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Rec some Lirrie/ Liam blogs ?

alright i’m the most terrible at these bc i always forget half of my following list but im gonna try my best in alphabetical order:

@airportliam @aradicalinterpretationofthetext @armanigucci @domesticharry @dulcedeliam @excusemelirry @fakelimabean @foliealou @henristarrs @i-am-here-for-liam @imalirrie @intoyoump3 @letpaynelive @liamismyhome @liampayneappreciation @liampaynetbfh @liamsboss @liamsglorydays @liamshands @lirryandstuff @lirryingucci @lirryonce @lirryxnouis @mooncycling @nofucksliam @paynesenterprise @pinkharold @preciouspayne @rainbowgucci @relaxliam @roselirry @softlylirry

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welcome to my one year anniversary follow forever!! it feels absolutely unreal that I made this blog exactly a year ago on june 25, 2016. back then we were in the midst of the euros and I honestly had no idea what was going on in the football fandom, but I’m happy that I’ve found my place :’) a lot has changed, but my love for football has not!! if anything, I have grown more passionate because I now have clubs I support, too, and people to yell about them with! 

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  • Sorted in alphabetical order by ship, then by title
  • Ratings: G - general, T - teen, M - mature, E - explicit, NR - not rated
  • See ‘read also’ at the end of selected recs for more fic recs by the same author
  • This is always being updated - please share with me your favourites!
  • Most importantly, be supportive: leave kudos and comments everywhere you can!

BOKUAKA [Bokuto/Akaashi]

Among Us (verse, M) by dgalerab - I will personally advocate for this fic series until I die - I didn’t think I’d even like an X-Men AU but the dynamic and characterisation and character development and drama is just? too good to ever put down?? Whenever I share it with other people I advise them to read at least the first three chapters before passing judgement and I don’t yet think anyone has actually turned away from it after doing so. read also: e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g by dgalerab, starting with Notes: Bokuto Koutarou (G)

arrogant boy, love yourself so no one has to (oneshot, G) by earlgrey_milktea - Character study and the consequence of familial expectations. Hooo boy, this was the first BokuAka fic I ever read and it still hits hard. So, so well done.

better than spy films (oneshot, G) by dalyeau - Akaashi is Kuroo’s new roommate and Bokuto falls in love. …Yes I know it’s not much of a rec when all of dalyau’s fics are some of the most popular BokuAka fics on AO3 but~ they’re exactly that for a reason and I’ll forevermore adore the heck out of them. read also: love in the time of wifi (G), tea-stained polaroids (G)

bitter (twoshot, G) by silvercistern - Valentines/White Day fic. The fact that these two chapters were posted on the corresponding days make them all the more sweeter– or… not sweeter? Good bitter? (And yes, the countdown to White Day was agonising purely because I couldn’t wait for this update and it was so, so worth it.) A headcanon I could 100% believe in Akaashi and, of course, no-one would pick up on something like that faster than Bokuto Koutarou. Super quirky, completely adorable. read also: Character Development (T)

full hearts and flower emojis (multi, G) by lagatos - Akaashi discovers that his garden has a serial flower thief every morning. Featuring my favourite trope - KuroAka being best friends and roommates - and dialogue that had me smiling for daaaaays. I can’t even do it justice in words but, if you’re craving something light and cute as heck, this is your fic.

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hiii guys!! i always have too much time in my hands during the summer break and so I thought to myself,,,why not make a follow forever?? so here i am! making it! anyways! shout out to all you wonderful people for making my dash so amazing and making me smile and laugh everyday! I hope y’alls summer is going great and i hope y’all are staying hydrated in this freaking h e a t

ok so first i’d like to give a special shout out to Naghma aka @uniquely-mii!! although we have a six hour time difference, i just wanted to thank you for always being there for me and for simply being you! you’re honestly one of the best people i know (and one of my best friends on here:’)!) and i really enjoy talking to you! (i also love how we always talk in caps unless it’s something serious,,idk how that started but i love caps and it’s my aesthetics)hopefully one day soon our schedules will align and we’ll be able to skyPE once and for all:’)! i really hope we get to meet one day so i can finally give u the biggest hug in the world and so we can finally get to hang out! i love u so much and stay amazing (ps my rooster says hi:) ) xxx

also shout out to the LOUIS MAKES EVERYONE (?) gc aka my lovely wife becca, zoe , keri , america , and bella! idk what the question mark in a box that comes after “EVERYONE” bc as yall know, i still havent updated my phone so im left in the dark when it comes to those things rip (i should probably update my phone soon),,which brings me to my next point ! thank yall for putting up with my constant emphasizing “..” and me being ghost 78% of the time rip i still love u all tho and i hope we all get to meet each other some day:’) know that im always here for you all:’) stay cool guys xxx


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Hey, sorry to bother you but do you have any podcasts you can recommend? I'm listening to Alice isn't dead, within the Wires and the Penumbra podcasts thanks to you and I loved them. Do you have any like those, preferably with some gay/non-Cis chars? Thank you in advance <3

A pretty big list of lgbt characters in audio drama can be found here:
It also has a lot of trigger warnings.
I probably submitted like at least a fourth of those lol I’m ALWAYS listening to podcasts (I’m listening to the latest This American Life while i type this)

Of that list, (excluding ones you already mentioned,) the ones i would recommend are, in alphabetical order:

Archive 81 (lesbian couple prominent in season 1, it has been confirmed by creators that their story will come back iirc)

Ars Paradoxica (time travel/conspiracy audio drama. There are gay and lesbian minor/supporting characters)

The Bright Sessions (there is a gay teenage couple, one is gay, the other hasn’t decided how he identifies yet. Also a bisexual man is a prominent character later on. VERY highly recommended. Often considered one of the best audio drama podcasts out there)

Diana’s Monster (mostly gay male centric but he talks a lot about a lesbian couple [don’t remember their sexuality tho sorry] lots of possibly triggering content, look at the above link for warnings.)

EOS 10 (basically like Scrubs but set in space. There are gay men.)

Extraordinary Terrestrial (about a supernatural bog. in the second season, the protagonist is a prohibition era gay man.)

Greater Boston (prominent lesbian couple. Gay guys are there but less prominent)

Hello From The Magic Tavern (this is really long. Most of the time it’s fucking hilarious though. Chunt is bi and he’s one of the three main characters. Unfortunately they sometimes make antisemitic jokes. They also have like, Jewish guests though? Idk. There are also a lot of minor lgbt characters)

LifeAfter and The Message (they are on the same rss feed, let me know if you have trouble finding it. Both have minor lgbt characters, LifeAfter having a supporting character who is a widow who was married to a woman, and a man who had a bf. The Message has a non binary character.)

Mabel (both main characters are women who aren’t straight.)

The Once And Future Nerd (basically if some teenagers were accidentally dropped into an alternate universe that is basically a D&D campaign. Gay, bi and lesbian characters. One of the few podcasts with lgbt characters that directly deal with racial issues)

Spines (supernatural drama, i don’t think there are any straight characters lol)

The Strange Case of Starship Iris: main character is a woman who isn’t straight, there is another woman who isn’t straight, a transgender man, and an alien from a planet where gender isn’t really like, a thing, lol. Fairly new show so there isn’t much to catch up with)

Like uhhh there are actually more that i could recommend but I’m limiting this so it’s not too overwhelming lol. If you don’t alternate episodes (like i do) then maybe subscribe to all of them and listen to the ones with the most interesting descriptions first? If there are any of these you don’t like, I’m sorry!

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what are your thoughts on the member's personality? i just read your post about why you think aron isn't participating in the show and found it really interesting. i also agree with you that i don't think aron has the mentality to deal with the atmosphere of the program like the other four do

Oh, this is gonna be a long one because I have so many feelings about all of these boys and I really treasure them. 

I’ll go in alphabetical order by stage name. 

Regarding Aron, he is so ridiculously American, and more specifically, super West Coast. He seems to be the type that just wings everything, outgoing, socialite type. He really enjoys attention and is always willing to go to a party. He’s kind of still in that stage where all he wants is to drink and have fun with friends, and the concept of working just isn’t something he’s concerned with. Despite having told us he’s a Democrat, he definitely seems to hold some traditional views on roles (gender, status, etc etc). I think Aron’s nickname “maknae hyung” really encapsulates his personality; he’s a little childish and all play, despite being the oldest member of the group. He’s also the type to speak first and think later, which is how he’s gotten himself in a lot of trouble before (and probably why now he just doesn’t speak much at all). Aron is the type that thinks it’s more important to have lots and lots of friends and connections, and he also expects himself to have a relatively typical homelife once he’s ready to settle down (as I said, still has some traditional views). 

Baekho definitely reads as an older brother type (and he even has a younger brother himself, so it makes sense that he’d take on this role). If you pay attention, you can tell he likes to tease the other members, but only with love. He also is not a “flower-boy” and never will be a “flower-boy.” It’s just not his style. Baekho also seems to prefer the company of a few close friends rather than being surrounded by people he only knows a little bit (much of NU’EST is this way, actually). Baekho is also very relaxed, very much a go-with-the-flow type of guy, but doesn’t show deep, personal emotion very often. I think he’s the type that would prefer to keep things up-beat rather than get too serious, but when it’s time to be serious you will know it. He also knows when playtime is over, and takes his work with music seriously. Baekho is kind of like a slight cross between Aron and Minhyun, if I’m honest. 

JR wears his heart on his sleeve. He is the youngest child with two older sisters, and I feel like you can see that he was the baby of his family just by the way he carries himself. Despite not being the oldest, he was made the leader and I think it was a lot of pressure to put on someone who probably hadn’t had many leadership roles before growing up. He’s a very good, kind leader, though. And he’s very sensitive and I think he can read off of other people’s energies very well. He’s very good at reading people, even if he doesn’t show it outwardly. JR is also pretty easily embarrassed, and what I would describe as “a smol.” He just wants to do the best he can, though he’s full of self-doubt. He’s actually a very good dancer, but for a long time wouldn’t show off his dancing and instead became known as the King of Silly Dances. JR really lacks confidence, but I’ve only known him to do well. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that boy say a mean thing, even in jest. 

Minhyun is such a mom. Cleanliness and organization are very important to him, and he has a really good work ethic. He’s also a bit of a perfectionist, and if he’s going to do something he’s going to do it right and dang it he’s going to do it really well. He’s the type who will practice until 4am and then wake up four hours later and do it all over again until he’s happy with the result. Minhyun is also the type to throw himself into research when he’s preparing something. I cannot stress enough how important knowledge and accuracy is to him. However, despite being such a perfectionist, he’s not a killjoy either. In fact, he’s just the opposite. He’s also a huge nerd (he loves Transformers and Marvel heroes along with Star Wars) and is never afraid to let people see him when he’s not looking all glamorous (king of ugly selca’s I swear). He’s also really good at reading people and knows how to bring the best out in those around him. He’s a really low-pressure kind of person, even if he’s always putting hours of work towards everything he does. I would say Minhyun expects nothing but the best from himself, but when it comes to those around him, he just wants to see them happy and healthy. 

Ren, our sweet maknae child, has put the world on his shoulders. I believe Ren made it his job to take all the pain and struggles of his fans and non-fans alike onto himself. There is a reason he idolizes someone like Lady Gaga, someone who stands for equality and the spread of love, someone who stands for something bigger than themselves. Ren wants so badly to make the world a better, more understanding, and more loving place. He puts a strong face on for his fans, but it’s very clear that deep inside, Ren is really self-conscious and full of self-doubt. He doesn’t want to show that part of himself to his fans, though, because it’s important to him to be a rock, a source of stability for those who have it harder than he does. He’s highly empathetic, so when he sees darkness in the world he feels it really hard. And despite all that darkness, Ren still sees all the good there is in the people around him and he wants to encourage people to grow and be happy.

Honestly, I could go on and on about these kids. They all have really big hearts and really want to do well by the people around them. They are so much more than pretty faces to me, they stand for something bigger than themselves and have ever since debut. And they’ve always dedicated so much of their music to their fans and it’s so clear how much music means to them. I’ll leave it at this for now, but trust me when I say that being a LOVE is so worth it because these boys are so gentle and kind, and they constantly make me proud to support them. 

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Rec list of your top 10 Dom!Cas Sub!Dean fics? Please? Love your blog!

This is such a cop out, but I am absolutely horrid at making broad-category fic rec lists, and sub!dean is feeling under the weather. What the two of us have decided to do instead is give you the non-WIP fics that we have bookmarked as favorites on AO3, listed in alphabetical order. I hope this is acceptable.

Note: Not all of these are marked as Dom!Cas/sub!Dean, but the undertones are strong enough for us to feel comfortable including them in this list. Also they’re hot as fuck.

sub!dean’s recs:

  • All You Need” by @shiphitsthefan (explicit):
    • “Dean is always captivating in his submission, but when he loses himself so completely, Cas’ breath catches, his heart flutters. Divine is the only word that comes to his mind. He will always be in awe of the simple blasphemy that is worshipping Dean Winchester.“
  • Further Adventures by @scones-and-texting-and-murder (explicit):
    • Cas regards him with that level gaze. “So you’d be the submissive one.” Dean flushes. “Um, yeah.” “Hmm,” Cas says.
  • Leashed” by @buffenator (teen & up):
    • A good sub knows how to take care of their Dom when needed.
  • Standing There by @bettydays (explicit):
    • “Katarina, mischievous grin spread across her face, reached up and gave Dean a peck on the cheek. With another harsh tap on the side of his jaw, she cooed, ‘Good boy.‘ And that was how Dean met his first pimp.” *** After the tragic death of his father, twenty year old Dean Winchester needs to prove to social services that he’s fit to become his brother Sam’s legal guardian. He’s willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means becoming employed by a feisty Peruvian dominatrix, who introduces him to his first client, the mysterious Castiel.

switch!mish’s recs:

  • Come Back Down” by scarabine (explicit):
    • Castiel wraps Dean’s arms behind his back before they play.
  • Infinite” by @dek-says-so (explicit):
    • Castiel only wants Dean to understand just how loved he is.
  • Like the Summer Sunshine” by @sass-master-stina (explicit):
    • “Have you ever tried baklava?” Cas asks, voice dipping low, a suggestive lilt to his words. “No,” Dean says slowly. “Is it any good?” Cas fixes him with a very intent look. “I think you’ll like it.” And for Dean, that’s assurance enough. He’s definitely game. *** When Dean jets off to Europe with Cas, he gets a much-needed vacation from hunting – and his insecurities.
  • Montage by @silibrumportes (explicit):
    • Cas and Dean plan to move in together in June. But it’s only January…

from both of our rec lists:

  • Somebody to Love” by keepcalmanddonotblink & MashiarasDream (teen & up):
    • Dean wakes up in an alley after a bar fight with no memory of the actual fight. When a handsome stranger comes to his rescue, Dean’s torn between being wary and being grateful. But fortunately, Castiel knows what he’s doing. Even if it originally doesn’t necessarily seem that way (enter Dr. Chuck Shurley, veterinarian).
  • Words With Friends by @bettydays (explicit):
    • "Dean Winchester is as straight as an arrow. He’s a lady’s man of epic proportions: the king of the one night stand, the messiah of the friends with benefits paradigm, the emperor of perpetual bachelorhood. Except, apparently, when it comes to his best friend, Castiel Novak.” *** Wherein a longstanding acquaintanceship leads to friendship, then best friendship, then sexting, then dirty talk, then mutual masturbation, then, inevitably, fucking.
Coffee Cups and Pick Ups (Peter Parker)

Originally posted by melynite

Pairing: Tom Holland!Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: None

Rating: PG

Summary: The reader works at a small coffee shop were Peter goes everyday. They are classmates but never developed a friendship, even though the reader tries to throw hints at Peter to talk to her.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This was inspired by an AU I saw while searching through writing prompts. It’s really fluffy and cute. 

Masterlist Request a Prompt

You had been working at the coffee shop for the past three months now, ever since school had started up again. You were, much to your surprise, very good at your job. 

It didn’t take you long to find a way to balance your school work and your job. It also took you no time at all to learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee or stack the books on the coffee shop’s small library shelves in alphabetical order. 

According to your boss, the cute coffee shop hadn’t had such a great employee.

You couldn’t take all the credit, though, since everyday you came into the coffee shop to work was a good day, because that meant you would see a certain boy you always loved to see.

You didn’t know anything about this boy. All you knew was that his name was Peter, that he was in one of your classes and that everyday, he would sit in the same chair in the corner of the library area and read a sci-fi book.

You were wiping up the counter when the front door rang as it was opened. You looked up and smiled at the familiar face that you saw everyday. 

“Hey, Peter.” You smiled and stood up straight and set the rag that rested on the counter out of the way. “Do you want your usual?”

“Hey, Y/n. I just want a black coffee. I’m a bit tired of the same thing everyday.”

“I understand. If you want, I can bring your cup to you if you want to take a seat.”

“Thank you, I appreciate that.” He replied with a smile and pulled at his backpack strap and went to take his usual seat.

You quickly made his coffee and wrote his name on the cup sleeve along with a cheesy pick-up line, just as you did everyday.

Are you a keyboard? Cause you’re my type. You wrote with a light laugh before you walked around the corner with Peter’s coffee in hand. 

You smiled at the boy, watched him with his nose in his book before you interrupted him. 

“I brought you your coffee.” You said with a cheerful tone and handed it to him as he looked up at you. 

He took it, his fingers grazed yours. He smiled as he took it into his hands. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Let me know if you need anything.” You nodded before you headed back to the counter. 

You cleaned up the equipment and tables while all the while, Peter was drinking his coffee and pretending to read as he watched you work. 

Finally, after a half hour of cleaning, you were finished. You sighed as Peter approached the counter with a grin. 

“You told me to let you know if I needed anything, and I need to ask you something.”

You smiled politely and nodded. “Sure, go ahead.”

“Are you a keyboard? Cause you’re my type.” 

42 - Charity Shop Gothic
  • There are plastic bags. There are so many plastic bags. They crowd around you behind the counter, rustling with secrets. The first one you pick will always be the wrong size.
  • The next week when you come in, the bags are gone. You do not ask where they went. It’s probably best not to know.
  • You spend twenty minutes reorganising the books. They are now back in alphabetical order. Satisfied, you turn to help a customer. There is a rustling behind you, and when you turn back, the books are back how they were before.
  • They are bringing out a new currency. They are always bringing out new currency. You don’t know who ‘they’ are or why the money keeps changing.
  • You are out of pound coins. You are always out of pound coins.
  • Two people come in with their dogs. You pet them and offer them biscuits. More people come in with dogs. You also pet them and offer them biscuits. The shop is full of dogs. Who do they belong to? Somehow the biscuits never run out.
  • A customer asks you to hold something while they run to get some money from the ATM. They don’t return. Nobody ever does.
  • You’re unpacking donations from the back. You are always unpacking donations from the back. You can’t remember ever seeing the floor.
  • Someone pays for something cheap with a twenty pound note, saying they don’t have any change. Several minutes later they buy another cheap thing with a different twenty pound note, saying they still have no change. This will happen several times with no change in sight.
Desire Pt.1 (p.jimin)

Word count:1116

Notes: Co-written with @bamboree, this is our first story so feel free to check it out. This story will also be on our wattpad with the same username:@suga-babby

Summary: Amber has liked Jimin for sometime now. But unfortunately he is dating her best friend. When things start to unfold before her eyes, her life is changed. But is it for the good or the bad?

February 16th, 2016

“So what movie do you wanna watch?” My best friend Caroline asked me while she sorted out the numerous DVDs. The array of movies were in alphabetical order and she knew which one I always chose. I pointed to 50 First Dates. She sat on the floor, and I was sitting at the table making snacks for the movie.

I heard the jingling of keys and the door slowly open. I knew it was Jimin; I looked up abruptly and I glanced at the door, making eye contact with him. My heart pounded and it felt as though everyone could hear it. He flashed me a warm smile, which I returned. I left the kitchen table and then we exchanged hellos.

“Hey baby!” Caroline said, scrambling to her feet and going over to him. I turned around to face the television, hearing their lips make a smacking sound, causing me to slump slightly against the kitchen counter. Caroline, Jimin, and I go way back, and by way back I mean middle school. As the years passed, Jimin and Caroline started liking each other, and I started liking him.

It wasn’t until after we graduated, that they professed their feelings for one another. It was a year and a half ago, and it’s been that way ever since.

“So Amber, did you find what to watch?” Jimin’s voice broke my thoughts, he placed his hand on my shoulder. “Uh yeah! 50 First Dates?” He raised an eyebrow. “If that’s cool?” I hesitated as I walked over to the sofa and sat down.

Jimin took the seat next to mine,“Of course it is.” He said, smiling at me. He shifted in his seat, causing my thigh to rub against his jeans. My face turned a crimson red. “Are you sure you want to watch that?” Caroline asked, giving us a pained expression. Jimin tore his gaze from me, and looked at Caroline who was sitting on the floor, still holding the DVD in her hand.

“I mean we can watch something else.” I suggested.

“Babe, if Amber wants to watch 50 First Dates just let her.” Jimin pleaded. I was baffled that he was actually siding with me in this.

“That movie is so boring though! Plus we always watch it.” Caroline pouted, clutching her knees.

“Hey. It’s my apartment, my rules. You can choose next time, you’re always here anyway.” Jimin stuck his tongue out at her playfully.  She rolled her eyes, she knew he was right. “Okay Amber, we’ll watch your damn movie.” She said, stifling a giggle.

Jimin smiled at me, pulling me into a quick side hug. Caroline put the disc in, switched off the light and sat opposite of Jimin.


It was the part of the movie where Lucy is looking out of her boat window and isn’t in Hawaii anymore, but with Henry in Alaska. I turned over, noticing Caroline was passed out leaning on the armrest.

Jimin got up quietly as the credits rolled and began picking up stuff. He grabbed the bowl of popcorn, and some soda cans. “Amber? Can you pick up those glasses?” He asked me, gesturing to the three on the coffee table.

He threw the remainder of popcorn in the trash can, and the soda cans in the recycle. I set the glasses in the sink, and turned on the hot water. I put soap on the sponge, and Jimin stopped me. “No let me do that.” He told me as he tried to grab the sponge from my hand.

I turned around back to the sink,“It’s okay Jimin, I got it.”

“Well in that case, you forgot this.” Jimin said, placing the popcorn bowl next to the sink. His breath hit the back of my neck, I spun around and he laughed and shot me an innocent look.

I just grabbed the bowl and continued to wash, I heard him pull out a chair by the kitchen table and sit down. As I finished washing he gestured me to come sit with him. He pulled a container with dominoes and started setting up so we could play.

I laughed at him because I always beat him, and he knew that but he said he was determined to finally win. “So your birthday is coming up in a few days, what do you want to go do? Any special places you want to go?” He said putting his domino after mine.

I shrugged, “You know..I haven’t really thought about it.” I placed another domino down. “Uh huh. Well I know you really like art, and there’s a new Van Gogh exhibit downtown.”

“No way! Really?” I smiled not only was I beating him again, but at the fact he remembered. “Yeah! I can take you there..” he stuttered, “Uhh, you know Caroline and I would love to take you.”

The room got quiet, in a way that was a bit painful. I just broke the silence by replying with a quick, “That would be fun. We can all go to Yaki after for dinner.” He smiled at the idea nodding in approval looking down at the dominoes.

I pressed my home button on my iPhone and saw the time: 12:37 am. “Well friend I think I’m going to hit the road, I have to move some stuff to my new apartment later on today and I work at 6:00 in the morning. It’s not like you were going to win anyways.” I laughed and lightly pushed him.

“Oh whatever Amber, I just let you win because that’s what men are supposed to do.” We both laughed, his high pitched laugh was so contagious. We then proceeded to the door, Caroline still crashed out, and the main menu of the DVD was on a continuous loop.

He bent down turning it off. The apartment was dark, with only the light from the parking lot illuminating the room. He made his way to his doorstep where I was putting on my shoes and helped me up.

I felt weird because it was never really like this, I mean in the sense that Caroline was always there and we were never alone. Of course I expected her to be, but it felt different. We made eye contact, staying that way for a good ten seconds before we heard the couch creak as Caroline moved.

He quickly mustered up words to break the awkward silence. “Well I’ll see you later, call me if you need me to help you tomorrow!” He hugged me and I nodded, “Okay I’ll see what’s up. Goodnight Chim Chim.”

“Goodnight.” He said leading me out the door.

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…large obnoxious image is large and obnoxious xD

Anywhoozle! Holy smokes…I’m still like…blown away by that number??? Back in November 2015 I never dreamed I’d hit twenty followers with my marshmallow’s blog, let alone two HUNDRED? Like…where did you all come from, my goodness!

But! You’re not here to hear me talk about that - we’re here with a bias list! In other words, I’m going to ramble about my favorite nerds that have stuck around this blog, whether old or new, that Ryū and I have come to love. Without further adieu…let’s get started! <3

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Headcannons of just random facts habits just anything miscellaneous about the Uchiha bois

*Rubs hands together* right here we go! x Also I’d like to thank @serenity-florals for helping me out! Some fab ideas gurlll! xxx


  • Despite never really knowing her, Indra was always respectful of his late mother, often wishing that she was still in his life. When him and Asura were children they made a shrine dedicated to her and Indra would visit it every week without fail. 
  • Indra has a creative side to him. He has a passion for poetry and art, often writing his own work which he has never shown to anyone. He would usually spend his free time sketching the surrounding landscape up in the hills. 
  • Indra has OCD when it comes to cleaning and tidiness. His room is always sooo tidy; not one item out of place. All of his books are organised into alphabetical order and his clothes are all colour coordinated in his closet.  


  • As well as his power, Madara was known for his handsome looks back in the warring states. The Uchiha clan in general were known to have ‘desirable’ features and Madara was a prime example of this. Therefore, he received many marriage proposals from allied clans but he declined all of them, wanting to focus on fighting the Senju. It also didn’t appeal to him to marry a woman he’d never met. 
  • Madara has a soft spot for children! Being a child of war himself, he knows just how vulnerable children really are and wishes for no child to endure what he and his brothers did. Children just remind him of his brothers and thus his need to protect them.  
  • Although Madara would want a son for an heir, deep down he would really want a daughter! Just his little princess who he could spoil and protect whilst teaching her how to be a strong shinobi like himself. 


  • The day that his first brother died on the battlefield was the day that Izuna swore to protect his clan no matter what. Being so young he didn’t really understand the gravity of his brother dying until he walked in on Madara crying, which is something that really scarred Izuna mentally. From that moment on he swore to protect and stay by Madara’s side always.  
  • One of Izuna’s best known traits within the clan was how good he was at manipulating people. He’d have his own spies that worked for him so he could gather information on people (eg. the elders of the clan) who may have opposed his brothers leadership. After finding out their weakness/secrets he would use them to control the person so they wouldn’t oppose his brother anymore.  
  • Izuna is a lot more social than his brother. He is good at choosing his words wisely, especially when negotiating with other clans. He is also known to have been a bit of a flirt and had quite a few lovers before his death. 


  • Okay so there is a reason why Obito and Madara share the same blood type! They are directly related! Basically Madara got horny one day and had sex with one of the maids of the Uchiha household- thus Obito’s grandmother was born out of wedlock, making Obito Madara’s great grand son.   
  • Obito has dyslexia but was never officially diagnosed and therefore everyone just believed his poor grades were down to him not working hard enough.
  • Obito is actually a really talented singer! Although no one knows this except for his grandmother. He’ll just blast out a tune in the shower, unaware of how good he actually sounds. 


  • Despite being a ninja he sleeps like a rock. He also moves around so much in his sleep resulting in some pretty strange sleeping positions. 
  • Doesn’t spend much time on his appearance, unless he is going on a date in which he will attempt to tame his wild locks. Usually though a quick ruffle of the hair is enough for him. 
  • He is sooo messy! He’ll leave piles of dirty washing and dishes for days, only deciding to clean if its becoming an eye sore or he is having guests round. Literally he’ll be walking around his house and might stumble over a pile of washing, look at it, and then shrug like “meh I’ll do it tomorrow”.


  • A night owl! Stays up all night reading, training and going on quiet walks around the village. 
  • He got the idea of tying his hair back from his mother. When he was growing up he’d watch her tie her own back so it didn’t get in the way when she’d be cooking, prompting him to copy her example. It also keeps it clean when he is on missions.
  • In contrast to Shisui, he is very clean and tidy. When he isn’t too busy he likes to help his mom out around the house. Speaking of which, he is a lot closer to his mother than his father.    

Uggghh Okay so I couldn’t think of anything decent to put for Sasuke and this post was getting soooooo long XD If you do want some Sauske then let me know and I’m sure I’ll think of something x Thank you for this request! x

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Hey! I have a quick question... Can you please list some cute Japanese names for girls? 👀

From all anime and manga i’ve watched/read, I’ll list the names that are too cute that I can’t resist them. I won’t put too many because I will be including their meanings.
Names in Alphabetical Order:
Akane - Meaning: red, deep red or brilliant red
Akira - Meaning: Bright (can also mean light but name is mostly used to describe the child as always happy and can also mean bright beauty)
Aoi - Meaning: Blue or hollyhock (type of flower)
Aya - Meaning: Colourful, design or beautiful
Ayame - Meaning: Iris (type of flower) or gratitude
Azumi - Meaning: Kindness or safe residence (I actually have a doll named Azumi and yes, the doll came with that name)
Chika - Meaning: Wisdom or scattered flowers
Chiyoko - Meaning: Child of many generations or youthful spirit
Fuji - Meaning: Wisteria
Fumi - Meaning: Grace
Hana - Meaning: Flower or blossom
Hikari - Meaning: Light, energetic or radiant
Hoshi - Meaning: Star
Hotaru - Meaning: Firefly or passion
Kaori - Meaning: Fragrance, weaving, fragrance weaving or strength
Makoto - Meaning: Sincere or true
Megumi - Meaning: Blessing, grace or goodness
Nagisa - Meaning: Peaceful, calm, beach or calm beach
Rei - Meaning: Bell, lovely, friend or spirit
Rika - Meaning: Fragrance, valued fragrance
Sakura - Meaning: Cherry blossom
Sora - Meaning: Sky
Suzume - Meaning: Sparrow
Usagi - Meaning: Rabbit
Yuki - Meaning: Happiness, fortune or snow
Yuko - Meaning: Gentle child, affectionate child or helpful child
Yume - Meaning: Dream
Yuna - Meaning: Calm, gentle, gentle heart


Since i didn’t do anything for my 100 followers SPECIAL EXTRAVAGANZA; i was gonna do a ff but i unfortunately got too stressed (I’m sorry, please forgive me.) so i thought i could write a few words about my friends (girlfriend :p). It’s also in alphabetical (kinda) order because i’m an ocd freak. Also I guess I couldn’t decide whether or not when to capitalize words but oh well; also sorry this is really long but i love my friends.

@clouds-howell: Isabel, you have always been kind and encouraging. You always know the right things to say and when to say them, making them the powerful words. You’ve always kept up everyone’s spirit. You’re also very beautiful btw. I am proud to be called your friend/child and I love you.

@curlydans: AVA, my meme, my associate (my ass hehehe), my partner in crime. I love you to death man. You’re inspiring, caring, compassionate, a literal mum, protective in the best way possible, talented, lovable man, and beautiful personalities lead to beautiful faces amiright. What’s your secret for making the best icons. You WERE MY FIRST INTERNET MUTUAL MATE. You’re also the only straight internet friends i have so that makes you special. HAVE YOU EATEN? HYDRATED? HEALTHY? Love you :*

@disgustinglygay: Emma, i’m so jealous of your url honestly. Whom did you kill in order to get it? Emma you have a beautiful voice, a beautiful personality, a beautiful face. You’re hilarious, gorgeous, warm-hearted, kind, gifted, and lovable. I love you and i hope you love me too. :)

@huphilpuffs: Callie, my beaut. Callie you are so intelligent, sometimes I have to look up the words you say. You have a prodigious vocabulary mate. You are also wise, kind, you are talented within writing, drawing, and making gifs. You’re adorable and pure, beautiful. I hope you are majorly confident with yourself because you should be. Love ya.

@internet-importance: Hello my friend, fellow, buddy, ‘ol pal. YOU ARE TALENTED MY DEAR, you bring the ugly cackle out of me, you are daniel james howell himself, of course i love you. Stylish, ggggggood music taste, a meme, bubbling with humour, and lovely. I always have the best times with you. Thank you for ever coming into my mum’s office because it would then start the spark of a friendship, one of the best ones i’ve ever had. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Love you.

@kawaiiphancake: Mate, Jess. Hello I love you. I know you may be busy but I wanted to hope you are doing well in school. You are a little ocd (remember when you counted up all the eyes in my emoji-face thing, ye good times.) which made me love you. You’re sooooo kind and always check up on us even when busy. You communicate really well with others and you’ve always been supportive of me. Thank you Jess. Love you man.

@nutellalester: Daniel, daniel, daniel. You are one of the strongest boys I know, one of the strongest people. I am sorry for all those times I have made you feel bad. (I’m sorry, i’m sorry, i’m sorry.). You have been through soooo much and you are still here, still strong. You’re beautiful, HILARIOUS, lovely, my baby boi, talented, hard-working, good listener, a joy to be around, clumsy, dependant, and i love you.

@pasteldoothowell: Cathryn, my dear Cathryn. YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL SOUL (fight me, fight me, fight me.), you’re caring, compassionate, talented, lovely, passionate, you’re giving, open-minded, accepting, protective mother, TALL BOI, pure, amazing personality, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU. :* sweety. You should be proud and confident within yourself because i sure am (with you btw).

@pepperminthowell: Charlotte, my boi. You are the key reason to my happiness; you are like a mother to me. You are caring for me, beautiful, you compliment me, and you even brought my girlfriend and I together and I am very thankful for that. I remember when i used up all my ask for you because i was obsessed. I became a fan of you and to now say you’re a friend drowns me in pride and happiness. Thank you and love you Charlotte.

@purepastelphan: Kenzie, you know when to slip into the conversation easily but you add so much more life to it. You are a beautiful angel, kind-hearted, warm (this is a compliment), you are a caring and invaluable friend, you have irreplaceable beauty, personality, kindness, love; you are irreplaceable. Love you.

@lestersdog: well, well ,well, if it isn’t the love of my life. Gabrielle, I saved you for last (best for last they always say) because you are special to me. You make me my happiest by simply saying the words Hi. Your presence fills me with the utmost giddiest joy; the ones I would feel as a child. I have put all of my trust with you. I want you to hold on to what we have for dear life; it may be hard at times but know, one day I will get to see you and hug you, to love you. It’s gonna be worth it. My friend had pointed at how gross we were being (the cheesy romantic). I had said we’re in the 2009 phase. She disagreed to state she could handle 2009 but not us. I LOVE AND HATE US AT THE SAME TIME. We make each other gifts, say cheesy things, I EVEN CONFESSED MYSELF WITH CHEESY PICK-UP LINES. You’re beautiful, an angel, a blessing, a goddess, gorgeous, stunning. Still, when you say things like you wanna hold my hands i blush and my chest feels tickled. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you. If I could I would send you all the carnations in the world. My love, my dear, my one and only, the love of my life, sweetheart, darling, dear, piglet, my flower, honey, sugar, love, Gabrielle i love you. I love you, i love you, i love you. I love you.

On today’s episode of ‘I need you to consider’: 
- summer time Mystery Shack employee!Bill:

  • Bill often making people overpay on purpose (Stan is so proud of him)
  • Bill soon known as ‘employee of the month’ 
  • Bill eating all the snacks from register
  • bubble gum? gone.
  • chocolate bars??? eaten.
  • chips???? sAME
  • he’s not even trying to be discreet about it tho
  • Stan never reprimands him but he still does reprimand Dip
  • Dip: *steals a chip from Bill’s open bag*
  • Stan: “NO eating the merchandise Dipper”
  • Dip: *outraged gesturing at Bill*
  • Bill wearing this instead of classic employee shirt ((to match we all know who)):
  • Bill giving not a single fuck about how the job is should be done
  • ‘ Bill you were supposed to put these in the alphabetical orde- ‘
    “There’s no reason for alphabet to be in order”
  • ‘ Bill you have to come in on time—’
    “Time is an illusion”
  • ‘ You have to follow the rules of this house ‘
    ‘ My house my rules ’
    “Your house? My dimension”
  • Bill reading all the magazines at cash register
  • He always hums while reading
  • He also knows all the cosmo tips you bet it
  • Bill giving Dip all the right flirty smirks from behind the counter
  • Bill staying overtime to help Dipper with his job
  • even if it’s the night shift whOOPS
  • Whenever Bill is supposed to clean the MS he puts on music and starts swaying/dancing with a broom
  • after thousands of invitations dip joins him
  • ‘ disco girl coming through that girl is you!!!! ’ 
  • would you look at these dorks

Monday 10th April 2017

I hereby dedicate this post to @letsdiscussrobots because she liked my other OC post. Mind how you go, botfriend, cause here’s some more!

Say hello to Bolt Spark!

She’s part of (or rather, the focal point of) my TFA ‘Holy Spark’ AU, which also crosses over slightly (okay, a lot) with MTMTE. I have an awful lot about this saved onto a Word document, so just let me copy and paste, aaaaand … there.

Holy Spark AU

Plot: Bolt Spark is asked by the Cybertronian Council to go to Earth to help search for the Allspark fragments, since Spark Priests (that’s what I’m gonna call their race) can sense the presence of the Allspark. The Elite Guard are told to escort her and Kilo Hide, who obviously has to come too because she’s Bolt’s Spark Guard (her type guards the Allspark and the Priests) and while they’re on Earth, they can look into Decepticon activity as well.

Bolt Spark is part of an ancient type of Cybertronian who were priests/priestesses of the Allspark, and she is one of the sole survivors of a Con attack at the beginning of the war because she was a sparkling at the time and her carrier sent her off in a stasis pod. Kilo Hide is also part of that ancient race, although she was part of another sort of ‘sub-race’, who were created specially as guards for the priests. Since the priests stayed around the Allspark for however many millennium and lived near it, they sort of absorbed the Allspark energy into their bodies and it becomes hereditary, so if one of your creators was a priest/priestess, you wouldn’t necessarily need to live near the Allspark to have the energy. This in turn means that your spark signature (energy signature) is the same as the Allspark. Oh, and priestess’ sparkling chambers modified over time to hold the Allspark if the need arose, like if someone tried to steal it. They can still have sparklings, it’s just that they can also act as a container to the Allspark. All Guards had wheeled pedes so that their speed gave them the upper hand in battle. Also, Kilo Hide was the same age as Bolt Spark (a young sparkling, not even a youngling) when they were shoved in the escape pod by Bolt’s carrier to keep them alive.

The reason all the Guards and Priests died in the Holy Spark Extinction Incident is because Megatron himself came to the battle. The Guards, as wonderful fighters they were, weren’t good enough to face the warlord and live. The Priests were just slaughtered, they didn’t know how to fight very well if at all, because they were always protected by the Spark Guards.

Now, onto another OC, also part of this AU.

Again copy and paste … there we are.

Autocorrect works on the Lost Light. He is one of Alcatraz’s closest friends, as he’s a librarian, Alcatraz never went to any sort of academy as he’s a Dinobot, so relies on Auty for a lot of knowledge. Alcatraz probably owes him like 3451895558932 data pads overdue and is so busy that he has to get Whirl to deliver them, which Auty hates, because Whirl always messes with the order. He has CDO (in alphabetical order, AS IT SHOULD BE) so a librarian job is perfect for him.



He doesn’t wear glasses, so the first time Rodimus sees him, he’ll be like “Helloooo, pretty femme … you have real nice optics.”

“I’m a mech.”


(I couldn’t find a mech base on the internet so I improvised and used the femme base I had. Hence, Autocorrect is always mistaken for a femme.)

The reason Bolt and Hide know Autocorrect is because he found their pod after it crashed near his house, which is on the other side of Cybertron to the Allspark Temple. He takes them in and raises them. Since he’s a librarian, he can get all sorts of data from libraries because no-one notices him whatsoever. He’s like the TFP Soundwave, always silent and always watching, so he know where and how to access even the most guarded information. He’s an expert hacker. Upon them telling him where they were from and what they are, Auto did a lot of digging and found pretty much all of the files and data packets containing writings and knowledge of their culture and taught it to them- Bolt, mostly Priest/Priestess duties and caring for the Allspark, Hide, the fighting techniques and how to make her own special weapons and how to protect Bolt. He taught them everything about their culture, everything, since it had been completely destroyed by the Decepticons in Megatron’s attempt at retrieving the Allspark.

It became apparent during the first few solar cycles he knew them that Bolt Spark had PTSD (mostly in the form of nightmares, also little words or objects could invoke a flashback), so he introduced the sparklings to his good friend Rung, a psychiatrist. Rung becomes more of a grandfather/uncle figure, which makes it easier for Bolt to talk to him.

Now, as to the plot of this AU … 

The first time Bolt and Hide meet the guys (Elite Guard) it’s all very formal and it’s before they start the journey. Since they’re the only survivors of the Priests and Guards (Hide was put into the same pod as Bolt) they’re extremely famous and well-respected members of the Cybertronian race. Meeting them is like meeting royalty, especially since Bolt’s carrier was Head Priestess.

Kilo Hide would restrain herself from doing anything brash, but she’d definitely be less up-tight with the crew than Bolt, seeing as she’s only a Guard, whereas Bolt is quite literally a princess and has to maintain that image.

The crew would be in absolute awe meeting them because, well, PRINCESS AND BAD-AFT GUARD. The Twins are more respectful than they’ve ever been with anyone, Sentinel keeps his opinions to himself, Blurr is trying his damnedest to speak slower and Jazz refrains from asking about Hide’s fighting techniques, because Cyber Ninja techniques practically pale in comparison with Spark Guards. Ultra Magnus is the same as usual.

Leading on from the first time Bolt and Hide met the guys, when the journey starts it’s still very formal and stiff and all, so no one’s really comfortable. The ice finally breaks when one day Kilo Hide throws her arms up in the air shouting “Uughhh! I just can’t take this anymore!” and marches straight up to Blurr( who’s been trying to hide from her because she keeps giving him these side-long looks that make him squirm) and demands a race. “You’re Blurr, Right? The 'fastest Autobot this side of the galaxy’?”

“Uh, yes?”

“I challenge you to a race! I’m the fastest bot on two pedes, I bet I can beat you any day!”

So of course his pride as a racer won’t let him back down from a challenge. He doesn’t CARE if she’s a Spark Guard or whatever, she wants to race him and get her aft whooped? She can try as much as she wants, you’re goin’ DOWN, glitch.

Imagine his surprise and horror when she beats him and leaves him in the dust to fail spectacularly.

From then on they’re racing buddies and are constantly trying to out-do each other. And because of the race and Hide’s outburst, everyone’s getting along just fine and completely casual with each other.

The thing that gets the bots properly chummy with Bolt and realise she’s just as normal as them is when Jazz is lured into the kitchen by the smell of Energon Goodies, only to be flattened on the way be Kilo Hide screaming about “Oh my Primus she’s BAKING it’s about fragging time I can’t live without her Energon Cake!” And Blurr rushing after her because “DidsomeonesayEnergonCake?

The Twins follow soon after because that stuff smells HEAVANLY

And when they arrive, they make such pitiful 'we-haven’t-been-fed-in-days’ faces that Bolt shoves the ninja and the two speedsters to the side and says “Have as many as you like, boys, I’m going to be baking all day today and I shan’t let younglings go hungry when there’s plenty to eat.”

Blurr and Kilo Hide fighting over the last piece of Cake, Jazz swiping handfuls of Energon Cookies not-so-sneakily and Bolt Spark spoiling the Twins absolutely rotten. (She totally becomes their adoptive mother. One of Bolt Spark’s duties as priestess is taking care of blessed sparklings and that’s why she is the ultimate Mum friend).



Right. I think that’s enough for one night. It’s really hard to put this down in a post and join it all together when I’ve just copy and pasted it from my chats with farore into a Word doc, but there we go.

So, how did anybody find that? Good? Bad? Let me know!

@letsdiscussrobots, let me know if you enjoyed!

YO so its been way too long since i last did this and i have made new mutuals n such so i decided to do this! also i really love you all so much and its time to give back and show yall my love!

so im going to do a lil message to some ppl im close to and have been talking to regularly and later will be all my other loves in as best alphabetical order as i can lmao!

also if i forgot you im following WAY too many people and you can gimme a message if we mutuals lmao but im so sorry if i did ill try all my best w this!

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You know, I like words and letters as the next guy.
But, something always bothered me about them.
And, well, it seems you like words too,
and…well, it also seems you like me when I talk.
You find it relaxing.
It’s a good way to unwind and relax after a long day.
Just reading.
So, back to the topic at hand.
The alphabetical order, is kinda strange to me.
I mean, who decided that the A should be the first letter
and the B the second?
Who thought that the alpha could be better than the beta?
And then, it hit me.
I know it seems just a ramble.
I know that you are having an hard time following me,
as you are getting so relaxed,
so sleepy,
so ditzy.
But, please. Let me continue.
The pleasure of reading my words is stronger than the sleepyness.
But I know that each letter I type make you feel wonderful.
And relaxed.
Your body is getting limp.
Your arms are getting lighter.
And lighter.
You feel the relaxation invading your body from head to toe.
And, speaking of toes, your are curling in pleasure right now. Am I right?
But let’s go back, just a for a minute to the letters.
I don’t want to interrupt this moment for you.
But, you know, more letter, more pleasure.
It’s a win-win situation.
So, I do not think that some guy just got up one morning and said
“I think that the Alpha should be the first letter of the alphabet”.
I think that the alpha just….decided.
That being the first
that being the most important letter.
Was just its rightful place.
And the beta, just….complied.
Sounds strange?
Farfetched even to your sleepy mind?
Well, listen to me for a second.
Even though i’m starting to think that you do not want to stop doing that.
The thought of doing it is repulsive to say the least.
Reading is good for you.
Reading my words, is just better.
Better, and better,
With each letter.
The pleasure grows.
And grows.
And your mind gets a bit…emptyer.
So, the alpha, decided.
Or, maybe, the Alpha.
Yes, it’s better if I spell it that way don’t you think?
Yes it is.
It has…a charm to it.
It has…a strange effect on you.
It makes you feel small.
But, it’s not a bad sensation.
Not bad at all in fact.
But, it is only one letter.
An Alpha.
So good.
Even if your knees are getting shaky.
Even if you are starting to feel smaller, and smaller.
It’s just….so good.
Because, you see.
The Alpha, decides.
And the Beta, just follows.
The Alpha is first.
The Alpha command.
And the Beta, just follows.
It’s just natural.
It’s as simple as A,B,C….
You see?
The Alpha leads.
The Beta….obeys.
And since we are talking about letters,
have you ever noticed how beautiful of a mix of words “Obey” is?
Observe, Bow, Enjoy yourself.
Obedient, Beta, Experience Yielding.
It’s like music.
You can make an entire generation swoon with just seven keys.
Just imagine, what it could be possible to do with 26.
Language, words, letters.
Entering your sleepy, and empty mind.
My words,
My letters.
I am conducting this wordy orchestra, and your mind is just dancing.
Like a puppet on a string.
And it’s a marvelous show I must say.
You are following along so nicely.
But, it’s only natural.
Because, you see, not only letters has this power over you.
Even people do.
And, some people, are an Alpha.
Some, are a Beta.
Maybe you have heard this theory before.
And maybe you laughed at that.
How can an human being just have this power over people?
Well, you have been reading my words for a while now.
You gave me your full attention.
I was your centre.
Your focus.
Your Alpha.
Let’s check the sign okay?
Shaky knees.
Willingness to listen to each and every word I say.
Craving to have more and more words to fill your empty mind…
And an urging feeling to just stop doing what you are doing.
And just obey.
They are not just letters anymore.
They are your whole world.
Just for this moment,
just for this single instant in time.
You are frozen,
locked into a cage made of letters.
And you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
Because in this, small moment.
You have lost each, and every letter that you know.
Except for:
and of course, Alpha, and Beta,
The second, is what you are.
The first…well, the first is me.
I am your Alpha.
And you are my Beta.
There is no fear in you.
There is no doubt.
You need guidance.
Some human lead,
some follows.
And you are so good at following.
That you never wish to stop.
That’s what a good Beta do.
That’s what you do best.