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BPD Comorbidity Survey

Alright, tumblr BPD community, who wants to take yet another survey for me?

Simply go here and answer some questions asking what kinds of mental illnesses / other means of neurodivergence you experience alongside borderline personality disorder.

After I get a sufficient amount of responses, I might go and publish the results in a separate post. Otherwise, I’m strictly curious. And if you are too, you can view the general results after you submit a response!

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anonymous asked:

My brother & I were arguing whether gayness is a choice. I said it's not but he was says it is because there is no gay gene & unless scientists give the allele, whether its recessive or not, he'll always believe it's a choice. But then I said, if it's like that, then straightness is also a choice. He said that it was, that sexuality is a choice & he won't judge because of preferences. I don't think I'm completely satisfied with his answer. Are you? Do you think what he's saying is alright?

Your brother is chatting a load of absolute bullshit and you should carry a button around with you and everytime he says something like that you press it and it screams “BULLSHIT DETECTED” yeah, he is 447982% incorrect and if he wants to debate he can go ask someone in the LGBTQ community how they ‘choose’ to be attracted to someone even though it may put their life in danger, be harassed and bullied everyday of their life and even wanting to kill themselves. 

Message to members of the lgbt+ community who don't feel valid

Im just here to say that no matter what, and however many haters there are
You are a valid member of the lgbt+ community, no matter what you identify as, nor what your sexuality is, or whatever name or pronouns you go by, you’re valid and I feel like you should feel welcome to the community, because none of us are going to judge you harshly.
I care about you and I’m here for you all. Please take care of yourselves! If you ever need a talk, I am here for you.

Also, if anyone questions your identity, just go up to them, and tell them what you identify as, and just smile and show them you’re proud to be that way.