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Sasha Velour bc of her references specifically to lesbians, literally every lesbian I've met who's into the show LOVES Sasha. There's something about drag that feels very for US-like she's not playing a straight woman. Also bc that moment in the so emotional lip sync when she was rolling around in the ground? Im very comfortable in my lesbianness and in that moment I would fuck her. There's something very erotic (not in the pornographic sense (1/?)

Like pure sex Sexy but in the female pleasure sense there’s something powerful about it) about her drag and she is just INTOXICATING to look at and watch perform. Her drag feels very gay and very feminine in a way I’ve never gotten from someone else–like her drag persona is a femme lesbian. And I’m here for it (2/2)

Y E S!!!! i love how she channels lesbian references into her drag persona!!


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NCT Boyfriend!Series [Boyfriend!Doyoung]

Time for my favourite member, my world, bunny boy!

*lowercase and under cut x*

boyfriend!nct series masterlist

  • another good boyfie right here
  • doyoung would always text u in the morning..nothing too big just a “hey i had a dream that u got turned into a snail lol”
  • and when u reply later (bc hes waking up at 4/5am for work) he replied with “when did i say that wtf i dont remember”
  • honestly he’s such a sweetheart 
  • probably a lot of nighttime dates after practice 
  • but you nag him about always meeting you at night and how he misses sleep so you compromise
  • so you’d obviously have to go over to the dorms since it’s risky for him to come to you
  • anyway, once you get there it’s practically past midnight and all the members are sleeping
  • he lets you in with a sleepy smile on his face

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Top 5 Ziam moments? ^^

ahhhhhh only 5??? this is gonna be hard to decision anxiety ahhhh

im gonna start off with this moment. Brave. I mean Zayn could’ve easily said brave out loud to Liam, but instead he whispers it, to himself., With this fond look on his face?? I dont even think anyone besides zayns microphone caught him saying it, hence the lack of reaction from the rest of the boys. also that the word brave came into zayns head makes me cry more than anything. He couldve easily said something like kind or sensible etc, but he chose brave!! he said brave! because of course liam is brave, he saved his best friend from a burning balcony!! BRAVE!!!!!!!! i could talk for hours abt this sorry

Then theres this shit man????? the way the zayn looks at liams lips first then his eyes??? its so much love in one gif my eyes are burning that might be from tears but w/e

 is this one of those cheesy romantic comedies with a shy first love and coffee dates and strolling around accidently brushing hands and then blushing furiously or ziam may we never know

also this moment when zayn had hurt his hand  and liam promised zayn he would kiss it better later??? i cant decide whether theyre gross or too cute

this entire interview is my favorite moment its so embarrasing i love it 

oooooh okay, that eye twitch tho. i didn’t notice that on my first viewing of the promo but.  oh boy. oh boy. jensen pls find your acting chill okay because i can’t handle the emotions i just got from a fucking eye twitch oh god.

i am so ready to see what the effects of 32 days of solitary confinement, (probable) isolation from his brother, and whatever else they do have on dean tbh. because i mean, he’s obviously been alone before and he was in solitary back in S2 but not for 6 weeks and not without a plan. they weren’t trying to get caught this time and they don’t have a guy on the inside helping them. and. that face up there is v reminiscent of some expressions we saw on moc!dean, but also less…controlled??? which is probably v not good. sitting in his own silence for that long is having an affect on dean that looks like something we haven’t seen before and listen 12.08 wasn’t an emmy-winning epiosde but j e s us i am so excited for prison!winchesters again omg.