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Fear The Walking Dead spoilery talk, watch out. I’ve got THOUGHTS.

Oh lord help me, I just. don’t. know.

Let me get the first thing off my chest in that Proctor John (were those guys just bikers or something?) referring to Alicia as his Angel of Mercy (not knowing how she mercy killed so many others) was creepy and really gives me some bad feelings about Alicia’s fate. In Madison’s Christmas dream (or WHATEVER that was) Alicia is the most prominently featured in the photographs (the perfect child collection), but she’s also dead in that dream, as we see her grave (while Nick is alive, with Luciana and a child). Madison clearly survives the dam in a way reminiscent of Alicia surviving that fall from the cliff. There’s this weird symmetry happening and I’m not sure what it adds up to, is that Alicia has been sort of a mirror for her mother, precursor, foreshadowing Madison’s survival? When Nick declared his “suicide note” we’d already seen one Clark kid attempt suicide this season with Alicia jumping off the cliff. Is this the Family of Death? We could get a season 4 of surrealism where Alicia has died, Nick has disappeared or died and Luciana shows up with the grandchild Madison always wanted.

Because they didn’t just blatantly show it, I think we can be certain Daniel and Nick are still alive. Proctor John was supposed to be the Worst, but I didn’t get there with him, but I’m sure he and “The proctors” will be back. There’s some foreshadowing for the crossover for sure.

I love that Walker and Crazy Dog are alive! So happy and I hope we see them again. That last minute showing was awesome, I cheered. I love those guys. BRING THEM BACK.

That fantasy sequence was so deliberate, showing Alicia’s grave, so you know they’re going to mess with us about her next year. She’ll be the one missing at first, and she’ll turn up in some really unexpected place (unless Alycia is moving on). It is a good opportunity to shape her character toward something new (whatcha bet if she returns, she loses the Rapunzel hair and gets a new attitude?). Does she hook up with Diana again? Hoping she’s alive and recovering, but I doubt she’ll be a regular next year. With what Alicia knows about the proctor’s plans, might she start heading eastward? If there isn’t an episode entitled the Angel of Death, I’ll eat my hat.

Troy. He looked dead, didn’t he? I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised, though, if he survived that. As a character, he’s repugnant, but I get why so many like him and want to see his dynamic with the Clarks again and maybe something magical will happen (not that it should).

I did like that surreal sequence and I think a show like this kinda needs that quality from time to time so I hope the storytelling opens up next year. This show blew me away this year so I’m hoping so hard that next season is even better.

Please bring back Luciana and Diana and more women in general. That Christmas dinner reminded me how tired I am of male-dominated stories. Bring on the badass chicks.

What’s wrong with me?– Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: Can I request a Jeff imagine me where he’s been asking you out for a while now and you always turn him down? So one day you hear him talking to clay about how it’s actually starting to hurt him a bit cuz what’s wrong wit him? And his jock buddies give him shit and tease him about which upsets him so you shock all of them by going up and kissing him which leads to a hot makeout and ask him on a date.

Words: 2703

Enjoy it!

Reader’s point of view.

Your name: submit What is this?

I smiled looking at myself through the rearview mirror. I loved when my mom had the day off, that meant I could get the car to school, save me the monotonous and disgusting bus rides. It isn’t as if my mother went out to have fun, her days off from work, she is doing yoga in front of the TV, it wasn’t too much that the “coach” was too attractive. I shivered and concentrated on the road, until that point I was already entering the Liberty High parking lot. The disadvantage of bringing the car is that I mistrusted and was late, something that wouldn’t happen if I were traveling in the yellow device. Now finding a parking lot would be a challenge.

After a full turn, I finally find a decent place, not so far but not so close to the door, perfect. Before maneuvering to enter that space, a car closed the way and got into MY place. I stepped on the brakes and glared at the bold.  I knew the car perfectly. Instead of staying there, I found another place to two cars away, from that to stay grumbling. Yes, I was too lucky.

“Are you serious, Atkins?” I raised my voice after getting out of the car and hanging my backpack over my shoulder.

Jeff was walking toward me with a big smile and fiddling with the keys of his carriage. Asshole.

“This becomes a danger zone every morning, Y/L, you would know if you brought your car every day”


I started to walk with him to my side. We were in the same course, connected in our first year, we were good friends, maybe I could even consider him my best friend, it’s not like I had many in high school. Most were either useless sportsmen, or just people who weren’t worth it.  He was taking me with a few, especially since Jeff was very close to them, almost entering his social circle. They were not bad guys, but somewhat immature for my taste. Sometimes they made me laugh.

“So I heard that this new movie will be on Saturday … Let’s go together?”

Yeah, we were good friends though Jeff was determined to change that. My friend was attractive, too much to admit, but my mind was somewhere else to focus on a boyfriend. In addition, our friendly relationship worked perfectly, we sometimes studied together, I was going to see him at his baseball games, and I even stayed after school with him and Clay for his tutorials. I could come and go as often as i wanted and he did that too. We were perfectly fine, why did we need a label? What if “being dating” didn’t work? All those years of friendship would go away. Just to think about my last months in this institute without the company of my best friend, to be avoiding it by the corridors and to meet us in uncomfortable looks, left me the sensation to be without air. No, I wouldn’t let him lose it for a silly etiquette.

“How on a date?” I remembered that I hadn’t answered him.

I turned to look at him and he smiled in embarrassment. Jeff Atkins was never embarrassed. He was the most honest and funny guy on the whole site. If I didn’t know Clay Jensen, I would sign with blood that Jeff was the only one. Everyone else behaved more like idiots.

“Yes?” His answer sounded more like a question. Well, he left the decision to me again.

I sighed and settled the backpack as a reflex act.

“You did a good swing, Atkins, but I’m sorry to say you got a strike”

He raised his eyebrows and I smiled, wanting to erase the rejection I had given him. It hadn’t been the first, but sometimes I felt like the bad in this relationship. Our “dates” were reduced to exits between friends, and that was because I was in charge of enlisting Sheri with us and him, usually Clay. At one time, we invited Hannah, but lately she was walking in her own world, feeling the tension only to approach her. Too bad, it turned out to be a really fun girl.

I increased my pace. We didn’t have to stay together in the hall, our first period was different, while he was killing himself in history, I had to endure the headache of algebra. I also needed help but no one threatened to get me out of a team simply because I didn’t belong to any. That was how it was.

“Are you serious?” The good thing about my best friend is that he took rejections with grace. “You are very rude to me, Y/N!”

“I see you at rest!” I shouted at him in response and unconsciously stepped up. I never let him see guilt in me after an Olympic rejection.

At lunchtime, we took our usual table; Clay kept his eyes on his task that ignored our mini meal fight between Jeff and me. He made me eat one of his fries, but they were too greasy for my liking. Thanks to that, we didn’t go unnoticed, neither by his companions as for the rest of the school. Suddenly, I noticed how his teammates were passing by and said things to Jeff that I couldn’t grasp, used as keys that I didn’t understand. I looked at Jeff who looked down for a few seconds before turning to see me and smiling as if nothing.

“What was that?”

“It’s nothing.” He grabbed his backpack and stood up. “See you after school, Jensen?”

For the first time, Clay looked up and nodded. Jeff said goodbye to both of us and left in the opposite direction to his companions, I frowned even confused; it was incredible how my friend’s mood changed in a few seconds. I bit my lip and pushed aside my tray of food, strangely I was without appetite.

“What’s wrong with Jeff?” I asked. Clay knew him as well as I did.

The boy shrugged and looked in the direction where our friend had disappeared. I said goodbye to Clay, especially since I had just seen Hannah Baker enter the cafeteria. Jeff and I had a plan, before we graduated, we had to get these two to have something. They were too shy to approach the one and the other that we decided to intervene, rather I joined the cause, because it was a kind of deal between the two men. However, it was difficult, I was going to take care of Hannah, but she was very distant, I couldn’t approach. I sighed and left the cafeteria. I’d waste my time in the locker.

I doubted if it would be a good idea to interfere with the tutoring hours of my friends, I don’t know what was different now, if I always did, but my best friend’s behavior was too strange after the cafeteria. It made me panic to approach him. Among my doubts, I ended up in the school library, if I wandered around maybe in the end would encourage me to approach your table. I ended up on one of the closest shelves, Jeff and Clay seemed to be talking about something that didn’t look like tutorials since neither of them looked at their respective books. I went a little closer, covering my face with a book chosen at random. I pretended to read it.

“Jeff Atkins, asking me for advice on relationships?” I listened to Clay with humor. “The deal was supposed to be that you would help me with it, not the other way around.” I lowered the book a little to notice my best friend with his eyes on Pencil playing between his fingers. I went back to cover “I was paying my salary in the Cresmont that you would never go through this”

I bit my lip, afraid to know now what they were talking about, or rather … of whom. I repressed the book down again.

“I don’t know what else to do, dude.” Jeff’s voice broke my heart, but why? “She’s not like the other girls I’ve dated, it’s a challenge, but not that kind of challenge.” I started to consider whether it was a good idea to stay or not to listen, but my feet were stuck.

“Don’t stop trying” Clay encouraged.

“I don’t do it. I invite her to go out and it is always the same result: No. “I fear that someday she will get tired and send me to the devil”

My blood ran cold. They had not yet pronounced my name but knew perfectly well that they were talking about me. My hands began to tremble.

“I don’t think so. You two make a good team. It’s hard to see a Jeff without Y/N, or a Y/N without a Jeff” I glanced over and watched my friend smile. I did too. It was true; we could complement us in an incredible way.

I watched Jeff’s profile, again thinking away from his friendship, made me feel short of breath. I couldn’t imagine my life without having met him; he managed to understand me, my problems, my follies and occasionally my pessimism. The random memory hit me on a Saturday that taught me to hit, I could feel his body on my back and his arms around mine, even his hands on mine to help me hold the bat well. It had felt good, I didn’t have the imperative need to get away like when Bryce Walker tried to get too close to me. That guy gave me a very bad spine. Instead, with Jeff, I sometimes needed to have him close to feel that I breathe well, that everything is going its natural course. There was no Y/N Y/L without a Jeff Atkins, it couldn’t, and there was no consistency. It was like going against nature. My heart sped up and I hid my face again between the pages.

“Clay. What is wrong with me?” I had a gasp, only a few verbal rejects, at no time I distanced myself from him, after my negatives we were as normal as ever. Nothing had changed. I had the need to jump and give him a zap, Nothing was wrong with you, Atkins, you’re amazing, the best guy I’ve ever met! But I stood still with the lump in my throat.

“Nothing, dude. Let’s go back to your history essay, you need to distract your mind”

I listened as he agreed to the idea and I moved from shelf to the place where they didn’t see me. I put my hand to my chest and inhaled deep breaths. Why did i feel like crying? Maybe because Jeff didn’t notice the way I did, what could be wrong with him? He was a committed boy, especially now that his position in the team depended on his qualifications, attentive, pleasant, he isn’t of those who believed in rumors … and above all, he was an excellent friend of Clay and mine. How could there be anything wrong with that? Why cann’t you see yourself as I see you? I bit my lip.

“I saw you” Jessica came out of nowhere and gave me the shock of my life. She started laughing “Spying on people’s conversations? That’s too much for you”

I rolled my eyes.

"I guess I couldn’t help it,” I murmured.

“I heard them, too. I’ve never seen Jeff that way; he always has a smile on his face."I nodded to the cheerleader’s words. Suddenly, she started to laugh "Don’t you realize, Y/N?” I looked at her strangely “He’s in love with you! The whole institute knows this, obviously everyone, except you”

“We are good friends”

“So? That doesn’t take away the feelings, the question here is, Are you in love with him? ”

I was silent, I opened my mouth to answer her but I couldn’t, Why couldn’t I? I should deny it, but why didn’t i? Jessica Davis smiled.

“Do I confess something?” I waited quietly. “The way you look at Jeff, is the same way I look at Justin. Think about it. "She winked at me before leaving.

If my best friend’s words had left me frozen, Jessica’s words hit me. I looked over my shoulder toward the boys’ table, was I in love with my best friend? As I would know, I had never fallen in love with anyone in my life.

I ran as if my life depended on it to the baseball field, simply because my friend’s fool had forgotten his bat in the car and I as a good person i was, and because I knew the combination of his locker to get the keys, I did him the favor. Anyway, at home I was expecting some of those Mom’s smooth naturist, I wasn’t very excited to return soon. Before giving me sight in front of the team, I heard the boys howling and booing. I stopped and looked out, Jeff was in front of them, pretending to have difficulty raising the zipper of his sweatshirt. As I perceived quickly, they were making fun of him.

"Give it up at once, Atkins.” One of them said. I frowned. “You’re losing your good reputation for just one girl”

Not again, please. I pressed the bat in my hands.

“Let go and pass her, I assure you that I get an appointment with her long before you,” another of his classmates boasted. I was getting angry.

How could it be that they messed with him for some nonsense? I was nothing special, why did they all talk as if I were some sort of trophy? I looked at Jeff, he was still focused on his feigned task, but the gesture on his lips told me that he was having a bad time, so I got sick, it couldn’t be that my fear of losing him by spoiling everything with a label, So much harm to him. My eyes filled with tears, but I didn’t cry, instead, I smiled and walked resolutely towards them.

“Eh!” Shouted one of them with joy.

I didn’t look at any of them, my eyes were on my best friend’s, wanting to pretend he was more than okay. I didn’t stop until I felt my lips against his. I dropped the bat to our side and wrapped my fingers in his hair pulling him closer to me. His response, in the first place, was that his mouth was sealed by surprise, when he caught what was happening, he joined the same rhythm as me, bringing his hands to my waist. I didn’t part until the shouts of joy of his companions became present.

“Damn!” I recognized the voice of the one who at the beginning bet that I would go out with him.

I looked into Jeff’s eyes and smiled broadly. This kiss, which at first wanted to taste something, simply felt good. I began to feel that I was complete, even though I thought I had been before.

“I thought better, why wait until Saturday? Let’s have a date now.” My best friend’s eyes shone, I felt an extreme happiness inside, not for him, for me. “Oh, better, did you tell me that your parents are not going to be home all day? How about a bit of Netflix and chill? ”

His friends laughed, he too, but a little more shy.

“Come on.” He took my hand firmly.

“Boys” I gave a single glance at their companions, they began to cheer and push, like vile apes.

I laughed and looked back. When we lost sight of the team, Jeff stopped and looked at me even in shock.

“You were serious?”

“About the kiss or Netflix and chill?” I couldn’t stop smiling.

“Both of them”

“Now I know that I’m sure of the kiss” I bit my lip “Of the other, of course I was serious, a little more seriously in the chill part”

Jeff’s smile was the biggest i had ever seen. My heart skipped a beat.

“Then I drive. Later we’ll get back for your car”

i really, really want a plot where muse a is a naive, sweet, romantic, whimsical little thing with a whole lot of optimism and sunshine in their veins and muse b is the complete opposite; a total player who has someone new in their bed every weekend and hates responsibilities and just spends a lot of their time fucking around. somehow these two have been friends for a while, despite their differing personalities, and one day muse a ends up having to move out of their apartment due to a fire or an infestation or something and muse b is the one who offers to put them up for the time being. it’s all well and good except muse a has terrible nightmares constantly and one night muse b is sick and tired of it (and deep down a little concerned) so gets into bed with muse a until they stop crying and shaking and fall asleep in muse b’s arms instead. cue awkward muses sleeping in the same bed every night and it actually helping muse a a lot with the nightmares, and lots of cuddling and feelings ensue. muse b, being the player they are, are terrified of the idea of liking someone but muse a is pretty much already head over heels and ANGST !!

dragon age starters

feel most free to change pronouns ,  etc .

❝ it doesn’t matter that they won’t remember me. what matters is i helped. ❞
❝ bad things should happen to bad people. ❞
❝ i’m here to set things right. also ? to look dashing. that part’s less difficult. ❞
❝ planning has never been my strong suit . now, killing…killing & love-making. those i am better at. ❞
❝ oh ! we could get matching outfits ! ❞
❝ i’m not saying i should be your first pick for a dance partner at the ball , but in the deep roads , i’m your man / woman. ❞
❝ draw your weapon & say that again ! ❞
❝ we’re here to kill them all, yes ? for sport ? ❞
❝ you tend to get up to interesting things. you meet interesting people & then you kill them. ❞
❝ i never worry, darling. a leash can be pulled from either end. ❞
❝ it’s like you need permission to be alive. ❞
❝ has anyone told you what marvelous eyes you possess, my dear ? ❞
❝ have you ever licked a lamp post in winter ? ❞
❝ i’ll try not to hit anyone. ❞
❝ there you are. everyone’s been looking for you. ❞
❝ the last man standing gets final say on who is right or wrong. ❞
❝ i like my hair the way it is, thank you. ❞
❝ do you think about how to kill everyone you meet ? ❞
❝ are you… sassing me, ____? ❞
❝ yes, but she/you seems more… “ooh, pretty colors !” than “muahaha ! i am princess stabbity ! stab, kill, kill ! ❞
❝ congratulations ! you have found a wastebin . ❞
❝ what are you going to do with that sword ? ❞
❝ not listening ! la la-la la la ! ❞
❝ i saw you looking at the girl/boy in town earlier . ❞
❝ anyone wishing to accuse me of weakness is welcome to try. ❞
❝ …did you cut your own hair ? ❞
❝ ”one by one they follow, drowning in the sea”. the rest of the poem is sad.. ❞
❝ you aren’t all stone, ____. there is a person inside of you. ❞
❝ we crush the heads of rude women when we feel like it. just so you know. ❞
❝ protect what matters with everything you have, or you’ll have nothing, and deserve it. ❞
❝ i want you to know that what we had was real. ❞
❝ in the end you are always alone with your actions. ❞
❝ somebody’s been drinking. ❞
❝ let’s show them our hearts, and then show them theirs.. ❞
❝ do you feel that ? my magic-sensing nose is tingling. ❞
❝ well, shit. ❞
❝ you worry me, you know that ? ❞
❝ i’m cold. & it’s indoors. this is so wrong. ❞
❝ i saw what you were doing back there. ❞
❝ we will never speak of this again. ❞
❝ you’re a big softie ! ❞ 
❝ i’ve got just the thing to cure that pout. ❞
❝ eight, nine, now you die. ❞
❝ daughters never grow up. they remain six years old with pigtails & skinned knees forever. ❞
❝ i don’t need my pants, anyway. ❞
❝ smiles. we must be careful how we present ourselves. ❞
❝ be careful what you wish for. power is treacherous. i have seen many people–great leaders–consumed by it. ❞
❝ don’t touch me ! stay away ! ❞
❝ i think of him/you/her as much as he/you/she thinks at all. ❞
❝ i knew nothing of friendship before we met. ❞
❝ you can approve or not approve as you wish, but this is one thing you cannot influence and mold to your liking. ❞
❝ there you go, breaking my heart. ❞ 
❝ does anyone else feel the verge to vomit? ❞
❝ i…love you. just… wanted to tell you that. ❞
❝ let those who would destroy us step into the light. ❞
❝ it’s dangerous when too many men in the same armor think they’re right. ❞
❝ if you love a character, you give them pain, ruin their lives, make them suffer. maybe even throw in a heroic death. ❞
❝ i do quite like watching you leave. ❞
❝ send him a fruit basket. everyone loves those. ❞
❝ did i stutter ? ❞
❝ are you kidding ? i’m surprised you didn’t kill anyone just coming over here. ❞
❝ the world may want my time, but you have my heart ❞
❝ have you ever heard the saying ‘let sleeping abominations lie’?  now would be the time to consider it. ❞
❝ that sounded much better in my head . ❞
❝ i have an excellent sense of dramatic timing. & good hair.  ❞
❝ the air hurts. i have to stop. ❞
❝ challenge someone to arm-wrestle me. ❞
❝ so, you’re not like a lot of other girls/boys. ❞
❝ not long ago this was impossible to imagine. you, the man i love, victory close at hand. ❞
❝ how do you do that ? make everything better with a smile ? ❞
❝ it gets no easier. your struggles have only just begun. ❞
❝ there comes a time when you must stop running, when you turn & face the tiger.  ❞
❝ it’s family, you protect. doesn’t matter who it is, blood or not. ❞
❝ perhaps we should carve our names into the giant tree ? ❞
❝ hey ! that’s mine ! ❞
❝ our mistakes make us who we are. ❞
❝ fear makes men more dangerous than magic ever could. ❞
❝ don’t let anyone tell you when to move on. take their hand & say, “my choice". ❞
❝ words are easy, like the wind; faithful friends are hard to find. ❞
❝ shitballs. fuck. shit. crap. ❞
❝ living a lie … it festers inside you, like poison. ❞

Hold On (trigger warning)

A/N: I’m in Prague with a friend this week and I put this on schedule so lets hope it works.
Requested to use the line “because I love you, that’s why.” Be aware this has a trigger warning, so think twice before reading. Also, I would love to hear feedback on this because I am honestly so fucking nervous.

Word count: 2,646

Hearing someone you love cry, is probably the worst feeling in the world. The worst kind of pain I’ve ever experienced. I felt her pain. Deep in my chest. In every fibre of my body. With every dense heart beat. I felt it. Hearing her desperate sore cries from the other side of the door, it killed me inside. Left me numb and frozen.

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Waving Through a Window

A/N Here’s this… thingie that I wrote for @analogically-prinxiety as a part of the fic exchange. Also huge thanks to @princeyandanxiety for putting up with my constant questions and helping me edit this.

Chosen Prompt: 1 - Soulmate AU

Pairing: Analogical (Anxiety/Logic), side Royality (Prince/Morality)

Genre: Soulmate AU, High School AU, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort

Word Count: many 8.6k (the k stands for kill me)

Warnings: panic attack, like a paragraph dedicated to this One Shove, heaps of swearing (courtesy of Anx) and uh… I think that’s it?


Soulmates share an emotional bond where they can feel what the other is feeling. That has always been just an unimportant  fact that Virge has lived by. It was the same as someone saying ‘water is wet’ or ‘the sky is blue’. When Virgil’s old neighbour moves away and Logan’s family moves in, things start changing.

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I read this post and I just needed to draw Oikawa and Hinata watching x-files and snuggling together. :D

Up until recently, I didn’t really care for Oihina, but thanks to various posts I’ve seen from @mooksmookin, I’ve become enlightened and now I’m in love with this ship. Goddammit.


Cops&Criminals AU prompts
  • Disclaimer: All of these are mine, free for grabs. I just want to know if you write them because I want to read them. Some are darker, some are crack material. Enjoy!
  • 1: You’re holding me in a chokehold and there’s a gun pressed against my temple, I shouldn’t feel the way I’m feeling about it, but I can’t help it, fuck.
  • 2: I came to make a deal with some shady gang and there you are, tied up and bruised, great, now I have to make the deal about you so that I can get you out of there.
  • 3: You turned me in to the police and I’m going to jail, but you keep saying it was for my own good, are you fucking serious? Also why can’t I hate you?
  • 4: My boss ordered me to drive you to the desert and kill you there, god damn it stop crying there, it’s so pathetic, no, I’m not letting you go, are you mad, oh god, stop, it’s starting to get on my nerves and… am I starting to feel sorry for you?
  • 5: My boss ordered me to drive you to the desert and kill you there, but you have no idea and keep talking about our future, please stop, I can’t take it.
  • 6: I’m a priest and you’re that one guy who comes to confess his crimes every week, son, could you go to the police already, I’ve had enough of hearing about murders, also, stop saying how much you love my voice, okay, it makes me really uncomfortable.
  • 7: We’re holding you captive and I’m supposed to feed you, I swear if you try to bite me again, I’ll punch you in the face.
  • 8: We’re holding you captive and I take care of you, I had to leave, now I’ve come back and you’re not in the state I left you in, what the hell have they done to you?
  • 9: I’m a hooker and you are a cop, you gave me your number like a year ago during some investigation in this area and sorry, I know it’s 2 am but I’m in real trouble and could you please come and save me?
  • 10: I’ve kidnapped you and I’m trying to film a very menacing video of me asking for ransom but you keep giggling and apparently I’ll have to gag you, you stupid idiot.
  • 11: My partners in crime finally decided to kill you, but after the weeks of holding you captive I grew kinda fond of you. I was trying to keep cool, but when they held the gun to your head, you looked at me and whispered you weren’t afraid, and I lost my shit.
  • 12: I’m a cop, we found you in the dark alley during my patrol and I thought you were dead, but then you grabbed my hand, what the fuck, you scared the hell out of me.
  • 13: We’re held hostage together and you keep coming up with crazy plans to escape, just shut up, you’re delusional and it annoys me.
  • 14: Hi, I’m your cellmate, welcome to hell. Oh… damn, shouldn’t you be like in juvenile, you’re a fucking baby, are you alright, do you want me to hold you?
  • 15: I’m on the run, jumped into your car, aimed a gun at you and yelled at you to drive but oh my god, you’re like the worst driver in the world, I’m fucked.
  • 16: I’m at Starbucks ordering coffee late at night, you’re the barista and why the hell are you staring at me like that, oh shit, I didn’t notice I had blood on my clothes.
  • 17: I accidentally witnessed your kidnapping, now I’m no hero but hold on tight, I’m still coming to the rescue.
  • 18: We’re holding you captive but you got really sick, hell we need you alive, you can’t die on us, what’s wrong with you, is it pneumonia or what, what am I supposed to do, will some Advil do or do I need to rob a pharmacy now?
  • 19: I’m a cop, you’re resisting arrest and now I’m practically sitting on you trying to handcuff you and… are you actually laughing?
  • 20: Listen, I’d be okay with you breaking in my apartment and stealing my things, but you managed to kill my hamster in the process, now I’m coming for you, you bastard, do you hear me?
Little Monster part 1


Pairing: Professor!Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: mentions of sexual activity (NSFW) and accusations of abuse. Oh, and foul language. Skip the NSFW by skipping the cursive part! (that’s why it’s cursive too hehe)

Word count: 1.707

Summary: You’re an arts student on the verge of graduating when you get the verdict: either you do an extra year or you take one extra, mandatory course to salvage your reputation. You hold a grudge against history and would rather be fooling around with your boyfriend than sitting in a bleak auditorium listening to some old fart’s war stories. Turns out that fossil isn’t as old as you thought he’d be and soon you’re begging for taste of Professor Rogers, taking advantage of the high life.

A/N: As I’m finishing up on Manhattan Mistress, I’d like to pitch this little series based on the newly released photographs Chris Evans did for Vogue (and Esquire). They just screamed recently divorced college professor/high society beau/sugar daddy to me so here it is!

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Just another Camren Theory

Things to be clear before I begin this theory:

  • All the facts are assumptions. 
  • All the facts are of my own mind (you are not required to agree).
  • I’m definitely not good with specific days/months/years.
  • My native language is not English… so… sorry about some mistakes!

Well…despite not being good with the timeline, let’s start! Let’s do this!
Fasten your seat belts and stay comfortable.

Every-fucking-time I read questions and theories about Camren, everyone has the same impression: They had a relationship for almost ¾ years. We could all see that in all those years, the one who seemed most comfortable in giving us “hints” and talking a little more quietly about Camren, was Camila.

We have all seen that Lauren didn’t deal well with the situation about this relationship in the beginning. She always seemed to be in conflict with herself, with what she felt and what or whom she liked (boys/girls).

Starting from the assumption that Camren had a relationship for almost 4 years, I began to think about these facts that I will present below.

This theory doesn’t have much to do with Camila’s departure from the band, but some facts inevitably intertwine.

At the beginning of 2016, everything looked fine between Camren. The M&G pictures in Brazil showed that everything seemed to be okay. The concerts in Brazil were from 28/June to 05/July of 2016.

I believe they were together and happy at the time, but some conflict had already begun.

Camila already showed signs of tiredness, but not of sadness. Lauren looked very happy and comfortable nearby Camila.

Okay, another point I’d like to say, in that theory I’m not going to involve Lucy, because Laucy as a love relationship isn’t something I believe, so all the trips that Lauren made with Lucy, for me it was like “best friends time”.

Not only in Brazil, but throughout the beginning of the 7/27 Tour they were looking at each other at the concerts and seemed to be okay.

And the M&G things just seemed to be fine too…

At some point, things started to change. The soundcheck began to get increasingly weird, the girls increasingly separated from Camila. Camila was getting more and more depressed, sad and tired.

So what happened? Lauren betrayed Camila? Camila betrayed Lauren? Did they fight? Did they split up? Well… Several times we saw that Lauren was trying to remain happy while Camila had a miserable look of sadness. They were getting farther away in the soundchecks, Lauren disappeared and they said she was stuck in traffic and they did not interact anymore. They did not even sit together anymore.

Of everything I believe about Camren, it’s impossible for me to think about betrayal. At least the way I see this relationship. Pure, crazy, dependent, strong, intense and REAL! No, I don’t think there was betrayal, we know our girls, can you imagine Lauren doing that with her cute bow-girl? Can you imagine Camila doing that with her planet-green-eyes-girl? Well, call me naive or whatever, but I can not!

Camila had a problem with her anxiety and the problems began to be exposed. I think she began to feel the pressure of having to choose and decide about her future and their relationship. 

It seems that things have gotten complicated and they have been moving away. Camila was the farthest.

Ok … here comes what I think happened. Camila expressed her willingness to leave the group, arguing perhaps that she needed more freedom to write, to show her art the way she always dreamed. I believe that all this, in a way, they already wanted her to be a solo artist because they acted to make it happen naturally (they could have double money with this). I also believe that part of the Fifth Harmony team didn’t want that. This includes the parents of the other girls. Of course, everyone knew that the band would be able to continue without Camila, but that would certainly shake a certain structure they already had.

I think Camila wanted and had enough courage to assume Camren, but when the idea of going out as a solo artist came along, I believe it has retreated in her mind. I think this was “offered” to the Camren couple, like “okay, you guys will have more freedom, you can get out of this fucking closet and be freer, but you have to stay in the band”.

I think Lauren accepted this agreement because we saw that along the Tour, she was getting out of the closet gradually and we saw that Camila was running away more and more.

Lauren seemed very happy, after all, had come to the possibility of getting Camren out the closet and finally be TOGETHER.

But she seemed to be always doing all this alone…

I believe there was a conversation where Lauren made it clear that she was going to jump out of the closet, but Camila backed off because somehow she was warned by her “solo team” that if she was really leaving the band, she couldn’t assume her sexuality. On the contrary, they would have to reaffirm and reinforce her sexuality as HETEROSEXUAL!

Lauren kept doing this on her own and obviously gained the support of the other girls. I think what turned the girls away from Camila might have been that. For years dating Lauren, giving hints all over the internet, making love statements and when it comes time to assume…she leaves the band and let Lauren all alone with this ship to pursue her own dreams. 

I remember when Normani’s mom tweeted something about selfishness.

Well… and Clara seemed to be always posting things to defend Lauren and leave doubts in the air.

Camila’s parents no longer helped with the things about Fifth Harmony. Camila’s solo team was more active than ever and she was making it clear throughout the Tour that it would be the last one with the girls. She was making it clear in pictures, social media, reactions and trying to keep her image as straight as possible.

I think at the end of the day, Lauren still hoped that Camila would stay and assume Camren with her, and I even think Camila thought about it, but she has warned again, that if she assumed Camren, Goodbye solo career!

So I guess everyone remembers what happened when a fan asked her (Camila) if she identified herself with the sun or with the moon (Theory of the Sun & Moon) and she said that she identified herself with the MOON, BUT SHE DID NOT KNOW WHY SHE PERSONIFIES THE MOON AS “SHE”.

And I think everyone remembers Lauren’s reaction, right?

For me, Lauren’s reaction on that day was something like: “okay, I’ve already seen that I’m going to do it myself! No Camren for Camila today (or tomorrow)!!”

I really think Camila kept trying to make Camren continue hidden. I guess she didn’t want the relationship to end, but Lauren wanted to assume her sexuality. I think in a way, they initially reached an agreement, after much talk, including and especially between the two 5H X SOLO teams. Like: "she’s going to leave, Lauren can assume, but she can not put Camila on it.” … and for me, that’s how the idea of giving an “up” in Laucy showed up. I think Lucy knew everything and tried to help her best friend. I think Lauren and Camila came to some agreement between them. I think Lauren refused to continue dating and hiding the relationship and that’s what made Camila sad. 

Pursue my dreams or give them up for love ??? 

She was practically between the cross and the sword and she had to choose.

They knew she would leave …

I think that after Lauren realized that Camila was not going to go back, she was not going to stay, she was not going to assume Camren, she started trying to get away for a bit … but I also think that Camila continued trying to make Camren survive inside the closet. 

That’s when Lauren collapsed on stage…

But Lauren seemed strong after that day. She started going out, going to parties, traveling and also fulfilled her “part” in the “agreement” that was to increase Laucy’s popularity as a couple.

For me, it was something like: “Okay, Camila … you want to leave and you will not assume? I’ll make it easier on you! I will not speak about you and I’ll help you kill Camren if that’s what you need/want.”. I think Lauren was really angry and asked Lucy for help.

That’s why I think everyone started giving indirect through social media … especially the Jauregui family. I think they got mad with the feeling that: “then she says she loves my daughter, they live all this craziness and then my daughter gets alone in this whole shit and carry on her back?? As their daughter leaves the band to make her happy solo career??? What the fuck???”.

Call me crazy, or call me delusional, so we’re more accustomed to this term … but I really believe that’s how came from the drama of Clara unfollowing the Cabello family on social networks, Taylor leaving some twitts, Chris deleting his picture with Camila, Lucy unfollowing Camila, Vero no longer supporting Camila (and Camren) … anyway, summing up …

Camila and Lauren fell in love, even with everything a little confused, they started a relationship, they stayed together a long time, Camila wanted to assume, while not thinking about pursuing the solo career, Lauren trying to hide. Finally, Lauren wanted to assume, but Camila was introduced to the idea of having a career the way she had always dreamed, but for that, she would have to deny and kill Camren for good. Lauren tries to assume with Camila, who decides for her solo career. Jauregui family get extremely angry, the other girls upset (For having followed their relationship for all these years), Lauren’s friends gets upset and angry. Camila with just a little of support, always walking with her mom or with Ashlee Juno, who was practically her only “friend” at the end of the 7/27 Tour in 2016.

What do I think about the present time?

I think Camila keep all this time trying to get back with Lauren and trying to talk to try to keep Camren alive, but hidden from the audience. I really think she keeps trying. 


Because of everything she posts on social media, for all the hints, for the way she’s been directed to talk more about boys, but at the same time, she still leaves roses on the way to certain "you” that we already know who it is!

No, I do not think Camila is the villain and Lauren the angel. Maybe in the heat of the moment, they hurt too much themselves the way this relationship went. For some time we could see Camila very sad and post things like:

Maybe Lauren hurt her before, maybe they ended up fighting because of jealousy … (Because if you believe Lauren betrayed Camila, what reason would her family have to ignore or “attack” the Cabello family? They could not “complain” if their own daughter had done this to Camila. They would not have the moral for it.)

Maybe Lauren is starting to give in, maybe not. Maybe she still thinks that Camila’s departure and the fact that she was “abandoned” with Camren in her arms was some kind of betrayal. Maybe she’s still hurt. Maybe the Laucy kiss was purposely like: “She does not want me to kill Camren? So that’s how I’m going to do it!” … maybe it was a way to hurt Camila how she felt hurt. I can not really tell what happened, but that’s all I believe in. Obviously, it should not be 100% that way, but this is just another theory, like so many others about Camren.

But Camila seems very happy lately … and Lauren is more beautiful and radiant than ever. Camila smiled again like she did before. Camren ship seems to be sailing again … and we stand strong in this (delusional/crazy) sea!

anonymous asked:

Oooh, I just found this blog and am loving it! What about a MC that cries easily? Like she could drop a spoon and cry for an hour?

Oh god I relate to this so much. Also, how ironic is that that I was listening to “Crybaby” by Melanie Martinez when I saw this request? :D


  • He sees MC cry
  • Immediately starts crying himself
  • Then he figures he should find out what’s wrong
  • “I was watching those Try Not To Cry videos on Youtube and they’re so *sob* s-sad”
  • What a brilliant idea it was, MC
  • Yoosung holds them until they calm down
  • Probably cooks them a soup or at least gets them a lot of water since crying is a very dehydrating activity


  • MC was watching one of Zen’s musicals 
  • And there was this one unbelievably sad song
  • To top it off, Zen’s character gets killed in the end
  • Of course it brings about a sobbing session
  • Zen finds it adorable when he finds out why MC is upset
  • But he also feels sorry for them
  • Hums a cheerful melody to relax them 


  • She found MC typing vigorously on their laptop, tears streaming down their face (literally me writing my coursepaper)
  • It took them some time to notice surprised Jaehee standing in the doorway
  • “I’m just so stressed” – they whispered, wiping away their tears
  • They’re clearly overexerting themselves so Jaehee comes to the rescue
  • Makes them a cup of very strong coffee and helps them with their work
  • Now MC is crying because they are so grateful to Jaehee
  • She’s a bit concerned by how often they cry
  • Probably makes them do a blood test for hormones so that she’s sure they’re okay


  •  Found MC crying on the couch with Elizabeth the 3d near them
  • He’s so worried
  • “Her pink jellybeans.. So precious.. How did a creature of such beauty grace this world with her presence..” *Happy tears*

  • Okay Jumin somewhat understands
  • As long as MC is not sad or upset, it’s fine
  • When they’re crying because they’re upset, he panics a little
  • Ready to destroy whatever has caused them grief
  • Only to find out they’re crying because they saw a picture of someone dropping their food on the ground


  • MC was brewing tea when her hand slipped and they no longer had a teapot
  • Seven went to check in on them because he heard the noise
  • MC was standing among the broken pieces of china, crying
  • His first thought was that they were hurt
  • After making sure they weren’t bleeding, Saeyoung picked up the pieces
  • “Hey, don’t cry, honey. This teapot was kinda ugly anyway, Vanderwood gave it as a present so I couldn’t get rid of it”
  • MC giggled through tears
  • “Guess we’re drinking coffee today”

something I think we are forgetting in the death bargain feysand makes is that…it really is another expression of equality. It’s Rhysand’s promise to her that he won’t die or kill himself in order to save the world without taking her happiness into consideration. He won’t pull the same shit he pulls to fix the cauldron ever again. He won’t sacrifice himself to save the world if it means leaving Feyre alone. He understands how much she needs him, finally, and his acceptance of the bargain at the end proves that. Idk, it’s a neat character growth moment for Rhys. Like…Mr. King of I will kill myself to save my friends because I am worthless finally realizes that he is in fact worthy of his mate and that she needs him as much as he needs her.

Equality isn’t just “we have the same powers,” or “we treat one another the same.” It’s also “we each feel worthy of being with the other person” and “my partner needs me as much as i need them” and “I won’t hurt myself to help my partner unless I talk to them about it first.” Feyre makes Rhys promise they will go together. Because she needs to know that he won’t literally kill himself to save the world. She needs to know that he won’t just…leave her again. Because Rhys wouldn’t leave if he knew Feyre would also die. And he accepts this bargain, demonstrating that he finally feels worthy of being with her, and also that she will/should be included in big decisions that could lead to death. 

So death bargain = more feysand equality. Yes, it’s stupidly romantic and unrealistic but…it also is a nice compliment to how Rhysand sacrifices himself at the end. 

On the flipside, this moment shows how utterly terrified Feyre is of losing Rhys again. And seeing as she just physically felt what it was like for him to die, it makes sense. Sure it’s dramatic as hell and I admit that I rolled my eyes, but is it in line with the overall drama of the mating bond….yes. 

No Escape

Genre: Apocalypse Au / Future Fluff / Future Angst / Future Smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2,140

Warnings: Mentions of dead bodies and blood, gory 

“Find some food Y/n. Find shelter and water. If you see anyone that’s not dead, don’t approach them. Don’t trust anyone.”

Masterlist ♥︎


Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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Klance Lance turns into a dog

So what if during a supply run in an alien market where Keith and Lance are paired up, they get separated and Lance gets turned into a dog by a witchy vendor he accidentally pisses off.

Lance tries to find Keith but when he does Keith tries to shoo him away. He is to adamant trying to find Lance everywhere that he gets into a lot of trouble around the market with alien gangs, vendors and etc. and Lance stays by his side trying his hardest to tell Keith he’s Lance.

By the time they find a good hiding spot, Keith thanks the doggy but he’s tired and so so very worried about Lance and it shows.

Lance tries to comfort him by whining and rubbing his head in Keith’s neck but Keith still doesnt get it.

He just pats him and he starts talking about how worried he is for Lance and spills out his overall feelings and frustration towards his friend to the dog and Lance starts having a crisis.

Oh no oh no oh no he’s gonna kill me when he finds out Im Lance but… BUT?? this is also good, very good. I just have to convince this- MY stupidly dense beautiful boy that I NEED HELP GETTING BACK TO NORMAL

Not So Gentle 2/4 - Peter Parker Drabble

Prompt: Reader has been kidnapped only to find out her long time best friend is apart of this scheme, she faces a whole new side of Peter.

Warnings: Mention of suffer, bleeding, beating, fluff, reassurance, Plot twist

Word Count: 930

Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

A/N: Leave your comments let me know what you think :)

~part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4


“Was beating the crap out of him, really necessary?” The two men watched as Peter took a punch after punch to a worn out punching bag.

“The kid was showing weakness, someone had to remind him who he’s working for now.”

“Oh and he knows it! But if that was your way of reminding him, then we are far from getting anything out of the girl.”

“The first plan wasn’t working out, so we had to go in a different way.”

“So turning Tony Stark’s hero in trainee against him, and kidnapping his pride and only joy was the best way to go?” The man quirked an eyebrow at his boss.

“The job wasn’t getting done.” He shrugged.

“So it appears…” Drew said.

“Any way, I have to go run some errands tonight, watch over them will ya.” His boss patted his shoulder glancing once more at the boy who was letting off steam.


“Hey Parker!” Drew nodded his head towards the basement.

“I’m going.” Peter put on his jacket and zipped it up.

Peter opened the door and descended down the basement.

You heard the sound of footsteps approaching, but you were too weak to care about who was coming down again to make you suffer.

Your head hung low. Your stomach bleeding out slowly and painfully. The stab wound really did a number on you. And the fact that this was Peter’s doing made your suffering much worse. Whatever they embedded into his head, this wasn’t your Peter, he wouldn’t do this to you, to the team. You wondered what your dad thought of this, was he even looking for you, was he even trying to stop Peter from doing the wrong thing.

An indistinct voice was what you heard. Sometimes you were going in and out of a conscious state. 

“Y/N? Baby I’m right here, okay? I’m right here.” Peter took a hold of your limp hand that rested on top of the arm rest. He placed a hand to your cheek gazing over your broken down features.

“I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry.” He placed his head on your lap. 

“I-its n-not your fault.” You whispered. Your voice going raspier by the minute. 

“It is my fault, because of me, because of Spider-Man, you’re hurt!“ He cried out.

 “T-They f-forced y-you to-” You couldn’t even get out your sentence before Peter started interrupting you. 

“Don’t waste your energy okay.” He kissed your forehead, “I’m gonna get you home, that’s a promise.” He brought your hand up to his lips and kissed it. All you could do was give a nod weakly.

Peter had to go again because Drew let him know that he had to be back upstairs. If it wasn’t for Drew, Peter wouldn’t even be going down to check up on you and trying to keep you alive. So for that, Peter was at least grateful for.

“How’s she holding up?” Drew asked him as they sat in Peter’s room playing a video game until their boss came back. Out of everyone Drew seemed to be the only sincere person between the rest of the assholes. 

“She’s holding on for as long as she can.” Peter muttered. 

“She’s a fighter I’ll giver her that.” Drew nodded. 

“Yeah that she is…” Peter breathed out. 

“Listen Parker, I’m not suppose to say anything, but Toomes is going to be gone all night tomorrow.” 

That sparked Peters’s interest, “Why are you telling me this?” 

Drew looked around to make sure no else was around, “As much of a great asset you are, your still just a kid, just as much as Y/N is, you two shouldn’t even be involved in this, and I know that’s not much of a choice for you, but she doesn’t deserve to go through that.” He pointed out the door.

“But what’s does that have to do with Toomes?” Peter shook is head.

“Your not getting it” Drew palmed his forehead. “Toomes. Will. Be. Gone. You. Get. Y/N. Out.” Peters eyes widened in realization.

“Why are you helping me?”

“Because I know what it feels like to have someone you love get punished for your own mistakes.” Drew looked down at his shoes finding them quite interesting. “I know that making you hurt Y/N was as much as my doing as Toomes, but after you did what we forced you to do, seeing her look at you with so much pain, I couldn’t just stand by and let her die. I’m also helping you because if I don’t Tony will kill my ass, then your beat your ass because this plan didn’t go as planned!” Drew smacked him upside of the head.

“Hey I’m trying, and it’s not my fault you agreed to this!”

“The mission was to get in and get her out. Well were in Parker, so now we just get her out of here.” Drew murmured.

“I didn’t think I’d have to hurt her in the process.” Peter’s eyes watered.

“Hey, don’t worry, she’s going to be fine, and this will all be over before you know it.” Drew reassured Peter by giving his back a slight pat, “You needed an inside man, so I’m doing my job as one Parker.”

Peter simply nodded. “The Vulture won’t know what hit em.”

Part 3 

saturn-ultra  asked:

do you have any tips for shading? Like colours, because for shaded parts of my drawings I usually just pick a darker colour but that isn`t working.

As you can see in most of my work, I tend to go pretty flat with my colors! I have light and dark colors, but I don’t shade, technically speaking. Even when I do happen to need dramatic lighting, I only use a few colors at most,  like in this drawing. I only used a dark purple and a bright, pastel pink to make up my color palette.

To bring me to my point: I often limit my palette. Usually I pick two- a bright/light color for lights, and a dark color for shadows. Don’t just pick a light blue and a dark blue, pick… pastel orange and royal purple! Or a desaturated yellow and dark magenta. Warm light-grey and deep navy blue. And so on. It’s just easier to control your colors this way. Making it a warm vs cool tone is a good idea too, but you don’t have to do that. 

However, this is just my personal method and is not what I would consider a standard way to color. It’s still important to paint traditionally, mix colors, and solidify your color theory. I don’t think you need to be a master painter to do colorful, vibrant illustrations, but it helps A LOT to have that background knowledge. Well, it’s actually required. So make sure to study up on that!

I hope this answered your question and anyone else who may be curious!

My lineart is also usually NOT black. The colors in your lines also add to your palette, and black, for me, typically kills a drawing (but again, this is all relative and may not always be the case). So I could give my lineart a reddish tone, or a purplish tone.. whatever I feel like makes most sense. Once again, this is just my own method and not textbook! Figure out what fits your process the most and it’ll work out just fine.

sick days

summary (requested): fluff of peter taking care of (kinda) sick reader which ultimately ends up with peter getting sick? please and thanks x :) 

a note: this is like, so fluffy because i’m still shaken from all the infinity war news and i needed something good in my life. enjoy ♡

“get out. i have the plague.” 

she had skipped school for the day and peter being the worried boyfriend he is, stopped by to see if she was doing alright.

“you have a cold, stop being so dramatic.” peter sat himself on the opposite side of the couch y/n was lying dying on. 

“i don’t get sick often, but when i do, i’m fairly certain my body is trying to kill me,” she whined, glancing at the pile of tissues that had accumulated on the floor next to her, “i hate it.”

peter couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, seeing her wrapped up in a blanket with her nose all red and dry from the constant blowing of her nose. he also thought it was the most adorable thing in the world. 

“stop looking at me like that peter, or i’ll have to come over there and cough on you or something.”

that was another thing, she was irritable as hell. 

“sorry,” she coughed, “what i meant to say is i’m pissed because i’m sick and you’re not so that means we can’t cuddle.” 

“who said we can’t?”

before he made to her side of the couch, she placed a fuzzy sock clad foot on his chest, pushing him back. 

“not so fast bucko, we can’t have queens newest hero sick now can we?”

he huffed, sometimes he regrets telling her that, she uses it against him all the time, “even if i wasn’t, then could we?”

she shrugged, “maybe. either way, i just don’t wanna get you sick.” 

peter really wasn’t content with that answer but also knew better than to not listen to her. 

“what can i do to help then? i’m, if not anything, helpful.” he said, hopping up to his feet. 

“uh,” she peered into the kitchen, her brain rapid firing various things she could want at her, “i guess i could use some tea or something. that’s easy enough for you.”

he scoffed, “is that how little you think of me? not capable of using a basic kitchen appliance, pouring hot water into a mug and then putting a bag in it. cmon, y/n, this is simple.”

“simple.” she repeated, nodding her head. 

after listening to peter crash and bang around in the kitchen for ten minutes, he finally returned with her tea, unharmed. 

“impressive.” she teased as he sat the cup on the table beside her. 

he winked, “i’m more than just a pretty face.”

“aw, i like you.” she smiled.

he pressed a kiss to her unusually warm forehead, “i like you too.”

roughly two days later

now this was a sight to see, peter, in his bed, tissues surrounding him.

“don’t you say it, i know, you told me so and now i have the plague. i knew i shouldn’t have stayed for so long. the germs. they travel.” 

y/n stood in the doorway of his room, dressed in an oversized sweater and sweatpants.

“mmm, since we’re both sick now we can cuddle.”

“sounds a little counter productive.”

“i can leave, if that’s what you prefer.” she said, starting to slowly back up. 

“no! NO. please stay i’m dying.”

she rolled her eyes, kicking off her shoes and sliding into bed next to him. peter wrapped both his arms around her and put his head in the crook of her neck.

“damn, okay, we’re extra cuddly today.”

“i can stop, if that’s what you prefer.” 

“no! NO. this is good,” she let out a heavy breath, this time she got to kiss his unusually warm forehead, “this is good.”

e n d 

another note: someone teach me how to write a good ending?? cus i don’t know how?? help?? 

Women Like You- Thomas Shelby

*Some of you may have noticed that Peaky Week was interrupted and I really am sorry. Family drama and schoolwork pushed me away from writing for a bit, but I’m back now. I originally planned a surprise for you guys, but now I’ll post it tomorrow as an ‘I’m sorry’ gift. My geat friend @kill-thy-zombie-babies gave me this idea and I feel kinda bad for not putting as much time into it as I would have liked. Also, special thanks to @bonniebirdsgifcentre for the Tommy Gif. xoxox*


Your plan had not gone completely according to schedule. The strategy was to seduce your target- a despicable local politician who had gotten on the wrong side of a rich customer-, get him to take you home, and take him out quietly with the help of a gun suppressor. Everything went suitably up to getting to his home. You had caught his eyes at his third cousin’s wedding earlier that evening, and it didn’t take more than a flashy smile and letting him get you a drink to have him lusting after you. It was supposed to be a piece of cake, killing an unexpected target, but you could tell this wasn’t the first assassination attempt on him. Before you could even pull out your gun, he was reaching up your dress to search for your holster. Luckily, a good kick to the face got him down long enough for a hectic but fulfilled job. You tried to straighten out your appearance and prepare yourself for a casual exit, but before you were ready, you could hear a loud pounding on the front door, the police. That’s all it took for you to bolt out his apartment window and down the fire escape.

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Imagine: John Wick crossing paths with your ex boyfriend, for the first time.

A Brief Explanation: You flinched. John clenched his jaw, instinctively shielding you with an outstretched arm and staring down your Ex boyfriend. Your ex (a notorious gangster) stopped dead in his tracks.

John was the first to make a move, reaching for the gun tucked at the back of his trousers and readying himself for a fight, if need should arise to protect you. 

Before anything could happen or anyone could get hurt though, you stepped in front of John and pulled his face down to yours, whispering something.

“Let me handle this,” you said, gently pressing your lips to his, in an attempt to soothe the assassin’s rattled nerves and reassure him.

John closed his eyes for a moment, inhaling a deep breath, before letting his gaze settle back on you as he searched your face. Every single bone in his hands were telling him to force the barrel of his gun against your ex-boyfriend’s temple, and pull the trigger; an attempt to protect you from ever being hurt by that bastard again. 

Yet, as soon as you looked at John with those pleading eyes -those eyes which only ever seemed to indulge forgiveness and mercy- the rage seemed to subside and was soon drowned out by something else, some estranged emotion, which oddly resembled panic.

“It’s okay,” you hushed, as if trying to put him at ease. 

John just continued to stare, the worry seeping through his eyes and spreading throughout his dark features. 

Finally, as you were turning to walk away, John grasped you by the upper arm, holding you back for a moment. His breath catching in his throat as he tried to find the right words -reluctant to let you wander anywhere near harm.

“If he hurts you,” he said in a low, gruff voice. “I’ll kill him… “

“I know,” you replied.

“I’ll kill him, and everyone he works for,” John repeated, as if to make sure you fully understood the sincerity of his promise. “I’ll kill them all. Every last one.

“I know…” you smiled gently, leaning in, resting your lips against his brow and kissing his forehead, before drawing away. “and, that, John Wick, is part of the reason why I fell in love with you… but, for now, let me handle this.”

John clenched his jaw slightly, finally releasing his grip from your arm and giving you a slight nod. An act of trust; An act of love.

anonymous asked:

what causes the chocobros to be petty?

This request gave me a little bit of a laugh… I filled them all nearly on-impact but Gladio took me a couple of days to think of…

For Noctis, literally just mess with his sleep schedule one too many times. The boy loves his sleep. I feel like Noct would be the definition of, “I ain’t got no sleep ‘cause ‘a y’all, y’all not gon get to sleep ‘cause of me!” whenever he’s petty. 

For Prompto, repeatedly use all of the hot water during the rare times they actually get to stay at a hotel. If it happens once or twice he’ll let it slide because hey, these things happen… but repeatedly, when you know he’s gotta take care of his hair? (He hates washing his hair with cold water.) It’s on.

For Gladio, spoil a book for him. He normally reads historical books, but in the rare times that he finds himself with a fictional book, if someone spoils it for him he’ll be rather upset about it. Finally, he found some fiction that seemed interesting, and someone just had to ruin the ending…

For Ignis, drink the last can of Ebony. Whether accidental or intentional, whoever drank the last can will have to keep an eye out for the comeback… even though they’ll never see it coming.