also it fits perfectly

- some kind of ultimate being with unmatched godly power
- beautiful & handsome in equal measure
- batshit hammiest character u will see at any given time
- that balls to the wall Evil For Evil’s Sake ™ approach to life
- purveyor of incredible mass destruction
- ripped to shit
- hardest theme music in the industry

- some kind of ultimate being with unmatched godly power
- beautiful & handsome in equal measure
- batshit hammiest character u will see at any given time
- that balls to the wall Evil For Evil’s Sake ™ approach to life
- purveyor of incredible mass destruction
- ripped to shit
- hardest theme music in the industry

the venn diagram. it’s a circle and this is why i fucking love kars best villain best villain

100 reasons to love Daniel James Howell

Phil’s appreciation post

The main point of this is to show that we should love and appreciate him whatever the situation. So without further ado, here are 100 reasons to love Daniel James Howell a.k.a. @danisnotonfire! Feel free to add to the list!

  1. His name is so bloody British and I love it.
  2. He’s British and so has a British accent.
  3. He has the warmest eyes on the planet.
  4. He is a soft squish…
  5. …but also really fucking hot.
  6. He fits perfectly into the “get a man who can do both” scheme in every way possible.
  7. He is patient.
  8. He is really fucking kind, loving and affectionate.
  9. His sarcasm is on point.
  10. He’s the ultimate memelord…
  11. …but he is a human who feels human emotions and has human thoughts.
  12. He has a better origin story than Batman.
  13. He is intelligent.
  14. He is also really fucking creative.
  15. He has a wide range of talents…
  16. …including being a great actor, singing and playing piano.
  17. He is consistently loyal.
  18. He is unapologetic in who he is and what he thinks.
  19. Even when he hated himself, he didn’t try to change himself in anyway.
  20. He is aware of his limitations and has not a drop of arrogance.
  21. His hair always looks good, whether straight, hobbity, in a quiff or just unnecessarily long.
  22. He was the cutest foetus, and is now the cutest man.
  23. He has taught me more about life in less than a year than I’ve learned anywhere else.
  24. He has shown so much wisdom and so many well-thought-out ideas…
  25. …and god knows how many more he has.
  26. Basically he’s the wisest man I’ve ever met at the young age of 25.
  27. He is honest and expressive about who he is.
  28. He has stuck with us since 2009. TWO THOUSAND AND NINE.
  29. He deserves the world, but I don’t remember the last time he asked us or anyone for anything.
  30. He has a great sense of humour.
  31. He is relatable and understands how people think.
  32. He is open to diversity in society and ideals in every topic area.
  33. His best friend is the world’s other leading sweetheart, Philip Michael Lester.
  34. Together they are the sun and the moon (who’s who, I’ll let you decide).
  35. Together they’ve done so much and pushed the boundaries, which include:
  36. - Writing two books full of memories and good-natured banter, which you can tell were made straight from the heart.
  37. - Making a game together.
  38. - Doing an original long-term radio show on BBC Radio 1.
  39. - Writing a script for a full-scale stage show.
  40. - Taking that stage show around the world to meet as many of their fans as possible.
  41. - Making that stage show and its development into two movies.
  42. I literally could go on for hours about what they’ve done together, which is a feat in itself and deserves to be its own reason.
  43. Basically they are YouTube’s Power Duo, as acclaimed by the King of YouTube himself.
  44. They’ve been best friends for over seven years, and roommates for about five (as of the date this post was published).
  45. They are totally identical and yet total opposites.
  46. You get the idea, they are friendship goals is what I’m saying.
  47. He never uses clickbait - all his titles and thumbnails are completely relevant to the video’s content/purpose…
  48. …which is not the same for most YouTubers or internet stars, which makes him even more special.
  49. He has brown hair. (This is a matter of personal preference, but brown hair is hot, okay? Don’t kinkshame me.)
  50. He is a nerd, and nerds are cool.
  51. He encourages weirdness.
  52. He appreciates the art form and subculture that is video-gaming.
  53. He loves and appreciates anime…
  54. …and is generally a massive weeaboo.
  55. He has dimples, really deep ones at that.
  56. His smile lights up a dark room…
  57. …as does his laugh.
  58. While he can be a kinky lil shit, he is also the purest man I’ve ever known.
  59. He has freckles.
  60. His collarbones, thighs and arms are ∞/10 (let’s be real though, everything is).
  61. He understands irony, which in this generation is a necessary life skill.
  62. He has inspired creativity and art.
  63. He has great taste in music.
  64. His obsession with shibes is my aesthetic.
  65. His aesthetic is on point.
  66. He is kind of a devil but also an angel (thought I’d mention this on no. 66).
  67. He’s so affectionate and expressive, you have no idea.
  68. He is never afraid to stand up for who he loves…
  69. …or what he thinks is right.
  70. Basically he cares more about justice than his own reputation, I wish more people were like that.
  71. He is honest.
  72. He is good with animals and loves dogs.
  73. He has saved millions of lives, including mine.
  74. Very few people have achieved the above point at all in history…
  75. …and he did it with just a laptop, a camera and wit…
  76. …and he did it in less than a decade. Tell me he’s not a hero.
  77. He makes an active effort to interact with us by hosting weekly liveshows and responding to our tweets.
  78. He is able to joke about his mistakes and insecurities.
  79. He is able to discuss death and existentialism.
  80. He’s over 6ft tall. (What? Tall people are another one of my kinks. Don’t lie to me, you can relate and you know it.)
  81. He’s brought people together and inspired friendship and love.
  82. He’s really fucking brave.
  83. He isn’t one to kinkshame people.
  84. He calls himself jealous, but was he jealous when Phil won Creator of the Year at the BONCAs? Hell, no. He was happier that Phil won it than he would have been if he himself had won it.
  85. Phil called him up on stage to share the award with him but at the end he still said “Phil Lester, everyone!” and in doing so was still giving Phil full credit.
  86. If he’d won that award, we all know that he would have called Phil up just like Phil did to him.
  87. Basically he’s really fucking selfless.
  88. He’s not afraid to show what he has/feels against society and labels. That takes guts.
  89. He isn’t one to get involved in drama, and when he does it’s for the right reason.
  90. He’s donated thousands of pounds to charity, including 100% of the profits from The Internet Is Here.
  91. He cowrote and featured in a chart-topping single with Phil, The Internet Is Here.
  92. He doesn’t underestimate us, or anyone else.
  93. He doesn’t undervalue us either, he really loves and cherishes us.
  94. He has always persevered, whether dealing with bullying or self-esteem issues or pressure from work/uni.
  95. He is very civilised and cultured.
  96. He has worked very hard on every single project he’s ever engaged, whether it be a BBC documentary or a stage show or just a casual video.
  97. He handles negativity extremely well.
  98. He is the literal antonym of the term ‘sell-out’.
  99. He’s learned not to give a fuck about how people perceive him, which is something many people never learn.
  100. He is everything and more that we could ask of anyone, and is the perfect role model/idol. We need more people like him to exist, and I love him to the bottom of my heart.
  101. 100 reasons doesn’t even begin to cover why we should love Daniel James Howell, but it’s a start.

I had to learn how to be a monster
and I taught every lesson myself.

My claws were just nails
before I dug them deep into earth
and they emerged as sharp branches.

My teeth were just teeth,
blunt with river rock polished edges,
until I broke them on the forest floor,
chewed flint like fudge
and spat out the last softness
that sheltered on my tongue.

I took the human being I had been
and shaped her into a shadow, a demon,
a being of power.

My hands forgot to be anything but fists,
holding only strength and resolve,
my mouth forgot what it was to smile,
forgot kindness, but it learned how to bite,
it learned how to bare teeth like knives

My heart was the hardest part,
still weak with each beat,
because even monsters can learn how to love
but you don’t need to hold hands
when you can hold the world at your feet.

I had to learn how to be a monster.


Because the world wanted me weak,
and afraid and ashamed.
It wanted me docile.

And I wanted to prove I was more.

So when even our heroes were bowing to pressure,
I remade myself iron

- i had to learn how to be a monster // l.s.

I don’t know why some think that Luna doesn’t fit the Ravenclaw mold. According to the house’s official description, eccentric people are kind of the norm in Ravenclaw house. Apparently, Ravenclaw house is known for it within the Wizarding World. Luna is far from being the first or only Ravenclaw to be labeled as “weird”. Plus, she’s also a very perceptive and accepting person. She fits perfectly in my opinion.

imagine Reigen and Serizawa’s first formal date. it’s almost a kind of silly idea because they’ve practically already been dating, going out to eat with each other, originally only with Mob as well but eventually just the two of them sometimes. They’re that couple who had practically already been unofficially dating but they only consider themselves y’know, actual boyfriends once Reigen is like, hey do you wanna take this… thing we have a step further. and Serizawa is like yes. yes I do.

so even though they’ve ALREADY DONE THIS and they hang out plenty, all the time, both during and outside of work, Serizawa is all nervous and Reigen is trying to be as charming as possible. They do at least go someplace probably nicer than usual and try to look their best, but they’re both such dorks in different wants, desperately trying to make it what they think a date should be and it’s really awkward. (Serizawa has no experience dating whatsoever, Reigen has some but nothing that ever lasted very long.)

At first they’re almost worried because of how awkward it is, oh shit, will this not work out? What if this ruins our friendship? CUE PANIC. but eventually they end up realizing (maybe with Mob’s help?) that they’re just complicating things for like, no reason, and things can still be the same between them but like also they can hold hands and kiss and, after awhile, move in together and all that.


I want a concept where they send a kpop group to a restaurant or diner and its run by a super nice old lady who only talks in 3rd person and gives them all nicknames that are food items but somehow fit them perfectly and also feeds them really well.


hp aesthetic + grumpy-moony ​text talk

Was it… was it fireworks? ” In the darkness behind his eyelids, Remus heard a shy laugh, and an answer that set his heart racing. “ Remus, it was an explosion. ”


for stevetopsbuckysbottom | Bucky Barnes + personality types

*I wrote this because I really had a hankering for some Newt Scamander writing. Also, I thought this fit perfectly with him. While I know historically it was hard for a woman to get a job during the 1920′s, for all purposes of this fic, the reader is the owner of a bookstore. This will be turned into a multiple fic piece of work, so watch out for part 2!

When one owns a bookstore, one anticipates meeting a conglomeration of people, customers or other included. There are those who are the frequent buyers, the ones who are there purely for the aesthetic, those who just sit and stare at you as you work. Then there are the few who are looking for obscure books you’ve never heard of, the ones who want books that haven’t even been around in centuries. On the rare occasion, someone comes in asking for recommendations, or directions, or maybe – just maybe – they have no questions at all and just wander the entire store wearing some odd garb.

Basically, you’ve seen all of these and still have not had the chance to meet someone worthwhile. Every person that has passed through those doors since the day you started working at the local bookstore at sixteen to now, a good six years later, has been…unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Sure, they’re interesting, to say the least, but they had left no mark with you. No spark of interest or charisma. The adventure you have been waiting to walk through your door has yet to do that. Which is rather unsatisfying, to say the least.

Flipping another page of the book you’ve been reading, the bell over the door rings, causing you to look up. A smile pulls at your lips, a force of habit at this point. “Good morning! Is there anything I can help you with today, sir?”

The man, dressed in a rather nice, royal blue coat stares at you a moment before clearing his throat. “Umm, yes. I’m looking for…well, a rather small creature, actually. He’s run off and I can’t seem to find him. He likes…shiny things,” he trails off, staring at something just over your shoulder.

You start to turn to see what he’s seeing, only to be grasped gently by the wrist. “Did you kn-know that you…you have th-the prettiest…smile? It-it is breathtaking.”

A blush grows on your cheeks as you look down at your hands, clearing your throat after a moment of silence. “Thank you, sir, but I don’t think that is appropriate, given that I’m an unmarried woman. If you don’t mind removing your hand from me, please.”

It seems to register a moment later that what he was doing was indeed inappropriate, and the man gently pulls away his hand, flushing darkly as he hangs his head. You can see him clutch rather tightly to the briefcase he’s carrying, making you wonder where he was going at this time of day.

“Of course, you’re entirely right. I apologize for my forwardness,” he mutters, eyes still downcast.

Rather than bring more light to the topic, you merely nod and turn around, searching for whatever he might have been looking for. “How can I help you, Mister…?”

“Scamander. Newt Scamander. I’m looking for a…. well he is…it’s rather hard to explain. He’s…small, and mischievous. He rather likes shiny things and…is black? A bit fluffy,” Newt explains, rubbing at his neck and setting down the briefcase he was carrying.

Humming in response, you turn to look at him, raising a brow in question. “You’re looking for a Niffler? I thought they only existed in Britain. What is one doing here in New York?” When Newt doesn’t respond, you merely put a hand on your hip and laugh softly. “You really brought a Niffler with you? Oh goodness, and you let it loose in New York of all places.”

Newt suddenly lets out a disgruntled sort of laugh, making you look at him over your shoulder. “You know about Niffler’s?”

“Of course! My mother and father were from Britain, and my mother was a witch. Kind of a shock for my father, but he got over it relatively fast. Then we moved here after I was born,” you say offhandedly, starting to search for the pesky little Niffler.

Newt still is in shock, following after you slowly, but unable to speak. While his brain might be throwing out question after question, his mouth stays tightly shut, and his eyes are too focused on looking over your figure to do much in way of finding the Niffler. He’s only been in New York a day or so, yet you were the most beautiful person he had seen so far. You stop suddenly, causing Newt to bump into you, making your arms pinwheel before you both end up crashing to the floor, scaring the Niffler away.

“Well that’s just fantastic! If you don’t mind getting off of me, Mister Scamander, I would like very much to find that little bugger and get whatever he might have stolen from me,” you complain, wiggling underneath the shocked magizoologist, who merely stares at you.

Your hair is a mess at this point, twisted curls hanging in your eyes, cheeks flushed and shirt unbuttoned a bit. He’s never seen someone look so…perfect in his life, but when you give him the hardest glare you can muster, he’s jumping to his feet and helping you stand.

“I apologize, miss…I never did catch your name, actually,” he states, following you as you dust yourself off and hike up your skirts to try and catch up to the beast tormenting your establishment.

“Y/N Y/L/N, though most just call me Y/N. Now, if you don’t mind, Mister Scamander, could you please usher anyone here out and lock the front door? I would like to keep this pesky monster inside the building without causing a ruckus with my customers,” you say in a huff, turning to look at him, more hair falling from the tight bun on top of your head.

Newt gapes, mouth opening and closing much like a fish’s before he can form words. “Right! Of course, Miss Y/N.” With that, he runs off, starting to move people towards the door and keeping an eye out for the Niffler.

Once everyone is gone, he pulls out his wand, hearing you yell from somewhere in the bookstore. The sound of something crashing has him running in your direction, grumbling about troublesome Niffler’s. An adventure was sure to begin with Newt Scamander.