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pokemon leader shindan + trainer shindan

+ close up of their teams:


So it’s 1/1 New Year’s Eve according to the Lunar calendar, and since here at my place it’s kind of a big thing, here’s Sefikura wearing Vietnamese aodai LOL.

Btw, I just saw a post saying it’s the year of the Chocobo (aka year of the Chicken lol) but then you can say that it’s the year of the Cloud ahahaha.


this is really late but here’s the boy @lyuushuu

“why do people call me dumb”


talking with @senkirowolf about those role reversals and hoo boy i had to quickly sketch some stuff out

Faults of Time (Pt. 1)

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Part 2

Namjoon x Reader x Tae Angst???

Word count: 6.6k holy shit

(A/n) I got a request (x) (x) like a month ago?? iM SOrRY for the wait, and also sorry if it’s not what you were expecting lol, I tried my best ^^;; 

Also this kind of… got really long… so I had to split it up into hopefully two parts;; also there isn’t much angst in this part I think?? 

Also special thanks to @yoongeetae for going through this ^^

Warnings(?): Blood lol, injury, mention of abuse and murder (in the second part)

It’s a rather stormy night, winds whipping at the trees outside and a downpour of rain falling from the dense cluster of clouds that has decided to cover the darkening sky. You feel wary, glancing outside the window with furrowed eyebrows and a deepening frown when you realize you have to walk home in this weather with no umbrella. Great job me, you sigh as you continue on, the wheels screaming as you push the metal cart up and down the aisles of book cases in the store you work at part-time. The store is relatively empty, safe for you and the humble middle-aged woman you work with who sits idly at the checkout counter. As of recently however, you’ve noticed the recurring nightly visits of a man who is always lingering around the same area.

You never really take interest in this mysterious character, but always noting that he seems to be there nowadays with a different book in his glove covered hands. On nights where you do pay attention to his presence, you regard his tall stature - usually clothed in a turtleneck and peacoat - with a watchful eye, sizing up his appearance without seeming obvious about it.

You don’t get quite a good look at him until tonight when you’re about ready to leave, mentally preparing yourself for the inevitable shower you’re to run through to make it home. His height is intimidating to say the least, towering over you intimidatingly with an umbrella grasped firmly in his hand. You carefully gaze up and hold your breath at how absolutely dashing he is up close, the combed over dirty blonde hair, the lidded chocolate eyes, the plump pink pillows of his lips, shit you were totally forgetting your childhood policy of stranger danger.

His smile is enchanting, dimples making a surprise appearance as he politely gestures for you to go out first. Surprisingly, his voice is deep and pure velvet, casting a spell on you as he carefully opens his umbrella. The spokes extend and arch, the material stretching to create a shield from the oncoming rain.

“Would you like to borrow this?”

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Nerdy (M)

Requested by: Anon – Sorry for waiting for 40946073 years (the title sucks, I know but… ugh)

Characters: Im Jaebum (JB, GOT7), You (Reader/OC), Other GOT7 members

Genre: Smut, AU, and Fluff

Warning/s: Pierced!JB, Virgin Sex, etc.

Length:  5,419 words sorry it is too long OMFG I got carried away again and I had a writer’s block for a while so again I am so sorry

A/N  So here I am again please excuse this shit of a story and please bear with me and I am sorry that I am bringing up pierced!jb again I just find it suitable for the Anon’s request lol – And also this is going to be a fluffy and oh-so-cringy first time virgin sex sooooo IDK  I apologize for any error and such


“Shit! What the!”

Your books fell on the ground along with your eyeglasses as you tried your best to keep yourself from falling.  The person who just bumped you had this disappointed, angry look on his face but when his eyes met your face, his features immediately softened and he smiled at you before helping you pick up the books on the floor.  You rolled you eyes at him and tried your best to pick up the books yourself, not wanting him to help you in anyway.

“Why too much sass in the early morning, nerdy?”  

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I’m Just Thinking Bout You

[prompt: 2009/10 D&P skyping & P tells D that he’s going to go take a shower & D can’t stop thinking about P hot, naked, & wet in the shower so he decides to finger himself & hump into a pillow in front of the camera. P took a quick shower & walks in on D moaning his name & say things like “faster please” “don’t stop” “harder phil”. P doesn’t announce himself bc he really wants to hear this through & he starts masturbating too. they finish at the same time. the author can decide what to do from there~~]

this one is nsfw af (and short) but whatevs tbh (also the title is a ariana grande lyric lol i love her)

holy shit i havent posted a fic in so fuckin long im so sorry you guys aaaaa
ive been trying to write a fic but i keep losin inspiration :// but hopefully ill be writing fics regularly again !!

[Contains: masturbation lmao, pillow (talk) grinding, possible exhibition??]

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Could you do jinkook for fxxk it from bigbang? <3 you're amazing!!

thank you! :) *just a short ps that i’m aging jk up so he’s the same age as seokjin haha* *also, sorry if this isnt very similar to the song but i just got the general idea lol*


“you’re saying, you really out there juggling two bitches at a time yet you’re still pining for him?” the scotch is…really weird. jimin never liked liquor, but for the sake of looking fancy in a classy, rich people lounge-slash-bar, he does that. he can only ever drink cola. bless his soul.

“now, now. don’t call them that. they’re fine ladies.” jungkook, on the other hand, drinks scotch like water. jimin winces when he drowns it in one go. “but i’ll never love them like i love him. you know that.” it’s as if he’s tired of explaining himself, and it’s as if he doesn’t know why jimin always asks him that. “he’s in spain for the next few weeks. i miss him.”

jimin snorts into his empty glass. “yeah, right. like you can’t follow him there like, right now.” jungkook gives him a look. “seriously, come on man. do something! you’re wasting every second just sitting there and being dumb when you can follow seokjin’s ass like the literal puppy that you are.”

“shut up.”


the thing is, jungkook doesn’t like riding his private plane without any company besides the two pilots and one flight attendant. he doesn’t feel safe at all. but he finds himself in spain the following day. it’s late, he’s jetlagged, but even his fuzzy brain can still see that seokjin is as beautiful as ever. radiant, like the sun, at 2am on a sunday.

“why are you here?” okay, so maybe jungkook’s mind is making things up because seokjin does not look radiant at all standing there at his doorway in his robe, hair sticking out in all ways and face oily with all the beauty products he likes to apply before bed. but sometimes love does things to you. “kook, it’s 2am.”

the more important question is how did jungkook know where he is but that’s gonna come in a later time.

“missed you.” jungkook walks past him, into the house without so much a fuss and seokjin lets him. seokjin always lets him, and that’s the thing jungkook hates so much. seokjin always lets him do anything he wants (love him), but seokjin will never love him back.

“’s late, you should crash. ‘m tired, too.” seokjin pads back into his room and the couch is all jungkook’s for the night. he has half a mind to join seokjin in bed but he knows seokjin won’t like that. 

he passes out on the couch, with seokjin so close yet so far away. jungkook falls in a dreamless slumber.


“this benz is nice. where did you get it?” the spanish countryside is beautiful. jungkook is still a little sleepy, but seokjin drags him for a drive at noon. the weather is nice, just a little bit chilly but that’s fine.

“borrowed it from a friend. he’s in bali for a couple days and he trusts me enough with this.”

“sweet.” jungkook leans back on his seat and takes in the scenery. it’s all meadows, but it’s the perfect amount of sunny and the road is smooth and seokjin’s driving is phenomenal (in korea and even in fucking europe). it’s perfect. he’s perfect.


“it’s a good day to relax, jungkook. don’t.”

“but that’s the thing!” jungkook sits up and faces seokjin. the seat belt is digging through his pecs, and he’s the perfect picture of frustrated but seokjin is ever calm, like they never have this talk every time they meet. it’s a little alarming. “you know i want you. i love you, and i know you–”

“you don’t know me, jungkook-ah. you only like to think you do. don’t get ahead of me.”


“you might want me now. does that mean you’ll still want me in ten years?” he’s still calm, his driving is still stable, and jungkook’s mind is in overdrive thinking about how calm seokjin is about all of this. “you’re responsible and kind to some people, you do your job, you’re rich, and you make everyone fall for you. but you hook up with every girl you see and claim you want me? love me, even. what does that make me?”

he’s always been right, but jungkook is a stubborn little shit who thinks he knows every temporary feeling.

he sits back in his seat and sulks. for a twenty something young adult that he is, he really isn’t that mature. seokjin bites back a smile and stops in the middle of the road.

“would you like to hold my hand?” he looks at jungkook for the first time since they’ve been on the road. he offers his hand and jungkook takes it for now, happy that seokjin lets him do things like that.

“when will you love me back, though? for real, because i’ll have you know i’m not just playing around.”

seokjin steps on the gas and drives on. he spots a little town ahead and smiles. “i’ll love you when you’re ready.”

(send me your fave song + bts pairing and i’ll make a drabble out of it!)

“Great, But What’s Your Name?”

Summary: You give Min Yoongi a different fake name every time you order from the small cafe he works at, and all he wants is to know your real name because God are you cute, but here he is scrawling “wonder woman” onto your stupid cappuccino. 

Characters: Min Yoongi x Reader (you)

Genre: fluff ?!!?1!!? i cant write shit but here you go

Word Count: 831

Request: @mariathekpoplover said: Can you please if you have time write a fluffy Suga scenario? btw I love and adore your blog, it brightens up my day. I also would like to thank you for having your request box open because not a lot of blogs do! <3

A/N: oh hEY LOOK AT ME IM FINALLY DOING A REQUEST LMAO. sorry for this short little thing but hey its kinda cute and you get cute gifs so, i hope its good bc idk lol. BUT GAHHH LOOK AT THAT GIF ASDJAFHK HE MUST BE AN ANGEL. 

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Never in Min Yoongi’s life did he think that it would be easier to drink the ocean dry than to get someone’s name, but that was exactly what was running through his mind as he stared at you, dumbfounded, who was standing before him with a smug grin tugging at the corners of your lips while giving him yours.

Today, it was “wonder woman”.

You observed him from the corner of the crowded cafe as he scrawled the false title on to your cappuccino, much more amused than you should be.  His casted a sideways glance in your direction, and his expression screamed “you gotta be kidding me” in its rawest form. Smirking, you raised a single eyebrow at him, a clear sign that you were not impressed with his flirting skills he tried to impose on you merely a week before.

You stepped up to the cash register, focus caught on the large LED TV’s which displayed today’s specials, and you scanned the menu one last time before opening your mouth.

“One caramel cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso please.”

Turning your gaze to the pastel-haired guy posed behind the register, you were slightly confused as he winked at you flirtatiously, a cocky grin threatening to take form.

“Sure thing, cutie.”

You furrowed your eyebrows at his attempt to catch your attention, watching as he wrote your order on the side of the white paper cup. But to your dismay, he also scribbled on his number under the rim. Adding his finishing touches to the cup, which happened to be a small heart, he met your eyes again and tilted his head to the side.

“And your name, darling?”

You scoffed, looking away from him to hide your burning cheeks. When you glared back at him again, he was still staring at you expectantly, waiting for your reply.

“Do you always do this-” you searched his chest for a nameplate, “Min Yoongi?

“Only to the beautiful you, sweetheart.” He winked again.

You almost gagged out loud.

With great difficulty, he stifled a chuckle at your reaction, and persisted to his original objective. “Your name, please.”

The unfaltering grin plastered across his face ignited an adventurous spark in you, and deciding that two could play the game,  you tilted your head and scanned the menu.


Now he was clearly puzzled, and he cocked his head to one side, peering at you curiously, “Pardon?”

“I said, my name is Macchiato.”

Yoongi gave you deadpan look, exhaling exasperatedly, and somehow you figured that he didn’t appreciate your little joke,  “No it’s not, come on, be serious.”

“For the third time, it’s Macchiato. Don’t tell me what my name can or cannot be.”

After scanning your humorously determined expression and having no other solution, you traced his Sharpie with your eyes as they formed the words “Macchiato” on the side of your coffee cup, and laughed out loud.

He lifted the cup up to your face, and glared at you once more, “Happy?”

“Very.” you grinned, and retrieved your wallet to pay for the order. “Let’s see how long it’ll take you actually get my name.”

To be very honest, seeing him call out the word “macchiato” in front of a packed cafe and having heads whip around with questioning stares as Yoongi inform that your order was ready was extremely satisfying. So much that you continued to conjure up a different name every morning as you came to pick up your morning coffee.

Throughout the week, you went through names like “super mario” and “macaroni”, each one more ridiculous than the last. And Yoongi always huffed in annoyance every time a new title hit his ears, but not wanting to get fired for punching a customer in the face for her name, he restrained himself from disagreeing.

But “wonder woman” had really done it.

As you trotted up to the pick-up station to claim your coffee, Yoongi reached out his hand to grab you by the wrist. Surprised was scrawled across your face as you staggered towards him, your drink overflowing from the the rim, and you found yourself merely centimeters away from his face.

“I’ve played enough of your little game.” he gritted out through tightly clenched teeth, and you giggled at his frustration. “Just tell me your name, I’ll take you out to dinner for that, I swear.”

You examined his face for a moment, and took note of how brightly his eyes shined, how soft his skin must feel to the touch, and a blush involuntarily rose to flush your cheeks.

“It’s Y/N.” you whispered, and watched his serious expression transformed into a grin, lighting up his whole face. “So when’s that dinner?”

“Check the side of your cup and call me when you’re free. I’ll be waiting for you.” and he winked.

You couldn’t help but burst out into laughter at his failed attempts of flirtation, and you winked back. “Got it. You’re cute, by the way.”

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Omo #8

{anon request: one or both of them are a doctor maybe a surgeon and they’re working so they don’t get a chance to go to the bathroom and they’re struggling and either they wet themselves eventually or the other one helps them relieve themselves maybe in a bottle or bedpan

Amyplier for this one- WOW SOMETHING NOT TOTALLY GAY HOLY SHIT. Also im really sorry this is so delayed lol oops}

Amy and Mark were in the break room, making small talk and drinking their morning coffee. The couple had an appointment in 30 minutes and were sorting out files too, trying to decide which ones to take on and which ones to reject.

“I’ll be right back Mark, this coffee’s getting to me.” Amy said with a laugh as she got up. Mark nodded.

“Don’t take too long, we don’t have much time before we have to operate.” He told her, and took another sip of his coffee. He hadn’t even thought about using the bathroom, but didn’t feel the need to.

30 minutes and two cups of coffee later, Amy and Mark were in the operating room, slicing open someone’s shoulder to get to a tumor. Mark was doing the work while Amy handed him his tools and held the skin apart, things like that. It was a difficult operation, considering the tumor was barely attached and needed to be removed, but it was on the muscle, which was difficult to work with without breaking any nerves or muscle strands.

After cutting through all the skin and getting to where he could see the tumor, Mark felt a strong pressure on his bladder, catching him off guard and making him gasp, pressing his legs together. He always went to the bathroom before an operation, especially ones that would take at least an hour, such as this one.

It had completely slipped his mind somehow, and now he had to perform an articulate procedure with a rapidly filling bladder.

“Baby, you okay?” Amy’s voice broke Mark’s thoughts. He nodded silently, going in and cutting off most of the tumor to make things easier. He then started to cut directly next to the muscle, his hands shaking a little. His hand jumped, cutting off part of the tumor cleanly as his bladder pressed against him. He was getting pretty desperate already, and there was still a little while to go. It had already been 30 minutes, and Mark was really starting to regret those 3 cups of coffee.

“You sure you’re alright?” Amy asked, holding the skin still. Mark nodded.

“I-I’m fine,” he muttered, crossing his legs and attempting to focus on the operation, but the only thing going through his mind was how badly he needed to use the bathroom. The more he thought about it, the worse it got, and it was kind of turning him on.

Amy watched him squirm, and instantly knew what was up. She found it hot and smirked to herself, closing the blinds on the windows and turning off the camera so no one could see them.

“Amy? What are you-” Mark was cut off as his bladder pushed on him again, and he whimpered as he felt himself starting to leak. Amy took the knife from Mark’s hand and set it down, pushing him into a chair and unzipping his jeans.

“Baby, I- oh my fuck…!” Mark moaned as she started stroking him, relaxing and knowing how wrong this was, which made it better. She stroked him to full hardness, and now Mark wasn’t sure whether he needed to piss or cum first.

He closed his eyes and panted softly, not ready when Amy pulled her shorts down and lowered herself onto him. He arched his back and moaned loudly, panting harder and thrusting his hips into her. He stopped as his bladder contracted again, gasping and pushing her off gently.

“A-Amy, I really gotta piss!” He moaned, grabbing himself and squeezing tightly. Amy kicked her shorts away and quickly grabbed the bedpan from underneath the patient on the table, setting it next to Mark. Mark quickly stood up, gasping and moaning as he pissed full-throttle into it. He quickly filled it most of the way, relaxing as his stream slowed to a stop after a minute or two.

“M-maybe we should finish our operation first…?” Mark mumbled, panting as he looked at Amy. Amy giggled and nodded, tucking his now fully hard cock into his jeans and helping him up.

“I’ll definitely be finishing you off afterwards.” Amy smiled, pulling the skin on the should back again so Mark could start the operation again. She’d make sure his wait was worth it later.


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Hi please signal boost: report bts anti on Twitter @AinsleyPaisley who has been spreading rumours of Namjoon having a sex scandal with a fan. More information can be found on her account. Koreaboo has written an article about it but this rumour needs to stop before it gets bigger and damages Namjoon and the rest of BTS' image.

wtf… i hate this fucking shit 

Im the anon that got scammed, LOL i just noticed all my typos, sorry omg i was (am) really pissed off. I do hope she feels guilty because not only did I waste my money to get nothing, but also because she thought I would be stupid enough to just fucking pay her 40EMS for something so small and light. Like I already knew she charged 2-3$ extra before but thats not Too Much,you know? (Even though she shouldve told us before or say so in the order form instead of lying to us) some Managers are sick

tbh shit like this happens way too often,,,, i don’t know how people can actually get away with doing something like this,,,,, it’s horrible )))): we should all be more careful when joining go’s in the future dfeirgfjdks 


RWBY Screencap Redraw: Salem

I had a quick go at drawing Salem today, I’m seriously loving her design. Please excuse the fact it’s really rushed, I’ll have a better shot at doing her properly later :)

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i never sad gay cant exist i just want bi people to exist just as much since we also dont get enough representation im sorry for making you mad i just have opinions ok???

nksbkefbkebembdkawb okay but like you literally just said “i just have opinions” ok” like i have mine too okay, and i say max is gay, the homophobic scum shits of a company have never gone into depths whether Max is gay or bi (cause they hate gay people lol) which means its up to you whether you wanna say shes bi, i say shes gay and one thing we can all agree on and thats that she isnt straight, let people have their own opinion without getting upset at them for it