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  • Fanboy voice: And if you look closely here, you'll see that Rey actually has a lightsaber and even uses it sometimes, and uh, what's really telling about that is that Luke also had a lightsaber, it was actually a really integral part of his character, and you know, Lucasfilm is clearly sending us a message here, that Rey is Luke's daughter, it's really impossible to ignore these parallels, it's like poetry,, it rhymes,,,,

Big Hero 6 parallels

Long ramble full of Sam love and Sam/Christ parallels

(NOTE: Hello, all! I got this amazing anonymous submission about how Corbin and Michelle in 11.17 parallel the thieves crucified with Christ, and I wanted to share it. There’s also some fantastic speculation for later in the season. Meta below:)

Hey! I don’t have a tumblr, but I stop by here every once in awhile because I love your fics/meta. :-)

I’ve also been loving the Sam/Messiah hints that have been dropped throughout the season, and I REALLY loved your analysis of Sam being equated with the crucified Christ in 11x17. Especially since, along with the Christ-like imagery and story line, out of the two people Sam saved, one rejected (killed) him, and the other helped him, much like the two robbers who were crucified with Christ.

Anyway, unless the writers are being completely nonsensical or deliberately messing with us, we seem to be rapidly heading toward a finale where Sam saves and/or sacrifices himself for the Universe. I really, REALLY hope this is what happens, because unlike season 5 which focused on the themes of sin and redemption, season 11 seems much more focused on sacrifice and sanctification. In essence, season 5 Sam believed he had sinned (although I also think his guilt is WAY overblown) by releasing Lucifer, and he redeemed himself by jumping in the pit. This time around, the writers are not focusing on Sam’s guilt but rather his goodness and purity, making way for a much more direct Christ parallel where Sam is asked to sacrifice everything for the sake of the world not because he is “at fault” but because HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN (which has been alluded to a couple times this season).

(I could go on for a couple of paragraphs about how beautiful this is since Sam’s major character trope is his "freakishness" or “uncleanness,” so making him the ultimate, pure sacrifice for the sake of the world gives me LOTS of feelings, but this is already long).

Extending the Christ parallel a bit further, it’s well established that a “Hand of God” is the only thing powerful enough to defeat God. So far the season has only dealt with Old Testament artifacts, but I REALLY hope that SAM becomes the ultimate Hand of God, and therefore defeats Amara on his own power, rather than just by acting as a conduit for another object. Christ is called the Only Begotten of the Father, and Sam in this case would be the only person imbibed with God’s power, and the one acting as God’s emissary (just as Christ is considered the physical manifestation of God on earth in Christian theology).

If the definition of a Hand of God is something that God physically touched, then this seems powerful. Whatever happens in 11x20, it seems likely God will be present and interacting with Sam and Dean in some capacity.

Part of me also wonders if God hasn’t already touched Sam. The only times we know of God directly interfering in the show is when he puts Sam and Dean on the airplane at the very beginning of Season 5 and (probably) when he raised Cas in seasons 5 and 7. It makes me wonder if Sam actually DID die when Corbin choked him in 11x20, but God brought him back (possibly by touching him).

Anyway, this is really long and rambly, so sorry about that, especially since I’m a total stranger. But this season has given me lots of Sam feelings, and I needed to get them out somehow….so this happened…

Thanks for reading, and for your awesome blog :-)


Terrible thing. What is? Being born like that. Is it? Can you imagine, looking in the mirror and seeing that staring back at you?

Yes, I can.

Roads: Crossroad (2/5)

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst one-shot series

Note: Part two of this short oneshot series, I will have a part 3 in about two weeks(exam season guys sorry) and I think that will be the finale, have a good read guys =w=


Part One (Wrong Paths) | Part Two (Crossroad) | Part Three (Mistimed) | Part Four (Parallels) | Part Five (Infinity)

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“Hey, Y/N, its Yoongi.”

You blinked, pulling your phone back to see the caller ID. It was actually Min Yoongi.

“Can… Can I help you?” You asked, both startled and confused, you glanced at the alarm clock beside you, it was 1am.

“I know it’s a weird question…” Yoongi sighed deeply, “And also really bad timing.”

“… Yes?” You finally pulled yourself up from the bed, sitting in the warmth of your blanket.

“… Can you check your door?”

His question sent a shiver down your spine, “What?”

“Jungkook left a while ago… He’s drunk. I called him and he hung up on me, so I thought maybe he would have gone to your place…”

You tone fell cold, but in contrary, a spark of hope light up in your chest, “Did he not tell you guys?”

“Tell us what?” Yoongi sounded genuinely confused, and you didn’t know how to feel.

“We broke up. We broke up a week ago.”

The line went silent for more than a couple of seconds, and the only sound was the ticking of the clock, and the gentle static from the speaker.

Then suddenly there was mumbles of people talking from the other side- somehow you knew that Yoongi had covered the speaker so you wouldn’t be able to hear.

“Hey- don’t worry about it okay? We’ll find him, I got to go now.” Yoongi’s voice was both startled and rushed, before you could even open your mouth, all you could hear was the cold ringing of the end line.

You didn’t bother to get up to check your door.

You dialed another number.

Your best friend’s voice was low and uncertain when she picked up, and in the distance was mumbles. You strained to recognize the voices, and you did. It was Jungkook and another person.

Park Jimin.

You almost forgot about him.

The spark of hope you felt earlier went out in that instant.

You met up with Jimin a couple days after, upon your request.

Jimin’s whole body and face displayed his nervousness, restless hands and evading gaze- until you finally cut to the topic.

You watched the conflict in his features settle into something you couldn’t quite understand.

Then he told everything from the beginning.

It started with how all seven of them knew you were the one who asked Jungkook out.

It was as if your heart was ripped away unmercifully, in that instant, you couldn’t do anything except for stare.

Jimin continued talking, staring down at his hands on the coffee table. He was afraid to look at you. 

Jungkook told them every little detail your confession the day before you said you wanted to try it out. Leaving out the critical part of him liking Jimin’s ex at that moment, knowing that Jimin wasn’t over it just yet. Even though, aside from Jimin, everyone else knew already.

So you asked Jimin how he found out, he had to have found out for him to be telling you this now. Jimin bit at his lip before answering, still unable to look directly at you.

He found out two days ago, the night after they found drunk Jungkook at your best friend’s place.

He felt hurt, but he was pretty much over her, so he didn’t think much of it.

Until he went back and saw Yoongi punch Jungkook in the face.

You stared at him in dismal. You knew what he meant, he forgot about you until that moment. You didn’t blame him for that, after all he was also just another piece in this game. But what hurt you, was the fact he never bothered to tell you that he knew.

Then other things started to spill from his mouth, as if the cork finally popped open.

He told you that your best friend had told him you liked Jungkook the day you told her.

He told you that she thought you were a difficult person because you were so observant, that she is dating her boyfriend now because you liked Jungkook, so she didn’t want to do anything to hurt you.

You burst out laughing, surprising him enough to make him look up. Once he met your dim eyes for the first time that day, he couldn’t look away anymore. Your voice was surprisingly steady when you questioned, “Did she tell you she had already decided to date him before I choose to tell her?”

You watched as astonishment settle into disappointment on Jimin’s face.

He quickly avoided the topic, not wanting to touch on it further. 

However, you felt no sympathy.

You heard him go on rant about how Jungkook was trying, the amount of effort Jungkook had put in to take care of you… You stopped listening after hearing a key phrase.

“Jungkook might not have liked you the same way you like him, but he did try his best. Even if it didn’t work-”

You realised in that moment, that Jimin knew Jungkook didn’t have feeling for you.

He just never bothered to say anything.

“How do you know he didn’t like me.” The question came out more like a statement, and your voice was void of any emotions.


“The truth. Jimin. I think I deserve the truth right now.”

“… The day he told us you confessed to him.”

The reason you were close to this group of people, was because of Jimin. When your best friend cheated on him, you were the one who went to listen to his words and feelings because you knew she did wrong. You did everything that was in your power to make him feel better. Talk until 3 AM; staying with him when his friends weren’t there; double checking the words you said to him with his friends- namely Jungkook- so that you don’t make him feel worse with the information he wanted about her. Through that, you fell for Jungkook.

But that wasn’t important, the part that was important, was that he never told you what he knew.  

You saw him as a friend, you really did. That’s why you helped him in the first place.

You never expected him to put you in first place or over his other friends, but at least- at least say something so you wouldn’t be so hurt. Say anything to hint to you- to warn you, to say… Something.

It wasn’t just him, everyone else too.

But then again, you were just the girlfriend of their friend. You weren’t their friend.

So why would they care?

Jimin watched you carefully, a hint of fear in his eyes when he saw how fragile you looked. Like a piece of china, no color in your cheeks, lips unusually dry, and no light in your eyes.

Your anger had vanished to disappointment. Towards all of them.

They all played you.

“Why are you telling me this now?” You voice was barely above a whisper, it was as if all the courage you had earlier burned to ashes.

“I- I found out a couple of days ago, and so I thought I should tell you… Because it seems like you hate Jungkook right now, and I know you guys broke up, but I think you shouldn’t hate him-”

With that, you stood up and left.

Slowly, but determined. 

You felt exhausted. 

The amount of lies coming from them, Jungkook, Jimin, her- and the amount of information that all of them kept from you.

You heard Jimin call you name behind you, restraining his voice since it was a café, but you kept walking. One heavy footstep in front of another, you left without looking back.

Jimin was right, it wasn’t Jungkook’s fault that he didn’t like you.

He just didn’t. Simple as that.

You were heart broken, you still cried about him every night, you still hated yourself for not being able to make him fall in love with you, you also hated him for not loving you… But you loved him.

The whole two weeks, you were looking for something that would help you cut the last string.

Jimin did you the favor.

Information was a powerful thing, the reason that you kept believing Jungkook cared was because you believed he never told anyone about anything between you two. You believed he was actually trying his best to like you. That’s why you could never hate him.

Knowing what you know now- you still didn’t hate him. And you hated yourself for it. 

But it was enough to end it.

That wasn’t why you were walking out. It was Jimin, your ‘best friend’, and everyone else.

You needed time. Time to get over, not only Jungkook, but also what the others had done.

When you left, the first thing you did was give your mom a call.

After, you went to a liquor store and bought a bottle of vodka.

Lastly, you turned off your cell phone.

aelmer6  asked:

I love your Jaspearl art but I've never really understood the ship. Can you explain why you ship them please? Enlighten me of your ways

OMG!thank you for loving my jaspearl arts >v< 

Ok,mostly i love Jaspearl because of their parallels despite them never interact with each other.They seem to compliment each other so much and so perfectly that its ridiculous!Especially with them losing the ones they love and loyal to with pearl to Rose and jasper to pink diamond not to mention they both also fought in the gem war.they both also had some sort of ‘’fusion addiction’’(?, idk if thats the right word XD sorry) but with pearl already overcome that problem but jasper hasn’t and i think pearl might be the one who helps jasper with that in jasper’s redemption.there’s a lot of things that i think jasper and pearl could talk and discuss about and maybe help each other too while at it.hopefully. actually there’s a lot more but im just too excited that i don’t know how to explain things XD //also i ship jaspearl because @molded-from-clay dragged me into this hell//

i hope i can explain well enough to be able to drag you with me in this lovely hell hole.and sorry if my english isn’t that good >A<’’

*also me few minutes ago*

me: *types*…because big smol big smol big smol.

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While I’m online and writing a lot of waffle - here’s a thought I had about last night’s episode.

It seems to me that 10x03 was about finding solutions but also about finding temporary solutions (as is of course appropriate at this early stage in the season). So, Cas is dying because of his lost grace; Crowley replaces it with some new grace from a helpful foe (which, I still feel like those rogue angels are being hard done by, but that’s another story). Cas lives on to make his helpful appearance at the bunker, but the fundamental problem isn’t solved: he’s still living on somebody else’s grace, which will run out in time, and unless he’s gonna become some kind of angelic variant on a vampire, living on other people’s grace forever, he still has to find a more permanent solution.

Similarly, Dean’s no longer a demon: but, as Cas reminded Sam (and really, I’m not surprised Sam didn’t want to think about that right now), he still has the Mark of Cain. The underlying problem hasn’t been dealt with, even though its immediate urgency has been reduced.

So, perhaps, those of us who are bemoaning the fact that Dean has yet to say “thank you” or “sorry” to Sam onscreen - but also, who are worrying about the prospect of the bigger problems with their relationship that emerged in season 8 and 9 being pushed under the carpet as if they never existed - should take comfort in that parallel? Of course, Sam and Dean have to be able to function together and to hunt together because that’s the basic mechanic of the show. But just because we didn’t get a big brother moment in this episode, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship is completely healed and that Dean will never have to take responsibility for his actions. You could even read Cas’s line to Dean about how it would take more than him trying to murder Sam with a hammer to get Sam to leave as providing a narrative parallel to his reminder to Sam about the Mark of Cain. Yes, it’s very heartwarming that Sam won’t ever give up on Dean; but in the context of what Dean’s behaviour towards his brother has helped make Sam over the past two seasons (think of 8x23 and 9x10), this is another problem that still needs to be fixed.