also it h u r t s

This was just going to be a sketchy thing but hEY IT TOOK T H R E E H O U R S

so um this is from my wattpad Sportarobbie au called Snapshot (Go fuckin read it you nerds my Wattpad is also Lautay20) it’s far from a finished story but h e r e

Sport is suppossed to be a gym teacher for kids (plus another thing that I’m not gonna say because spoilers) and Robbie moved from Iceland and volunteers at a greenhouse. He also can’t pay his rent but refuses to sell his nice Icelandic clothes.

More art of this to come at some point probably yeah.

Just finished the second season of Fuller House and OH MY GOD. Way better than the first. Here’s the highlight.

S P O I L E R S   A H E A D   I F   Y O U   H A V E N T   S E E N   I T

  • Jackson puberty moment
  • Matt and Steve becoming bffs
  • They bringing up “One Kid can change the World” in pretty much every episode and bringing awareness on things we (or kids) can do to help the world
  • Max was gold in every single episode
  • Lola and Jackson was too adorable for this world too
  • Relatable episode about first kiss/crush and getting your heart broken
  • Max being adorable with Ramona
  • Max being furious because of broken hearted Ramona
  • “I just spent the last 25 minutes picking out the perfect outfit for Ramona’s date with you. And then I walk into THIS”
  • #protectiveMax2016
  • DJ flirting with a gay guy
  • The girls initiating Ramona on the She-Wolf pack
  • Max’s respectful polite kind of mean friend, Taylor
  • Great costumes for the Halloween Party
  • Kimmy and Fernando
  • Jackson dressing up as a bear to make DJ happy
  • “Middle” life crisis Danny
  • Joey, his wife and FOUR kids that no one likes
  • Jesse and Becky baby fighting
  • Jesse thinking he won the fight
  • DJ and Gia still not hitting it off
  • Fernando being kind of a father figure to little Max
  • Kimmy making Ramona feeling better and actually giving good advice
  • Episode of awareness for man (boys actually) that when someone says no, they don’t have any right to be a bully
  • Jackson going against his best friend to defend Ramona
  • (by the way, the started to make a good job on this scene but I hated that Popko next line after this was comic relief. They should’ve continued to be serious on the matter)
  • #awkwardJackson
  • DJ vs Taylor’s dad
  • DJ being horrible at insulting Taylor’s dad
  • Kimmy helping Stephanie on her music video
  • Matt being there to Jackson, Tommy and Max in a father way
  • (i mean, I was never a fan, but I likes some of their songs and their participation was amazing)
  • They being afraid of Kimmy
  • Steve really thoughtful gift for DJ’s birthday
  • Steve really thoughtful act to make Matt better
  • Sweet episode of making Jackson feeling better for not being good at something like Ramona and Max
  • (i love this so much because I’m glad they did a kid that just wants to be good at something but hasn’t find his thing yet. this is so relatable in so many levels)
  • (also important because they showed a boy crying for being insecure. that doesn’t happen that often)
  • kind of
  • Kimmy showing that it doesn’t matter how weird you are, you should just embrace it
  • (whatever)
  • #SteveandDJ’smoment
  • Max’s first crush
  • Max being way more smoother with girls than Jackson
  • Stephanie opening up more to love and to share personal stuff
  • DJ proposing
  • The midnight kisses (all adorable)
  • Jesse and Becky adopting a little black baby girl
||❥ a dangerous game (m)

s e u n g c h e o l ! s c e n a r i o 

t a t t o o a r t i s t ! a u

Originally posted by sevixxteen

word count: 2.3k 

genre: it’s smut lol 

synopsis: you find seungcheol’s punishment to be a little difficult in more ways than one ;) 

✎ an anon asked if i was going to write for seungcheol anytime soon and since the teaser pics came out (bc honestly they destroyed me) i decided to whip this scenario up,, have fun suffering my pals. also tattoo!au bc i love death

It was his mischievous, snide little smirk that summoned the indentation of crescent moons to brand your thighs, fingernails digging so deep into flesh you had to be cautious that irreparable lacerations weren’t the result. It was the whirring thrum of a motor that joined melody with music flowing around the room, his boot pressing down ever so slightly on the pedal and creating ink to settle on tanned skin.

Then in the blink of an eye, the needle was lifting from the boy’s arm, and you could do nothing but suck in one bated breath and press your thighs even closer together, yet not a glimmer of change rang from your head to yours toes. 

Instead you were pulling your lower lip under your teeth, head momentarily falling back against the leather couch as waves of ecstasy rumbled like an earthquake under your flesh, all of it resonating from one cursed device you knew you should have been more careful with, for now you were paying the price.

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How to make America Great in 16 easy steps

1. I M P E A C H. T R U M P. self explanatory

2. Stop 👏🏾letting 👏🏾billionaires 👏🏾rig 👏🏾elections

Overturn Citizens United, ban campaign contributions and let one voice equal one vote

3. Stop spending 50% of all our tax money on war.

Stop killing civilians in the Middle East, and use the extra trillion dollars to reinvest in the Arab world, America’s urban and rural schools, and make college free.


Refugees and immigrants are usually skilled, open businesses, create innovation and grow the economy. They are also HUMAN BEINGS fleeing war and death and need us to be there for them.

5. Stop putting (black and Latino) kids in prison for nonviolent drug offenses.

Start weakening gangs by legalizing drugs and offering addiction and job training programs.

*bonus: this also greatly reduces gun violence everywhere, especially in large cities*

6. don't👏🏾let👏🏾cops👏🏾get👏🏾away👏🏾with👏🏾shit👏🏾

Put murderers in jail, whether they have a badge or not. Demilitarize police forces, and train officers deescalation tactics. Make sure officers come from the communities they serve. Rebuild trust through human contact with police.

7. end the mass shooting™ Era.

Castrate the NRA. Create an Australia style gun buyback program. Stop letting 14 year olds buy AKs at guns shows. Mandate “safe gun” tech.

*hidden bonus: kindergarteners, churchgoers and the general public will no longer be murdered en masse on a monthly basis. How wacky is that?!?*

8. stop allowing people to go bankrupt because they got sick or hurt

Create a single payer health care system like those in Norway, New Zealand, Japan, the U.K.,
Kuwait, Sweden, Bahrain, Brunei, Canada, the Netherlands, Austria, The UAE, Finland, Slovenia, Denamark, Luxembourg, France, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

9. pay👏🏾women👏🏾the👏🏾same👏🏾amount👏🏾of👏🏾money👏🏾as👏🏾men👏🏾 yea like wtf? It’s 2017. 10. LET WOMEN HAVE CONTROL OVER THEIR OWN BODIES. Again, wtf?!?

11. Don’t let oil and gas companies destroy the Earth for profit.

Implement a carbon tax, and use the money to invest in renewables, and climate change research.

12. Create 25 million jobs, and revive the American Dream.

Spur a National WWII style mobilization to build renewable energy, manufacture electric cars, invest in organic vertical farming, and clean up our polluted oceans, Lakes and rivers.

*secret bonus: this also keeps our kids from having to live in a dystopian hellscape lol*

13. PAY REPARATIONS to African and Native Americans, just like you did to settlers and slaveowners before/after the Civil War.

14. Close Guantanamo bay, and amend the constitution to ban torture

15. Get Involved(cliche but immensely important) protest, call your representatives, and get involved with organizations like moveleft, Indivisible, and Justice Democrats that push for real and radical improvements to our country.

16. Don’t let cynicism and pessimism cloud your judgement.

If you’re reading this right now and thinking; “okay but nahhhhhhh, none of this can happen in America”, your brain is tricking you. Human evolutionary psychology makes it hard for people to envision a future that is radically different from the past or present, but change can happen fast and is often more radical than you expect. Don’t sit on the sidelines and let the future be decided by the likes of Trump, Bannon, and oil companies. speak up. ACT.

and most importantly,


the types as things in the history of japan video

ESTP - the great depression is bad and japans economy is now crappy, but the military is doing just fine

INFJ -  o p e n t h e c o u n t r y s t o p h a v i n g i t b e c l o s e d

ENTP - and japan said  🎶how bout i do anyway 🎶

ISFJ - the new prince wants everyone to try this hot new religon from baekje

ESTJ - the samurai became organized and powerful, more powerful than the government so they made their own military government

INFP - the shogun didn’t actually care he was off somewhere doing poetry

ENTJ - and also better than everybody else, they get rich and the economy goes wild

ISFP -  🎶now there’s more art 🎶

ESFP - all that stuff belongs to germany which just had war declared on by britain because britain was friends with belgium which is being trepassed by germany in order to get to france to kick frances ass because france is friends with russia who was getting ready to kick austria’s ass because austria was getting ready to kick serbias ass because someone from serbia shot the leader of austrias ass, er well actually shot him in the head

INTJ - yeah right it’s not gonna be this kid, its gonna be one of us, cuz we’re grownups

ENFP -  a rich hipster named kukai is bored with modern buddhism

ISTJ - who’s going to be the next shogun?

ESFJ - now the entire country is not at war wit itself

INTP - and japan says can you maybe chill? and russia says how about maybe you chill?

ENFJ - knock knock get the door its religon

ISTP -  🎶hire a samurai 🎶

my favorite forms of amedot
  • blatantly obvious amethyst and confused oblivious peridot
  • suave flirty peridot and awkward flustered amethyst
  • a mutual dose of flirtatiousness and awkwardness
  • steven’s third pair of gay moms
  • a n g s t
  • but also F  L  U  F  F
  • amyth est….givign perodiot…..PIGGY BACK RIDES……,
  • wingmen lapis and steven
  • wingman garnet
  • amethyst teaching peridot about earth and peridot teaching amethyst about homeworld
  • peridot embracing her inner mom and overusing all the slang amethyst teaches her
  • peridot searching up romantic things to on google on her tablet and then practicing all those things will amethyst
  • peridot giving amethyst earth junk that she finds
  • H E I G H T D I F F E R E N C E
  • although this will never be a reality in the show….shapeshifting
  • shitposting gfs
  • I JUST

okay so you know how in the HORROR video dark said “and then he had to gall to not invite me to his little… adventure with you” and then “my turn now” later?

what if he wasnt actually taking about mark? but instead….he was talking about anti?

dark must’ve been pretty mad at anti for not asking him to join him in that whole halloween incident. he also probably got jealous, watching anti get all the spotlight. everyone turned his attention from him. and he wanted it back. he starts to then plan his comeback to try to get everyone to talk about him again. but that’s when anti starts to appear in the detention episodes. seeing this, dark probably assumed that anti was going to come on valentine’s day so what did he do? he stole it from him. he wanted the spotlight. it was 

h I S  T U R N  N O W

The signs as "history of japan" quotes
  • aries: in the year -1,000,000,000 japan might not've been here
  • taurus: it's time for [who's gonna be the next shogun] [vote now on your phones]
  • gemini: [and now i'm going to invade korea, and then hopefully china], he said, and failed. and also died *boom*
  • cancer: [h i r e a s a m u r a i]
  • leo: [it's time for w o r l d w a r 1]
  • virgo: how about s u n r i s e l a n d ?
  • libra: knock knock. it's Europe, they just want to sell some shit, like clocks, and guns, and [j e s u s]
  • scorpio: [g o o d f r i e n d s], [t h e i r f r i e n d s a n d o u r f r i e n d s a r e n o t f r i e n d s] , [plustheyreplanningon i n v a d i n g thewhole o c e a n]
  • sagg: h o w b o u t i d o , a n y w a y
  • capricorn: knock knock. it's the United States. with huge boats (with guns) (gunboats)
  • aquarius: [n o w t h e r e ' s m o r e a r t]
  • fishies: [b y e]

“I’m not as weak as I make it seem Dan.”

“Do you want to know why?”

B E C A U S E Y O U N E V E R W E R E T H E O N E I N C O N T R O L .

“… I’m not letting it happen. Not again….”


Virus!Phan AU belongs to the lovely maddox-rider check her out!

Im so proud of this, it looks hella cool in my opinion and it’s one of the first things I’ve coloured with actual quality markers - even tho it’s mostly black lmao

I also have a Drawing Amino btw, I feel more comfortable posting things there, my username is the same as here The Awkward Codex so feel free to check out what I posted there it’s a fun app ^__^

Now Imma finally go start watching Yuri on Ice ciao you lovely trash bags~

anonymous asked:

A thought: Dex and Nursey are actors in a production of Much Ado About Nothing. They may get a little too into their roles

i want u to know that the first thing i thought abt was them getting into physical fights outside the theatre but also falling in love 

the problem with this is i don’t know if i want them to be hero and claudio or beatrice and benedick because either way it would be h i l a r i o u s, also nursey faking his death because dex publicly shamed him is #dramatique and also very so in character

then again benedick asks beatrice to marry him and they get in an argument before beatrice ends up saying yes after all and if that isn’t nurseydex i don’t know what is

anonymous asked:

Do you have any fic recs for acutal good characterisation tsukiyama? long fics?

Oh boy. Alright. 

Through his eyes is such a sweet one and also angst but it’s not an angsty thing bc of their relationship but because of the akiteru drama and it had my chest aching. I suppose I can’t say if it’s “in character” because it focuses mainly on Akiteru and his views on Kei and Yamaguchi’s relationship. But it’s good. 

The Excruciatingly Beautiful Process of Falling In Love (As Told By Tsukishima Kei Over Ten Chaotic, Wonderful Years) is A+++ Like. I read it and h u r t and yet I didn’t at the same time? I am dying. 

This series is quite good at keeping them in character, and it was very soft. Not too long, but it’s a three part series!

Glasses is another pretty short one, but they characterization is A++ and fluffy and I would 100% be both Tsukki and Yamaguchi in that situation. 

Fools of all of us is another short one, and one of those cliche “Tsukki pretends not to listen to Yamaguchi by wearing headphones” fics but it’s soft and pleasant and there’s like, 0 “shut up Yamaguchi” “Sorry Tsukki” so there’s that. 

Skinny love hurt. Pain. All I can say is that they’re in character and in pain and therefore I am in pain and. Future fic? Ow. 

Will you catch me should I fall – wow I’m rec’ing a shitdam ton of angst tonight. Fluffy ending, alright characterization, definitely liking the Tsuks characterization. 

Campfire in your chest was a ride, and I loved the dynamics between Tsukishima and Yamaguchi with the rest of the team, it all flowed really nicely, and I love this fic so m uc h. 

Written in the stars P lea s e I’m tired and this is basically giberish but I loved this and the Yamaguchi’s and 

And I have some long ones! AU/slightly ooc but I love them

Breaking Ground had me crying. Like. I loved it, I subscribed the first chapter and followed it through the whole thing and. Ah. Too many words. 

Protect me (I’m drowning) also made me cry. Soulmate au and angst and wow. Tsukki needs chill. I love. 

(but i’m only) human is pain. That- That’s all I can say. Prepare to hurt. 

Your face is the prettiest of pictures Ok but fuck characterization for a minute and admire this fuckdamn beautiful work of art. 

  • Chris Jackson: I was younger than you are now when I was given my first command, I lead my men straight into a massacre, I witnessed their deaths first hand, I made every mistake, and felt the shame rise in me, and even now I lie awake knowing history has it's eyes on me...
  • Also Chris Jackson: C O N S I D E R T H E C O C O N U T ! !

for comparison - and granted I’m VERY VERY lucky - I pay $1300/mo for a two bedroom house with 3 parking spots + washer and dryer in unit + w/s/g included, also in the u district.

prison studio is r o b b e r y  t b h!!!!!!!!!!

I know 2016 has been a fucking r o u g h year. on my 24th birthday, i found out my baby girl’s heart stopped beating & i had to get a D & C a week later, making that my second miscarriage in a year.  i was forced to move out of state to live on a military base because my apartment complex dicked me over & i would have been homeless with three cats. i was physically assaulted while at work, then fired & haven’t had a steady job since and ya girl is struggling

i was also dumped by the man i thought i was gonna marry (which is ok, cause i realized im gay af anyways)

if anyone wants to help a sista out with christmas, it’d be great. my savings is running low & i have anxiety about it daily

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But how about J-Hope's hands?

crazy-sweetheart asked: Jhope hand appreciated post please ! 💚💛💜👋


he looks so angelic 

thats a skinny middle finger

his fingers are all skinny lol


he looks so good in a snapback

and whatever these hats are called also



F O  R E H  E A D       H O B I

F     O      R      E     H     E      A     D                H     O     B   I

will you stop being so cute

like stop

those glasses tho





what kind of no dont you understand hobi


this ball of sunshine is making me weak 



this is me right now, my heart…cant take this

as you can see i really like love forehead hobi

I hope you like it :)))