paper-read. Not everyone can dig audiobooks but, it is the ONLY way I read fiction. Not kidding one bit. 

But in the spirit of being actually helpful (haha) here are some key things for writing Jamie and Claire


  • *Rather erudite in her manner of speaking and forming various thoughts, be they of large significance or, alternatively, laughably infinitesimal.* (Claire uses bigass words and convoluted sentence structures)(She’s grown up with scholars)(don’t force it, but she has a very high-level vocabulary and manner of speaking).
  • Tends to bluster and insult when she’s out of her element as a way to stall (this is critical, imho) and give herself time to come back with a more intelligent attack. 
  • Can take on an almost-prim manner sometimes, but usually in jest or as a way to lovingly bait someone. Claire really enjoys the art of conversation, and seems to like to dance around topics in a fun, conversational way with people she likes spending time with. 


  • Honorable: he consistently chooses others and “right” over his own desires, often at great personal cost and suffering.
  • Relentless: whether it be digging in his heels for an argument (Fraser stubbornness) or loving those he cares for to the end of time and back.
  • Incisive: he can make important decisions quickly, and *well*. He’s intuitive and can process that intuition very quickly to make good decisions (particularly in battle or other high-stress scenarios). Jamie isn’t usually one to waffle about. Once he’s made a decision, it is made, and he can proceed confidently based on his convictions.
  • Matter-of-fact: Unlike Claire, who can take a bit more of a cagey approach to difficult topics while she gets her bearings, Jamie is direct and pretty guileless about most things, even matters of the heart. 

And for both of them general, HUMOR [or humour if you must ;) ] is an important part of their interaction. They tease and they poke, and that’s integral to how they enjoy one another. They have fun, and it’s one of the most important pieces of their tenderness and chemistry, I would say 

Anyway, there are certainly many aspects I haven’t touched on, but those are some of the biggies for me. I hope that’s helpful in some way! 


anonymous asked:

Omg I love your ocs, you should make a TV show or something they're all so cute. I have a couple of questions though is that all right? If verity is dating both Christina and Maria does that mean she's cheating on them? And what do the letters under their ages mean? Wallace is still my favourite but I also love Hector and Maria and Christina and Reed and Jamie and Ahhhhh I love them all! Thank you for making these!


1) Verity dates both Christina and Maria, it’s a polyamorous relationship! Christina and Maria are good friends and they both like Verity a lot, so after some discussions Verity suggested trying out poly relationship and it worked. Verity was only Christina’s girlfriend in the first place, but when Maria met Verity she couldn’t help thinking about how much she likes Christina’s gf. Maria and Christina have only friendly relations between them though, they do not date each other. Maria’s, Verity’s and Christina’s relationship is very open and honest, also Verity is that kind of person who would never cheat on her partner~

2) Those letters depict the type of personality! Here, have a look:

it’s pretty useful if you need to give a brief description of a person c:

You made me so happy aaaaaahhhhh I wanna draw more of my ocs but tomorrow is my english exam and I’m studying for it BUT I WANNA DRAW AAAH

thank you for being interested in my ocs, asking questions and just being a cute bun! have a wonderful day/night~

anonymous asked:

Custody of Brianna. "Old Wise One", you have yet again surprised me with the custody resolution. I had expected blood to be drawn but was pleased with the calm, logically outcome. Giving Jamie custody of Brianna was an brilliant twist that I'd not seen coming. I was also surprised and grateful to see Jamie's kindness toward Frank. If matters had gone in Frank's favor, I do not believe Frank would have done the same. Love the character of this Jamie. Another excellent chapter, Thank You.

Old?! Haha, I don’t know about ‘Old’ but I’ll accept the ‘Wise One’ moniker if you insist. ; )

I’ve been soooo thrilled with everyone’s reactions to this unofficial end to the first arc. I wanted it to subvert expectations a bit and it seems to have worked out that way, so YAY!

For me, so much of this arc and specifically this climax to the plot came down to Jamie and Frank and how they view each other and why. 

Frank has lost Claire before so while he’s not thrilled about the thought of her divorcing him, he can live with it but Brianna is a whole other story. To have Jamie suddenly show up and “take” not only Claire away but Brianna too puts him into a panic and he does a bit of lashing out––hence his attempts to appeal for custody of Brianna and “take her back.” He’s not thinking about what’s best for her and what she wants and deserves because he’s soooo terrified of losing her altogether. It’s not until all that’s left is simply asking to still be a part of her life that he is able to do so. Jamie agreeing so readily is not what Frank expects (especially in light of his own attempts to get Brianna for himself; he expects equal retaliation, not compassion or understanding). 

For Jamie, there is a lot of jealousy behind his reactions to Frank but also that deep-seeded association of Frank with BJR; that’s such an ingrained, physiological response on his part that it takes some real work to look past it and for a while he doesn’t. He wants what’s best for Brianna and knows that she cares for Frank but he also resents how much time Frank got with her that he never will. To have the judge grant him custody of Brianna––even with his limited understanding of what’s happening––is such validation for him but then it forces him into a position with regards to Frank that he wasn’t expecting. He has a very specific position of power over Frank and it tests Jamie (and of course he passes). But the biggest thing in their relationship from Jamie’s side is that seeing Frank in this position drives home once and for all how very different Frank is from BJR so that a lot of the blending that had been happening breaks and Frank becomes distinct––and Frank is someone Jamie can empathize with. Jamie knows precisely what it’s like to lose the most important people in his life like that. So he is able to show and express not just compassion for Frank’s position but the gratitude he truly feels. 

The other emotions are still there for both men and will come up again in the course of the story but they won’t be the main source of conflict moving forward. Both of them and Claire will find ways to make sure that Brianna has all the people she loves around for her. 

There are just a few installments that will serve as an epilogue to this first arc, then there will be a few installments of an interlude before I head into the second arc for this fic. The second arc plot-wise will be what I’ve come to think of as my Frank-the-spy plot but there will also be a LOT of happy, domestic Fraser moments throughout (Fraser fluff galore including purchasing, renovating, and moving back to Lallybroch). They’re going to get a break from the drama on their side while Frank meets a certain familiar face who’s up to something. 

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Hi Jamie! I have a question, How much time did it pass between when you find out that you were trans and when you came out? I hope it makes sense, sorry about my English, I'm a latin trans guy. Btw, I love your videos!!!

Hey, makes perfect sense! 

I think it was roughly 6-8 months between realising I was trans and coming out, but I can’t remember exactly. Take things at your own pace though, it’s fine to come out immediately and it’s also fine to wait however long you need to. 

Thank you! :) 

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rules: tag ten songs you’re vibing on and tag ten people! tagged by @pidgepitchu thanks 8)  

  1. Sharpness - Jamie Woon
  2. Can’t Do - Everything Everything 
  3. You Don’t Know Me - Son Lux
  4. Crime Cutz - Holy Ghost!
  5. Bridge & Tunnel - Holy Ghost! 
  6. Holy My Breath - Holy Ghost!
  7. Lust For A Vampyr - I Monster
  8. On My Mind - Disciples
  9. Cry For You - Hot Chip 
  10. Flexin’ - Dutch Uncles

im gonna tag (no pressure): GFS (We Are One), @gayhura @sunburntkeith @bluemcclain @ace-paladin @klancerous @blessedkeith @scrawlers @stargazershiro @alius-alia @eungihyung @archaicsextoy and anyone who wants to go for it pls do it!! i’d love to hear what songs you’re vibing to honestly! 

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Hello, it is I, a writer afraid to mischaracterize the band, where/how do you find out characteristics of the band members individually? I know the backstory and the general idea of their personalities but like no specifics like well known head cannons etc, where have you found all that and follow up, how do you know when something is inaccurate? This would really help me so if you know any id really appreciate it (also love your blog💕)

Thanks! I get most of my characterisation from ready the Wiki’s over and over and over again, and also watching various interviews. There are also lists of different canon traits of the characters floating around on Tumblr

If you think something might be inaccurate, just ask someone! I’m cool if you wanna come off anon and fact check something, even tho I might not be the best person to ask.

Or you could just ask Damon and Jamie themselves, they probably know a bit 

Leaving a Mark: Marks of Trauma and Endurance/Survival

Next up in my Leaving a Mark analysis series following Marks of Community and Inclusion and Marks of Possession, I’m looking at marks of trauma and endurance/survival. More specifically, I’m looking at the physical marks of such trauma––the bodily scars––though these are often accompanied by psychological scars (and there are many psychological scars characters bear that don’t accompany a physical mark). 

So much of the Outlander series centers on how the core characters (and their foes) endure and persist in the face of incredible odds. In the process of getting through to the other side, the characters are marked by the experience and these marks often serve as reminders of their pain and losses but also of the fact that they managed to survive at all. And there is probably no one in the series more physically marked than Jamie. 

Upon their arrival at Leoch, Claire first sees the scars on Jamie’s back and hears the story of why he was flogged, though it isn’t until later from Dougal (BJR in the show) about the flogging itself. Jamie speaks of them a few times but is always self-conscious about them. Early in the first book, Jamie explains to Claire. 

“Alec knows who I am––I mean, he’s heard I was flogged, but he’s not seen it. And to know something like that is no the same as seein’ it wi’ your own eyes. […] It’s––maybe you’ll not know what I mean. But when you know a man’s suffered some harm, it’s only one of the things you know about him, and it doesna make much difference how ye see him. Alec knows I’ve been flogged, like he knows I’ve red hair, and it doesna matter to how he treats me. […] But when you see it yourself, it’s like”––he hesitated, looking for words––“it’s a bit… personal, maybe, is what I mean. I think… if he were to see the scars, he couldna see me anymore without thinking of my back. And I’d be able to see him thinking of it, and that would make me remember it, and––” He broke off, shrugging.

The lingering trauma of the experience, as we learn later, goes beyond the degradation of being made to submit to the flogging. We learn that the sight of it triggered a stroke (apoplexy) in his father from which Brian Fraser never recovered, something for which Jamie blamed himself for a long time. He doesn’t wish to remember any of the pain from that time in his life (an impossible feat) and it is made even more difficult when his back is exposed and signaling to those around him something of what he’s been through.

His back and the excessive rage of the person––and the office––that inflicted it (Black Jack Randall in person but English soldiers more generally) are used by Dougal during the rent collecting party. 

With no warning, Dougal stood, seized Jamie’s collar and pulled. Old, and shabbily made to begin with, the shirt tore cleanly down the seams. Taken completely by surprise, Jamie froze. His eyes narrowed, and I saw his jaw set tightly, but he didn’t move as Dougal spread aside the ripped flaps of cloth to display his back to the onlookers.

There was a general gasp at sight of the scarred back, then a buzz of excited indignation. I opened my mouth, then caught the word “Sassenach,” spoken with no kindly intonation, and shut it again.

Dougal uses the scars of the flogging for political gain with his Highlander audiences, but to others at later times in the series, the scars suggest a malfeasance on Jamie’s part. They also indicate an experience with levels of physical pain that those around him might not have realized before seeing the scars. 

Spoilers for Voyager, Drums of Autumn, The Fiery Cross, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, An Echo in the Bone and also it’s just really, really long.

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