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Do you think Ivar would be the only Ragnarsson to be intimate with his woman while she's bleeding? Or would any of his brothers be into that?

In KYS, Ivar and Ubbe are probably the only ones. Hvitserk is too immature and Sigurd is too - well also immature I guess, because he’d be too grossed out by that sorta thing.

In Vikings universe I’m sure they’d all be down. I mean what can ya really do about it, yknow? 

Also I think it’s worth noting that I believe it to be an established kink for Ivar. Like he would be the only one to go out of his way to have sex while you’re on your period.

The only one (Ivar the Boneless x Reader)

Warnings : It’s kinda sad at the end; I didn’t mean for it to go this way but well… Also my English is bad heh.
Word count: 3708.

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A/N: This was requested by a lovely anon, here’s the full request:

“Hihi would it be possible if you could write a fic about being in a secret relationship with ivar but he has to marry someone else and because of this you have to break up but he still loves you and tries to get you back and you get hurt in battle and it all comes out you had a relationship and he does anything to make you feel better??? Ps this is 100% my favourite blog, you have the most amazing writing 💗💗💗 “

I changed it a bit… Like, they’re already not together at the beginning. I hope you do not mind!

I’m sorry this is shit, I’m not fully satisfied with it…

Part Two.

You can read my Alex imagines here and here. And my first Ivar imagine here.

Wrapping the thick brown fur tighter around your trembling body you let out a shaky breath, your eyes focused on the far horizon; on the deep sea that separated you from home. It’s been weeks since you’ve last seen your family, your friends. Were they alright? Were they safe and healthy? Those thoughts kept you awake at night, praying to the Gods being the only thing that kept you sane. But it was all for a good cause, or so you hoped.

You have joined Ivar’s army and followed him to England as soon as you’ve heard of his plan to avenge his father. He had refused to let you come at first. ‘Are you insane?!’ You remember him shouting straight to your face, a few droplets of his spit even hitting your red cheek. ‘You’re going to get yourself killed. I won’t allow it. I cannot lose you.’ Crawling out of your wooden cabin, he had left you utterly confused that day. Why would he still care?

But you being your stubborn self ignored his pleas and showed up at the deck on the morning they were sailing off – your sword in your belt and your shield on your back, ready to fight. With an exaggerated sigh he gave you a short nod, allowing you to get on the boat.

That was weeks ago, and now here you were – in a foreign country, sitting on the dirty and slightly wet grass, alone. You could hear laugher coming from the camp further in the forest, but you didn’t want to be there. You didn’t want to see him. His thick dark hair and wide blue eyes have been hunting you ever since before you left Kattegat. Ever since that night – the night he broke your heart and crushed your dreams. He had met someone else.

It wasn’t exactly how he had phrased it, of course. He explained he had to marry soon; and his eldest brother had found a girl who was willing to spend the rest of her life with Ivar the Boneless. You had almost laughed out loud as these words left his rosy lips. You would have been more than happy to marry him; and deep down you knew he knew it. But it seemed all these months together meant nothing to him. All these walks, all these hugs, all these kisses and all these nights spent in your little cabin that meant the world to you; meant absolutely nothing to him.  

He had offered that you could still see each other; said that things did not have to change. But you couldn’t do it, you didn’t want to share the man you loved with some pretty blonde girl who has only arrived in Kattegat. You asked him to leave you alone that night, and after a few minutes of apologising he did – letting you cry yourself to sleep.

You’ve seen him around the village every day; and every day you pretended that everything was great while in reality your heart ached and every time your eyes met his you felt like it was being ripped straight out of your chest.

These feelings grew even worse when he started spending more time with her. She was beautiful, you couldn’t deny it. Her long blonde hair shone in the sunlight, her light blue eyes and her flawless skin gave her an angelic look that you surely did not have. She was a lady and you were a warrior. Your skin was scarred and your hair dirty most of the time, as you spent all of your free time training and learning new fighting skills. Yet you could still feel his eyes on you, watching you like a hawk. Observing your every move every time you would cross his path.

A loud shout followed by more drunken laughter brought you back to reality, back to England. Groaning you rose to your feet, hissing at how sore they felt as you took a few steps towards the deep voices emerging from the forest. Hiding your frozen face into the fur wrapped around you, you made your way to the camp slowly, dragging your feet in the cold mud.  

All eyes were on you as soon as you emerged from behind a large pine, the fire illuminating your tired face and messy hair. You bowed your head as your gaze met Bjorn’s, him giving you a small nod before returning his attention to Ubbe. You could see Hvitserk and Sigurd from the corner of your eye; eating and drinking ale. You wondered for a minute where Ivar was. Was he sleeping already? Or maybe just hiding in his tent? But as soon as the questions crossed your mind you got your answer, as you heard shuffling noises coming from your right.

You refused to look him in the eye thought, even as he murmured your name loud enough for only you to hear, begging you to stay. Swallowing the lump in your throat you marched towards your small private tent – the perks of being close to all the Ragnarssons.

He has been like this even since you’ve sailed off. Always nearby, asking you to hear him out whenever the two of you were alone. But you did not want to listen to him. It was too hard – having him right there, but not being able to touch him, love him like you used to. Who were you kidding? You still loved him, and you always would. But you couldn’t have him, not under these circumstances. Not when his soon-to-be wife was patiently waiting for him back home. You were not this kind of woman.

Branches cracked under your heavy boots, letting everyone know you were leaving even though you’ve just arrived. You thought you heard him let out a loud sight, but you weren’t sure anymore – your mind has been playing tricks on you these days. You always felt like someone was nearby, observing you. But when you turned around none was ever here.

Hvitserk called out your name, making you stop in your tracks and turn around. He offered you some food and with a gesture of his hand and a nod of his head asked you to sit next to him. He was concerned, you could tell. The way his brows furrowed and his lips formed a tight line gave it away. You knew they’ve all been worried about you ever since… ever since that night when Ivar left you.

But the worst part was that they didn’t even know what happened. Yours and Ivar’s relationship was a secret. None was aware of you two meeting every night; spending that time tangled under your sheets; breathing heavily as your bodies moved together. Not even his brothers. So when you started acting strangely – spending less time on the training grounds, avoiding them and barely speaking to them, the Ragnarssons got curious and started asking questions. But you always brushed them away with a small smile and a carefree wave of your hand, saying they wouldn’t understand.

Smiling at him, you shook your head slowly, declining his offer, and you could practically hear him sigh even from where you were standing, on the other side of the burning fire. You weren’t even that hungry but the way he looked at you, with pity, his eyes filled with what resembled sadness, made you feel uncomfortable and guilty. He was like a brother to you, they all were. And it pained you to see him like this, all because of you.

Closing your eyes for a second, you took a deep breath to calm your nerves before re-opening them again. Your heartbeat quickened as you noticed the youngest son of Ragnar sitting on the log next to his brother now. How did he even get there so quickly? With another slow puff, you smiled at Hvitserk once more before turning back around, leaving the group behind as fast as your aching legs would let you.

You had a long day ahead of you and needed to rest. If the weather conditions permitted it, your army was to attack tomorrow. You had to be ready.

Shouts and grumbles of impatient warriors woke you at an ungodly hour. Squinting your eyes, you peered to your left only to be met with nothing; like you did every morning for the last couple of months. It was automatic, really. A bad habit. One you couldn’t wait to get rid of.

Your night had been really short but eventful; filled with realistic dreams of the only man whom you did not wish to dream of anymore. You’ve woken up more than once, sweat pooling down your flushed face, shivers running down your spine as your eyes wandered around the dark shadows in a search of him. But he wasn’t here, and deep down you were grateful of that.

Throwing the furs off your body, you got up and immediately put on your armour. The smell of freshly roasted chicken reached your nostrils and as in on cue, your stomach grumbled. Peering out of your tent, you easily spotted where the mouth-watering scent came from and made your way there; greeting a few fellow Vikings on your way.

You sat near the shield maidens, not paying much attention to their conversation as you dig in; barely chewing before swallowing. You probably looked like Hvitserk at the moment, very unwomanly like, but you couldn’t care less. You were starving.

Deep in thought about the oncoming battle, you did not notice the man who a few feet away from you just as you reached for a second piece of meat. You did not feel his eyes on you; so soft and filled with love. He just sat there, silent. Taking in your features he had missed so much.

Leaving you was the hardest thing Ivar had to do in his life so far. He loved you, yet he left. Deep down, Ivar felt like he never was enough for you. So he believed leaving you was the best thing to do. He knew you would find someone new; someone who’d make you smile wider and laugh louder than he did. A nice Viking who would take good care of you; not an irritable and stubborn man like him. He believed you deserved to be with someone who would fill all of your desires and turn your life into dream. Not with a selfish young brat with a passion for murder and blood.

So when Bjorn introduced him to the blonde woman, a princess of some sort, he saw it as an opportunity. He did not love her like he loved you; he couldn’t even stand the woman. She was too fragile, too shy for him. She was weak and boring, always complaining about everything; while you were the strongest woman he has ever met, always with a smile plastered to her face. She was your polar opposite.

But he couldn’t marry a warrior; it was way too risky and complicated. So he went with Bjorn’s offer, and decided to marry the so-called princess.

Clearing his throat, he finally got your attention. Ivar smiled uncomfortably as the look of pure panic crossed your bright E/C eyes. But you did not budge and he sighed in relief, settling back in a more comfortable position with his legs thrown straight in front of him. He ran his hands up and down his tights, easing the pain. You diverted your eyes away from them as soon as you caught yourself staring, although you knew he did not mind. You’ve seen his legs on multiple occasions; he wasn’t ashamed of them in front of you.

Looking around you’ve only now noticed the few women who surrounded you only minutes ago were now gone and the closest person was a slave cleaning some armours, standing what seemed like miles away from the log you were sitting on.

Throwing the last chicken bone into the still burning fire, you cleaned your hands using your tunic. You could hear your heartbeat in your ears growing louder and faster, but you refused to move, to say anything.

What did he want? Didn’t he see how he was just making things more difficult by trying to get to you every single day? You could see him shuffle from the corner of your eye, his body moving an inch closer to yours. He took in a deep breath before opening his mouth.

“I don’t want you at the front of the line today, Y/N.” He said softly, making your brows furrow. You turned to face him and was met with the big blue eyes you’ve missed so much. But you could not believe what he was saying. You were one of his best warriors, always in the first row.

“What?” You asked, your breath short and voice sharp it made him gulp slowly, leaving you quite satisfied.

“I want you to stay back, only attack if you really have to.” You were beyond enraged by now. Standing up, you huffed and were ready to stamp off when he grabbed you tightly by the wrist, bringing your body closer to his. You gasped at the sudden movement, your messy hair falling into your eyes. “I don’t want you to get hurt, love.” And as this word left his mouth, you lost it. The way his blue eyes bore into yours, the way his lips curved as his thumb caressed the dry skin of your wrist was way too much for you to handle on such a day.

“You don’t get to tell me what to do anymore, Ivar.” Breaking away from his grasp, you brought your hand to your chest holding it there as for a few more seconds you stared into his mesmerizing eyes. You gave him a stern look to which he responded with another small smile before you turned around, marching back towards your tent to get your shield and get ready to leave; blinking back the tears that threatened to spill down your puffy cheeks.  

You were stubborn, extremely stubborn. And as much as Ivar wanted to yell at you from his chariot; chase you and reprimand you for disobeying his orders, he couldn’t. Instead he smiled a smile barely visible to the human eye. He was scared, terrified even. But also so proud of the warrior you had become.

He watched from afar as you ran among the others Vikings; your shield securely placed in front of you and your sword pointing towards the enemy. You looked furious; your body radiating such energy. He could practically hear you growl and see your eyes darken as you made your way to the front, slashing bodies on your way. His breath hitched as he saw the Saxon’s blood splash over your gorgeous face. A wicked smirk pulled at the corners of your lips as some of it reached your tongue, the metallic taste taking over your senses.

The way your body moved so freely, so naturally, got him in a trance. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. That is until Floki shouted his name, giving him an annoyed look before he took off, an axe in his hand.

The battle was in full swing, the Saxons defending themselves well; but Ivar had faith in his army. He had no doubt about their victory. His victory. His blue eyes shone with mischief as he watched his man slaughter the poor bastards, laughing occasionally as some of them begged for mercy on their knees.

He looked from his chariot as his army progressed leaving massacred, bloodied bodies behind. Screams, groans and the smell of blood filled the chilly air, leaving the prince grinning, satisfied. He felt at the top of the world, as if Odin himself was patting him on the back. His heart full with pride.

Defeated, the Saxons started to retreat, running away from the Heathen’s army as fast as their damaged physiques let them. Moving his chariot forward, Ivar smirked; his cheeks almost ached. He had led his people to victory.

But the moment was short lived as from the corner of his eye he saw the familiar mess of H/C hair, lying motionless on the ground. Adrenaline rushed through his veins as he practically threw himself off the chariot, crawling his way over the dead bodies until he reached you.

Turning you around, his worried eyes examined your frame, his hands immediately moving up to cup your cold face. You were alive. He could feel your faint pulse under his thumb as he stroke it down your neck, letting him know that your heart was still beating. His breaths grew heavier and his hands clammy as he frantically looked around, silently praying to the Gods to send a healer your way.

A small whimper followed by a cough made him turn back to face you, his mouth hanging agape. Your beautiful E/C eyes fluttered open, focusing on him as you tried to push yourself up onto your elbows – but you gave up as soon as you tried, an agonizing pain taking over your left side. Looking down you noticed a dark patch of thick blood coating your tunic. You let your head fall back down, only for Ivar to catch it before it hit the hard ground.

“Don’t move.” He murmured as you reached for the wound with your free hand, chocking on his words. Your eyes met his once more and you couldn’t help but to smile at how concerned he looked.

“I’m alright.” You replied tiredly, coughing out some blood. Alarmed, Ivar brought your body closer to his; holding you to his chest as his hand moved to your side; covering the wound so you wouldn’t bleed out.  Your head felt heavy and your mind dizzy; your vision blurred. Yawning, you decided to close your eyes only to open them seconds later as the blue-eyed Viking called your name.

“Don’t close your eyes.” His fingers played with your hair as he looked down at you, paying close attention to the sounds and expressions you made. What was he even on about? Furrowing your brows, you scoffed, burying your head into his warm chest. You could feel him yell more than you could hear it; his chest swelling up and vibrating as he called for help.

Heavy footsteps made the ground around you shake as you laid immobile in Ivar’s arms; breathing in and out, in and out slowly. You felt good, really. At peace. You were finally back in the arms of your lover; back where you belonged. A hint of guilt pinched at your heart as you remembered the princess back in Kattegat but it did not last long, as another pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around your spent body; lifting you off Ivar’s lap.

And that’s when you realised you weren’t alright. Your whole body felt numb and cold. You could feel that the tip of your nose, your fingers and your toes were frozen. You could feel blood and saliva running down your exposed neck; the wound on your side opening up as the person carried you somewhere. You cried out, with all the force you had left. Screaming in agony as they placed you on a wooden floor.

“I’m right here, love.” His voice was trembling, soft yet filled with so many different emotions. Pain, fear, dread. He wasn’t ready to lose you. Not now, not ever. He was planning on talking to you after the battle, not letting you go until you listen to him this time. He wanted to tell you he was going to leave her, and be with you again.

He was going to hold you, kiss you and eventually make love you again, after all those months. It was all organised in his mind. You were supposed to go back to Kattegat together, and get married. You’d move in with him and start a family. He couldn’t care less about what his men or his brothers would say. He wanted you and only you. You were the right person for him.

But now here you were, lying in his arms again while his older brother drove the chariot to the camp. He was convinced everything would go back to normal, but once again he could feel it slip right through his fingers.

Tears filled your eyes as you watched him bite on his lower lip nervously. Were you going to die? Gods, you hoped not.

“I- Ivar.” You chocked out, groaning at how dry your throat felt. His focus was on you in a second, blue eyes boring into yours. You gave him a reassuring smile, your right hand moving up to his face. He did not try to stop you but moved his face into your palm instead. You felt him relax under your touch, your thumb tracing circles on his hot skin. He was so warm compared to you.

“Rest, Y/N. They’re going to take care of you.” He said and you swear you saw a single tear run down his cheek. You nodded your head slowly, relieving in his warmth and his sweet calming words. “I love you, Y/N. Don’t leave me.”

His words were the only thing keeping your head out of the water; giving you strength and will. You could only nod and hoped the way you looked up at him was enough to let him know that you loved him too.

The noise around you increased; voices and hushed grew louder – signalling you were almost there.

Taking one last glance at the man of your dreams, your lips curved into a small smile. You loved him; you trusted him with your whole life. You knew he was going to get you out of here; take good care of you.

Ivar’s hand found yours, squeezing it tightly – letting you know he was right here, and he would always be from now on. Closing your eyes, you finally let yourself relax knowing you were going to be taken care of. Knowing that when you open them again, the first thing you’ll see will be him and that you’ll never have to keep them away from him ever again.

A/N: I hope y’all weren’t expecting a great ending; you should know by now that I suck at these lol

Sons of a Thunder Storm (Part Two)

Part One

AN: Um sooo more Ragnarssons’ in modern time xD They’ll be the death of the reader

Before you’d gone to bed you showed the boys how to make breakfast and to your horror there was nothing but a huge mess left for you when you got up. “Where is everyone?” You asked Ivar who was glued to the TV.

“They went to bathe, there was noticeable concern about us leaving mess everywhere so my brothers have gone to the pond to wash.” He muttered without looking at you.

“What!” This had him looking away for a second as you hopped about putting your tatty crocks on and ran through your back garden, finding the fence had been moved so the boys could get to your neighbor’s pond.

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Dating Hvitserk would include:

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- you two teasing each other a lot even before dating

- going to England with him

- protecting each other in a battle

“you think you can take care of yourself?”

“shouldn’t I ask you that?”

- if you got injured he would be so fucking worried (and vice versa)

- tbh he wouldn’t leave your side until you got better

- after a successful raid you would celebrate it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- practicing sword fighting with each other and you actually being better than him

“I let you win you know”

“of course you did” (notice the sarcasm)

- making a competition out of everything:


2.who kills the most on the battlefield

3. who can make the other cum first

- he can’t keep his hands to himself when you are around ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- being embarrassed by it ‘cause he does that in front of everybody

“Hvitserk, stop”

“That’s not what you said last night”

- in front of his brothers he would be so cocky

- he would probably tell them what it is like to have sex with you

- you would kick his ass for it

- if you two are alone he would be sweet

- whispering sweet nothings in your ear to make you blush

- and for the gods he loves seeing you blushing

- having sex with him would be either slow and passionate

- or hard

- he likes to be on top obviously

- but he also loves to see you riding him

- he wants you to scream his name so everybody can hear you

- your body covered in bruises

- LOTS of hickeys

- the next day his brothers would tease you about them

“did you sleep well, y/n?”

“shut up Ubbe”

“by the screams of last night I don’t think she got much sleep”


- trying to cover said hickeys

- he smirking at you for it and you sending him a death glare

“I’m going to kill you”

“you seemed to be enjoying it while I was giving them to you”

- he acting like a child sometimes

- but you find it cute

- basically you two not being able to live without each other

Ragnarssons Bio Headcanons

Okay…so I did this with Peaky Blinders, and Vikings is just kinda asking for it. So, here are some randoms.

Ivar the Boneless

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What’s a bad habit that he’s kept from childhood? 

Ivar has a tendency to pout - heavily. As a child, he was constantly torn between being the spoiled brat Aslaug had raised him to be and as independent and strong as his brothers. Anytime something didn’t go his way, or he was reminded of his disability, he would put on a sour face. As a young adult, he generally sulks off on his own, but in the heat of the moment, you can always read his thoughts on his face.

What has always been a very black and white issue for him?

Faith. Ivar’s faith in the gods is absolute, and religious ceremonies of any kind have always been an opportunity for him to literally interact with them. No other explanation for his world is acceptable, and seeing any deviation from the traditional morality of his people is hard to stomach. 

What animal most closely aligns with his personality?

A raven. Obviously. Although incredibly clever, Ivar does the least damage when he’s on his own. But he can’t help being the solitary (ahem asocial) kind. He’s just a bit psychopathic in group settings.

What is an unexpected and totally useless skill of his? 

Ivar has a talent for braiding hair. Some of his fondest memories were of watching his mother comb through her hair, and having her look over her shoulder to ask, “Would you help me?” It was always a sweet, intimate moment between the two of them. Occasionally, he would get creative with the braids, and blush when his mother showed her excitement for the job well done.

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I’m learning how to work with Eliwood, and trying to make him not look like just a taller version of his son. He is accompanied with some other dads too. :D

I also have a very random headcanon where Eliwood has a very girlish scream.

The lower half includes some random Celice, as well as sketches for some old and one new OC’s of mine! Also trying to differentiate them there. ( ‘ v’)b

Redeemable - Vikings Series Part 3/?

Ivar Ragnarsson x OC

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A/N: Sigurd is a creep

After the feast had ended, Ivar was relieved. He had somehow managed to calm down all of his men after telling them about the voyages. He couldn’t help but be proud and thought maybe his father would be proud too. “Hello, brother.” Ivar turned in his seat to see his brothers coming to sit with him. They were all still drinking, not that it surprised him. He seemed to be the only son of Ragnar who prized his mind over a drunken evening of fun that would most likely be forgotten.

“Brothers.” Ivar greeted back. He loved his brothers, but couldn’t help but wonder if they choose Bjorne over him if asked? They had not wanted Lagertha killed, but he was their full blooded brother. Surely he could trust them of all people.

“You did a good job back there.” Hvitserk clapped him on the shoulder and took a seat. “You had them bending to your will.” He laughed and Ivar even cracked a smile.

“Yes.” Ubbe laughed along, taking large gulps of ale. “Our brother the king! Long may he reign.” His drunken outburst had Ivar thinking back to when it was just the four of them against the world. It was so long ago.

Ivar could not help but look back at Sigurd. “Long may he reign.” Sigurd copied Ubbe. However, he gave Ivar quite the sobering look. Could he not simply be happy for Ivar?

“And!” Ubbe slammed down his cup. “I see you have met our new little servant!” That had Sigurd cracking a smile, well, more like a smirk.

“Call her what she is, Ubbe. She is a slave.” Ubbe frowned at him.

“What are you talking about?” Ivar questioned him, taking the cup from his older brother’s hand and taking swig.

“The slave you talked to tonight.” Hvitserk reminded him. None of them saw the remembering twinkle in Ivar’s eye.

“I talked to several slaves tonight.”

“No, you didn’t.” Sigurd snorted.

“She was a bit pricey, but she was also the best that the dealer had.” Hvitserk said before Ivar could start arguing with Sigurd. He nudged Ubbe and Ubbe laughed with him.

“Yes. She is worth every penny,” said Sigurd. Ivar raised an eyebrow at him. Ubbe and Hvitserk stared too.

“You can’t mean to say you have had her already! We only got her this morning!” Ubbe whined drunkenly.

“No no my brothers, but soon.” Sigurd cast a devilish grin that had all the brothers laughing, even Ivar.

“Well, I think it is safe to say that we would all appreciate some time with….” Ubbe paused. “What’s her name?” Hvitserk and Sigurd only laughed harder.

“Eydis.” All of the brothers looked towards their king. Ubbe cast a warning glance towards Sigurd, since he had an unnatural talent for saying things that made Ivar mad.

“Got her name, did you?” Ubbe asked, leaning over a small table between him and Ivar.

“I thought you did not know who we were talking about?” Hvitserk interjected.

“She’s rather witless actually.” Ivar said, ignoring Hvitserk. “Nothing special.” Looking at each of them, he conveyed his lack of interest.

Sigurd snorted, catching Ivar’s attention “She doesn’t have to be smart for me to fuck her.” While Ubbe and Hvitserk nodded in agreement, Ivar had grown weary of Sigurd’s voice.

“You are right, Sigurd.” Ivar said with wicked smile. Sigurd’s smile dropped while he anticipated Ivar’s undoubtedly witty retort. “If she let you fuck her, then she would actually have to be rather stupid.” Ubbe actually spit out his drink he laughed so hard. Hvitserk only barely managed to hold himself back while being glared at by Sigurd. Ivar felt the most at home he had in a very long time.

“If you’ll…” Ubbe paused to hiccup. “If you’ll excuse me. I think… I should go to bed.” He absentmindedly wiped at the spit out ale that stained his clothing as he walked away.

“I do believe Margarethe will be rather annoyed with Ubbe.” Hvitserk chuckled. “I can not imagine that Ubbe will be giving her anything tonight.” While Hvitserk’s own gears turned, Ivar nodded. “But it is not too late for the rest of us aye?” He laughed, clapping his remaining two brothers on the back before awkwardly realizing what he had said and who he had said it too.

Ivar tensed and cast a hard glance towards Sigurd again. Sigurd met his gaze evenly, causing Ivar to narrow his eyes. He silently dared Sigurd to say anything at all. Thankfully, Sigurd was not always as stupid as he acted. Ivar was no longer just his crippled little brother, but his king. The air was think with numbing anticipation. “No. Not at all.” Sigurd forced a smile at Ivar before abruptly standing up, forcing his chair back, and leaving.

After knowing that Sigurd was out of earshot, Hvitserk rubbed the back of his neck. “Apologies, brother. I did not mean-“

“I know.” Ivar cut him off, more relaxed in the absence of Sigurd. Hvitserk raised his drink to him again and finished off the contents. “You mean to fuck Margarethe while Ubbe sleeps.” Hvitserk choked on his drink and coughed hardily until he regained his voice. It wasn’t a question, but a statement. Before he could defend himself, Ivar calmed Hvitserk. “I know of your agreement. You think you are discreet? I promise you are not.”

“Yes, we have an… arrangement, but it is to all our benefits.” Hvitserk argued.

Ivar shrugged. “It is of no consequence to me. Besides, do you believe that you are the only man in Kattegat sleeping with another man’s wife?” He chuckled, shaking his head. “No. I only caution you to be careful.”

Hvitserk eyed him suspiciously. “Why? We are each happy and Ubbe and I are perfectly capable of sharing.” Ivar laughed into his drink. “What?” Hvitserk was starting to become defensive, crossing his arms over his chest.

“It is not in men’s nature to share, Hvitserk. You may think that you can share her, but she is married to Ubbe. The way they see it, her first obligation is to him.” Hvitserk looked hesitant as he thought of this. “And I find it very difficult to believe that you can fuck any without growing… attached. Ubbe maybe, but not you.”

“And why not?” Hvitserk all but snapped. Sure he could be slightly more emotional than his brothers at times, but that did not mean he would be doomed to fall for every girl he fucked.

He sighed, becoming more bored with the conversation. However, he now had to comfort his brother. “Ubbe is only more stubborn than you, Hvitserk. That is all.” And with that, Ivar grabbed his crutches and dragged himself away, leaving Hvitserk annoyed and slightly worried. He picked up the cup Ivar left behind, and downed what was left. He needed to find Margarethe.

* * *

“Finished yet?” Eydis expected the voice to come from a slave, but turned to find Prince Sigurd standing behind her. Of course as soon as she decided to avoid the brothers, one would start up a conversation with her. Perfect.

Taking a deep breath and giving him a friendly smile, she replied. “Almost.” He nodded before taking the large bucket in her hands filled with old scraps that were already covered in flies. Confused, she watched him call over another slave named Larss to take the bucket and returned Eydis’s smile to her.

“How about now?” Taking a moment, to carefully choose her words, Eydis unconsciously bit at her lip. She immediately stopped when she saw his eyes lurking there.

“I suppose so. Thank you.”  She felt the need to turn around and walk away rather hastily, but was obviously unable to do so.

He nodded not-so-humbly. “You are welcome. So, how are you liking Kattegat?” He sat on a bench and grabbed her hand rather suddenly, to pull her down beside him. Caught off guard, Eydis nearly fell on top of him and had to grab his shoulder for support. He seemed to take this the wrong way, however, when he gave her a sly smile and maintained his grasp on her hand. She was too worried to pull it away.

When she was finally sat comfortably, or what was the most comfortable she could be, beside Sigurd, she answered his question. “I have found it to be very nice.”

He tilted his head and narrowed his eyes at her. “Really?” He obviously knew she was lying, but decided not to push it. “Well, I was hoping to welcome you… properly.” He finally dropped her hand, only to rest it a bit higher than her knee.

A fearful knot formed in her stomach, and Eydis resisted the urge to slap his hands away. She looked around to find that all of the other slaves had left. Playing dumb, she said, “How?” She gave him the most innocent expression she could muster.

Sigurd gave a disbelieving laugh before sliding his hand further up her leg, slightly rouging her dress skirt. “I want you to come to my room tonight.”

Eydis knew that her cheeks were red, but the hammering in her chest concerned her more. Attempting to keep up her act, she asked, “Why?” Narrowing his eyes at her again, Sigurd knew that this slave girl was feigning.

Getting slightly impatient, he used his other hand to grab her arm. He had to be careful not to scare her off; she was new after all. He wanted her to want to sleep with him. Eydis was fully frightened now. She new that if he formally asked her to sleep with him, she would have no choice. Sigurd felt her muscles tense under his touch and liked it. “Do not play games, Eydis.”

Hearing him say her name only added to her discomfort. She also, did not recall that the slave dealer ever gave them her name. If Eydis had thought it about, she probably would have come to the conclusion that Sigurd was the least likely she would want to sleep with of the sons of Ragnar. Ubbe was married, but did not seem aggressive; Hvitserk seemed arrogant, but not at all cruel; and Ivar was, at the very least, a king. Sigurd, however, had come across as both unkind and rather imperious. Eydis had not thought about it though, because she truly had no desire to sleep with any of them.

“I promise I am not playing any games, Prince Sigurd.”  She dropped her gaze, not seeing the flare in his eyes.

“Say it again.” He demanded in a raspy voice. Confused for a moment, Eydis lifter her eyes to stare at him.

Then she realized what he had meant. “I…” She started, but saw a look in his eye that she did not favor. “Prince Sigurd.” She repeated softly. She focused on a single braid of hair that rested on his shoulder so that she would not have to look into his eyes any longer. Even without eye contact, though, she could practically see his mind at work.

Suddenly, his hands left her body. Before even looking to see why, Eydis let out a deep breath. Looking up, Sigurd had stood up before her. “Come with me.” He made a gesture with his hand for her to follow.

Eydis felt her heart drop into her stomach. “W- Where are we going?” Eydis tried to force her voice to remain steady, but failed. Sigurd refused to answer her and lead her down a hallway. Eydis had multiple scenarios running through her mind. What could she do? Was there any way out of this, because if there was, she would have to find it quickly.

Her thoughts had been so loud in her head, that she had barely noticed when he had stopped before a door. Looking around, Eydis realized that they were at the slave quarters. She turned to look at Sigurd with wide eyes, hiding none of her surprise. He smirked back at her. “I swear it, you will want me to fuck you, even if it is not tonight.”

His oath on top of his crude language made Eydis feel as if she would throw up right then and there, but she did not. Instead, She only stared at him, horrified, as he left.

* * *

The next morning, Eydis was surprised to find the she slept relatively well. Of course, she had been very tired, and the sleeping arrangements here were much more comfortable than that of the villa. She had been awoken by Sigfrid at the same time as all of the others. There was at least two dozen slaves here, and very few of them had even tried to talk to Eydis. She wanted to find family here, like she had with her previous fellow slaves, but things seemed to work so much differently here.

Eydis got her first lesson on that when she was getting dressed. Back at the villa, there were only eight slaves. Five boys and three girls. Of course, they had all slept, bathed, and got dressed in the same place. The boys had always faced the walls while getting dressed so as not to make the girls uncomfortable. However, here the male slaves all seemed to either enjoy watching the girls dress, or paid little attention to it.

After she had quickly changed, she saw two girls that had helped each other cover up while dressing. Eydis decided then that she would need to find a friend here. It became second on her list after avoiding all sons of Ragnar. Of course, Sigurd had become the primary Ragnarsson to avoid.

Sigfrid was quickly giving out orders like a warlord. She made her way around the room to each slave. Eydis knew she would be last. She had gotten the bed closest to the door, and furthest from Sigfrid since she was new. It had been the only bed available. Sigfrid continuously told everyone that she was in a hurry to serve in the kitchen and to pay attention. Finally, when all the others had left for their chores and Sigfrid made it to Eydis, there was a banging on the wall that Eydis remembered.

Looking understandably worried, Eydis looked to Sigfrid for direction. Sigfrid  could only give her a sympathetic smile. “He’s not usually up this early. Just go in and do what he says. Say as little as possible.” Sigfrid advised her as quickly as she could while leaving, but suddenly stopped and grabbed Eydis’s shoulders. “Don’t stare at his legs.” Eydis gave a short nod and Sigfrid took off. Eydis was frozen for only a moment when another banging came, this time more urgent.

Eydis could do little to calm her nerves as she rushed while also trying to remember which way to go. Finally, when she was sure she was at the right door, she stepped inside cautiously. The King’s room was not what she had expected. The walls were bare of any tapestries and there was little furniture.

Eydis found that she couldn’t dwell too long, because King Ivar was sat up in his bed, staring at her. Being new would not win her any sympathy from Ivar, however. “You seem to have a problem with staring.” He accused lightly. Before she could even think about possibly replying, he continued. “Or is it only me you stare at?” He flicked his eyes down at his legs. Though his legs may have seemed to leave him vulnerable, his voice was mercurial and his eyes were fiery. He was testing her, playing with her.

“No, my king,” was the only reply Eydis found to be acceptable in this situation. Looking at the woven fabric of an expensive-looking rug, Eydis could only wait for a response. She received only a smug sigh.

“Well hurry up then.” She looked up to see him resting his back on the wall behind him. He put his hands behind his head, mocking her with his eyes. Flustered, Eydis spoke.

“I- um. I am sorry- I,” He narrowed his eyes frighteningly, so she quickly finished quietly, “I do not know what to do.” She wrung her hands together.

He gave a bone-chilling chuckle that had her on edge. “Then I will have to teach you.” He teased dangerously. “Get the crutches.” He commanded, nodding to the objects in the corner that Eydis had only just noticed. After having processed his demand, she hurried to fulfill it. She delivered him the crutches and waited. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and Ivar fixed his suddenly cold eyes on her. She understood the unspoken warning. When he leaned towards her slightly, he was inches from her face, she knew that he saw the fear in her eyes. She had to force herself to stay in place. “Now help me up.” He ordered.

She nodded, gnawing on her lower lip in deep thought. Then, she carefully placed her arm around his shoulders and slowly helped him stand. She had a gut feeling, though, that he really didn’t require her help at all. She felt one arm maneuver its way to her waist and she unintentionally shuddered.

She paid his legs as little attention as possible while helping him. The entire time, she could feel his eyes on her. “Is that okay?” She asked when he was situated. His crutches were positioned under his armpits, holding him up while also leaving his hands free. She couldn’t imagine the amount of strength it took to move around this way all day. She also couldn’t believe how tall he was compared to her.

He was surprised that she had spoken. “Hmm,” He smirked at her and she shifted uncomfortably. “Why don’t you pick up my left leg a bit, so that it doesn’t twist when I move?” It was like a challenge. It was obvious Eydis wanted to get this over with and leave. Besides, she had taken a step or so away from him and he dared her to come closer again. After a moment of hesitation, she nodded and came towards him.

When she was close enough, he snatched her forearms in his hands. She gasped and gave small, fearful noise. He pulled her close to him, staring down at her. She had her eyes screwed shut and her muscles resisted against him. His grip was becoming painful after a second and she opened her eyes. She thought she might start to cry if he did not let her go. After staring into her eyes for what seemed like forever, He forcefully pushed her away from him.

Breathing erratically, she rubbed where he had grabbed her and stared fearfully at him. He grinned viciously at her and he reminded her of a predatory animal. The way his fireplace’s light flickered across his face while she looked up at him made her even more frightened. How had she come to be owned by a man such as this? As she tried to slow her breathing, he continued to grin at her. “Help me dress, won’t you?”

Following orders, she followed him to a trunk of clothes and a chair. He sat and took off his shirt while she focused on finding another in the trunk. She handed it to him but he tilted his head and smirked at her. With her facing turning an ugly shade of red, she put it on for him. Then he started to use his arms to push his backside up off of the seat a little. Noticing she was confused, he nodded down to his pants. “Go ahead, slave.” He jeered. Feeling the blush on her face begin to creep all over her body, Eydis reached underneath him and grabbed his sleep trousers.

She lifted one leg at the time, taking them off. While king Ivar had been intimidatingly playful, he was now tense once more. She did not allowed her self to look at his legs. Instead, she only concentrated on the work at hand. She did not have to look at his face to know that he was watching her closely for any mistake.

When he was completely dressed, he handed her a cord and told her to tie the laces of his shoes. She kneeled down in front of him and followed his instructions. He sneered at this slave girl kneeling below him. Since he had become king, he found how much he enjoyed being physically above people. Sitting on his throne on a platform had allowed him to look down on his people. Now this slave was bowing his feet. It was empowering.

When she finished, Eydis stood up and took a step back, waiting for any more instructions. He was silent for longer than Eydis was comfortable with. She finally looked up. He he caught her eyes, but refused to let them go. His face was unreadable, which was difficult for Eydis, being remarkably intuitive.

Ivar watched the strange new slave girl fidget under his gaze. She was delightfully uncomfortable and scared. Ivar delighted in it. He learned early on that if people did not fear him, they pitied him, and he would much rather be feared. And yet, he could not help but notice that there was something that set her apart from his other slaves. Ivar was puzzled by what should have been a meaningless slave. Having grown up with only his intellect, Ivar found being unable to understand a regular slave disturbing. Looking into her eyes, he found very few clues to aid him. There was uncertainty, fear, confusion, and lingering embarrassment; but there was something else that he could not place that would drive him mad if he could not name it.

Eydis felt the shift in his attitude from where she stood. He was smug, and then he was calculating. It was an unnaturally quick change in behavior that only made Eydis more nervous than before, if that were possible. Finally, when Ivar had grown frustrated by her unsettling presence, he dismissed her and Eydis all but fled from him.

A/N: I hope you guys liked it! The next chapter is taking me a little longer to write and edit, so it might be a day or so longer than usual before I post it. BUT, it could also be the same, I’m not completely sure. Either way, I’m sure you guys will love it. I love feedback, as long as there is no hate involved. Constructive criticism, however, is always welcome. Do not be afraid to correct me on any grammatical or spelling error. I love you all. Have a good day!

If WH characters had normal jobs.

Elias: Doctor.

Being a doctor is pretty much all about devotion to the job and studying. Does that not scream Elias? That guy spends his entire time studying trying to catch up with his brothers. So, a doctor sounds pretty fitting for Elias.

Yukiya: Florist.

Yukiya seems to know a lot about flowers and would get excited to see different species of flowers, so being a florist would allow him to be around flowers all the time.

Luca: Artist.

Luca is pretty damn artistic alright? He’s all about being creative and unique plus he draws/paints so, come on, an artist just suits him pretty well.

Klaus: Professor.

Klaus is already planning to become a professor so that didn’t need much thinking. He’s both stern and smart enough to be a professor so there we go.

Azusa: psycho killer Actor.

Okay I know it sounds weird, but listen, if you have no idea what Azusa did in his route, you wouldn’t be able to guess it very well. In most routes, he just seemed like a total sweetheart and if that’s not A+ acting, I don’t know what is. He’s also supposedly popular, so he doesn’t seem to mind much attention on him.

Serge: Scientist.

That guy is inventing stuff 24/7. Seriously. Scientist is just perfect for Serge. Maybe a teeny tiny bit of a mad scientist too.

Joel: Detective.

Nope. Definitely not a singer. Yes, Joel has a good voice and all, but get this; Joel is not the type of guy to want that much attention on him; he’s just not that good with people. Joel is really smart and just notices if something is not right about a person. Detectives usually work alone or with just one partner. So, this seems to fit Joel just fine.

Vincent: Probably a job in the military.

He’s part of the knights just gives me military vibes tbh, guess that was more intuitive; Idk.

Leon: Astronomer.

Just imagine how impressed he’d be with all the stars, planets, and galaxies; all that would pretty much just overwhelm him and interest him so much.

Guy: Definitely something related to sports like a football player or something.

Honestly, need I say more? Kind of obvious. It also fits his hyper personality well.

Cerim: Security guard.

He spent his route guarding a rock. Something tells me guarding is what he does best.

Glenn: Teacher.

Since he was taking care of his little sister, he probably knows how to deal with kids. He’s also mature and responsible enough for the job.

Leslie: Officer.

He’s also a good guard, but he has this intense sense of justice; he just gives me the feeling he’d be a good officer.

Sigurd: Tour guide.

Weird. I know. But Sigurd is rather good with people, he just interacts with groups of people with ease. So walking around with a group of people informing them about the place? Yeah that could work.

Liz: Vet.

Liz is all about healing and talking to animals, so with a normal job, she’d definitely end up as a vet.

the weird & the feared, pt. 2

The Weird and the Feared – Pt. 2 // part one

Ivar x original female character

Words: 2174

Warnings: alcohol, angst

A/N: Hopplös – Hopeless

Välkommen hemma! – Welcome Home

Älskling – Love

Lite Hopplös – Little Hopeless

Botten upp – Bottoms Up


If you’d like to be tagged on future parts, just let me know! I’ve got the next five parts written so I’ll try not to spam you too much.

@ivarsvalkyrie @burningsunshin3 @readsalot73 @rockyrascal @britt-janssens

The elevator ride up to the penthouse was silent. Bitsy stood in between Ivar and me, but I felt his eyes shooting predatory looks in my direction. I knew I looked different. We hadn’t seen each other since we were both seventeen. When I was seventeen I had long blonde hair and an unsettling sense of innocence that seemed to radiate off me in waves. Now, my hair was short and black – falling just above my shoulders – and if I was radiating anything, it was annoyance.

I tried not to look at him, tried not to see how he had changed.

The doors opened and Ivar made his way out and down the hall, Bitsy and I following behind him. There were only two doors on the floor, one on either side of the hall and when Ivar went up to one, I made my way to the other. I quickly unlocked the door and shoved the trolley inside, grabbing Bitsy by the coat sleeve to drag her behind me while Ivar struggled to pull his keys from his pocket.

I locked the deadbolt behind me and turned on the lights to take in the apartment – to see what had changed and what had remained the same. The floor to ceiling windows boasted a gorgeous view of Bernisdale. The kitchen, it appeared, had been updated. The fireplace in the middle, separating the kitchen and the living room, was cleaned with wood sitting beside it – ready for use. I hoped the bedroom I had spent my teenage years in, the one on the first floor because I refused stairs, was still set up for someone to sleep in.

I didn’t notice that my best friend was being unnaturally quiet until she cleared her throat. I turned towards her, and took in her smirking expression and arms crossed in front of her chest.

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anonymous asked:

What're ur opinions on the new units, also I know nothing about genealogy of the holy war so is it just a coincidence that sifurd and seliph and Julia and deidre look so similar?

They are Julia and Seliphs parents… well Kinda for Julia shes the half sibling to Seliph



Great support unit with offensive potential, drive speed is incredible as is Blarblade.


Divine Naga is amazing as is quick riposte and speed ploy. She’ll probably be a offensive nuke like Julia, but better.


Okay so he’s a red counter to Reinhardt……

He takes less damage in general against magic, as well as crusaders ward essentially making the second hit useless if consecutive. Close defence helps his defence stats and speed smoke is great too. Miracle is ironic though



The Dragon and I (Part VII)

I really enjoy writing fantasy. There’s something in this genre that just makes me fall in love with it :)

Here’s the link in AO3 if you prefer to read it there.

Tino stared at the point where Sigurd was showing and he started to shake his head in disagreement.

“No. We are not going to take them there” Tino stated and then he looked at Sigurd’s eyes.

“Tino, don’t do this” Sigurd asked. He already knew that Tino coming with them was an issue itself.

“Sigurd, please think about it” Tino didn’t want to fight but he was sure that he wouldn’t put a single foot into that place.

Magnus and Berwald just stood there, watching and listening to the argument that the dragons were having.

“Are we going to see a dragon fight?” Magnus whispered to Berwald “Because I forgot the beer and popcorn”

“I’m more concerned by the fact that we might become roasted chicken if they actually start fighting” Berwald explained.

Neither of the dragons were going to accept the other one point of view.

“Tino, I really want to go there” Sigurd was about to beg him.

“Sigurd, I don’t think it’s a good idea” Tino was worried about the humans and about the memories that that place could bring.

Sigurd looked at the humans.

“Can I have a moment of privacy with Tino?”There was something he wanted to tell the other dragon, but he wanted to keep it as a secret for the humans, at least for a while.

“Hey! You were the ones that were supposed to obey us!” Magnus was a little bit pissed off because of how things were turning.

“Magnus, I don’t think it’s a good idea to make two dragons angry” Berwald reminded him.

“Five minutes and then you can come back” Sigurd proposed.

On the other hand, Tino was confused. He didn’t trust Sigurd at all.

“Let’s go, Magnus” Berwald grabbed him by the arm “Five minutes” He repeated to the dragons before walking away.

Once the two explorers were out, Sigurd decided to tell Tino what was going on on his mind.

“Magnus has a tattoo. A big one on his back, like a shield and the color was red” Sigurd explained “I don’t believe in coincidences”

Tino was playing with his fingers but he stopped when the other one said that.

“Berwald has a similar one. But it’s yellow and…” Tino bit his lips “Do you think they are—?”

“That’s why I want to go there. Maybe they just saw those designs in a really old book and decided they were cool. Or maybe they are…” Sigurd didn’t want to say the words.

Tino understood immediately.

“We have to protect them though. Do you realize that? That place wasn’t meant to be found by humans. I’m not sure why is in that map in the first place” Tino had some questions regarding Berwald’s tattoo. To be honest, he wasn’t satisfied with his answer but he didn’t want it to be a push-over.

Sigurd took a deep breath.

“Yes, I’m aware of that. But it’s going to be worth it” Sigurd at least hoped that all those incoming troubles would be rewarded.

Magnus knocked the door and then entered.

“Ding, dong! The five minutes are over!” Magnus announced it so loud, that it was probably heard in the next room.

“Sometimes I wonder why I’m following you” Berwald complained.

Magnus completely ignored Berwald’s comment and went straight to the point.

“So what have you two decided?” Magnus was quite intrigued.

“I think it’s a good place to explore” Tino said not really convinced.

Sigurd hit him with his elbow. Clearly Tino wasn’t a mastermind of disguise or an expert in lying.

“Where did you buy this map?” Sigurd was sure that the place that they have chosen didn’t show in normal maps.

“Oh, well. An old guy sold us that map. Well, he actually gave it to us. For some reason, he wanted to get rid off that map” Magnus explained “But who the hell wants to get rid off a map?” Magnus shrugged and then laughed.

“An old guy?” Sigurd was curious. He took another look at the map. He was right, it as magical map. But he decided to keep that information for himself.

“He also gave us this weird book” Berwald took a very old and fragile book out of his belongings “I’ve tried to decipher it, but it’s an old language” He explained before handle it to Tino.

Tino tried to be really careful while turning the pages. He opened his eyes widely and then he showed the pictures that were placed there to Sigurd.

“Damn it” Sigurd was getting suspicious about that old guy.

“What’s wrong?” Magnus realized that something changed in Sigurd’s expression. It was barely noticeable but it was there.

“Nothing, nothing” Sigurd violently closed the book and gave it back to Berwald “Just keep it safe” He requested.

“Well, can you at least explain why we are heading there? Are there treasures or something?” He realized that the dragons were holding something back for some reason.

“There are huge treasures! Treasures that no one has ever seen!” Tino was exaggerating and he almost got hit again by Sigurd.

Magnus and Berwald looked at each other, not knowing what to believe.

“Anyways, you don’t have anything to worry about. We are going to protect you” Sigurd brushed it off.

“And what’s the name of this place?” Berwald couldn’t hide that he was really worry about the whole issue.

“Does it matter?” Tino giggled and then approached the explorer “it’s not really important”

“Yes, it is” Magnus was getting even more suspicious.

Sigurd took a deep breath.

“It’s not as bad as it sounds” Sigurd promised “It’s called… The Dragon’s Hell Creek”

Redeemable - Vikings Series Part 7/?

Ivar x OC      Sigurd x OC(ish)

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@whenimaunicorn @synnersaint @tiyetiye @odins-missing-eye @ivarinleatherpants @lupy22 @nothingbuthappydays @justacrush @ladymelissastark @dreamingofrenewing

A/N: This is getting harder to write as I get sucked into the angst. This was just supposed to be a hot Ivar ficlet, but now I am ruining my life.Enjoy.

Sexual Content: Masturbation

When Eydis opened the door to the quarters at last, all of the slaves inside immediately hushed. Walking in and closing the door behind her, she looked at their faces. Some were shocked, annoyed, or even just sad. Before she could say anything, they all started to disperse, most likely preparing for other chores.

When she caught the eyes of Tyra and Gunhild, they indiscreetly tried to avoid her, but she cornered them. “What is going on?” She asked quietly. Tyra looked all around them and dragged them back into the hallway before anybody could notice. “Again, what is going on?” Eydis, it seemed, was utterly unable to escape anxiety-inducing situations.

“Garth and a few others told everyone what happened at breakfast.” Tyra peeked around the corner to make sure that nobody could hear them.

“Eydis, what did he do after everyone left? Garth said you were still sitting with Ivar after breakfast.” Gunhild rubbed circles on Eydis’s shoulders comfortingly.

Eydis took a deep breath. “He asked me to get him ready in the mornings and feed him during meals.” Just saying it out loud felt ridiculous and humiliating. Tyra and Gunhild both did their best to make her feel better.

“This probably means nothing. You are just still new, is all. He is only messing with you.” Tyra pinched Gunhild’s arm, making her nod along.

“And, this is not terribly unusual. The princes have asked these things of us many times before.” Gunhild added, smiling much too widely.

“But not Ivar, and not in such a perpetual way.” Eydis finished their thoughts for them. She knew it was what they were thinking anyway. She stared at them during an awkward silence. Neither felt it was the best time to ask her what ‘perpetual’ meant. “Do not talk to anybody about this.” Eydis especially focused her words towards Tyra, who raised her arms as an act of innocence. “I mean it. This is nobody else’s business and it is embarrassing enough as it is.” Eydis pinched the bridge of her nose, feeling a headache coming on.

“We won’t say anything.” Gunhild promised, making Tyra repeat her.

“Say anything about what?” All of the girls froze at the sound of a deep voice behind them. For one second, they had all feared that it was King Ivar, but then realized that it was not. Very slowly, the three of them turned around.

It was Sigurd. Eydis let out a small breath of relief, but the other two were still frozen. “Nothing.” Eydis said quickly, making him raise his eyebrows. “Um,” Eydis stepped in front of her friends, in order to make them more comfortable. “Is there anything I can help you with…” she paused, looking at him. He was watching her in anticipation, “…Prince Sigurd?” She said, managing to keep her voice steady. She was much less frightened of Sigurd after having been so close to Ivar.

Smirking, he leaned against a wall. “Yes, actually. We need to speak.” His eyes darted to the other two slaves, and he sent them a glare. “Leave.” He commanded, and they were gone in an instant.

Eydis looked behind her, watching them disappear behind the door. She turned back to look at him with a nervous smile. She wanted to talk about the fight and what Margarethe had said, but did not know how. “I… um- I wanted to speak with you as well.” She tried sounding more confident, but she only sounded awkward and stupid. Sigurd looked amused, gesturing for her to continue. “Margarethe spoke to me this morning.” She said hesitantly. He narrowed his eyes for a moment before nodding his head.

“I suspected.” Eydis took a deep breath. “She talked to me as well.” He said, surprising Eydis. So he knew what Margarethe had proposed to her?

With her cheeks turning red at this new information, Eydis swallowed hard. “I, uh, wanted to talk with you about what she, um, said.” Eydis stuttered, flicking her eyes all over the place.

Sigurd stood up straight again, drawing her eyes back to him. “Yes, I assumed as much.” He was obviously waiting for her to say something more, but when she didn’t he tried to start. “Margarethe’s plan is reasonable.” Eydis nodded despite what he was saying. He wanted her to sleep with him, and that did not make her any less uncomfortable. “It is common here in Kattegat and I would do my best to keep Ivar away from you.” He was obviously not even really considering her side of this. Sure, she wanted to be protected from Ivar, but Sigurd did not seem to care whether or not she actually wanted to sleep with him. Of course, she thought to herself, why would she expect him to? She was only a slave.

“Your best…” Ends said under her breath and he nodded. “Can you guarantee my safety?” She asked hopefully. His face seemed to twitch. Eydis was not stupid. She knew that Sigurd was just as frightened of Ivar as everyone else. So why would he do this? There was something he was not telling her.

“My best is all that I can offer.” He answered tightly, to which she gave an understanding nod. It was quiet for a while before he spoke again. “Agree or not, but I would like to know your answer now.” He was biting on the inside of his cheek. His gut was telling him that this was a very bad idea. When Ivar found out…. he would be furious, but Sigurd could only hope that Ivar would drop it. Surely if he could get hard, he could just go find somebody else. Besides, if Sigurd were to find out that Eydis meant more to Ivar than he let on, he could definitely use it to his advantage.

“I am to be serving Ivar more regularly.” She said quietly. Sigurd thought about it, he had actually expected Ivar to do something like this. Despite his roughness, Ivar was still a little brat. He required constant attention and affection, and since their mother had died, he had received none.

“That does not change anything. We can work around it.” She looked at him worriedly and he rolled his eyes. “I am sorry, but there is nothing else I can do about it.” Eydis furrowed her eyebrows in deep thought.

“Can… can I ask you a question?” she mumbled. He nodded. “What did Ivar say to you… about me?” Sigurd was obviously picking his words carefully. He didn’t want to upset her anymore than she already was.

“It was just crude talk. Don’t worry too much about it.” He rubbed his hand on the back of his neck. Eydis didn’t understand why nobody would just tell her.

“Margarethe told me that I was in danger of Ivar.” She said slowly. Sigurd wanted to have her decision, but knew that for her to feel comfortable enough to agree, he would need to listen to her. “Whatever he said- did it make you think that I was in danger?” It was odd for her to speak so plainly to him, as if she were not his slave.

Sigurd could obviously tell her embellished stories about what Ivar said about her so that she would agree, but he really didn’t need to. He did not eve have to lie, which made him feel a lot less guilty for taking advantage of Eydis. “Yes.” He said simply, nodding his head. It was enough for Eydis. If everyone told her she was in danger, she would be a fool to no listen.

Her head was swimming. She wished that she did not have to make this decision at this very moment while all of the other nosy slaves might have their ears pressed again the door at that very moment. There was so much pressure. There was no guarantee that it would stop Ivar from taking whatever he wanted from her, which she had yet to find out what that was. Even if it did work, would sleeping with Sigurd be worth it?

Gathering up all of her thoughts, she could only process one answer. “I agree.”

* * *

After Ivar had dismissed Eydis, he had begun to mull over the thoughts in his head. He was satisfied with his progress. If Eydis spent more time with him, she would surely want to join him in his bed. How could she not. Ivar could be very nice when he felt like it, and he was highly motivated. Besides, despite his lack of experience, Ivar was well aware that he was not an ugly man. He was also a powerful man. She would realize these things in time, hopefully sooner rather than later, and become his bedmate very willingly.

That was when he started thinking more about her. He had very purposefully gotten his mouth as close to her fingers as possible during breakfast. Seeing her reaction to every little thing he did was magnificent. What had been even better was the look on Sigurd’s face. Ivar had always taken his brothers’ toys growing up, especially Sigurd’s. Eydis, however, might be his favorite stolen toy yet.

These thoughts crossed his mind while he sat at a table covered in many maps. That’s when it happened again. He looked down, surprised, but then he was very happy. He knew he could do it again! He was now completely confident that Eydis was the only one who could fix him. Maybe after having her a few times, he would even be able to get it up for other girls, better girls. The idea of not being stuck with the slave for too long made Ivar much happier.

Now Ivar was very much looking forward to his midday meal. It was the only meal that he and his family did not eat together, so he would not be able to relish in the looks on their faces, but time alone with the slave could be valuable at this point. Feeling the strain in his pants, Ivar groaned.

After having had more awkward and hilarious conversations with Hvitserk, Ivar now knew what to do when he became hard though he was not really looking forward to it since he did not know what to expect. He lay in his bed and pulled down his pants awkwardly, trying to shift his legs apart so that he could grasp his cock in his hands. Hvitserk had told him to think of the things that excited him most.

Ivar had a hard time discerning the difference between what made him hard and what gave him thrills. For instance, the color of Eydis’s eyes made him hard, but the image of blood pouring from the wounds of his enemies gave Ivar the best thrill. In an odd combination of both types of excitement, Ivar actually managed to get off fairly quickly. It had felt better than he had been told and could only imagine what it would be like with his little slave. He had to quickly change the thoughts in his head out of fear of getting hard again.

After very clumsily cleaning up after himself, Ivar was finally able to concentrate again on finding Bjorn.
* * *

Garth, fetched Eydis for Ivar when he was ready to eat. She had informed Sigfrid of her new duties to the king, and had her chores made to fit her new schedule. Thankfully, she had just finished cleaning all of the Ragnarssons’ rooms with Tyra when he had sent for her. Garth and Tyra both watched her leave with uneasy expressions. Thankfully, Tyra and Gunhild had kept their promises to not talk to anyone about any of the additional details.

The only thing she was worried about as much as king Ivar was Sigurd. He told her he wanted her to come to his room that night. Eydis was so terribly embarrassed and anxious, but he promised to protect her, and she tried to believed him.

Sigfrid had told Eydis to fetch Ivar’s midday meal from the kitchen. Garth had told her that he was eating at a small round, table in the hall while doing some work. Eydis hoped that he would be too busy to bother her too much.

When she arrived, his back was to her, so she felt slightly relieved that she wouldn’t have to deal with him staring at her while she crossed all the way across the hall. However, when she got closer, she was worried she would startle him. She could not imagine what Ivar might do if she accidentally scared him.

“Why are you just standing there?” He suddenly spoke up, surprising Eydis. She shuffled to stand by him, waiting for permission to sit. He looked up at her with an expectant look. Flustered, she fumbled with her words.

“I was… I thought… I didn’t want to sneak up on you.” She finally spit out. Ivar watched her, amused.

“Oh little slave,” He chuckled, causing her grip to tighten on his plate and cup for any kind of support. “I am Viking- a warrior. You can not sneak up on me.” He reached up and brushed a piece of her hair behind her ear, making her lose her breath immediately.

She was not sure how to answer, and was hoping he would allow her to sit soon because it was getting uncomfortable standing so close beside him this way. Ivar knew what she was waiting for, but wanted to give her a little test. How long would she stand there before asking if she could sit? He had almost expected her to forget to wait for permission to begin with, but she did not.

Eydis could only think about her conversation with Sigurd and what Ivar would do to them if he found out. If he really intended on… taking her, as Margarethe put it, he would surely be very unhappy to find out about their arrangement. Eydis only hoped that Sigurd was able to hold up his side of the deal.

After standing there for quite a while, Eydis looked down at the untouched cup and plate while he continued to survey many maps and texts. Finally, when Ivar realized she would never ask, he told her to sit down. Thankful, Eydis took the seat beside him. It wasn’t too close, which was enough to give her some mild comfort. Ivar turned more towards her and looked at the cup and plate. She offered them to him, hoping he might not want her to feed him this particular time. Surely he did not expect her to feed him at every meal.

He stared at her blankly and then at the plate she offered. She was either very witty or very stupid. Ivar was often conflicted between the two with her.  He took the cup and had a big swig of ale. “Do you not remember your job here?” He prodded. Eydis immediately retracted the plate, to which he nodded. He opened his mouth, ordering her playfully with his eyes. Eydis picked up a piece of some sort of cooked fish and outstretched her hand towards him. Very suddenly, he leaned forward, meeting her halfway, and snatching the piece of fish with his teeth, causing her to gasp and withdraw her hand quickly. He had very nearly bitten her. Ivar laughed out loud with the food still in his mouth. “Do not be frightened little slave, I do not bite… always.” The way he said it made her skin crawl. She only stared at him frightfully.

Ivar was growing more annoyed. Here he was trying to joke and flirt, but she did not appreciate his efforts. He wondered if he was not doing it right, but dismissed it quickly. He was a king, and he knew what he was doing.

She hesitantly continued to feed him and he did not pull anything else, for he had obviously failed at making her relax. At one point, he handed her his cup. “Go grab a flagon and refill my cup.” He commanded without looking her. He had begun studying the things in front of him again in deep thought. Eydis could only assume that he was looking for Bjorn Ironside. That was what everyone was saying anyway.

When she returned, he had apparently finished whatever work he had been doing. Therefore, he was able to focus all of his attention on Eydis. Lucky me. “Do you need anything else?” She asked hesitantly. He tilted his head appreciatively. He wondered how long she had been a slave. She was very used to the lifestyle it seemed, and knew all of the rules.

“What a good little slave you are for me, hm?” He asked, making her look away from him. “You would stand there all day if I refused you permission to sit, would you not?” He asked smugly.

Eydis was not sure how to answer, but found only one that seemed the safest. “I would do whatever you require of me, my king.” Ivar bore his eyes into her, loving the sound of her submissive words.

“Would you?” She finally looked back at him. When she didn’t answer, he started growing bored. “Sit.” Obediently, Eydis did what she was told and handed him his refilled drink. “Tell me,” he took a swallow, “how long have you been a slave?” Eydis was very uncomfortable with the unforeseen topic.

“What?” She asked dumbly and he rolled his eyes.

“You heard me.” He said, but she was surprised to find that his voice was more gentle than usual. “How long?” Ivar found himself becoming more and more curious about this odd slave. He wanted to know more about her, which made him only more frustrated because he really should not have cared so much.

Eydis had never liked talking about her family or her birth. She had only ever told the stories to herself in her dreams. She had not spoken them out loud in years. “I was born a slave, my king.” She added the last part, reminding herself to be respectful.

Ivar nodded. It made sense. It was not terribly common for one to be born into slavery. Usually masters were willing to free the newborns of slaves because infants did no work, they only required it themselves. Eydis, of course, knew this as well. “Why?” Was all he asked, and Eydis refrained from sighing sadly out loud.

After she paused for a while, Ivar sensed that it was uncomfortable for her to speak about. Finally deciding to have mercy on her, Ivar dismissed his question. “Never mind.” Eydis was noticeably relieved. “Finish feeding me.” He ordered and they sat there quietly while she fed him until he had finished. Just before Eydis was expecting him to dismiss her, he pulled her chair closer, scaring her with the sudden action. He studied her face and gently brushed the hair out her face with his rough and calloused fingers, making her shiver. She thought he might not have noticed, but he definitely did. She was incredibly surprised by how gentle he was being with her. “You’ve been such a good slave for me so far.” He said quietly. He dropped his hands, and watched the blush of her cheeks spread down her neck and into her cleavage. “I will see you at dinner.” His voice came out more gravelly than before, startling Eydis. “You can go.” He waved his hand at her and she eagerly left.

* * *

Sigurd was surprised at just how much it bothered him to see Eydis feeding his cripple of a brother. He had wanted her first and had grown more competitive and annoyed with Ivar.

He was not entirely surprised when Eydis had agreed to their little deal. Margarethe had assured him that she would. The thought of having that sweet little body all to himself was all that kept him from scoffing through dinner. He had yet to figure out exactly how he could protect Eydis from Ivar. He couldn’t make Ivar stop using her to feed him or cloth him. He could perhaps talk to him, but it was not as though Ivar ever listened to him. Maybe he could ask Ubbe or Hvitserk to to talk to him. He also thought about secretly making her a free woman, but then she would probably not sleep with him and Ivar would be beyond furious. The most he could think to do, was protect her from any physical exploitations from Ivar, and even then, Sigurd was not sure that Ivar would just not cut his head off. In the end, as long as Eydis was in his bed, there was no problem.

The brothers had become somewhat more relaxed since breakfast because Ivar was obviously in a good mood. Ubbe and Hvitserk were openly cracking jokes and Ivar even laughed along with them several times. Sigurd could not make himself laugh, however, when he saw Ivar leaning over and whispering into Eydis’s ear.

Eydis had not looked at him throughout the entire dinner, but he did not blame her. She had given small smiles at Ubbe’s loud jokes and snuck glances at Margarethe, but mostly kept her eyes on Ivar or on her lap. Several times he could tell that Ivar grabbed her leg under the table. He hoped that he was not hurting her or else she would expect him to find a way to fix that too.

Sigurd was broken from his thoughts when Margarethe spoke to Eydis. “Eydis, how did you find shopping in the market a few days ago?” Everyone, including Eydis, was surprised that Margarethe addressed her. Margarethe looked at Ivar, who did not seem angry, but suspicious. “What? Am I not allowed to speak with her?” Sigurd saw Ivar withdraw his hand from Eydis, and she became visibly more relaxed.
“No, of course.” Ivar shrugged. “Of course you can.” Eydis looked at him and he nodded to her, giving her permission to speak.

“It was lovely.” She smiled gently.

Margarethe felt that Eydis could use a normal conversation at dinner just to calm her. Margarethe hoped to make Eydis much more comfortable here if she was going to be eating with them from now on. Sigurd had told her about Ivar’s new jobs for poor Eydis. “Yes. Kattegat has become one of the biggest trade centers in Norway.” Margarethe talked cheerfully, keeping everyone at the table relaxed. “Isn’t that right, Ubbe?”

Ubbe looked up from his plate to his wife, to Eydis, and then to Ivar. “Erh, yes. That is right.”

Margarethe gave Hvitserk a look and then he understood what she was doing. She was trying to get everyone to talk to Eydis so that she would not feel alone with Ivar. “I can remember when we were young. Kattegat still had the docks of course, but it was so much quieter then. Don’t you agree, Sigurd?”

Everyone stiffly looked to Sigurd, who was in the middle of a big bite of meat. He swallowed it quickly and straightened up a bit. Ivar squinted his eyes in warning at Sigurd. Sigurd did not look directly at Eydis, but answered anyway. “Yes, but it had already grown so much when I was born and especially when Ivar was born.” He gestured to Ivar, trying to relieve the tension.

The rest of dinner continued similarly. Eydis was surprised and very grateful that they all spoke to her. Before, she had felt like a mere decoration on the table for Ivar’s viewing, but then she felt much more a part of the dinner. Margarethe gave her a small smile and Ivar was already finished with his food, so Eydis was able to relax for a short while at least.

However, knowing what was coming that very night brushed all of the pleasantries away. Eydis continued to smile and take part in conversation, but her thoughts had then begun to focus on what would take place in Sigurd’s room and how she would manage to deal with it.

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Usually no one would dear say anything to Ivar the Boneless. Everyone was, is terrified of him - even his own brothers refrain from saying the things they think because of his temper, but recently people have been getting more lippy towards the young Viking for his mind has been occupied by other things. By being occupied, I mean, he was infatuated by her. Of course his morals did not change, but he toned down his temper around her, and acted a little nicer towards his brothers. He let up on the scowling and even laughed a little. He would stay up late to speak with her, and he confided in her with the troubles he had had on his back since birth; his disability, and about his father, King Ragnar. He even showed affection to her out in public. Like tonight.
 The fire cracked in the pit, and the hall was loud and bustling with people. The reason was, the Vikings had gone on another raid. Hvitserk had gone with Bjorn, and Ubbe wanted to celebrate his brother’s bravery. Their mother also wanted to celebrate, but she also wanted to get drunk as well.
 I sat beside Ivar, as Ubbe talked about something with other Vikings. They laughed, and drank. Ivar had a cup in his hands that he slowly sipped at. Sigurd had left some time ago. Feeling excluded, by Ivar’s harsh gaze. I feel sorry for him, but don’t say anything - in fear of embarrassing him further.
 "How did you manage to get around?“ A voice asked from over the table. "With your funny legs? How do you do it?” He had beer spilled on his shirt, although his hair glistened nicely in the fires light. “Does it hurt? You know, I heard that your mother slept around - that’s why you’re like that.”
 Ivar’s jaw clenched. “That is not true.”
 "How would you know? You were not born yet.“
 "It is not true.” I say, taking his hand in mine, and trying to calm him down. “It is a horrid rumor. If you do not know everything, I suggest you do not say anything at all.”
 The man nods. “Sorry, didn’t mean to offend you.” He strokes his hair, and takes his drink away with him as the silence created a awkward atmosphere. Ivar’s jaw unclenches, as he stares at the wall.
“Thank you.”
I shrug. “It is okay.” He hugs me tighter, and places his head further into my chest, as I sat on his lap.

Vikings Fic, would you read it?

I’ve been working on a project for the past weeks and at first it was only meant to entertain myself but I wonder if someone here would like me to upload it so they can read it. This story is about a girl from our time who falls through time because of very specific circumstances and finds herself in the tenth century, she has to learn to live this new life and use her knowledge of history to guide herself on this new world, she seems to be an instrument of the gods, they put her in that world for a reason and she shall find out about it. This story is inspired not only by Vikings but also by the Korean drama Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart: Ryeo and the novel/tv series outlander by Diana Gabaldon as well as actual history. So what do you say? Is there anyone who would read this?

Food, simply food

Klaus: No sweets, today? Seriously?

Liz: Well, I’m on a diet, ok? So I won’t bake anything for a while

Klaus: *staring at the lunch boxes full of vegetables* Diet? You’re kidding me, you look totally normal!

Liz: Say this to my weight scale then. I won’t eat anything beside fruits and vegetables. They’re also very healthy. Sorry if you have to eat them too, but I was so upset that I forgot to prepare a different meal for you.

Sigurd: Come on, Klaus. You know girls have this kind of problems. But if you want sweets that bad, I can bring you to that famous sweets shop in town.

Klaus: Sigurd… Don’t tell me she’s in this situation because you two went there too often?

Sigurd: Well… I wouldn’t call it “too often”…

Klaus: You…!

Liz: Awwwn… Those sweets were so good… *daydreaming* I can’t imagine my life without them! Don’t you dare say something like: “You’re not allowed to return there” because I won’t listen to you! *more upset than before, she keeps eating her meal*

Klaus: …

Sigurd: …

Klaus: Fine… But don’t exaggerate. Work hard on your diet and I take you to that shop next time.

Liz: Oh, I will!

Sigurd: That’s the Daddy I know. Even though you can just say you like her cooking.

Klaus: Shut up.

The following day

Klaus: *staring at the vegetables cake in front of him* I should have kept my mouth shut…


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@donetorhasslichliebe thanks a lot, I really enjoyed writing this!

Sorry if it took a while, but it was so generic that I didn’t know what to write, lol. 😂

I had a lot of ideas, then I thought this and I can say I’m satisfied 😁

Dunno if Klaus is enough daddy though… 😅

Thanks for reading this, here below a bonus!


Sigurd: Come on, don’t be afraid, say “aaah”…

Klaus: *trying to avoid him* Don’t you dare feed me!

Ubbe headcanon : before and in a relationship


• Try to get your attention on him 
• Hide his crush for you because he’s scared someone notice how beautiful you are
• Looking at him in the mirror “ok I can do this, she’s just a girl” he’s trying to confort himself but well in his mind you’re not just a girl.
• doing more sport to build his body
• Going home with a smile on his face after he spend time with you “ what are you smiling at brother?” would ask Sigurd and Ubbe couldn’t shut his mouth anymore and talk about you 
• enjoy your laugh more than anything else

After : 

• Would introduce himself to your parents, and invite them to eat with Aslaug 
• Gentleman
• But he also know how to make you horny in a second because he’s the master of your body, he know every weakness you have
• Playing chess with him and make bet 
• Wrap your legs around him, kissing against a wall  
• Highly nervous about proposing to you
• him telling you stories about raid with his deep raw voice at night
• nose touch
• dancing and drinking at feast a lot 

Hey everyone! Q here to lay on some vast knowledge about the Mythical realm Asgard. Under the cut you will find the Calendar, Holidays, Times, and things that will be important to ANYONE writing or maybe even just reading threads with people from this realm. 

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I think it's glorious that you had good enough art to troll an entire subreddit. Bravo bravissimo. Also, I honestly thought those were pencil crayons and not watercolors.

I was taken by surprise that they commissioned me for it, since well, my art is traditional. I thought people would think the datamine would be fake right away :’D
Yeah, when scanned it can look as though it’s pencil, especially since the paper I used doesn’t have the smoothest texture. I promise you it was all watercolour! xD

archer3-13 said

id like to say that marth actually has some interesting conflict in shadow dragon where he struggles a bit with the fact that some people in grust and gra and such dont want the war at all, and shows surprise at this knowledge indicating some level of struggle where he demonized the entire countries of gra at the very least due to its role in his fathers death. He also shows a strong moment where he buries his own personal feelings of grief at learning his mothers fate in order to be with and celebrate with his people the liberation of altea. they may not be the most complex in their own games but they often have interesting struggles of their own i find.

I appreciate the insight into Marth’s character, because he and all of Archanea suffer from a serious case of Seinfeld is Unfunny for me, i.e. later lords and settings have done everything they’ve done but either repeatedly or more substantially. I’ve also read in a few places that Marth is not very consistently characterized across his four games which no doubts contributes to him averaging out somewhere just below interesting. I liked how in FE12 he’s quick to figure out he’s being played and works out something resembling a reasonable plan to escape that situation, unlike well-intentioned dupe Sigurd or trapped-by-plot-device Micaiah or Conquest!Corrin. That’s something too, I suppose?