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can you smell what the pebble is cooking?  it’s a bun in the oven!  
can you pick up things off the ground without bending over?  i can i’m the pebble

Yoon Jisung - Prince!AU

OMG this one is so long I didn’t mean for it to get this big

But thank you for the support on my School!Guanlin scenario!!

  • The Yoon family goes back many centuries, they’ve been on the throne for at least 200 years
  • In that time there’s been no wars, no uprisings, nothing to put the citizens they rule at harm
  • They were the most caring & trustworthy rulers the Kingdom has ever had
  • The kingdom couldn’t have had a better king and queen
  • Soon their eldest son Jisung would be taking over from them, but first he needed to find a suitable partner
  • Traditionally, his parents wanted to marry him to a woman of royal descent, but not forcibly
  • If they genuinely didn’t go well or disliked each other then it wouldn’t happen
  • They wanted a strong dynasty but also wanted their son to be happy
  • Jisung was just like any other Yoon
  • Happy
  • Caring
  • A well-rounded nice guy
  • But he also had his fair share of secrets

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ages ago i was tagged by @svifts (thanks issy!! 💞) to post ten songs that i really like, so here are some of the tracks i’m currently listening to!

one: …ready for it?, taylor swift

two: too much to ask, niall horan

three: you, dodie clark

four: diving, bridgit mendler

five: dusk till dawn, zayn and sia

six: genesis, dua lipa

seven: just like heaven, the cure

eight: song like you, bea miller

nine: love love love, of monsters and men

ten: godzilla, kesha

i tag: @colorsinautumnsobright @fifth-harmony @foundherselfs @lulalulalullaby @melvdrama @selena-taylor @silencesquitethisloud @swiftsarcasmandsass @wearingmybestapology @youlostandlonely

(also shoutout to @youlostandlonely and @silencesquitethisloud for the contributions on this playlist ✨💓)

Well, the kid’ll need surgery to fix his kidney issue… We’d hoped to avoid that, but the test results didn’t come back that great so there’s not really any other choice. On the upside, after the surgery he probably won’t have those infections anymore that he’s had twice this summer and is now taking preventative antibiotics for… So just one final bit of unpleasantness to get through and then hopefully we’re done with it. I’m still not happy with the news but, what can you do?

“Say, Splinta’, I’m liking the look. Ever tried adding a spotted bowtie to it?”

“U-Uhhh, I haven’t no…but I-”

“Well, I’m sure you’ll look absolutely stunning with one, especially if ya’ match em’ with spotted overalls!”

Splinter is currently flustered and a stuttering mess please hold…

Wooooah is that a background???

Yes, I’m pretty surprised too… that I actually took the time to do one. It may be basic but I’m proud of myself anyway!

Okay look, this was suppose to be a comic. I’ve drawn it all out but I’m currently in lazy mode to line and color it all, soo here’s a sneak peek I suppose?

I’m either gonna
A: Color then all then upload this with all of them or B: Upload it one at a time or C: Upload the other three together…

I can’t decide…rip

Also, if u remember me sorta kinda shipping Splinter with Riggy…ehm

I’m still conflicted once side of me is like they’ll be so cute together and the other side is like hnnnnn whyyy you idiot. So…um yeah.

okay so im taking a jane austen themed class, and our final project is writing our own adaption of a chapter/scene/etc from pride and prejudice and like

im not saying that im gonna do lesbian

but like

im probably gonna do lesbian

im also tempted by vampires