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Heat of the Moment Part 2

Summary: Things get heated when Peter Parkers older sister comes for a visit when Peter’s never talked about her. Things get heated between reader and Scott. Bucky and Steve land themselves in an uncomfortable situation with each other. What really went on that night?

Author(s): Caitsy and Ash

Warnings: Smut, swearing, Stucky, fluff.

Disclaimer: We do not own marvel or any characters. We also don’t own any gifs, images, jokes or songs that appear in this prompt.

Requested: Yes.

A/N The much anticipated part 2 for Heat of the Moment with Stucky. Both Ash and I don’t ship Stucky but low and behold I ignited the fire in shipping them. Also do you want to see more co-authoring by us?

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You groaned pushing yourself away from Scott before the teasing began when everyone wandered into the room. Sam was covering himself as he searched for his non-existent clothing, without the alcohol his cockiness wasn’t extremely high. Your head was pounding. You sat up and silently looked over the situation. “When’s he’s quiet, he’s kind of cute” you thought to yourself.

You sat up and held your head in your hands. You took in your surroundings, you couldn’t help but wonder where the Cap had ran off to. The last thing you remember was the way he was silently making eyes at Bucky after their little dare. Bucky was waking up on the other couch shifting uncomfortable and you sure as hell noticed another soldier on that couch. Specifically in his pants.

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Final Night at Freddy’s - Part 9

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[Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9]

Faith tried to warn them, but it was too little, too late.  Mike and Jeremy struck thin air as the phantom of Freddy winked out of sight.  The pair careened solidly into the opposing wall; a string of venomous cuss-words soon followed.

“Are you guys okay?” Faith worried as she approached, although she was biting down a few chuckles.  The fellows both grunted in the affirmative and carefully helped each other stand.

The moment they were upright, Faith found herself sandwiched in a familiar double-hug.

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anonymous asked:

hey, idk if its just me but in your "fears" series, dorian's skin is much lighter than his normal color, i actually didnt recognize him at first.... is there a particular reason for this? thanks for your time :)

Hey! I’ve seen a small handful of people bringing this up and I feel super guilty every time I do. If someone is vocalizing a concern, I probably fucked up somewhere.

Now, I could probably go on for 8 hours about how skin, especially dark skin, absorbs and reflects light in strange and fascinating ways. And that depending on the lighting, where and how light hits a surface, the contrast level of the image, whatever whatever whatever, a single person’s skin can look a variety of different colors. As seen….

…here. But that’s just not really the actual answer to why my picture of Dorian Pavus looks the way it does. The real, legitimate, 100% honest answer to this is two part:

1. I picked out my color scheme before I started coloring my lineart.

That middle orange color is what I pulled out of my pre-determined color pallet to use for his skin. the lighter one would have been No. The darker would have been Orange. I did not use any other colors than these. Those two tiny dots are the only colors I mixed once I’d started. I don’t even remember what I used the red one for but the light purple-y was for shading so you wouldn’t even have seen it in that form if I hadn’t also used it for the demon hands.

2. My tablet makes things look darker than they are on some monitors.

This is not universal for all colors, can be subtle enough not to notice, and is easy to forget about. Also, when I’ve been staring at a piece for several hours, it looks very different to me than it does to someone seeing it for the first time!

TL;DR, It’s not on purpose and I’m so sorry it made you uncomfortable!

Guess what guys! Second to last chapter!!! Get pumped!!! 

Indirect Friendship Chapter 14 (chapter one, chapter two, chapter three, chapter four, chapter five, chapter six, chapter seven, chapter eight, chapter nine, chapter ten, chapter eleven, chapter twelve, chapter thirteen)

Marinette felt the eyes of the entire class on her. Self-conscious, she put her hand down and grinned nervously. She saw Adrien looking at her with mild confusion and worry.

“What!” Chloe yelped, standing up.

“I think that’s a great idea, Marinette!” Madame Bustier said, smiling at Marinette. “So that means Chloe and Marinette will be partners, and Sabrina and Adrien. Alright, class dismissed!”

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Fic: For Want of a Nail Ch.9

Pairing: InahoxSlaine (orangebat)

Rating: PG-15

Chapter: 9/?   ~Previous Chapter: ch.8~

Words: 4,5k

Genre: Humor, romance, angst, fluff


There is too much Inaho wants answered and so, rather than just leave Bat after shooting his aircraft down, he takes him in for questioning.  

On how different the events of both seasons would be had Slaine spent time in the Deucalion.

Chapter 09: Denouement

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1D Preference 6: Mine

Harry: You were riding in a car with your bae, Harry. The two of you were headed back home from an outing with some friends. “That was fun, huh?” you asked, trying to start a conversation. “YOU’RE A CANARY, I’M A COAL MINE. ‘CAUSE SORROW IS JUST ALL THE RAGE!” Harry sings, randomly. “What?” you asked, thoroughly confused. “I’ve got all this ringing in my ear and none on my fingers,” Harry answer, still not making any sense to you.  “Harry, what are you talking about? You’re wearing like 30 rings on your fingers and if your ears are constantly ringing, you should see a doctor,” you respond, making your annoyance and confusion (and also concern for boo’s health) known to Harry. “Oh my God, Y/N, it’s a Fall Out Boy song! Didn’t you ever have an emo phase?” Harry says.

 Liam: You work for One Direction as a roadie and are currently on tour with the boys in Europe. Tonight, the boys were performing in Berlin. About an hour before show time, everything was set for the gig and you realized you were hungry.  Tired of the catering food everyday and having time to spare, you decided you’d like to try some local food. “Anyone wanna get some Hamburg-ers with me?” you asked the band and crew around you. “Well, we’re in Berlin, not Hamburg,” Liam responded, “but I’ll come with you, Y/N.” So you and Liam set off down the streets of Berlin, in search of a restaurant that would have a name neither of you’d be able to pronounce. Suddenly, you noticed the crowds around you thickening. At first, you thought it was because people had recognized Liam. But then you realized the crowd was relatively and calm and paid no mind to the two of you. “Looks like a barricade,” Liam said as he looked over everyone’s heads. Just then, a police officer walked by you. “Excuse me sir,” Liam called, “can you tell us what’s going on?” “A land mine vas found,” the officer responded. Your eyes widened in shock. “Oh my God,” Liam whispered. “It’s nussing to vorry about,” the officer explained, “we find zem from time to time. Zey are left overs from vorld var two.”

Louis: “Hey Lou, I’m home,” you called upon entering your shared flat. You didn’t get a response from him and you wondered why until you looked around the flat. Your eyes landed on your boyfriend, curled up in the loveseat in the living room, with a book in his lap- a large book. “Lou?” you called out again. “Hmm,” he responded, not taking his eyes off the book. “Um…are you, are you reading?” you asked in disbelief. “Yeah,” he answered. “Umm…for fun? What book is that, anyway?” you pressed on. Finally putting down his book, he looked at you and said “Encyclopaedia Britannica! I know that sounds nerdy, Y/N, but these books are a gold mine of information! It’s like a real life Wikipedia!”

Niall: “Mmm…I love you so much. When I first saw you, I knew I had to make you mine,” Niall said, quite dramatically. “Aww Ni! You’re so sweet!” you exclaim as you reach for his hands across the table in  the doughnut shop the two of you were sat in. “What? Oh, Y/N, I wasn’t talking about you, I was actually talking to my doughnut,” he explained, showing you his chocolate glazed doughnut.

Zayn: You and Zayn were having your weekly skype (or Facetime or whatever else the kids these days use) date. Zayn was on tour with 1D and you were at home because you had a job, among other responsibilities. You had your laptop (or tablet, whatever. Kids these days…) placed on your kitchen table, with some refreshments by your side. “So, that was my day. Tell me about yours. Actually what time is it there?” you asked, finally taking another sip of your beverage. “It’s, uh, it’s…NINE!” you heard him exclaim. “Zayn, it’s like nine here. It can’t be nine there,” you said. “I didn’t say ‘nine’, Y/N, I said ‘MIME,” Zayn said, gesturing to himself. “Uh…what does miming have to do with anything? Or is this your way of telling me to shut up?” you question, slightly offended. “Ugh, never mine,” Zayn gave up. “Wait, what???? I’m so yours, Zayn, I’m all yours, forever and always!” you defended. “THAT’S NOT WHAT I SAID, Y/N,” Zayn became frustrated. “Damn this video chat quality! I never said it was ‘nine’, I said it was ‘mine’ because I saw you drinking from my mug. I also never said anything about mimes, I was still talking about that mug, and then you got all upset with me for saying ‘never mind,” Zayn explained, a look of amusement slowly coming over him. “Oh,” was all you said, feeling embarrassed by your outburst.  

A/N: I know this is boring but I just wanted to play around with the word “mine” since it’s usually stuff like “aww babe I’m so glad you’re mine” and I just wanted to put a twist on that. 

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do u take prompts??? ignore this if u don't but i've got a star trek one!! it's a bit silly but like, what if bones and jim one day notices that spock always reads things rly close to his face?? and he needs glasses but he never knew bc vulcans don't have glasses, so bones fixes it for him. idk, it's dumb. otherwise, have a lovely day and i hope you feel ok!! lots of love

i do! and hooo boy that’s a good one :D as a person with VERY BAD EYESIGHT this was so fun to write lmao. thank you for prompting this omg! i’m doing okay <3

(sorry for the late reply, i had to let this sit overnight haha)

thank you to allie for discussing glasses and frame designs at length with me and providing the title! she gets to go to space for her efforts now :P

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Jim was sitting in the captain’s chair, nursing his first coffee of the day and watching a phenomenon he had been observing over the course of the last few days.

“Bones,” he said, calling his friend towards him. “Come take a look at this.”

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