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hey how do you make the icons? especially the coloring thing could you give us a small tutorial??

Heyy sure thing!! So it depends a lot on what kind of icon I’m making (colorful, pastel or aesthetic) but they all share the basics I guess… I’m gonna try to explain that under the cut, because I’m certain it’ll get big lol and since english is not my first language, I apologize in advance for any typo or mistake 😅

What You’ll Need

  • Photoshop (I’m using the CS6 version)
  • Basic knowledge of PS
  • Topaz (optional) 

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It would have made so much more sense narratively for Poe to have been the one to rescue Finn at the end of TLJ, since he was the one that was literally demoted at the start of the film for putting The Cause above human life.


Hello, friends! I gave a seminar on Adobe Flash last night, and figured I’d also put the slides online for anyone who was interested in learning the program! Because of file size/bandwidth limitations, I can’t upload any of the example FLA’s, but you could easily find alternatives on YouTube. The dog pictures also made more sense in context. Well, kind of

Tumblr hecked up the last few images in this post, so here’s an Imgur album of all of the slides at full resolution


“So every day during my set, when I’m playing my own shows, I talk about people that are transgender. I talk about it a lot because everyday basically I say: …”
Soundwave, Melbourne, 2015


170522 real__pcy: 리더형 생일파티는 함께해야지 사랑해 생일축하해 수호❤ 

Of course we must be gathered together for Leader Hyung’s birthday party. I love you. Happy birthday Suho ❤

Baekhyun’s comment: Suho who has a heart as wide as a lake (호수 hosu)! I hope you can be a person who is always needed like water. That’s all for today’s “Baekhyun’s Famous Words”.. Have a good night.. Let’s love today and tomorrow! We’ll say goodbye after listening to one last song. While listening to Suho-ssi’s Curtain, should we meet again next time?^^ #Happy birthday to EXO leader Suho who protects EXO

Happy holidays, everyone! This year I was @matchaball‘s secret santa for @mlsecretsanta! This is a Ninette Flowershop/Tattoo AU!

I was super stoked to find out I got you for my giftee, you’re so kind whenever I see you on my dash and you do amazing work. Your writing and art are both inspirations to me, honestly. So, thank you for being wonderful, I hope you enjoy this, and have a great rest of the year!


Humanity…  It’s not a state. It’s a… It’s a quality.
↳ Leo Elster, 1x08


sorting buffyverse characters // rupert giles - ravenclaw


AGHGHGH why did they cut this?? This would have been amazing! Oh my god!

what i love about fun home is how accurate it captures the little things about being gay. like when alison is trying to go to the gay union and backs out and asks about german club?? and how she hesitates when saying the word dyke and calling herself a lesbian. and of course her letter coming out to her family where she keeps saying “its kinda a big deal” and “not really a big deal”? perfect. also when shes telling joan about how she found out shes a lesbian, and the awkward stumbling and hearing her realization i love it. of course theres key of rings and changing my major but theres so many more little details and i love it so much!! like it all just captures so many feelings of being a lesbian that are so accurate??

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Sup my phone suggests me asking you to send eggs, but I wanted to know if you could make Junkrat or McCree in that cute way you make those talon comics. I kept seeing your stuff around on a Facebook group and really liked it.

I’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.