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I’ve been thinking lately about how frequently Red is the Big Damn Hero that saves everyone else’s lives.

Here, have some numbers, because I like numbers.  I’ve tallied up every time a Link was in clear, imminent danger, without an obvious way to get out of it by themself, and was then rescued by another Link.

I may have missed some, and if I have, by all means let me know!  There are also a few arguable cases* (I’ll discuss these under the cut) but I went with my best judgement.

Here’s what the data looks like in graph form:

Basically, Red has saved other Links twice as often as anyone else has.

To be fair, maybe it’s because of the way I counted things.  What if instead of giving one point per rescuer, per rescuee, I gave one point for each rescue-incident, and divided that evenly between the rescuers and rescuees involved?  In that case, it looks more like this:

Okay, that makes Shadow look significantly less rescue-happy, but it does nothing to diminish Red’s lead.

So!  In light of this data, a few thoughts:

- It would be a mistake to underestimate Red, his competence as a hero, and his importance to the team.

- Vio does not frequently intercede directly on behalf of another Link.  (In his defense, this is partially because he spent a significant portion of the manga physically separated from them, working indirectly to protect all of Hyrule and, by extension, his teammates.)

- Red’s string of rescues (often of Blue specifically!) might put this scene in a slightly different perspective:

I mean, there’s the shipy reading, and, to be clear, I’ve got no problem with that.  But I could also possibly see there being an element of Red teasing Blue about the fact that this is something of a role reversal for them.   “Oh Blue, whatever would I do without you around to save me?”  (batting eyelashes, extra-sweet voice because flustered Blue is funny)

tl;dr Red has saved his teammates’ lives way more frequently than anyone else, and they’d all be in deep trouble without him.  Especially Blue, who would still be a Linksicle.

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                                               ~Part 1~

  Last night was a close call. I couldn’t believe it but there was a second there, maybe half a second, maybe even a quarter of a second where I feared for my life. My instincts kicked in and I was able to fight off the attacker but still…that was closer than it ever should have been. 

   There was more going on here. That wasn’t a master vampire, that was the kid that went missing the other day. Yet he was faster and stronger than any vampire I’d ever faced. Not only did I have questions regarding this Mason Martell, but now questions regarding vampires period. What exactly was going on? Was there a new type of bloodsucker out there? 

  Looks like this wasn’t going to be such an easy case after all. There wouldn’t be much time for rest. I had to figure out what was going on and contain it. If anyone else decides to go missing then it is likely related to this Mason Martell character. It was also very likely that what Noelle said was true, that he was a lot stronger than I first expected. 

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six selfies from 2016

okay yes i am aware i am so late with this x) in fact, technicalyy i’m a year late ;) but anywaaay thank you sm @jamespttr @steebucks @newtt @demonartist for tagging me!!!

probably too late to tag anyone else bc it’s already 2017? but anyway, imma tag @jilys @pctter @aliciavspinnet just in case they fancy it & can be bothered to look retrospectively at all their selfies from last year :)

What I find very interesting is that Clalecs and J*lecs actually have a lot in common. You see, Clalecs erase Alec’s sexuality. They also erase the fact that Clary actually has more romantic chemistry with Izzy than Alec. J*lecs ignore and erase the fact that Jace has always seen Alec as a brother. And that Alec is beginning to let go of the feelings he had for Jace, even referring to him as his brother. They also both ignore, vilify, or erase Magnus and don’t ship him with anyone else. If they do, they ship him with Camille who was horrible for and to him.

Another thing they have in common is…they don’t actually like Alec because they certainly have to change him. Case in point. I’ve looked up Malec videos on youtube. In that search for Malec videos, I’ve stumbled upon a video where Alec and Magnus are married, but Alec cheats on Magnus with Clary because he can’t ignore that he wants her or something. I’ve also stumbled upon a J*lec video where Malec are together. Alec is actually using Magnus because he can’t have Jace. Jace gets jealous. And Alec and Jace fuck—while Malec are still together.  I also stumbled upon a video where Clace are together. But Clalec are cheating. Clary feels bad. But Alec is really cocky and proud about it.  There was another J*lec video where Clary didn’t exist because the person hated her for ruining things between J*lec.

J*lecs and Clalecs also share the same ships. A Clalec once said that they weren’t racist or homophobic for shipping Clalec because they shipped: J*lec and Sebastian/Clary. They didn’t ship Magnus, Luke, Izzy, or Simon with anyone. And they also proved themselves to be misogynistic by shipping Sebastian/Clary.

J*lecs also tend to accuse people against J*lec of hating Alec or finding him disgusting because we consider J*lec incest. Which..I’ve never seen anyone do, tbh. All the while, these people ignore that Jace has always referred to Alec as his brother. Of Izzy as his sister. Of Maryse and Robert as his parents. He’s referred to them all that way since we met him, basically. They also say it’s not actually incest because they aren’t blood related, completely shitting on people who are adopted. One excuse I saw was, “Izzy said he was like a brother. Not an actual brother.” What the hell does that even mean?

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this might be a long shot but: I am a prospective convert and my past issues with religious focused OCD obsessions has held me back from starting the process.(these were about a past religion I have since stopped believing/practicing) I was wondering if you/any of your followers have had similar issues before and still successfully converted/continue living a Jewish life? Just learning about Judaism brings me comfort but I worry about OCD ruining it..? idk :/

Publishing in case anyone else can help!

I would also say this is definitely something worth talking to a rabbi about. I can understand it might be comforting to talk directly to people who have the same experiences, but if you’re looking for a more practical “yes, it’s possible”/“no, it’s impossible” answer, the only one who can give you that is a rabbi. And I would guess that the majority of rabbis would lean much closer to the “yes” or at least “let’s try it and see how it works out” side of things. This PDF collects Jewish sources related to OCD, and universally the instinct is to understand, include, and demonstrate compassion, rather than to exclude or shame. You might also be interested in this article, in which and Orthodox woman discusses her own struggle with intrusive thoughts concerning religions other than Judaism. As far as I know she’s not a convert, but there is precedence.


thanks to @christabellamotte‘s tag and @thecomfiestwitch‘s encouragement I’ve spent too much of my afternoon trying to find pictures of my face for this 6 selfies for 2016 thing - in my case, 2016 was study/crying, a photo shoot one time, a trip to new york, and more study

(can you tell most of my selfies are for snapchat conversations)

I guess I’ll tag @blinkyblink @whistleandaclick @balfies @versary @pettyfish and anyone else who feels like also looking through pictures of their own face before 2017 makes a no-doubt grand entrance and we all have to return to real life again

(edit) not featured: graduation, more study/crying combos, or any photos from the handful of birthdays and weddings also from this year


Something that I have in common with Isabelle is that I’m super close to my family. I love my mom and my cousins; I’m an only child. I think that’s what Isabelle does. Like every other girl, I love to wear makeup. I love to dress up. I love to look beautiful. But something that I admire in Isabelle is that she sees much more than that. She knows that there are more important things in life than just beauty or things. She believes in and fights for equality. No one is more superior than anyone else. She also embraces her sexuality. I feel that she makes it her own mission to show her brother, in this case, that he needs to feel comfortable in his own skin no matter what society thinks.

In case anyone was wondering who Renee might be looking at or for during her many off-camera glances when doing Talking Smack. Also proof that it’s a produced, scripted, directed program just like everything else by WWE.



It’s so fucking comfy and warm like oh my god?? I’m going to wear both pieces in actual public because holy shit?

Also for reference in case anyone else is curious about sizing of these: I’m about 5'9 (175.3cm) , 145lbs (65.8 kg), and a mostly skinny/athletic build minus the bubble butt, and forgot the important part that this is a size Large

  • Me: it's obviously not logical to assume that the Doctor and River had a monogamous marriage
  • Me, reading fic: these two idiots are so in love they would never want to look at anyone else
  • Also me: so I mean River 100% hooked up with [insert female character here], it's just A Thing it's fine the Doctor is a chill husband and in at least half the cases probably had already hit that anyway

“Hi my name is Qrow Branwen and I have spiky ebony black hair (that’s how I got my name) and a lot of people tell me I look like Joel Heyman (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m also a hunter, and I’m visiting a combat school called Beacon academy. I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I carry a scythe (it’s also a gun) and wear a cape. I was walking outside Beacon and I was drunk. A prep named Winter Schnee stared at me. I put my middle finger up at her”

Last night’s debate, or the mansplaining Olympics

I have taken the liberty of abridging the debate in case you were one of the six or so Americans who did not watch.

LESTER HOLT: Welcome to the debate! I have somewhere else to be for the next half hour, so do not look for me to say anything or fact-check anyone. I will not. First, who will be better for business? Secretary?

HILLARY CLINTON: Look at me. Now look at Donald Trump. Now at me. Now at Donald Trump. Donald Trump is actually on the presidential debate stage right now. With me, a former senator and secretary of state. Donald Trump. Also, I have actual plans.

DONALD TRUMP: Hi. I am Donald Trump. Yes, I am here. If you believe in the two-party system, then I am 50 percent of your options for president right now. You may have been wondering: Did my advisers just say that I had not prepared at all for these debates in order to lower audience expectations, or did I NOT PREPARE AT ALL for these debates? Now, you will have your answer. My answer to that last question is that I am pretty sure I saw on TV that Mexico was taking our jobs. Or something.

CLINTON: Can I respond? I heard there would not be any fact-checking this debate, so I brought my own. I just want to explain what your plan would actually do. It is like trickle-down economics, but even worse. I came up with a fun nickname for it because my campaign wanted to make sure I created moments of “levity” instead of just “lecturing.” This is the straitjacket of speaking while female. “Trumped-up trickle-down,” we call it. Is that fun? By my standards, that seems fun. Donald, your business started when your dad loaned you $14 million.

TRUMP: In my defense, $14 million is, like, practically nothing. If I found it crumpled up in the pocket of a coat I had not worn in a while, I would make a face and throw it away. Also, NAFTA is bad, Secretary Clinton — does that make you happy? Usually when I address women as “secretary” they get upset and yell.

CLINTON: My plan would create jobs. Your plan would destroy them. I think global warming is real. You think global warming is a hoax created by the Chinese.

TRUMP: Well, I don’t think that NOW. Listen, we disagree on a lot. One thing we disagree about is whether you have a plan. I, for instance, think that you do not have a plan.

CLINTON: I have a plan. It is called “Stronger Together” and published in book form. You can buy it at an airport near you. Or wherever books are sold, so, I guess, an airport near you.

TRUMP: You are going to embiggen taxes whereas I am going to lower them. You are going to make more regulations, and I will do the opposite of that. I will create millions of jobs, and all you will create are bad ideas.

HOLT: Hey, guys, did I miss anything?

CLINTON: (frenzied, into the camera) Please, viewers at home, I know that fact-checking is not permitted, but at least GO TO MY WEBSITE. I promise —

TRUMP: I also have a website. You should go to mine. If you go to her website, you will see her plan to fight ISIS. Right there on the Internet where anyone can SEE. I know what Gen. MacArthur would have thought of that. He would not have liked it ONE BIT. Gen. MacArthur is a person from history whose name I have suddenly remembered.

CLINTON: (whispers) Fact-check rating — Mostly True.

TRUMP: You have to keep everything secret, like tax returns, but NOT like emails. Otherwise your enemies will know your next move. “No wonder you’ve been fighting ISIS your entire adult life.”

CLINTON: I don’t understand. How long do you think ISIS has been in existence? Do you think it is 50 years? Or do you think I am in my 20s? Or — what? PLEASE SOMEONE FACT-CHECK THIS. Lester?

HOLT: (sticking head through door) Hey, guys! Just wanted to check in and see how you were doing in here. You two having fun? It’s important to have fun. Donald, though, can you explain your tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans?

TRUMP: You know what we don’t have? Leadership. And I blame Secretary Clinton.

CLINTON: Sure. Great. Everything is my fault now.


CLINTON: (makes carefully neutral facial expression that must have taken 10 weeks to practice)

TRUMP: If there is one thing I have learned from campaigning in America, it is that people think you sit at the controls of a vast and horrible machine making everything that is wrong in America go wrong.

CLINTON: I can assure you that I do not do that.

TRUMP: Also in addition to your sinister Machiavellian control of everything on earth, you are not good at leadership. I believe these things simultaneously and see no contradiction in them.

CLINTON: Wasn’t I supposed to be talking? About focusing on the middle class?

HOLT: (shrugs)


CLINTON: Is this in response to something specific?


CLINTON: Did someone hit a switch on your back somewhere into drunk uncle mode?

TRUMP: “We are in a big, fat, ugly bubble.” The Fed is bad. “The Fed — is doing political.” Soon Obama will go to the golf course, and then, you know, it will not be good, because they will do something to the rates. And you won’t like it one bit! Please someone else talk now.

CLINTON: Where did you read this? Was it on a drunk person’s Facebook wall? Are you still friends with this person? Because I wouldn’t be.

HOLT: Donald Trump, what about releasing your tax returns?

TRUMP: Thank goodness this is a subject I actually know something about! I don’t want to. Clinton should release those EMAILS, that’s what I say! I’m being audited anyway, so…

HOLT: There’s nothing that says you have to wait for the audit to be over before you release your tax return. But about those emails, Hillary?

CLINTON: That was definitely a mistake, but I would prefer to watch Donald Trump flail uncomfortably about his tax returns.

TRUMP: Listen, I’m a very wealthy man. I know a lot of wonderful banks. I know a lot about money. I have been to airports, both good and bad. Newark is a bad airport. America can agree. We have wasted all this money on your bad ideas, but instead we should have made Newark Liberty International Airport a better, more welcoming place to be.

CLINTON: Okay, let’s talk about your business. You don’t seem to pay people. I have talked to all the people who work for your businesses: the people who make mohair and who cover railings with brass and who paint the walls of buildings to look like the pleasure palaces of dictators with poor taste and people who make garish rugs and lay faux marble, and they all said that you did not pay them.

TRUMP: Of course I did not pay them. Listen, you know the thing where you want to go out in a fancy outfit but then you do not want to own the outfit forever, and so after you wear it you go to the people and say to them, “This was bad, it did not fit!” and then you don’t have to pay, but you have already worn it so — you win.

CLINTON: That’s fraud.

TRUMP: It’s savings. America should try it.


TRUMP: Say America orders a big boat. When the boat comes, it can say, “This is no good,” and then: free boat.

HOLT: And now, please, take two minutes to discuss America’s complex legacy of racial problems. Secretary Clinton, you first.

CLINTON: Here is a complex and thoughtful response about the need for criminal justice reform that I have clearly been working on for some time, because it is not at ALL what I would have said in the ’90s.

TRUMP: Listen. Two words: law and order. I guess that’s three words. Stop and frisk. Wait, no, also three words.

HOLT: Three unconstitutional words.

TRUMP: No, no, I am pretty sure that is wrong. It went before a judge who was a very Anti-Police Judge.

HOLT: You mean a judge who found it was unconstitutional because it was a form of racial profiling?

TRUMP: No, listen, we need Law and Order. Benson and Stabler. To make us a Stabler nation.

CLINTON: Stabler was on “SVU.” I bet you can’t even name the police officers on regular “Law and Order.”

TRUMP: Eric and Melania.


TRUMP: Two wonderful officers, great friends of mine.

CLINTON: You have Briscoe and Green, or you have Green and Fontana, or you have —

TRUMP: Please don’t interrupt. Listen, if there is one thing I have learned on my tour trying to convince people that I am not wildly and ridiculously tone-deaf about race, it is that people who are not white probably live in nightmarish hellholes than which nothing can be worse.

CLINTON: That’s just not true at all.

TRUMP: (audible grunt of dismay)

HOLT: Is implicit bias a problem for police?

CLINTON: It’s a problem for everyone.

TRUMP: WRONG! Look, I’ve been around, okay? I’ve visited these places, in the last week.

CLINTON: (unexpectedly) Did you just criticize me for preparing for this debate? Because what I was really preparing for was to be president of the United States, and that takes hard, hard work! Hard work I’m ready to put in!

(summons an eagle) (it perches on her shoulder) (fireworks shoot off) (a glass ceiling shatters)

Perhaps I over-prepared this answer and it was not exactly related to what you just said, but I have literally been rehearsing it since I was 4.

HOLT: Donald, let’s talk about the horrible racist birther movement that you founded and nurtured for five years.

TRUMP: Never heard of it. It’s the work of a woman, name of Patty. I just put it to rest so America could have closure.

CLINTON: (mouths) Website.

HOLT: But, like, we can agree that it was racist, right?

TRUMP: No. You know what they say about ducks. If something walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it could just be me, Donald Trump, at a debate.

HOLT: Secretary, do you have anything to add?

CLINTON: No, but thank you for that footage for my ads next month.

TRUMP: Wait, I have a story of a time I was not personally racist! “I opened a club, and really got great credit for it. No discrimination against African Americans, against Muslims, against anybody. And it’s a tremendously successful club.”

CLINTON: You literally just said that.

HOLT: Okay, how do we protect America in the cyber realm?

TRUMP: My son Barron is an accomplished hacker. Or he does something on the computer. He will save us.

CLINTON: I thought you were in favor of the Russians hacking us. Didn’t you literally ask Putin —

TRUMP: OMG! Putin? What, where, did he say something? He thinks I’m brilliant, you know.

HOLT: Talk about ISIS.

TRUMP: I was against Iraq.



CLINTON: You literally were not.

TRUMP: I literally was. In the sense in which “literally” is now used.


TRUMP: Call Sean Hannity.

CLINTON: I would not wish that fate on my worst enemy.

HOLT: Mr. Trump, do you have a better temperament?

TRUMP: I have the best temperament. Obviously.

CLINTON: Obviously. Yes. Obviously. You have interrupted me 70 times to say nonsense remarks that indicate you have not the faintest idea what you are talking about. Seventy times. I have spent my life doing this. You decided, like, last year that you were mildly interested in it and that you would probably be great at it. I wish I had that confidence. I wish any little girl did.

If I had coughed even once on this stage, I would have lost this debate instantly. And so you know what? I did not cough. Not even once. You sniffed and you lectured and you made faces and you sighed. And I stood there. Impassive. Like a screensaver. I focus-grouped my number of blinks.

But maybe it worked. Maybe, just this once, America saw a man yammer on for an hour and a half about a subject he knew nothing about to a woman who had spent her lifetime in that field, and America said, “Oh,” quietly, to itself. Maybe. But knowing America, maybe also not.

HOLT: Will you accept the outcome of this election?

TRUMP: Probably.

CLINTON: (smiling, waving) Yes, definitely.

– By Alexandra Petri,

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You watch Goblin right? I started it (it's my first one) because I saw a bunch of screencaps and it looked funny, but I'm super weirded out by the age difference between him and Eun-Tak and I haven't seen anyone else mention it... is that a normal thing in K-Dramas?

yes, i watch goblin, and, yeah, actually, there are a lot of people who are weirded out by the age difference. i dont want to generalise/stereotype/normalise kdramas because there is a huge variety of genres, couples and age differences and say that ‘oh, this is totally normal.’ its rare, but its nothing we’ve not heard of.

however, the thing i want to point out from this is that !!!newsflash!!! its just a drama. its fiction. goblin’s age of 938/939 with euntak’s 19/20 yr old age difference is fiction. we’ve had dramas where the couple is of a human and another is an alien (my love from the star) and the dude is 400+ years but definitely lived longer before he descended to earth. they increase the age of the creatures bc theyre creatures obviously. they are basically not human. in my opinion, it would be even weirder and messed up if a super old human being (not a goblin or alien obv) has feelings for a minor.

let me remind you also that kim goeun (the actress who’s playing euntak) is an adult, she’s 25 and clearly not a minor, only her role in this drama. and also, she has a boyfriend who is 17 years her senior, 42, and is even older than gong yoo (who’s playing goblin). so yeah, the age diff between goblin and euntak is just of fiction, and she’s not actually 19 (she’s also turning into an adult in the drama soon so /shrug/) and clearly not weirded out even irl.

what should be of question is when irl minors are aged up to be adults and have love interests with people who are older than them. i find that stranger, in my opinion. im not gonna name any dramas who do these, but there are a lot, yet they are very well loved by fans and even just the public in general.

if you still feel weirded out, i recommend you drop than cringing everytime you watch and if it makes you uncomfortable :( but if you are able to see things from this point of view and makes it easier for you to watch goblin, then i’d be so glad. goblin is such a well-made drama and its just so amazing tbh.

small spoonie tips,

especially for bedbound or partially/occasionally bedbound folk – now, I’m in no way an expert and not all of these will work for everyone, this is just what I’ve come up with to help me, and I figured I’d share in case it resonates with anyone else!

you’re welcome to reblog it, too :’)


  • keep either makeup remover wipes or a comparable liquid (I just got Simple Cleansing Micellar (?) Water). it’s easier than washing your face at a sink, and doesn’t require standing/rinsing it off
  • if financially viable, buy extra sheets and especially extra pillowcases (you can also look at thrift stores for options, just make sure to wash them before use!). this has been a huge help for me, since often when I need to change my sheets I don’t also have the spoons to do a big load of laundry. game-changer, really
  • for oral health, you can get some mouthwash and maybe a container you can spit into (covered if the idea of that grosses you out). from my history in dentistry, Act comes highly recommended and doesn’t have any alcohol, so it shouldn’t hurt/sting to use. I know sometimes actually brushing your teeth can’t happen, but honestly oral healthcare is super important
  • also for oral health, seriously go get some sugarfree gum if you can. I know that allergies are a component with that, but if you can, they’re a great tool. try for one that says ADA Approved on the package
  • when I’m really bad off, I try to wear clothing that covers a lot of me; long-sleeved shirts, long pajama pants that won’t ride up my legs. that way I can just change my shirt/pants/underwear/etc. and not have to worry as much about the bedding. I do this more when my hands are having a really bad arthritic flare, since the process of removing/putting on a bedsheet hurts a lot. it just keeps your skin away from the bedsheets a bit more
  • hand sanitizer is just generally helpful too


  • any pre-packaged, dry foodstuff that doesn’t have to be refrigerated will be a godsend on really bad/bedbound days. I usually keep several full water bottles in my room at all times, and (I’m vegetarian) a lot of trailmix and assorted nuts. usually I just buy them in bulk, which tends to be more reasonably priced. for the non-vegetarians in the audience, I’m guessing jerky would be another good one


  • this is such a pain in the ass, but also ultimately very personal in how you handle it, I think. for me, a big one is – laundry baskets. when I have clean clothes or bedding and I can’t put it back where it actually goes/hang it up, I dump it into a laundry basket. you can also choose a spot for things you’ve worn but are still clean


  • another toughie, because there’s no getting around the fact that you need to take care of your pets. there’s a lot of ways to help, though;
  • if you have a cat, consider buying litter-tray liners. those things that stack and you just lift out of it (also if you’re asthmatic, I’d assume using a face mask might help with the litter dust!)
  • if possible keep food/water bowls and the food itself in easy-access locations. and if the bags of food are very heavy, transfer them to smaller, sealable bags
  • of course, also call someone up to help you! even if it’s just with moving the bag of food around, or whatever
  • I’ve also kept water bottles in my room that I use for my cat, to refill her water bowl. I have good days and bad days, and honestly having an obscene stock of full water bottles has been helpful in a lot of ways
  • I have a fish as well – for water changes, I’ve taken to keeping two gallon containers (with lids!) that have fully treated/conditioned water in them, so that way when doing ¼ water changes I have the water right there. it might also be a good idea to have smaller containers and something to transfer the water with (a bowl, a spoon, one of those turkey basters – whatever works) so you don’t have to lift a heavy container of water all at once
Sibling Theory?

Okay, I’ve been just started watching Endride and whilst I was watching the second episode I noticed a couple of things that hint towards Emilio and Shun being related, namely siblings. I’m not sure if anyone else has said anything about it yet but I thought I’d post my findings here anyway just in case ^^

This is a pretty young Emilio being given what looks like a dagger of sorts by who I presume is his father or someone of that calibre. It has a red dragon emblem on it which I also presume is the Kingdom/Countries’ crest.

Emilio is seen picking the dagger up in the first episode. He then goes out of his way to use it as the weapon for avenging his father, instead of his relic which would perhaps be easier to an extent, which further hints towards it being an heirloom or gift from his late father.

Then we have this little cutie, baby Shun, who is seen to be wearing a bracelet with the exact same crest on it. So, if Shun was born on the surface and had no prior knowledge of Endora, why is he being shown wearing something that bears the emblem of the Kingdom: wearing the royal crest is generally reserved for official royalty, like Emilio. This shot proves that he at least has some form of connection with the country at the centre of the Earth.

I also went back to the first episode to check a few things and spotted it here at the very beginning. As stated before; why would Shun own something that clearly belongs to Endora if he had never been there before?

Shun also has a huge fixation/interest in crystals. He seems to be very well known by the owner of the crystal shop who even comments that he ‘sure is obsessed with this stuff’ aka the crystals. The shopkeeper also seems to trust Shun to certain degree, allowing him to handle his wares without having to pay for them, etc. which further cements the fact that he is a recurring customer or at least visitor of the shop. 

But what has this got to do with his connection to Endora? Well as properly witnessed in episode two, Endora is thriving with crystals. From their own crystal version of the sun (Adamas) to their creatures.

I guess the point I’m trying to get at is that Shun perhaps has such an obsession with crystals is because he maybe subconsciously remembers them from him time in Endora. Though after re-watching the first episode, it could simply just come down to the fact that his parents are/were involved with them too. I just thought that it fit nicely with the theory :)

Furthermore, the crystal that Shun finds in his father’s office at the beginning of the first episode is perhaps a hint also. It was kept in a special display cabinet so it was obviously pretty special, but more importantly, someone must have handled it in order to put it there in the first place. However, we see that the minute Shun picks it up, he is teleported to Endora and the crystal (having been seemingly absorbed by him) disappears with him. This begs the question of why the crystal reacted to him and not the person or people who had handled it prior, whether to study it or place it in its display cabinet. What was so special about Shun that it chose to teleport him instead of someone else?

I had a couple of bits on the fact that Shun can use a warp relic and his rapidly growing ability to use it but that was sorta shot down when I re-watched the first episode and saw him absorb the crystal, which most likely would have granted him the ability to use a Warp Relic.

Anyway, that’s about it just now but feel free to call bs on the theory. Also, if you guys noticed anything else or have a different theory please tell me, I want to know what you all think ^^

If that spoiler is real

Does that mean the reason why Mika was “sharing a room” with Yuu

was because he had to watch over him in case he turned into a demon?

Since Mika is a vampire, he would be the most capable of dealing with Yuu, (also I don’t think Mika would let anyone else get close to him). Yuu still had the horns when they were running away, so yeah it’s a possibility.

Now, what I’d really want to know is how they turned him back. Just by looking at the chains and the little bowl beside Yuu, I’m going to assume it was quite the challenge or they just didn’t want to risk using Kiseki-O’s coffin a second time while Yuu was unconscious.

I’m just too excited about this pls don’t mind me

Okay, but is no one going to talk about the claws that we all saw in the preview? Like, whose hand is this? 

This could either be Mirai’s hand or Yuuichirou’s hand, methinks (if it’s anyone else’s, I don’t fucking know anymore). 

It may be Yuuichirou’s hand because near the wrist, we can see the crinkle or folds of his military glove. Also, towards near the top, it seems like we can see the edge of the cloth. 

However, at the same time, the hand looks kinda slim to be Yuu’s hand; the fingers look very feminine. This being the case, it could also be Mirai’s hand. The “crinkle” that we see near the top of the pinkie finger might just be her wrist bone. At the same time though, when we saw her in Chapter 40, she looked normal. All her body parts still looked human, with the exception of the wings, of course. 

OR, it’s possible that she takes on a new form after drinking up all the sacrificial blood. OR IT COULD BE PART OF YUU’S SERAPH FORM!!

I DON’T FUCKING KNOW, BUT EITHER WAY, THIS HAND LOOKS HELLA SEXY AND SCARY AT THE SAME TIME!!!! (This totally puts a complication on the Seraph!Yuu x Mika fanfic I’m working on, but it also might just spice things up quite a bit too! XD)


So I was really in love with these Katie platform sandals after seeing some pictures of them worn by shop staff and girls on ig, but as you might know I have 26cm feet and Japanese shoes go up to 24.5cm typically

So naturally I went to google to search for “pink platform (or wedge) sandals” But it was really hard to find anything in the right color, or the right design with the straps. It was like an endless sea of espadrilles :P

Then I came across these Melissa sandals! They aren’t platform wedges, or patent leather but the color is so close and they have criss cross straps. Furthermore they are not as high which is nice for me as a tall girl.

So I thought I’d share my find in case anyone else is also too big for Japanese shoes, or doesn’t want to pay international shipping. They are on sale ASOS too. I got mine today and I can attest the quality and look is so great :D

As Promised.

Finally Here my one shot fic that I promised you all. I haven’t written any fics for a LOOOOOOONG time so please be kind. I will try my best to have as little errors as possible. 

This story is centered on the first phone conversation that Josh and Jen had after finding out who was in the cast. I did some research. I know Jen originally turned down the franchise and then changed her mind but I think this had an interesting motif as well.  By the way I like to think Jen’s parents are still romantic with each other.

Disclaimer #1: I would love to know Josh and Jen, but sadly I don’t. I also don’t know any of the cast of the Hunger Games or anyone else depicted in the story.

Disclaimer #2: Though this fanfiction is centered closely around real events, it is fictional. 

Disclaimer #3: The rating is M just in case….

And finally Here it is…

45 Minutes

Jen looked over at the script for the third time that evening. She hoped she got the role. She had read the first book prior to trying out for the role. Katniss intrigued her. She was interesting. Jen had no clue where Katniss’s journey might take her. Which only excited her more. She sighed and closed her eyes. Praying that she would be able to give the role justice. Above all, she hoped that the guy playing Peeta wasn’t an asshole or worse…boring. She could handle dick-ish guys, but boring was where she drew the line. After all she grew up with two brothers who drove her to the edge of insanity on most days. Sure they were crazy like all the Lawrence’s but at least she had fun, most of the time. She got up from the bed and placed the script on her dresser. She didn’t want to spend too much time in California waiting for an answer so she decided to go back to Louisville where there would be less anxiety and stress. “Now, where the hell did I put my cell?” she wondered as she looked around. “must be downstairs. I wonder if there’s any left-over pizza from last night. I’m hungry anyway” She mused as she descended the stairs. She looked in the fridge for anything that might satiate her hunger. As she turned to place her already heated pizza on the table she saw her phone . The damn thing was vibrating. “Fuck, I forgot to put up the volume.” She picked it up quickly, “Hello?” 

“Jen? Is that you?” 

“Yeah, I’m sorry Liz I had my phone on vibrate and forgot.” 

“Jesus, Jen, I called you four times. I was Starting to get worried something happened. Anyway, I have great news. You got the part.” Jen whooped and pumped her fists in triumph. She was so excited and enraptured in the moment that she didn’t even let Liz finish the rest of the information. She heard Liz yelling at the top of her lungs trying to capture her attention.

“HELLLLLOOOOOO!” She yelled. Jen quickly recovered and put the phone to her ear. 

“Yeah, I’m sorry but I really don’t have the mentality right now to keep in all the info that you’re trying to give me. So, can you text it to me instead? That way I don’t forget. I’m too excited right now.” 

Liz sighed and said, “Sure, But please make sure you’re at the reading on time.”

“Fine. I’ll be there. By the way who’s playing Peeta?”

“Oh, It’s Josh Hutcherson.”

Jen’s Eyes grew wide, “THE Josh Hutcherson? The guy I told you that I had to use to get my parents on board with my acting career?”

“The very same.” 

“So, is there any way you might know his number?” 

“Why?” Asked Liz with a hint of suspicion. 

“Oh come on Liz. If I have to work with the guy I at least have to talk to him at some point.” 

“Yeah, and you can do that at the reading.” 

“It’ll be too awkward. I don’t want the people to think we have no chemistry. If I talk to him I can get all the awkwardness out of the way and get straight down business.” 

“I’ll text you his number. If you weren’t an actress you would’ve made a great lawyer.” 

“Thanks. I’ll Talk to you later.” She hung up the phone and did a little jig. “I got the part. I can’t believe it.” She thought with a big grin plastered on her face. 

Keep reading