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Thoughts on the Sai time-travel fic I don’t want to write:

but probably will write at some point gdit:

-I’ve seen very few time-travel fics where the goal is to stop any change happening.

-Take this setup:

-Naruto dies during his battle with Sasuke—everything seems fine, Sasuke has his realization, and then turns to look and finds Naruto gone pale and cold, perfectly still. Too much blood loss, too much chakra spent, and suddenly Sasuke is alone with the corpse of his best friend.

-There’s no possible way to deal with that well, but Sasuke takes badly to new extremes. He grieves, and he plans, and he obsesses, and there’s nothing in his head except my fault my fault my fault.

-Somehow (the temple from the movie? Orochimaru? Tobirama’s old research?) he finds a way back to the past, and takes it, intending to wipe himself out of existence so that none of this can happen.

-Enter the rest of Team 7, also grieving, also devastated, but not willing to let Sasuke remake the world just in the hopes it will bring Naruto back.

-Except there’s no way they can all go to stop Sasuke. Sakura needs to be the one to open the path, since she has the most chakra. Kakashi is Hokage and can’t abandon the village, even with these stakes. Yamato is still recovering from Kabuto’s jutsu. Which leaves Sai.

-Sai agrees to the plan, because all he has to do is go back, subdue Sasuke, and drag him home. No human interaction, just another faceless ANBU passing through the village. And he’s sneaky enough that he can probably take Sasuke by surprise and keep things from turning into a superpowered brawl.

-(Somewhere, Tsunade puts her head in her hands and laughs until she cries. How can they not expect this to end in disaster. It’s Team 7, and they have worse luck than she does.)

-Sai goes back, fully determined not to change anything, but the moment he lands in Konoha he realizes he’s already too late. Danzō is dead, Shin is alive, his younger self is going by a different name, and there’s no sign of the older Sasuke, even if the younger one is still alive. And three.

-Sai has no idea how to fix this. Does he step in and pretend to be Danzō? Does he let things play out? Does he try to recreate events so they line up with the old timeline?

-Also, should he? Everyone is…happy. Shin is alive. Things are going better. The Uchiha haven’t moved to a separate district. Everything seems peaceful.

-Keeping his distance and just watching seems like his best bet, so Sai tries that for a few weeks, but unfortunately even he wasn’t able to escape Team 7’s influence. He ends up being just in time to see one of the Kumo ambassadors kidnap a three-year-old Hinata, and reacts before he can think about the impact of his actions.

-Cue an unfamiliar ANBU crashing into the Hyuuga compound in the early hours of the morning, the heiress tucked under one arm, duking it out with a foreign diplomat.

-Hiashi is bewildered but grateful.

-Hizashi ends up catching Sai when he passes out from too many electric shocks, because fighting Kumo nin is the worst.

-Hinata ends up with a new hero.

-Sai wakes up and is thrown headlong into Hyuuga Clan politics, the cold war between Hiashi and Hizashi, miniature versions of Hinata and Neji who have attached themselves to him after seeing the fight, and Sarutobi’s terrifying but polite demands that he explain who the hell he is and why he’s in Konoha.

-(Just to make it extra clear, Sai hates Sasuke. He’s going to stab him. Several times. And maybe set him on fire just for fun.)

-(Somewhere very far away, searching for Madara because he might as well fix everything, seeing as he couldn’t bring himself to kill a child, even if that child was him, Sasuke sneezes.)

Leave Right Now - Harry Styles Imagine

Being back in Holmes Chapel was nice, lovely really. Even after all these years, touring the world and living in LA, Harry felt at home here. He’s smiling while driving through the back streets. He sees his old school and the bakery, then he makes it to his parents house where his family is awaiting his arrival.

“I can’t believe you’re home,” Anne grins while welcoming her son. Harry’s face squishes up against the side of her head as she hugs him tightly.

“Missed ya too mum,” he mumbles before the hug ends. “It’s nice to be here, no where to run off to tomorrow,” Harry states as he looks at his step dad and sister Gemma waiting for an embrace too.

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It’s been seventeen weeks since Cas’s death.

“He looks like you.” Dean said for the first time. He couldn’t say anything else.

“He used my kitchen today, he made a mess.” Dean said the second time. “Dont worry, I didn’t kill him”

It took longer the third time.
“Why him?” Were his only words.

The fourth time, Dean talk almost immediately.
“You should of seen the face Sam pulled when he tried to cut one of the pages of his book…”

The fifth time, Dean sat down and cried.

The sixth time, Dean was angry.
“Why? You leave us all alone, and we’re suppose to just take care of him?”

The seventh time, Dean smiles a little.
“He likes burgers, you know?”

The eighth time, Dean brings flowers.
“Forget me not’s” Dean shakes a little. 

The ninth time, Dean is cover in dirt and the rain is soaking him.
“You promise, you son of a bitch. Damn it, Cas, I told you we were gonna fix it!”

The tenth time Dean stares at the tombstone for a while before he says:
“Dont worry, sunshine, I’m taking care of Jack”

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Did you see the new leaks on Season 8 on Freefolk? What do you think?

They are the first ones to sound plausible to me. I still don’t “believe” for a few reasons I will discuss (going to make a post about this in the morning). But these are the first ones to not sound like utter bullshit so far!

P.S. To keep followers unspoiled, even without leaks being proven, even POSSIBLE leaks from here on out will be discusssed with a “#leak spoilers” tag. When leak “spoilers” are in my own text posts, I will also use a cut :)

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Bim sneaking you past all the egos into his room so he can cuddle with you in peace, especially if no one knew. Also might lead to his fingers slowly rubbing you through your clothes, struggling to get them off but succeeding. Having you ride him so he doesn't hurt you, with lots of hand holding and his bright blush constantly on his ears and cheeks.

Well good morning to you too!

*fans myself*

That woke me up

Amberprice Kissing Meme (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

This meme was inspired by watching kissing gifs and arts on Tumblr and DeviantArt. I hope you enjoy it! (˵ ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o˵)

1.Good Morning Kiss.

Ironically, but Chloe is the first who used to wake up when they`re hanging together. Price likes to kiss Rachel in the forehead, making sure she`s still sleeping. 

But, who knows, maybe she doesn`t?  

 2. Forhead Kiss.

Forehead kisses is one of Rachel`s favorite types of kissing. Soft and gentle ones - the perfect way to make each other feel safe.

Also hugging. 

Important part!

3. Drunk/Sloppy Kiss.

We all know, that Rachel and Chloe used to drink a lot of alcohol in the Episode I of Before The Storm, so it`s pretty usual to see this type of kiss here.

Sloppy kisses of those two are always conected with tongues. 

And hands, of course  ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

4. Awkward Kiss.

My favorite type of kissing :^D

The first аwkward kiss of Rachel and Chloe was a public one. They needed to talk and kiss each other at the same time! Right in front of bunch of people!

Sounds weird, right?

5. Angry Kiss.

If Chloe is drunk enough, she can change her moves against Rachel, kissing her with more anger and passion, unlike usual kisses. 

But who says that isn’t satisfying?

6. Apology Kiss.

In our relationships we are all used to make mistakes. Most of them can be covered by the kiss. 

But not always you need to kiss your partner in the lips, just make a cute eskimo kiss by rubbing your noses and told your lover something silly. 

Chloe`s perfect plan to apology (☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)☞

7. Missed You Kiss.

A long, deep and pleasing one.

After a long time without each other girls were “dying” from emotions. 

Connection is a big deal, you know.

8. Seduction Kiss.

Seduction - is a big part of Rachel`s life. She`s is kind of professional in this stuff. 

You`re such a lucky girl, Chloe! ;^)

9. War`s End/The Storm Episode Kiss.

A very emotional one. 

When i tried to find the perfect gif for this type of kiss, i remembered the storm kissing moment from the 1 Season of LiS (Sacrifice Chloe Option). I think THAT would happend, if those two found each other under the storm. 

Lots of kisses. And tears. And kisses with tears…

10. Goodbye Kiss.

Also emotional one. 

A long, sielent kiss. No words to say about that one. 

I wanted to find a happy goodbye kiss for the end, but remembering that Rachel might be dead soon makes my heart dying over and over. 

Maybe i will make a happy ending next time…


And again, i hope you`re engoying this little meme. 

Find some wine for yourself, because this is one of the best things to have when you ship Ambeprice. 


A love as pure and all consuming as the love of God

Final Installment on The Unholy Family series 

Summary:  Perhaps it was the Targaryen blood in him that had made him go mad, perhaps when he died also did his wolf and only the dragon came back but the gods could curse them all they wanted, old and new ones, he had learned a long time ago that the only way to have something was to take it and it was what he did with Sansa; he was not going to let another chance at happiness slip from his fingers.

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good morning i got dental work done today so my entire upper lip is swollen to hell and back but also i have to whole, identical, straight front teeth now which is weird bc thats literally never been true before

Today I learned that the university’s archives will be hiring for spring in a couple months. From the brief conversation I had with the archivist, it sounds like I’ve got a decent shot at getting a job there. I am extremely tempted.

Pros: it gets me the fuck out of retail. Also, archives!

Cons: it pays less than the retail job. Also, this is one step further along the line of waking up one morning in a few years and realized that I’ve accidentally become an archivist instead of an archaeologist.

So I can’t really make the meme rn, but my morning has basically been me checking out this Jily fixit I’ve been writing in my head for a while and writing one of the scenes out of order instead of doing literally anything else I should be doing.  (It’s a smut scene if that makes any difference)

Also, I’m listening to Abbey Road on vinyl bc I’m extra like that.  

The Johnny Update

There are a few changes in Johnny’s life that are significant but I’m too lazy to write solos for. 

  • Johnny just lost his BEST FRIEND Toshi
  • Most of his friends are trainees too, Johnny’s very lonely, though he won’t admit it.
  • Johnny took a teacher’s advice to try modeling sometime in the summer and is now signed under ESteem models
  • So Johnny still goes to school in the morning and then he goes to the ESteem building for modeling training in the afternoon, until night
  • Johnny still writes. He writes everything he’s experiencing as a model trainee right now.
  • After making out with Ten on his bed, Johnny has no idea he’s having an existential crisis… and is discovering he still has the capacity for sexual attraction and romantic feelings.

Long story short, Johnny is a lonely boy who’s now learning to be a model and wants to be one of the best at it. He is also beginning to realize he’s not a plant.

happy scale

hey guys!!

i wanted to tell you about this app i found that is super helpful for staying motivated & keeping track of progress.

it’s called happy scale, it has you log in your current weight & your goal weight. every day, you enter your weight in the morning. it will graph your weight so you can physically see your progress. also, it will give you a milestone to reach. so for example, my milestone for yesterday was 125. i was 125 this morning so i logged it in & it changed my milestone to 122.

i’ve been looking for a good app to help me stay on track & honestly i don’t like most of the ones that people use like myfitnesspal and ones like that.

you guys should check this out & see if you like it!


earth c

this was supposed to be a valentine’s drawing but i immediately hated it about an hour in so uh

i finished it before i could no longer bear to look at it

+ close up because i spent time on drawing that grass just to blur it


Today’s prompt was moon and stars and I’m such a sap I’m such a sap


ok oK OK

I just made my first animatic and you can go and check it out here!!

I’m super proud of this because this took like a whole week and [insert weird noises here] I’m just so happy tbh. Hopefully people get to see this because i did my best and i’m just super freaking happy it’s done ok. i love my boys very much and they deserve all the happiness in the world