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56th Street - Peter Parker

request -  Hey, could you do a story where the reader (who doesn’t really know Peter but maybe they go to the same school?) finds one of Peter’s backpacks that he left behind and tries to find him to give it back to him? And maybe that happens more than one time and reader tries to solve this backpack mystery? Hope you can work with this messy idea, your blog’s name somehow gave me the idea.

a/n - this idea made me so happy!!!! (for obvious reasons LMAO) i tried to show his more dorky side in this fic and i’m sorry if it failed, but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you’d like and follow!

I was walking down 53rd street, headphones in and heading home straight from work. I decided to take the short way home through a small alleyway, but was stopped when I almost tripped over something.

What the hell-” I thought to myself, looking down to see a small backpack. It seemed as if it was left here since the sun was going down and everyone was starting to head home for the day. My eyes then caught onto the zipper was broken from the side down.

Parker.” I huffed in my mind, recognizing the faulty zipper. This had marked the third time that I’ve found his backpack within the last month. Peter and I had never spoken to one another outside of Chemistry, and I never understood why he would be rushing out of school so quickly. Every time I found his backpack it would also be in the same place too, which I found odd.

I zipped his backpack up and looked at the tag on one of its straps.

20 Ingram Street.” I typed into my phone, slinging the backpack around my shoulder and following the directions that radiated off of the screen, luckily not being longer than a 10 minute walk.

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I live in Croatia and we have a tradition where seniors on their last day of school called Norijada (which is a month earlier than the official last day of school for everyone else) basically go crazy. They get waterpistols, water balloons, flour, paint, eggs, vinegar, soap, sugary water, wine etc. and pour and spray it on the younger students. Croatia just goes crazy on that day. Also my hometown, Rijeka, has another specific tradition. Seniors put up black lists a day before Norijada with the names of students and funny and/or offensive nicknames and those students are given special attention during the rampage.
It does sound mean but its become more tradition than actually doing it to hurt someone. They usually have only water and sugar in my school so all you do is bring a change of clothes and dont go out and buy lunch that day. But yeah, i thought you might find this interesting.

Pairing: Iwaizumi/Oikawa
Theme: modern!au: the interview

“Oikawa-san, you’ve led the team to yet another victory! How does it feel?”

Scoffing, Iwaizumi finished his beer and crushed the empty can, tossing it into the trashcan halfway across the room without even looking. He’d come home after a long day of work to the television still on after clearly telling his roommate to turn it off before leaving. 

Dumbass can’t do anything right…

He was going to change the channel, but the dumbass roommate also put the remote somewhere that wasn’t its rightful place. Too tired to look for it, Iwaizumi had opted to just get a beer and microwave some of last night’s leftovers, deciding working out could wait until tomorrow morning. He’d spent the day running after elementary school kids, teaching them that volleyball wasn’t only about spiking.

Iwaizumi loved kids, but today was one of those days where he wished he’d been working with college students. Spiking balls at small kids wasn’t okay. Spiking balls at kids just a few years younger than he was was okay.

“–and it’s really great, you know? Being able to work with amazing players! Isn’t that right, Tetsu-chan?” Iwaizumi watched Oikawa call over his shoulder, Kuroo Tetsurou walking by. From the way Kuroo looked over and started raising his hand, Iwaizumi could tell he was going to flip him off. But remembering the television and nationwide broadcast, he wisely lowered his hand and smiled as he kept walking.

“Now, Oikawa-san, as one of Japan’s most adored volleyball players–”

“You’re too kind!”

“–I’m sure many viewers are wondering… how are things going in your personal life? Anyone who you think about when you play?”

Iwaizumi scoffed because Oikawa Tooru, as he’d known him, was an entirely self-absorbed bastard who wouldn’t give anyone else the time of day unless he needed something.

“Well… of course!”

Iwaizumi choked on his mildly warm pad thai.

“I think about him all the time, you know?” Oikawa continued with a bright smile. “I mean, I’d love it if he were here, but… he couldn’t be. Things between us… aah, well, things aren’t that great right now. But still, every time we win, he’s the one I think of. He makes me want to be better. We almost played together, but he decided not to go professional and, honestly, I still consider him my ace.”

The camera zoomed in, it fucking zoomed in, Iwaizumi seethed, just as Oikawa gave a little lopsided smile, half lidded eyes averted.

“…I really, really wish he could’ve been here. We all have that one person, right? The one person we’re convinced is our soulmate. …I really miss him.”

Bowl clattering onto the table, Iwaizumi grabbed his phone and growled incoherent swears under his breath as he heard it ring after dialing, glaring at the screen. “Fucking…”

Oikawa here! Can’t answer, probably busy being the best! Leave a message!”

Oikawa, you fuckin’ dumbass!” Iwaizumi barked. “We had a tiny fight about whose turn it was to eat the leftover pizza!! Don’t talk about me like I’m dead!”

Hanging up, he tossed his phone across the couch. He huffed as he leaned back, arms crossed over his chest and still for a moment before reaching over and redialing with a small grumble.

“Also congrats on winning. Proud of you. Still fuckin’ mad at you though. Sleep on the couch. Bye.”


Day 96/100 of Productivity: 25 June 2017

completed bullet journal spread from last week! its the last week of school, and i’m pretty dang excited for it because its src week!! 

Day 25 of June Study Challenge:

What advice would you have for your younger self?

Don’t be afraid to give new things a try and if someone’s actually leaving you out, or being mean to you, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself! Also, who cares if you’re different? Being unique is cool, that’s what makes you special :)

Falling For You Was My Lucky Guess-  Donghyuck X Reader

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Anon: Could I request a Nct dream scenario where Haechan is very shy around you and doesn’t know his own feelings for you until someone points out and then he tries to confess but then you confess first and kiss him?

A/n: i didn’t actually realise his birthday is like a year and 4 days after mine bless his heART THE SMALL BBY also nct dream are my kids fight me on this

also i recommend listening to My First and Last and chewing gum while reading just support my kids also i got inspiration from the red flavour iTS SUCH A CUTE SONG okillshutupnow

Lee Donghyuck. He….doesn’t get love at all. I mean. At all. Like he sees couples in the street and in the hallways, and wants to be like that but it’s complicated. Maybe. Yeah, it’s complicated. It’s even more complicated when it came to you. You’re the sweet, kind and cute girl he sits next to in class for all his lessons. The first day of high school, you two were placed next to each other in class. And you had a full pack of Strawberry bubble gum. He noticed you playing around with the wrapper and he asked for one. You didn’t want to seem mean and say no, so you gave him one. That’s the way you got to know his friends too- Mark, Jeno and Renjun. And every day that year, you had the same flavour of gum to place on his desk when he came into the class in the morning. Back to his love problem, he’s known you for a year now, and…doesn’t exactly know what his feelings are for you. He likes you as a friend, but you’re too cute to miss. He doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to be yours. Uh…this is hard to say, but. He…doesn’t know yet. He doesn’t know that he likes you for certain yet.

“Ah, good morning Y/n.”

“Good morning Jeno!”

You say before passing the first set of doors at the back. Donghyuck, being the slightly clumsy kid, he leaned back in his chair to see where you were. Falling back in his chair, he hit the ground with a thump, just as you came to your seat.

“Oh, Donghyuck, are you alright?”

“Y-Yeah, I’m fine.”

Jeno came rushing over to see how Donghyuck was, but had a better comment in his mind that he wanted to share. 

“Donghyuck, looks like you’ve fallen for Y/n, right?”

Both you and Jeno laughed at that -smart- remark, giving Donghyuck’s head a little rub after seeing how hard he hit his head. A smile came out of Donghyuck, but your attention was drawn to the large puffs of red on his cheeks known as blush. In that moment, the understatement played in his mind- he may have a crush on you. Yeah, he had a crush on you. And for that week, he seemed so shy, so quiet and calm around you. Every time you looked away, it seemed like he was observing you. Your eyes, lips, cheeks, anything. It wasn’t creepy, it didn’t make you feel uncomfortable, it was just out of character for him to do it. And you weren’t the only person to notice. Mark and Renjun noticed too.

“Is Donghyuck distracted by anything?”

“Maybe it’s Y/n..”

“You have a point…does she know?”

“I don’t think she does.”

The two of them shrugged, looking to you two at the end of the row. You also were distracted by those imaginary flying hearts above your head. You wished they would go away, but you were just stuck with them until this whole crush situation fixes itself. The end of the day rolled around, and you were glad to go home. Grabbing your bag, you saw Donghyuck squeeze past you like he was in a rush. You were just about to call out his name to say goodbye, but you didn’t want to keep him back if he was in a rush. Just as you looked away though, he looked back, smiling to you. That was the first one in a while.

“Hey Y/n, can we eat in here tomorrow?”

“Huh? Oh, sure…see you later Donghyuck.”

“Bye Y/n!”

And just like that, hearts above your head started to appear, and blush too, just because of what he asked. And somehow you were happier. He still didn’t know that you liked him. A lot. And it was killing you inside because you wanted to tell him badly, but you really couldn’t because what if he didn’t like you back and what if it made everything awkward and oh my god you’re thinking about it too much. Chill. You told yourself to calm down, giving yourself time to think about what you would do tomorrow. Oh wait…I forgot to say. You also kind of decided that you would tell him that you liked him tomorrow. Why? There was a spontaneous burst of courage coming from somewhere or something, and you were hoping that it would last till tomorrow. So that’s a thing….have fun with that. And speaking of that day…it came around quicker than you thought. It only felt like you went to bed a couple minutes prior to you waking up. You were nervous, to say the least, but you were also prepared for anything. You were also pretty scared that the day was going quicker than you imagined. Maths, English and Music flew right by, and then the time came. In the moment before the bell rang, you asked yourself why you were nervous to even sit with him for lunch, but then it hit you. You were going to say that you liked him and that, my friend, that sentence could come out at any time. Getting your lunch out, you could literally feel your heart getting itself ready to join the other imaginary hearts up above your head. You felt like you had the apple photobooth hearts above your head. But in real life. And you were wondering if he could see them too. Cause if he could then you were going to be worrying a whole lot more. Wow

“So…why did you want to eat lunch in the class?”

“Uh, no reason, just thought it would be nice.”

You two started talking like normal, just like how you would before the head hitting incident and the comment that Jeno made. It was nice to talk with him again. But out of the corner of your eye, you could spot the three boys you didn’t want to see- Mark, Jeno, and Renjun. For some reason, they were giving Donghyuck the thumbs up signal, which is never a good sign when it came to those three. Just as he saw outside the door, his seat shifted around to where you were, so he was sitting right beside you. 


“Hm? What’s up?”

“Do you know what one rice grain said to the beef cutlet?”


“Rice to meat you.”

A bit of an awkward silence, but he thought it was worth it.

“Did Jeno tell you that joke?”


“That’s what I thought…it was actually pretty good.”

Wow you acknowledged his funny (sort of) joke. Now you tell him. Or maybe not. You two still talked, and you didn’t even notice that your face was calming down to the normal cheek colour, and the hearts were fading away slightly. 

“Hey Y/n?”

Oh here we go again, man the battle stations. It’s confession time. Maybe. Wait. Yeah, it was. Definitely. He kept on looking you right in the eyes, before smiling and giving you the warmest feeling in your heart. You couldn’t help but to smile back a little, btu feel a little intimidated at the same time. There was only 5 minutes until the bell rang for the end of break, so you had to do this fast, and you had to do it now. Not to lie, but Donghyuck felt a little nervous too, just like you. He couldn’t help but to smile and laugh a little, remembering what Mark told him to do if he felt nervous.

“What’s so funny? You got another joke?”

“No, it’s funnier than that. A friend–”


“Y-Yeah, how did you…?”

“Lucky guess, but go on?”

“He told me that if I couldn’t say what I wanted to say, I could act it out, or at least charade it.”


So the first part was the “i”, so he pointed to your eye. You were more than confused in that moment.

“My eye? I? Me?”

“The second one.”



“Ok…so I like you?”

After hearing the words come out of your own mouth, you couldn’t help but to feel those small hearts turn bigger, and fall upon your head again, along with that bright red blush you had on earlier. You started to laugh, unaware of his shocked expression.

“W-Wait what….?!”

“Hm? What is it?”

“N-Nothing….but how did you…?”

“Lucky guess?”

 You looked him in the eyes, smiling to him again. Packing up your lunch, you placed it in your bag again, putting your sports jacket on, along with your sports bag for the next lesson, which was P.E. Crouching down by his chair, you gave him another warm smile, looking up to him. A smile spread across his mouth, he really couldn’t believe what you just told him. Guess what? You couldn’t either. Somehow that courage you had left over from yesterday spread over today, and just left you so happy and carefree, that you could do anything, anything crazy. 

“Hey, by the way, that wasn’t my lucky guess. I just wanted to tell you that.”

You said, laughing at his still shocked expression. He wasn’t going to change expressions, so this was a perfect chance to do something absolutely crazy, and something you didn’t think you would give him in like 100 days, but here you are. You were about to do that crazy thing you said that you might do if your courage was still there. Oops it’s still there and you were going for it. Standing up, you gave him one last smile, before placing a hand on his shoulder, leaning into his cheek. As if by magic, your soft honey lips were attracted to his equally as bright cheeks, a small attraction as a kiss was planted. You came away from his cheeks and looked him directly in they eyes again, seeing that the imaginary love heart were stuck over his head, only with arrows in them. Leaving the classroom, you waved to him, still lovestruck in his chair. But what seemed to be the soul leaving your body, you took a couple steps towards the door, before slumping to the floor, hands buried into your face, visible anime blush marks and puffs of smoke coming out of your head. You actually…did it. The next couple hours were left with nervous butterflies twirling and wrestling your stomach, as you awaited to see Donghyuck after the lesson. 

“Y/n? You alright?”

“Huh? Yeah, I’m fine!”

“Your cheeks are burning red, what happened?”

“Oh, nothing happened!”

“Y/n you missed three of the attempts to get the shuttlecock over the net.”

“I got them into the goal though…”

“Y/n badminton doesn’t have a goal and you just aimed the shuttlecocks into the basketball hoop.”




“….Close enough….”

Well wasn’t that a success? Oh who am I kidding…you had the poor boy on your mind for the rest of the day! He was the same too! He got hit on the head twice with the tennis balls, and once with a racket! Brownie points go to whoever can guess who hit him. tHATS RIGHt it was Jeno. It was Jeno. Heading back up to the classroom after the lesson ended, you couldn’t find him anywhere, until you heard a slight bang on the door. You turned around, seeing that it was only Mark.

“Oh, hey Mark.”

“Y/n whatever you did you broke Donghyuck.”

“I did?”

“Yeah, he’s just been sitting down in P.E and he’s had this weird face on…”

You notice that Donghyuck was right outside the door, bring on the blush. And the apple photobooth hearts. 

“Like that?”

Mark turned around, looking to Donghyuck before turning back to you, nodding profoundly. The face he was talking about? Completely lovestruck. He sighed, before bringing him in to see you. Mark then walked back out and closed the door, giving the thumbs up to Donghyuck again. The first thing you see when you look back to him…was the little ball shaped marks on his forehead.

“Why do you…have marks on your head?”

“I kind of got distracted in P.E…”

“By what?”




“Well that’s a relief I can say the same thing about you–”

“Y/n, I’ve been waiting to tell you this…it’s been here for a while…I really do like you.”

He slowly took your hand, holding it in his, stroking your hand slowly. You looked down to his hand holding yours, feeling the blush crawl back on your face. A smile spread across your face again, gazing back into his eyes.

“So you like me back?”

“That’s what I tried to say at lunch, yeah.”

“Sorry…I kind of got a little excited to tell you…and it just came out….”

“It’s ok…well…we both said it to each other…what happens now?”

A couple seconds of silence to heal the blush, but just standing in a classroom wasn’t going to help anyone. Just then, the courage you had a couple hours ago, came slipping back into you body, taking a glance at him. For some reason, you were…drawn to his lips. They looked sweet, and you really couldn’t stop staring at them. 

“Don’t couples…kiss…?”

“L-Like what you gave me at lunch?”


You whispered softly, before leaning in closer to his lips. You couldn’t help yourself in what you were about to do, but at the same time you didn’t want to back up. You were going for it, and with a proud heart too. Gripping his hand a little tighter, you could finally feel his lips on yours, staying for a little over 4 seconds, before backing up quickly. The blush on your face slowly spread to your cheeks and then to your ears, as you touched your lips. Donghyuck on the other hand, he became frozen again, giving a small smile as he touched his lips too. 

“T-That…felt nice.”


You hopeless romantics. Who knew that would be the start to a young, beautiful love. This wouldn’t of happened if you didn’t give him the strawberry gum at the start of the year, and if it wasn’t for that lucky guess, then you wouldn’t have guess that any of that would happen.

And Jeno helped, I guess. 

“Jeno why did Donghyuck have so many marks on his head yesterday?”

“Y/n I don’t know why are you asking me for all you know Mark could of hit him over the head with the racket cause he wouldn’t say he liked you because he was so shy but yeah I had to motivate him somehow!! wait what”

“je N O”

Cheryl Blossom: maybe never -Smut-

Request: a cheryl x fem!reader request please, where the reader and cheryl were friends with benefits over the summer and no one knows. when veronica shows up, the reader starts showing interest in her and they go to the dance together, making cheryl jealous. later at the after party at the blossom’s, the bottle points first to the reader, then veronica, but before they can go into the closet, cheryl grabs the reader and shows everyone just who she belongs to

Notes: Halloo. I’m back. I haven’t been writing for a while, because of technical issues with my bitch ass internet. Buuuut, its working now so yay! Ahhhhh this is is probably going to be short. I’m sorry, babies. I promise tho I have another Cheryl x Reader smut coming up on Thursday. Wednesday, I’m going to be busy with me mama, my niece, and my sestra. Soooo ye. I LITERALLY NEVER PROOFREAD SORRY. 

Warnings: Hmm, SMUT AF. I don’t feel like being kinky rn so, you already know its just basic as fuck sexy time. Jealous!Cheryl. Alcohol. Sigh, just fingering. Sorry I’m being lazy. Veronica x Reader, a lil tiny bit tho. Ughhh a shitty ass ending, as always. Dassit.


Oh boy. What a fucking summer I had. I had done so much shit I never thought I’d do. Like go skinny dipping, party like all night, fuck Cheryl Blossom, be fuck buddies with Cheryl Blossom, drink all day everyday and other unusual things. But, can you believe it? Me and Cheryl fucking Blossom. Its fucking crazy. In case you don’t know what all the hype is about, Cheryl is like the most popular (and hottest) girl in school. So, for her to come at me and start this whole thing, was holy shit. Of course no one knew what we did. All they know, is that Cheryl has made a new best friend. Since it was the last weekend of summer, Cheryl was throwing one of her huge ass parties. I also heard that there was a new girl in Riverdale. Um..Veronica. Everyone keeps saying she’s sexy. I haven’t seen her yet, so I can’t say the same. The party had started and I was already late. So, I lowkey sped my way to her house. There were already teenagers hanging outside, with red cups in their hands. You could hear the music from a mile away. I literally had to push through people to get inside. Once I spotted Cheryl, I made my way towards her. “Hey Cheryl.” I called out excitedly. When she saw me, she nearly ran over to me. “Y/N, heyyyy.” I could tell she was drunk, you could smell the tequila on her breath. She went back to what she was doing, while I wondered around the huge house. I saw a girl, who looked as lonely as I did. She looked fairly new though, that must be Veronica. She was, might I say sexy. I wanted to be the first person she knew, so I decided to take it upon myself and go speak to her. “Hey, you must be Veronica. I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.” I said as we shook hands. “Hi Y/N. Yeah I’m Veronica. Are her parties always this-” “lit? Yeah totally. She is known for having bomb ass parties, and other things that I certainly will not speak of.” I laughed nervously. She chuckled at my stupidity. “Um, do you want to like go dance? I’ve had people tell me I’m a pretty good dancer.” I said as I pumped my fist awkwardly into the air. She cracked up at my lame jokes. “Yes, totally. I would love to see how good you are at dancing.” I nodded, while linking arms with the taller girl, and dragged her to the center of the room. My back was facing her front, as she wrapped her arms around my waist, bumping and grinding to the beat. The music got more slower and sexual, and our bodies got closer. With my hands in her hair, and her lips on my neck, I could see the jealousy on Cheryl’s face. “Okay, everybody get in a circle and grab an empty bottle, because we’re playing spin the bottle bitches!” Cheryl yelled over the music, while everyone cheered and did as they were told. I grabbed Veronica’s hand and pulled her on the floor. Everyone had their chance to spin, so it was my turn. I spun the bottle again, and it landed on Veronica. The boys whooped and hollered as I turned to face the girl next to me. We leaned in close, but before our lips got to touch, I was being pulled by the hand out of the room? I looked to see who it was pulling, I saw the fiery red hair, who I knew belonged to Cheryl. “Cheryl, the fuck are you doing? What happened?” Once we were behind closed doors, I was being pushed against the door. “What are you doing with her?” She asked. “I’m being friendly.” I said pretending to be oblivious. “Friendly my ass. You were basically fucking her.” “Cheryl, what are you talking about She’s new, I just wanted to be her friend.” She rolled eyes as I stared at her innocently. “You will never think about another women as long as I’m alive. And that’s a fact, babe.” I knew what I was in for, and I loved it. Cheryl snaked her hand up under my dress. “Hmm. She’s gonna know who you belong to on Monday.” I moaned at the feeling of her fingers inside me. “Oh, you like that, sweetie? You like the way my fingers curl inside you?” I moaned again, while she pumped in and out of me. “You think Veronica could make you feel this good? You think she can make you moan this loud?” I nearly screamed at the pleasure. “No, baby. She can’t make me feel this good. She can’t make me feel like you do.” I purred, as my hands got tangled into her hair. “Good girl.” She said as she groped my ass. My hips jerked up, while I reached my orgasm. I could feel my legs shaking. She pulled her fingers out and sucked on them. “Once we go back out there, you’re sitting with.” She ordered. I just nodded, since there was no fighting with Cheryl.


June 18, 27-30, July 4  & 5: So I turned my printables checklist journal to my bullet journal now! (人´∀`) also guess wHO finally printed their own full horizontal calendars…yUP thats right (my type) it me! so these are the spreads of my last summer days & my first week back in school! ╥﹏╥ I didnt scan the newest one since it didnt much have decoration & its not full..yet! I’m sorry if i blurred out so much bc of u know privacy! I have to integrate my color code soon & probably print more pictures of ten & wongyu motivational quotes! happy july everyone! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

p.s: i’m the only one allowed to cut off the credit on my calendars ok dont copy me! take care everyone!!! (´⌣`ʃƪ)


Beethoven - Piano Sonata no. 29 in Bb Major, “Hammerklavier”

I try to keep my blog varied, and not post music by the same composer twice in a row, but I had listened to Beethoven’s 6th symphony the other day and held off that blog post until today, and today I had a very, very strong itch to wipe the digital dust off of the titan that is the Hammerklavier sonata. I remember in high school, when I was getting more and more into classical music, I was excited to listen to this sonata, because everything I read about it spoke about its epic length and scope. But I also remember being disappointed, because to me, “Epic” Beethoven was something like his 5th piano concerto. This sonata was…weird. It turned me off. It seemed incomprehensible, especially the last movement, a fugue that didn’t sound like anything I’d heard before. As the years passed and my musical tastes ‘matured’ a bit more, I came back to the Hammerklavier and was able to follow along with a new mindset. Beethoven published the work as “Große Sonata für das Hammerklavier”, and indeed he puts a lot of emphasis on “Große”. You’re immediately grabbed by the strength and energy of the first five bars, the main theme that introduces Beethoven’s obsession with the interval of the 3rd [musicologists could go on forever about the different examples of Beethoven building all of the sonata’s musical ideas out of this interval, if you wanted to deconstruct it to the extreme]. And the movement goes on through deceptive “pretty” moments, to jittery octaves, to arpeggios of a single note across the keyboard to “cleanse the palate”, and overall a huge emphasis on counterpoint. The movement is pretty heavy, loud, and, under the surface, complicated. It’s contrasted with the super short scherzo, a playful movement cutting between lighthearted and dramatic music for comedic effect. As if improvising, we get a sudden glide from the bass of the keyboard all the way to the highest note, and then go right back to the lighthearted skipping theme. The short and playful is then contrasted by the long and deeply emotional adagio. It is played anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes [the recording I have with Christopher Eschenbach stretches to nearly half an hour!], and the opening chorale gets expanded through subtle variation as the music goes on, reaching operatic heights, and it sticks out with its relative thinness and solemnity, in compared to the opening extroverted toccata. Despite the pain, we are brought into a major key resolution and coda, a nod of acceptance that things will get better. The last movement, I’m going to argue, is almost…Postmodern. What I mean is that, in a meta-musical gesture, it sounds like Beethoven thinking aloud “I want to end this sonata with a fugue, how will I write it?”, the “cleansing the palate” single note arpeggio comes back, he plays with two different contrapuntal exercises, both sounding Baroque, as if Beethoven is looking through Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier for guidance. But he stops short each time, shakes his head, and tries something else. After a few “restarts”, he finally gets to The Fugue. And how insane it is. He uses a long, complicated melody, that modulates and uses chromatic runs, and writes it into a sprawling ocean of sound, using fugue writing conventions and a sewing-machine type Baroque mentality to create something dense, nearly atonal, robotic. But it isn’t a strict fugue, and breaks the rules here and there [it wouldn’t be True Beethoven without rule breaking]. There is so much conflict, a constant drive forward that is difficult to follow along, but its mesmerizing, until the inevitable slap of the last chords. Throughout his music, Beethoven consistently tries to push the boundaries of convention. Almost like William Blake, a contemporary English poet, Beethoven takes what came before, destroys it, and builds something new with the remains. At the end of the day, we have one of the greatest piano sonatas ever written, by one of the greatest composers of all time. But I’m concerned that all this hype, all this discussion about Beethoven and his music, makes it seem like something on a far off pedestal that only a few “gifted” listeners can enjoy. That’s not true at all. Despite the flowery language, the myth making, the academic and analytical writing, Beethoven is human, and his music is humanist. You don’t need theory to appreciate it, because he always writes from within.


1. Allegro

2. Scherzo: Assai vivace

3. Adagio sostenuto 

4. Introduzione, Largo…Allegro - Fuga: Allegro risoluto

Link Sketch

Sorry about my absence… ‘Cause of school…

Breath of The Wild at these days is a Masterpiece… Rather: One of the best titles of the series.
Wind Waker is an objective wonderful game, Majora’s Mask hit with its atmosphere and particularity…
Im really tied to the entire series (oot, TP, alttp, oracles ecc…), but BoTW really managed to modernize the franchise (unlike other historical videogame series right last year ehmehm) from the “same prepared old Story”.
I’d have liked ti see more about the past of Zelda and Link, but it’s enough also in this way (best princess ever… With Dazel yeah).

But Link… That damn Hero has no facial expressions in cutscenes ahahahaha


a/n: AND SO A SURPRISE BF!JENO TO MAKE UP FOR MY LACK OF POSTS FOR LAST WEEK!! also hmu in the asks guys i rlly wanna know u guys hehe ——– •so dis kid
•aka my third bias
•Lee JenoPE
•okay hes such boyfriend material fite me man
•i hope i dont swerve too much gotta stay loyal
•so this kiddo was most probably the one who confessed to you in high school after being bestfriends since forever
•like in a rlly romantic way
•correction : cheesy romantic way •like its last period and ur at ur locker and u find a note written in rlly beautiful cursive and a really nice rose pasted to it saying “meet me at the music room
•also i think you guys wld be that sporty couple in physc ed class everyone looks up to
•swimming? you both rock it
•boxing? hell yea
•soccer? yea boi
•also i think he wld also have a bit of a motherly side
•if you were sick he wld go to your house everyday to check on you
•hed probably even climb thru the window at 11 pm to check ur temperature lmao this cute :”)
•also taeyong and doyoung wld instantly become your other moms too
•if you were over at the dorms with jeno after sch and theres no one there tae prolly cooked somthing for you to eat or if he was rlly bust he wld have ordered takeaway before he left
•the dreamies wld hardcore ship you to death
•and of course haechan teasing you too
•hed definitely love it if you came to watch him practice like you wld be his source of motivation and he wld feel more encouraged to dance to make you proud!!
•tbh i do not see any fights
•dis boi is rlly mature as from what i can tell
•im getting rlly tired rn shit
•and yes when he knew that his smiles help empower you as cheesy at his sounds he knew his reason to have a good day and to smile is for you to have a good day and be happy
•but pls love Lee Jeno senk you
•also i want his hair from first and last era
•have a wonderful day/night my little beans
•or just hmu in the dms or asks :)

its something that dumbledore kept letting snape teach when the man couldnt summon the maturity not to torment children. doesnt hogwarts need a janitor or something. but speaking of that? why does dumbledore let filch work there. not that he ever does anything but be the “we might get caught sneaking around” factor but filch is always talking about how he wants to literally torture children and how he used to be able to do so? how long ago was that and how long has dumbledore been headmaster? honestly

and then theres the fact that the punishment for going near the forbidden forest at night is to go into the forbidden forest at night. for 11 yr olds who have basically zero magic or otherwise defensive abilities. its almost half excusable what with hagrid being friends with most of the stuff in the forest and more knowledgeable abt it than probably anyone, but then they split off into groups and hagrids the only adult? like in the book at least its said that having fang around is reasonable protection but all the shit in the forest and a nonmagic dog is going to do what exactly. with two kids who are also the ones with the public feud. who run into goddamn voldemort three seconds in and then a centaur. “only something extra evil murders unicorns, send the 11 yr olds out there after it as punishment for being up past bedtime” like who runs this dumbass school. then three 11yr olds have to stop voldemort and all dumbledore manages to do is punk slytherin house on the last day of school

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Do you have...headcanons for how Tony sits his daughter down & explains to her/comforts her about people's racist ideas against her? Like, she's not worthy of the Stark name, not REALLY a genius like her father (and maybe even smarter) b/c she's half-black, etc.? That convo is gonna come from mommy, too, but it's also gotta come from daddy...

I think it’s an ongoing and open conversation that his daughter would have with both her mother and father.

It starts the moment she’s old enough to think outside of herself. It may take her a while to actually be affected by stupid people. Tony does a good job of weeding people out of his life who are rude to his family, and mommy does a good job of telling people to fuck off. It’s probably not until she goes to school that she hears it.

It’s her first day someone asks if her last name is really Stark. “Stark like Tony Stark?” she nods. “No it’s not! Tony Stark is white. You’re a liar! You probably don’t even have a dad.” She’s confused and hurt because she knows who her dad is and his name is Tony Stark. The moment she sees him she tells him about it. Tony tells his wife and they go to talk to the principal. They insist that the words were rooted in race but the principal shrugs it off. Tony decides to make a surprise visit to the school to take his daughter out for lunch one day. He does it in front of the class then has his daughter point out the little shit that said he wasn’t her father. He makes special eye contact with that one kid as they leave to go get lunch.

When she gets older she’s really smart. I mean crazy smart, but people are constantly comparing her to Tony. “She’s smart but she’s not Tony smart.” I think she’d develop a bit of resentment towards her father for that because she’s not him but everyone expects her to be. She definitely talks to her mom about this. Despite her feelings towards Tony she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. Deep down she knows it’s not his fault. Mom talks to Tony. Tony gives his daughter her own spotlight. A place in the Stark Expo, a place to strut her stuff and show up anyone who thinks she’s not as smart if not smarter than he was at her age.

He’d also talk to her, “I want you to be better than me. In a lot of ways you are better than I was at your age. You’re better emotionally. You’re kind despite all the bullshit people throw at you. You’re a lot wiser and I think you get that from your mom honestly because when it came to common sense I was a fucking dunce.” 

She wants to go to MIT for college and she gets in all on her own. Her GPA and SAT scores are high enough for automatic admission but people swear up and down that Tony bribed somebody to get her in. People right articles about how unfair it is for her to get in simply because her father is Tony Stark. She almost goes to a different college just to prove them wrong but her parents sit with her once more mom speaks first. “This country has a hard time seeing a black woman prosper. They refuse to believe that a woman like you could be as smart, or as beautiful, or as graceful as a white woman. That’s the way things are right now, but that does not mean you have to accept it. That doesn’t mean you have to prove anything to them. If you want to go to MIT, you go to MIT. They are going to have a problem with anything you do, so fuck ‘em. Live your life.” 

Tony agrees, “We will always have your back. I’m here for you, for whatever you need from me. You’ve made me so proud.”

When she eventually takes over the company there are people who say, “This is the end of Stark Industries. She’s gonna ruin that place.” But by this point she’s learned to just smirk at the haters. She’s got the Stark tenacity and the charm to go with it. She’s got the strength of every black woman before her, and she proves them wrong by making the company more prosperous than ever.

~Mod Lillian

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Mama, I'm just so tired of school. Its my last year but its so hard to find the motivation to go to keep going. I've missed like 25 days and we are only allowed to miss 12. Help.

I’m sorry to hear that, but I can also understand how you feel. Especially the last years of school can be very tiring. But it’s important that you pull through and get it over with. Try to make school as pleasurable as possible. Or maybe make a plan on how many days to go you still have. Unfortunately education is very important and even though it sucks I hope you manage to get it over with. If it’s really hard on your health don’t hesitate to find a therapist or any other sort of help. I’m sorry to hear that such a great thing as learning is so hard on you. I love you.


Everything is blue

Mean Queens Ch.13 (Group Fic) - NymphCAMP

Nymph’s A/N: the lord only knows how we actually managed to write this, we got distracted by everything from rewriting roxxxy’s iconic verse to fit MQ, to working out whether or not aquaria is sharon’s drag daughter. and by we i mean me. but we made it! this one’s for you doots, happy birthday you attention seeking, laganja-esque, ridiculous human <3 (is this enough attention for u bc fuck if you think you’re getting more)

pooreCOOMP’s A/N: ^i would like to mention that i provided most of the talk about aquaria by getting distracted on her ig, and also distracted nymph with sharon’s ig post. Not sorry because its here. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOOTS (aka dottie lmao) WE LOVE YOU, YOU ATTENTION SEEKING WHORE <3 (ur getting an entire chapter doots so appreciate us)

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