also is that a pinecone

witchy 101 frequently asked questions (mobile)

making the page rebloggable and mobile-viewable, this is my personal compiled 101 faq. please do not add onto this post, faq’s&a’s are under the cut. 

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Ceasar Augustus at the Cortile del Belvedere, or Pinecone courtyard as it is also known, Vatican Museum, Rome – ©Michael Evans Photographer 2015

doodle doodle of the birthday son!!! Happy Birthday Kiragi!!! *heart eyes*


My lfs got in this koi boy that was pineconing and they gave him to me to try to save(I’m literally resident betta-person lmao)You wouldn’t be able to tell from how healthy he looks in these pics but half his body is pineconing so he’s gonna be on a round of kanaplex in a hospital tank at around 82ish degrees and hopefully he’ll recover since he isn’t full on pineconing yet. Also! Before you say that getting free sick fish hurts the employee- this is a privately owned fish store and I got him from the owner who’s a family friend lmao

On the assumption that the Mofang’s sudden xenophobia was triggered by a human-made catastrophe outside the Soria bubble…
…if they hadn’t kept the trees in stasis with the bleeder, the trees would’ve very likely reached maturity before catastrophe struck on any of the original worlds outside the bubbles, the Mofang wouldn’t have antagonised the other species, and also the player character would be dead, huh?

anonymous asked:

How old are you?? Cause seriously, you act like an asshole tween so christ I hope you're not grown.

yes i’m a cis heterosexual white male who’s 37 living an upper middle class lifestyle, you could have just checked my bio you crusty pinecone

also if you could send me another anon explaining why i’m an asshole tween that would be lovely z

If Bog’s ex-girlfriend showed up in Art School AU Marianne’s reaction would be priceless.

Not because she’s jealous.

Because she’s protective.

Marianne: Is this HER?! Is this the one who hurt you? The piece of dirt that made you sad? I will FIGHT her for distressing my poor tree damsel! Meet me in the pit, lady!

And she’s either wrapped protectively around Bog or Bog is having to hold her back by the overall straps again.


pancake breakfast!

waiting for things in the mail!

got fancy beads to make some religious jewelry, asking Dionysos for help with trans stuff (also so many pinecones around!)

noot got a voucher from work for this online bookshop and let me spend it all, so i’m waiting for a new tangle, a notebook that i hope to make into a functioning planner/bullet journal (ONE DAY i swear, it’s gonna work out), and Kerényi‘s “Dionysos: Archetypal Image of Indestructible Life“.

currently also reading Otto’s “Dionysus: Myth and Cult”. i do not do well with Old Language, whether in polish or english, so both those books will be.. a challenge, i expect. i wish there was a service where someone deciphers the thing and then writes it up in simple words/sentences/points while not dumbing down the content :<(is there a nice way of saying that?)

(also reading the secret life of trees!)

and because i don’t get out much now, so no chance of treating myself to a coffee or go thrifting etc, i decided to spend the rest of my spending money for this month on a bunch of rocks. like.. a lot. of rocks. they’re gonna be so beautiful, i haven’t bought new rocks in a while. gonna rearrange my rock jar!!

hope everyone’s having a nice (long or regular) weekend! doing anything fun?

**Don’t Fuck With My Family**

This took me 4 days..why I don’t know. I do know I had a lot of fun drawing and coloring it.
@fontsandsins @nyehhehs I consider you and your bitties apart of my family. Thank you for being my inspiration and friend c:

//Also, could I maybe get a drawing of their (Pinecone/Doll) reaction to meeting Mama and Daddy PH? If not that’s ok ^^//

P.S. Mama doesn’t care to cover her chest.