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Hi!! I'm so sorry to bug you with this, but I saw your answer to that one question about Russian nicknames and I was wondering if I could ask for some help rq. I've been trying to find affectionate terms (e.g. baby, love, honey, darling, etc.) in Russian for YOI fanfiction purposes and was wondering if you could list a few ones to call a male lover? It seems I can only find ones in the feminine form. Thanku!

Hello! IM SO SORRY FOR RESPONDING SO LATE i hope even if im slow af you will able to use nicknames i wrote about….

since russian is pretty much a big and rich language, we have a lot of ways to express our love and intimacy through nicknames to loved ones! not only name based nicknames, but those affectionate terms as well

actually, we do use literal translations of ‘baby’ and ‘darling’ referring to loved ones

  • baby can be translated as малыш (malish) or детка (detka), or пупсик (pupsik) (pupsik sounds very ridiculous tbh but i think victor would use this one) and can be referred to both male, female and nonbinary folks, despide the fact малыш and пупсик are grammatically male gendered words, and детка - grammatically female gendered.
  • with darling\dear its different, its very gendered term, so you have to use дорогой (dorogoi) to male lover, дорогая (dorogaya) to a female, and дорогие (dorogie) to someone who uses they\them pronounce (but they\them pronounce as singular pronounce is very complicated topic in russian, it really is, so i will talk mostly about she\he, alright?)  
  • there is another word from дорогой  - дорогуша (dorogusha), grammatically female gendered, but can used towards anyone, usually in less tender, but  teasing way
  • i think darling\dear in meaning as affectionate nickname can be translated as милый (miliy) as well. милый literally translates as ‘cute’ and ‘nice’, but when russian uses it to exactly refer to someone they love its usually can be translated as 'darling’ in english
    милый (miliy) is for males and милая (milaya) is for females. (they\them is милые (miliye))
  • talking about affectionate adjectives, we also use 'loved’, like’ loved by me’, and its любимый (lyubimiy) for males, любимая( lyubimaya) for females, любимые (lyubimiye) for they\them
  • сладкий (sladkiy) is also common affectionate nickname, analogue of it in english is sweetie i believe, since сладкий  translates as 'sweet’. female form is сладкая (sladkaya), сладкие (sladkiye) for they\them  
  • we also have similar nicknames to 'sunshine’ for instance, but we dont literally call people 'sunshine’, but just 'sun’ - солнце (solntse), or with diminutive suffix to sound even cuter - солнышко (solnishko)


we actually use shit tons of different nicknames. especially the most favorite by russians are animals, like every russian couple is a fucking mini zoo: we call our loved ones зая (zaya)\заяц(zayats)\зайчонок(zaychonok) - different forms of ’bunny’ ; котя(kotya)\котик(kotik)\котенька(koten'ka)\киса(kisa) - kitty; медвежонок (medvezhonok) - diminutive form of ’bear’ ; рыбка (ribka) - diminutive for ’fish’… and more, but зая is like the ultimate affectionate term and a lot of russians actually hate it, despite it being so popular lmao

in victor and yuuri’s case victor probably would call yuuri порося (porosya), поросенок (porosyonok),поросеночек (porosyonochek). all of these words are different variations of ’piggy\little piggy\piglet’. we also usually call порося those people who are very messy, but its in very tender way

i imagine when yuuri eats katsudon and some pieces of rice are on his cheeks, victors gently wipes them away, calling yuuri not less gentler ’порося моя’ (porosya moya - 'my piglet’).

ALSO I BET VICTOR WOULD ALSO CALL YUURI ФУНТИК (FUNTIK). Funtik is a character from old popular soviet cartoon Adventures of Piglet Funtik AND ITS CUTE

besides animals we can call people dear to us as:

  • золотце (zolotse) - 'someone gold’ or you can translate it as 'goldie’. a very common term in russian
  • голубка (golubka) - woopsie its an animal as well, i mean, a bird - a very sweet version of 'pigeon’
  • крошка (kroshka) - could be literally translated as 'crumb’ or 'little one’
  • куксик\кукуся\ кукуся (kuksik\kukusik\kukusya) - i honesty didnt know what exactly this word meaned till i googled it right now: 'as original term kukusik is someone very young, infantile and naive, who dont have much life experience and etc’, but this word lost this meaning and is usually used as affectionate term to loved one

i bet victor would call yuuri котлетка (kotletka), diminutive form of 'cutlet’

or щекастик (shekastik)! means 'someone with cute cheeks’ and this one isnt very common, but it sounds very cute and if you hc chubby yuuri, this nickname would fit him a lot!!  

other examples:

  • душа моя (dusha moya) - 'my soul’
  • свет моих очей (svet moih ochey) - 'the light of my eyes’. a pretty old one, im not sure someone uses it on daily basis, usually characters in old russian literature would referred like that. but is sounds very romantic and i personally love it
  • любовь моя (lyubov moya) - 'my love’
  • мой хороший \ хороший мой (moi horoshiy\horoshiy moi) for males; моя хорошая\хорошая моя (moya horoshaya\horoshya moya) for females - translates as 'my good’, meaning 'my dear’ or smth 
  • радость моя (radost’ moya) - 'my joy’

you noticed constant moi or moya in last ones? thats right, russian affectionate terms are very often accompanied with word 'my’ (мой\моя (moi\moya)), and sometimes some nicknames arent usually used separated from it!

russians usually use my + nickname combination to sound more intimate and show closeness to called person, which well is pretty obvious, i know, but we really do use it a lot

some of previous examples sounds even better and are more used with 'my’

мой (moi) is for grammatically male gendered words, моя (moya) for grammatically female gendered words and моё (moyo) - grammatically neutral gendered words tho

  • рыба моя (riba moya) - 'my fish’. yes we call people like that and its cute in our understanding
  • зая моя (zaya moya) - 'my bunny’
  • золотце моё (zolotse moye) - 'my goldie’
  • милый мой (miliy moi) for males; милая моя (milaya moya) for females - 'my dear’
  • сладкий мой (sladkiy moi) for males; сладкая моя (sladkaya moya) for females  - 'my sweet\my sweetie’

and yeah, we usually write 'my’ after the affectionate term. its grammatically correct in this case and sounds better.

actually in russian you can use like every cute sounding word as affectionate nickname?? even english ’pumpkin’ sounds very cute in russian - тыковка (tikovka) , and i would love if someone called me like that, despite the fact its not common term

ive read some fic where vitya called yuuri:
ангел мой\ангелочек мой (angel moi\angelochek moi) - 'my angel’
звезда моя\звездочка моя (zvezda\zvezdocka moya) - 'my star’
which you can use as well!! the number of possibilities is unbelievable

woopsie this one got very big as well… hope it was informative and still understanding!! 

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How is SeungChuchu a thing? I don't remember them interacting and I don't really get it. I'm just curious so I hope that I don't come across as rude (^^ゞ

haha yeah they don’t really interact but seunggil appears in phichits phichit on ice dream so i think that implies theyve met before, and jj and yurio are noticeably absent in phichits dream despite the fact that all three of them were at the gpf together so seunggil could be slightly more than an acquaintance to phichit i think? like he holds a higher place in phichits heart over yurio and jj at the very least. seunggils also seen watching phichits fs (ok yeah he watches jjs too but like) you know

outside of canon its just the whole opposite attracts thing i think? like, phichit is super cheerful and friendly with everyone whereas seunggil cant give a shit about anyone and (personally) i think they could have a really cute dynamic and be good for each other, maybe with phichit bringing seunggil out of his shell for example

this bit is more of my personal opinion and involves some reaching but like, phichit is interesting in general because thailand isnt exactly known for producing figure skaters and you can expect he wouldnt have grown up with the kind of support system that yuuri, guanghong, viktor or seunggil might have. the whole deal with phichit wanting to be thailands future - hes proud of his identity and country, and wants his country to be proud of him. those feeling fuel his desire to skate. i think his skating could have an interesting influence on seunggil, who mostly thinks about tes when he skates and says he doesnt care what other people think about him. 

its not really touched on in canon but i think its interesting that seunggil is known in-canon as the first skater to land a quad loop in competition (irl yuzuru hanyu is the first skater to do this i think) and phichit is the first thai skater to make it to the gpf? i think they could benefit from learning from each other

also im just in love with the idea of an interracial couple involving two asians especially since its a southeast asian and an east asian

thanks for asking!!! this was a fun question to answer haha. i hope you feel a bit more convinced about seungchuchu now (?) have a great day!! if you / anyone else has more questions about seungchuchu id be more than happy to answer 

oh yeah hey if anyone else wants to submit their own reasons behind shipping seungchuchu that would be cool too!! id love to hear from you guys [fingerguns]

Making a Fat Piggy

Charlie licked his lips as he scanned the computer screen. He scrolled through the many pictures of his friend, Tom Nevin. Charlie had a crush on Tom. He loved Tom’s slightly chubby belly. Charlie come across a picture of Tom where he was on the floor with his belly showing. This really turnt Charlie on. He just wanted to fatten Tom up and play with his belly. Charlie smirked. He knew exactly what he was going to do…

Tom was sat at his desk, trying real hard to ignore the fact that he had work to be done. He sighed and turnt to talk to his friends.
‘Im so bored’ moaned Tom.
'Same’ replied Jack, who was sat next to Tom. 'I dont understand anything on this sheet’
'You can say that again’ Groaned Charlie, who was sat behind the two. Suddenly, the bell rang. All the students started to pack up and leave.
'Make sure you finish the work at home. I will be checking next lesson’ said Mr Ford as the students started to leave the class. It was time. As Tom placed his backpack on, Charlie turnt to him.
'Hey Tom’ Charlie gulped 'Doing anything tonight?’
'No, probably going to play Fifa or something, why’ Replied Tom.
'Do you wanna come round mine?’ Asked Charlie.
'Sure, why not!’ Smiled Tom as he left with Charlie, unknowing of what is going to happen to him…

Charlie and Tom reached the house. Charlie opened the rusty gate and reached the door. He placed his key into the lock and pushed open the door.
'Cheers’ said Tom as he entered the house. He threw off his bag and Charlie shut the door.
'So, want something to eat?’ Asked Charlie, trying to hide his smirk.
'Yeah, go on’ Charlie gestured Tom into the living room.
'Just sit on the sofa while i go see what we got’ Said Charlie as Tom sat down.
'You sure your Mum and Dad wont mind?’ Asked Tom as Charlie stumbled into the kitchen.
'Nah. They dont care.’ Charlie smirked as he started to fill a wheelbarrow with cakes, pizza, cookies and other fatty foods. Tom glanced round the living room. He pulled out his phone to see a text from his girlfriend Becca:
-'Hey Babe. You up for meeting tonite? Xxx’-
Tom replied:
-'Sorry babe. At Charlies house. Text yah when im home. XX’-
Tom locked his phone when he saw Charlie enter with a wheelbarrow full of food.
'Isnt that going overboard Charlie’ Asked Tom, dazed by the sight.
'Nah. You’re going to eat it all though’ Smired Charlie as he stuffed a cupcake into Tom’s mouth. Tom tried hard to resist swallowing the food. He whacked Charlies hand which allowed Tom to spit out the food.
'What the fuck Charlie!’ Screeched Tom as he tried to sit up. Charlie quickly pounced on Tom, pinning him down onto the sofa by sitting on his legs.
'Oh calm down’ said Charlie as he started to unbutton Tom’s shirt. Tom tried to push Charlie off, but failed.
'What the actual fuck!’ Screamed Tom as Charlie ripped the shirt from Tom’s body to reveal a small plushy belly. Charlie squished the roll of fat.
'Oh im going to make you so fat!’ Laughed Charlie as he squished the small squishy belly.
'Charlie!? What the hell is wrong with you!’ Cried Tom as Charlie continued to run his hand across his tummy. Charlie shoved a cupcake into Tom’s mouth with a larger force than last time. Tom tried to hold back from swallowing the food, but failed. As soon as the cupcake was swallowed, another was shoved into Tom’s mouth. Tom moaned as he continued to try and free from Charlies tight grip, but it was too hard. Charlie smiled as he continued to fill up Tom’s mouth with food.


Tom groaned as Charlie squsihed Tom’s belly.
'Look at it! It’s getting bigger!’ Smirked Charlie as he poked Tom’s flabby belly. His belly was now bigger. It took on the size of a small soccer ball. It was flabby and started to hang over Tom’s tight trousers. Tom now started to grow moobs, which took the shape of small mounds. He also started to get large love handles. Charlie got off Tom’s lap and made Tom stand on all fours on the floor. Charlie placed a large chocolate cake infront of Tom. Charlie sat on Tom’s back.
'Eat all of it’ Said Charlie as he spanked Tom’s round butt. Tom groaned nd took a large bite out of the cake. The chocolate icing smudged around Tom’s face as the moist texture of the cake melted inside his mouth. Charlie rubbed Tom’s bubble butt which strained against the tight trousers. Suddenly the Trousers ripped down his backside. Tom groaned at the feeling, which caused cake crumbs to fall out his mouth.
'Oh my…’ Blushed Charlie. 'My piggies gone and ripped his trousers! You are getting so big piggy!’ Charlie spanked Tom’s bum, which caused a ripple across his body.
“Im getting so fat” thought Tom as he continued to demolish the cake “Why is Charlie doing this to me?”
After another ten minutes of Tom eating, the cake was completely consumed. Tom spluttered as he started to breathe heavilly.
'Well done my giant piggy!’ Smiled Charlie as he got off Tom’s back. 'Hope you up for more’ Charlie place another four large chocolate cakes infront of Tom.
'No. Please’ Spluttered Tom as he started to pant heavilly.
Charlie sat back on Tom’s back 'Eat them now piggy’
'Too. Full’ Groaned the bloated piggy.
'Eat them now or im going to call over your entire family to see what a fat pig you’ve become’ Charlie smirked. Tom sighed as he took a bite out of the first cake.
'Good piggy!’ Laughed Charlie as he ran his finger down the rip of Tom’s trousers.


'Wow!’ Squealed Charlie as Tom’s trousers completely ripped from Tom’s body. Tom groaned as the trousers ripped from his body, leaving only his underwear as the last piece of clothing on his body. Tom turnt to see his large butt was on show which had a pair of boxers so tight on his body. They were so tight, his fat cheeks started to flow over them, looking like his ass was eating them.
'Damn piggy!’ Charlie blushed as he squished Tom’s butt 'They flew off! Looks like you’re boxers have become a thong! They look so tight on you Piggy!’ Charlie smacked Tom’s right butt cheek which caused Tom to moan. 'Continue eating your cakes piggy! Only one and a half left!’ Tom moaned as he continued to fill his mouth with cake.


Tom took the last bite of the cake in front of him. Crumbs fell from his mouth as he chewed the last bite.
'Well done piggy!’ Exclaimed Charlie as he sat on Tom’s back. 'I knew you could eat all them cakes!’ Charlie got off Tom’s back. 'Sit up piggy!’ Tom struggled, but managed to sit upright, leaning his back against the sofa. Tom’s belly hung over his underwear and his thighs. Hhe had a few rolls on his belly which rolled like a rolling pin. Tom’s moobs now took the appearance of a girls pair of boobs. His thighs nearly tripled in size, they were now soft and squished on the floor. Tom also had a number of chins which hung under his original.
'Look at you know piggy! You’ve gotten so fat!’ Charlie grabbed Tom’s love handles and shook, causing Tom’s whole belly to bounce. Tom moaned as Charlie continued to bounce. Then there was a knock at the door.
'Be back in a sec my piggy’ smiled Charlie as he stood up and left the room.

Two minutes later, Charlie returned with eight pizza’s, eight portions of fries and tons of burgers.
'You ready for more my piggy?’ Chuckled Charlie as he placed the food on the floor.
'No. Please’ Tom tried to get up, but struggled.
'No point trying to escape my piggy!’ Said Charlie as he sat infront of Tom. 'You are going to eat and thats it’
'Too. Fat’ Moaned Tom as he placed a hand on his tummy. 'Im so. Big’
'Thats it, touch you’re body. Look and feel how fat you’ve got. Look how big you’re belly is. Look at the way it sags down over your underwear. Look how big  you’re tits are, they are bigger than your girlfriends!’ Charlie moaned 'You are getting so fat! But not fat enough!’ Charlie picked up a slice of pizza and shoved it into Tom’s mouth. Tom moaned as the cheese flavour spread across his mouth.
“Im so fat” Thought Tom as Charlie placed another slice into his mouth. 'Ive gotten. So big. I cant even. Move. Im too. Big.“ Charlie continued to stuff food into Tom’s mouth. Tom was now helpless. He was too fat to move, being stuffed non stop and was being sat on the lap by his 'friend’. Tom moaned as Charlie smiled.


'Last burger piggy!’ smirked Charlie as he placed the last burger into Tom’s mouth. Tom moaned as he chewed and swallowed the meaty burger.
'Well done piggy! You ate everything!’ Smiled Charlie. Tom groaned. Tom was huge. Tom’s belly now pushed his legs apart and was touching the floor. His moobs were now the size of a large breasted woman. His moobs sat ontop of his flabby belly. His thighs were thick and huge and were squished against the floor. Huge love handles formed on Tom’s hips, followed by rolls up the side of his body.
'Damn Piggy. You are so big!’ Charlie grabbed Tom’s belly.
'Ooh’ moaned Tom 'Stop. Please.’
'Look at you! You’ve gotten so fat!’ Charlie moaned. Suddenly Charlie lunged ontop of Tom and kissed him. Tom pulled back and their lips disconnected.
'Whats wrong piggy? Dont want to be my piggy?’ Charlie leaned in to Tom’s face 'Kiss me back now, or else’
Tom sighed and leaned in towards Charlie. Their lips both connected as they kissed. Charlie’s tongue broke into Tom’s mouth and danced around. Tom moaned as he did the same with his tongue.
"Why is he doing this” Thought Tom “And why am i kissing him back?” They continued to kiss as Charlies hand squished and played with Tom’s fat, moving around his fat body. Charlie pulled away from the kiss and smirked. His cheeks were red and he was sweating 'Ive been wanting this for years Tom’ Tears started to fall slowly from Tom’s eyes. He is now Charlie’s piggy.

what’s the stitch? | pt.1

on ao3

from the high school senior that brought you wanna chat? comes another chat fic that no one asked for

just so we’re all on the same page, alya has the fox miraculous, nino the turtle, and chloe the bee. i latched onto this team of miraculous holders a while back and now i’m just throwing up random stuff. initially i wasn’t going to write more than a small snip of this but @breeeliss​ is a horrible enabler (<3)

i’m still working on the dynamics for them, especially since they’re still getting to know each other, so sorry if it’s rough

anyway let’s do this


Cat: What does this do?

Bee: what in fresh hell is this

Turtle: yo wassup this is rad
wait lemme see…


Ladybug: Chat what the hell did you do

Keep reading

  • is the most embarrassingly affectionate person you’ve ever met 
  • literally throws hearts and winks at you from across the street when you two are meeting up for a date
  • his goal in life is literally to make you a flustered mess 
  • even if that means he has to do something big like serenade you in public or something small like grab your hand under the table at a restaurant 
  • has a plethora of nicknames for you 
  • it can go from something like ‘sweetheart’ to ‘squishy fluffy creampuff’ real fast with this one 
  • “Seungcheol stop calling me ‘squishy fluffy creampuff” “Alright……ultra squishy fluffy creampuff.”
  • lip sings to bigbang songs and makes you join in even if you tell him you don’t want to 
  • likes resting his chin on to top of your head especially when he has his arms wrapped around you from behind too 
  • is mischievous so his hands are gonna wander up your shirt every now and then 
  • if you squirm or make a sound it’s only going to egg him on because he thinks your reactions are v v cute 
  • also enjoys cuddling with you much more if you’re wearing one of his hoodies 
  • he’s a whisperer as in…..he whispers things into your ear all the time…….could be sweet nothings……could be……..more than that…..
  • has a habit of holding your face with his hands and kissing the top of your eyelids especially when you two are saying goodbye like it just makes him feel like he’s giving you a seal of protection because you are the most precious thing to him and he is always anxious when you have to leave by yourself
  • oh did i mention that he’s super duper protective 
  • always has his hand around your waist in public, always makes sure you’re walking on the inside of the road, literally would lay his jacket down in a puddle so you could walk over it ok he just wants you to be s a f e 
  • gets a little angry when someone pushes into you accidentally on the street and you have to be like seungcheol, it’s ok, they didn’t mean it and he just gets all grumpy like “wELL they could have said SORRY” 
  • he’s a big bi g flirt so even after you two start dating he’ll slide up to you with some cheesy pick up lines or just randomly be like “hey, i like you a lot” and you’ll be like well i damn hope so seungcheol we are in a relationship afterall
  • sometimes his flirting means that he gets friendly with others very quickly and if you get jealous well…..he’ll apologize and devote all his attention to you but….not before teasing the living heCK out of you 
  • “are you jealous? is it because you admit im handsome and other people like me? you think im handsome enough to be jealous of? hmmmmm?” 
  • when he’s jealous though, seungcheol can sometimes take it as a competition and starts purposely getting comfy with others to see you ticked off
  • when you don’t get ticked off he gets pouty and just starts to butter you up with lots of aegyo and affection because please no you cannot ignore him any longer….
  • his background on his phone is a photo of you and him together that he made vernon take when you all went to busan together 
  • seungcheol keeps changing your phone background to the same photo even if you say you want to make it something else 
  • “matching phone backgrounds are the new couple item.”
  • he got you couple shirts once but then hoshi asked him if he thought they were really a good idea so seungcheol re-thought giving them to you and now they’re in his closet and he keeps thinking of when would be a good time to bring them up with you……
  • he likes animals a lot and so he’s always taking you to pet shops on your dates and being like “well what if we adopted that dog? or that cat? or oh- what about a bunny?”
  • he’s very open and bright about your future together because he really does see spending the rest of his life with you a very real option 
  • even though he’s the leader of seventeen and the oldest, he’s still a kid at heart so places like the carnival, amusement parks, beaches, etc that kind of stuff is the kind of stuff he wants to do on dates with you 
  • but of course he also has a very gentlemen-y side in which he takes you out to restaurants and then out to shop and is basically the perfect boyfriend who holds all your things and let’s you buy whatever it is you want
  • as a thank you all he wants is your undivided attention for the remaining part of the night. if you catch my drift. 
  • if you wake him up in the morning with kisses and breakfast in bed then according to seungcheol: you’re doing it right !
  • he really enjoys home cooking so even if you’re not good at it like he will eat anything you give him. anything. mostly because he’d be like “it’s made with your love~” and you’d be like “stop being cringe worthy and eat the soup.”
  • as much as he likes to eat, he likes to make sure you’re eating too 
  • likes it when you order seconds because good. you’re growing. you need the food. (aka dad seungcheol comes out) 
  • would go into a bouncy castle with you 100% 
  • but because he’s the leader of seventeen there is a lot of stress and responsibility on his shoulders 
  • sometimes he can let it out with harsh words or a cold shoulder, but not because he means it, but because he reacts too fast on his feelings and if you’re still there through the thick and thin and you give him strength through your comfort than he will cherish you even more
  • sometimes all he needs is a “you can do it!” text at three in the morning from you to keep him going full speed ahead 
  • actually he tries not to text you late because you should be sleeping but sometimes he’ll get tired and so dino will actually steal his phone and text you like ‘seungcheol is low on energy, please send a cheering up selife!’ and when you do dino shows seungcheol the picture and seungcheol doesn’t even scold him for taking the phone he’s too caught up in your cute selfie
  • he called you his moon and stars and literally all the members cringed minus dino who was like “true love is so beautiful hyung”
  • when you’re upset, seungcheol reacts in two ways: either he becomes your shoulder to cry on and he knows exactly what to say to make you feel better OR he gets super pissed at whatever/whoever hurt you and you have to assure him it’s fine - he doesn’t have to get mad 
  • but he’s still fuming of course, the thing he hates most in the world is seeing you on the verge of tears and he’d literally rip apart anything that threatened you 
  • when making out with you seungcheol is intense and quick and his kisses leave you breathless
  • he prefers having your hands in his hair because he likes it when you pull on it a little 
  • is a bottom lip biter so he does that a lot to tease you and you have to keep being like “seungcheol we do not have time keeP GOI ng “ but he’s a big tease like LOOK AT HIM 
  • presses his forehead to yours inbetween heavy breathing and tells you you look so perfect and heavenly in this moment and his voice just gets deeper as he gets more romantic and you hate it but you love it bu T you HATE it 
  • sometimes when you won’t listen to what he’s saying he’ll kiss your most sensitive spot and it’ll make your knees tremble and you’ll be like sEungcheol that isNT FAIr and he’d just give you the puppy dog eyes like it isn’t fair to ignore me either~~~
  • secretly keeps asking hoshi to help him choreography a couple dance he can teach you 
  • hoshi: “literally. chill.” seungcheol: “i can’t chill. i love them.” 
  • he loves it when you come to support seventeen. he knows it can be dangerous for you to come publicly like this, but just seeing you in the crowd makes him put in that extra work because gotta look good for the bae 
  • runs up to you afterwords and forgets that he’s sWEATy as he pulls you into a hug and you’re like seungcheol pUT me Do w n and he’s like i can’t i love you too much!!!!!
  • saying ‘i love you’ is easy, it rolls out of his mouth like just another thing but it’s never just…….fake, it’s always real because seungcheol loves you with all his heart and he doesn’t just show it by saying it 
  • “if im the dad of 17 then all the members are your kids, right?” 
  • even though he’s usually very open about being cheesy with you, he actually doesn’t tell you that you’re a big part of his muse when he’s trying to do better even if it’s get better at dancing or singing or rapping, like he has never told you but one of the thoughts in his head is “ive got to get better for them!” 
  • chases you around the dorm while threatening to tickle you to death 
  • literally got on his knees and bowed to you when you brought over mouthwash and toothpaste for everyone 
  • kisses your hand out of habit every now and then and you get blushy because c’mon……that’s…..gros- great it’s freaking great 
  • seungcheol/s.coups is literally the boyfriend that would protect you and stand up for you whenever and wherever but also embarrass you in front of the whole world just because he loves you so mUCH  

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Hello! Could I please ask for Hanamiya adjusting to domestic life with his s/o, perhaps with a baby on the way too? Thank you! (iF YOUR ASK ISNT OPEN IM SO SORRY PLEASE IGNORE ME)

Aaaaah, this is gonna be so good to write, Anon, I love this one! (MY ASK IS OPEN PLEASE SEND MORE!) Here goes an awkward Hanamiya! (〃^ω^)ノ I took more time on this one, since while Murasakibara is my favourite KNB character, I love writing for Hanamiya the most, so I enjoyed this a lot and it ended up being the longest story on this blog yet. Teru can’t be tamed.(。・ω・。) Heads up that there is a lot of swearing!

It was nearly driving him mad.

It wasn’t like Hanamiya had never shared his living space with anyone - obviously, he used to live with his family most of his life. However, after he moved out on his own when he had started university at the age of 18, he got completely used to being nearly always alone in his flat - because rule number 1 was: no one except him and his mother could ever walk inside over that threshold. No parties were ever hosted. No acquaintances were ever invited. No visitors. No studying together. 

And, above of all, no relationship shit was absolutely allowed in, one night stand or not.

So how he, at 27, ended up in this situation was beyond his comprehension.

… well, no, not quite.

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Hey, I happened upon your blog and saw that you believe that Sherlock is trans. How come? This is the first head cannon I've heard of this and I'm truly curious about your answer. What's your thought process? Thanks!

WOW BOY okay this is my first time actually being asked this question so here we fucking go!?!??! (edit upon actually having typed this all out: HOLY FUCK; read more:)

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Aaaah I love your blog so much!! How do you think the rfa+V would react to MC having anxiety/social anxiety? Thanks in advance if you do in fact do it!! (Sorry, English isn't my first language ^^;)

youre english is gr8 :3



  • he does everything he can to take care of you
  • anything you need, he’s on it
  • too anxious to go grocery shopping? give him your list
  • too nervous to order your food from the waiter? tell him what you want
  • he’s a very social person, but he’s also very understanding that you arent and he uses his social skill to his advantage to take care of you
  • he plans out dates very carefully because he knows you dont like crowds
  • his favorite thing to do with you is a picnic!
  • if you two are out shopping and a sales clerk tries to talk to you, he’ll swoop in and intercept!!!
  • he’ll protect u from those mean ol strangers trying to talk to you


  • you are his #1 priority
  • even during rehearsal
  • if you can a panic attack or start feeling anxious and he’s not there to personally calm you down, he’ll take your call in a split second
  • he could be in the middle of singing a song and he’ll be like “stop the track im getting a call”
  • talking to him on the phone always helps
  • “ill be home soon”
  • “it will be all right”
  • “deep breaths”
  • as long as Zen is with you, you’ll never be alone
  • he’ll make sure that you never even feel alone
  • constantly reminds you to lean on him


  • Jaehee really knows what its like
  • she knows what its like to wish you were invisible, wish that everyone would just leave you alone
  • so she is very encouraging
  • she highlights the importance of taking things SLOWLY
  • out of all of the RFA, Jaehee is the bast at validating your feelings
  • “you dont have to go out today if you dont want to”
  • “its okay to feel anxious”
  • “you arent alone
  • when you do something you normally wouldnt do, she makes sure to acknowledge it and encourage you
  • “im proud of you for doing that”
  • non-stop encouragement!!!


  • it takes a little bit for him to understand
  • he’s never been close to someone with anxiety, so he doesnt really get it at first
  • his life is practically built around impressing strangers
  • but he does lots of research becasue he wants desperately to understand everything about you
  • you both sit down and have a long talk about how your anxiety is really effecting you
  • once he fully understands, Jumin is the most supportive EVER
  • he calls you every chance he gets while he’s at work
  • “how are you doing?”
  • “feeling alright?”
  • “is there anything i can get for you?”
  • also i feel like you would have a very close relationship with Elizabeth 3rd
  • and Jumin is all over that
  • he calls you his two favorite girls! 
  • then he’ll whisper to you and be like
  • “i like you a bit more than Elizabeth, actually….dont tell her”
  • and then you gasp and pretend its the most shocking news youve ever heard
  • “oh my god!! i’m so totally gonna tell her you said that!”
  • nooooooo!


  • you think Seven doesnt have anxiety though
  • he doesnt need to stay inside 24/7
  • he wants to
  • he’s accustomed to life as a secret agent where no one knows he exists
  • you and him spend weeks where neither of you leave the house
  • you take turns ordering take-out
  • you also take turns coming up with excuses for not being able to hang out when the RFA asks you
  • you guys love your friends you just dont love….being around…others…
  • it continues like this for a bit until Zen calls you guys out
  • okay, maybe Zen is right and this kind of life isnt the healthiest….
  • the two of you gather up the courage to go to the grocery store together
  • its horrible
  • when the cashier asks Seven if he “found everything okay” he said “i actually spent awhile looking for the milk, i think someone hid it”
  • and then you swiped the card wrong like 4 times
  • but whats important is that you did it
  • its okay to take things slowly, and you have each other to lean on


  • V knows you better than you know yourself
  • he even knows your grocery list he’s just observant OK
  • he shops for you often because he knows going out makes you anxious
  • he also knows exactly what to do if youre ever having a panic attack
  • he’ll make sure youre looking at him
  • and urge you to breathe slowly
  • he breathes in with you
  • he breathes out with you
  • and then he’ll pet your head because he knows it calms you down!!
  • AND!!
  • he asks you to move in with him! tadaa!
  • he wants to make sure he can be there for every single moment you feel afraid or anxious
  • so that you will truly never be alone ^^


title: i hope you make it to the day you’re 28 years old
word count: 3,038
pairing: narcissa black/lily evans
for: @ginnys (im sorry it took me like 4 yrs and this isnt a canon au)
summary: zombie apocalypse au.

Lucius doesn’t show up to their date. He sends a quick, stuck at the office, sorry babe over text, and Narcissa almost feels upset. It feels more like she’s trying to convince herself she’s upset.

She texts back, should i wait for you?

He responds, no.

Well then, she thinks.

She orders the most disgusting, expensive thing on the menu just to spite him, something he’d frown at and say, Narcissa, darling, don’t you want to watch your figure, or, just as likely, don’t you want something cheaper?

Cheapskate Malfoys. She can’t believe she’s dating him.

The waiter stands there, a smile plastered on his face, as she scans over their alcoholic beverages. “What’s good?” she asks, though she already knows exactly what she wants.

He opens his mouth to respond, and then the glass front door shatters.


And then:

Narcissa is underneath a table with a redhead. She’s not sure whether or not to be angry with her, since she was just dragged under a table. Then again, she’s also pretty sure her server just got eaten, so.

Maybe manners aren’t the most important thing right now.

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i was working on a tomco mix on 8tracks and i started just rambling abt them in the description so . i Moved The Party here to tumblr. this post was SUPPOSED to be about headcanons but honestly its just me going thru tom’s friendenemies actions

oh my god okay like. so in friendenemies the second marco is like “wait no we’re gonna miss the marathon we have to go”, a crack forms in toms Mental Stability. his thought process is as follows: “ rather just hang here… is he not having a good time? i thought everything was going well?” and then “fuck he really wants to leave. everythings falling apart, shit shit shit” and “he only came along for the tickets he doesnt actually care fuck i thought-” and thats where theres only a strand left of his Mental Stability. when marco becomes truly adamant about leaving, tht thread snaps and tom loses it. he lashes out because for the first time since star, someone seemed to actually legitimately like his company. he thinks so heavily that marco was only there for movie tickets while he legitimately had grown to care for marco, and it fucks him up.

im not saying that he was in love or anything, but here’s the deal: tom is seriously fucking lonely and probably has equally-as-serious abandonment issues. i know that feeling well, and i know how easy it is to latch onto anyone who will give you the time of day. that’s exactly what happened to tom, whether he was aware of it or not - and im betting that he wasnt. im betting that he was just enjoying marco’s company and then marco wants to leave and theres sirens going off in his head, screaming at him that something bad is happening and to fucking fix it. the thing is that tom doesn’t know how to do that right now. his sense of ‘do this, dont do that’ is gone, and anyone whos ever experienced an anxiety or panic attack knows what im talking about. rationality leaves you in times like that. because anger is so deeply ingrained into tom, its his default when hes afraid or really nervous. you could even take it further and say tom’s anger is his armor. tom thinks that hes already lost another person that he cares about, and that terrifies him. 

aaaaaaaaanyways, in his anger and upset and hurt, he lashes out at marco. he gets aggressive and insults the very thing that got marco to hang out w him. lets go deeper into that action, yeah? in tom’s mind, the mackie hand movies are more important to marco than tom is. in tom’s mind, marco doesn’t give two fucks about tom. that is what he’s truly upset about. failing the anger management test is what tom (and marco, for that matter) thinks the issue is. the test failure really only had a small part and is what served as his mental breaking point.

from there, tom goes “u like this thing? well fuck this thing, because u like this thing more than me” and rips + burns the tickets. marco, up until this point, was in shock + trying to process everything. now, everything falls into place and marco realizes thinks that all of this was just tom being fake for a prize ribbon.

im going to do more action/thought analyzation here instead of continuing. at this point, both tom and marco think that the other person had ulterior motives and that the day’s events weren’t sincere. and honestly? thats something worthy of note. it should be noted that the day wouldnt have happened if it werent for tom’s test and marco’s love for mackie hand. ive only seen one person (whose post is way better than mine) touch upon the fact that tom picked marco for the test (im not gonna go into the test itself bc uve surely seen the episode, you know the context). and like, that’s super important. you can’t look over anything in this episode tbfh??? u cant. imo, the reasons why tom picked marco are:

          - he cant pick star (meaning he cant lie and pick someone he likes instead). hes trying to get over her and he knows she wouldnt agree to it anyways. plus brian isnt a Fool he knows how tom feels abt star

         - we dont know who tom actually Hates The Most but i very very Very highly doubt it was marco. before the ping pong episode? probably. but not afterwards. and from there, theres two different branches. A) he doesnt actually have someone specific that he Hates The Most, so marco’s the next best thing (even tho he doesnt actually Hate him) or B) picking the person he Hates The Most would mean automatic failure, so he goes with one of the few people he can actually stand the company of

for whatever reason, tom wasnt all that truthful to brian’s rule and picked marco. and mackie hand was the ribbon on the skeptical package (meaning the thing that convinced marco to agree to hanging out. i mean, there was star too but he was still skeptical even after she encouraged him). if it werent for mackie hand, i dont really think that marco would have agreed to hanging out alone w tom.

MOVING ON LOL. so marcos real pissed @ tom for being a Liar Liar Pants On Fire and kicks the door down, yadda yadda yadda. tom realizes at the “and i was dumb enough to believe it” line that Oh Shit Marco Actually Did Have A Good Time With Me, I Fucked Up. now marco is hurt while toms like No Wait NVM, so he tries to convince marco that it wasnt all about the test. he knows that the test was what sparked it, though: he knows he cant lie to him again, and all he can back up is his passion for love sentence. obviously, that didnt fix anything. so toms like Shit What Do I Do, then his mind goes “oH” and jumps into goddamn singing marco a love song. that also happens to be marcos “second favorite love sentence song, by the way”.

fuckin gay much lol

so when marco starts singing along, tom goes like OK OK THATS GOOD THIS IS GOOD and runs out to marco w open gotdam arms. he wants marco to like him so bad lmao he craves that reassurance and affection and marco’s the first person to have given it to him in a long time. marco has accepted tom’s Song Apology but hes still hurt. tom still lied to him, and sorry doesnt mend all wounds. again, tom tries to find something to fix it, and we all know what that the “something” was 

so marco’s like Holy Shit and thanks tom, and the exchange is really fucking sincere. the look that they exchange is enough to make it clear enough lmao im not even gonna bother w that

(yes i stole the picture from pigeoncoos’ post, sue me)(actually dont, im poor)

they try to see the movie, blah blah blah

also: the whole “i still dont like you” stuff? idk what that even means, honestly. the best i can do is agree w pidgeoncoos saying that it was more of a callback to how they started off. dont ask me pal i dont know shit about that one


Im gonna attempt to make a Ghoul Grumps Masterpost for everyone that wants to join in on this crazy ride but has absolutely no fucking idea where to start lmao I’ll try to find all the pictures Ive drawn, all of the headcanons that became canon, all that good shit. Ill also being giving a slight breakdown on the actual universe since that tends to make some people very confused :o

IM SORRY THIS IS SO LONG OKAY!! I cant even make a tl;dr for this bc weve got too much shit in this au now haha. So I guess if you wanna read the whole thing, just buckle down bc Its gonna take awhile :0

MAKE SURE TO CLICK LINKS for more information :3c

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A (long) rant about Eridan Ampora.

So im gonna start from the bginning here. eridan hates the landwellers because theyre dumping trash in the ocean where all the other sewdwellers like him live and if the landwellers keep dumping garbage in the ocean seadwellers are going to have to leave the ocean. He is ill admit a casteist asshole but literally all the highbloods are but only eridan gets shit for it, which isnt fair like seriously??? but for fucks sake the garbage is ruining what was more than likely at one point his fucking home and its probably getting so bad he had no option but to move into the shipwreck he lived in before sgrub, so i dont blame him for holding a grudge against the landwellers really.

And then the thing with quadrants that brought fandom eridan to be the horror he is. Eridan was so desperate for a quadrantmate because on alternia you would literally be culled if you and a quadrantmate couldnt supply genetic material for the drones to take to the mother grub, and he didnt want to die. And the point will probably get brought up of ‘but even after the game started he still tried to get a quadrantmate!!1!’ well no shit what do they expect??? flirting became such a normal for him on alternia that he would of obviously needed time to get out of the habit. And when someone would show they were uncomfortable with his flirting he stepped off after the initial conversation. He gave up on quadrants because he didnt have to worry about dying if he didnt have a matesprit or kismesis annymore. he wasnt a fuckboy that just wanted anyone and everyone to sleep with him if thats who youre looking for go to cronus because cronus was made based off of fandom eridan.

During the game. i can go on for a long time about what happened during the game. eridan felt somewhat abandoned during the game. His moirail ditched him because she didnt need him to feed her lusus anymore and his kismesis had blocked him on trollian because he was 'too clingy and annoying’ which is bullshit, because later, said kismesis forced tavros to be prettymuch the same way eridan had been. vriska wanted tavros to bend to her every whim and when eridan had been a decent kismesis she left him. i get the difference in her pursuits of the two but eridan was a good kismesis! and then he asked anyone to come hang out with him on LOWAA and they all told him no. He asked politely he was like “hey does anyone wanna come hang out on LOWAA with me?” and they all shot him down, leaving him alone so hes bound to have issues cause of his friends abandoning him. And also now is a reminder that Eridan is pretty heavily coded as mentally ill, so imagine what that would have done to the poor guy.

As for the magic situation here? Eridan believed in magic at one point. Like genuinely and wholeheartedly believed in magic and wizards. And then his friends ridiculed him for it and told him how magic was bullshit, but then he decides to give up on magic and call it science instead, and he just gets made fun of again. Only Gamzee didnt ridicule him, because Gamzee himself was made fun of by everyone for believing in miracles. Honestly I think Eridan and Gamzee could have been friends but Eridan, due to being bullied so much for believing in magic, did the same to Gamzee for believing in miracles. So my point is that Eridan gave up on something dearly important to him because he was laughed at for it. Literally all Eridan really wanted was to be accepted by his 'friends.’

oh and let’s not forget that Eridan received death threats from future Karkat for something he didnt even know he would do. So you can probably imagine what it would be like having your best friend messaging you from the future, which you didnt know, threatening your death for something you didnt know you did. The death threats were really uncalled for. And I cant even begin to imagine what was going through Eridan’s head before he died. He felt so much regret over all of it, and he doesnt get another chance. He doesnt get to try and prove himself. He “doesnt deserve” to be brought back, according to the other trolls and half the fandom. Speaking of death, Eridan didnt kill Feferi out of jealousy like everyone thinks he did. Sollux challenged him to a duel. Sollux lost fair and square. Feferi gets pissed that Sollux lost the duel and comes at Eridan with a trident. So what does Eridan do? He defends himself. Feferi was going to kill him, so he killed her before she could get the chance. Then Kanaya comes after him with a CHAINSAW so he does the same thing, 'killing’ Kanaya. Notice how Karkat was there too and he didnt do anything to Karkat? It was because Karkat didnt attack him. He was defending himself, because they were trying to kill him. And later when Kanaya is back and comes after him again as well as Vriska and Gamzee, he could have very well defended himself before Kanaya had the chance to take the science wand and break it, but he didnt. And I think it was because he felt bad about what he had done. After he had absconded he had probably been realizing what exactly he had just done to two of his friends, and feeling guilty as shit about it, so he didnt take the chance to defend himself when Kanaya burst in. He probably realized what future Karkat had been threatening him about, and thought he deserved whatever he was going to get.

After his death, when he’s Erisolsprite, he expresses that he’s sorry for what he did, and he feels shitty because of it. And people wonder why Erisolsprite doesnt Erisolsplode, but its because Eridan and Sollux both hate eachother so much they wont put themselves out of their own misery, because they want the other to keep suffering. And I feel like Eridan and Sollux too probably dont want to explode their sprite, because they both feel bad about things theyve done, and feel like they deserve to suffer. Eridan expressed that he felt bad and that he wished he could make it up, and that he hated himself because of it. On the other hand, Vriska only said she felt bad for killing Tavors, not for abusing him his whole life, not for breaking his spine and rendering his legs useless, not for building his house up who knows how high and using stairs instead of ramps thus forcing Tavros to drag himself up countless flights of stairs WHILE having to fight imps as well, she only felt bad for killing him. And even then, after she brought him back as a sprite, she abused him even more as well as Jake. When Eridan was a sprite and trying to apologize to Feferi, he didnt tell her he hated her for trying to kill him or anything, he told her he was sorry. He told her he was sorry for everything.

He had a reason for everything he did. And while it doesnt excuse it, it had reason. And he at least said he was sorry and that he felt bad for what he did, UNLIKE VRISKA. Yet he gets shit from the fandom, and tons of people absolutely love Vriska. It’s not fair that Eridan didnt/probably wont get a redemption arc, and that the fandom hates him.

TL;DR- Eridan gets more shit from the fandom than he deserves and is actually a very complex character, but the fandom reduces him to a whiny fuckboy thats worse than Vriska.

I wrote Patrochilles fanfic! Fuck yeah! (it was a lot of fun oh my)

I tried first person POV for the first time, as well as present tense, so I’m really sorry if anything sounds weird, and please do tell me if it does so I can fix it. 

Anyway, remember that one line when they were with Chiron, and Patroclus fell down a ravine and broke his arm? I loved the idea of it too much to just leave it a throwaway line, so this just kind of happened (it was done before though, and I really hope it doesn’t come off as copying or anything, if it does, I’m really sorry) also: warning bc it can get somewhat graphic sometimes…

Fic below the cut.

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Sorry its so long, its sort of a two parter but hope you enjoy!


An: before u read this, this was dead ass a dream i had and i had ti write it out and make it a one shot because it was so beautiful. Hope you enjoy!
If you want more, I’ll be glad too, because I really enjoy writing one shots. Send me prompts if you want.

Basically Connor and Troye are coming out as a couple, and I just imagine( and dreamed) it being so cute. Here we go!

Connors POV

I turned on the camera, ready to film the video. I was quite excited, but also felt my heart beat through my chest.
I heard Troye whisper from the hall, “We can do this. We’re ready. You’re ready.” I replied with a nod, and turned on the camera. I took a deep breathe, and for the put a big, and actually real, smile on my face.

“Hey guys it’s Connor. So I’ve been keeping a secret from you guys for a long time.” I said, nerves flying around my body.
“It is, I have a…. bo-boyfriend.” I said, feeling myself blush, and begin to hide myself behind my hands.
Then I continued.
“And, my boyfriend is here, now, so, you if you will come please.” I said, already laughing and smiling at him. He was wearing socks, so he slid in the room, almost falling but stopped himself. He yelled out “It me!”, after regaining his balance. I was laughing my face off.

“Yes, Troye Sivan is my boyfriend.” I said laughing, as Troye raised his eyebrows up and down, trying to make it sexual.

“Yskssvsu.” I heard Troye mumble. I didn’t undsrstand anything he said, and laughed at his cuteness.

“What?” I said, laughing.

“Youtube Couples are bae.” He said. I laughed. For some reason, thid was the funniest thing ever to us.

“Anyways,” I said still laugjing, “Ya, he’s my boyfriend. This isnt- this-” I said, as Troye put his arm around my shoulder and I dug my head into his chest. “This isn’t a joke, it’s real.” I said, blushing at our cuteness.

“Yes it is. And if you don’t believe us, well..” He said, then grabbing my face unexpectedly with one hand, and kissing my lips. He did it repeatedly, with little pecks each time.

After releasing, I blushed even more.
“After that, I think it’s pretty obvious that this isn’t fake.” I said as Troye intertwined our fingers and held it out to the camera.
“LOOK AT IT.” He said, as I died of laughter in the back. He was ready from the beggining to reveal our relationship, but I wasn’t out yet, not being able to come out so easily. Then, we got closer after I came out in December, and finally, on our one year anniversary, May 24th, I was ready.

“Well, you guys probably jave a billion questions, which is why on my channel, we did the Couple tag!(an: dont know if that’s true)He said, as our fingers were still intertwined. 

"Ya, go see his video, and every question will be anwered. So guys, I thunk that’s it. Subscribe to this cutie, his channel with be in the description below.” I said, then kissing his cheek. He giggled.

“So that’s it. See you next monday. Troye, do you know my outro?” I said smiling.

“Of course, but why dont we do a mix of both of ours.” He said. Right away, I knew what he meant, siNc e we practiced it before.

“Okay, ready? 1, 2, 3..” I said, and then we both saod in sync, “Make sure to subscribe, click on my links below asgdhdjsjs, *wink* BYEEE!” We said, as I then turned off the camera.

I uploaded it later, about 2 hours later, and the feedback was very big. Fangirls were freaking out, Tumblr was exploding, and bascially everyone was going insane.
Me and Troye cuddled in bed, watching Tumblr explode into flames, and laughed a couple times. One post got to us, where it was a drawing, of us two, laying in bed, exactly like we were, Troye digged into my chest, and us looking at my conputer. We looked at eachother, and gave eachother a soft kiss.
I loved him, More than anything.
*troyes couple tag video*
Troyes POV
Connor was laying on my lap, trying to hide from the camera, and we then started the video, in laughter.
“Hi guys! So, I’ve said I have a boyfriend before, but never really, announced it, or said who he was. But today, I welcome you, my amazing boyfriend, Connor Franta!” I said as Connor came up from my lap.

“Hi.” He said, in a really cute way.

“Yes my boyfriend, and since this my channel, it will be explicit, you guys probably libe explicit.” I said, earning a shoxked face from Connor.

“Troye.” He said laughing.

“Here’s a kiss to prove it.” I said, rapidly, catchung Connor offguard, and before he could progress what I said, I jumped on him, making us fall to the floor, kissing him, heavily, off the screen. He muffled, and then kissed back with tounge. We almost forgot that the camera was on, and agreed to edit out that little scene. But I knew I was going to leave most of that in.

“Told you it’d be explicit.” I said, as me and Connor fixed our hair and straighten our shirts. 

“Stop.” He said playfully pushing me.

“Well, today, we will be doing the Couples Tag!” I said then kissing him on the cheek.

“Lets do this!” Connor said, as I took out my phone, getting ready to begin reading the question.

Where did you guys meet?

“Um, Vidcon 2013.” (Im not sure when they met) Connor said.

“Oh yes, memories.”

Who asked who out and how?

“Troye asked me out, as we were all hanging out at Tyler’s, and Tyler had been pushing me, to ask him out, because I had a crush on him, but he beat me to it.” He said, making me blush. I grabbed both his cheeks, directed them towards me, and kissed him, French Style, infront of the camera.

First Kiss?
“Ooooo. I know, we were in Italy, we had just started going out, and you were really shy, because not many people knew you were gay. But then, I grab your hand, when no one was watching, and you blushed, I laughed, and couldn’t deal with cuteness, so I kissed you, on the lips.” I said, Connor nodding the whole way through, smiling.

First Date?
“Also in italy.” I said, then Connor came in.
“Ya! Ya! I remember, I loved it so much!” I was laughing st his adorableness.
“We were in this really cute Italian resturant, and we, did, stuff, there.” Connornsaid blushing, implying that we played footsie there.
“There means footsie.” I said, making Connor hide beind his face. We both laughed.

First fight?
“Oo, tough one. We never fight though, so we-” Connor cut me off.
“Oops, hold up, um, What is Gasoline based on?” He said putting his finger on my lip.

“Oh ya, we won’t share that catastrophe.” I said, covering things up.

Are you in love?
We both looked at each other, smiled and said in sync, “Yes.” We then kissed once again.

“Well, the Tronnor fandom delcares and lives by the rules that our song is ILYSB BY Lany, so ya, we love that song, so I guess it is.” Connor said, then starting the song on his phone. We both then started singing to each other, which I thought was the cutest thing ever. He told me to edit it out, but I knew I wasn’t. Every cute moment he wanted to edit out, I kept.

My eyes widen at the next question. Connor then looked at it too, widening his eyes too.

Have you had sex?
“Um. Um. Well, footsie led to some things after, so, um may-” Connor said, but I interrupted him with, “MY MOTHER WATCHES THESE!”, obviously showing the whole world, we yes, have had sex.
Connor laughed, and I blushed, only being 19, and was kind of embarrased.

“Last question.” I said. Connor nodded.

Plans for marriage and Kids?
“Well, I think we both think marriage is too early now, ands Kids is too, but I think, actually, wait no, I know, we will live on happily.” I said, hugging Connor, he smiled and I felt so happy to have him.
We did our new Tronnor Outro, and then he helped me edit it and put it up.

After, we cuddled, and watched the Tronnor fandom freak out.
I knew that I would be with Connor forever, I needed him, and I loved him.
He was my everything, and I loved him more than anything.

Yuri!!! On Ice EP. 10 Over Analyses !!!!

we were blessed this week and i wanna go over every single detail of yuri and victors actions and what they meant to me and what i think they represent !

ill keep it under the cut cuz IT MIGHT GET A LIL LONG

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quietshark-deactivated20160725  asked:

Russos said in dir. Interview that they implied winter solider killed Howard and Maria in Cap2. They also said “Cap can reasonably know either that it was the winter soldier or he suspect that might have been, and he choose to reveal none of that information to Tony, because he’s trying to protect his friend” “He knows he can predict what Tony’s response will be, and it’s exactly what’s his response is in the film”

They also said “…there’s certainly something that he longs for in respect to the simpler times that his older family represents for him. And he and Tony have never had a great relationship so it’s not that complicated decision for him” Do you have any thoughts on those comments from Russos?

id be interested if you could link me to this interview, but what that basically tells me is the Russos, 2 of the primary men behind writing these characters on the big screen, decided to take the shitty ass 2012 Joss Wheat Thins Avengers characterization of them fighting on the helicarrier as their character bible for steve and tonys relationship, and then expounded it with Joss Wheat Thins shitty 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron movie where took the story of steve and tony in a high tension situation (where tony wasnt even in a clear state of mind) worthy enough to make an action/adventure movie, as the Status Quo of how they normally are 24/7. 

mostly im upset that the highest grossing facet of media for Marvel decided to make MCU the Darkest Timeline for the Avengers where we don’t have them as a family, its basically just a few clumps of ppl who work together time to time and dont really bother to trust each other unless its watching each others backs in battle, which frankly, ya kinda got no choice in those situations its Trust or Die.

also I find this super insulting to steve rogers as a character

“He knows he can predict what Tony’s response will be, and it’s exactly what’s his response is in the film”

the POINT of steve rogers is that while he’s not a perfect man, he can put his foot in his mouth, he can be a lil snarky shit, he is better than the rest, he is not homophobic in a time where homophobia runs rampant, he believes in race and gender equality (NOT progressive new wave feminism like us on tumblr but an earlier variation of it) and in more personal matters and morals, he is a man who not only talks about the importance of free will and not taking personal choice away, but acts upon it. He is a man with strong morals, respect, goodwill, and yes that can come off “a little square” but im sorry, i honestly dont see any of this as bad, all of these are wonderful traits instilled into him by his mother Sarah Rogers.

overall? he is a man who trusts. his steadfast belief that PEOPLE ARE GOOD. holy crap i cant emphasize this enough, Steve Rogers literally asks villains he’s beating up mid-battle if they wont change their ways, and sighs when they give the typical villainous response of “no” but he never. stops. asking. HE DOESNT. GIVE. UP. even when he comes up out of the ice 70 years in the future, the point of steve rogers is that his heart is big enough to love the new people around him, just as much as the old ones. HIS STORY IS OF RESILIENCE AND MOVING ON IN LIFE (something i personally relate to)

what does that tell you when a man who inherently believes people are good, won’t even trust in his own damn teammate (who literally pays for everything, gives him a home, spends valuable money and time personally upgrading all of his gear, watching his back, asks after how he’s doing) and my GOD never fucking mind “they were never that close” this is like, basic decency to maybe not hide a nuclear bomb worthy kind of personal info about someone….from that someone, especially when you have personal stakes involved (bucky)

this kinda of interpretation of steve rogers portrays steve as a literal gold diggin ho whos willing to preach high and mighty to the very person who’s funding and supporting his livelihood while making decisions for that person (who happens to be a grown ass adult) because he decided his personal stakes were more important (coward). Can steve be selfish? Yes he can be. Is he selfish at the expense of others? Never.     

the fact that MCU stripped all of these qualities, and basically have steve’s entire emotional crux around his binky… lmao what kind of 1 dimensional self drag…… IF mcu had delved into steves MASSIVE guilt and ptsd as super unhealthy and NOT OK (like tony in im3) i would be able to swallow this more, but the fact that russos brush this off as “he’s trying to protect his friend” 

now all of this can be swept under the rug of “but steve kinda loses his shit when it comes to bucky”

i get it. I do. But at the same time, whAT kind of oNE DIMENSIONAL STEREOTYPICAL SELF DRAG steve is a man willing to put his faith in others, he is NOT the kind of person to be like “well since tony disagreed with me i guess i cant trust him no more” steve rogers is not that weak to have his faith in people so easily shaken, steve rogers is resilient, steve is such a wonderful fucking character and they literally had him say “my faith isnt in groups its in individuals” yEA INDIVIDUALS WHO SUCK YOUR DICK oh my GOD this BURNS me STEVE ROGERS BELIEVES IN HUMANITY AND THE GOOD IN PEOPLE THIS WAS STEVES GREATEST STRENGTH and even for personal matters he wouldve at least tried to reach out to tony for help AND MCU LITERALLY FLUSHED THIS DOWN THE TOILET hAHH AH  A H A H Aaaa ::::)))

also. on tony. 


tldr the mcu never knew how to write steve’s growth as a character like tony (steves emotional beats literally repeat itself in all 3 of his movies) NONE of the steve writers including the Russos, saw some of steves… “more square” qualities the best fucking qualities that made steve…..steve as worthy of developing they quite literally kept the man from the past…..stuck in the past.

and for that, i honestly mourn steve rogers in the mcu because he is truly a tragic figure, the mcu sucks and gave him the double whammy of “steve cant trust ppl overall to be good only certain individuals who agree with him”+”heres all these incidents and drama that make steve lose what little faith he had in humanity in the first place” and i mourn the fact that mcu decided steve and tonys relationship wasnt worth developing because itd be too costly to have such high paying actors in the same scene too much?? because conflict between lead characters means its easier to write more dramatic movies?? because its too fucking gay???? who the fuck knows mcu is literally the darkest timelines and the russos are all in on this bullshit fuck u Russos 

nosquintos  asked:

I wonder if this question is a too personal, but I will risk it... I was wondering how the relationship has been with your Korean family? Have you also met your extended family? You have been so long apart, and now that you are together, I suppose you still have a lot of catching up to do :)

hi there. i know you sent this message ages ago. maybe even years ago ^^;;; i didnt answer right away, not bc it was too personal, but more bc how do you answer such a question when you dont really know the answer yourself?

so i’ll just give an imperfect answer.

my relationship with my mom is good. we’ve met one aunt and her two sons but only once. she still sends baeby children’s books but there is a weirdness between my mom and her sisters. from what i’ve gathered, its bc my mom’s relationship with her mom is estranged (and rightfully so) since her mom sent us for adoption without her permission. her sisters (our aunts) seem to think that their mom (our grandmother) had no other choice and therefore (i’m guessing) their tacit approval of our grandmother’s decision has strained our mom’s relationship with her sisters.

like i said, my relationship with my mom is good. we text every couple of days and i see her every time we go to busan. she came up for baeby’s birth and even fed me my first bowl of miyeokguk (seaweed soup women eat after giving birth here) after the delivery. but its still not perfect, you know. its not a fairytale and sometimes it hurts to realize that i will never have this idealized mother/daughter relationship with anyone (well unless i have my own daughter ;)) and i think it hurts for her too. because i am her daughter and i look soooo much like her (even more than her daughter that she was able to raise) and even though i speak korean so theres no language barrier, there is still a distance between us that will probably never be able to be crossed.

around baeby’s first birthday, i reflected a lot on my past year as a mother. which inevitably led me to think on my own mother and the losses she suffered when she lost my sister and me after raising us for two years. of course i think when my son turns two as well, those feelings will become even more acute.

for now, more than that, i think of what it must be like for my mom to be experiencing grandmotherhood for the first time in this sort of fucked up way. i’m her daughter, but not really (she has a younger son and daughter that she raised after she got married and they are all really close). my son is her grandson, but not really. it’s all these family relationships with asteriks beside them. i can feel that she’s not exactly sure how much of her halmoni role she is entitled to, or maybe even wants. i feel almost like i’ve stolen her ability to have her “i’m a grandma now” moment from her - one that she wouldve had without any of the extra baggage of loss if she had it experienced it first with her kids that she had raised.

dont get me wrong, she’s never expressed that to me and she always asks how our son is and i often send her photos and videos which she loves. and whenever i visit her with my son, she refers to herself as halmoni and really fawns over him. but i know its not the same feeling as she will have when her children that she was able to raise have kids. so even though shes never expressed any weirdness or loss or regret, i feel sorry because i know its not the same and im sure it forces her to think about her own losses as a mother and subsequently grandmother.

its funny because one of the reasons i was so deadset on finding my mom before either getting married or having children was because they were experiences i wanted to share with her if i had the choice. now i wonder if ive sort of tainted the experiences for her when she does it later for her children shes raised. if i had waited to “show up” until after she had done it at least once with one of her kids that she raised, then maybe it wouldnt be as awkward and triggering(?) for her.

to be honest, i often feel sad for her - i cannot imagine the grief and heartache it must’ve been to lose two daughters after raising them for two years. i know she has her walls and is often distant because of her trauma from losing us (especially i think because it was her own mom that sent us away without her permission, i mean how do you ever trust anyone after that?) but the truth is i also have my own walls and boundaries, which were put up as defense mechanisms from being adopted. i know i’m not an easy person to get close to and i know its from my own adoption hangups. all i can do is try to let my guard down a little every day, i think she is trying too. and thats really all we can do, isnt it?

Take a Walk pt 4

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Pt1 Pt2 Pt3 

Jungkook x y/n x jimin

Yoongis Pov

I was in the dorms when i got a call “Hello?…Yes… really?!…Be right over.” i say before hanging up “You guys. y/n is awake.” Everyone stands up . “we need to call jungkook” Jin says. “Hes right. He might be the cause but jins right.” Hoseok adds and namjoon nods. I dont say anything and walk to taes room “Hey, she’s awake” I say and within a split second hes up with that boxy grin we have missed “Really?!” He rushes to get dressed “Yes really” I say with a smile “We are leaving in a bit” I say before turning and leaving. I hear him yell of joy causing a laugh/sigh from me. “Yeah shes awake… no.. you cant bring her… meet at the hospital.. Okay see you then” I walk to see jin ending the call with jungkook “So?” namjoon asks “Hes coming. He was going to bring soojin but i told him not to. I know how much you and yoongi are disappointed with him but they did date.” Me and namjoon sigh but we continue getting ready. “LETS GOOOOO” tae walks out and charges to the door causing us to smile and go.

      The ride to the hospital was quiet other then the voicing his excitement to see y/n again. As we pulled in i Saw him, and soojin. “Jin..” hoseok says “I see. You guys stay here.”  Jin gets out and goes to talk to him, “Why bring her?” Namjoon says “I mean they are dating hyung” tae adds. Earning a groan from him jin walks back “ shes leavin come on you guys” We all get out. Hoeseok, tae, and jin converse with jungkook.  As we approached the room i heard her laughter followed by jimin talking. “Oh hey nerds” she smiles at us. “Do you remember them.”Jaebum asks “Yoongi, hoseok the snakelord,” She laughed while hoseok sighed but smiled “Namjoon,  mother jin, tae, and i dont know the last guy” We all turned to look at jungkook, it seemed like his heart dropped “ jeon jungkook..nice too meet you”

      As he says his name she grabs her head in pain “Get the doctor” Jimin says causing me to get the doctor. “She grabbed her head in pain , when jungkook said his name” “Go get him will you ill send a nurse” i nod at him and go get jungkook as instructed. Jimin ends up coming with while the rest talked. “So what happened?” Jungkook looks at him “It seems you are a memory she got rid of. Or someone she doesn’t want to remember. This happens often in cases like hers. In a week or two she should be fine”  The doctor told him. “Oh..” jungkook says looking back at the room.  I couldn’t help but feel bad. “Go talk to her with someone in the room, if youd like” The doctor says before turning. “Are you happy now?” His voice shakes. “I didnt think that….Go try and talk to her” I breathe “Im also.. Uhm.. sorry. I didnt mean to strike out like that.” i look at him. “Hah. You had every right to. You all should have been angry. But im not sure if ill stay.” His voice shakes and he grips his fist. “Just introduce yourself.” He nods as a tear falls. I put my arm on his shoulder “We all miss you, Can you come back…to the uhm dorms.” “Of course you old man” He smiles. As we walk back to the room i feel him tense up. Hes so young, It will get easier somehow. I just wish him the best in this. I want him to miss her but i also want them both to be happy. God why is love so complicated, Why are feelings complicated. These kids.

y/n POV

    Yoongi and that boy come back. Everyone seems to get tense at their arrival. Jimin grabs my hand tighter. I stroke his thumb to reassure him, that whatever happens will be okay. “Hey again” Yoongi said before walking near me “Hey you” I smile at him “This boy here would like to introduce himself if thats okay?” He nods his head in the boys direction. “Yeah. I dont see an issue” I look at the boy “Hello, My name is..jeon jungkook, I hope we can become friends” A small yet shy smile appears on his face. “Yeah..jun..jungkook” I smile through head pains. “y/n?” Taehyung says causing everyone to look at me. The room begins to pulse. Almost as if my heart is right behind it. “Hey are you alright?” Hoseok moves closer. “Yeah..Yeah” I say as  jungkook drops his shoulders and leaves. Suddenly the pain is gone.

“Who.. or what is he to me?” I slowly release  my gaze from him and ask. Everyone in the room seems to have their soul released. What are they hiding from me? “Thats something you need to wait for. For health reasons” The doctor walks in. “We are going to bring you to an actual room now.” He writes something down “All of them need to go, they can return tomorrow.” The boys start to leave. Jimin stops for a quick second. He looks at me as if asking Do you need me here?. I just smile and wave goodbye. “Doctor?” I avert my eyes from the door they left from “Do you know who that jungkook person is?” I look at the doctor as he stands up.  “He was someone…Important to you. Due to what Kim Namjoon has asked i wont say much. Yet when you are ready i shall.” He finishes as nurses pile in getting my bed ready to be moved. I let out a small ‘oh’ as im moved.

Jungkooks Pov

As i left the room all i could think was how she forgot me. Only me. Why is this bothering me? Isnt this what i wanted. I wanted her gone so i could have Soojin. I got exactly that. As i approached Soojins car a thought, I never thought I’d have, reached my mind. Soojin smiled at me, but it wasn’t y/n’s smile.“Hey babe” She walks to me. I shake the thoughts. “Hey, im going back to the dorms” I say hugging her. “Okay, lets go get your stuff. How was your cousin?” She asks as we get in the car “Cou- Oh right…Yeah shes okay. Just has amnesia.” Thats right I told Soojin that y/n was my cousin. Neither of them knew the truth, and now y/n would never know the truth.  “Oh im sorry.”

She turns the car on and leaves. Beautiful liar by L&R comes on the radio. I was too lost in my thoughts to realize it. I start to realize how fast Soojin drove. How she didn’t like to talk while driving. y/n on the other hand drove so careful, how’d she laugh at certain cars. How she would ask about my day and we would I stop thinking, getting frustrated with my mind, and begin to listen to the music.

As I replay your face

when you screamed go away

I’m tainting our memories that were beautiful

I haven’t imagined a life without you yet

but please be happy

So that at least my lie can shine


It’s time for me to give you

The last bits of my heart                                                       

The fact that we loved is beautiful.

Wow music has great timing. I quickly change the channel. Catching Soojins eye but giving her a reassuring smile. Why now?

This chapter was so cliche, I was lowkey sad writing it. I hope its still good!

-admin ella

On Seidou

A/N: This got long, I’m sorry for any possible mischaracterization I have no idea what im doing. Feel free to disagree.

So I’ve been a bit on a loss for the last week with the Seidou situation and his behaviour the past week - which turned out to be so frustrating that I got more than a bit upset about it, but with the new chapter and after reading this post (x) by coromoor i got a bit of a better idea for myself what is/could be happening right now.

What I want to focus on is the number that appeared on Seidous capsule in this weeks chapter a reversed 15 which is related to breaking free, detachment and reclaiming power.

Now how does this apply to Seidou?

Seidou obviously broke out of his role of being Tataras subordinate in a fast, relentless and effective manner - in fact so impressing that one cant help but ask themself: Why didnt he broke out sooner?

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