also it was hard to colour ugh

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Also!! (It's the Bill's jumper slut here) I recently got into digital art but I am,,, really bad. Can I get any advice for it? Like with colours and shininess and backgrounds because ugh background and stuff? Idk what exactly I want advice on but please help because I am,, really bad and you are definitely the opposite of that

Yo!!! Thats a lot. Digitial art? Just as hard as traditional; it has its own rules. I can give you some tips but the most important thing out there is ehhhh TWO things.

1.) USE REFERENCES, DRAW FROM REAL LIFE. I hate doing this because I feel like a cheap printer, but think of it this way if you do too; if you use references and draw inspiration from real life, you’re making a base for what you make later one. Practice drawing one thing often enough and you have it memorized so you never have to look at it again/can warp it to your own exaggerated devices. You can’t draw anatomy if you don’t understand it! You can’t draw perspective if you don’t observe it critically! You can’t walk until you crawl yadda yadda yadda do as i say not as i do lmfao

–this is helpful for basically everything, including backgrounds and colors and shininess

2.) LEARN FROM EXAMPLE. There’s tons of artists from around the world who put their portfolios online. There’s tons of youtube videos based on learning art! Check out art throughout history, even! Check out your favorite styles, be it traditional or cartoon, and observe what you like about them specifically. Test it loads of them yourself; after awhile of trying style after style your personal preferences will develop.

Aside from those two, here’s some of my personal tips. They might not work for you! I’m not a professional here, these are just some things I enjoy doing with my art.


-if you use a color once in a picture, use it again to balance it out.

-made a character and colored it in but having trouble deciding on the bg colors? Use the ones already on your canvas/in the character. unite that canvas under one palette. Even just an abstract shape in the bg of one color is better than a blank; make it the least used color in the character if thats the case, or at least one not near the edges.

-try analogous color schemes or monochrome schemes to get a feel for colors you dont normally use. 

- try coloring without lineart too, thats a fun exercise. 

-sometimes if you put yellow next to blue it looks green. either decrease the intensity of said blue or adjust the yellow; same with other odd pairings. your brain is weird just go around it.

-if two colors of the same intensity are right next to eachother your brain might blend the line between them; again depends on if you want it but it happens with painting so i mean have at it i guess. 


-make sure you know the direction where light is coming from; that dictates where lightspots go

-putting lightspots against areas of intense color makes em pop

-try making them not just white, but also pastels or just intense color. It’s good to experiment! 

-A hard lightspot gives an area a smoother, almost rubber like or wet texture. making it jagged makes it look a bit more leathered? Again, experiment as to what you like best. I enjoy putting a hard blot of white on a darker bg and then airbrushing around it to make a nice glow effect. 

-if the lightsource is anything but white, make lightspots that color. 


-I prefer to use references for backgrounds. rough out a few examples of various angles or object placements if you need to. I actually made a sort of room scheme for the parlor in Recovery, as seen below:

(its ok they can be shitty and still be useful)

-know that for bgs there’s the foreground, mid-ground and background, and it makes more sense to have all of them haha

-also good: make your characters interact with the bg/environment! Really brings the whole thing together. 

-most digital art programs have grids available; use those for making buildings and such, much easier than dragging over a bent-out-of-shape ruler and hoping for the best. 


-if you know you’re bad at something in particular don’t shy away from it. Don’t avoid drawing hands bc you feel like you’re bad at drawing them! You gotta practice that shit, even if its hard/you dont like it. 

-generally if you’re going to draw something hard just do it with enthusiasm; a sort of fuck-you to despair. 

-if your wrist hurts stop until it doesn’t, Repetitive Strain Injuries are Bad and so is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

-flipping the canvas after drawing one eye lets you draw the other one without making it crooked, but if you’re lazy like me you can just…copy-paste it and reverse the layer and also maybe transform it to fit LMFAO. Still though flip the canvas just in case. 

-for some reason if you’re drawing a stack of objects start in the middle or do the contour first it helps with sizing. 

-draw at least once a day unless in pain lmfao

-Praaactice makes Peeeeerfect

-tbh anything goes in art, i’ve seen cheese with hair stapled to it in a museum just do what you want just get the basics down first makes things easier haha

Obviously, I had to do a swatch post for my new mildliners, so here it is! I am so bad at this (ugh) so please don’t judge me as it is still my first time doing stuff like this… Also idk if it’s the lighting but some of the words are kinda hard to see? Here are the colours :-

Dark Blue
Smoke Blue
Blue Green
Grey / Gray


so i was going to take the high road and all but f u c k this production.

Okieriete Onaodowan; a man who invested and commited to this role and the many others which he has worked on which leads him to S T E L L A R reviews but he gets asked to “step down” so someone else can take his place.

Makes sense, don’t you think.

Like at first i was really angry about this and i was so just uGh but now I am absolutley over the moon that he left and will not be returning. Thank fuck.

They don’t deserve Oak if they have to ask him to leave so they can recast their lead.

Sorry if u don’t agree but i actually don’t give a flying fuck. It’s so hard for coloured people to aquire roles especially in broadway etc. Getting a role in Broadway as a person of colour must be a struggle- let alone a leading role. Can i also mention the 3 leads from what i know are African-American. But from August 15 it’s going to be 2 because Oak is being “asked” to step down.

It pisses me off so much because as Rafael said in his tweets,, of course Oak “graciously agreed” because it would infact ruin his career. No one,, no matter how nice and accepting they are would “graciously agree” with giving up a lead role they’ve worked their arses off for.

I will shout it from the fucking sky so the scientists working in Antarctica can hear me.

Okieriete Onaodowan deserved better.


August 23rd, 2017 - 18:32pm

  • Some photos from over the last couple days! ft. my copy of Issue 1 by @themessyheads (if you haven’t heard of them definitely check out their blog!)
  • some notes on my laptop from my history homework!! took me so long and I’m so burnt out right now:( 
  • A spread from my art journal, inspired by pages from The Messy Heads magazine, and of course the beautiful Cartia Mallan ( @yamtakeover )
  • Also, my mildliner order arrived!! they’re gorgeous and I’m so excited to use them aaahhh!! the colours are so pretty and delicate ugh makes me feel so aesthetically pleased!!

also, good luck to all my fellow GCSE friends who are getting their results tomorrow - it can be such a stressful time but remember, your grades DO NOT define you! If you didn’t get the grades you were hoping for, it’s okay sweetheart, don’t panic! No matter what happens tomorrow, remember that you deserve to congratulate yourself for all the hard work you’ve put in!


It was challenging ‘cause obviously it’s a role that requires a lot of physicality, and so it was draining not just emotionally but also physically. But you know, it’s very hard to complain about that kind of thing as an actor. You spend so much time unemployed, or certainly I have in the past, that when you get a job that requires you to work everyday, it seems kind of hypocritical to be like “Ugh, I’m working so much!”, you know what I mean? So it didn’t bother me, I kinda loved it, I relished the opportunity to be in a show where I was needed that much.


Painted Kija from Akatsuki no Yona for fun since sometimes painting is relaxing… Also I wanted to draw this nerd….

ADDING COLOUR IS ALWAYS HARD… I’m still not good at it, I find it always warps the proportions of the black/white ver? Ugh oh well… 

He’s still ridiculously pretty _(:‘3, his face looks exceptionally good when you look at it close up… |Dc pwease watch Akatsuki no Yona and cry about this nerd and all the other babies with me pleaseee might draw Shin-ah next….

[makes unintelligible noises]

idk i did the sketch a while back and i’ve been in a headshot-painting mood lately so i thought i might as well paint this one too

so, there I was, planning a beefcake yoga pose for @the-last-hair-bender‘s calendar (I found a pose, there may be watercolours, because, muscles!) but I got sidetracked by horses, than I wondered about what trail riding tack looked like, then suddenly, it’s 1:30 am and I’ve drawn @deadcatwithaflamethrower Ashleshā Fives, Rex and Obi on horses. I’m questioning my life choices - horses are the most awkward thing ever. Pretty, but,ugh. so hard to draw.

It’s still a wip, because what is with western style saddles? and also I need to dig out more colour pencils. All I wanted to do was draw smut, brain, why do you do this?