also is that tweed

Today, I fucked up... by not stepping in dog shit

This happened a few weeks back and I’m still embarrassed by it.

Now I must set the picture of where I live. A quiet rural area where many of the residents are the kind to own a Range Rover, tweed clothing and a dog. This area also has nice scenic walks near a canal.

Every day i take the same route to work, it’s a short 30 min walk along said canal and I pass by these jolly folk walking their dogs every morning.

Sadly these people let their dogs create a mess and some don’t clean it up. So on my way to work I was reading Reddit and paying no attention to the path. At a quick glance I noticed some dog shit I was about to step on. Without being aware of my surroundings I quickly moved to the right. Only to fall in the canal!!!

One dog walker saw me and came to the rescue. Pretty embarrassing as it was my neighbour. I had to go home and ended up late for work. Lucky my boss saw the funny side.

I’m much more careful where I walk now. Probably would have been easier to step in the shit.

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confession: one time i had a dream you were my barista and complimented my tweed jacket and I kept thinking about it and blushing the next day! I'm so gay it's EMBARRASSING!

This is so sweet haha. If I did in fact see you in a tweed I liked I would absolutely compliment you on it in person! Both because I’m an incorrigible flirt and also because I can’t let a good tweed go uncomplimented!

Jean and Charles as mirrors for each other

Jean has parallel moments with Charles, such as when she hides her company from Styker’s soldier with telepathy. She also dresses in similar clothes as Charles - stripy shirt with a tweed jacket. These establish that Jean and Charles can be understood as mirrors for each other.

This is important to understanding the scenes where Charles comforts her after a nightmare, and where Jean gives back Logan’s memories. Both of them are callbacks to previous films. The first one is callback to dofp Charles’ conversation with his older self. “pain will make you stronger than you ever imagined… the great gift of bearing pain without breaking borns from the most human power, hope.” So knowing how Charles had his character development from a punk ass bitch to a responsible person again, and regained control to his power, it is easier to understand how Jean transformed in a similar way as Charles and how she was able to release her full power in the end. Jean giving back Logan’s memories is parallel to Charles giving Erik memories of his mother in first class. So Jean and Logan’s closeness in that scene comes from a very human connection, sympathy and kindness, just as Charles to Erik, totally not creepy, as some audience thinks.

okay so just over a month ago i moved house from an awful, horrible little place that had so many potholes that people didn’t even bother to cover them up any more, what seemed like the world’s biggest population of people who would probably punch you for looking at their shoes wrong and a sort of bizarrely permanent overcast sky even when the rest of the world was sunny

to what is described as a popular and esteemed middle class suburb

and it’s so surreal. i’m the least middle class person. none of my family are middle class. we are generation upon generation of working class people and we’ve lived our entire lives that way and it’s just an ingrained part of our identity from birth.

but now like? there’s a cheese shop and we live in a big house with an apple tree and it’s only about a five minute walk up the hill to the cheese shop and it’s green everywhere and there’s so many flowers and did i mention that there’s literally a cheese shop

i feel like i moved from A House In Actual England to A House In What People Think England Is and my working class self feels uncomfortable and vaguely threatened

i think i’ll have to pop on my tweed jacket and dash up to the cheese shop