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Operation Cobra-Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x reader
Description: reader is in love with Jughead. Jughead is with Betty.
Warnings: SAD SAD SAD ANGST I’m on my way to the hospital to take my mom and I was feeling this after seeing a spoiler from 1x06 sigh

I watched it happen from the very beginning. I noticed the very first time Jughead looked at her differently, the very first time he blushed when she complimented him, the very first time Jughead showed signs of jealousy when Trevor had asked her out. I watched it all unfold from the very beginning.
When Jughead told me he and Betty kissed, I did my best to be the extremely supportive best friend, convincing him to show the pretty blonde he was interested in her. When he did, I helped him plan the entire date out, from where to when, to picking his outfit out for him since he was absolutely helpless when it came to dating. I smoothed out the shoulders of his shirt, fixed his beanie, and sent him on his way.

That night, when he came back to my house to replay all the highlights of his date, he had a smile on his face almost the entire time. It was something I had only seen a handful of times, so even though my heart was breaking, I was still happy that something made him smile this big, even if it wasn’t with me.
When Jughead and Betty started dating, I began to slowly lose my best friend. He and Betty were always going together on the “super sleuth” cases, and I was hardly ever invited despite being the graphic designer and editor for The Blue and Gold. It didn’t bother me though, because I figured I would just see Jughead at Pop’s. I was wrong.

Jughead and Betty liked their alone time. They hardly ever invited us to hang out with them, and when we did, the rest of us felt like we were intruding. If I did have any alone time with Jug, his nose was in his phone, texting Betty the whole time. As supportive as I tried to be for the both of them, I was tired of pretending. All I ever did was pretend.

I walked in to the blue and gold after school, the room vacant. Jughead had probably waited for Betty outside of her history class so they could walk together to the newsroom; he used to do that with me all the time.
I sighed, sitting down at one of the seats in the room and pulling out my laptop. I set it on the desk and began designing the cover for this week’s newspaper.

Eventually, Jughead and Betty showed up, not even noticing I had been in the room. They were chatting about something, both blushing and bumping each other playfully. I mentally rolled my eyes and kept my nose in my laptop, not wanting to watch them be all lovey-dovey or whatever. A minute passed, which turned in to five, and then ten, and then fifteen, and by this time I was beyond upset. Neither had said a word to me at all.

I finished the designs for the paper and quietly closed my laptop, zipping open my bag and stuffing it in before lifting it over my shoulder. I stood up, my chair emitting a sharp noise as the heel of the object scraped against the old tile floor. Jughead and Betty’s heads turned at the sound, watching me push my chair back in.

“Oh my gosh, y/n! When did you come in?” Betty asked. I know she didn’t mean it in a rude way whatsoever, she was one of my best friends, but it angered me. Deciding to keep my anger bottled in, I acted like I didn’t hear her, making my way towards the door of the classroom. I walked out, making my way down the hall.

“Y/n! Wait!” Jughead called my name, and a hand grabbed my shoulder, turning me around.

“What’s wrong?” Jughead inquired, his hand sliding down my arm to go to my wrist. I yanked my body back lightly, looking at him in surprise and disgust.

What’s wrong?” I repeated, my tone of voice obviously showing signs of outrage at this point. “Jughead, if you don’t know what’s wrong right now, then I guess we aren’t as close as I thought we were.” I turned away from him, walking down the hallway again.

Jughead grabbed my shoulder again, turning me and grabbing my hand.
“Don’t say that.” Jughead spoke softly, his jaw clenching.

Really? Jughead, you did not notice I was in the room for fifteen minutes! You did not become aware of my presence in the slightest! And that isn’t even the first time!” I screamed, shoving him away from me harshly. Jughead stumbled back, frozen in shock by what I had just done.

“You don’t even care about me anymore! I don’t even exist to you!” My fingers dug in to my palms as I yelled at him.

“So yeah, we aren’t as close as I thought we were. In fact, I’ve never been farther apart from you.” I turned, walking away again.

“y/n!“ Jughead called my name and I stopped.

"Don’t, Jughead.” I cut him off, turning to face him one more time. “For somebody who claims to be an amazing observer, you sure are pretty damn oblivious.” I walked down the hallway of the empty school, turning a corner and making my way home.


It was 5:39 when my phone rang, interrupting me from my moping over Jughead and Betty. I had stayed home from school the past few days, blaming it on how “sick” I had been feeling, which was bullshit, but only I knew it was bullshit. Or so I thought.

“Hey Ronnie.” I answered the phone.” Now’s not a good time- “

“Too fucking bad, princess. Get your ass up, I’m here.” I heard a knock at my door downstairs and Veronica hung up. I grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around me, rubbing at my nose a bit to make it look red and grabbed a box of tissues. I wadded a couple up and threw them in the trash so my fake sick story would still be believable.

I padded downstairs slowly, hearing the incessant knocking and ringing of my doorbell. I took a deep breath before answering the door. There stood one of my best friends, hands on her hips and an irritated look on her face.

“Alright, time to stop moping and start moving on.” The black-haired girl stepped in to my house, closing the door and pointing upstairs.

“Who said I was moping?” I fired back, dragging myself up the stairs.

“Oh, come on y/n! You may be able to fool Archie, Betty, Jughead, and the rest of the entire world, but you can’t fool me. I know you aren’t sick, I know you and Jughead fought, I know you like Jughead. Its written all over you!” Veronica flung open the door to my room and marched to my closet, digging through it like a wild dog.” It’s kinda sick, actually. You look at him with literal heart eyes.Honestly, I would have gone for somebody a little more chiseled, but hey, we all got our own kinks- “

“Ronnie.” I cut off her incessant rambling, “Why are you knee-deep in my clothes?”

“Because, sweetheart.” Ronnie stuck her head out of my closet.” There’s a party tonight, and Jughead and my future wife are going, and we are going to show those two idiots who they really belong with.” Ronnie went back in to my closet, holding up numerous amounts of dresses, skirts, and eye-catching tops.

“Jughead is going to a party?” I queried, unconvinced.

“Yeah, it’s a thing with the cheerleaders at Cheryl’s, an Jughead is going to be the ‘supportive boyfriend’ or whatever.” Veronica scoffed at her own words, adding mocking quotations with her fingers before going back to digging in my closet.

“They’re probably going for more clues about Jason.” I mumbled, my mind drifting away a bit.

“For someone who only wears like, 4 outfits, you sure do have a lot of clothes.” Ronnie commented, pulling out a dress and examining it before hanging it back up.

“My mom tries.” I sighed, flopping back down on the bed.

“Oh, no you don’t. Get your happy ass up and get in the shower. You look terrible, which is weird for me, because you usually look incredibly fuckable.”

“Wow, thanks Ronnie.” I spat back, sarcasm laced in my tone. I got up and grabbed a towel from my drawer, walking in to my bathroom and taking a quick shower. I shaved my legs, as demanded instructed by my friend, and Ronnie did my makeup and hair, curling it and putting it up in a pretty half-do. I admired Ronnie’s work, hardly even being able to connect this me with the person that sat in my bed this morning, dark circles under her eyes and her hair in a knotty bun. She had also found a long sleeved black dress that came down to my knees, tucked away in my closet somewhere

Ronnie had brought over a dress for herself to change in to, and slipped on her shoes. She looked up and our eyes met in the mirror, a distressed look on my face.

“Listen, tonight is for us, okay?” Ronnie rested her hand on my shoulders, turning my chair so I faced her.” I’ve been sitting around and moping too, trust me, but we shouldn’t mope. We deserve so much better, alright? So, let’s just go out and have fun. We deserve that much, alright?” Ronnie held out her hand and I took it, pulling myself up and letting my arms go around her neck to embrace her. We both grabbed our purses and linked arms before walking down the stairs of my house and out my door.
“Ronnie, I don’t think I can do this.” I stood at the front door of the house, my heart racing.” I really can’t do this.” I turned away from the building, wringing my hands out in front of me.” I’ve been doing it for so long, and I don’t think I can pretend any more, and- “

“Y/n!” Ronnie grabbed my hands, holing them in between hers.” You can do this, ok? You’re y/n freaking l/n!! You are one of the strongest women I know, and you are fierce! You can’t let Jughead, or Betty, or anyone get to you! Don’t let them ruin your moment, ok? Because you are looking hot as hell- “Ronnie lifted one of my hands, twirling me in front of her, and I giggled- “And I’ll be damned if I let you let them mess with that.” I hugged Ronnie tightly before she linked my arm with hers and we walked in to the Blossom mansion.

The music wasn’t too loud, which was a kind gesture for my sensitive ears. Cheryl had already roped together some kids for a game of spin the bottle, and I had spotted Archie, Betty, and Jughead near a corner of the room. Ronnie had already gotten me away from the sight, pulling me to the kitchen. I only grabbed a bottle of sweet tea, ignoring the alcohol that lined the counter. Veronica did as well, unsurprisingly. Veronica was a very old-school classy person. If she did drink, it was usually only one glass, and something very light, as I had found out one night that I had slept over at her house.

“There’s my girls!” Kevin wrapped each arm around Veronica and I’s shoulders. “Operation ‘avoid Jughead and Betty because they’re little whores who have been ignoring us to suck each other’s faces’ has commenced!” I laughed at Kevin, giving him a weird look for the name he had chosen.

“Lets just call it Operation Cobra, you know, for short.” Veronica suggested.The three of us made our way to the middle of the dance floor ignoring our other friends. It was obvious Veronica was laughing and talking at a bit of a higher volume, as well as being extra touchy and flirty to get the attention of our friends. I didn’t so much as glance at Jughead, because I knew that once I did, it was game over, and I would be running home and hiding under my covers.
After a little while, I went to find a quiet place in the house, wanting to be alone. Parties weren’t really my thing, so I didn’t understand why I even agreed to go, but to be fair I was having a nice time

I sat on Cheryl’s back porch, my legs swinging off the edge as I looked out at her backyard. The graveyard with all her relatives didn’t really help boost my happiness, but at least I had gotten away from the incessant bass drops the music was giving off.

“Thought you were sick.” I turned my head to see Jughead leaning against the wall, legs and arms both crossed. My heart started beating wildly and I felt a lump in my throat.

“Thought you didn’t like parties.” I retorted, turning my head back around to face away from him.

“Touché.” I felt Jughead’s presence as he sat down next to me, our thighs brushing together. For a couple minutes, I didn’t say anything, scared that if I did I would burst in to tears.

“You look really, uh, nice tonight.” Jughead looked me up and down and I raised an eyebrow.

“I mean, not that you don’t look nice all the time, because you do.” Jughead scratched the back of his neck.” Because you know, you’re really beautiful, but you already know that I think that, because you know, you’re my best friend, and uh… yeah.” Jughead looked away

“You know, I’m not a mind reader.” Jughead chuckled lightly. I could see him staring at me out of the corner of my eye. I did my best to ignore him, crossing my arms and keeping my gaze away from his.

“Look- “Jughead gulped audibly, hesitating before lifting his hand and resting it on my shoulder.” I don’t know what’s going through your head right now, or what you’re dealing with, but I’m here for you- “

Really? Are you really “here for me?” I shrugged his hand off my shoulder, moving to stand up. I was furious at this point.” Jughead, I have talked to you maybe a handful of times since you and Betty started dating! You have cancelled every single one of our plans since then! Every time we’re together working on the blue and gold, you and Betty hardly even notice I’m in the room! – “

My hands went to my temples as I slowly paced back and forth on the deck of the porch. Jughead now stood in front of me, one hand shoved in the pocket of his jeans and the other running his hand down his face in a frustrated motion.

“And maybe I wouldn’t have been so angry about it, if you would have at least showed any sort of remorse, but you don’t! You don’t apologize, you don’t even text me in advance to let me know, you keep me sitting at Pop’s for hours, and you never even show up! I don’t even know why I still do it? What’s the point?” I began to walk past him but jughead held his arm out, stopping me from leaving. His hand grabbed my hip, turning me to face him.

“I’m sorry, y/n, I really am- “

“No you aren’t, Jughead! You aren’t sorry!” I pushed him away from me.” You aren’t sorry! If you were really ‘sorry’, you would have been there for me! You wouldn’t have skipped out on our plans! You wouldn’t have left me waiting all the time! Or you would have at least texted me to tell me you wouldn’t make it! Or even apologize!” I shoved my index finger against his chest, pushing him away from me once more.” But you don’t! You don’t apologize, or even feel any remorse about it, because all you care about is yourself! You don’t care about the consequences of the choices you make, because it doesn’t hurt you!” I screamed, tears streaming down my face as I ended my rant. Jughead had a shocked face on his look, as if he was surprised that I had just stood up for myself. I couldn’t blame him. All I ever did was let people use me as their personal door mat. I didn’t want to be that person anymore.

“Y/n, I’m sorry, I do care about you, it’s just, I- “

“Save it, Jughead!” I shoved past him, running back in to the house and out the front door. I heard calls from my best friend and turned around to see Veronica and Kevin.

“Hey, hey, hey.” Veronica stood in front of me, blocking me from walking down the path towards the gate to leave Cheryl’s home. Her hands wrapped around my arms, stopping me from moving.” What’s wrong, what happened?”

“What do you think happened, Ronnie?” I spoke loudly, my hands moving wildly in front of me.” Jughead is an idiot! That’s what happened!” Kevin now stood beside Ronnie, and her hands went to my face, wiping away the tears. “I’m in love with a fucking idiot! That’s what happened!”

“I know sweetheart, I know.” Veronica hugged me tightly.

“He doesn’t care, Ronnie. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care that he hurt me, or anything. It doesn’t matter.” I moved to look at her again.” Why do I have to be in love with him? It could have been anybody else! Why him?”

“I don’t know, honey, he’s a jerk, I don’t know why he- “Ronnie cut herself off, staring off behind me. I turned around to see Jughead standing ten feet away, arms at his sides and his lips parted slightly.

“Did you say you’re in love with me?” Jughead looked at me with wide eyes, waiting for an answer. I shook my head, diving between Ronnie and Kevin and running towards the gate. Jughead began to follow me, but Kevin and Ronnie held him back, letting me slip away.
I was halfway down the trek to my house when I passed by the Riverdale park. I sighed, steering off the sidewalk and towards the big dome-shaped jungle gym. I was just going to mope at home anyways, so I wasn’t in a hurry to get there.

I dropped my heels to the ground next to me, swinging my purse over my shoulder and climbing up to the top. I sat down in the middle, the solid platform cold against my skin. I didn’t care though. I pulled out my phone, ignoring any notifications I had. I checked Instagram, scrolling through Jughead’s account. I switched over to Betty’s, seeing multiple photos of her and Jughead. I didn’t exactly know why I was forcing myself to look at these, but I was.

I shut my phone off, wrapping my arms around my body. I hadn’t brought a jacket, another thing to beat myself up over. I looked around the park, my eyes eventually catching someone else’s. Jughead.

“What are you doing up there?” Jughead looked up at me, his hands in his pockets.

“I like it up here.” I defended.

“Can you come down?” Jughead asked me.

“No.” I protested.

“Then I’m coming up.” Jughead sighed, beginning to climb the structure. I scrambled to grab my purse, trying to get off as fast as I could, but it was too late. Jughead had climbed up, grabbing the bars on each side of my body and hovering so my lower body was trapped under his. He looked up at me, his chest heaving from climbing up as fast as he could, mixed with the sting of the cold weather. Our breaths could be seen in the winter air, mixing with each other and disappearing. I stared at Jughead, waiting for him to say something.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Oh yeah, hold on. Let me ruin my closest friendship real quick by telling him I have super hardcore feelings for him when he’s dating someone else!” I spat sarcastically.

“Ok, that’s fair.”

“Whatever, Jughead, just let me out.” I started to shuffle under his body, planning to duck under his arm, but he blocked me, climbing farther up. We were now eye level, his face only inches from mine. Jughead stared at me, not saying anything.

“Are you gonna say something?” I asked him, my eyes flickering between his.

“I don’t know what to say.” Jughead admitted. I rolled my eyes, pushing him so I could get out from under him. Apparently, I had pushed too hard, because next thing I knew, the boy lost his balance, stumbling off the bars and falling in to the grass on his back. I gasped, shouting his name before climbing down quickly and jumping off the last few bars.

“Jughead! Are you ok!” Jughead groaned in response, sitting up and rubbing his head. I dropped on to my knees beside him, my shoulders on his hands.

“Peachy.” He answered sarcastically. I rolled my eyes, standing up and brushing the dirt off my dress.

“Whatever, I’m going home- “

“Did you know Veronica liked Betty?” I spun around, looking at Jughead.


“Well, I didn’t.” Jughead sighed, standing up. “And Veronica told her. Turns out, a big part of the reason Betty was dating me was to try and get over her, and convince herself she wasn’t gay. When Ronnie told her, she broke it off with me.” Jughead chuckled half-heartedly.

“Jug, I’m sorry.” Sympathy was laced in my voice. I stepped back toward him, patting his shoulder with my hand.

“It’s ok, really. I was dating her for kind of the same reason as well.” Jughead looked up at me, his eyes locking with mine.” You see, there’s this girl that I really like, and she’s been my best friend for quite a while.” My breath hitched in my throat, my hand leaving Jughead’s shoulder.” I’ve been kind of a shit friend to her, and I haven’t really been hanging out with her, more like avoiding her. It’s a really shitty thing to do, and I feel, like, really, really shitty about it.”

“Jughead, I, I can’t…” I turned back towards the dome jungle gym, walking towards my shoes. I felt Jughead’s hand on my shoulder and then my back was against the monkey bars, my body trapped by Jughead’s.

“I didn’t want to lose you.” Jughead admitted.” You’re everything to me, and I don’t know what I would do without you in my life. When I started dating Betty, I thought it would help me get over you, and then I could stop feeling the way I felt.” Jughead looked me in the eyes, his face no more than a few inches away from mine once again.” I watched what happened to my parents, and yours. They were just like us. They were best friends, and…” Jughead hung his head, cutting off his own words.

“Jughead.” I reached my hands up to cup his face, lifting his head to look at me.” We aren’t our parents, ok?” My thumb brushed against his cheek, wiping away the tear that had fallen down his face. Jughead smiled, his eyes flickering down to my lips, and mine doing the same.

“I’m in love with you.”

“I’m in love with you too.” I laughed lightly, my arms wrapping around his neck. Jughead’s arms went to my waist, pulling me flush in to his body before he pressed his lips to mine. I sighed in to the kiss, feeling relief that Jughead felt the same way about me as I did him.

Jughead bit gently at my bottom lip, pulling it between his teeth as he broke the kiss. I giggled, burying my face in to the crook of Jughead’s neck.
“I see my work did some justice.” I heard Ronnie call out. Jughead and I turned around on the sidewalk we had been on to see our friends.

“We have been looking everywhere for you guys! Where were you!” Archie called out, jogging towards us.

“Oh, you know, climbing jungle gyms, pushing Jughead off them, the usual.” I joked, looking up at Jughead. He smiled, rolling his eyes.
Ronnie and Betty walked up to us, hands held together.

“Hey, nothings gonna be… awkward, right?” Betty asked, looking at Jughead and I.

“No, Betts, everything’s good.” Jughead looked down at me, squeezing my hand.

“Ok, good.” Betty rested her hand on Jughead’s shoulder giving it a friendly squeeze before dropping it.

“Wait, so, you two?” Archie asked, looking at Ronnie and Betty, who nodded.

“And you two?” Archie looked at Jughead and I. Jughead nodded and I blushed, hiding in his side. Jughead wrapped an arm around my waist, leaning down and pressing a kiss to the top of my head.

“Honestly, I’m not surprised.” Kevin shrugged, walking towards us.

“Hey, we’re all heading to Pop’s, you coming?” Archie asked Jug and I.

“Archibald Andrews, do you ever think I would turn down a burger and fries from our ever so famous chock-lit shoppe?” I put a hand over my chest in mock offense.

“Of course you and Jughead are together, why was I even surprised.” Archie rolled his eyes, walking away from us.

“That obvious, huh?” Jughead spoke aloud, looking down at me.


bun emoji review

a good friend, tho his head is a lil too small. his eye is also too red, even for albino. 7/10

a good take on a cartoon bun!! that smile must mean she is living a happy life. 9/10 would feed a nanner

oh microsoft, when will your ugly thick lines end? the silhouette looks ok but his tail looks like a backwards broken leg. 6/10 take him to the vet

cute, though the ears are weirdly placed and the nose should not be a pink button. 7.5/10 would still snuggle

outstanding bun loaf anatomy, but where is her tail? 8/10 she looks concerned

would be a neat stylistic friend but he has a single ominous red eye. 4/10 i do not trust him

again with the great anatomy! but that button nose looks weird. 7/10 the texturing is also odd

best bun on list!!!!! he is a nice shade of beige and a+ bode. 10/10 would shower with all the timothy hay and veggies

is this a joke? really now. this is a tailless rat wearing apple slices on his head. ok cosplay tho 1/10

this is also not a bun. this looks like it was supposed to be a dog but the tail, teeth, and ears were changed last second. 2/10 not a bad face though

this “bunny” came from the area of hell where the minions andthe happy meal mascot were spawned. his face terrifies me. 0/10 save your children

not a bad bun, but the red outline is vague and menacing. 6/10 what happened to his ears

Poor suitemate etiquette may result in arrest.

Warning: drug use

(This will be a long story)

This happened about a year ago, in my senior year of college. I lived in a residential college on campus, which basically is just a dorm with the option of educational programs being held there. My suite in this building was set up as a pair of two-bed rooms, connected by a small bathroom that the four people shared. In our particular suite, there were only three of us, as our suitemate had a private room. A small detail, but it will become important later.

Now this suitemate, who I will call Hannah, could only be described as one of those new-age hippies. Aggressively vegan, tapestries pinned over every open inch of the walls, candles everywhere, lots of imagery taken from India and surrounding countries, the whole works. And she smoked a lot of pot.

Normally, this wouldn’t be any of my business. I don’t care what you do with your free time, as long as you’re being safe and can keep it away from me, as I was job-searching and didn’t want anything in my system. I made that abundantly clear, as my roommate also smoked, and was polite enough to take it off campus and keep her stash in her car.

Hannah…not so much. She had a habit of smoking in the room, and since she lived alone, she had no one to witness her blowing the smoke out the window. Several of us knew she was doing it, but we lived near the top of the building, so it wasn’t going to float up into someone’s window or anything. If she got caught, we could act surprised, and it would be on her head for being reckless.

She wasn’t an ideal suitemate by any means, on top of this. She played her music loud, and wrecked the bathroom on a weekly basis, and I had woken up to her having loud shower sex in that shared bathroom multiple times. I scrubbed down the bathroom every time because I didn’t want to stand in whatever they left behind, but by the time the real incident occurred, my patience was wearing thin.

The final straw came when a weird smell started pouring in under the bathroom door. I pulled my roommate in with me, and she agreed that it was pot, and a lot of it. I went out of the room, and sure enough, the hall was also filling with a thick cloud of skunk and armpit. I knew my RA was doing a program that involved the police, so I went downstairs to find the RA, told her what was going on, and led her and the police officer she took with her up to my room. I let the officer into my bathroom, and the smell when I opened the door hit everyone like a slap to the face.

As it turns out, she was holding a little party, so not only did she get arrested, but so did 4 of her buddies. She was taken to court, put on probation for 2 years, and given community service. The police officer also told me that if she did or said anything to get back at me, she would go to jail.

She later violated her parole with another charge of the same thing, and that was the last time I saw her.



Angelica : Do you need help?

Laff : Yes please. Are they still fighting?

Angelica : They’re in time-out

Laff : Good.

I don’t think you guys understand how long it took me to come up with this. Then it came to me while I was in the shower. So bless shower thoughts. =w=

Also, don’t ask Laff how he got into that situation. 

ALSO, it’s not a coincidence that Angelica’s the one who found him. xD

Wholesome Headcanons: Morning Routines

Kaz: On the off chance that Kaz actually sleeps, his morning routine is an exact science. He knows exactly how long each step will take, does all of them in a very specific order, and could probably do the whole routine with both eyes swollen shut (which incidentally he has done).

Inej: Her routine is a bit less vetted. It depends wholly on whether or not they are in the middle of a job. If they are in the middle of a job she is up early and ready quickly. Spending most of the time she has sharpening her knives. When they aren’t on a job, though, she sleeps in and takes time getting ready. She enjoys every little ritual, waking up warm and comfortable, braiding her hair, picking out her clothes, drinking tea and watching the rain on the canal, taking in the smells and sounds of everything around her.

Matthias: His routine is short, and holds all of the severity and regimen it did when he was a druskelle. Everything methodical, purposeful and in a set order. The only difference is that it begins with far more cuddling than it used to. He also is the one to make breakfast, because he is a wonderful cook who has perfected the art of making the best damn waffles in Ketterdam.

Nina: Her routine Is like molasses. Slow and leisurely, she doesn’t really sleep late, she just wakes up and snuggles down and smiles and cuddles Matthias so he can’t get up. It is always at least an hour before guilt, necessity, or Matthias can persuade her to leave bed. Once she is up she is able to get dressed and ready with relative swiftness propelled by the smell of whatever (probably waffles) Matthias has made for breakfast.

Jesper: His routine is the most raucous of them all. He sleeps in irresponsibility late and when he finally does wake up he begins his day by blasting music loud enough to deafen anyone within a five mile radius. The entirety of his getting ready is done while dancing around and swinging his pistols. He puts on at least four different outfits before he can decide one, and most likely even more. His routine is really an audience and stage short of a full blown fashion show.

Wylan: He has everything he would ever need to do in the morning shaved down into  approximate 15 minute blocks. If he needs to take a shower, and get dressed, eat breakfast, and help Jesper pick out an outfit that actually matches, it will take almost exactly an hour. His routine is also very efficient. He moves from the back of the mansion where his room is, to the front door. Theres no running back and forth, that is, until he gets two steps outside and realizes he forgot at least 3 things and has to run back in and get them.

Kingdom- Preview

Gajeel has had the dream about dying for a blue haired princess for about half his life. He was so used to it by now that he hardly paid it any attention now. That was, until the woman from his dream shows up and now he isn’t so sure it’s just a dream.

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Title: Hourglass
Pairing: Tyler Joseph/You/Josh Dun
Rating: Mature.
Warning: Daddy kink, dirty talk, voyeurism, light bondage.
A/N: So if this goes over well, and people seem to enjoy the concept, this is going to be part of a series kinda. Different adventures on the same timeline. Also, this is another long one, almost 4.6k. Sorry, lol. Anyway, enjoy, lemme know what you think, and keep sending in those requests.

(Upcoming stuff: more Josh, some Jai, maybe something with Tyler. And I’m contemplating posting some SVU stuff I’ve been working on. We’ll see.)

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Old Habits Die Hard

Bucky x Reader

REQUEST: Bucky with number’s 85. What’s wrong with me missing you?, 95. Tell me you need me., and 110. I’m sorry if I don’t want you to die!

Summary: In her eyes Bucky’s moved on, and she slowly is too, but when a mission goes haywire, he realizes just how much he misses her.

Warnings: pure angst, swearing, brief violence. (you’re going to hate me, yikes) I strongly suggest that you listen to Another Sad Love Song by Khalid, it’s loosely based on the song as well. Also, please read the comment and you’ll understand why I ended it the way I did. Hope y’all understand xx

Word Count: 2.8k+

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It wasn’t suppose to go down this way. The breakup was amicable. It wasn’t worth the angry tears and screaming matches in the middle of the night whenever Bucky came home late. She missed the old Bucky. The Bucky that would come home every day and shower her with love and affection, but then he disappeared. The good morning kisses halted and tight goodbye hugs became loose. She tried talking to him about it, but he just brushed it off and went to bed.

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Slow Jobs

It’s McHanzo and it’s fluffy as hell, y’all. Co-starring Extra Hanzo, who is always extra for his boi.

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Hanzo sat on the edge of the building, his bow at the ready, glowering down into the alley below. The radio in his ear had been silent for two hours without any update on the suspected gang that was supposed to be moving into the area. And given that he had been on on patrol for two hours on top of that before…well. He was starting to suspect that something had gone awry.

Then, a blur in his peripheral, and in one flowing motion like water rushing down a river, he rolled from his perch, pulled an arrow, cocked it back and just barely flicked his wrist so it landed solidly into the wall next to the figure’s head. Because in that last moment, he recognized that face, that grin, that hat.

“Whoa, darlin’! It’s just me!”

“Jesse,” the archer growled with a shaking breath, the burst of energy still thrumming beneath his surface and making his lip curl. “I have told you not to approach me that way when we are on a mission.”

“Seem to recall ya also didn’t want me doin’ it to ya when you were in the shower, too,” the cowboy joked, his cybernetic hand reaching out to yank the arrow from where it had imbedded itself.

“You should break that habit of foolishly gambling with your life.” Hanzo reached out to take the arrow, but Jesse McCree, King of Opportunity, held on, so when he pulled, his whole body came with it.

“I ain’t scared of you, sugar,” he crooned, his other hand going to Hanzo’s waist.

“Aren’t you supposed to be on the ground team?” Hanzo asked, quirking a disapproving eyebrow at him.

“Yeah, but I snuck away. Nothin’ happenin’ anyway. And I can be real quick, so…figured I’d come up here. Keep ya company ‘til somethin’ actually happens.” This close, Hanzo could feel the brim of Jesse’s hat settled on top of his head. “C’mon. Didn’t ya miss me a lil’?”

“It has only been a few hours, Jesse.”

“That’s months in dragon years, right?”

Hanzo finally had to smile at that, a short snort coming out of his nose before he could stop it. “Impossible man.”

“There it is,” Jesse said quietly, stroking the sharp angle of Hanzo’s jaw with his thumb, making it sound like he had won some kind of prize. “I like makin’ ya smile, Hanzo.”

“Hmph.” Hanzo took gentle hold of Jesse’s red scarf and pulled him down where he could kiss him properly, enjoying worn yet soft lips, his hair just slightly tickling his nose. When Jesse’s arms encircled his, he let himself relax into him. “You are a terrible influence on me, Jesse McCree.”

“Yeah. ‘Fraid I get that a lot.”

The Adrien Diaries...

29 Mar 2017

So excited! Today was AMAZING, for so many reasons! 

So, the Sailor Moon wand I ordered for Marinette arrived today (it had been on back order, and was delayed) and thanks to the delay on her order, my wand that looks like Tuxedo Kamen’s rose came in too! Natalie already confirmed that my weekend is free, so I’m going to give it to her tomorrow at school!

I can’t wait to see her reaction!

Also, I happened to overhear Mari and Alya discussing a new conditioner after lunch! I didn’t hear much aside from them debating how long to leave it on and the words “silky smooth”, but have you seen Mari’s hair? 

I asked Gorilla to pick me up some, and as luck would have it, they have a “for men” version! I’m going to try it out in the shower tomorrow, that way I don’t get bedhead.

I haven’t heard of Nair before, but I’ve got a good feeling about it!

-Adrien Brittle-Hair-Today-Gone-Tomorrow Agreste

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Hello everybody I thought that I would share my sexual experience at the age of 14 with my new step mom. My dad drive a 18 wheeler he would be gone 45 weeks a year. So that left me a my new step family alone most of the time. My step mom was a very beautiful woman she was also horny as hell. So I will never forget the day I found a porn movie are I thought I had found it she had left it so I could find it. So some weeks went by I would watch it put it back. Thinking no one knew. One night while I was take my shower my step mother came in acting like she was mad over someone watch porner. In her house well I notice she had a very sexy and very revealing lingerie on. I could not help it my young Dick got so hard. Look like a tent. Bath rub I had on she walk over a grab my Dick and ask me why was my Dick hard called me a very nasty boy. So she grab my hand pulled me to her bed room told me she going to punish me . that night was the first night of many I cm in her pussy.

Just a lil post to say one thing: A lot of people have been referring to the younger Hanzo AU as “your AU” when messaging me and while I love this AU to bits -and y’all can see the fruits of that lol- it’s actually not my idea!

The amazing @qyoo​ came up with this AU in their shimadacest week piece and also made this other delicious piece with younger Hanzo, I’ve only been given permission by Qyoo to play with the concept! \ (•▽•) /

Just saying this because Qyoo makes such good art and y’all should def go shower them with some well deserved love!

(They also created another super cool AU that has spawned an amazing fic and I’m consistently amazed by the great content created by people in this tiny corner on the fandom, you glorious beasts you ლ(´ڡ`ლ) )

Lead Me On; part two (M)

Pairing: Fuckboy!Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: in this chapter.. angst, mentions of sex,

Part: 1 | 2 | 3 | to be continued……

A/N: This came a little bit late but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! 

(Please give me some feedback!)

Chanyeol had left early morning. Jongdae had texted him, asking him to come to the coffee shop they hung out, also asking if he could tell Y/N about it. Chanyeol had looked at her sleeping figure. Smiling to himself. He’s catching himself smiling at her more and more, for no particular reason. Deciding to let her have her sleep and he got up. Part of him felt guilty he let her sleep. But he knew she needed it.

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My Heart

My girlfriend and I have this tradition every year.

I set her down on the couch, I hold her hands in mine, and I ask her what she wants for Valentine’s Day.

She laughs, kisses my cheek, and whispers in my ear,

“All I want is your heart.”

We’ve been dating for five years this summer. We met at a college party. I was a mathematics major and a loner but one of my friends insisted on dragging me to this house party. There was over ninety people in this tiny ass house and I really just wanted to go back home.

But then I met Sonya.

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i loooove reading about the foxes reacting to andreil like in your latest fic. could you write something more about the other foxes reacting to andreil being cute? only if you want to obviously!! love your writing <3

To be honest, the lines between “sick” and “healthy” had always been blurred for Neil. To be sick meant complete incapacitation that stopped him and his mother from being able to keep moving. Everything else was a discomfort you didn’t let show or else.

It had happened once when he was 13 and had gotten food poisoning from a questionable dinner his mother had found for them. He had been doubled over in pain, vomiting constantly, and too weak to move more than a few inches at a time. His mother had said nothing, but it was the closest to empathy and motherly affection he ever saw her show him during that time as she took care of him, blaming herself for causing it.

If Neil had ever had the flu before he didn’t remember. Aches, cold sweat, and nausea tended to be part of a life on the run from mad men who wanted to torture you. However now, safe from anyone who could hurt him and living a somewhat normal life, he noticed it more.

Waking up that morning, everything hurt. His muscles were complaining about any movement, he both wanted to be under a pile of blankets and sticking his head in the freezer, and if he even smelled food he would be sprinting for the bathroom.

He was very grateful that Andrew was as perceptive as he was about these things because god knows Nicky was not.

“Ooh Neil are you hungover? Kevin is gonna kill you if you don’t get ready for practice. Want me to come up with an excuse? I mean, he of anyone should understand hangovers…” His voice somehow was louder and more piercing than usual and Neil found himself burying his head under his pillow to hide from it.

“Bathroom’s been free for ten minutes.” Ah, that was better. Mild, monotone, void of all emotion. Andrew had the perfect voice to be around when you had a headache.

Neil knew the statement was also a question. He showered last because he showered the fastest, always sliding in just as Andrew came out. Neil, a creature of habit, never deviated.

He felt the pillow lift from his head.

“Yes or no?”

He swallowed and croaked out a “Yes.”

A cool hand slid under his bangs, Andrew’s palm pressing against his forehead. His other hand came around to the back of Neil’s neck, rubbing gently at the base of his skull.

Neil could hear when Kevin stalked in, footfalls pounding and making Neil squeeze his eyes tighter. He could feel Andrew tense and curl around him, trying to block out whatever was hurting Neil.

“Why the hell isn’t he up?!”

Nicky rapidly tried to fire excuses while Kevin yelled about responsibility and if this room got any louder Neil was going to vomit.

Andrew’s hand slid up from his neck into his hair, fingers running through it gently, smoothing it and rubbing at his too warm scalp.

“Neil is sick. We aren’t going to practice.”

“Sick?” Nicky’s voice went straight to mother hen mode in a way that made Neil’s gut twist with guilt over finding his voice so annoying. “What’s wrong? Should I call Abby?”

“Just tell coach we’re missing practice.”

“Let me see, sick is relative. If he can stand he can practice.” Neil heard Kevin approach and then stop abruptly. He didn’t see it, but Kevin and Nicky were given a dangerously venomous glare that convinced even Kevin that maybe this wasn’t a fight worth fighting.

“I think of anyone in this room, Neil can be trusted when he says he can’t play, highness. I would think you understood that one by now.”

Nicky swallowed. It was true, the last thing that had stopped Neil from playing was his fathers botched mob hit, and that had been grudging. Neil had even played when he was sent to the Ravens. Both things they all knew tore at Kevin’s insides like razor blades. If their Neil said he couldn’t even play Exy, Nicky believed him.

Maybe it was the tone of Andrew’s voice, the implication of his words, or the vice hold he had on their crumpled striker, but he decided that one practice without the two of them wouldn’t kill them. But an Andrew separated from a hurting Neil might.

“Alright, but him being sick doesn’t mean you get to sit around all day too. There are weights in the living room and I expect you to use them. I want fluids in him every twenty minutes, juice preferably but water if he can’t get it down, and I want you trying him with fruit or toast with peanut butter every hour. I’m not letting a twenty four hour bug stretch into two days of nothing because he doesn’t get any calories in him. I’ve got apple juice, pomegranate, cranberry…” Kevin’s voice receded as he went to their kitchen to make up what Neil was sure would be as aggressive a care menu as he could come up with.

With responsibility lifted and the promise of a quiet day resting with Andrew, Neil drifted back to sleep.

Nicky poked his head in the room five minutes later to tell Andrew they were leaving and try to make him promise to call if anything went wrong, but decided against it. Andrew was up on Neil’s bed, letting the pitiful looking boy use his thigh as a pillow. His armbands were off and he was very gently using the tips of his fingers to play with Neil’s hair. Nicky felt something pull in his chest, a something he had never been able to name but that he always associated with Eric. He decided to just leave a note on the orange juice while furiously texting the group chat, already thinking of all the different adjectives he could use to describe his cousin and his cousins not-boyfriend.

Living with sister

Sorry, long post. One of several similar naughty confessions with my sexy sexy sister over the years. She’s 21 now. Last year while my sister was living with me we would sometimes be casually nude or near nude around each other. Before she moved in I told her that I like to be naked a lot and I don’t care if she is naked too if she wants. We also had a talk about me getting an “inappropriate” erection because that was obviously going to happen. lol She just laughed it off and said that she didn’t really care if I got hard and that she was flattered by it. She already knew that she had been getting me off for years but now there would be no hiding it. Anyway, one time after taking an evening shower I came into my livingroom to watch tv or whatever with my sister while I was just wearing a towel. I was sitting across from her to be polite but she asked if I wanted to sit on the big couch with her to be more comfortable. Of course I said yes and sat on the couch with her. I was already starting to get hard at this point but only a little. She was wearing some kind of short shorts or something like that and a tshirt but under a blanket. After a while she decided she wanted to fully stretch out on the couch and I let her put both of her legs in my lap with her knees/calves basically right on my crotch. Like that it didn’t take long for me to start to get fully hard and with nothing but a loose towel between us it was becoming obvious to her too. She didn’t say anything but didn’t move away either so I adjusted myself a little to let my dick slip free of the towel and push directly against the back and sides of her bare legs. I was already oozing pre-cum at this point and it was getting all over her calves and shit. I was actually able to work my dick between her calves and just let it stay there enjoying the light pressure. I pretty sure I could feel her intentionally squeezing it between her legs as I was doing this but not too obvious. I was massaging her legs and thighs a bit now too but that’s something we did for each other all the time. She was still pretending to watch tv or sleep or plain just not notice my hard cock rubbing against her. lol Anyway, I didn’t actually cum but her calves were nice and slick from all the pre-cum as I was very slowly humping my hard dick up and down between my sisters tight skinny little legs. Jesus! That was so heavenly. Got hard right now just remembering it. At some point she pulled her legs back to her side of the couch and I almost fucking shot my load right there. Heh! It was already kinda dark by now but I got up from the couch without the towel and walked back to my room completely naked with a throbbing hardon ready to explode. In my room I immediately started to jack off with the door open and came almost right away. I just fell asleep right there on my bed fully naked with the door open. At some point I heard her walking past my room to go to the bathroom but nothing else happened that night. The next day she asked if I enjoyed the movie in a teasing kinda way. I said yeah but honestly I still have no idea what movie we were watching that night. My gf didn’t like it much but letting my hot af little sister live with me for 6 months was one of the best things I ever did.


21st birthday - a Justin Bieber imagines

“Come on Y/N, it’s your birthday!” My best friend Leah said as she sat down on my bed. “You’re turning 21, that needs to be celebrated with shots and guys” she continued. I turned around under my covers and looked at her.

“I don’t wanna celebrate, I have nothing to celebrate… My whole life has been turned upside down” I told her. I pulled the covers over my head and closed my eyes as I tried to block out Leah’s voice.

“Y/N, it has been months since you guys broke up, you have to get over Matt eventually” Leah mumbled as she pulled the covers off my body.

“But you don’t understand! I thought Matt and I were going to last forever! We were going to get married, we were going to have kids” I cried. Leah pulled me close and brushed my hair out of my face.

“He cheated on you… He doesn’t deserve your tears” she told me, and I knew she was right. He didn’t deserve any of me, he only deserved heartbreak, but unfortunately, I had gotten that, too.

“You know what, you’re right! He doesn’t deserve me!” I told her as I looked up. I dried away my tears and cleared my throat. “Let’s go have fun, let’s party!” I told her, then I got out of bed and ran into my bathroom.

“That’s my best friend” Leah yelled behind me, which made me smile widely. As I showered, Leah came into the bathroom.

“Does this also mean that I finally can introduce you to Justin?” she asked me as she sat down. I rolled my eyes and I washed out the shampoo.

“You’ve been begging for me to meet him the last month, so why not,” I told her. Immediately I heard her squeal loudly, which made me laugh. “You will not regret it! He is such a great guy, and I’m pretty sure you guys are soulmates” she told me. I hummed back in response. I was feeling slightly guilty for finally moving on from Matt, but at the same time, I was finally feeling happy, I was finally feeling free.

“You owe me dinner if I don’t like him,” I told her as I turned off the shower. “Deal,” she said back. Leah handed me my towel over the door, then she left the bathroom. I wrapped the towel around my body, then I got out and looked at myself in the mirror, but before I could even recognize myself, Leah was back in the room. This time she had brought a chair and a whole bunch of makeup. “I’m gonna turn you into the sexiest, most beautiful girl in the whole club, oh and I left you your present on the bed, I hope you like it” she squealed, then she worked her magic.

2 hours and a bunch of shots later we finally hit the club. We were supposed to meet up with a whole bunch of our friends, and some new guy friends of Leah’s. I was slowly getting more and more drunk, but I was having the time of my life. I wasn’t thinking about Matt or all my other problems, I was just enjoying myself, and my friends.

I was currently dancing to “Shed a Light” by David Guetta when Leah came over to me. “Come with me, there’s someone I would like you to meet,” she told me, then she winked. I waved goodbye to the guys I had been dancing with, then I followed Leah back to our table.

“Y/N, this is Justin, Justin this is my best friend Y/N,” Leah said. I turned to look at this Justin, and immediately time stood still. Justin and I locked eyes, and immediately I bit down on my lip. Justin did the same thing, but he was quicker than me to get our of our current trance. “Nice to meet you beautiful,” he said, then he grabbed my hand and pressed a kiss onto it. “And happy 21st birthday” he continued. “Thank you very much,” I told him as I giggled. I heard Leah laugh, which made me turn to look at her.

“What’s so funny?” I asked her, which made her smirk. “Oh nothing, you two just go have fun,” she said, then she left me alone with Justin.

“So Justin, how old are you?” I asked him as we made our way up to the bar.

“I’m 22, but I’m turning 23 in a month exactly,” he told me, which made me bite down on my lip. “But enough about me, care to join me on the dancefloor beautiful?” he asked me. I nodded my head and smiled at him, then I downed my newly bought shot and intertwined my fingers with Justin’s. Justin pulled me onto the dancefloor, where he immediately went behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I smirked as “One Dance” came on. I leaned my head on Justin’s shoulder as my hips moved to the beat of the song.

“Grips on your waist, front way, back way, you know that I don’t play. Streets not safe, but I never run away, even when I’m away” Justin sexily sang to me. I lightly gasped and turned around to look at him.

“And he sings, too,” I told him as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Justin chuckled as he nodded his head. “He sure does,” he told me, then he pulled me closer, and our bodies moved to the beat of the music.

It felt like we had been dancing for hours when Justin finally asked me if I wanted to go back to our table.

As we had made it back to our table, Justin sat down first, then he sat me down on his lap. “Hey birthday girl,” my closest girlfriends said as they joined us. “Enjoying your birthday?” one of them asked me as she looked at me and Justin. I smirked and nodded my head, then I grabbed a shot and drowned it.

“Y/N, is that you?” someone suddenly asked from behind me. I turned around in Justin’s arms so that I know was sitting with my legs on each side of him and my arms around his neck.

“Matt?” I gasped. Immediately all my happiness was gone, but I wouldn’t let him see that. “What are you doing here?” I asked him as I pressed myself closer to Justin. “Well your friends invited me to your birthday party when we were still together,” he said as he scratched his neck. When Justin heard those words, he got tense, but it didn’t last long because a few seconds later he was placing kisses on my neck. I giggled as he hit my sweet spot. “Justin will you please stop, I’m trying to have a conversation with my ex here,” I told him, then I looked back up at Matt. Justin kept going and ignored my request, which made me roll my eyes.

“I see you’ve moved on,” Matt said as he looked down. “And what if I have? You were the one who cheated, so I’m allowed to move on” I harshly told him. “You’re right, I shouldn’t be judging you,” Matt told me, when he turned around and left, which made me smile a little.

“I’m finally moving on from that bastard,” I told Leah as I turned around to sit on Justin’s lap again. “I’m so happy, you didn’t deserve to feel that way,” Leah said. She lightly hugged me, then she whispered something to Justin, which made him smirk and nod his head. I furrowed my eyebrows at the two of them, but Leath just smirked back at me. “See you tomorrow birthday girl,” she said, then she left. “Okay, what was that about?” I asked Justin, Justin just shrugged his shoulders and intertwined our fingers. “How do you feel about leaving so that I can give you your best birthday present, from me?” he said with a lip bite. I nodded my head, then I stood up and grabbed his hand. Our friends squealed after us as they saw us leave together, which made me smile widely. I winked at them, then I turned back to Justin, where I wrapped an arm around his waist.

When we made it outside a car was already waiting for us. Apparently, Leah had called the company and got us a car.

“So, my place or your place?” Justin asked as we got into the car.

“Yours,” I told him, then I moved closer to him and started to place kisses up and down his neck. Justin told the driver his address, then he grabbed my face and pulled it away from my neck. He pulled me closer, and finally, he placed his lips on mine in a magical kiss.

When we finally reached Justin’s place, we couldn’t get inside fast enough, and Justin kept his promise, he really did give me the best birthday present I could’ve ever asked for.


I hope you guys liked this imagine? Please tell me what you think ❤︎

Her First Official Date.

So wanted to give everyone and update. First off I haven’t spoken to my kid’s father since he left Monday night. I am leaving all future contact to my Lawyer. Secondly i would like to thank everyone for their support, and since many of you have asked i will say my daughter is doing well and actually had her first official date last night.

Saturday we started off the day with our normal breakfast and chores. I worked out with my son and i teased him and myself. Soon it was us grinding against each other. We moved into his room and soon he was sliding deep into me. I love how hard and deep her goes especially early in the morning. We both came, me more then once, and as we cuddled in the afterglow of our sex we talked about things at the house. I asked him his feelings about my choice to divorce his dad and everything that happened. He told me he felt it was the right choice and that i needed to be happy. The subject of him dating came up and he told me that he wasn’t going to be looking for a steady girlfriend. When i asked why he told me he wanted to focus more on his school and college prep his senior year. He said he’d still go out with his friends and maybe date a little but he wasn’t going to be looking for a girlfriend. I was both impressed and a little relived knowing that but also knew he would still be with me and Katie. Soon after that we showered, unfortunately he used the shower downstairs while I used mine. Around lunch Katie came over with her overnight bag, and we began talking with my daughter about her plans for the night.

My Daughter was going out with the boy she has had a crush on for the last year. I was nervous to let her go out but knew it was just me being a mom. She asked fir help to get ready and the three of us looked through her closet. Finally it was decided that she would wear a pale red sundress and a pair of strapy leather sandles. I excused myself while Katie helped her with her hair and makeup. Then Katie and i got dressed. We drove to the young mans house. Yes we were picking him up. I spoke breifly with his parents and let them know what we were planning. After that I drove the young couple over to the theater and let my daughter and her date out. He was quite the young gentlemen and opened her door as the went in to the movie house. Katie and I didn’t stay but headed across the lot to the mall where he shopped and killed the couple of hours until they were done. Katie and I did sneak into a secluded area of the mall to makeout and tease each othe, but we only edged each other close to cumming never crossing the line. I love how exciting it was teasing her in public and not being sure if anyone saw.

After the movie ended we were met by my son for dinner. We made small talk and discussed the kids plans for the summer. My daughter is planning on summer camp for three weeks at the end of the month. Her date also was going to be at a training camp for freshman football players most of the summer. We had more small talk and decided that it was time to head home. It was still early and i had the young man ask his parents if it was ok if he joined us at our house to relax in the pool ( or hot tub). They agreed and asked if we would drop him at home before 10 which was his curfew.

We returned home and while the kids changed into swimwear. I made some snacks. I also opend a bottle of wine for Katie and myself. My son and the young man finished first and they took the food outside and my sone started the hot tub as i went to change. Once i got to my room Katie stepped out in the string bikini we had bought together. I was immediately aroused. She told me that she had laid mine out too then nodded behind me. I turned to see my daughter was also wearing the bikini that she had worn over Memorial Day only without the shorts or the coverup. I was shocked and impressed at how bold my sweet little girl was. Katie whispered I’ll keep an eye on them. I changed and soon we were all relaxing and having fun. Katie, my son, my daughter and her date played in the pool while i watched. I was feeling amazingly happy watching my family enjoy the night. At one point Katie and my son were with me in the hot tub while my daughter and her date were alone in the pool. I thought i saw a couple kisses and when they joined us the were holding hand and my daughter was beaming.

Sadly time got away from us and my son volunteered to take my daughter’s date home. I watched as they said their goodbye and saw him kiss her goodnight before my son ushered him to the car and left. My daughter rejoined us in the hot tub and gave me a big hug thanking me for everything. We talked and she told me they were going to start dating. I smiled thinking about how 13 year olds are. Katie took the roll of older sibling and asked all the embarrassing questions and it was a great time. My son rejoined us and were relaxed being very happy.

I sent my daughter to bed around 11 and watched her go inside. Once she was gone i looked at my son and Katie. Then removed my suit. I was confident that my daughter was in her room texting both her girlfriends and her new Boyfriend. Soon Katie and my sone had done the same. We all three made out together. After a while Katie was sitti g on my son’s lap riding him while i was making out with her. I decided we need to adjourn to my room and we went in the house. We spent the night pleasing each other and falling asleep in each others arms. My son excused himself in the early hours of the morning as was custom. I got up with him and made extra sure he left my room completely satisfied.

After he left i got back in bed with Katie. She stirred and we kissed and cuddled. We talked a bit. I asked Katie what she thought of our life and she agreed that she never expected things to turn out this way. After a lengthy talk, It was decided that when her lease ends in November. she is going to move in with me and my kids. I have never been more nervous or excited. We haven’t told my son or daughter yet, but i know they will both be happy.

Stupid older siblings

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Words: 1336

You were in your room putting on your shadowhunter gear. You were so excited, it had been a long time since you went on a mission. You had been training hard the whole time. Last time you went on a mission, you had to stay behind Alec the whole time, while Isabelle went beside you with her whip ready. Jace was walking in the front with Clary, making sure every corner was free. And yet you still got bitten by a scorpios demon.

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So my mom, brother, and I have always had a really close relationship, especially since my dad died. Since I’m older, my mom has always treated me a little differently than my brother, giving my more stuff to do around the house and being a little more affectionate. And, because she had the two of us to take care of, she never really dated or went out much. As I got older, my mom started treating me less like I was her son, and more like a partner. Eventually, this, combined with our already physically affectionate relationship led to my mom and me having fewer and fewer barriers. At first it was things like her being comfortable with me seeing her in her underwear and sleeping in the same bed, and then being okay with me seeing her naked, then we eventually started showering together. Eventually, we started doing things like watching porn together, and after a little while, masturbating together. Finally, on my 18th birthday, my mom told me that she wanted us to have a sexual relationship, so we started fucking every chance we got. It was also around this time that my brother came out as bisexual.
About a month ago, I ended up taking about a week off from work so I wouldn’t lose my vacation time that I had built up, so I went home for a few days. While I was there, my mom and I had sex all the time. We also started getting more and more adventurous, trying things like pegging and anal. On the third day that I was home, my mom and I were fucking in the living room, my brother, who we thought was away at college, came home unexpectedly. My mom and I tried to explain what was going on, but as it turned out, my brother had known since shortly after we had started, and had even watched us a few times when we thought he was gone. After some more discussion, my brother admitted that he wanted to join in, but was a little nervous. We then decided that the best way to go about things was to have me and my mother continue on with what we were doing, and have my brother just join in whenever he felt comfortable.
My mom decided that the best way to get back into things was to start sucking my dick, so she got down on her knees and began to stroke me, at first with her hand, and then, once I was good and hard, with her mouth and tongue. Since my mother is a superb cocksucker, I started to lose focus on what was going on around me, as is common, until I felt something on my balls, and shortly after that, my asshole. At first thinking my mom had decided to simply diversify her oral, I looked down, but my mom still had my cock in her mouth and was sucking it like crazy. Instead, my brother had, in fact, joined in, and had decided to do so my licking my balls and ass. Now, in college, I had experimented a fair amount, and had been with about as many guys and girls, so the fact that a man was giving my a rimjob and sucking my balls was quite alright, and felt amazing. What was unexpected, however, was how talented and nimble my little brother’s tongue was. After a minute of this, my asked my brother if he wanted to suck on my cock as well, which he did. Though my mom stayed next to him at first, my brother quickly demonstrated his aptitude at giving blowjobs.
After a minute of a wonderful fraternal blowjob, I asked my brother if he wanted me to return the favor, to which he said that he did. To facilitate this, I moved down to the floor and got on my knees, when my brother asked if we could 69. Seeing no problem with this, I laid down on the carpet and let my brother position himself on top of me. As soon as I took my brother’s cock in my mouth, I could feel him tighten up, and even tasted the precum that started to seep out. Now, being an older brother, I had to give my brother a bit of a hard time, so I decided to tease him as best I could without making him cum. After a few minutes, I decided to test how far I could go, and slipped a finger into my brother’s asshole. This, apparently, was his limit, as shortly afterwards, he came down my throat like a fire-hose. Now, I’m not sure if it was something in his diet, or if it was because he’s my brother, but his cum was the sweetest I’ve ever swallowed. After he finished cumming, and likely to avoid more teasing from me, my brother swung his hips off of me, and then, as revenge, began to finger my asshole. At this point, my mother, who had been watching up until this point, came down and kissed me, taking some of my brother’s cum out of my mouth. She then told me how much it turned her on to watch her boys blow each other.
After a few more minutes of watching my brother suck my cock, my mom asked if we wanted to do something new. Knowing my mother’s mind, I immediately told her yes, and asked my brother if he wanted to feel my cock inside him. Without answering, my brother got up on his hands and knees, which I took as a yes. As I moved up behind him, my mom drizzled lube onto my cock and spread it around with her hand, before guiding me into my brother’s ass.
At first my brother was a little resistant, gasping as I slid in, but once I had my whole length inside him, he seemed to welcome me more readily. As I was fucking him, I noticed his cock was getting hard again, so I reached around and started to jerk him off, pulling him upright so I could get a better grip. After a little while, my mom got down in front of him, begging him to cum on her face. About a minute later, I felt his asshole tighten up, and then watched him shoot a huge load of cum all over our mother’s face. The sight of my mom’s face covered in my brother’s jizz, combined with tight grip of my brother’s asshole finally put me over the edge. As I whispered in my brother’s ear that I was about to cum, he pulled me out of his ass, and got down in front of me with my mom. Stroking my cock twice, he made sure I came all over his face, and even got more on mom. After that, we all made out for a bit, swapping cum back and forth, and then went and took a shower together.
we spent the rest of the time I was home fucking each other in all sorts of ways, and since christmas is coming up, and it’s just going to be me, my mom, and my brother since my grandparents are going to Europe, we’ll probably have more time to fuck then, too.