also im pretty sure he would not do this

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Bucky my dude, Avenger animals was awesome, but what about Sam?? Sure, he's a falcon but I bet you have other ideas...

i guess ill do the newbie avengers too. 

sam would be a dolphin. fast and effective in their environment of choice but pretty useless outside it, dolphins are also very smart (dont tell sam i called him smart) and absolutely lethal to threats to their own. they also care for their own sick and injured and will even help injured or distressed humans sometimes.  and they talk freaking constantly.

pietro would be a ferret. smart, mischievous, high energy, social, and as hard to catch as greased jello. fights dirty. loves to mess around. 

wanda would be a stoat. like a ferret, they too are very clever and mischievous, but are also extremely adaptable, able to use their brain to turn circumstances to their advantage. theyre one of the smallest carnivores around and they have attitude totally disproportionate to their tiny little bodies. dont mess with stoats guys. they feel no fear and they hold grudges. 

scott would be a raccoon. fun loving and social but also total troublemakers, always getting into places they shouldnt be. and stealing your stuff. and making messes. and then looking totally confused about how on earth all this got everywhere, i was just grabbing a snack, i swear. 

peter is a bluejay. like ravens, theyre smart and chatty, and are excellent mimics. despite their small size, theyre surprisingly fierce, but they prefer cunning to force. but dont think that makes them pushovers–bluejays are tiny colorful badasses, despite how fluffy they get when its cold out. 

tchalla is a cat. i tried to reach with this one and find something else, but he totally is, nothing for it. he’s a cat. dignified and graceful, good with people but definitely still a predator underneath. also im pretty sure that if tchalla ever did something embarrassing, hed just straighten himself out and pretend it never happened, exactly like cats do. 

rhodey would be a california condor. theyre pretty much the biggest bird in north american skies, with a wingspan of over nine feet. they have an intimidating reputation and can look pretty scary but underneath they are very loyal to their chosen families. they have very complex social systems and tend to be dedicated but tough-love parents, and are also very curious about the world around them. theyre big, badass, and enduring–one of the oldest species still aloft. nothings got staying power like a condor. or an air force guy flying around in a tank. 

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I love your class 1-a scenarios! They make me really happy, thank you so much. :) You are awesome^^ Do you think that everyone of class 1-a has a special talent like drawing, singing, gymnastic and so on?


i just wanna point this out b/c it’s great and then i’ll get into headcanons, but Iida, Aoyama, Satou, and Mineta are all apparently really great at drawing 

Iiida looks like he took some sort of still life/classic arts drawing class with the way he shades, and Aoyama’s is so very inspired by shoujo. Mineta’s is like… ridiculously good?? and Satou’s is really neat b/c he’s a kinda ‘less detail, more free-form gesture lines’ kinda guy

i really enjoy Ochako’s super cutesy doodles b/c you can tell she’s not all that great, but she has such a cute art style. 

my favorite part of this panel tho is Bakugou’s mediocre art skills. look at the way he drew his nubby little fingers. look at those shitty little bombshells, the things on the side aren’t even the same size and shape. one’s slightly wiggly and bigger than the other. he gave himself little stick arms. he can’t draw shoes.

Bakugou’s secret talent is that he finally sucks at something and i love it

anYWAY onto headcanons:

  • for whatever reason i think Denki would be pretty good at singing?? specifically kpop, which i also hc him really liking. i don’t even know why i don’t listen to kpop, i just get that kinda vibe from him
  • Denki, Bakugou, Kirishima, Sero are all really good at dancing (especially stuff like free form and breakdancing). Baku dances really aggressively tho, but the others are pretty happy and fun about it
  • Momo is really good at elegant type dancing. also really good at cooking b/c it’s… pretty similar to what she has to do with her quirk?? 
  • i imagine Iida also took a dancing class at his fancy highschool but i can’t imagine he was all that great at dancing tbh. i imagine he has a nearly photographic memory, and is a really fast reader
  • Ochako is really good at making mochi and spotting good deals at stores
  • Todoroki makes really good tea
  • for some reason i think Tooru would be really good at arranging flowers?? idk i just associate her a lot with flowers, im not sure why
  • Jirou is good at vocal impressions
  • Tsuyu is also good at cooking b/c she had to cook for her younger siblings
  • Bakugou is good at cooking b/c he’s just. like that
  • with enough time and energy, Izuku can imitate literally anyone, not just All Might 
  • Shouji is fucking great at drumming (esp with his extra arms)
  • Kouda can write some amazing poetry
  • Tokoyami is also, unsurprisingly, very good at poetry. (goth poetry b/c he’s just extra like that)
  • Aoyama is actually pretty awesome at styling hair and putting together fashionable outfits for people
  • Satou is surprisingly good at singing really emotional ballad-type songs (tho he’s kinda embarrassed about it)
  • Mina is really great at gymnastics and is really flexible 
  • Ojirou is really good at making traditional japanese style foods (especially ones with rice)

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Hi hi, I was wondering with the adoption brother AU, what if you added on the Galra!Kieth to that? How would Shiro be affected knowing his own family had actual bloodline connections to the enemy that tortured him for years?

I actually had something like that in my drafts! Basically it was something like lil Shiro on his way with his fam to adopt Keith and he was under the assumption that his new brother was going to be an actual “alien” because apparently Keith literally came outta nowhere. he was disappointed to find that his lil brother was in fact not purple or green thus calling him ugly

Later though when Galra Keith became a thing he was shook for a while and then starts laughing hysterically and says something like “i can’t believe my brother’s a fucking alien furry” and he was alright with it because 1) thats his brother that he loves to hell and back and 2) his childhood wish came true

Bambam is so damn cute! I was watching his vapp with a huge smile on my face the whole time! He is so sweet and pretty much spent the whole time just talking to us/reading comments and speaking different languages. I love him so much. Our fanservice King!

Shawn Mendes as a Boyfriend

authors note: i saw this type of things on someone else’s blog and it really amazes me to see everyone’s own image they have of shawn. i was reading some of these types of things/preferences and tbh most of the ones i read i PERSONALLY don’t think shawn would do/say. that being said, here is my own personal opinion of what i think shawn would be like as boyfriend because why not post it if everyone else is posting their opinion?

-Okay, let’s start by saying that I’m going to make this post as honest and as raw as possible. So, I think Shawn would 100% be the type of guy to play with your hair, your fingers, or just randomly poke you in public to either be cute, or maybe if he was nervous. If you watch Shawn in interviews, he plays with the hem of his shirt often, or with the cord on the microphone.
I think especially if he was nervous about something, and you two were together, he would tug at your fingers, pull your shirt down to kiss your collarbones, cute things like that etc.

-From every lyric that’s in his songs, Shawn seems incredibly passionate and almost dramatic. I feel like any argument you had with him, would involve him trying his hardest not to yell at you because he knows how much you hate it, even when he’s super angry. Shawn is sensitive, and he’s definitely the type to cry like at anything. I feel like though, he would cry more at emotional pain rather than physical pain. He seems tough enough to be able to handle a punch to the face or something BUT not so tough enough to see you crying/hurting. He would be the type of boyfriend to cry with you, whenever you were having a bad day.

-Speaking of bad days, whenever you were having one, it seems like Shawn would be trying his very hardest to make sure you started feeling better asap. He would constantly be telling you how much he loved you and how he was always going to be there. He would even go out to the store and buy you flowers for no reason, or he would literally just ask you what you wanted and he would do absolutely whatever you said.

-Now, something else I notice about Shawn is he’s very like, nit picky if that makes sense. He thinks about EVERYTHING all the time. Which means, I think there would be times where Shawn would get insecure easily about himself in a relationship. He seems like the type to worship whoever he’s dating, meaning he would treat you like a queen and whenever he accidentally did something small that irritated you or something, he would freak. He would say sorry multiple times and do crazy things to try and make up for it. This is where he would write songs such as Don’t Be A Fool, or Honest. He very easily feels like he’s not good enough for someone which breaks my damn heart.

-RESPECT. Shawn would show you tons of respect at all times. If one day he was like hey y/n let’s bang im kinda horny but you were like actually i don’t wanna today, he would in no way ever try to force you to do things with him, and he would never make you feel bad for not wanting to do anything. I think this is something we all know about Shawn though so..

-Shawn can be a freakin weirdo sometimes and so I think if you were dating him for long enough, he would always be himself around you and I think he would wanna make sure that you felt comfortable enough to be yourself too. That would involve tons of loud obnoxious singing in the shower or car, him making weird ugly faces at you whenever you said no Shawn I can’t cuddle rn I gotta do my hw gosh darn in just imagine him looking at you with big puppy eyes while you try to do your work but he gets all sad when you tell him you can’t cuddle and he keeps kissing your neck and pulling on your arms to try and get you to come to bed and eventually you just give in

-Speaking of puppy eyes, Shawn is literally such a puppy. I think Shawn’s had plenty of relationship experiences and I’m not saying he doesn’t know what he’s doing BUT I also feel like there would be times where he was so infatuated with you during a date night when you got all dressed up and he would just stare at you and follow you around like a puppy who lost its toy.

-This post is already longer than I wanted it to be so I’ll wrap it up by saying that Shawn would be a good boyfriend which Im pretty sure we all already know. Shawn Mendes is everyone’s dream guy end of story.

fucking sawamura




“men’s honor”

“yours truly’s”

“my fair lady”

sawamura is so happy about this that his brain lost its function

sawamura.exe has stopped working

^ this is so me seriously

look at how happy sawamura is hahaha

okumura doesnt look that annoyed at him either

who else would come up with these puns??? haha
fucking sawamura

yes. agree. finally

honestly im just being here like

“im proud of u ma frend. the hard-working warrior sawamura eijun has finally leveled up, though he has yet to reach his max level. my dear little warrior, you surely must have felt overjoyed when you read these words phrased with kindness.“

reading this official translations, i feel like getting goosebumps tbh man

shit, who wouldnt get goosebumps??

sawamura moved by kataokas words

so blunt into the face (honestly i enjoyed it a bit)

but honestly, this is the best way to make him realize a few things about himself. it was needed. kataoka had to point this out.


well this chapter was by no means bad, it was actually one of the most unexpected chapters (everyone on mangafox thought that it was just a filler chapter based on the spoilers)
im always astound at how formal and encouraging kataokas words are.. i mean, of course it should be like this.. but just reading this makes me think that he deeply respects and trusts his players and that he is very proud of them. i really like it!

so then.. i also get bad vibes from this too, because of this

im pretty sure they have mentioned injuries a lot (well of course they would, in every important tournament someone got injured)

if he can do well, he would be the preliminary ace..
from all the pitchers.. sawamura is the only one who didnt get injured (physically).
furuya was injured twice, his first spring tournament (cracked nail) and fall tournament (his ankle was sprained)
kawakami was “injured” when he hit raichis pitch - his fingers were numb so he couldnt pitch properly anymore
and sawamura? well, he had yips… i mean from this is a huge mental problem and kept him from playing like he wanted to.. but im talking about physical injuries.

this is a huuuuge red flag here. “if he can show good results”. i really have a bad feeling about this
everything is going way too smooth for sawamura.. i think that sawamura will get injured. he probably takes good take of his shoulder (cuz chris) so i doubt that he will strain his shoulder..
my gut feeling also tells me something is going to happen, my gut feeling is quite on point… (not always tho)


I call this post: left facing Jay… just standing there 
This post is also called “IF ASTERIA WONT DO IT THEN I WILL”

As a final note, I’m pretty sure that Troll Jay is my favorite thing I’ve ever drawn in my entire life

give me minute yall

please excuse my english, i’ve never gotten good grades 

i finally pulled myself together(not) and I just want to say that I’m very very proud of NCT and even us the fans . We’ve all been through so much . Protecting our boys from the cruel world with the best of our abilities;A;

OK lets start from  the oldest Mark, we all know about him having to debut in 3 different units. And not once he complained about being tired or anything .He even told us how happy he was and how he wanted to see the fans more. That shows how much he love this career and would do anything to make us happy. From being the youngest to being the leader would have taken a toll on him. And im pretty sure that even if he doesn’t show, there was probably times where he felt very exhausted . Especially with the people calling absolutely fully capable .You’ve worked hard Mark Lee

Renjun , omg this boy . He came from China and had to learn korean and being far from his family would probably make that kid sad af. Apart from that , he also helps his fellow member Chenle with adapting to this new surrounding . imagine being not sure of something yourself but then you go take yourself sure of it cause people look up to him.  Iwould honestly be stressed to the max if i was him.I applause him for that. you too, have worked hard Huang Renjun 

next we have Jeno. Being an idol , theres this part where you’ve gotta be talented at many things and also be funny.As most of us would know Jeno finds himeself the most boring in NCT which is not true of course. I believe he just gotta open up more and he probably be as funny as Haechan . Jeno needs more confidence and I can tell he’s working on in especially in the recent NCT DREAM Vlive where Mark was absent and he took the sub leader role .And we can see how much he talked compared to before. Actually all the members became more comfortable now and it makes me so soft inside .SO if we give it more time ,NCT would probably be variety gods. You’ve work hard Lee Jeno.

now my boi Haechan . I have no idea where to start and I feel that this will get long af. We all know how this boy can be mischievous and sassy .But lets all also remember that he is probably the most softest kid in NCT. As canbe seen from today, he was the first to cry when NCT DREAM was announced as the winner . I could understand why though. He has been going on about wanting to get first place on music shows since early 2017 and having his wish come true probably felt like a miracle (oh god im crying again) He ihas been a trainee since 2014?? when he was 14. Like damn his voice was probably just started to break and we all know how stressful it is to train your voice when puberty is hitting you like nobody’s bussiness. Oh and let’s not forget how strong he is . Like he was bawling his eyes out awhile ago but then a few seconds later he started hitting notes like an angel like it was a piece of cake.Damn son. He was probably thinking about how he was the team mood maker , and he wanted to show us how he happy he is . AND IM CRYYING .ok so. im so proud oof you . You’ve worked hard Lee Donghyuck 

Chenle , oh baby chenle .All the way from china with not much knowledge about korea or even kpop but here he is ., Slaying every stage . He was already a celebrity in China before he came here, but he still stayed in korea ,learn the language , and debut as a member of NCT. How hard did he work to be here only he and the members a know.Let’s not forget he is only 16 this year. WOW . when i was 16 i was stuggling with school.Im sososo proud of him . I can’t fully describe how much this is making me feel.yOU Zhong Chenle, have worked hard.

Our maknae , jisung.Bby chick JISung he so young . AND SO TALENTED .how does SM get this kids????Omg ok smol baby  jisung started dancing probably after he came out of the womb.Ok but serious , boys his age would be playing outside with friends instead of being in the studio and dance rooms for hours .With so much schedule and rules to follow.Scratch that NCT DREAM practically gave up their childhood to be where  they are now. Damn . You’ve  work hard Park Jisung .

Last and not least, Our Happy Virus Jaemin .gOd i missed him so much it hurts, so , damn, much. From what i heard , he was already suffering that waist injury since he was a trainee? im not so sure . But if  its true, i’m so proud of him, risking his health so that he could show us am azing performance that they have been practising .But i also hope that he take care of himself more now. it really hurts to see them hurting. Im sure he is sad that he can’t join his members in this comeback. sO many things had happen , and not being able to be there probably made him guilty but i hope he knows everyone misses him and hope he recover really soon cause we really need our happy virus.omG HIS SMILE. yOu’ve worked hard Na Jaemin

so in conclusion im totally whipped for NCT as a whole but today’s event made me reflect on how hard they all worked . Haters , if you have nothing nice  to say,then please shut up and mind your bussiness. NCT fans let’s continue supporting every single one of them cause they are family and everyone should be loved.Let’s not hate one member or one unit because your fav didnt get to shine.Its just the start ,theres still alot of time ,I believe all NCT members will shine so brightly that the haters go blin. lets love them okayy!

5x22 Drabble

HI GUYS! IM BACK AGAIN!! I have another fic that I wrote like a week ago, (before I posted my 5x20 fic) but I was nervous and unsure about it, but after the pure sweetness and kindness of this fandom, I decided to post it (here and on AO3)! I hope you all like it!


Everyone had gone home. It was just Felicity cleaning up, while Oliver stood in the kitchen. He kept offering on helping, but Felicity insisted he didn’t. It was his birthday after all. After the last thing had been put away, she turned to see him much closer than he was before.

“Thank you, Felicity, for all of this, “ he said, his face now only an inch from hers as he looked down on her. She had taken off her heels, and he was much taller to her than normal.

“It wasn’t a problem, really, you deserved this,” she said smiling, looking down. She didn’t want to look him in his eyes, see him looking at her like that, because she didn’t trust herself to resist it.

He tilted her chin up slowly, so that her eyes met his own. “I miss you, Felicity,” he said evenly, before his moving his lips right up to hers, leaving only a millimeter between them.

“Oliver we - we can’t. It would just be a mistake. We decided it was over and we both moved on. It’s over,” said Felicity.

“You and me, Felicity, “ said Oliver as he moved to cup his face with his hands, “we’re never over. We will never be over. As long as we’re both alive, you and I,” he gestured between them, “will always be a something. And I want it to be something more.”

Felicity sighed before speaking, avoiding his eyes at all costs, “Oliver you have Susan, and - “

“I broke up with Susan,” he interrupted.

“Because of Prometheus,” she supplied.

“No. That was not the reason that I ended things with her,” said Oliver sternly, before continuing, “ I ended things because when Prometheus showed me the glasses he stole from your apartment I thought I might die if something happened to you. Because I’d rather take a hundred arrows to the chest than let anything happen to you. Because I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve caused you. Because I love you. Because I want to be with you. I will always choose you Felicity.”

Felicity didn’t know what to say. She was shocked, how did he still love her? Why? She just wanted them to be done, be over with, so she could move on.

“Why? Why do you still love me? I broke up with you - albeit I had a good reason, and we moved on, and we don’t work together well as a couple, you’re better off and - “

Oliver closed the gap between them and brought her lips to his own. He kissed her softly, cupping her face in his hands before pulling back and speaking, “I am not better off without you. You are by far, the greatest thing that has happened to me. The island, the five years of hell, they were all worth it, because they brought me to you. And I’ve never loved anything like I love you Felicity. You’re kind, smart, brilliant, funny, gorgeous, you’re everything I could ever hope for. I want you. Just you,” said Oliver before kissing her again.

This time they kissed for several minutes, before they heard Curtis clear his throat. Oliver pulled back before turning his head to give Curtis a look, shooing him off, before he turned his head to look at her. “I thought he left, “ he said honestly, chuckling a little bit.

“Me too, “ she said smiling.

“So, “ he said, before his moving his lips right to hers, “I would really like to kiss you again. It would make this birthday the best I ever had.”

“The best you ever had, huh?” she murmured.

“By a long shot, “ he said, his lips still hovering over hers.

“Well who am I to deny the birthday boy his wish?” she asked, before moving her lips to his.

They kissed for several minutes, both of them lost in each other. After ten minutes, he pulled back, “I would really like to take it further, but I don’t want to rush this. I want you Felicity, I want to be with you ten years from now, fifty years from now. I want a life with you, a home with you. I’m willing to take it slow, to do whatever it takes, but I won’t give up on us,” he said firmly.

“Me either,” she said smiling. “If you want, we can watch a movie tonight, “ she said.

“I’d love that,” said Oliver smiling in return.

They were going to be okay. He could see that now. He loved her, and he knew she still loved him. They would make it. He was sure of it.




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Am I the only one who thinks Silver was from a wealthy family? He has the penmanship of a member of the high society. It's become so clear to me, rewatching Black Sails from the beginning. Like in ep 3 when he writes the whole thing, proposing he stays on Flint's crew. His handwriting is quite exquisite! :)

this is a very interesting theory and i would LOVE to hear other people’s opinions on this! though, for now, i can’t exactly get behind it because a) it doesn’t look all that exquisite to me, b) i can’t really base his history on a small detail like that and c) flint, for example, has a neat and pretty handwriting and he doesn’t come from a wealthy family and wasn’t exactly tutored (i headcanon he’s mostly self taught). exhibit a: (look at those fancy numbers)

though, i’m not familiar with the practices in the navy. perhaps he was taught to write like that or he was just born with a predisposition to write nicely. here’s another example of his handwriting, which in my opinion is actually more ‘eloquent’ than silver’s:

also, i’m not an expert on penmanship, but silver’s handwriting doesn’t really match the kind of handwriting miranda and thomas have. theirs is that elegant cursive, neat flowing letters, whereas silver’s letters are shorter, mostly separate and don’t exactly flow in an intelligible way.

and here’s another example of his handwriting which is… chicken scratch at best (granted, he was in a hurry so ofc he couldn’t focus on it being comprehensible):

and here’s an example of billy’s handwriting, which is also neater and more understandable than silver’s (he even writes in proper cursive, though it’s not as fancy as thomas’ for example. he too doesn’t come from a wealthy family, but he was lettered properly):

anyway i dont know where im going with this. im not sure i can get behind the idea of silver coming from a wealthy family solely bc of his handwriting because i feel it would have to be a bit more refined. kind of like flint’s or billy’s maybe. also there are a lot more examples in the show that we could discuss, but i dont have time to go searching.. i do remember eleanor’s pretty handwriting which is perhaps the closest to thomas and miranda’s cursive (less intelligible though). there’s that fine distinction where, even though she does come from a wealthy family, she wasn’t exactly raised into the kind of life that would allow time and will to learn to write as well as thomas and miranda have. also i really dont mean to prove you wrong or anything, just laying out what i think. i LOVE the theory, though, it’s something i’d like to read about if someone has any more ideas and time to put them to words :D 

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wait are you sure you have the right tumblr im pretty sure im not the only one who said about canon ships >.>  anyway also proves you dont know Artic otherwise you would know he would die once bonded he cant go with anyone else but im not going to go into that. Your view point is a bit um … questionable but sadly it is very common lately to see people who want to have the characters and the au without doing the work and even some go so far to get the creators to leave to keep there characters but they will always belong to the creators.  I know you are refering to flowerfell and underfell original creators that is what happens when people dont respect the creators and remember the people you call senpai have feelings too. This isnt just about melons characters this is about everyones  they belong to the person who brought them to life with there imagination who spent time making them into who they are now, Can you honestly say you know these characters that you own them when you dont even know simple facts about them like how they first started what they first looked like before they where shared with everyone. But even saying all this wont do much since this will continue to happen and this is happens on youtube ive noticed many people in the comments saying what is canon and not canon because it belongs to the community  among other things. Anyway thank you for your time anon im going to go answer the other asks. I really hope i make sense in this cause i get confused so easily anyway if you want to see what is okay or not ask the creators what you can and cant do with there characters dont assume ownership without proof or canon without proof. 

tweek headcanons!!

-hes probably shorter than most of the other kids. craig, clyde, n kenny definitely use him as an armrest

-he falls asleep rather easily during the day. like he might start to drift off during class or nap on the bus but at night, he cant sleep. like, at all.

-im pretty sure this is canon but hes a theater kid lets be real

-hes also loves draw! he loves to doodle on napkins at the shop n on his homework and the drawings arent always great but theyre cute and he likes them (and craig thinks theyre the greatest thing ever)

-hes got freckles!!

-his eyes are a hazelish color. one eye is more green than the other.

-he never adds cream or milk or sugar to his coffee and he shames the people who do (especially craig)

-he loves stickers and probably collects them n trades them

-he loves animals but he would never have any pets of his own. its too much pressure. so instead, he has plants! succulents to be exact. and he goes to his friends house to “hang out” aka play with their animals and leaves.

-he loves stripe. and tokens cats. and clydes dog. and jimmys fish. he even loves the rats at kennys house!

-to continue from above, tweek went over kennys house one time and asked ken if they have any pets. unfortunately, kenny doesnt have any pets but they tell tweek about the rats! together they went around the house and poked the rats

-hes my trans son and i love him

bratterrs !! i hope u like these !! also anyone pls feel free to add on !!

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so chapter 94 is coming, and where do you think the marley - walldian war gonna take place? and who do you think gonna be attacking first? i personally think that the walldians not just gonna sit tight and wait untill the marley attack. after that panel on chapter 93 where theres someone watching the warriors, im pretty sure that the walldians probably will do some minor attack on marley. but i would like to know what you think.

Ah, thank you for asking my opinion! I am quite excited for next chapter you have no idea! 

I think next chapter we’ll see Marley preparing or being done with preparing for an attack to Paradis and last war will probably take place at Paradis Island as well. I don’t think that person in that panel was a spy. I just don’t. If Eren is remembering his father’s memories, I am sure he also knows which arm to wear that armband, is wearing armband to specifically at one arm a thing at Marley? But who knows… Maybe I am reading this wrong.

What I agree here most is that Walldians are definetely not sitting at their corner and drinking tea. In that 4 years, they destroyed every ship Marley send them. They probably captive some Marleyans and got more information about the outside world now. Walldians must be really thanking for this.

I suspect there might be some other ally Walldians might have. Maybe East Sea Clan? Maybe Mid-East Empire? Someone else? I think someone from the outside world must have contact with them, Marley has many enemies in the end and you know… The enemy of my enemy is my ally.

I think the Walldians are waiting first attack to come from Marley, if they attack first they’ll destroy the surprise card that they always gave them advantage, Marley will know what they are capable of. So attacking first on their mainland is not a good idea since they don’t know and have a place to have back support. But seeing Walldians finally attacking, not defensing, to Marley who got weak because of the 4 year long war they are facing would be pleasing. Maybe that is an actual spy, maybe something gonna happen to their planes, navy etc? What if we see a small Survey Corps squad having a spy adventure on Marley to stab them on the back? My guess is as wild as yours, it is really hard to predict what is gonna happen.

Thank you for the ask!

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Rfa members reacting to MC just casually saying she hasn't eaten or slept in like a week because her job is so stressful (she could have multiple jobs)

Be careful everyone and take care of yourself properly!!! <3 


  • Since MC worked night shifts he assumed she slept when he was in class 
  • but MC was also working at her day job. She mostly just had 3-4 hours free in between and mostly used that time to get ready for the next job and take really short naps 
  • and at she usually had a sandwich for the day 
  • at most 
  • So when about 6 days had passed since this mess started 
  • it was saturday so Yoosung would be home the weekend 
  • And he wanted to relax with MC 
  • but MC was working the entire time 
  • and then when she did come to relax during her break 
  • she looked like death 
  • she was about to pass out tbh 
  • Yoosung asked her if she was fine 
  • MC groaned 
  • “Uh I’ve had so much work I think ive been surviving on like 5 hours of sleep this week” 
  • Yoosung sort of just stares for a second in disbelief 
  • “I barely get any breaks so I haven’t really had time to eat except for like sandwich a day” 
  • MC sorta forgot how protective her boyfriend can be 
  • so obviously he freaked out 
  • MC needs to quit at least on of her jobs! 
  • MC explains that she has rent to pay and she quits she can’t afford it 
  • So Yoosung tells MC to live in the dorm with him, He doesn’t care if its too small. MC is gonna live there. 
  • I mean it’s a win/win. MC doesn’t have to work as much and gets to spend more time with Yoosung


  • He has also had to work too much 
  • but he knows taking care of yourself is really important 
  • especially since hes an actor hes sorta of extra with it 
  • Like he is quick to notice the bags under MC’s eyes 
  • but he doesn’t wanna say anything 
  • he doesn’t wanna sounds rude :( 
  • but when MC mentions she slept for about half an hour the last night 
  • !!!!!!!!!
  • he asks how long that’s been going on
  • “i don’t know, Maybe a week?” 
  • !!!!!!!!
  • he makes MC take a nap right away and cooks for her
  • He suggest she quits the late night job so she can sleep
  • it takes a while to convince her 
  • he will scold MC if she’s not taking care of herself
  • he will take care of her for her if she doesn’t 


  • MC had been hiding it from her for about a week but when MC is just too tired and starving and she doesn’t really have a filter with what she says 
  • so when she mentions it to Jaehee 
  • she understands 
  • she understands that work can be stressful and it’s not easy to just quit even though it might be slowly killing you 
  • but she also understands how awful it can be 
  • She tries to convince MC to quit at least one of the jobs since she’s working three 
  • Suggests MC can live with her since she can afford for both of them to live together 
  • but MC doesn’t really wanna rely on others??
  • So MC does move in with Jaehee but keeps one of the jobs 


  • boy he was quick to notice that MC barely had any free time 
  • but he didn’t notice that they weren’t eating and sleeping 
  • until he got a call 
  • MC had passed out at work 
  • her boss didn’t think it was serious so he didn’t call an ambulance or anything 
  • but when MC woke up he did say she should rest for the rest of the day and he would call for someone to pick her up and he called Jumin 
  • when they were driving home he was so worried 
  • he confronted her about this 
  • “Don’t worry! I’ve just had a lot of work and I didn’t really have time to eat… Or sleep” 
  • with the last two words MC realized this was something that wasn’t easy to talk about casually 
  • Jumin didn’t want to force her to quit 
  • but if shes overworking, not eating or sleeping 
  • He’s ready to force her to quit 
  • He doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable though
  • but she must already be pretty uncomfortable at work 
  • he talks about with MC
  • MC explains that she actually does enjoy working but yeah this might be too much 
  • Jumin will make sure that MC has a better job where she can actually take care of herself 


  • He’s a hypocrite 
  • It’s completely fine if he doesn’t sleep or eat but if MC does it then no!!!!!
  • MC didn’t really mention it 
  • but he had figure out MC’s work schedule 
  • He wasn’t gonna mention it until MC came to see him 
  • and she looked exhausted 
  • he actually made her food 
  • it wasn’t hbc and dr.p 
  • also he’s ready to make sure you have less shifts and more money 
  • how would you even do that? 
  • I’m pretty sure that’s illegal 
  • He makes sure you actually sleep when you get back from work 
  • and he brings MC lunch to her workplace 
  • also convinces her to take less shifts 
  • eventually MC starts getting a better schedule with work 
  • and Seven makes sure it won’t go back to being this bad!! 

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haha 37: Volnny- Can i kiss you? also as word of note, im only going to do the requests in my inbox. so if it isn’t in my inbox by the time i post this first one, sorry. thanks for all the asks though!

Volt stood on the rooftop, sighing as he took in the countless stars that twinkled brightly above him. He was curious about space though he wasn’t sure if he would be able to handle it. It was pretty but he would go crazy in the vast void. 


Volt nearly tumbled off the building in surprise as Sunny made her way close to the superhero.

“Umm…..hey Sunny, what are you doing here?

Sunny gave him a smile that warmed his cheeks

“I’m here to see you sparky…or do you not want to see me?”

“No!” Volt could feel his ears burn “no no no of course i do! i’m just surprised is all.”

Sunny let out a cute giggle as she took a place at his side. 

“…it’s nice, isn’t it?”

Volt stared sunny, wondering if there was another reason she was here with him under the stars.

“….you know I’m tired of waiting”

“Huh?” Volt’s pulse raced, a growing dread growing in his stomach: Did he forget something? it wasn’t her birthday…or a concert…or a big event….was it?

Sunny rolled her eyes

“Do i need to spell it out for you?”

“Umm….” Volt twitched nervously.

Sunny pivoted on her feet, staring expectantly at the hero.

“Can I kiss you?” She asked with a mischievous grin


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You should do something with jealousy, like him getting jealous bc Morgan is flirting with you or something. Just some cute Reid fluff at the end bc he's a dorky baby and he gets all pouty and mad when he's jealous

(He’s so dorky :P)


Contains; Jealous!Spencer, FLUFF


Good morning beautiful.” Morgan commented as you walked to your desk. You blushed lightly, giving him a wink before you sat down. Morgan walked over to your desk, leaning on it as he sipped his coffee, giving you a smile. “So, is that new?” He gestured to your outfit.

“What, this?’ you asked, looking down at your black blazer which was covering your gray and black striped dress that reached down to your knees, along with your black tights gray beanie and converses. “Yeah actually, thanks for noticing,”

He gave you a wink and headed back to his desk, and you gave him a small smile.

-Third POV-

Morgan looked up as he sat down seeing Spencers face had an incredulous look upon it. Morgan smiled smugly and Spencer walked over to him, staring at you a few times.

“What was that about?” Spencer asked Morgan quietly. Morgan gave him a smug look as he took a sip of coffee.

“That my dear Dr., was flirting. You know that thing that guys use to help warm a woman up into going out with a guy…like me?” Morgan chuckled. Spencers eyebrows went up.

“You want to ask y/n out on a date?” Morgan nodded, leaning back in his desk chair to look at you again. You had your head close to your desk, filling out paperwork. “I mean look at her.”

You were biting your lip in concentration and you had tied your hair up to keep it out of your face, hand furiously writing across the paper and leg bouncing up and down.

“She’s beautiful.” Spencer mumbled to himself, making sure Morgan couldn’t hear it. Spencer had liked you for a while and had actually asked you out a couple times, enjoying some wonderful dates, but that’s all they were. He wasn’t sure if he had to ask to be your boyfriend or if you would tell him. He didn’t get social cues most of the time, and was a bit awkward about it. And now Morgan wanted to date you.

You stretched in your chair, yawning, drawing Spencer out of his thoughts. He gave a quick nod to Morgan, ending the conversation and heading to his desk to start the day.

(Le timeskip)

-Your POV-

“Y/n, is it just me or do you get more stunning everyday?” Morgan asked a few days later as you came into work that morning. You rolled your eyes playfully and set down your stuff.

Today you were wearing your usual converses, along with a light purple flowered dress and purple blazer and a little black belt at the waistline.

“Is it just me or do you get more flirty everyday?” You teased back at him to which he nodded and smiled “Touche.”

You saw Spencer walk in and you smiled warmly, waving at him. he gave a nod in your direction and set his stuff down. You frowned slightly and wondered what was up with him.

He had been avoiding the past few days, and when you tried to talk to him he gave short answers and made up an excuse that he had to do paperwork. You flet a slight sick feeling in your stomach. You really liked him, and wondered what you did to make him upset.

Then the thought hit you. Of course. He didnt want to go out with you anymore, and he was trying not to hurt your feelings. How could you be so stupid?

You sat down at your desk and ignored everyone, plugging your headphones in as you finished up some files you had to write. At the end of the day you tried to quickly walk out of the building but Morgan caught up to you.

“Hey y/n, I was wondering if you didnt have anything to do tonight if you maybe wanted to go out for drinks with me?” You gave him a regretful smile and shook your head.

“I cant, im sorry. I’ve been on a few dates with this one guy…” You trailed off, looking around through the doors and saw Spencer packing up his things. Morgn gave a warm smile.

“No problem y/n, im just glad you’re happy.” He ruffled your hair and you laughed, swatting his hand away. “Thanks for understanding.” You headed down the stairs and to your car.

-Third Person POV-

“What’s wrong?” Spencer asked, raising his eyebrow. He saw Morgan looking a little bummed out as they both went down in the elevator.

“Y/n turned me down. She says she’s been on a couple of dates with this one guy…and she’s waiting for him to ask her out again.” Spencer’s eyes widened and he perked his head up a little.

“Really?” Morgan sighed as he nodded, facing Spencer, studying him for a moment before his whole face lit up.

“You dog!’ he elbowed Spencer who smiled sheepishly. ‘ Well it was an honor to lose to you.” He said chuckling. “She’s headed out to her car.” He mentioned as the elevator opened its doors at the lobby of the building. “I bet if you can hurry you both could get some dinner or something.”

Spencer nodded before mumbling a ‘thanks’ as he ran to the garage, spotting you walking to your car. “Y/n!” you jumped, placing your hand over your heart as you sighed in relief, realizing it was him.

“Y/n! Wait!” Spencer panted as he reached your car. “I wanted to ask you-’

“I’m sorry, but if all of our dates are going to be you ignoring me for a few days afterwords, i dont know if i want to go out with you again.” You interrupted, folding your arms across your chest. His eyebrows furrowed together as he shook his head.

“No that’s not what I-”

“Meant? Then why did you do it?” You asked sternly. “I really like you you know! And it kind of sucked just watching you squirm away from me!”

“Well Morgan expressed intrest for you and I-”

“Do you think I just go out with anyone who asks me? I’m not like that!”

“Well, if you asked any woman, im pretty sure they would pick him over me, and i was afraid you would too.”

“Spencer… You’re handosme, you’re intelligent, and Morgan is as well it’s just that, you’re also dorky and quirky, nerdy, and I like you. Not morgan. Just you.“ Spencer nodded.

“Well can i make it up to you with maybe some takeout and chess?” He asked softly, turning his head to the side slightly. You huffed and thought about it for a second before nodding and smiling.

“Hop in.”


(There you go long-awaited anon! Dramatic scene and all! Enjoy!)


Still lonely? Buy a Junhui. 

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Youngjae if you had to choose a Hyung to go out with on a romantic dinner date with (and do all the cheesy couple food sharing things with) who would it be?

JY: He gets really shy when he talks about anything like that but I am sure he has someone in mind for more than just a dinner date. Also, Youngjae your diary is pretty interesting~

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maybe it's bc i know baz luhrmann, but i'm pretty sure they were gonna kill off mylene? bc during the "thank you for the love you gave" flash-forward in pt.1 you saw books crying....

what do you mean know baz luhrmann? does he kill off characters in a lot of other things he’s a part of??? thinking about zeke crying over that i guess it would make sense but still i would be totally blindsided by that. honestly tho with how focused everybody was on making sure shao, dizzee, and boo were okay killing off somebody completely different like mylene would have such a shock factor

but also im pretty positive the soul madonnas are the ones singing back up for older zeke ?

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pretty sure everyone in cow chop is super transphobic so.. even james' mom is transphobic lol.. im done with them all

imo, I don’t think so. It is a shame that James’s mother is transphobic, but a lot of people from her generation are.

James basically implied that yeah, he would be with a post-surgery trans woman, and both Brett and Aleks also seemed completely unphased by the idea. I do not think they were egging him on (okay maybe a little bit) but mostly just wanted him to answer the question because they already knew what their own personal answers were, and wanted his.

I think that mostly, they just have ignorance that comes from lack of knowledge about trans terminology/issues, ex. using “transvestite”, a slur in most trans communities, instead of trans.

If this really is a major concern to a lot of people, then I’ll consider asking James about it. It is a personal issue for me as well, being nonbinary, but I always try to look on the positive side when it comes to the guys + these issues.