also in that shot where they're taking her

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Ladybug episode where they're having a formal dance. Think of all the possibilities.

Yes! Marinette making her own dress! The works. But the most important hurdle is asking Prince Charming to the ball. What if he politely declines because he wants to take Ladybug?! But he can’t tell her that. So Marinette gets sad about it and doesn’t understand. So sad that when Chat Noir asks her, she also turns him down because she’s too hurt to even want to dance. So then Adrien gets bummed out and retreats to Marinette’s. He tells her how he’s been shot down for the dance and feels lousy. She feels lousy too. So lousy that she tells him about Adrien. How she tried so hard to get the courage to ask him to the dance and how he too declined her invitation for reasons unknown. 

She tears up and cries on his shoulder. He wants to kick himself for hurting her. He thinks about his karma and how Ladybug turned him down that very afternoon. He wants to make it right, but he already burned himself as Adrien. Maybe Chat can still save the day. So he asks her to the dance. He’ll have to monitor his transformation, but he’s willing to go the extra mile to take his Princess. She’s an amazing girl, he thinks, and she deserves far better than what he put her through. Marinette thinks about his proposal and at first says no. But Chat is having none of it. “Aw, Cinderella has to go to the ball. Whom else is to dance with the Prince?” He smiles in gesturing to himself. Marinette also smiles and giggles lightly. Maybe Chat’s right. She should go despite Adrien’s rejection. It’s not Chat’s fault. Adrien has his reasons for going with someone else and she has hers. And that reason is sitting next to her holding her hand looking at her expectantly. “Yes,” she says, “I’d love to go with you, you silly kitty. It might actually be fun.” He grins large and wide, proud in his victory of saving his Princess’s night. 

So they do go to the dance together. And they have a wonderful time. Adrien’s strange absence isn’t lost on her, but it doesn’t ruin her night either. Chat is being really charming this night. Charming in a way that is sweet and not strongly flirtatious as he is to Ladybug. Charming in way that’s genuine. Like he’s trying really hard to heal a wound he didn’t make. It’s strange, but sweet nonetheless. And of course Alya has a million questions for Marinette and her new date that isn’t Adrien. But she’ll bug her about it tomorrow. For now Marinette looks happy in Chat’s arms as they slow dance together. She’ll leave them in peace. And as Marinette and Chat Noir dance together, their foreheads touching, he tells her to not be too hard on Adrien. He’ll come around soon enough because she’s an amazing girl. He’s sure of it. “He might,” she says, “but right now I’m here with you and that’s all that matters to me tonight.” He softly smiles and holds her close. He even chuckles at himself. Adrien’s going to need a full bouquet of flowers to be in her good graces once again. Long stemmed roses will do. Soft yet passionate just like his Princess. Maybe with a thorn or two for the fire in her veins. A fire, he thinks to himself, that gets his heart burning.

(Haha whoops I went overboard! But yeah Marichat formal dance episode. Need it.)