also if you just want to give me your address

evelinaonline  asked:

Are you going to be giving away the traditional art you are posting right now or make some new? ALSO, I have been meaning to ask this for a long time. Is there anyway WE can send you stuff? :3 (like, send it at your house and all)

Hiya! I will be giving away the traditional art I am posting now (more to come). I don’t have a PO BOX or anything and I don’t want to publically post my address buuut as you have been an active follower for a long time and all, just pm me if you want to send something and I will give you an address, Eve :) I’m so excited that you would want to send something! (no pressure though. I know postage is expensive)

Just wanted to address this:

Actually, I have only had sexual intimancy once in all of our arrangement. Yet I have made thousands of dollars off of him. If that is what prostitution is…Then okay, count me in! 

Also I think our arrangement has always shifted far from what would be considered prostitution, given sex isn’t expected and there is not even a set PPM. I trust him enough to give me around a certain amount each time as ~support. Also, we text all of the time too. Would you text your prostitute?

Now, why in the name of Lord Jesus Christ would I get out of an arrangement where I am getting money while not having sex just because a man may have viewed me as a “prostitute” or “Escort”? Just because he might have been willing to give me more if I had sex with him? I know that I am not one.  He can view me as whatever he wants for all I care. Identifiers do not matter.  

Also, @ mutuals, if any of you want a postcard from seoul, send me an ask! I’ll include a bad quality drawing of your favourite elf lol. (If you want a card but you’re not comfortable giving out your address, just say so and I’ll send you a picture of the dog I befriended here holding the card I wrote for you)

anonymous asked:

Oh yeah there's also more I wanted to ask!! ❤️ if I made... something... for you would I be able to send it? Because I really wanna make u something!! ❤️❤️ I have something in mind, but I'm not sure if it'd be okay to send u stuff? If not that fine, I understand!!! Lots of love ❤️❤️🦇

aaaaaaa that’s just. so sweet anon i love you. you can always submit things but if you mean like, irl sending stuff? i’d honestly be honoured and would have no way to repay you, heck. i won’t give out my address publicly nd i’d have to check w/ my guardians, but if you want to message me privately it’s possible? you’re just too sweet and all your messages always make me smile. (also ill safe your two messages for sleepover sunday!! you’ll be the first one <3)

Love Was {Chapter One}

Prologue//Chapter Two

Jungkook x Reader College!AU

Summary: Love to you was everything about Jeon Jungkook.

Word count: 6,071

Notes and content warnings: Strong language

This is so long rip me but I hope y’all enjoy ((:

Jungkook didn’t feel comfortable with giving you his address, so you two decided to meet up at IHOP per your suggestion, because brunch food was high up on your list of good hangover food. He was a bit hesitant to go to a restaurant with you; you could tell he just wanted to have the exchange happen quickly and easily then never talk to you again, but you weren’t about to pass this opportunity up. You also had to go to rehearsal in four hours, and you weren’t going to go on an empty stomach.

You hoped Jungkook looked at least half as bad as you felt. It was just your luck to have made a bad first impression on the boy you had taken such interest in. At least if he looked kind of bad, you would feel better about yourself.

So you were sorely disappointed when he pulled himself into the seat across from you looking like he stepped out of an Armani Exchange magazine.

Keep reading

i’m opening commissions!!

here are the deets! you can get:

1. a colored pencil and crayon drawing

- $12

- send me 5 words and i will use them as a prompt for a piece! (i won’t count articles like a/an/the/etc.) for example! five words for the example on the left could be “Plants in Low Gravity with Cute Boys” and the right could be “Touch my Eye, also a Pretty Sunset Sky” whatever you want, i’m not gonna be strict about it! it doesn’t have to make any sense or be a coherent phrase either

- they are about 3.5 x 5.5 inches, i may choose to do the piece horizontally or vertically depending on what i think would be best

- if you give me your address i will mail it to you! unfortunately for now i can only mail these within the united states. if you live outside the u.s. you can still commission one if you would like! it just means i won’t be able to send the physical copy to you for the time being

2. character drawing

- base price for a bust is $10, additional characters are $6 each

- base price for waist up is $18, additional characters are $8 each

- base price for full body is $25, additional characters are $10 each

- they’ll have a solid background! if you want a background that’ll be a full illustration and details for that are below!

3. full illustration 

- base price is $40

- with a very simple background will be around $40, a more complex background like the example with the bubbles would be around $50, and a very complicated background like the example with the crowd scene would be around $70

4. set of sketchy dogs

- one full body dog is $18, each additional dog (full body or otherwise) is $3

- i typically do sets of 6 or 9 dogs! 6 dogs would be $33 and 9 would be $42 but you can get however many you want, this is just a point of reference!

5. other things!

- i am very open to other things you might want that i haven’t listed! i can do things like reference sheets for characters, i can design a character for you, i can do short one-page comics or even half-page comics using characters of your choice, or other stuff that you can ask me about and i will give you a price for it

stuff to know

- shoot me an email at including all the details of what you want 

- all payments must go through paypal to the same email! once i receive payment i will start working!

- i will draw pretty much whatever other than intense nsfw stuff and complex machinery

- i am very open to what you want so don’t hesitate to ask about it and i’ll let you know if it’s something i can or can’t do! you can look through my art blog for more examples of my work!

Hardcover Journal Giveaway - ends 31st october

just a quick little art giveaway for you guys of a journal with my newest deisgn on, it’s been a while since I did one of these but it’s the same rules as before 

  1. must be following me
  2. reblog to enter
  3. no giveaway blogs
  4. must be comfortable/have permission to give your address 

Keep in mind that you can reblog as many times as you like, but do not spam as it annoys your followers and if any of them complain to me you’ll be disqualified, it is also world wide like always 

If you want the journal and don’t want to risk not winning you can buy it here with the price reduced by 10% more than it normally is even without codes 

I’M DOING MY FIRST EVERY GIVEAWAY, SHIT IS EXCITING AS HELL!! HAHAHAH.. Okay, I’m calm! So, what’s in this giveaway you may ask? It’s only


Pretty rad, right? Check below for all the information you need.

How long will the give away last?

One month 5th Feb 2015 - 5th March 2015.

Can anyone enter?

Of course! I want everyone to have a chance in winning this. Also, I’m not doing this for followers, so you don’t even have to follow me, but if you do, that would be much appreciated.. Just sayin, hah.

Will you ship internationally?

Hells yeah I will!

I’m under the age of 18, can I still enter?

YES! I just need proof that your parents/guardians are fine with you giving out your address to me, hey if it helps, my address will be on the back of the package, so I’m kinda puttin myself out there, too.

How many reblogs can we do?

Well, no one likes a spammer, so I’ve thought about it, and one like + one reblog seems fair enough.

Does my ask have to be open?

Absolutely, if your ask is not open, how can I let you know you won?

Will you make posts about who won?

  • Yeah, only because I know tumblr likes to eat asks, so I will @ the url of the winner as well as send a message, if I have not received a reply within 24 hours, a new winner will be picked, in saying that, I will make a post once I have received a reply.

So, I think that is all, if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate in asking me. I wish you all good luck, and yeah, haha. OH! You need not reblog this from me, and please PLEASE do not delete the text. GOOD LUCK!


Finally, here it is! Some prices are discounted the more you buy!
And I tried to be as clear and detailed as possible.

All the things in the “Maybe” section just need to be asked before to see if I am able/willing to draw what you have in mind, don’t worry tho,I’ll try to do my best to help you to realize your ideas!
Comics pages numbers are limited for now,but there can be exceptions. It depends on how much I am busy at the moment.
(ps- I can also send you hand drawings,but you must also pay the shipping. as always,just ask! )

Payments are accepted through paypal, I’ll give you the payment address once we agree upon the details of the commission.
For ANY question, just send me a mail (safer than tumblr messages,but if you want,they’ll work as well) at

Reblogs are really appreciated,thanks!

hi!! im currently deciding whether i’d be up to draw + send valentine’s postcards this year but if i do, would you like to receive one from me? they’d most likely be tkym postcards only..! also you’d have to be willing to give me your address — i’d pay for the postage regardless of where you live dw!!

you can reply yes/maybe/no to this post or you can also vote anonymously through the poll i have on twitter! (you don’t need a twitter account to vote)

~GIVEAWAY~ JJCC Ackmong Album

Hey guys! In celebration of the new year, I will be giving away two Ackmong albums with Zica’s photocard! This giveaway is open internationally
1. Like and reblog this post as many times as you want (just don’t spam your friends! Every like & reblog will count as an entry!
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3. If you’re underage, please get your parents approval before entering this giveaway! If you’re of age, please make sure you’re comfortable with giving me your name and address for shipping! 

You guys don’t have to follow me but, I would appreciate it! :) 

This giveaway will be held between, 2016 Jan 4 - Jan 24 11:59 PM PST.
I will be choosing two winners at random and announce the winners on: Jan 26 (or so~) I will message the winners and if there is no reply within 48 hours, I will choose a new winner. 

Please don’t use a giveaway account, I will be checking. 

Good luck to everyone! Hope you all had a Happy Holidays! 

So, how did you get into jjcc? 

TABINOF Give away!

Whoa? Tumblr give away? Let’s get started!

  • The prize: A copy of “The Amazing Book is Not on Fire”
  • Bonus: send me a pairing from anything (anime,irl,etc) and I’ll send you a drawing of them!

Dah Rules:

  1. You must NOT have a copy of TABINOF or You must be getting it for someone who doesn’t have a copy or a tumblr.
  2. You must be following me. (Also don’t just follow for the give away and    then just unfollow, that’d be mean.)
  3. You gotta be comfortable with giving me your address of course.
  4. Only Reblogs count I’m sorry ;v; you can like to bookmark it. You can reblog as many times as you want, just don’t spam your wonderful followers.

This Give away ends on the 10th of December 2015 (hopefully in time for your holidays :)) and the winner will be chosen by a random generator sooooo it’s all luck >:0

Good luck!!

Hey so I have next to no food

Ive literally been starving myself trying to make my food and foodstamps go as far as possible, but having no fridge limits what types of food I can get by a lot

Add that with the fact that I used $60 to buy my Aunt and her toddlers food when I first got them means I have only $18 of foodstamps left until the 23rd

I also got royally fucked over on hours this week so my paycheck is going to be extremely meager and I cant spend any money if I want to be able to afford my rent and car insurance and gas to get to work

So please, if you can spare the money at all my paypal is even a dollar buys me some ramen or a can of beans

Or if youre a friend and want to order me food just message me and I can give you my address

I just really need help okay please help me if you can

SOOOOO in a little over a month, ‘this blog’ is going to be a one year old. How lovely to think I’ve devoted a year of my time to you nerds lmfao. I’ll make an IRL sappy post come May 12th, but until then LET’S HAVE A GIVEAWAY. (excuse that POS banner lmfao god it sUX)

I am in the fortunate position to be pretty financially stable and I like to buy things for people. It’s how I show love, which basically means that I’m probably gonna have issues relating to that later in life bUT WHATEVER JUST LET ME LOVE THE WAY I WANT TO LOVE. But first we gotta do the rules.

         MUST BE FOLLOWING ONE OF MY BLOGS bc this is for my followers.
         RP BLOGS ONLY. I will check also don’t follow just for presents.
         You’ll have to be comfortable giving me your address. I have to send you things. 
         This is open to Americans and non-Americans so shout out to those S&H rates.
         REBLOG & LIKE as much as you want, just don’t spam the dash.

4TH PLACE: 50 icons + PSD
         5TH PLACE: 25 icons + PSD
         6TH PLACE: 10 icons + PSD

If you aren’t comfortable giving me your address, I can make you icons. No big deal. 


I’m about 20ish minutes from having the complete audio of Darren’s first night tracked, compiled into a neat little iTunes-friendly package, and in Dropbox ready to be sent out.

If you want it, send me a message with your email address. The best way to include your email address in a Tumblr message is to surround the periods with parentheses so like hedwig(.)robinson@angryinch(.)com

If you are new here, no I do not want to formally arrange a trade. I am just giving it to you, I’m not trying to reap any sort of reward in return because that would be bullshit because it’s not my art.

Also, I’ll post on here when I send out a batch, so you should consider following me so you can make sure you get it. Or just check back. Whichever. It’s your life, man.

Should your identity be only in Christ?

Reader likestoimagine16 asks:

Sorry if this is weird, but can I ask how do you keep your identity as gay while still being first and foremost being identified as saved in Christ? One of my church leaders told me that she was worried I was making my asexual identity an idol over God, and I can honestly see why she was worried, but I don’t think I can just give up my asexual identity in order to follow God. But, I also don’t want it to be an idol anymore. Did you ever struggle with this, or something like it?

I’ve addressed this before, but this question comes up all the time, so I think it’s worth doing again.

As Christians, we all have many parts to our identity. No two Christians are the same. I often hear Christians mention their gender, race, nationality, denomination, or other identifying features without incident, but when someone mentions their orientation, they can get a lot of criticism from those who say their identity should only be in Christ.

But is that true? Is it wrong to identify yourself in other ways beyond your Christian identity? After having made us as unique beings, is God’s goal really to take all that uniqueness back, turning us into identical Christian robots with no other identifying features?

No. I think “your identity should only be in Christ” is one of those Christianese phrases that sounds good until you think about it and realize that it’s actually not very Christian at all! God’s people are diverse, and that’s how God made us. The Bible describes our differences as a good thing.

When people say your identity should be in Christ, I think what they actually mean is two things:

1. Your primary allegiance should be to Christ, not to the things of this world. So if being a Christian conflicts in some way with my identity as an American, for instance, my allegiance to Christ should win out. This doesn’t mean I stop identifying myself as an American; it just means that if my country asks me to do something that goes against Christ, Christ wins.

2. As Christians, we shouldn’t be divided by our differences. This is what Paul is talking about when he says, “In Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

But that doesn’t mean that we have to stop talking about any of the ways we’re different from each other.

What makes you you? Okay, you’re a Christian. But you might also be gay or straight or bi or asexual or transgender or male or female or American or a Cowboys fan or a gamer or a cat lover or an engineer or a foodie or Latino or ginger or a fashionista or a musician or a blogger or an introvert or an extrovert or anything else that makes you who you are.

Yes, if you set any of these things up as an “idol”—if it becomes a more important part of your identity than following God—then I see the cause for concern. But there’s nothing wrong with having a unique and multifaceted identity, acknowledging that God created you as a complex person. That’s a good thing!

If having any identity other than “in Christ” were a sin, it would be wrong for Christians to wear national flag pins or paint their faces for sporting events or even pick a bathroom when the doors are labeled “men” and “women.” Being asexual is no different. It’s a part of who you are, but not the whole of who you are. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

For more, check out this post: Questions from Christians #6—“Shouldn’t your identity be in Christ, not your sexuality?”