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Let’s Steal A Get To Know Me Meme [3/10]

Favorite Ship - The OT3 (Alec Hardison | Eliot Spencer | Parker)


throwback to that one time Spencer tried to drag Aleks into the ocean and Aleks turned into a fucking pro wrestler


Spencer Hastings & Toby Cavanaugh | S05E02 “Whirly Girlie” Original Script

i just want to point out that the most popular panic! at the disco song ever was written by ryan ross. in fact, the only panic! at the disco song to break top 10 on the billboard charts was written by ryan ross. in fact, the only panic! at the disco song to get past #40 on the top 40 charts was written by ryan ross. thank you for your time. 

awww here’s troian (spencer on pll) talking about how spoby would be after pll. i think it’s super cute and a different type of relationship that I could totally see with spoby.  lol i just needed some closure with their relationship since they didn’t really show it on the finale😂

here’s the article


#i wonder Eliot actually needs glasses 

I know I only just got into this fandom, but yeah I might have gone a little overboard with my research on Eliot’s glasses because I have a Thing for them 

so personally I think, yes he needs them - he wore them outside of cons in season 1 a couple times (definitely in The Nigerian Job and The Two-Horse Job), then there’s the “New glasses” comment in The Jailhouse Job, and I think one of the creators answered some questions from the fans at some point and said that, while Christian apparently doesn’t need glasses, Eliot does. 

Also someone (possibly the same creator, possibly another one - I’d have to look for it again and I don’t know all their names yet) said that, while they pretty much treated them like reading glasses, if they had to pick they’d say Eliot is probably a bit near-sighted.

(okay I think I need to correct myself here - I went A LOT overboard with my “research” XD)

Word Count: 673

Triggers: Abuse mention and mild description

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You had broken up with your boyfriend after you found out he was cheating on you. It was the last straw. He had been verbally and recently, physically abusive and you just couldn’t take it anymore. You moved in with Sophie for while, which was nice, because she spent most of her time with Nate, so you had a lot of time for yourself. A lot of time to reflect of what you had done both right and wrong in your relationship.

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Back when Psych ended...

and we were all crying and hoping it’d return one day

And then hearing today, 3 years later, that there’s supposed to be a movie but not knowing for sure if it’s legit


So basically this is gonna be me in December: