also it's six month

Happy Valentines Day and Six Months, Vitya!

So not only is today Valentines Day and also Lara Croft’s Bday, but its also me and my best friend / girlfriend’s six month dating?? and in four months I’m gonna go spend a few weeks with her too? I’m so blessed and happy she saved me from a toxic relationship and I love her so much . I have had my really bad mental days and she’s always there to help pick me up and start over. I love her and how funny and smart and thoughtful she is and idk….she’s just perfect. I love her so much… I love you , Vitya!! @hananozo with all my heart ;w;


I have created a new blog where I will continue my everyday fangirling and post my graphics. I’ve felt less and less inclined to log on and I just dump things in my queue and even considered not even doing that for a long time. At some point I began to think less of what I wanted and more what everyone else wanted. A new place with a fresh new start will help me get my motivation and spirits back! So be sure to check out my new blog hisokaxmorow. I’ll let my queue run out but after that I won’t be adding any new content on here.

my scanner kinda fucked this up, but here, have a Laurence, mostly drawn on my breaks at work today, and hastily colored when I got home tonight. idk what he’s yelling about. Maybe Temeraire is doing something dangerous or seditious again. or both.