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Sirius Imagine 7

Request: Hi! So I was wondering if your not to busy if you can do a Sirius x reader where he’s the bad boy of the school and so are the marauders even Remus there all just so like grunge 70′s bad boys! And everyone falls for them and the reader is really good at school or something but also has a bad side and I don’t know you can figure out the rest THANK YOU!!!!

hey so I’m gonna fail miserably as writing the marauder’s as bad boys lol they’re all such sweethearts (except for peter he’s a little bitch that’ll be fuckin easy) so yeah forgive me…

“Ugh,” you scoffed, watching James Potter and his whole group strut by you in the Great Hall, “How full of yourself can one person be?”

“Yeah,” your friend answered absentmindedly, leaning over to watch Remus Lupin - who had scars all over his face that the girls whispered about, saying he gets into knife fights with muggles in his free time or other shit like that-  as he walked with Sirius Black behind James and Peter Pettigrew.

“Oh no,” you groaned, gaining your friends attention as the boys all sat down, “not you too?”

“I’m sorry!” Your friend exclaimed, like she couldn’t help it.

You turned back to eating your food.

“I don’t see what your problem with them is though.”

You rolled your eyes, “They’re worshipped for being insufferable twats, they never do their work, they’ve played nearly every girl in Hogwarts, they think they’re all so bad ass because they’re rude and smoke and wear leather jackets, and they’ve got the whole student body wrapped around their little finger.”

“Well, I wasn’t going to say this earlier but I saw you eying Sirius Black earlier, so clearly you don’t have too much of a problem with them.”

“Oh my god, I was not,” you weren’t going to tell her that you and Sirius had known each other through your parents, and that his mother was actual Satan.

“You were, face it. Even the Y/n Y/l/n, who is the only person not swooning over the Marauders has to admit they’re not totally horrible, if not gorgeous as well.”

“Whatever,” you said, getting up to leave, “I’m gonna go get ready for class.”

As you were walking out of the hall you were trying your best to avoid the gaze of Sirius Black, and the rest of the Marauders, thinking about what your friend had mentioned earlier. You were about to pass them when out of your peripheral vision you saw Sirius Black following you with his eyes. Out of instinct, you looked up. Sirius licked his bottom lip and winked. You audibly made a disgusted scoff and grimaced before giving him the walking faster away and keeping your head up.

You walked in late to potions… again. Slughorn gave you a dirty look when you tried to quietly open the door.

“Since you decided to finally join us, it seems I’ll be asking you to have a seat next to Mr. Black, please.”

You looked at the back were Sirius was sitting alone at a table next to James and Remus. Peter was sitting in front of them chatting up a pretty Gryffindor girl, most likely flirting with her so that she would end up doing the whole assignment by herself, but she didn’t seem to care. You sighed and walked over to the back and sat next to Sirius, who was trying to hide a smirk by biting his lip.

“Hey, love,” he turned to you, “how are you today?”

You looked at him blankly, “Are you fucking serious?”

“Did you just ask me if I was fucking myself?”

“Ha ha, nice one, smart ass. I obviously don’t like you so whatever you’re going to try and say to get me to do the assignment isn’t going to work.”

He laughed, “Oohhh, okay then. I won’t say anything. I just won’t to the ‘assignment,’” he said the last part in a mockingly sophisticated tone.

“Aw, leave the girl alone, Padfoot,” James said, smiling, “She’s cute, after all.”

“Shut up,” you and Sirius said in unison.

You looked at him in shock, surprised to find that his cheeks were dusted pink with a blush.

You sat up in your chair and turned to the board and began taking notes. Sirius sat back and swung his boots up onto the table obnoxiously. You glared at him and he grinned back, seeming to have recovered from whatever made him blush earlier.

Throughout the class Sirius would rip of pieced of parchment and make tiny little shaped he could throw at you. He pulled out a cigarette at one point but before he could light it you reached back without even looking. and grabbed it out of his hand before shoving it in your pocket.

“Fine then,” he’d mumbled, then gone back to throwing paper into your hair.

About halfway through the lecture on Polyjuice Potion, when you had began to doodle on our parchment corners, you felt a tap on your shoulder.

“You wanna sneak out?” Sirius was questioning with a smirk, most likely joking.

“Yes,” you found yourself saying.

Sirius jerked back slightly in surprise, “Wait- I wasn’t-” you stood up, “Okay we’re doing this.”

Slughorn was so engrossed in a debate on the proper direction it was to stir the potion with Lily Evans, that he took no notice when two of his students slipped out the back door.

“So,” Sirius said, shoving his hands in the pockets of his obnoxiously annoying leather jacket, “I thought you were a goody-two-shoes.”

“I don’t know,” you stated. You’d never really given it much thought, you did what you wanted but for the most part that didn’t involve breaking the rules.

You walked outside and began making your way to the Forbidden Forest. If you were being honest with yourself, you might’ve been trying to impress Sirius, who had to jog for a moment to keep up with you.

“Where are we going?” You could hear the smile in his voice.

“Well,” you stated, “I’m going to the Forbidden Forest, you can do whatever.”

“I’ll take the lead,” Sirius said, authoritatively.

“Yeah, I don’t think so,” you laughed, stepping in front of him.

“Nice try, sweetheart,” he grabbed your hand and smiled sweetly (though sarcastically) and you felt your heart flutter.

“Are you kidding! I’ve been to this forest a million times, I know it like the back of my hand!”

“How come we’ve never seen you then?’

You paused for a moment, and then spoke, “What do you mean? We?”

He stuttered, “W-well I just mean that we, James and Peter and Remus, are around here a lot, and I’d guess that we’d see you.”

“Okay, then how come I’ve never seen any of y'all?”

“Because…. we actually aren’t here that much.”

You looked at him skeptically.

“I just mean, I thought you were taking about near the Black Lake.”

“Why would you think that?”

“Because…. Let’s just go,” he finished quickly and stormed off.

“Okay then,” you muttered to yourself and followed suit.

You were trekking through the forest behind Sirius looking around and admiring the foliage, when you heard the snap of a twig. You looked up curiously.

A centaur walked towards you. You and Sirius looked at each other, debating what to do.

“Humans!” The centaur shouted, “In our land!”

“Run,” you and Sirius said together.

You began sprinting, Sirius close behind, panting loudly.

“I-I’m sorry,” Sirius began, “I-I can’t.”

He was falling behind a bit. You turned back to check, a little confused but alarmed at his statement, after all, you could hear horse hooves coming closer, when Sirius turned into a sleek black dog.

You nodded to yourself, “Okay so he’s an animagus too.”

Sirius ran ahead and you morphed into your animagus form and followed closely behind, having a much easier time keeping up as an animal. When you reached the edge of the forest Sirius gracefully transitioned back into his human form, and turned back. His eyes went wide as he saw our animagus jogging towards him. You walked up to him as your human self. You wiped your forehead, a little out of breath.

“You’re-” he started but you cut him off.

“You are too.”

“Cool,” he smiled, and you found yourself smiling too.

Sirius went and sat down by a tree. You surprised yourself by sitting down next you him without feeling like throwing up.

“So, I’m guessing you’re unregistered?”


“Me too.”

After a moment of silence Sirius began laughing, “I’m sorry I just can’t believe this. I mean y/n y/l/n of all people! I remember when we were little and you wouldn’t even cover for me whenever me and Regulus stole cakes from mother’s tray during tea!”
“Well,” you said, embarrassed, “my goal was to get you into trouble.”

He grabbed his chest dramatically and gasped, “Oh my god I don’t believe it!” He said sarcastically, making you laugh, “Why on earth would you possibly want to get sweet little Sirius into trouble?”
“Maybe… I might’ve liked you.”

Sirius laughed.
“When we were kids, that is,” you added quickly.

“And now?”

“You’re not too bad. Even though you try to be.”

Sirius sat back and smiled contently, he was on his way to finally winning you over.

You looked over at Sirius, and sighed to yourself, hoping things might work out between you two.

Lowkey thnking ab doing a part 2 bc this got nowhere????

It’s almost painful for me to draw something actually nice and light. Must… not… be… edgy… UGH! So hard.

But ok jokes aside, I drew this because I absolutely love “stakes” episodes, and I also recently re-watched them. Yeah. I used a bit more cartoonish/comic book style, because, well, AT is a cartoon.

Also I planned to post another drawing recently for Homestuck “meme number” and stuff, but I failed it horribly and decided to not post at all. Sorry for that.

P.S. - Picture is kinda big. You probably should view it in full-size. Probably. Maybe.


160417 JAT 2017 Hokkaido

Taemin couldn’t stay still at all! Dancing, and acting cute towards the audience even when the lights are out. It was probably because of that cute pose during Your Number intro, that Jinki almost burst out laughing. Jjong looks so gorgeous! And happy! It was funny when he was trying to appease Key after that Your Number fail. I’ll also never get over how mr. director always focuses the camera on key’s lips and eyes during Dream Girl, no matter how many times i see it. KEY’s LIPS ON THE WHOLE SCREEN. ugh. And Minho’s body wave during ABOAB too!

And Jinki. He’s fiiiiiiiiiine. He was dancing, and running, twirling, jumping (landing on both feet), and sliding across the stage.^^ He did all the moves and he doesn’t look as tired as he was yesterday. He was so into it during ABOAB. 😂Love the part during MTTM, when the camera panned to Jinki and he smiled, THEN WINKED. Then during one of the ments, when Jinki made a joke and failed, Key shot an imaginary dart at him so he laid down on the floor. Jjong saved him by pulling the “dart” out. Later, when the others were talking, Jinki took the “dart” from Jjong, threw it on the floor and crushed it with his foot. 😂 My favorite thing today though was Jinki’s hearty laugh. I felt my heart swell with love. Lol.

i love watching you boys when you’re just having fun! And thank you for always giving it your all. 수고했어요! ❤️

movie night with doyoung

• hey i just started this tumblr a while ago and finally decided to be brave and post something
• but i’m such a grandma i can’t even change my profile pic on the tumblr app
• and i don’t even have a theme on my tumblr
• and maybe there’s an ugly ass random theme installed here but i got excited to start my first tumblr ever so WHY NOT
• later i’ll make some changes
• and since this is my first post here pls take it easy on me i’m not used to write scenarios ok? ok let’s go

• you were best friends with doyoung for some time and you find him so precious u just loved him
• just as friends tho
• he’d protect you from everything and you loved that
• but you know,,, ppl say when there’s two close friends it’s not possible that one of them never had a crush on the other one,,…
• and little did you know doyoung had a crush on you (!!!!)
• winwin already told u he was into you but you didn’t believe it
• you thought he deserved much better than you
• while he thought you were perfect
• anyways
• you and your friends decided to watch a movie together at johnny’s to celebrate the end of exams week
• it was a thing you used to do frequently bc
• why not
• ten decided y'all should watch suicide squad bc it’s too good
• but you’d already seen it twice
• so did doyoung
• not twice, but four times bc you both were marvel and dc trash
• and you loved to fangirl about it with him
• but you guys went there anyway
• when the movie started everyone was already covered up in popcorn
• specially haechan, that decided to throw some at mark’s hair
• he failed several times
• but also made some stick in his hair
• “ugh~ it’s good tho but i don’t want to watch it again” doyoung said sitting beside u
• “ikr i’m here just for the popcorn”
• doyoung giggles at you and you just DIE bc u just noticed how cute his lil giggle was
• after the movie starts, you slowly get bored while all the other guys were screaming at the tv
• and then slowly you feel doyoung’s head on your shoulder
• you got shOOK bc he smelled sO GOOD
• then you start getting lost in his scent and you didn’t notice you started kinda shaking your leg
• it was a thing you were used to do to get rid of getting nervous
• but you didn’t notice you were doing that
• it was like breathing: you do that all the time but you don’t notice
• he got back and said “i’m so sorry i was kinda tired then i thought i was disturbing you and-”
• “it’s….. okay…. it’s ok” you say trying not to freak out bc he was leANING AGAIN omG
• after a while eating popcorn your hands touched
• very cliché I KNOW
• for some reason you couldn’t move yours
• not even a bit
• so he started drawing patterns on the top of your right hand like circles
• and sometimes some hearts
• you were blushing sO HARD you couldn’t move at all
• and you didn’t understand how but suddenly he started playing with your fingers
• “your hand is so soft”
• you were like WTH SHUT UP
• “can i keep holding it?”
• you nodded so shyly he almost didn’t see it
• you wanted to hug him SO BAD
• or punch him bc what the heck that was so cute you couldn’t handle tHE feELS
• after some time playing around like this the movie was over
• taeyong noticed you fell asleep holding each other’s hand and decided to let you just sleep there
• then he covered you both with a blanket to keep you warm
• and you slept feeling his scent
• feeling his nice warm skin
• feeling his touch
• and maybe you just became the other side that falls in love with their best friend

OK GUYS i hope that was a 5 out of 10 at least i don’t even know how to write,,, but pls give me some support if you think that made you at least a lil soft for doyoung bc HE DESERVES SOME LOVE.

and i’m taking requests.

lub you bYE

I hate testing.

I know I’m preaching to the choir, but jfc. I have spent so much time out of the classroom lately because of it. We had Forward testing. Immediately followed by DLM testing. Now it is time for MAP testing. It is gross.

We also tie our school improvement goals to MAP tests. So, we have competitions between students and staff. Seeing your kids scores go down should not make you feel like a bad teacher. It is way worse though when all the students are hyped up about goals, and then they fail to meet them. It is so disheartening. It is especially bad for kids with IEPs. Ugh.

Our system is broken.

Newsflash, I failed spectacularly at the simple task of speaking. Again. I’m gonna go find a wall to bang my head against.

I mean for crying out loud, how hard can it be! Ugh.

Tony is so sweet though, he tried repeatedly to prompt me, but my mind was too fucking blank for that to go anywhere. Also he was kind of in a hurry.

Long story short, I don’t have any of the promised autographs yet, and none for myself either. I’m useless.

And I was literally shaking, really a lot. And part of me thinks I shouldn’t have come here at all, that I should give up these crazy endeavours, just stay in my safe space. I mean, if it goes on like this I’m gonna ruin this fandom for myself, because every time I’m gonna think of Tony I’m gonna think of how I keep making a fool of myself. Fuck.

I don’t really wanna miss out on the live acting though, so there’s that.

Anyway. I kinda hate myself quite a lot right now, and I can only hope I’ll be over it by Saturday.

Bloodlines - 5 (Callum “Cal” Lynch/Reader

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four

Originally posted by kate-valdes

Cal got up early Friday morning in hopes to get a head start on his daily activities. He was so excited and nervous all at the same time. He hadn’t been out with a woman in years and he wasn’t sure exactly what to expect.

So in a moment of long thought he came up with a brilliant idea. Or rather it had been until he was standing outside Ann’s house.

“Get a hold of yourself, Cal…she’s…her friend. She would want what’s best for her of course she’ll help you…” Cal muttered to himself as he shrugged his shoulder before knocking on the door.

After a few beats and some pattering of children’s feet the door opened. Ann looked at him surprised, “Cal? Is something wrong?”

He shook his head, “No…well…no but I…wanted to ask for your help.”

Her eyes narrowed on him suspiciously, “With?”

“I’m sure Y/N told you, as you talk every day,” He smiled a little as she crossed her arms, “we are having an evening to ourselves tonight. Which again thank you for watching Eli and Ren.”

“Your welcome.” She said dryly, “I’m still not seeing what I can do…”

“I want this to be about Y/N.” He swallowed before taking a deep breath, “She does so much for me, and the kids, and I admire her strength and just…”

Ann stared at him as he rambled, “Oh my god…you actually like her.”

He looked to her as a small smile started to show up on her face, “I…I do.”

She took a deep breath in letting her arms fall to her sides, “Come inside, we can talk while I’ll get breakfast going.”

He smiled feeling relief spread through his shoulders, “Thank you, Ann.”

“Just know if you ever hurt her…I do know how to kill, unlike the other mothers.” She smirked shutting the door.

You sighed that afternoon watching the children play outside Ann’s home, “Thank you again…”

“Stop…” Ann looked at you with a smile, “How many times did I stick you with mine when I was called out, not to mention when I needed to be in those damn meetings. This is the least I can do to repay you. My four are assholes.”

“They are charming and not even ten yet.” You looked at her smiling, “And you love them.”

“Yeah…I do…” She smiled before laughing, “But by the gods why did they have to give me two sets of twins!?”

You laughed, “Think of it this way, one more and you can retire to teaching.”

“Ugh…great instead of pushing them out, I can watch them fail at history and math.” She rolled her eyes watching you get up, “Where are you going?”

“I have to go get ready, I want to look a little nice for tonight.” You told her, “Or did you forget you were babysitting already?”

“Well…I may have conned you into staying here all day…” She made a face, “Kinda part of Cal’s plan.”

“Plan?” You turned to your eyes widening as you crossed your arms.

“I also raided your closet and picked out a dress for you. The red one…” She told you as she stood up, “Everything you need is in my bathroom, Cal will be here in twenty minutes to pick you up.”

“…you’re…helping him?” You blinked a few times confused, “You…don’t do that.”

Ann looked at her crossing her arms, “Well…he was very convincing…”


“Gemma!” She shouted, “What did I say about pulling Ash’s hair?”

“Don’t?” The small girl stopped and let go of her twin’s hair, “But he…”

“I don’t care; I didn’t raise you in a barn!” She pointed at her kids, “Now play nice or it’s the corner with you.”

“Ann…” She looked to you finally, “What aren’t you telling me?”

Your friend sighed putting her hands on your arms. She looked at you with her wise motherly eyes, “You know I want you to be happy, right? That I would never allow anything awful to happen that I could prevent.”

“Of course, Ann, you know I feel the same for you.” You gave her a strange look.

She smiled kissing your forehead, “Then listen to me when I say, be happy tonight. Cal, is not like the others; and he is yours and you are his. If there is in any doubt that you have with him, let it surface tonight. Be truthful and I know that you two will be epic.”

Ann moved away from you toward the children. She didn’t often talk like that unless she was in council. It was her serious tone, for when she wanted to be taken seriously. At least that what she told you. So when she did use it, it was important to listen to what she said.

You turned walking into the house to get ready. Butterflies erupted in your stomach as you walked in seeing the dress. You’d forgotten you had it. You were supposed to be part of a mission, but you got pregnant with Eli so they pulled you.

You walked out brushing your hands down the dress feeling strange wearing it. When you looked up down the hall Cal was there with Ann. He looked over at you his mouth dropping open as you moved toward him.

You smiled at him looking him over dressed in a pair of jeans and a nice shirt, “Hello.”

“Hi.” He managed before smiling at you.

Ann looked between the two of you rolling her eyes, “I expect you to be a gentleman.”

Cal let out a soft laugh, “I will.”

“Good…” She leaned over to you and whispered, “I brought jammies over for the kids in case it goes well.”

You shut your eyes your ears getting hot, “…thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” She smiled giving you a wink.

“Shall we?” He held his arm out for you.

You smile grew as you looped your arm through his and walked outside with him. The kids ran over looking at the pair. You stopped when Eli ran over to you, “Mommy! You look purty!”

“Thank you, baby.” You smiled at him leaning down, “Can you do me a favor?”

“Mmmhmm!” He nodded.

“I need you to be good for Ann, and watch out for Ren, okay?” He nodded again and you gave him a kiss on the cheek, “I love you.”

“I love you too, mommy.” He said into your neck.

Call watch you squeeze him tightly one more time before letting him run off to play. He smiled when you looked at him, “He’s a good kid.”

“He is.” You nodded but couldn’t help wish a different life for him, “I quite proud of him.”

“You should be. I know I am.” He smiled walking with you again, “I read me four books this week and figured out how to fix that slingshot himself. He’s very bright.”

“You are actually going to teach him how to properly use the slingshot right?” Your eyes narrowed on him.

He chuckled, “Yes, mother, I have it on a high shelf until we can sit down with it.”

“Good.” You smirked a little, “I don’t need either of you getting hurt.”

“I appreciate the concern.” He gave you that toothy grin.

“So where are we going?” You asked him finally.

“Well…actually…” He stopped in front of their house, “we’re here.”

You looked at him then to the house, “Oh…this is…”

“I promise this is better than it looks…” He smiled nervously, “Would you come in?”

“I am at your mercy I believe.” You told him as he helped you up the steps.

He led you inside the dark house. Something smelled wonderful as you stepped further inside. Finally, he brought you to the living room and your jaw hit the floor.

He’d set up a small table in the middle of the room and decorated the entire room with white lights and different types of streamers. He stood there in front of you, “I know it’s not a five-star restaurant…I know it’s not a restaurant at all, but I wanted to make you something.”

“You cook?” You asked surprised.

He nodded, “I do…and with some help and investigation I was able to make your favorite.”

“You made (fav/dish).” You stepped toward him.

“Yes, I know it’s not your mothers, but I did my best.” He looked down at you before turning to the table and pulled out your chair, “So please sit, and I will bring it out.”

You took a seat and watched him walk out. You looked around the room at all the lights and began to notice your favorite flowers placed everywhere around two pictures of your babies. You began to get choked up at all the little details he put into this.

Cal walked backed in carrying a dish his smile fading quickly when he saw you wiping away tears, “Y/N?”

You looked at him sniffing, “I’m sorry…”

He set the dish down, “What’s wrong? Is this…”

“No, no.” You shook your head as he kneeled down next to you. You smiled at him as tears slipped down your cheeks, “This…is just really nice. No one’s ever done something like this for me and it’s just taken me of guard.”

He took your hands in his, “I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

You smiled at him sniffing again before you put a hand on his cheek, “Can we start over?”

“Certainly.” He nodded picking up the dish walking out of the room making you laugh as he came right back in, “Dinner is served.”

You’d never felt so elated as he served you everything. It was such a simple thing to be served instead of serving but it meant the world. Conversation started off slowly between the two of you. Living with one another you knew the happenings of each other’s lives.

But finally after dessert he asked you a real question, “So…why couldn’t you become a full fledge assassin?”

You swallowed thinking about it, but knowing it was a fair question, “I have AVS. It’s heart condition. It’s basically a dysfunctional valve. They had to take me to a hospital when I was on the track and passed out. I guess I was pretty unresponsive, enough to make them care.”

“How serious is that?” He asked as his worry lines began to show.

“It’s not normally.” You told him with a smile, “I’m at risk for sure for other things, but running and super physical activity is out of the question. They even thought I shouldn’t be a mother for a bit, but…I convinced them that I could follow a very strict regimen to make it work. I hadn’t had an episode in years until Abstergo.”

“Something happened?” He frowned leaning in to listen. Something you loved seeing him do.

You nodded slowly, “A few things. They didn’t know about my condition when they put me in the machine the first time, so of course with everything going on I desynced almost immediately, but I had been fighting it then. When I understood what the machine did I accepted it. I went in and I was fine for the most part.”

“What else happened? You said a few things.” He watched your face grow sad, “Y/N?”

“I also lost a baby…I didn’t know I was pregnant.” You looked at him finally. You watched the remorse wash over his features, “It’s okay. I’ve moved on.”

“I’m so sorry…that…I can’t imagine.”  He whispered looking at you with care.

“It’s something I never want to go through again.” You told him, “But enough sad things…”

“I feel as if I should tell you something in return.” He laughed lightly.

“You’re more than welcome.” You smirked at him, “I’m a good listener.”

“So ask me anything, I promise I’ll answer.” His eyes glimmered at you.

There it was. The opportunity to see it all. Your doubt of having him around your children could be unveiled with this question, “Why did you kill that man?”

You watched them glimmer fade away as he leaned back in his seat. He nodded slowly processing the question knowing it was about the man that sent him to prison, “He was a pimp.”

“There’s a lot of pimps in the world…what made you go after him?” You pressed him watching him begin to close himself off, “Why won’t you answer?”

He frowned sighing, “I don’t want you to see that part of me.”

“Cal…” You swallowed looking away, “…why did you ask me to dinner?”

“Because I enjoy your company…I feel something for you.” You looked back to him as he spoke quietly.

“I feel something too.” That got his attention. His blue eyes stared into yours, “But the only way we’re going to be happy is if…we show it all…”

“The past catches up to you…” He whispered.

“But you don’t have to face it alone.” You told him seeing a light go off in his eyes, “You don’t have to fight those battles alone anymore, so why that man?”

He swallowed staring at you a moment longer, “He…uh…was a pimp, but not only that he…would treat the girls like garbage. Beat them, beat their kids…Then he cut one up really bad. She was my neighbor and she was actually a sweet person. So I got angry, and I beat the living shit out of him until is died on the pavement.”

“Do you…get angry a lot?” You asked quietly.

“I did.” He looked away ashamed, “But since everything went down…I…have found something.”

“Brotherhood?” You smiled a little at him.

“Maybe, I’m not sure but I want to hold onto it.” He smiled a little looking at you, “Did I scare you off?”

“I don’t scare easily.” You smiled as you stood up.

“What are you doing?” He reached over grabbing your hand as you started to clear the dishes.

“I was…” You started to speak.

“No…” He grinned, “You sit down and relax. I got it. Besides this evening is just starting.”

“There’s more?” You questioned him your voice mixed with surprise.

“Oh yes.” He smiled picking up the dishes, “You just relax on the couch over there.”

You let out small laugh as you watched him walk out backwards making sure you weren’t picking anything up. You sat down waiting for him to return. When he did he sat down next to you, “Now what?”

“Well no date is complete without a movie right?” He smirked at you as he turned on the tv and hit play.

“And what are we watching?” You leaned back glancing at him.

“Only best this household has to offer.” He smirked at you, “Ren’s favorite copy and choice for the evening, Beauty and the Beast.”

You laughed, “We’ve watched that a hundred times.”

“So what’s one more, as long as it’s with you.” He smiled at you making you blush, “You really are stunning you know that right? If not, I’ll need to start tell you more often.”

You let out a nervous laugh, “Cal…”

“Yes…” He suddenly felt so much closer to you. When you looked back at him his arm was slinked around on the back of the couch.

You swallowed not really wanting to watch a movie as you stared into his eyes. Something you’d found yourself doing a lot lately. Your gaze shifted to his lips as the pull between the two of you just got stronger.

“Cal…” You repeated looking up into his eyes one more time.

He licked his lips as his voice lowered in a whisper, “Yes?”

“Do you want to kiss me?” You asked a breath away from his mouth.

“Very much.” His nose bumped yours.

“Then what are you waiting for?” You leaned in further toward him.

His hand cupped your cheek as his mouth crashed on yours. Waves of pure paradise washed over you as your eyes shut. Everything…every worry, every ounce of fear faded with that one kiss.

When he pulled away you followed him kissing him again as your hands moved up his chest up his neck and into his hair. The low rumble that he made as your fingers wrapped around his hair only excited your more.

When you moved into his lap you almost laughed as his eyes got wide, but your observation didn’t last long as he shifted putting you on the couch. You stared up at him as he looked you over. His eyes were so gentle as they gazed on you. They weren’t hungry like the others.

Oh there was a hunger but it was different. It was patient and you wanted to feed it.

Your shut as he began kissing your neck and feeling his hands move up your legs gently moving your dress with it. God, a simple action made your heart dance wildly in your chest.

“Cal…” You whispered.

He froze and looked at you. When he saw you smile he tilted his head a little, “Yes?”

You bit your bottom lip as you touched his face. Your heart swelled as he leaned into your hand, “Do you understand that I am yours?”

He looked at you and kissed you lightly, “No one, owns you…especially not me.”

As his forehead rested against yours you nudged your nose against him, “What if…I want to be yours?”

He stared at you a moment longer before, “Then you shall have me as long as you want.”

His lips found yours again as his hands began moving up your legs again. You were both finding the moment, getting ready for the inevitable…


You both paused at the phone ringing. He growled a little, “Don’t answer…”

You put your hands over your face, “I have to…children…”

He let his head fall into your neck as he sighed, “…”

“Cal…” You frowned looking at him as he moved.

He watched you walk over to the phone as he shifted on the couch slightly uncomfortable. This was all going so well…

“Oh my god.” He watched you put a hand to your mouth, “Okay, yes…of course. We’ll be right there.”

“What happened?” He stood up, “Are the kids okay?”

“Yes…they’re fine.” You nodded, “We’ve been summoned to a council meeting. Something’s happened.”

in between the s p a c e s (saeran x reader)

summary: not everything is meant to be taken at face value.

Rating: 10+ (usual spoilers LOL)

Notes: ugh. This was a lot better in my mind. LOLOL. I am the kind of person who tries to always ask if someone slept well just cuz my mom always asked me before she went crazy and anyway, there’s a bit of a story behind the inspiration behind this fic which is too long for the tags, ahaha. Also, this is me trying and failing at being poetic and eloquent, LOL. I think i described it as abstract and all over the place? Despite that, I hope you guys enjoy it.

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jirehthedisciple  asked:

Top 5 anime crying moments

oh gods oh godss

1. every. single. major. death. in code geass. i cried. i cry every time. every. single. time. without fail. ugh.
2. oh god. i mean. i cry all over arc v lmao
3. maybe it’s cuz i was… not doing so great but i cried so hard at the ending of death parade….
4. anohana ofc
5. maes hughes’ death in fmab. not really his death death, what got me was seeing his daughter and also roy crying at his grave so.

@cresseida replied to your postalso i know i posted an Official Recap of meeting…

god i love my literal goddess soul sister twin renee ahdieh and *reads non existent writing on palm* no thats it i love renee and i have failed her by 1. never meeting her and 2. i havent read flame in the mist yet

I FINISHED FLAME IN THE MIST YESTERDAY IT WAS A M A Z I N G (there was only one significant female character but) IT WAS A M A Z I N G  GO READ IT RENEE YOU WON’T REGRET IT. HONESTLY ALL THE CHARACTERS ARE INTERESTING AND THE WORLD WAS GREAT AND THE PLOT WAS TIGHT MAN UGH IT WAS SO AMAZING (also i know i already said this but renee ahdieh is also amazing and i wasn’t a big fan of the wrath and the dawn but i’m planning on rereading just bc of how much i loved her)

its-shinee  asked:

Yaasss I don't know anything about history but I'm ready to dive in haha




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they are a 5 member boy group under Loen tree on April 26, 2013 with the song Dreamer and the only boy group debut. Label mates are IU and Fiestar :D

Fandom name is Storia!

They had two shows. Tory tory bang bang and Panda PR. Please watch and question the things.

Music videos are.

Dreamer, Tell me love, What am I to you, Psycho, Might Just die, Lost and Queen!

Now to the members…Be ready


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Real name: Song Kyungil

Age: 28

Birthday: November 28, 1987

Postion: leader, Lead vocalist, Dancer,  Life ruiner, guy who makes you cry daily


Hes an amazing dancer for one thing Like his major is modern dance and ballet. Hell he was a ballet teacher to little kids and I’m here just crying over it oh my god help.

Kyungil just getting waving his way into your life

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Thighs and ass on point like DAMN

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Singing is just A+ Like his has very good range and can hit that high note. -slides this in for you-

He’s got a lil  mole on his nose and its so cute i cry.

Smile kills me

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oh and…..these

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Real Name: Na Dokyun

Birthday: February 11, 1991

Age:  25

Postion: Main vocalist. Squish, Mom



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Loves dogs more then people 

He has a puppy name walnut and she needs to be on the V app

Does a thing and then regrets it

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SO He’s the main vocalist

Voice is heaven. Listen to his solo song. Do it

Looks like an innocent person but he not

he aint innocent

i see you Dokyun

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Next one issss


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Real name: Kim Sihyoung

Birthday: May 15, 1992

Age: 23

Postion: Main Rapper, Visual, mood maker number 1, smiley 



Voice deep as the ocean and space….hnggg

He’s from  Busan 

Also really good dancer. :D

Psycho era was a good era on him

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Rap game so smooth like damn

Has a tattoo :D

We all want to be his bestie

Never fails to make us happy

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Shoulder game too :D



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Real name: Kim Jaeho

BIrthday: September 17, 1992

Age: 23

Postion: Vocalist, rapper, meme, 



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but really he’s really fucking beautiful and ugh i cant with him

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He had sliver hair in psycho…..and we all died from it. 

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His singing is just freakign fantastic and he’s a good rapper too/

Tripple threat baby <3

He got his nose pierced not to long ago…RIP ME AND THE STOIRA FANDOM


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Jaeho is just the best

Last but not least!


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Real name: Jang Yijeong

Birthday: September 10,1993 (Ye that 6 year age gap with him and the leader)

Age:  22

Postion: Maknae, Main vocalist, Rapper, Composer, Brat, the kid we all wanna fight next to Kyungil.

SO heres our baby Yijeong

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aww he so cute and innoce-

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Ok so He’s the shortest member. Fun fact Dokyun, Kyungil and Sihyoung are the tallest and then the younger members are the shortest.

Tol and the smol

Hes composed all the music from the Beyond the history album and their newest one HIM. Wrote all the lyrics too!

Hes an great singer as well.

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The members love this smol very much

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babied by the band.

Hes shipped with Kyungil and well..I WONDER WHY

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Might have a hair pulling kink.



Please love them they are such an amazing and talented with such a good bond and hey are so funny!








Hope you love them!

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All gifs are  credited to their owners!

May 9, 2017

So…we got our GMAS scores back today. Just looking at the ELA scores…14 of mine failed. Which…if you look at everything…around 10 are EIP, and probably 2 or 3 of them at least have not been with me all year so…there’s that. 

I was going to get severely bummed but…I wasn’t the only one. Which also is not good but…it makes me feel better to know it’s /not/ me.

i do not feel like studying at alllllll ugh i just wanna eat my ice cream and watch greys anatomy in bed under my heated blanket. and smoke. and i also feel a bit lonely because my college town only has like 50 people in it for the summer. and i’m so tired because i was getting trained at the hospital like all day. and kind of emotionally drained because i had sex with someone i barely know…. so not worth it. the only thing i can think of to motivate myself is to imagine how it would feel to fail or get a C on my first organic chemistry exam. and tomorrow again i have training from 5-10pm……………..kms

ugh everything on the left side of my body hurts from my shoulder up but I don’t know if I can justify taking ibuprofen again because I feel crappy but not, like, debilitatingly awful, and I’ve spent all morning trying and failing to get one fucking document to convert to PDF, and after work I need to take my cat to the vet because this morning he was crying and throwing up

it’s like…not a BAD day exactly but also not a great one

yukisnowcone-deactivated2015112  asked:

Do the 2p's have any back-to-school advice? I'm going to a new school this year and I'm really nervous!!! (P.S. I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

((aww crap, i share your pain! i started a new high school recently and it’s been hard to make new friends! ;; n ;; luckily, i’ve made one anyways, you bet my babes have advice for you!))

~New School Advice~

2p!america: shit, you’re switching schools? alright alright, here’s the deal. stay away from the fuckin’ assholes! if you’re forced to sit with someone who seems like an asshole, then don’t even try to be their friend. like, for what? so they can treat you like shit? no way dollface, you deserve nice friends so that better be what you’re lookin’ for.

2p!china: oh… huh, just… be yourself, okay? there’s no point in trying to act like someone you’re not. look for people who seem like they would have similar interests as you, yeah? *leans in, whispers* maybe wear that anime shirt of yours so you could attract your fellow nerds, haha.

2p!england: *concerned* it’s always difficult starting a new school… however!~ no worries poppet, you are lovely and precious; you’ll make new friends in no time! just give everyone you meet a nice grin and be both polite and talkative. you’ll win their hearts quickly, i assure you~

2p!france: *groans* fine. here’s the thing. don’t be a damn loner like i was. it might sound tempting to sit far away from everyone and not talk to anyone, but you’ll regret that later. tell people you’re new and maybe even ask if someone can show you around.

2p!russia: oh… i see. well, i’m sure you’ll make friends. be sure to speak up. now’s not the time to be shy and quiet. everyone there knows each other already, so you have to be outgoing. if all else fails… look for someone else who’s walking around alone. they might be easier to talk to.

2p!italy: hm. don’t worry darling. you’ll survive, i know it~ also… i suggest you join a club of some sorts, or go into an elective that is right up your alley of interests. you’ll meet people who are just like you, yes?

2p!germany: what, seriously? you better not forget about me! ugh… anyways, i say that because i know you’ll make so many friends that you won’t even be able to remember all of their damn names. and don’t worry, if you don’t make any on the first day, i swear i’ll go with you and yell at people, “yo, be her friend!”

2p!japan: i’m sure everyone’s talking about making new friends. well, disregard them for a moment. focus on your classes. your studies, your teachers. they’ll give you the best advice and you’ll need to pay attention to the important things, like any schedule changes and anything of the like. you should get a map of the school if it seems difficult to navigate through and perhaps even check to see where your classes are before school starts so you don’t get lost on the first day.

2p!canada: do cliques even exist? you should tell me when you get back from your first day. anyways… just try to join the one that fits you. nothing’s better than being surrounded by people who like the things you like.

2p!romano: first impressions are everything, my love.~ be sure to dress your best and to make sure your outfit reflects a part of who you are. wear accessories that showcase something about yourself, understood? besides that, i think you’ll have fun!~ choose friends wisely, okay? *eyebrows furrow* you never know who the bitches are till you’ve gotten to know them…

2p!austria: hey sugar, you’re nearly as amazing of a person as i am, so no worries! if people are lucky enough to be near you, then you better grace them with your presence, you hear me? go up and say hello~ honestly, you’ll only be doing them a favor, because they’d be the ones blessed with your smile, isn’t that so?

2p!prussia: ah, okay… i’m sure you’ll be fine. *smiles* don’t get too stressed with the small things. and if you get lonely at lunch, then maybe you should go to a table full of people that look kind and ask to sit with them? i-i don’t know, i’m not so social myself but i’m sure they’d love to have you, because… you’re you, after all…

Admin: Good luck to everyone starting a new school this year! I know you might be nervous but just know that we’ve got your back, dear! Have a great school year and, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll make great new friends. Q w Q

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You know who I feel bad for most after Zero and the second Kaname? Haruka and Juuri their son gets sacrificed then their daughter is controlled by by the being who took her brothers place. Do you think Kaien replace Juuri with Kaname? Given the amount of stuff he was willing to do for him.

Lol, I can’t stand Haruka and Juri, so I can’t join you on that one. ;) They replaced their son with the Ancestard! That’s all sorts of wrong! They put their daughter in danger by leaving her with him! Also why would Juri use a failed spell on her daughter? Just…ugh. Fail parenting 101. (One of these days I need to do my VK fail parenting post because this story just…has the worst parents.)

I don’t know what Kaien’s deal is with Kaname, honestly. Yuuki is the one Juri gave her life to protect, and the one she specifically broke out of captivity in order to get Kaien to help raise. Why he ended up imprinting on Kaname as the one who needed his love and care, I have no idea, but I will forever resent him for it. *shakes fist*