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This is a collection of all of the writing works I have created, also found in the elli writes tag. For other works by some other amazing people, please check out my fic rec tag! 

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Do keep in mind that the order of groups I put this list in is my level of comfort with writing for the groups in terms of getting their personality/character correctly!!

(f) - fluff

(a) - angst

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Stood Up #7 - MMFD Fanfic

I apologize in advance for this because I am almost 100% positive there are typo’s and a lot of grammatical errors. I’m heading out of town for my brothers wedding and I really wanted to get this up before I left. It will be edited once I get back. Just wanted to put it out there. Hope you all enjoy :) Also, I think I managed to tag everyone, but if I missed you, let me know.


She was beautiful he thought to himself as he watched her from across the room. She was striking in a way that knocked him off his senses and left him at her mercy. When she was close to him all he could think about was running his hands through her hair. The way the jet black soft waves pooled in his hands when he kissed her had become his favorite thing in the entire world. The sound of her voice when she was talking about music took him to another universe where he could close his eyes and get lost for days. The curves of her body awoke a deep passion in his soul and he longed to touch her, to comfort her, but instead he held himself back, not wanting to push her away.

He busied himself making them up some tea as she sat rocking herself back and forth at the dining table. Something had rattled her deep to the core and it had brought to life a need to protect that he had never felt before. Deep inside him he knew that his journey had brought him right here to this place, to her. All the days he sat watching her, studying her, had prepared him for this moment. He knew that she needed him, even if she hadn’t quite realized it herself.

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