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General Hux Project: Reference Gathering

The other major starting point for Hux (and all costumes in which there is more then one image) is to collect reference photos like they’re going out of style. Hux, asshole that he is, is one of the few costumes not part of the touring Star Wars costumes that were at the celebration. So while tons of pictures exist of Rey, Kylo, Poe, etc costumes on the dress forms at the Celebration…no first order costumes at all were there. Hux is not in a ton of scenes, annddd they’re wearing black clothing, on a black darkly lit ship *head desk* so let the fun begin! 

Some of this came from watching the movie again with the express reason of looking for Hux details, others from the lovely people at the RPF and Imperial Order (RPF is a great place to look for info and ref photos for costumes from movies). I mentioned fabrics in my last post, so this is all the sewing details of it.

So follow this way for tons of ref’s and detail notes on his outfit!

EDIT: Updating as movie is released and more details become visable with HD and behind the scenes. 

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