also im still a mess with the project

Hello~ I’m Emma and extremely hyped to be here, I’m also the one behind Sungjin who’s a poison generator. He’s also currently working as a Doctor (be it not a very good one but still, a doctor’s a doctor aye.) Anyways, his parents were scientists who were brutally murdered by the mutant they were experimenting on. He loved them even though his own mother and father tested on him as a science project. To cut to the chase, Sungjin is a mess of a human being and if you’re into angst and pain, he’d be one to interact with. He’s an angry wreck. he has a lot of emotional baggage and welp, he needs a lot of help.

Anyways feel free to check out his bio. There’s a lot of trigger warnings so viewers discretion is advised. But yea I’d appreciate it a lot if you hit me up either through Tumblr IMs or contact me on discord Em #3786. I also have skype but please privately message me for that info! Thanks <3 can’t wait to rp! 

p.s. the gif is so dorky compared to his actual character but it’s cute so that’s all that matters haha. also some details about him under this read more.

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wip tag!!

tagged by @hobmew to do the ‘works in progress’ tag!! tysm for tagging me!!!! 

so im just gonna list some stuff bc im all over the place but lol idk if i’ll ever post or even finish any of these snjksnksj


no strings attached (im still working on this title lmao) // yoonseok // soulmate au // angst, fluff & all of the above *cough cough* // 10% done

  • quick summary: yoongi has no idea how to tell his “friends-with-benefits” partner, hobi, that they’re soulmates ; based on the red strings of fate ! ; also this is like my Main project im trying to work on atm

no title yet // yoonseok // fluff // 25% done

  • quick summary: hobi convinces yoongi to tell him that he’s attractive and yoongi ends up a blushing hot mess ; based off of that one time yoongi was asked to rank the top most good looking members of bts (during that mbc comeback talk they did when they promoted their run mv) and hobi kept nudging yoongs to say his name


— inu jpn version inspired gfx // 65% done

— bts x birth flowers gfx // 5% done

— hope on the street gfx // 5% done

— bts fashion / magazine layout gfx // 0% done

line art:

— yoonseok x airport fashion // 98% done

— taehyung x airport fashion // 95% done

tagging @floral-hobi  @halaltae  @brightjoon @1stlove @ourhopeourangel & anyone else who wants to do it!! & if anyone wants to talk abt anything they’re working on just hmu!!! i love listening to people’s ideas!!! :)

why u hated the signs in school
  • Aries: definitely pelted you in the face with a dodgeball once (or 5 times)
  • Taurus: if u pulled out a bag of chips during class u know this fuck would be askin for some before the bag was even open
  • Gemini: orchestrated the best senior prank possible but got your prom cancelled bc of it
  • Cancer: openly stalked you for at least 6 months and then cried during every class u had w them after u told them to leave u alone
  • Leo: that one person in the locker room that sprays nasty af perfume everywhere and was in front of the mirrors 100% of the time
  • Virgo: reminded the teacher that theres a quiz, did not let u copy their hw
  • Libra: was passive aggressive to u all throughout school bc u cut them in line for the monkey bars once in 3rd grade which u don't even remember and they didn't tell u abt it until graduation
  • Scorpio: catfished u, sent ur nudes to the entire school
  • Sagittarius: commented on all of ur outfits very loudly. not even to u. literally to everyone else like bitch i can hear u smfh
  • Capricorn: fucked up a group project once and still refuses to accept that they fucked up. also bitched u out for at least 10 min for thinking they could have messed st up (and they did)
  • Aquarius: would not befriend anyone ever
  • Pisces: seems super sweet but stabbed someone w a pen for making a joke abt their lisa frank erasers

Teen Wolf → season 3

“I kind of needed something permanent. Everything that’s happened to us - everything just changes so fast. Everything’s so, uh… ephemeral.”


sjdbaskfhsfkhs i know is pretty ugly and late but still:


gosh so sorry i totally messed it up, like also im in my exam-week so its a little bit stressful and i actually wanted to draw a proper taka for u bc sjdsahdsdhdisdb ; u ; <3 SO IM SO SORRY ITS ONLY A CRAPPY SCRIBLLE ;A;

BUT ANYWAY i hope you had an awesome day and enjoyed it a lot? C: dshfbsdjfbhsdf KEEP ON ROCKIN, you go girl ; 7 ; (so sorry again /slapsherself/)

[[and as u also might have noticed i didnt posted the link anymore..thats why im gonna stop the project at the end of july, i think till then everyone got at least one drawing?…well anyway, so sorry, but i realized its too much i cant handle it sometimes…and im always stressing myself and thats taking me down..gosh i sound so stupid now..sdbasdshbdabj BUT DONT WORRY like im still gonna draw and make gifts and stuff, but mainly ill go for art trade and commissions ; u ; but yo kuroshi42 is still doing the bday project as well so you can just ask her if you want to ~]]

okay thats it /fades out/