also is that makoto's back he's looking at!

Free! Novelization Preview

I had a dream about Rin for the first time in a long time.
The Rin in my dream still had the same elementary schooler face that he did the last time I saw him. However, according to the setting he was also in the spring of his second year of high school, same as me, and for some reason we were in the same class. I didn’t find that particularly strange. It’s something that happens quite often in dreams. The Rin wearing an Iwatobi High School uniform looked at me and smiled inside my dream. It was the same smile as back then.
“Hey, Makoto. Would you like to swim in a relay again?”
I vaguely smiled and looked at Haru.
We were on the roof during lunch break. Haru stayed silent and continued to eat his bentou with grilled saba in it.
I stared at Haru. But I couldn’t read his emotions. Even though I could normally tell what he was thinking without him saying anything. In my dream, I panicked since I couldn’t read him. At my hesitation Rin said “Haru says he’ll do it, right?” and without waiting for an answer he grabbed his arm. Haru’s hand eating his bentou stopped and he looked at Rin.
While Haru said that Rin pulled him and stood up. Without waiting for Haru’s response.
“Come on let’s go, Haru.”
Haru’s aluminum bentou box fell from his hands, and it clanged against the concrete roof and rolled.
“Wait, Haru…”
I stood up.
When I looked around, the roof suddenly was filled with water, and Haru and Rin were swimming way off ahead of me. Even though I was in the water, no matter how hard I tried to follow after them, my limbs wouldn’t move how I wanted.
“Wait. Haru. Haru…”

That’s when I woke up.
I was a normal Iwatobi city morning as always, I was on the second floor of the Tachibana house. In my room.
Yesterday Spring vacation had ended, and today was the first day of the new semester. Even though it’s the point of the season where the mornings and evenings are still chilly, the collar of my pajama shirt was uncomfortably wet with sweat.
“Oniichan, what’s wrong?”
“Breakfast is ready?”
Ren and Ran said while peaking into my room with worried looks, having come to wake me up.

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High key think that if makoto proposed it wld b as a spur in the moment kind of thing like theyd be walking or watching a film n he'd just b like yo we shld get married and then try to take back what he said but boi too late lmao

i have so many requests i should be writing instead but o shit made this a teeny scenario as well wh00pz

“Fucking married couples,” Hanamiya cursed as the rest of the restaurant were clapping for the newly weds, “we’ll be way less annoying.”

“We? Are you proposing to me?” You smiled cheekily at him, a teasing glint in your eye that disappeared with urgency when Hanamiya responded,

“Yeah- what the hell- marry me.”


also though i feel like he could also propose in a huge, potentially violent, argument with his s/o

“You don’t love me! I’ve always been a toy!” you hissed in anger, backing away from the man with clenched fists and a frame that towered over you.

“[Y/N]- don’t be a paranoid bitch,” his words were cold as he looked down at you with an emotion very similar to contempt.

“Oh, I’m paranoid? I’m paranoid?” Getting higher and higher, your voice outlined what would be progressively extreme hysteria.

“You’re fucking paranoid because I fucking love you so marry me, damn it.”

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Ryoutaro resembles Gladiolus (from FFXIV) when he was young, do you by any chance based Ryoutaro off him? :)

Not you too~ Hehe XD I mean some of my followers on IG also told me that Ryou looks like Gladdy. Actually, he was based off Makoto from Notice me Senpai instead.

I didnt know about Gladio back then too so I guess its a coincidence? TwT I dont really see the resemblance tbh but I do love him as much as I love Gladio. 

There’s this picture which I never posted here and I think Ryou looks a bit like Gladio?? Idk feel free to judge XP

PS. that’s not his hand :8

To the bravest big boy I’ve ever known… you’ll grow up just fine. But remember to treasure a boy with green eyes.

Birthday present to my piece of ikemen SENSEI who requested to pair up Sailor Haru with the Sailor Makoto she drew for me as a present! :D OK. Back-up story time! In another universe, one lil Haru is alone with no friends and he’s been brave being by himself for so long until Haru from another universe (the one happy with Makoto) decided to try to fix this up. So he visited lil Haru to tell him to look out for a green eyed boy and treasure him because he’ll mean the whole world to him. Also I don’t see why Haru won’t kiss lil Haru? 

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soumako for the ship thing please? :>

:’) thank you

  • who hogs the duvet: makoto, of course, because he’s a) a butt and b) colder than his boyfriend. sousuke’s a human furnace so most of the time he doesn’t really need it, but he’s the kinda person who can’t sleep without a duvet whether or not he’s actually cold. so, naturally, a war breaks out whenever this happens.
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going: makoto, and most off the time he calls at the wrong time. when sousuke’s in the middle of work and definitely shouldn’t pick up but makoto won’t stop calling. sousuke’s pretty forgetful so he doesn’t do it, but sometimes he leaves notes on the fridge for makoto to see whenever he bothers getting outta bed.
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: actually sousuke, contrary to popular belief. despite his forgetful nature he’s a lot more creative when it comes to gifts than makoto is. makoto thinks inside of a very tiny shoe box, thinks “uh, gift cards maybe” while sousuke actually considers what kinda person is the gift recipient. “rin likes things that smell like flowers and crap so i’ll go along those lines” etc etc.
  • who gets up first in the morning: sousuke, because makoto sleeps through all of the alarms he sets and sousuke has to drag his sorry ass outta bed at the last minute.
  • who suggests new things in bed: makoto. it doesn’t happen often because they’re comfortable as is, but makoto’s the one who gets bored the quickest. he gets his ideas from gou and kisumi, sometimes nagisa but everyone tells him not to listen to the little menace. he tries not to.
  • who cries at movies: both of them. disney films, you’ll catch ‘em both wiping their tears with their shirts and sniffling loudly. sousuke’s a very silent crier, though, while makoto can’t help but let a hiccup or a sob slip often when he cries.
  • who gives unprompted massages: sousuke. “hey you look a little stiff” and just gives makoto a back massage outta the blue. makoto appreciates the hell outta it, tho, and turns into a cat that purrs. kinda disturbing sometimes when he really gets into it.
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick: makoto, and jesus christ is he bad at taking care of sousuke because he frets too much. “are you sure you’re ok? you want more chicken noodle soup? maybe another blanket?” “god jesus fuck makoto i’m not DYING”
  • who gets jealous easiest: mmm i don’t think either get jealous all that easily when they’re actually dating, but if i have to pick i’d say makoto. he’s a little less confident than sousuke is, but sousuke of course doesn’t miss an opportunity to reassure makoto. it’s very rare for jealousy to happen in the first place, though.
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music: makoto. sousuke listens to a lot of different things, but makoto has songs from children’s movies on his phone. he blames his younger siblings for it but sousuke knows he likes them in secret. he also likes pop which sousuke hates with a burning passion.
  • who collects something unusual: makoto collects things like bus/train tickets from significant days (when sousuke came back after a long ass trip to see his relatives in godforsaken sapporo).
  • who takes the longest to get ready: sousuke, because he always misplaces his shit. “sousuke i swear if i come look for it and i find it i’ll kill you-” “don’t worry i found it let’s go”
  • who is the most tidy and organised: as expected, though maybe not if you didn’t read the above, makoto. half a lifetime of having to pick up stuff after his siblings would do that to him, i imagine. of course he has his moments of “fuck it”, too, and then they’re both royally screwed. it takes inviting someone over for them both to get off their asses to go clean the house.
  • who gets most excited about the holidays: makoto. goes into overdrive and decorates the place to the point where you don’t recognise the house anymore, it’s gross. of course he’s in charge of taking it all down, too. sousuke never sees the point of it all.
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: makoto loves being the big spoon. chin on ssk’s shoulder, arms around his middle. the best. sousuke doesn’t mind either way.
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: sousuke. he starts yelling and crap when they’re playing mario kart and tends to forget that they often do that with the twins. of course, makoto’s very competitive, too, since he has grown up with siblings to play video games and stuff with. but sousuke’s the worst, definitely.
  • who starts the most arguments: it depends on how you see it. makoto tends to bottle shit up and sousuke knows that he does, so he’s the one to bring it up and thus start the argument, but makoto’s the one who worries about stupid insignificant things that sousuke has to bring up.
  • who suggests that they buy a pet: they both want pets, but the thing is that makoto’s a cat person and sousuke’s a dog person. so, of course, they don’t have pets. who am i kidding they get a dog in the end because sousuke manages to convince makoto of their charm. it’s a german shepherd that they get as a puppy and it’s so cute and makoto thinks that it’s not that bad, after all.
  • what couple traditions they have: lame ass ones. to be fair, they’re not too big on traditions to begin with, but they always make sure to do something for the other’s birthday. they also have movie nights where they watch two films (one that makoto picks and one that sousuke picks) every now and then.
  • what tv shows they watch together: crime stuff, documentaries, etc. they both find it very fascinating- though makoto leans more towards documentaries.
  • what other couple they hang out with: kisuharu. they’re invited to movie nights a lot, where they take turns watching a film someone’s picked.
  • how they spend time together as a couple: a fairly docile duo, they lie on the couch and watch tv most of the time, but occasionally one of them will get tired of it and say “hey let’s go out for a walk”. they take trips every once in a while using sousuke’s car, to different cities along the coast, maybe as far as down to kyushu.
  • who made the first move: sousuke. makoto doesn’t think the feelings are mutual, sousuke doesn’t care if they are because fuck he’s gotta risk it or he’ll never know. goes for a lame “hey come hang out at my place this saturday” and of course it works.
  • who brings flowers home: spontaneously, makoto. as an apology, sousuke.
  • who is the best cook: HAHAHA are you kidding sousuke doesn’t even let makoto take care of the dishes. “you’ll burn those too somehow, i just know it”.

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Makoto and Goro finding their s/o's photos of them with hearts and cute lil crowns drawn on them and cheesy writing thats like "queen of my world! <3" and "my prince charming!!"

omg this is so fucking cute i love it!!!


  • Her and S/O were just studying together one day when Makoto took their notes from them and S/O kind of
  • Flips and is like “M-M-MAKOTO PLEASE DON’T LOOK THROUGH THEM” cause Makoto doesn’t know S/O likes them
  • She cocks an eyebrow but still proceeds to examine the notes but lmao it’s actually a scrapbook and she just
  • So happens to turn to a page dedicated to Makoto and selfies they have took together and S/O just dies
  • “queen of my world!” “cutie patootie” “love of my life” and there’s hearts around Makoto’s face and both of them are blushing at this point
  • Makoto is speechless and she’s trying to process the current situation and looks over at S/O. 
  • S/O just covers their face and was like “S-Senpai, I actually like you a lot… but idk how to tell you so… I-I…”
  • Makoto thinks S/O is suddenly super adorable and forgets about studying and ask them if they want to go get crepes. 
  • S/O feels happy all the sudden and these cute motherfuckers go get their crepes and enjoy the rest of the evening.


  • Akechi and S/O have been good friends for awhile, especially when Akechi realizes that S/O isn’t a huge fangirl/fanboy
  • Sometimes he’ll go over to their house when he doesn’t feel like dealing with Shido and so
  • S/O went on to go check the mail and Akechi notices a notebook on the coffee table of their living room
  • It’s decorated all cutesy and shit and Akechi, being a detective that he is, is curious to find out what the notebook has in it.
  • So being the nosy shit he is, he opens and it has pictures, doodles, and cheesy shit like “my prince charming” “my pancake boy”
  • He realizes it’s all pictures of him and the doodles, while terribly drawn out, are also him and S/O and
  • He can’t help but find it somewhat endearing that S/O’s lowkey a fanboy/fangirl
  • S/O finally comes back with the mail and like… sees Akechi looking through the notebook and they’re a blushing mess
  • “I-I’m sorry Akechi… I-I-I didn’t want you to think I was some crazy fan… b-but I do like you and all…”
  • S/O is cute and Akechi can’t help but to find them cute so he takes them out to go get pancakes or some other sweet
Not All Bad

Support! Ryuji! Sakamoto!

Ryuji was pouting as the Phantom Thieves made their way through Mementos. He had had a particularly bad day. His classmates seemed to pick on him more than usual. The teachers still ignored it and him altogether. And his mom was stuck at work and wouldn’t be home in time for dinner, which left him all by himself. Ryuji wasn’t about to let his friends know about all that, though. They didn’t need to carry the pain of his life. He could handle it all by himself.

His hands dashed for the bottom of his seat as Morgana ran over a Shadow in his car form. The bump was significantly less painful than when you didn’t hold on. He watched as Akira, Haru, Yusuke, and Ann jumped into battle. Ryuji sighed, he wanted to fight. He wanted to get his mind off of his bad day.

“Skull, what’s with the sour expression?” Makoto leaned across the seat back to get his attention. “You’ve looked down ever since we got here.”

Ryuji frowned at the fact that he sucked at hiding his feelings. Also that Makoto had acknowledged his mood. He sighed and waved a hand at her. “It’s nothin’. Just a bad day.”

“How bad?” Makoto asked softly. How come she could see right through him?

In truth, kids in his class had made fun of him and Akira. Pretty bad. They joked about them being a couple. How delinquents went together. One even bothered to say how’d they go to jail together. Ryuji didn’t want to say all this to Makoto. Yet her gaze was hard and caring.

Ryuji frowned. He looked down at his gloves to avoid her eyes. Makoto reached out to place a hand on his shoulder. Ryuji didn’t lift his chin, but made himself look at her.

“You can tell me – well, us. Mona, care to keep this private?” Makoto took the cat car into consideration.

“Go ahead, I won’t tell,” Morgana replied, care leaking into his voice.

“I-It’s just that…” Ryuji twiddled his fingers and Makoto’s grip on his shoulder tightened encouragingly. He sighed and let himself relax, preparing to let it out. “The kids in my class were makin’ fun of Joker and me. And it was… kind of brutal. All this delinquent shit still hasn’t gone away.”

Makoto mirrored his frowned. She opened her mouth to speak but Ryuji cut her off by raising a hand and fumbling for words.

“Y-You don’t need to worry about it, though. I’m past all that. It doesn’t bother me anymore. Just when they do it all day… it’s tiring,” Ryuji shrugs. He looks at Makoto to see her frown had softened into a small smile.

She leaned back and crossed her arms across her abdomen. “I know, you are. Just let me worry about you a bit, Skull. It’s unusual to see you like that.”

Ryuji smiled sheepishly and rubbed the back of his neck. “I guess so, huh? Well, I think I’m out of that mood now. I’m ready for anything the world wants to throw at me.”

“That’s good to hear,” Makoto smiled, shutting her eyes.

When the rest of the team returned to the car, they were hyped from their last battle. As Akira drove, they told Ryuji and Makoto about the whole thing. Ryuji was glad to add enthusiasm to Haru’s skill in leading an all-out attack against the enemy. He was ready to join them on the front line and let Yusuke take a break. His body was light and any worries he had were gone. The past was behind him, all he needed was the present.

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Iwatobi and Samezuka walking in on their s/o sleeping with only a tank top and panties? ♡ Good luck!!

Of course! Sorry for taking months ;_; I just don’t want to push out the scenarios fastly and rather put time into them (Which I kinda don’t have at the moment)

Also guys, please notice that I normaly only do 5(!) guys at once. I made an exception with this and the last one since they’re both really cute and funny.

I hope you like it! ^^ <3

Rin had had searched his shirt the whole time, since swim training ended. With an held back curse on his lips he walked into his dorm room, only wearing a pair of sweatpants and a towel over his shoulders. “Where the heck is-!”, he stopped in his movement. His S/O was lying all curled up on his bed, only covered in short pants and a huge top, which made him blush in a bright rosy tone. He stumbled to them, trying to make as less sound as possible, and softly pulled the blanket over them. Wait, he thought. Wasn’t that…his top?! He stared at them for a while. Finally he decided he could be a good boyriend another time. With an cheeky grin he blew air into the ear of his calmly sleeping S/O biting them slightly afterwards. His S/O woke up with an indigant yell. “WHAT are you DOING?!” Rin almost chuckled, but he wasn’t finished with them. Not yet. He pointed at the top that his S/O was wearing, or rather burried in. “This is my top.” For a moment his S/O looked at him confused. “So what?” Rin leaned down to them, tucking a hair strain behind their ear, brushing his lips against their neck. “Take it off.”

Nagisa would never admit it, but he was quite flustered finding his S/O in a tank and panties only. His face being all red and the words he wanted to say blown away from his mind. After shaking his head about himself, finding back to his normal self he sneaked to his sleeping S/O, patting their head gently and observing their sleeping face. They looked really cute, probably even cuter than a penguine. “____-Chaan!”, he started, waking them up. “This really isn’t nice, you know?”, his hand still softly on the head of his S/O and an innocent smile on his face. Dreamy his S/O opened their eyes and murmured tiredly “What is not nice…?” “Lying here half naked and making me blush of course!”, he grinned at them cheekly “You look quite seductive like that, you know?” His S/O was a blushing mess.

Makoto came back from practise late this day and he also had had to take care of his siblings as soon as he had came home. No compromise whith his parent this day. So he felt really bad that he was hours late at his S/O’s house, when they hadn’t had time for each other lately anyway. With a sigh he opened the door with the key his S/O had given him a while ago. “____-Chan? Are you there? I’m so sorry that I’m so late! Please don’t be ma-”, walking into the room of his S/O he stopped flustered. His S/O was still sleeping, which wondered him after his greeting but he was glad, glad and red, and sitted down beside them, smiling calmly. “You look like a cat.”, he whispered more to himself than to anyone really. “Meow.”, came from the lips of the seemingly sleeping person. “You are awake!” His S/O chuckled and finally gave in, stretching and pulling Makoto down into a hug, snuggeling against him. “You really are like a cat.”, he said, holding them with red cheeks, drifting to sleep beside them.

“___-san! I’m ready! I was finally able to solve this sciene problem!”, Rei stared proudly at his text book, turning his eyes to his S/O who has keeped his company the whole time, waiting patiently for him to get ready. Reis heart almost stopped a second though, as he saw them, half naked and with bare legs, lying on a pillow, waking up from a nap. “Rei?”, they yawned “Are you finally finished?” Rei adjusted his glasses, hiding his blush and confused look. “Y-yeah I…I could solve the problem.. Uhm…why..why are you wearing…this..?”, he asked shy. At first his S/O didn’t know what he meant, then they smiled knowingly. “Oh, I solved my problem as well.” “Which problem?” “The problem of you not paying attention to me….well, also the heat is horrible. Now I cooled down a little.” It indeed was very hot today. “Really…? I think it just got hotter in here…”, Rei murmured.

Haruka and his s/o had spend an amazing, but also exhausting day at the beach. The two of them went swimming and it was one of these rather rare times when Haruka would find the time and nerves to try to teach s/o the way he swims. By now they were back at his home and he had finished cooking some delicious Makarel dinner, when he found them in his room. Sleeping peacefully, humming something not understanbale in their sleep, only dressed in one of his tanktops. Haru stiffed at the second he saw them, unable to move or to say anything at first. Finally he put his courage together and went hesistantly to them, darn why did they have to look so cute…, „____-san? Wake up. Uh..I finished the dinner.“, he almost says with a stutter, but managed to alomst sound normal. His S/o calmly woke up and streetched themself, which caused the tanktop to reveal even more of their tights, making Haru blush and look away. „San?“, they said with a rusky sleepy voice. „I thought we were over this for quite a while now.“ Harukas eyes widend in shock and embarassment but also a tint of something else…

The first thing Nitori did when seeing his s/o lying on his bed, with only a tank top, he owned, on he let out an internal squeak, how could someone be so beautiful and..well, sexy. However he he was kind of worried, it was a little bit cold and they could catch a cold or something. Still being happy about finding his s/o like that and worried, he stumbled over his feed, being too lost in thought and cursed his clumsyness, now they have woken up for sure. They must have, right? „Ai?“, a sleepy voice muffled. „Are you here?..“ he got up quickly and walked over to them, brushing their head softly „Yes _____-chan. But please go on sleeping if you’re tired, I didn’t want to wake you, I’m sorry.“ His still half asleep s/o noded and hugged him heavy-handed. He let himself willingly be pulled down and huged them protectivly and with an wide grin, rocking them both slowly to sleep. Also none of them was cold anymore.

Sousuke pulled out the key he got from his S/o a while ago, since he didn’t want to get them out of bed. School day just ended and he went to visit his s/o who caught a cold. He had brought some warm soup and their favoruite snack. He knocked carefully on their roomdoor, opening it silently and then gulping at the sight he saw. They were sleeping, and if that would’ve been the only noticable thing he would have let them alone but the fact that they were wearing one of his tanktops, he must have left on their last…uhm, cozy night, was making him staring at them in awe for a while. A soft giggle came from his throat, as he walked over to them, putting the basked with the things he brought near their bed, kissing them softly on the mouth, while trying not to wake them up, but he just couldn’t resist, that’s how adorable they looked. A soft mumbling raised under his lips and he parted a little bit. „Noo.“ they said worriedly. „Don’t do that, you will get a cold as well!“, their eyes fixing him fearful, their voice sounding nasal through the stiffed nose. God damn, they were so cute, even now. „But I can’t stop myself. It is unfair to be so pretty while being ill“ he answered, and put the blankets over them both, cuddling a little and eating their favorite snacks, Sousuke brought, while watching silly gameshows.

Momotarou looked at them in disbelif. Bright, happy disbelieve. How did he deserve that sight? That person? With red cheeks and a cheeky mind he stealt his way over to them, juping on them, starting a tickle attack, yanking them out of their sleep. „WHAT THE-“, ther eyes flushed open, and their head bumbed against Momotarous, causing them both to wimper shortly and Momotarou to stop his tickle-attack. Ow…what the heck do you think you’re doing?“, his s/o mumbled acusingly. „I’m so sworry ____-chan..I just…you looked so hot and…I wanted to. Outch. You really have a thick head!“ His s/o only answered with an „Same.“, both still rubbing their heads.

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Iwatobi and Rin calming down an anxious/sobbing mess s/o please

aaah yes. comfort. i am the master. of comfort. yes. me. master.

Haruka felt utterly out of place, comforting you. Even though you had been together for quite some time, he still kept himself to himself, and, honestly, had no idea how to deal with you when you were like this. Despite his apprehension, Haruka did his best to soothe you, taking you into his arms and silently comforting you until your sobs subsided. He understood how it felt to be anxious like this, and he realised how destructive it was - the last thing that Haruka wanted was for you to feel anxious. He wasn’t sure what to say, but he hoped that, in his arms, you felt just a little more courageous.

Soothing you, for Makoto, became a priority. He knew how nervous you were, how you’d worked hard and how you were worried that all of your work could come crashing down; yet he also knew that you could, and would, persevere, and he’d do anything within his power to ensure that you remained resolute. Talking to Makoto was like taking a stone off of your back - the crowd of your worries that had beaten you into such a state in the first place was subdued; in Makoto’s arms your trembling ceased, your anxieties waned. His steady heartbeat eased your nerves, and as Makoto felt some of the tension leave your body, he could only feel thankful that he was able to calm you so.

Nagisa hated seeing you like this. You always looked best with a smile on your face, beaming with joy; when you were distressed, Nagisa was, too. Worming his way into your bubble was Nagisa’s way of helping you feel a little better, at first. Just having someone close to you to reassure you that they were there for you was helpful to relieve your anxiety - talking to someone about your fears and uncertainty, someone who wouldn’t just dismiss you… Nagisa understands what it’s like to feel unsure about yourself, and he’s an exceptionally good listener, especially when it comes to you. His refreshing, upbeat attitude turns out to be exactly what you needed.

On the outside, Rei was calm, cool, and collected as he took you by the shoulders and spoke to you. On the inside, he was stumbling; this was new territory, and he knew that with one step wrong, he could make you feel even worse… That was the last thing he wanted.  Of course, he got nervous, but seeing you falling apart like this was heartbreaking. He listened to whatever you had to say, let you unload your worries onto him; he kept quiet, figuring that his input wouldn’t be of much use - not now. He did, however, encourage you to calm yourself, to breathe slowly and reflect on your thoughts before worrying about them too much. At least he could keep you safe in his arms until you felt safe once more.

When he saw your tears, Rin panicked - had he done something? Had someone else done something? Letting you fall into his arms, he coaxed your anxieties out, – and was grateful that he wouldn’t have to hurt someone for causing you grief – ensuring that he listened to how you felt. He hated seeing you like this, but knew there was little action he could take aside from letting you unload; he didn’t want you to feel unloved, not when you meant so much to him. With your tears dried and your concerns alleviated, if only a little, he let you rest against him, wrapping his own body around yours, reminding you how much you meant to him. He knew that you had the strength to make your dream a reality, even if it wasn’t going to be easy.

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Let's think about haircuts that would look good on him! (Just because I can already think of like, three and I can't decide which one I like better) What kind of haircut do you think would fit him?

YO makoto with an undercut owns my ass for sure, especially if we’re talking canonverse. let him keep some of that shagginess cause we all know he pulls it off fantastically, but also make things i little more stream-lined, you know? give that mess some direction. it doesnt even have to be crazy different, just tidy up the sides, maybe do some layering. it doesnt have to be a fullblown undercut and it would look REAL good

also just,,, slicking it back. not a lot of cutting needed, except for some attention to around his ears and the nape of his neck. rin’s dad in the latest pic of him rocks a great sweep-thing, and with makoto’s length as is? easy to maintain and would look effortlessly good. 

and, uh, as far as maybe a fantasy au or smth… ive said this before but…. makoto with long hair could be something to consider…

Lemme just talk about something here

So I was rewatching Free! today and I’d like to point out a couple things in Episode 2, starting with this:

Haru was always introduced, right from the get-go, as someone who loved to swim, regardless of time or speed; he just loves to feel the water. Yet in this scene Makoto tells Gou (and us) that Haru hadn’t been part of any clubs since the one they left. This scene tells us that Makoto had asked Haru in the past if he’d have liked to form or join a swim club and Haru had, obviously, said no. This just goes to show how much Makoto really respects Haru’s decisions, even when they might affect Haru in a more negative way. In interviews and even in the anime we’ve encountered Haru complaining about being “dragged outside” by Makoto, but this is one of those instances that shows that when it really counts, Makoto gives Haru his space. Haru loves swimming, and yet this is one of those instances when he determinedly says no. For Haru to say no and for Makoto to not push him is such a core aspect of their relationship. Makoto nudges but he never forces. He respects Haru’s choice so much. Makoto clearly knows how much Haru loves swimming and yet Haru was adamant about his choice that Makoto decided not to push it and to back off. THANK YOU NAGISA FOR FINALLY GETTING THEM INTO FORMING ONE YOU LITTLE SHIT. But anyways, yeah, Haru has the ability to say no, even to Makoto, and Makoto will always respect Haru’s decision.

It is also important to note that Makoto probably wanted to swim just as much as Haru did. The thing that people forget about Makoto is that he himself loves to swim. And before the events of the anime, this particular scene tells us that he had wanted to get back to swimming, but couldn’t because Haru wasn’t in the right place emotionally or mentally yet; we already know how instrumental Haru is to Makoto and his swimming. And the way Makoto lets out a breath and his voice softens when Gou asks him, he just simply states it like it’s the most obvious thing to him: “If Haru doesn’t want to do it, I don’t want to force him.” You can see him prioritizing Haru’s decision first before his own desire to swim. 

This part reinforces this:

(As to why Haru would say “You win. That’s great, Rin.”)

Just look at Makoto’s facial expression in the first cap, how soft and tender his features become as he tells Gou that Haru is back to his old state of mind. Makoto understands that Haru has never cared about winning or losing, or being fast or slow, he’s only cared about swimming, but that he also loves swimming with their friends. And yet Haru hadn’t swam with anyone since they were in middle school, hadn’t had a race like the one he’d just had with Rin in a long time. Makoto knew that something had happened despite not knowing exactly why, without Haru needing to say so. So when Makoto says he’s back to his old self he means that now is the perfect time for Haru to join the swim club, for him to enjoy swimming with his friends once more. Haru is now ready to connect with his friends once again, and the race proved that.

Also the little smile Makoto has when he’s saying all of this is truly what says it all: he’s happy that Haru can finally swim again and look forward to a better tomorrow, in the water among his friends. 

Make Haru Laugh!

A/N: First lee!Haru fic, here I go! Thanks anon for the request, you might not remember it since it was months ago ^///^ But here it is, the long awaited contest, and with help from @ticklygiggles like always, I got many nice ideas and the plot in this fic escalated a little. I hope you like iiit<3

Summary: The guys are chilling at Makoto’s place, and when Haru refuses to laugh at the funny movie they’re watching Nagisa initiates a make Haru laugh contest. Friendly warning: Rin and Haru are a thing in this fic. 

Word Count: 1927

Haru was comfortable. He was content. Together with his Iwatobi swim club gang and boyfriend Rin he sat squeezed together on Makoto’s bed. 

Rin’s shoulder pressing tightly against his own, Makoto on his other side. Rei sat next to Rin, barely falling off the edge, and Nagisa lay sprawled across their laps. One cuddly mess they were.

They were having a movie night at Makoto’s, watching some good ol’ classic Scary Movie. The movie was okay, but what was more okay was spending his weekend with his friends and lover. It made him feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Bwahaha!” Haru jolted a little in surprise when Nagisa burst out in a very loud and bubbly laughing fit.

“I remember this part! It’s hilarious!” he cackled. Haru now noticed Makoto and Rin were laughing as well, and even Rei let out a few chuckles. Woah. Did he miss something?

“Don’t think that’s funny, Haru?” Rin asked as if he noticed Haru pondering over why they were laughing, and he probed his side with his elbow, making the serious swimmer blush. Haru never laughed at movies…

“Ehh, I…” Before Haru could even reply, Nagisa who apparently heard Rin’s comment caught on, and he turned his head with an excited grin.

“Dude, Haru-chan never laughs!” he said, and Makoto and Rei also got distracted by their chatter, and they looked away from the TV screen and suddenly Haru felt four pairs of eyes on him.

“He does!” Makoto protested, and Nagisa turned to face Makoto this time, rolling onto his other side and turning away from the TV. Haru shifted uncomfortably when it was almost as if Nagisa was pressing his face into his crotch, and he could hear Rin snicker softly beside him.

“Oh yes? When?” Nagisa asked, and yep, Makoto had to think too long about this. ‘That’s what I thought, Makoto,’ Haru thought with a smirk. He couldn’t remember ever laughing in Makoto’s presence, even after all these years. 

“Well, he does smile sometimes but.. laugh?” Makoto wondered aloud, doubting his earlier claim, and Rin laughed and shook his head.

“Trust me, he doesn’t,” he said. Haru smiled, silently agreeing with him. 

“I’m sure Rin-san knows,” Rei said, but Nagisa shook his head and pounded Haru’s stomach, making him force out a breathless ‘oof!”. 

“I disagree, disagree! Let’s make it a contest, whoever makes Haru-chan laugh wins an ice cone with three scoops of ice cream ready set go~! Rei-chan!” Rei who was partly distracted by the movie again ended up sputtering because of the sudden pressure on him, and he quickly straightened himself and cleared his throat.

“E-eh what?! Right.. What did the beach say when the tide came in?”


“Long time no sea! Hahah do you get it?” Not even Nagisa laughed, and poor Rei sighed in disappointment.

“Was that all you could do Rei-chan?” Nagisa giggled, and it may not have been visible from his expression but Haru was definitely enjoying the way Rei blushed in embarrassment.

“You should’ve given me more time!” Rei protested, and Nagisa laughed and reached out to pat his leg.

“I never counted down!” While Nagisa and Rei were quarreling about nothing, Haru glared at Rin and mumbled:

“You’re not participating are you?” Rin snickered and took a quick glance at Makoto who seemed to be in deep thoughts about his pun or joke, and he leaned to whisper his answer in Haru’s ear.

“Who knows. Maybe I am.” Haru blushed and turned towards Makoto when he asked for all of their attention.

“Okay guys I’ve got one! A swimming one. What stroke do you think sheep enjoy doing?” Makoto even held up his finger, a big smile on his face. That had to be a good one. 

Haru and Rin looked at each other, then Haru leaned a bit forward to see Rei’s confused expression, and he turned back at Makoto, shrugging.

“Sheep? Sheep don’t swim,” he said with a serious face.

“No, Haru. The answer is baaaaackstroke!” Makoto said it in such a funny sheepish way that even Nagisa and Rin started to laugh. Rei was still going over that joke, and Haru’s eye twitched.

“Who knew you could be so funny Makoto,” he commented dryly, and he looked up when he felt Rin tap his shoulder.

“My turn. Haru, look here.” Haru felt a small urge to laugh when Rin made the silliest face ever.

“PFfftt you look like a silly shark Rin-chan!” Nagisa laughed, and he took his phone and shot a few pictures. Rin held on for a little but when even making a ‘raaawwr’ sound didn’t get Haru to laugh, he sighed.

“Normally it works, I swear,” he whined. 

“You knew I was gonna do this one didn’t you? You just controlled your laughter by force,” Rin said, pushing Haru’s shoulder playfully, and Haru fell back against Makoto, not even trying his best to keep his balance.

“Nah. Jokes get old you know,” he said.

“You mean this once made Haru laugh?” Rei asked. Haru was so busy following conversations, Rei and Rin talking with each other, Makoto joining in, that he was only half aware of Nagisa moving around and bringing his hands to his sides.

“Heh, I thought Rin-chan would play this card but I guess it’s mine. Gather your pennies for that ice cream guys…” The blond playfully squeezed Haru’s sides, and it was as if the whole bed jumped when Haru jerked hysterically, a small gasp escaping his lips.

“Ohohoooo I think this really is gonna be my win!” Nagisa said, observing Haru’s reaction, and Rin, Rei and Makoto turned their attention to Haru who still lay against Makoto, squirming in an attempt to get up.

“No! Nagisa, don’t you dare,” he growled, but Nagisa tickled his sides again and oh nooo out came his laughter. His embarrassing, hideous laughter!

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Free! Creation Notebook: Voice of Creative Staff (Matsuoka Rin)

  • He cries a lot…
  • I like his fashion sense!
  • He’s the character I find the most enjoyable drawing the hair of. When the wind blows and his hair sways in the air, it’s really fun!! and I think the finer strands of his front bangs are really cute.
  • Whenever I draw his swimming scenes, Haruka would also be there pretty much every time, so every cut scene is at least two persons’ job… but I think at the very least, I have become a lot better at drawing goggles.
  • Together with Rei, he ranks no.1 in The Hardest Character to Draw. Beautiful boys are so diffcult to draw. He has become a lot more expressive in “Free!ES”, so it made my job easier.
  • During his entrance scene in episode 1 of “Free!” , it was really cool how he stepped out from the dark accompanied by really cool music! At that time, I absolutely didn’t imagine him to be Crybaby Rin-chan, but the fact that he didn’t become angry even when Nagisa got quite touchy feely, I think it showed a gentle side of him.
  • It was exhilarating drawing his bottom eyelashes. I didn’t get much of a chance to draw Tiny Rin.
  • “Free!ES” really showed the side of him being caring to his friends and I fell in love with the character. Especially the part where he gives Rei special training. I was moved by the line “Even though we’re the in different teams, we’re friends.” I really feel that both Haruka and Sousuke are saved by Rin. And I like the discordance between his pretty face and comical face.
  • In episode 12 of “Free!”, I like the part in the relay where he watches Haruka from the last leg. So good looking!
  • The first time I saw him, I was all TEETH!! SO SHARP!! HIS TEETH! THEY ARE SO SHARP!!!
  • Personally I see him as the one ‘in charge of delivering the punchline,’ so I just really want to tease him nonstop, and I want to make him cry, and I want to meddle with him. (and I want him to get absolutely sick of me.) I even thought that I wanted to humiliate him (I say this with all the love in the world) in canon if possible. I am so sorry.
  • I love his teeth. They are so cute. But he’s really popular in my animation team, so Rin’s cut scenes are usually taken and I didn’t get to draw him much.
  • Rin is very expressive and his face shows a lot of emotions, but among them my favorite is his boyish smile. I laughed at the “Perfect Body” in the next episode preview.
  • Back when it was still “Kyoto Animation corporation CM ~swimming edition~”, we didn’t have a design of his hair without swimming goggles, so how we came up with many different styles really left an impression in me.  When I saw the version that’s used now, with some front bangs hanging, I said “No way!!” out loud back then. I’m sorry about that. (lol)
  • I HAVE NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR HIM. I took deliberate care to give him angry eyes in “Free!”, and gentle eyes in “Free!ES”. And I made sure his front bangs are pretty.
  • Because he’s so pretty, I was really nervous when drawing him.
  • I didn’t give it much thought at first, but the way he’s worried about Haruka and Makoto and the others in episode 5 and 6 really tugged at my heartstrings. I also really like how snappy he was at the beginning and how much more relaxed and calm he is after.
  • I was so happy I got to draw Rin in a butler costume.
  • In episode 2 of “Free!”, in the scene where he was looking at a photo of his father. Because of the lighting from the sunset and what he’s wearing, the staff had lots of fun joking about how he looked exactly like a soldier in a battlefield looking at a photo of his family back in his home country.

Scans courtesy of @aliasanonyme 

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How would all the boys react if their s/o is wearing their t-shirt? :3

Of course dear =D <3 

Haruka- “Thanks for letting me use the bath!” Haru’s partner spoke entering his room. Looking up he felt his heart start pounding, seeing them wear his shirt was a first and he had to admit, he found it really adorable. “It looks good on you…” Haru blushed, unable to avert his eyes. “Thanks, for some reason I feel really happy wearing it.” Their cheeks reddened as Haru’s face also grew an apparent blush. “Then you can keep it…” Haru spoke having his own secret motives behind his kind gesture. 

Makoto- “It’s a little big,” They chuckled as Makoto’s large shirt hung low enough to show some cleavage. Blushing, Makoto did his best not to stare. He felt like a pervert, the thought of their skin pressed up against his shirt, their scent soaking in. “What’s wrong?” They asked pressing their body against his arm. “Ah nothing!” Makoto cried out, trying to avoid looking down. “You want it back?” They smirked causing Makoto’s face to turn bright red. “Ah I uh that’s not!” He covered his face as his partner removed the shirt proudly exciting their boyfriend. 

Nagisa- “Ah you look so cute!” Nagisa chimed as his partner showed off one of Nagisa’s favourite shirts. “Hehe thanks,” they blushed. Rubbing his head against their chest Nagisa felt their heart start racing. Smiling he peeked up at them, he felt incredibly happy having them wear his clothes. Somehow they looked even more amazing then normal. 

Rei- For some reason Rei felt extremely embarrassed seeing his partner wearing his shirt. Adjusting his glasses he gave them another glance, he had to admit they looked really cute. “The colour looks good on you!” Rei blushed feeling like he should give them some type of complement. “Thanks it’s comfy,” they smiled looking themselves over in the mirror. “If you want to borrow it you are welcome to.” Rei stated trying to distract them from his very apparent blush. “Thanks!” They spoke placing a kiss on his cheek. There was no chance of him hiding his blush now! 

Rin- Why on earth did they look so damn hot wearing a guys shirt? This was pretty messed up, he was getting really turned on at this point. “What’s wrong Rin?” They asked wondering what he was thinking so hard about. “Ah er it’s nothing, you look really hot…” Rin blushed avoiding their gaze. “Really? That makes me so happy!” They smiled making Rin’s heart skip a beat. He was having a really hard time holding back at this point, he tugged on the t-shirt with a flustered face. Being able to read their boyfriend well at this point they snuggled into his chest to hear his heart pound for themselves. 

Aiichiro- “Why are you wearing that?” Ai asked a little embarrassed. “Oh I thought it was cute, I didn’t think you mind…” They spoke feeling as though maybe they shouldn’t have. “No I mean I think you look great! I mean…” Ai blushed making his partner smile. “Thanks!” They replied in a relieved voice. “Can I … take a picture?” Ai blushed, hoping that they would be okay with it. “Sure,” they smiled, happy that Ai wanted a picture of them. 

Sosuke- “Hmm,” Sosuke spoke looking his partner up and down. “What is it?” They asked, wondering what was running through their boyfriend’s head. “For some reason you wearing my shirt is kind of a turn on,” Sosuke spoke in monotone. Their face turned bright red, tugging on the baggy t-shirt. “How would you like if I wore nothing but it?” Their heart raced, hoping to get a rise out of Sosuke for once. He looked a little shocked before giving them a smirk. “Very much,” he replied walking up to them. Once again they were the one losing their composure. 

Momotarou- “You look awesome!” Momo cried out taking a few snapshot on his phone. “What are you doing?” They blushed. “Just getting some shots to show everyone how hot you are!” He grinned making their face turn bright red. “Momo…” They spoke nervously. “Ah so cute!” Momo’s eyes sparkled as he took a few more shots. 

you know, Nice, it isn’t a date that there’s only two of you……… xDD

//I couldn’t find the crop picture of full NICE & ART (half body) any place orz" so, I just clean by myself = =; seeing that I love both of them sooooo much

one of reason is, I love the way that NICE takes care of ART, and ART also do the same thing too.

(edit) +add

ummm, [LONG digression] I’m also MakoHaru’s fangirl (Free!) but so to speak I prefer NICEART atmosphere.…

Mostly, I see only Makoto who looks after Haru. I didn’t mean that Haru doesn’t care Makoto…. he also protects Makoto in his own way even sometimes I feel that he cares for Rin more… 

But I still love when Art treats Nice a lunch, buys a can of cola or etc. and Nice treats him his own ice-cream, buys a souvenir or gives the attentions back to Art :3 It’s so cuteeee that I DO fall for this couple <3

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hello. recently I read a post that stated "makoharu shippers just ship makoharu because it's easier to ship, since they are already bros and all. rinharu is better because its much more dynamic" of course, I completely disagree with this statement. anyways, my question is: why do YOU ship Makoharu? i'm really curious. and what are your thoughts on this statment? :) (also your blog is my favourite ily god bless)

Someone actually said that??? That’s so ridiculous I can’t believe it. Some people are so petty.

Anyways this is going to be a long makoharu post and it’s probably going to show up in the rh tag because you used the ship name in the ask so I’m sorry for anyone who doesn’t want to see this but here I go.

Oh gosh where do i even begin?? Because I could (and I have lmfao) written log makoharu analyses about single episodes ALONE. Honestly everything in this post is just skimming the top of the water so i guess I’ll just go over a few very big ones. I’ll start off small. 

I guess the smallest reason would just be looks they give each other.

I mean look at Makoto in this gif. Look at the way he admires Haru then laughs at his silliness and the look Haru gives Makoto back ahhh my heart can’t take it they’re just so sweet.

And then there’s this gif. The sparkles in their eyes. The absolute adoration Makoto has for Haru. The way Haru stares back in disbelief with the same sparkling expression. This definately reminds me of scenes in romance animes where they confess their love to each other.

AND THEN THIS PICTURE RIGHT HERE. Look at how sweetly Makoto is grasping Haru’s hand, his other hand mostly likely gripping around haru’s back. It’s such a sweet embrace and the once again we see Makoto giving Haru an adorning look as Haru stares back, wide eyed and just as equally blown away.

*Deep sigh* Now that THAT’s out of the way, rest my soul, I guess I’ll go completely out of order with the series and just go with the general topic of how much they care for each other.

Even now I don’t know where to start? Jealousy. I’ll start with jealousy. Many people like to say things like “Oh haru doesn’t care about makoto bluh bluh bluh’ and every time I bring up

This episode. I have written an entire makoharu post about this episode alone. Haru has never been one to dislike people just for befriending his friends or them doing other activities together, but as soon as someone tries taking MAKOTO from him then he becomes jealous and actually begins disliking the person.

Makoto is the only person in the series that we have seen make Haru act this way towards someone else. Makoto is HIS best friend and anyone who tries stealing him away is on his shit list. 

And Makoto on the same hand is canonically jealous over Haru too. I forget the episode (because I haven’t watched free! in so long I am sorry) but in season 2 makoto says something along the lines “Maybe I’m jealous of Rin” Because he wants to be the one to swim alongside Haru in a race. He wants to be able to swim with haru on his level.

MMMF actually before I move on i think it was either later that episode or the next episode where they DO race and haru ends up winning and Makoto is about to cry and Haru looks absolutely TERRIFIED because he would never want Makoto to cry and think about quitting swimming because it would break him (hold that thought too lmfaoo) But makoto laughs it off BECAUSE HE KNOWS how much it would hurt Haru if he began crying.

Now that whole ‘breaking’ comment is going to have to wait a little bit more because now I’m on the subject of them being protective.

haru has always been protective over Makoto. Letting Makoto hide behind him when he’s scared. In this scene we see Haru holding Makoto’s hand as Makoto trembles in fear. The concern Haru has Makoto in this scene makes my heart weep. He just wants him to feel safe. Haru is doing everything he can to comfort Makoto.

About to kill 2 birds with one stone here: concern and the almost make out scene….and fear as well. Ahhh I’m so all over the place I’m sorry.

THIS SCENE. THIS EPISODE. WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN WITH THIS EPISODE. The concern. The fear haru has in his eyes over his darling friend. “Is Makoto okay? Oh fuck is he okay?” He is SCARED to look Makoto. Then they almost touch lips but no CPR is too gay so Makoto breathes again but anyways moving on.

After this we have the iconic makoharu scene that i could, once again, write an entire post about in itself where makoto tells Haru “It’s meaningless unless I’m with you” which is basically a confession in this show let’s face it.

(Not the same episode, but the point of ‘it’s meaningless without you’ is a reoccurring makoharu theme. Lmfao Haru didn’t even want to join the swimming cub at first. only because of makoto :0) ) 

Also, after this we see Haru get very angry at Rei, for not only risking himself but also his friends. He almost LOST Makoto over this. He scolds Rei pretty harshly. I think haru was also a little mad he had to drag makoto into this because of his fear of the ocean.

Real quick add on: Haru canonly walks between Makoto and the ocean to protect makoto from the ocean hahahahahaha (end me)


Once again, could do a whole post, blah blah blah

anyways we have seen Haru get in MULTIPLE confrontations and fights over the two seasons. Mostly between Rin and sousuke, and not a single one affected haru as much as the fight he had Makoto.

Haru expects other people to bring the subject of a dream up to him, but not Makoto. haru just expects Makoto to let Haru do his thing, but no, Makoto knows what HARU wants, and unlike other characters who were simply pushing themselves and their wants onto Haru, makoto is doing this FOR Haru because he knows this is what HARU wants.

Makoto knows he can’t just let Haru go on with what he’s doing because he knows haru isn’t okay. That he isn’t happy. he’s concerned.

AND THEN MAKOTO DROPS THE BOMB AND WE SEE HARU ABSOLUTELY FUCKING BREAK. Haru has never broken down like this over any other character. he was fine leaving Rei and Nagisa behind for the swim club. he was okay with letting Rin go off and do whateverthefuck in the Olympics, but as soon as Makoto tells him that he’s leaving haru fucking breaks, because he thought Makoto would always be by his side. He’s the person haru always wanted to be with. Haru RUNS away from makoto with a fucking broken heart and we see him lying in his bed absolutely fucking wrecked with sadness. Enough to where he’s willing enough to leave the country to be away from makoto-

STOP, okay some things I need to say here 1. haru did in fact say he was pretty much only willing to go australia because he was so torn up over his fight with Makoto 2. MAKOTO was the one who even told Rin to fucking do anything. Makoto was the one that texted Rin. Makoto is the one that got him to go on the trip. makoto was the one that cared.


After that whole cluster fuck of an episode 12 in season 2 of forced fan service and destroyed character development we get episode 13 and THIS beautiful scene

*Laughs bc once again I have written full posts on this 10 second scene alone* The welcome back was animated so fucking BEAUTIFULLY. The attention to detail, how much care the creators put in to showing how happy and relieved, but also nervous and scared haru was to see Makoto again, The way Makoto sweetly welcomes haru HOME (ahhhh!!!! HE IS HOME) and the way haru just looks so overcome that he almost breaks into tears of relief. So beautiful.

Then they make up with this sweet scene and the world is once again all fine. Also haru does that little scoot scoot towards his boyfriend haha we saw you haru you ain’t slick. (Fuck you kyoani that was the worst 2 weeks of my fucking life) 

Then we have the race between iwatobi and OH….OH MY GOD. the way makoto and Haru look at each other for that fucking scene in the race oh my god

DO YOU SEE THIS??? DO YOU FUCKING SEE THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE. Like they have this entire moment to themselves. just love, and trust and.. so much going on here. Then Rei and Nagisa swam up together. makoto and Haru got their own moment to illustrate the importance of their relationship.

Then there’s the scene where they’re all hugging and Haru smiles and oh my god my heart I’M DEAD.



Oh my oh my god I’m a mess um smaller things now

Cute shit like this. Makoto doting over Haru like this. It’s so sweet they’re so in love. More so the high speed movie! Once again, there are full posts by people who have seen the movie, but this movie wow. We get the ebautiful conflict Makoto has “Do I swim because I like swimming or because I like Haru” and Haru getting sad that makoto begins avoiding him to figure out but then we get the reconciliation and the BEAUTIFUL FUCKING SWIMMING SCENE. oh my god and after that we get Makoto saying he Loves swimming and he LOVES HARU *Slams cards down on the table to collect my jackpot money*

Although this is not the first time Makoto has voiced the word ‘love’ towards Haru. I believe the first time is in the makoharu fireworks scene in season 1… or maybe it was the fireworks scene in season 2 haha sorry i can’t keep my romantic multiple firework scenes in check.

Wow this has gotten way too long and I had actually planned on doing MORE but this post is already…wow. Anyways I’ll just wrap it up with this:

Anyone who doesn’t think Makoharu has dynamics, development, OR backing obviously didn’t watch the show and are just being bitter lil babies.

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Hi! Sorry to hear that tumblr kinda screwed you over :( screwed me too because it lost my last request to you. Could I have Makoto crushing hard on his best friend (besides haru duh) so iwatobi keep trying to set them up? Thanks - love you <3

guys. guys/. guys. i went off topic (also here to not promise a regular posting schedule BUT LOOK I’M WRITING AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!?!)

“Staring at people while they’re eating is a little strange, Makoto…”

Nagisa’s voice snapped Makoto out of his trance-like state, grounding his thoughts.  He hadn’t even realised just how long he’d been staring at you, but everyone sat about him had nearly finished their lunches; he wasn’t even aware that lunch time had started more than a few minutes ago.

“Hey, Makoto, you ok?”

Now it was you, calling out to him… He wished you’d call out to him more.

Yeah, ‘cause that’s not creepy, Makoto.

“He’s probably just tired from studying, right, Haruka?” Rei chimed in, and Makoto’s attention was fully drawn away from the object of his affections. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted his phone light up with a message, but before he could check it, Haruka responded, moving his thoughts away from the screen.

“Mm… Probably.” Although his words were nonchalant, Haru’s gaze was suspicious. This wasn’t the first time that Makoto had been ‘out of it’ recently, and it only ever seemed to happen when a certain person was around - you.

“Mm, speak of the devil, we’ve got a study period next, Haru, Makoto. I think I have to get a textbook from my locker, but I’ll see you two there!”

Packing away the remainders of your lunch, you flung your bag over your shoulder, waving towards the still-sitting group. Makoto felt almost immobilised, a feeble wave his only recognition of your departure. His brain was desperately trying to figure out exactly when you had begun to enchant him so, exactly when his heart had begun racing when in your presence… You’d just been a friend to him for the longest time, and yet, here he was, staring and fantasising; wishing you were his.


Now it was Haruka, eyes narrowed in concern as he gazed inquisitively at his friend. Makoto knew that he wasn’t behaving normally - being around you was becoming troublesome…

“Ah… I’m fine, Haru. Shall we go?”

“You haven’t eaten much.” Looking down, Makoto took in the sight of his abandoned lunch - he was quite a slow eater as it was, but he may as well have not eaten, going by the state of his bento.

“It’s fine, I can eat some more in the study period!” Reassuring a concerned Haruka, he chuckled, hurriedly stowing away his remaining lunch in his bag. “____ will be waiting for us, though, so we should probably make a move…” He wasn’t sure that he’d be able to get through the study period with you sat next to him, but any time spent with you was precious to him - even if it was spent looking over a psychology textbook.

Speaking of his psychology textbook…

“Hey, Haru, have you seen my textbook? I thought I had it in my bag…” Rummaging through his bag, Makoto began to worry - the last thing he needed was to end up borrowing your textbook; that would mean getting closer to you, having to lean over you to see the words, having to-

“Oh, it’s here, Makoto!” Rei, perhaps a little too conveniently, handed over the textbook, which, for whatever reason – Makoto didn’t care to think of it at that moment in time – had been in Rei’s own pile of textbooks.

“Thank you, Rei!” Shoving the book into his bag, he turned to leave. “See you two later!”

Makoto had turned his back before he could see the mischievous glint in Nagisa’s eyes, the quick murmur to Rei, and the latter’s swift disagreement – which was ignored, as usual –  Haruka, however, caught every movement, and couldn’t help but wonder what Nagisa had planned.

You weren’t sure why Haruka had suddenly left to participate in ‘pool maintenance’ in the middle of the study period, but the lack of his presence had left Makoto in quite a state, for whatever reason.

“Are you sure you understand that, Makoto?” Looking down at the diagram beneath you frowned. Makoto didn’t usually struggle when it came to biopsychology, but, this time, he wasn’t doing so great. “You’ve confused the hippocampus and the amygdala. They’re pretty different things, I thought-”

“A-ah! Sorry, ____… Just distracted, is all!” Before you could correct his mistake, he reached for the sheet, frantically tearing it away from underneath you. Eyeing him, you gently prodded his abdomen.

“Hey… You doing ok? You seem a little distracted.” His eyes were darting about, hands clutching onto the side of his seat. Maybe it was just the stress, getting the best of him? He’d never been like this, before, though… You’d already talked with him about the future, universities, jobs - he wasn’t still concerned about Haruka, right? Placing a hand on his shoulder – and choosing to ignore his startled jump – you decided to ask.“Is this about-”

“____!! ____!!” Nagisa, flushed and panting from exertion, ran into the empty classroom, interrupting your sentence and drawing you away from a rather grateful Makoto. Despite his obvious fatigue, presumably from running, Nagisa was grinning, eyes sparkling as he plopped down onto the seat opposite you. Taking a moment to catch his breath, Nagisa held out a single hand, gesturing for you to wait. “Makoto told me to deliver these to you, ____! Never would’ve guessed he’d be here, too…”

You noticed Makoto freeze up besides you, and your curiosity was piqued.

“Deliver what?”
“Deliver what?!”

Makoto’s voice echoed your own, but he seemed to be more panicked than anything, large frame leaning over the desk in an attempt to see what Nagisa was pulling from his bag.


Raising an eyebrow at the oddly synchronous speech of you and Makoto, Nagisa placed the box on the table, and opened it. You were touched, at first, that Makoto – or at least, you thought it was him, but you didn’t really have a clue – would go to such lengths to convince Nagisa to collect and deliver these, but odd, vibrantly iced letters caught your attention. They looked as though they were supposed to make up a sentence, but the majority of the words necessary were missing, rendering the efforts null.

“… What?”

The grin was wiped off Nagisa’s face as he whipped the box around to face him, exclaiming in despair at something. “Nooo… I forgot to get the other boxes…” His hands dragged down his face as he fell to the table, crushing the doughnuts in the process. You didn’t have a clue what he was talking about, and by the looks of Makoto, nor did he. Casting a sideways glance at each other before moving to console the distraught – and doughnut covered – Nagisa, you didn’t even notice Haruka slip into the room, until he spoke up.

“Check your phone, ____.”

“No, that was meant for later, Haru!” Nagisa’s voice, slightly muffled, protested, and he drew his face from the desk, covered in powdered sugar and jam.  You glanced at your phone, noticing a new message from Makoto. As if the last few minutes hadn’t been enough, now this?

‘Did you agree? I hope you agreed. Makoto’s been a mess around you for a while now and it’s not very pleasant. Nagisa told me to write this as if I were Makoto, but I don’t know how he’d do this… Please agree. It’ll make him very happy, and that would also make us happy.’

The message, obviously not from Makoto, was cryptic at best, and your brain was scrambling to put the pieces together.

“What’s going on, here?” Makoto, who had been reading the message over your shoulder, had gone awfully quiet, sinking back into his chair with a white face and a meek smile. “Makoto, do you know what’s going on?” He looked towards Haruka briefly, only to swallow nervously as the latter narrowed his eyes at him.

“N-not… Particularly?” The colour was returning to his face at an alarming pace, and his eyes were avoiding yours, finding his own hands rather fascinating, all of a sudden.

“That’s not quite true, is it, Makoto?”

“Oh for the love of-” At this point, you weren’t even surprised that Rei was here. Whatever the hell was going on, the three of them – perhaps even four, although Makoto looked as though he were on the verge of fainting – were in on it together.

“Rei!! I thought you wouldn’t come!” Nagisa,

Rei glared sharply at Nagisa, taking in the state of his face and tutting discreetly. Ignoring Nagisa’s animated gestures towards the pair of you, he shoved a finger towards the open psychology textbook in front of Makoto.

“… Check his textbook, page 73.”

At this point, you were convinced that Rei had somehow formed an origami lockbox just from the paper inside the textbook, and you’d have to strip-search Makoto to find the key, and who knows, maybe there’d be more doughnuts inside- Where on earth did strip-searching Makoto come into the picture?

“W-wait! ____, I think that we should-”

“Makoto.” You took ahold of his outstretched hand as he reached to grab the textbook, and noticed how he was trembling. “Either you tell me what’s going on, or I open that textbook.” His eyes widened, his own large hand tightening around your own for a brief moment before letting go.

“I don’t know what’s going on… Just open the textbook, put us both out of our misery.” His shoulders slumped, a pained tone to his words crafting doubt in your mind - what was wrong with him? Had he been hiding something from you? Letting the pages flit down to the cover of the book, you landed dead on page 73, and were greeted by a stuck-in note.

’____, by this point, I am almost certain both Nagisa and Haruka have failed in their tasks. If they have not, then please do not tell them I wrote that. On behalf of everyone here, and Makoto himself, will you please… Please, enter a relationship with him beyond friendship? I believe he has strong romantic feelings for you, and it would definitely be mutually beneficial-’

The writing went on for quite some time, but you needed no more.


He didn’t even look like he was present in that moment - eyes of a scared child looked back at your own, and you realised quite how much this meant to him. Were you truly so dense as to not notice feelings of this magnitude? Even though the confession had not come directly from him – hell, he hadn’t even had any part in these plans, from the looks of things – the reality of his feelings was quite evident.

“I-I’d understand if you didn’t want to, um, to d-date me. It’s fine. We’re good friends, and we could definitely… Stay that way?”

“Oh Makoto…” You couldn’t help but smile, bringing a hand up to his face. “You’re some sort of angel, I swear…” The look on his face could only be described as grateful; he looked as though he could have kissed you right then. “I’m surprised I didn’t notice the signs earlier, to be honest, it all seems terribly clear now.”

“Yeah, that’s why we-”

“Please be quiet, Nagisa.” He immediately shut up as you reprimanded him, although continued to giggle softly. “Either way- It’s a lot to take in all at once, but hey,” taking one of Makoto’s hands in your own, you grinned. “everything’s worth a try once, and I could see this working out.”

“I could see us working out.”

It actually took me many tries to figure out how to draw everyone’s hair. I still don’t know how to do Nagisa, Rei, Ai, and Momo….but since I mostly draw these four here it is my general process for them^^ Makoto is definitely the hardest one for me…idk I just can’t make it look right but I tried haha. Basically there are 2-3 parts to how I draw hair. For these four, there are three parts. There’s the front fringe (red) then the side fringe (blue) and then the back of the hair (green). tbh I eyeball a lot of things and fix it when I think something doesn’t look quite right…Rin’s fringe also changes when I draw, sometimes he has those two strands in his face, sometimes it’s just one thick strand if I’m lazy lol.

deadlyxlife  asked:

Go write a naekusaba fic where Junko dresses up Mukuro all fancy to impress Naegi, because Naegi agreed to get coffee with Mukuro. So when she goes to drink coffee with him, she spills some on her dress. Take it from there and go crazy!!! :D

A/N Actually this is more of Makoto and Junko interaction but it was just so fun!

Junko hijacks Mukuro’s date - Naekusaba

Makoto was waiting at a cafe for Mukuro since he was expecting her.

What he didn’t expect was for a dressed up Mukuro to stroll in through the doors.

“Hey, Mukuro. You look…” Makoto trailed as he fumbled with the right word to describe her. He tentatively described her, “Different.”

“Different, not nice?” ‘Mukuro’ fished for compliments.

“Well you do look nice.” He admitted weakly. “I guess I’m just not used to seeing you like this.”

“I just wanted to try something new.” She said as she stiffly twirled a bit, the frills on her dress puffed in the air. “Don’t you like it?”

“I…” He hesitated. And then gave her a weak smile, not really answering her question. “How about we order some drinks?”

“Alright.” She answered, a bit dismayed that he was dodging her question.

Well that was just a minor setback. Here was Junko dressed up as Mukuro all dolled up and Makoto didn’t have a clue. She was getting a kick out of this. She’s not sure anymore if she’s doing this to impress him for her sister or to mess with him for her entertainment. At first she just wanted to try this out and see if it could work but now that it did, she wanted to see how far she could push this. If she knew it was going to be this fun to go out disguised as her twin, she should have done this ages ago!

Everything was going all according to Junko’s plan.

Until she accidentally spilled some of her iced latte on her.

“Goddammit! Shit!” She cursed out loud.

“Are you okay?” Makoto asked worriedly as he hand her tissues but there was also something else other than concern in his gaze. He looked at her warily and then flatly called out her name. “…Junko?”


“What? What are you saying?” Junko feigned ignorance as she continued her Mukuro spiel.

“Junko.” Makoto eyed her evenly.

Dammit. And she was doing so well.

“Tch.” She clicked her tongue in annoyance and then her true personality surfaced. “What gave me away?”

Naegi chuckled slightly as he gestured towards her dress. “Mukuro would never wear something so… impractical.”

“Yeah, well what if I made her?” She crossed her arms at him, still vexed that she got caught so early on.

“True.” He agreed and then he smiled knowingly. “But no matter how uncomfortable her outfit is, her reflexes would still be better.”

Junko was about to argue back but someone walked into the cafe and joined in their conversation.

“Junko? What are you doing here?” It was Mukuro, the real deal.

“What am I doing? What are YOU doing here?” Junko shot back. “I thought I told you to stay at home because Makoto cancelled.”

Mukuro raised her phone. “Makoto texted me.”

“What?” She looked back at Makoto in disbelief who gave her a guilty smile. “Since when?”

“Since you walked through the door.” He shrugged nonchalantly.

Wow, mad props to him for catching her that fast.

“Damn, either I suck at this whole impersonating thing or you’re head is just full of my sister.” Junko whistled in approval and also in teasing. “And I won’t accept the one that portrays me with poor acting skills. You totally have the hots for my sis!”

Both Mukuro and Makoto blushed furiously at Junko’s words.
“S-shut up!” He stammered lamely.

“Anyways, three is a crowd so I’ll take this as my cue to cart-thirdwheel out.” Junko nonchalantly declared as she playfully winked at them. “You kids better behave, okay?”

“Junko, please!” Mukuro attempted to get her to stop talking.

She only continued teasing them with a coy smile, “No wait, better yet. Misbehave! You have my blessing!!”

It took a lot of teasing (all from Junko) before she finally left the two alone to deal with… whatever Junko has left them with.

Mukuro started by bowing to Makoto and apologizing. “Whatever my sister did, I apologize.”

“Hey, it’s okay. No need to apologize.” Makoto reassured her. ”I know what it’s like to have troublesome siblings.”

“But still. Junko caused a lot of trouble today.” She frowned slightly.

“And you’re a victim in this as much as I am.” He gently consoled her and then smiled warmly at her. ”So let’s call it quits and get that coffee we promised?”

“…Okay.” She agreed and in a smaller voice, she added, ”As promised.”

Unlike Junko’s disaster, Mukuro and Makoto’s coffee session went smoothly and with no drinks spilling. There was a close call on Makoto’s part but Mukuro was fast enough to catch his cup before it even hit the floor. For some reason that she couldn’t quite place, he was ridiculously happy when she did that. He said something like, “You really do have great reflexes.” and she was too stunned by his smile to say anything other than “Thanks”. They continued from where they left off after that and time passed quickly.

Mukuro may have expected the conversation topics except for this one.

“Hey, Mukuro.” Makoto called her all of a sudden and then smiled brightly at her. “You look cute in that.”

How could he say that so easily?

How could she not blush to that so quickly?

“…!” Mukuro opened her mouth and then closed it. Wait, she wasn’t wearing anything special today. But the way he gave the compliment told her that he wasn’t lying. This left her flustered and confused. “Thanks… But it’s just my usual clothes.” She lamely pointed out.

His smile just widened knowingly.

“Exactly. I like you just the way you are.”

All in all, the coffee date turned out to be a success.

Danganronpa Episode 3 Analysis
  • Spoilers Ahead!
  • I’m tagging these posts with #danganronpaspoilers so if you want to avoid them blacklist that tag!
  • So I decided to make posts about each episode that comes out, analyzing it and what not. So we start at episode 3!

Where do I even begin?

Firstly, Aoi Asahina is alive and well. Good good, but with that being said, someone died, and that being Great Gozu. 

From his death, I found it strangely similar to Yukizome’s. He was hanged by wires, she was hanged on a chandelier. 

This could be a repeating pattern in the anime with deaths so it may be something to look out for. I was shocked when Gozu’s forbidden action wasn’t revealed yet, thinking Makoto and Aoi would have checked his wristband, but we will see later.

Then we reveal Aoi’s and Miaya’s forbidden actions:

  • Aoi: Can’t be hit or punched
  • Miaya: Can’t turn right. 

Although, @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl made this genius post stating that Miaya never showed her bracelet, so that rule of hers could be fake. Who knows… 

Now there is still some tension between my babies Ruruka and Yoi + Seiko. We see Yoi refuse Ruruka’s candy again when the two of them wake up. 

Also, they are shown to be very close. With him swearing to protect and not betray Ruruka.

But I think this confirms a few things.

  1. Yoi’s forbidden action must be not being able to eat Ruruka’s sweets. 
  2. If it’s not being able to eat them, than her sweets must have some sort of affect on him. Making it hard to focus or whatnot, since they are in a dangerous situation.
  3. Yoi isn’t with Ruruka for just her sweets.
  4. Their bond is greatly impacted by Seiko.
  5. please please be canon

I say this because whatever happened with Seiko and the 76th built a wall between them and pushed Ruruka and Yoi closer together.

Now, I’m sure that the past will come up and what happened between the three will be at least talked about, but I think both sides have some explaining.

When Seiko and Yoi + Ruruka confronted each other, Yoi quickly protected Ruruka, pushing her behind his back. This could mean that there could have been a fight with Ruruka and Seiko that left Ruruka injured, thus his actions explained. I wouldn’t put this as a full out fist fight, but Seiko maybe pushing Ruruka out of the way, causing her to get hurt and Yoi to become overprotective. Even Koici commented, saying how they are “still not over it yet”. Whatever the tension is, I don’t think it is as horrible and drastic as Ruruka is making it seem, and Yoi sides with Ruruka because Seiko maybe hurt her?

There was a idea floating around that @thecatgirlyang posted here how Seiko’s morals drove a rift through Ruruka and Yoi. I mean, look how sad she looked when Daisuke died. She couldn’t do anything, and right after this Ruruka commented how she “can’t trust some people here”. There are some old wounds, because tbh I think Seiko wants Ruruka to understand what/why she did what she did, but Ruruka won’t give her the time to listen, so she’s forced to act cold and hostile towards her. Notice how her anger is directed towards Ruruka only, not Yoi. Yoi just happens to be there during their arguments, was there when this situation happened.

But in any case, Seiko was having no bs about being called a traitor and pulled this holy grail on my two babies bc she is so honest and good and can’t stand not being trusted.

So she does this orz. 

This also goes against my theory about her not being able to take her pills, and she is already shown trying to help Daisuke when he was dying, so I wonder what hers is. In any case, I’m looking forward to their (Yoi, Ruruka and Seiko) confrontation next episode.

And our bby g Kyouko going out to investigate ; 3 ;

She’s no fool. Any information she can get is crucial, and when she can’t get Ryota to spill on his rule violation she knows something is up. Also when Tengan wakes up, that sneaky little bastard. 

What is this implying? Is he trying to sneakily say that Makoto shouldn’t be trusted? Or trying to say that Kyosuke’s sense of hope is leaning towards despair? Either way, the next few panels go back on this point when Kyosuke and Makoto interact.

And in all honesty, I understood what Kyosuke was saying. The killing game Makoto experienced is nothing like true despair in the real world. None of the students were filled with despair but fell to it BUT notice in all the killings that the ones who “fell” to despair remained calm, their usual selves. They only cracked when they wanted to leave and go home.

This wasn’t despair. They were angry, irritated, scared. True despair wasn’t that killing game. True despairs was what lied beyond those walls. So in a way, yes, Kyosuke was right saying that was just a game. There were rules, punishments. There are no rules for the ultimate despairs, and punishment is a sort of end goal for all of them. 

He wanted to make the world a better place for Yukizome. His whole life goal was based on achieving her dream of hope, for a safe place for her to live. With her gone, so goes his sense of reason. He needs someone to remind him of hope, or what Yukizome would constantly influence on him. His last words to Makoto I think resonate with his feelings on Yukizome and her death. He’s looking for someone whose filled with pure hope. He can’t get that from Juzo, because he kills and hurts people.

Yukizome cared for others. Used her words to convince others and her actions of love to get hopeful results. Who else does that?


Why else did Kyosuke like Makoto’s speech? Because it reminded him of Yukizome. Granted, it didn’t affect him the same way, but he was trying to pull out the answers that Yukizome would give him from Makoto.

Also side note, why you no use door Kyosuke. Oh wait……because you can’t. Mwahah.