also its a good song btw


You will always be
Everything good

The crown is always a burden. But it cannot be borne if you cannot stand. 

overcome - laura mvula ft. nile rodgers || 1000 deaths - d’angelo & the vanguard || cold war - janelle monáe || black man in a white world - michael kiwanuka || two hearts - valerie june || munayé (my muna) - mulatu astatke || on & on - erykah badu || black is the color of my true love’s hair - nina simone || killing me softly - the fugees || ain’t no grave can hold my body down - sister rosetta tharpe || don’t wish me well - solange || river - leon bridges || who tells your story - the roots ft. common, ingrid michaelson || 

BONUS: ***flawless - beyoncé ft chimamanda ngozi adichie

L I S T E N | (for @reluming)

That moment in For Good you realize its one of the actresses’ last performance and their goodbyes and thanks descend to a personal level and you just know you’re gonna be a blubbering mess of tears by the end.


it’s dark, it’s late // a playlist by marie

spotify // 8tracks

a playlist for when its…. dark and late… also good for night driving i think really has that ambience btw theres more songs in the playlists because i didnt have enough space on the picture to put them all lmao

picture by @sinosc  

[Favorite Fics 12/?]

title: Paint Me In A Million Dreams 

author: @greenfeelings


Harry’s one of Hollywood’s biggest actors, has made a name for himself in prestigious films and lives the life of a superstar. There’s just one thing missing to make it picture-perfect, but the one Harry’s in love with is completely out of reach for him. Enter Louis, one of Hollywood’s biggest actors himself, who just came out of the closet and taps new genres in the industry. When Louis sacks the role Harry auditioned for in Scorsese’s next big film, their irrational feud starts. Who could have guessed it would get even worse when for promo season, their teams decide to present them as a couple for publicity?

In short, Harry’s in love with someone and doesn’t care about dating anyone else, Louis never felt home in L.A., Liam writes love songs for someone he shouldn’t write love songs to, and Niall makes everything better with good food..

words: 110K

when people are like “where has michelle branch been since 2003″ and i’m just like

first of all lets just not forget that michelle didn’t just disappear *in* 2003, that was when “hotel paper” came out, which btw is a multiplatinum selling album that she toured the hell out of and had 2 hit singles and then 1 single that sort of faded away and did not get a video BUT she speaks french in that song so its VERY GOOD. also the single artwork is like… holy fuck M A J O R B A B E A L E R T omg.

then michelle branch formed a country band called the wreckers with her backup singer and friend jessica harp. jessica sang on michelle’s album “hotel paper” and that album has a country song (”love me like that” with sheryl crow) so it kinda seemed inevitable. “the good kind” was on the one tree hill soundtrack in 2004 and you know they appeared in the show (michelle loves to appear in shows i guess including buffy, charmed and –as leslie gore– on american dreams). anyway she could have just kept being michelle branch feat. my friend and backup singer but michelle is a GOOD PERSON who was like NO LETS DISTRIBUTE THIS POWER and RECOGNIZE EACH OTHER AS ARTISTS and DO THIS THING TOGETHER which is extremely cool and good.

in 2005 the wreckers released a song with santana (called it’s called “i’m feeling you” but literally whatever) and then a single called “leave the pieces” dropped in 2006. it debuted at #1 on the billboard hot country charts. it was the first time a female country duo was #1 since the 1950s. it was nominated for a grammy. the single sold over a million copies. that is a successful fucking song goodbye.

anywhere they dropped an album and it has some great country pop singles that were sort of a pre-taylor swift thing and the album sold over 850,000 copies so that’s pretty cool. they had some other singles including “my oh my” which has a frankly insane video which i will just not embed here. i guess the album did well and stuff, they released a live album/DVD as well that was recorded at the bowery ballroom and i did not go but i did see them earlier on the wreckers’ tour and it was the first time i met michelle so that was very nice.

then the band ended which doesn’t seem that crazy considering it was a side project and i can only imagine the record label the entire time was like “AGH COUNTRY WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US” not to mention a bunch of her fans were like that too including me but then I FUCKING GOT ON BOARD.

she did a song called “together” that was in sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 because OF COURSE SHE DID lol lets not forget that she basically owned teen girl feelings in the 2000s. her music was used in tons of and tons of trailers and it’s like GOOD FOR YOU GET THAT MONEY GIRL. anyway this has been a fun “teen girl vibes” interlude.

she also did this joni mitchell “a case of you” cover for a covers compilation album that her label put together. over the next few years she also covered the rolling stones’ “play with fire”, radiohead’s “creep” (it got used in a something?? amazon music also gave away an exclusive acoustic version in some promo) and let’s not forget she covered bowie’s life on mars for a GAP compilation and then was put on a japanese album reissue i think. she actually has done a lot of covers in her live shows including lit, elvis, joni’s “river”, and her first demo album from when she was like 14 has a rickie lee jones cover. michelle branch likes music itself a lot. she has also done guest vocals on a bunch of artists’ songs including *cough*hanson*cough*.

so now it’s 2008-2009 and michelle was still like doing country music and recorded a full album and blah blah blah it got shelved and shoved around and it was truly the beginning of what seems like a bunch of shitty label issues that resulted in a lot of music remaining unreleased. she played some shows to support the album in 2008 and it just did. not. happen. 

fuck the label i mean i swear to god i could have been listening to consistent michelle branch music for my entire 20s but noooooo. the album did not materialize, a single called “this way” did not properly get released, and eventually in 2010 she released an EP called “everything comes and goes” featuring this single “sooner or later” which has this video.

in 2010 it was announced michelle was album working on a new album called “west coast time” that was meant to be a return to her pop music sound but you know, it was 6 years since “hotel paper” at this point and michelle was growing up too and it had a bit of a cooler sound. the album was due for release in 2011, it had album art and everything although there was this moment where it started getting pushed and delayed like, 3 times in a year and a half. on the album cover michelle wears a hat which honestly does not help with the vanessa carlton comparisons. sidenote, this video of michelle trying to play “a thousand miles” is one of the best things i’ve ever seen but i am biased.

so anyway they teased the album’s release with a single called “loud music” that frankly seemed designed for radio and i love michelle branch like don’t get me wrong i am her biggest fan but there were better songs from that time probably. it had another roadtrip video michelle is just a big fan of cars i think.

michelle was doing press for this album, including some live webcast live stream whatever stuff where she played song clips. she did one on her website pre-facebook live days. she did some thing hosted by tyler oakley where she made a salad and people could tweet in questions??? michelle did a lot of food and cooking-adjacent things in this time too.

she also did some events and stuff including a live Q&A podcast recording at the apple store in soho and i literally did not live in NYC at the time but i came up just to attend (it was nbd because i was also casually sort of long distance maybe not exactly seeing but not not-seeing this really cute guy so it was a good excuse) and she previewed some new songs.

“west coast time” was the sort of pop album that michelle branch aka THE MICHELLE BRANCH was known for and had lots of songs that eventually leaked over time. one of those songs is called “spark” and it is extremely fucking michelle branch-y and would have killed. remember this was like 2009 era pop music and this was very NYLON it girl vibes.

spark is a great fucking song. other leaked songs include for dear life, if you happen to call, what don’t kill you (which was used in a 2013 movie and is ripped from that) and there are more. there’s like an album’s worth. it is very sad because they are good songs and seem like they were exactly right for 2010-2011. there’s also this song called another sun which is moody and ended up in a tv promo for a show called terra nova. it is very clear that at no point in the process did michelle branch just like, stop. 

oh btw during this time she also had a baby and raised her and she is like nearly a teenager now. 

ANYWAY now it’s 2017 and after a million delays and years and label presidents and a new label and some more delays and a lot of work, michelle branch has a new album that is still her but different from all her previous stuff because she is in her 30s now and frankly she is very cool like as a person which maybe she always was but she definitely is now. also she might be a witch but i think that’s just what happens if you live in LA for a few years you become a witch.

the album is more rock than you’d expect and clearly indie rock inspired and i feel like it is sweet vindication not just for her but for every obsessive fan, including me, who you might think is too old to be super into her music. nope! 

anyway i started listening to michelle when i was like 14 and my family moved to america and i didn’t have any friends and i heard “goodbye to you” on MTV and i was like “OMG THATS ME :*( :*(” and now i am twice that age, i am 28 and i am old. and she’s old too. we are all old now. we fast-forwarded like our whole 20s and now we’re out the other side, still fucked up but with cool shoes. congratulations to us!

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is it jus tme or do u think rich's post-squip aesthetic is like pink emo stuff,, like pink shirts with sparkly black loops around the waist and (if he hasn't cut them off) sleeves, that say HAHA no (that's a real shirt i have and i can see him wearing it idk) also me and connor discussed him listening to little game by benny and also melanie martinez bc of the style of that song ,,, like idk i just see it idk

This is a really cool aesthetic and i just had to draw it bc its so good??? Also especially after his red streak fades and is pink???

but personally i see him dress half asleep and wearing shirts he found in the cursed isle of the store (you know the one)

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I'm not sure if you've seen the Anastasia broadway bootleg yet (it's amazing btw) but the musicalverse for that would make an amazing jehanparnasse AU. My main evidence comes from the songs 'my Petersburg' and 'in my dreams' but also 'in a crowd of thousands' is adorable in that sense. Basically Anya is a teenager in this rather than a kid and she walks half way across Russia alone and is super badass despite being really nervous around people, and it feels very Prouvaire to me?

I’ve not seen the musical at all, though it looks really good and exciting! I HAVE, on the other hand, seen the movei and!! I would be such a great AU!

  • The lost prince that sparks up fantasies amongst the population who needs a distractio from their dreary lives
  • Turns out the prince is actually non-binary and doesn’t remember being of royal blood at all oops
  • Con artist Montparnasse and Claquesous who are willing to do anything to make a buck and get out of that place
  • Con artists Montparnasse and Claquesous who jump in the bandwagon when the “prince’s” only living relative declares they will give an obscene amount of money to whomever finds their grandchild
  • The pair stumble upon Jehan who is just trying to find their family after spending their life, or what they remember of it, in an orphanage
  • Montparnasse tricking Jehan into thinking they’re the lost prime, even though they really are
  • Haughty and sharp-tongued Montparnasse getting more and more heart-eyes as he spends more and more time with Jehan
  • Let’s not forget the “I’m so sorry I lied to you in the past btu I really think you’re the lost prime now”
  • Oh. And also fighting the dead scumbag of an adviser to the former royal family. Portrayed here as Thénardier, because reasons and because I CAN
  • Jehan being kickass and using the shards of their crown to stab Thénardier
  • Montparnasse ready to sacrifice himself to save Jehan just fuck me up (◕‿◕✿)

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Well, I didn't want to bring this up cuz it sounds crazy, so, there's this Pink Floyd song named "Brain Damage" (very fucking good song btw) and in the lyrics it says "the lunatic is in my home" and then "the lunatic is in my head", so... Jack likes Pink Floyd, right? I might be fucking crazy, but... who knows? (Also, at the end it says "there's someone in my head that it's not me")

Dude, that doesn’t sound crazy at all!! We know that Jack loves music so I wouldn’t be surprised if he got inspired by a song!
Thanks for sharing this with us! I personally had no idea this song even existed but it really fits in the whole Anti/Jack thing!


DM link :

this has long being requested, sorry its a bit tricky to post it on youtube

My personal best top 10 akb48 song of all time, based on total views/year release, total sale n impact



i mean it doesnt sound bad but PLease Let Me PLay What I Want bRAIn

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Do you already watch the video "Charlotte Black-SYCL" (its appears Thomas, that cinnamon roll💕) also is a very great song. BUTTT when i see the comments in the video i was laughing, i can't, WHY PEOPLE CANT UNDERSTAND they need to separate the professional with he's personal life, people need to understand the difference between them!!! Really!!! URGENT!!!!


At first because there is Thomas in it (and he looks very cute and handsome), but also because i really really like the song..IT’S SO GOOD! so for everyone who has not watched it..what are you waiting, GO!!!! 


((btw the comments make me cringe..”why couldnt they use Dove as the girl?!?1″ ……..i mean they dont understand even the obvious ))

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the nickname i give myself is "best female drummer"!

thank you for being our 8th angel, youkyung! though your title’s only a half angel, you’re always a full angel in our hearts! good luck with your future endeavors! 300612—171016