also it could be power bottom michael



“Oh really? What about your knees?” Making Archer act like a dog was one thing they’d never done, becasue was afraid it’d be too triggering. But today seemed to be that kind of day. Archer was initiating, being frisky. Maybe he wanted to be the power bottom, which he did on rare occasions.

He also knew when Archer wanted attention, he didn’t want cutesy romantic stuff. He wanted to play, and hard.”Begging becomes you, you know,” he said, giving him a devious wink and grin.

Archer choked on a laugh. His eyes going wide. Playfully pretending to be almost insulted and shocked. He hooked a finger in Michael’s mouth, pulling him back with a snicker.

“And What would I be doing on my knees kind Sir?” He teased, pushing Michael’s head back so that he could steal more kisses without Michael  being able to take any of his own.