also is that a hickey

The Marks On My Chest Where You Rest Your Head

Fic Request: Stiles and Lydia have been sneaking around for a while. One day Allison notices a hickey on Lydia’s neck, so she confronts her about it during lunch with the whole pack so that they’ll know if she’s lying. When Scott, Liam, Malia and Isaac suddenly hear Stiles heartbeat racing out of control, they connects the dots after also seeing matching hickey on Stiles’s neck.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Author: i-would-slay-all

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Reasons I'm a good girlfriend:

-I’m a great kisser
-Cuddling is mandatory
-staying in is preferred
-I also love going out so your set either way
-I love giving and receiving hickeys
-Movies are my life
-Netflix and Chill
-My music taste is on point
-I will wake you up with a packed bowl
If you would like to know more ask me
But I’m pretty awesome and I crave all of these couply things


Request: hi! My name is Emily and I was wondering if you could do a text au of me bitching to Shawn about him leaving big hickeys on my neck! You can also use nicknames for me, too. Thank you!!!
Hope you liked it emily! 😉

hey David, you should really get that thing on your neck checked out, looks like it could be poison oak… or bugs…

…particularly… the love-bugs… named Gwen ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

ya never know in these woods, amiright???

at the haus, playing spin the bottle
  • Holster: okay nursey your turn to spin
  • Nursey, drunk off his ass: haha okay okay fine, i'll kiss dex
  • Holster: ....nursey, you're supposed to spin the bottle first
  • Nursey: i can't believe it's dex again, fourth time tonight...
  • Holster: ...nursey, the bottle
  • Nursey: haha me and dex
  • Holster: ....nursey....
  • Nursey: *moves bottle and points it at dex*
  • Holster:
  • Nursey:
  • Holster:
  • Nursey: dex
  • Bonus...
  • Dex: ...are you fucking kidding me...
  • Also Dex: *has three hickeys, is already halfway into nursey's lap, plans on using tongue*

anonymous asked:

Ok so In your opinion (seriously) with the whole Jungkook has a hickey thing do you think it's actually a hickey and if so do you think he has a girlfriend or was he just getting some cheeks from a random before they went on tour?? 🤔 cause y'all know idols aren't so innocent as they portray 👀

I always say idols be getting some, no one’s stupid they be getting exposed all the time from older idols saying how they secretly meet up, date, and hand their numbers to girls, people act like they’re so ‘innocenct’ and don’t know what a sex  is (yes  “a sex”)  and these idols be making sex jokes all the time, come on now, they’re human, sex isn’t bad and isn’t going to hurt any body so who cares if they’re gettin some and it probably is a hickey but I’ve also seen bruises that looks like hickey’s too

mommykink credence headcanons

- credence will always go to you for comfort. especially when he thinks about his past. he needs his mommy constantly to calm him down and to give him love when it’s needed!

- he will listen to everything you say. he’s not a bad sub and he rarely ever misbehaves, even if he loves punishment. (being spanked on the bum gently :))

- although he doesn’t like the scars on his hands, you always draw little pictures around them so he can imagine them as a canvas or a base for a bigger picture. it makes him happy.

- he loves it when you go down on him, because you’re always so fucking beautiful whenever you do - he loves knowing that when you ride him you use him to pleasure yourself. he loves the feeling of having a slight advantage over you.

- he also loves it when you give him hickeys. credence has never been very fond of bruises or marks on his body, but when it comes to his mommy, he’ll let you give them to him whenever you want and wherever you want.

- he’ll call you mommy for anything, not just during sex, like: “mommy, are you busy?” or, “i love you so much, mommy.”

- he. fucking. loves. newt’s. creatures.

- “mommy, look at the bowtruckle! it likes me!”

- he finds himself always clinging onto you and asking you for help - when tina, newt, queenie, or kowalski ask if he needs anything, he always takes it up with you and asks if it’s okay that they help him.

- he subconsciously tries to please you in any way you can, and is always on his best behavior when he needs to be.

- he loves you always, and never wants to leave you.

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these lovebirbs slay me

concept: nagito being really into hickeys. like after any kind of make out session or sexual activity, he leaves hajime covered with them. they’re everywhere. they’re on his hips, his thighs, his chest, absolutely anywhere you can think of. just name any part of his body and i bet hajime had or currently has one or two hickeys there already.

bonus: nagito isn’t just into hickeys sexually, he also likes to leave them in a sort of affectionate manner. just to show hajime that he’s there and that he believes in him, you know? like hajime will be completely exhausted from studying for his upcoming exams. he’ll be fed up with his parents nagging him about his grades even though he’s got the best ones in his class. he’ll also have mountains of homework to do after he’s done studying. oh, and did i mention he’s running on two hours of sleep and seven red bulls mixed with orange juice? god, he’ll be lucky if he gets any sleep in the next three days let alone that night. he’ll be beyond ready to throw in the towel and will be at the absolute brink of insanity and possibly kidney failure because of all that red bull jesus christ hajime how are you still alive. but then he’ll feel the oh so familiar lips of his boyfriend nagito pressing gentle kisses along his jawline from behind. nagito will be giggling and whispering sweet words of encouragement to hajime while he begins to leave a tiny yet definitely noticeable hickey just below his ear. and before he knows it, hajime is smiling like an idiot and is already onto his dreaded math homework.

What Dating Taehyung (V) Would Be Like
  • Imagine dating a puppy. That’s exactly how he is.
  • He’ll kiss you all the time and be completely attached to you.
  • Also that means he likes to leave hickeys and maybe just maybe find pleasure in eating you out/sucking you off.
  • He would care a lot about you, though.
  • He’d always buy you gifts and tell you why each one was important and made him think of you or how they had this special meaning that he wanted you to know about because he felt it described you or your relationship. He would gush about it, too, and even though you hated how much money he spent you couldn’t help but love how cute he was.
  • He would always tell you that he loves you and make sure you know that.
  • He may be naïve at times. Or more like all the time. Even if it’s clear or right in his face.
  • So you’ll have to explain to him what exactly you mean with a lot of things you say.
  • But you find him adorable whenever he’s a little clueless so you couldn’t care less.
  • He will always want to be holding your hand, resting his chin on your head, cuddling with you in bed or hugging you.
  • He especially likes hugging you from behind, and enjoys surprising you whilst doing so.
  • He’ll do this anywhere, too; at home while you’re studying/cooking/cleaning or even when the two of you have a date or you’re meeting up.
  • Although sometimes it may get on your nerves because there was the one time where he got your shirt wet while you were doing dishes.
  • He actually surprises you a lot like that, and when he does that it usually ends up with him tickling you or kissing your face and the two of you would wrestle around for what felt like forever.
  • It’ll always end up in both of you laughing till your stomach hurts, and then more happy kissing would probably ensue.
  • And then that would end in makeout sessions and could go into something more if you wanted it to.
  • Oh and he loves french kissing. He loves doing anything that involves his tongue (if you catch my drift).
  • When the two of you cuddle you’re completely close; your legs and arms are so tangled that it’s hard to tell whose is whose and he holds you near and tight, your head against his chest with his chin resting on top of it.
  • On top of being a loving puppy, he would always act like a child, too (in a good way).
  • He’d constantly jump around and want to play or go somewhere and have fun, his energy never seeming to go away or lower in the slightest (kind of helps whenever the two of you go for a lot of rounds when you’re doing you know what).
  • He’d also like to do your makeup and try to dress you up and claim that he was “an expert” and “amazing at it” but it would turn out horrible. He would put way too much makeup on and your clothes wouldn’t match whatsoever even though when he dresses himself he looks fine.
  • In the end the two of you would just laugh while he insisted that you looked gorgeous and that you should go out on a date with you like that. And then you would stop laughing and tell him no with a serious face.
  • Also his fashion sense for himself is great and you sometimes can’t help but stare with how good he looks, wondering how he even manages to look that good with how he is.
  • When he gets a role in a drama or something with any sort of acting or will be trying out for a part he’ll rehearse the line(s) with you all the time. He’d be sort of nervous but at the same time he would believe it would go smoothly.
  • You love watching him act because he’s so talented when it comes to that. You’ll drop whatever you’re doing to help him practice and encourage him to do well.
  • Also when he gets the part he always tries to hide it as a surprise but always fails because he can’t help his grin. The two of you would celebrate it in numerous ways; dinner, cake, video games, sex, whatever.
  • He would want to take you out on dates all the time, too, just to show you off to the world. They could be at the park, aquarium, dinner, or anything. He just wants everyone to see how much he loves you.
  • He would take a LOT of photos with you and of you, talking about how each one was his favorite and he didn’t want to delete any of them. You would insist that he should especially since it was creepy that he had 30 photos of you sleeping? But he would keep them anyways no matter what you said or how you tried to take his phone from him.
  • He’d have really cute nicknames (in real life and contacts) for you, too. He wouldn’t just call you “Jagi” but something creative off the top of his head like “Powdered Vanilla Cake” or “Toffee Coffee”. He likes to rhyme with his nicknames, too.
  • But you would totally do the same thing. You would call him dumb things, like “Taeddy Bear” or “Tae-Shirt”.
  • You would almost never have a fight with him, because, really, how could you? He’s such a sweetheart and can barely even hurt a fly.
  • If you did fight it would end up being about little and stupid things like how he made a mess or if he ever injured himself. They would end up in the two of you making up with tender hugs and kisses.
  • And if you ever got mad at him the puppy part really comes into play; he’d give you puppy eyes and the biggest pout.
  • You’d always try to resist it but for some reason you were just so weak to his charms.
  • Whenever he was promoting somewhere else he would constantly try to call you, but sometimes the time difference would be too much and he’d end up waking you up while you were sleeping or disturbing you during work or school.
  • When he was home, you would always be doing something together. Even if it was just taking a nap, which you didn’t mind doing since you knew he needed sleep.
  • However he’d feel bad if you couldn’t go to sleep whenever he wanted to nap, so he would end up singing in order to try and lull you to sleep.
  • He would sing to you all the time, though, too. You love his voice and would be instantly peaceful whenever he did so.
  • But sometimes he would try to rap rather than sing, yet you still found him cute because of how passionate he was whenever he tried to rap to Cypher Pt. 3.
  • Taehyung would just be so in love with you and always wanting to spend time with you and would be willing to do anything with you.
  • There would even be times where you catch him staring at you and completely lost in thought. It would make you blush, but he loves seeing that. He loves you.
  • There would never be a dull moment when you’re dating him. The two of you would have fun wherever you were and you would always feel taken care of and loved unconditionally.

Me- “babe don’t give me a hickey!”
Babe- “I won’t!”
Babe- “don’t worry it’s just a little red!”
*i just finally look in the mirror*