also is that makoto's back he's looking at!

It actually took me many tries to figure out how to draw everyone’s hair. I still don’t know how to do Nagisa, Rei, Ai, and Momo….but since I mostly draw these four here it is my general process for them^^ Makoto is definitely the hardest one for me…idk I just can’t make it look right but I tried haha. Basically there are 2-3 parts to how I draw hair. For these four, there are three parts. There’s the front fringe (red) then the side fringe (blue) and then the back of the hair (green). tbh I eyeball a lot of things and fix it when I think something doesn’t look quite right…Rin’s fringe also changes when I draw, sometimes he has those two strands in his face, sometimes it’s just one thick strand if I’m lazy lol.

aiipromise  asked:

He nodded, automatically reaching up to ensure the ears were on his head properly. Aiichirou bit into his lip, his gaze following his Master without turning his head. "I'm sorry," he said again, for what felt like the millionth time that day. "I'm sorry I was so bad last night. Can we... try again tonight?"

A strong hand reached down and ruffled soft silvery locks. “Yes, on one condition.” Makoto pleaded with a sigh as he sunk his shoulders in and hung his head, arms swinging lazily in front of him. “Quit with the damned apologizing, alright? I get it, you messed up, as your Master I punished you already. That should be enough. Remember, as my pet, I just want you to be safe and happy, but I also want you to understand who’s in charge here.”

Emerald eyes softened as he looked back up, smiling and lifting the tiny duckling into his arms. Cuddling the Samezuka breast stroke swimmer close, Makoto made his way to the couch. His apartment in Tokyo wasn’t the biggest or best, but it was just enough for him. Flopping down, holding Aii securely, Makoto let go long enough to remove his shirt and situate himself in front of the apologetic duckling. “Rub my back, please?” It was a simple command, and he knew after that last punishment Aii would wait for permission to even touch him, let alone do anything with Makoto.

Though the sense of power did good for his ego, or what he had of one, Makoto often found his chest hurting at the way Aii was punishing himself and holding back. They were once so in sync it was crazy, it was as if they felt the other’s emotions, and one slip up that forced Makoto to put his foot down and push Aii away, seemed to have left his little pet scared to act on his own anymore and Makoto didn’t like that. He hated watching Aii, timid and afraid as he asked for permission to do anything at all. He hated hearing apology after apology after apology, when what was done was done and they’d gotten past it. But at the same time Makoto could see Aii’s point and sympathize with it, every Master he’d had before had abandoned him, every one of them up to Makoto.

He bit his lip, hesitating, but forcing himself to speak. Soft brown bangs covering his eyes as his voiced steeled to a low, raspy whisper and that nagging fear crept up again. “Aii….are you afraid of me now?”