also is it can or could

honestly i’m done with tumblr hating on the male love interest because the fandom is entitled enough to say they deserve the main female character to be with this other female character just because they saw chemistry between them.

newsflash: everybody sees chemistry in something.

and you can hate all these male characters all you want because they’re problematic or some shit but if you don’t also acknowledge it when they are trying to change/have changed then honestly fuck you cause all these social issues you’re throwing don’t really matter to you and you just care about your ship happening.

and lastly, you can count the ways in which you think that it will be a better love story than what is shown, but really at the end of the day, that is NOT the story. fuck heteronormativity, sure. but one half of these ships could be canon bisexual and it still won’t be happening because IT IS SIMPLY NOT THE FUCKING STORY

and for the sake of the rest of us who actually enjoy the actual story, if you don’t like it, then stop watching cause you can hate on it forever and call writers on it forever and ruin fandom for all of us forever but it’s still NOT THE FUCKING STORY

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You're getting a lot of hate today girl. What'cha need? "Haters Back Off" spray or "Read The Post Before Making Comments" pole? Also, I stand by you with the PewDiePie thing! ouo

Hahahaha ya know honestly, I could really go for some “Read the Post before making comments” right now. XD haha can I also get an extension that says “make sure you read it correctly, and not misinterpret my points?” or heck even a “Read it three times, just so my message didn’t go over your head like it seemed to have” Cuz that would be awesome! XD 


But it’s ok! I think I’m good, thank you tho! :D 

The show should be called Downworlders and every week we could see the High Warlock of Brooklyn trying to deal with all the nonsense everyone around him creates and at the same time learning how to date this really cute Shadowhunter. Also, Raphael deserves more screen time, I want to know more about his past and much time he spends choosing his colour coordinated suits.
Give me all the of the pack dynamics of Luke and his amazing butt, and sometimes I guess we can check up on the shadowhunter drama.

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How do you come up with your OCs? Yours are really cool so I was wondering if anything specific inspires you like a person you know irl or specific characters or anything like that? (You don't have answer this if you don't want to, I'm just a silly fan >w<)

Omfg;;; you are too kind ahh. Uhh they come from personal feelings or events that happened in my life! Or I just wanted them as an aesthetic.

Naru (first oc ever)- was made out of the idea girls are always seen as inferior by everyone so she believed it. It wasn’t until she realized she could be a girl and be strong that it made her confident in herself.

>Also shows that women can be muscular and still be beautiful.

Darrius was made a lot later. Naru helped him through her own abilities but she was so overconfident she denied others help. So darrius was there to teach her its okay to ask for help, and its okay to fall in love.

Berri and Red- symbolizes you have different sides of you and its okay to love them but also realize you are in control. Berri is also like Naru-meant to show girls/women can be strong without being hardcore/damaged.

>Also magical girl aesthetic and fantasy creatures like demons, unicorns, etc.

 Grammy (Ariea)- POC characters I have seen are always thrown to the side. I wanted someone POC and very powerful. Grammy is African American (her hair is extensions) and is also overweight. But she is seen as incredibly beautiful and the most powerful mage in the world.

Thak- Also POC (indian/african american) but also has temper problems. He was adopted and shows that raised in the right conditions you can become someone incredible. Ends up taking kindness for granted and during fights he is cruel and rude, this is something that happens to the best of us with peer pressure. 

>Someone told me “peer pressure can make you think being mean is fun. When in reality all you are left with after those people leave, is regret.”

David- Based on the idea: Nature is important but so is our humanity. He gained his abilities from nature but helps both humans and marine life. His powers are based around social anxiety and depression. Every breathe he takes is limiting to him,he feels like hes being choked by jellyfish. But in reality its a mental wall, he overcomes it slowly (not completely) and gains control over his powers.

All ocs mean something to us. But the main thing is “what do they mean to you?” Or “what do you want them to mean to others?”. Many of my ocs are heterosexual but 4-5 of them are also Bi, pan, and gay. But thats not all they are and not what I want them to be.

ok so like. we all know that the skool luv affair jacket shooting was where yoonkook began to gain popularity but like. despite all the things that were given to us, i couldnt help but notice these little scenes in the background outside of when the cameras were focused on them:

(where even outside of the shot we can still see yoongi’s fond grip on jungkook’s shoulder) 

and also ???

we could’ve had a skool luv affair era selca ????????????

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Hey! I hope you don't mind this ask, I've just been so confused for a while now! I am in love with Les Miserables, I have seen it 3 times in London, seen all the films, met Alfie Boe and others but this still confuses me... who is Musichetta? Is she featured in the book? I have the book and read the first few chapters but I can't finish it! I am really uneducated in the aspects of these characters. Also, could you help me with an easy way of remembering which revolutionary is who? Thank you!

Here is a cheat sheet for the diffferent members of les Amis, should you need it

Ah! Chetta! Chetta is indeed in the book, she’s Joly and Bossuet’s mistress. I can’t blame you for not finding her, because she’s hardly mentioned! The beauty of fandom work managed to create a well-rounded character with the scraps of information we had, and she’s pretty present fanon wise! According to book!Joly she is:

a superb girl, very literary, with tiny feet, little hands, she dresses well, and is white and dimpled, with the eyes of a fortune-teller. I am wild over her.“

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heeeeeeey i dont wanna bother u so u dont need to answer if you're not in the mood, but if so- could you please recommend me some comic books? everything u love, whether its the batfam or other superheroes- i need more comic books to read and your hcs are so funny and good and aaaaaa (also dont "go easy" on me, tell about e v e r y single comic book ud like to recommend, im all ears)!!! just tell me which characters it focuses pls, so i can pick up more easily. thank you ♥♥♥♥

Ooh, my friend, I could rant for days about my favorite comics!

Red Robin: Hands down my favorite comic series of all time. It’s about Tim Drake and his search for Bruce after he “died”, but Tim is the only one who knows he’s alive while all his friends and family write him off as insane. It’s really really good and features Tim just being an amazing hero and taking on the Council or Spiders and even Ra’s Al Ghul himself in an epic showdown. I recommend this series with every fiber of my being.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: This one is about Red Hood, Arsenal, and Starfire as their own team of outlaws who fight crime in their own cool way and are just awesome in general. I love it because of the great friendship the trio has, and it really shows Jason bonding with his friends which is good, and it’s just really great in general.

Red Hood and Arsenal: Kind of a continuation of RHATO, but it’s just Jason and Roy, who start a business where people hire them to take down bad guys for them. It’s really funny, has Joker’s Daughter in it, and shows so many great moments of Jaybird and Roy bonding. 

Young Justice (based off the tv show): If you watch the Young Justice animated series then I highly recommend this. It has a bunch of great storylines that happened between episodes, and it’s honestly just so cool to read.

Young Justice: This is the original Young Justice comic series, and it’s super good. It has Robin, Superboy, Impulse, Wonder Girl, Arrowette, Secret, and other young heroes forming their own team and fighting crime while getting into funny hijinks together. And it’s super funny and adorable, like in one storyline they spent a few issues playing baseball with aliens in space, I kid you not.

Teen Titans Go: These comics are based off the original Teen Titans show, and they’re pretty much just funny stories about the team if you want to make you laugh. It does have its serious moments, and I liked having some more Teen Titans after its cancellation.

Grayson: At one point Dick Grayson got his identity as Nightwing blown and had to take his death, so while he was legally dead he went undercover as a Spyral agent. It’s really good, and Dick was so cool and funny as a secret agent. (Also at some point he carried a baby across the desert and saved its life and I cried, and at another part he spent like five pages singing a song about himself as a spy and it’s still one of my favorite comic moments to this day)

Teen Titans volumes 4-5: I’m only like halfway through this one, but already I love it and highly recommend it. It has cool heroes like Red Robin, Kid Flash, Solstice, Bunker, Wonder Girl, and others. The perfect balance of humor and drama, plus the artwork is incredible. (Wonder Girl’s outfit is so sparkly 😍) 

Li'l Gotham: This is the ultimate Batfamily comic. It’s pretty much a fluffy Batfamily fanfiction and it’s just adorable in general.  

Robin: This series features Tim during his time as Robin, and I can honestly tell you it’s amazing. As you know I’m a Tim Drake fanatic, and this series is exactly what you need if you’re a Tim fan. It includes his early days as Robin, all the struggles he goes through with both his hero and civilian identities, super great storylines, and the cute time and Steph dated, which was adorable. Highly recommend. 

Batman and Robin: There are two volumes for this one. The first is Dick and Damian during their stint as Batman and Robin, and it was really nice to see them grow as brothers and partners. The second one is after Bruce came back and he and Damian started working together. It also contains the aftermath of Damian’s death and how Bruce practically went crazy with grief and tried every conceivable method to bring him back, which he did. Just lots and lots of Damian Wayne.  

Super Sons: This series just started days ago, and already I love it. It’s about Damian Wayne and Jon Kent as two teeny crimefighting friends. Totally adorable, and especially good because it just started so it’s easy to get into.   

I’m pretty sure there are a couple more but I just can’t remember right now, so yeah, try some of these out and if you do tell me what you think! Happy reading! <33

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You said lucio/symmetra was your ultimate otp...i'm intrigued by it but since there's so little around I haven't fully gotten into it! Could you share some of your thoughts on it o: ? i'm definitely interested on what you think their dynamic is like! I know you said you wanted people to tell you about their ships but I can't stop wondering about this ship since you mentioned it...

ur all horrible enablers, shame on u

If I put all my feelings about this ship in a book, it’d look like that book where that one dude printed out all of Wikipedia, so instead have some headcanons I have on their dynamic (and also this turned out a bit longer than anticipated)

  • They’re way more similar than they think they are and everytime someone points it out they both argue like siblings when someone tells them they look alike.

  • Like, let me give a brief description and you try to guess whom I’m talking about: Super idealistic, believes in a better world for everyone. Wants to make people’s lives better and cares deeply about the suffering of others. Comes from a very poor family but has risen above that by virtue of their talents. An artist and uses their artistic skill in their fighting style. Has strong ideals and is prepared to face overwhelming opposition for them.

  • I think on some level they’re aware of how much they have in common but in the beginning they refuse to face the facts, because they do not want to be associated with someone like that.

  • And they hate each other. And, as everyone knows, hate is an attractional force. It’s not like disgust where you try to stay away from the other person. No, they hate each other and everytime they’re in roughly the same spot (like, a continent) they inevitably end up finding and shouting at each other over everything they could possibly disagree over.

  • And there’s a lot they disagree about and they miraculously find more everytime they argue.

  • If Satya says she likes a movie, Lúcio will hate it by default and argue with her about all the problematic shit in it and of course an evil heartless demon like her would like that movie. If Lúcio dies his hair blue for Christmas, Satya will change her entire wardrobe because the colour blue is so unsophisticated and simplistic, she can’t be seen dead with it.

  • And there’s a breaking point somewhere, because both of them know they don’t have all the answers and the other isn’t all wrong in their accusations. Lúcio breaks down someday because damn her, Satya is right, the people in his favela are still poor, they are still hungry and thirsty, still sick and unable to pay the hospital bills, still miserable and he doesn’t know how to fix it, and maybe Vishkar would have fixed it and maybe giving up their freedom wouldn’t have been too high a price to pay.

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How do you feel about 30 yr olds women and obsess about josh? Must have awkward feelings.

I got this message around three in the morning last night and I was going to ignore it because I don’t like answering rude asks but this is possibly the worst ask I have ever gotten.

What are my thoughts on the women who “obsess about Josh?

 I see them as no different because they could be married, have kids, etc, same as I see no difference if a thirteen year old boy was on here. I think it’s amazing that I, a seventeen year old, can go to school for an hour and come home and log on this website to see posts made by a woman who has a husband and two kids but also was touched by Josh’s work in some way.

This ask is honestly the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen and I’m disgusted by it. I ask that next time you want to say something like this, don’t go on anon because then I won’t have to post it publicly.  

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why ging? (not against it, i'm actually v amused and excited)

ahaha, that’s such a good question… even i’m not 100% sure.

i guess the first reason is that it’d be funny? i’m expecting to encounter other hxh cosplayers now that it’s been airing for almost a year on toonami and pretty much no matter what character i run into it’d be a funny photo op. (gon? obviously hilarious. leorio? he can pretend to punch me. hisoka? he can pretend to punch me too. kite? sad, but also funny!)

the second reason is that i inexplicably feel like i could pull it off? i’m gonna have to wear hella makeup to get that unshaven and dirty look but…i don’t know… i really can’t explain it but i just feel in my heart that i can look just as awful and sketchy as ging.

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i love your phan elf au so much but im also a huge d&d nerd and in my head dan is a rogue(sneaky stab man) but a really bad one and phil a is a druid(plant magic man) but also a really bad one bc he keeps accidentally killing his plants(and i guess thats a test in elf culture??????) and so they bond over mutual failure :)

Nah this AU is truly an AU because Phil is really GOOD at taking care of plants, in fact, he can coax dying plants back to life, and he IS PART PLANT himself. Lol Dan as a “sneaky stab man”.. er, I guess he could fantasize about that, but in the canon of the AU (and IRL) he’d likely be too lazy (unless properly motivated *cough*someonehurtsPhil*cough*). 

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Someone posted the scene where Kylo slashed Finn's back and a R*ylo commented "I don't remembering it being this violent!😮". And all I can think is like " yea, you and the rest of fandom". Do people get so caught in fandom they actually forget the source material?! That scene made me ill, I remember it distinctly.

I suspect a lot of the most out-there shippers are drawing from their fandom bubble rather than the source material. Even so it’s revealing, isn’t it, that they can forget that scene–the brutalization, the hatred, the sadistic joy that Kylo Ren took in torturing Finn. It was a violent scene designed to burn itself into memory, yet some viewers felt themselves removed enough from the violence that they could just… dismiss it?

I’ve also seen posts talking about how differently Ren treated Rey compared to Finn in that duel and how that must mean he loves her. Or how he gave her special treatment over Poe as a prisoner and citing that as proof of a budding romance. It was so intensely uncomfortable on so many levels.

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Hey there hope youre having a great day! Can you list the simblrs who inspire your builds and decorating and simblrs that are similar to yours? Im kinda new here! And I really really love your style normal houses bore me and your pictures are so bright and colourful your sims must be happy!

Hi :3

I’m not entirely sure if there are many blogs like mine - that sounds really conceited but ,, yikes moving on… - but I’ll list my some of my favourite blogs because tbh they all inspire me even if you can’t tell and even if we’re not the same ~style~ of simblr!

@simsao / @ceiuu / @ohare-lane@sixamsims / @meisiu​ / @cocooni

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do you think we could have a gossip blog ( and if yes , can i hit y'all up and run it ? )

i’ve always been cautious of gossip blogs just because they can get a little cliquey but members, if you’re interested in us having a gossip blog, LIKE this post! & also, if you’re interested in running it, please message the main!

ive read so many damn good fics, so i decided to compile all these amazing fics into one list so you all can go give these authors some lov bc they deserve it !! if i could give 10000 kudos to all of these i could but sadly i cant :’( anyways, here we go!! (also this isn’t all of them, as sometimes i forget to bookmark fics, so I will definitely add more as i read more amazing fics!!)

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Patient: (telling me a story about their last trip to the hospital) ….and I had the worst wound you could imagine!!!!
Me: Oh? How bad was it?
Patient: … Wait. No. Probably not.
Patient’s partner: I can’t believe you just said that to a nurse.
Me: I don’t doubt it was bad, but your scale might not be equal to my scale of what is truly awful. I’ve seen a lot…
Patient: I want to know. But I also don’t.
Me: let’s not get into details when you and I are both sleep deprived. If you feel better by next night I might tell you.
Patient’s partner: I can’t wait to be told a horror good night story!!!! Shit this has to be on snapchat!!
Patient: Shhhhh. You’ll wake the other people. Whisper!
Patient’s partner: But… Horror story?
Patient: The nice nurse can tell you a horror story. I want to wait till I know I woke up from my surgery before she tells me what the worst thing she’s seen is!
Me: Probably for the better. The anaesthetic team might not be so fond of me if I send you down with severe anxiety.

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I don't know what to believe anymore. I do know that I feel as if I have been played by both Cait and Sam. I also cannot understand why they sold the 'we are a RL couple' narrative all through January if they both have other SOs. What sort of person does that? Were they just flushing shippers out so that we could be targeted by the IW again (who is of course in Godzilla mode again). Talk about a complete lack of respect for the 'best fans ever'!

I can’t tell you what to believe of course.  You ship, or you jump ship, or you go ashore for a while.  Whatever, you do what’s best for you.  But wherever you choose to park it, I hope you don’t spend your days stewing over how you’ve been wronged.  Sam and Cait don’t know us, they don’t rope off segments of their fandom chosen for their next attack mission, and I believe they have great respect for everyone.  I see a lot of stuff here…bullshit mostly, but I will never see malice coming from these two towards their fans.

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sorry to bother you but im struggling to find canon lgbt+ main character/s in musicals, would you be able to recommend some high key and low key ones (ive found no trans characters at all so any musical with them would be much appreciated)? thank you :)

The only fully canon transgender character I can name is La Cienega in Bring It On. Angel from Rent is harder, because she uses both she/her and he/him pronouns, but most character descriptions list her as a drag queen. Hedwig from Hedwig & the Angry Inch is also kind tricky - I don’t know enough about the show to say, but from what I’ve heard, it was more that she was forced into having surgery? I couldn’t telll you

As far as other LGBTQ characters, I went through my iPhone alphabetically to get as many as I could. Note: These are only the characters from shows that I know - if people have stuff to add, feel free to message me or comment on this post! These are all canon, we are not looking for headcanons. I did list some characters as undisclosed, meaning that it’s very highly suggested that they are LGBTQ but its not strong enough to actually say.

  • Rod (Gay) - Avenue Q
  • Peter (Gay) - bare: a pop opera
  • Jason (Gay) - bare: a pop opera
  • Elder McKinley (Gay) - Book of Mormon
  • George (undisclosed) - Carrie
  • Greg (Gay) - A Chorus Line
  • Paul (Gay) - A Chorus Line
  • Man in Chair (undisclosed) - The Drowsy Chaperone
  • Marvin (Gay) - Falsettos
  • Whizzer (Gay) - Falsettos
  • Charlotte (Lesbian) - Falsettos
  • Cordelia (Lesbian) - Falsettos
  • Reggie (Gay) - First Date
  • Unnamed Waiter (Gay) - First Date
  • Alison (Lesbian) - Fun Home
  • Joan (Lesbian) - Fun Home
  • Jack (Gay) - Glory Days
  • Woof (undisclosed) - Hair
  • Ram’s Dad (undisclosed) - Heathers
  • Kurt’s Dad (undisclosed) - Heathers
  • Kate (Lesbian) - If/Then
  • Anne (Lesbian) - If/Then
  • Simon/Lola (Gender undisclosed) - Kinky Boots
  • Nikos (Gay) - Legally Blonde
  • Carlos (Gay) - Legally Blonde
  • Jeff (Gay) - Now. Here. This/[title of show]
  • Hunter (Gay) - Now. Here. This./[title of show]
  • Warren (Gay) - Ordinary Days
  • Roger (Gay) - The Producers
  • Carmen (Gay) - The Producers
  • Bryan (Gay) - The Producers
  • Kevin (Gay) - The Producers
  • Scott (Gay) - The Producers
  • Shirley (Lesbian) - The Producers
  • Maureen (Bisexual) - Rent
  • Joanne (Lesbian) - Rent
  • Angel (undisclosed) - Rent
  • Collins (Gay) - Rent
  • Frank-n-furter (Undisclosed) - Rocky Horror Show
  • Hanschen (Gay) - Spring Awakening
  • Ernst (Gay) - Spring Awakening
  • Toddy (Gay) - Victor/Victoria
  • Squash (Gay) - Victor/Victoria
  • 95% of the characters in Zanna, Don’t!

As soon as I finished this list, I realized you were looking for main characters but I put a lot into this, so I just bolded main characters and italicized strong supporting characters

VI: The Lovers – Phantom

Initially, the Lovers Arcana represents two paths life could lead to, and thus a symbol of standing at a crossroad and needing to make a decision. To hesitate and make a decision between the “right” way and the “easy” way.

Contemporarily, it is a symbol of love and romantic relationships, although it can also be a symbol of finding agreement with an ordinary friend or even two conflicting elements within. To choose to trust, and make yourself vulnerable for someone or something you wish to devote yourself to.

My entry for the Maplestory Tarot Arcana Collab organized by @martianunicorn​! It took me quite a while because I kinda redid the whole thing, especially the bg (still think it needs more details tho pft). Phantom and Aria are so lovely together…but alas their romance ended in tragedy.

Big thanks to the mod for organizing this and being very understanding/patient throughout!