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7 minutes in Heaven with BigBang

A/N: This took me forever to write omg I’m so sorry!! I tried making it extra nice fore ya! ;) . Okay! Before anyone asks, I don’t really write smut, no. This is as close to smut as you’re probably gonna get…and can I just say that I’m oddly proud of you for finding this loop hole?? Props to you! XD.This was actually hella fun to write, too!!  I also killed myself with Jiyong cuz ultimate bias omfg. 

~Admin Red 


The bottle would land on you two and he’d smirk, getting up to make his way to the empty room after you. As soon as the door would close behind you, you’d be pinned to the back of the door. Your hands held together by one of his over your head while he’d stare down at you, tilting his head with the same smirk. His lips would crash unto yours in a demanding and needy way, his kisses lustful as his free hand would start to roam, finding it’s way under your shirt. Everything would happen so fast, him not skipping a beat as his kisses would start to make their way down your neck.Your small moans would be music to his ears and you could feel him smile into his bruising kisses. Time ran by slow for you two and you’d never realize that your 7 minutes had came to an end. A knock could be heard on the other side of the door along with a “Time’s up” And Jiyong would lift his head, beaming as he looked at you. Placing his forehead to yours he’d crash his lips to yours one last time before whispering a small “Let’s finish this later”. 


Seunghyun would calmly get up and walk toward the empty room, opening the door for you and staring at you with a small smile, waiting for you to follow him in. Once you did, he’d close the door behind you turning to look at you. He’d slowly make his way over to you, wrapping one of his arms around your waist while using the other to cup you cheek making you look up at him. You could feel your cheeks growing hot, a blush gracing them, as his lips found their way to yours. His kiss needy, soft, desperate. Not ever wanting to let go of you,, not even for a split second to catch his breath. His hand would start to roam under your shirt and up your back as you clung to his neck, one of your hands resting on his chest. You could feel him tugging at your bra strap and you grinned a little into the kiss, the only thing bringing you two back from your high was a knock on the door letting you know that “Your time’s up! Time to come out”. He’d disapprovingly let you go, giving you a smirk that let you know he wasn’t done before he exited the room. Taking a few steps toward the door your eyes widened for a second when you realized your bra was unhooked and Seunghyun stood on the other side, giving you a playful look.  


Taeyang would give you that look *see gif* before standing to his feet and walking over to you, holding his hand out for you to take. Once you did, he’d lead you into the empty room and instantly wrap his arms around your waist, starting off with small, light kisses to your neck while his grip around you tightened. Your hands would rest on his chest as you ran your hands down it. His kisses would become hungrier, more intense, and before either of you could fathom what was happening he lifted your shirt over your head and dropped in onto the floor. His shirt followed close behind and your back hit the wall, his lips crashing onto yours in a demanding manner when the knock on the door finally came. He’d smirk at you and pick up your shirt, handing it to you before putting his own back on. “We’re not done yet, princess” 


The boys would have to give him a little push once the bottle landed on him and he became a little shy. You smiled at him, grabbing his hand and pulling him behind yourself into the empty room. You could see the faintest blush on his cheeks and found it cute the way he stood there, looking you over from head to toe. You’d move closer to him, wrapping your arms around his neck and softly placing your lips to his in a light, romantic kiss. He’d place his hands on your hips, holding you tightly to him while he deepened the kiss, leaving you both breathless and you clinging unto him for dear life. Running one of your hands down his chest you stopped at the hem of his shirt, tugging at it and he smiled down at you, seconds from pulling it off when the knock you two had been dreading came. “Time’s up. Come on out.” He’d give you one final kiss before wrapping his arm around your waist and leading you out the door, knowing that tonight wasn’t over yet.


The bottle stopped on him and you could feel shivers running down your spine the way the looked at you. His eyes focused on you and only you as he stood to his feet and grabbed you hand, leading you behind him into the empty room. The door shut and his lips crashed onto yours in a sudden and stolen kiss. Your hand would automatically reach for the hem of his shirt, pulling it over his head with ease, only breaking the kiss to remove the piece of clothing that seemed to be in the way. Your shirt soon followed and before you knew it your back hit the wall and his hand ran over your thigh,lifting it to situate you better. The knock on the door came shortly after letting you two know that your time was up. Your eyes grew wide at the sudden smirk on his face as he reached over and locked the door, turning back to and kissing your neck. “We’re not done yet”