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How are people so okay with all these newbies? Felicity & Diggle have 20% less screentime in 5x01 because of all the action & Berlanti is apparently all 5a is about building up the newbies. And all the promo stuff has been about them. And it's not that there can't ever be new characters entering their world but I watch Arrow for our core characters not a bunch of new people. And it's becoming quote obvious that these newbies will suck up so much time from the regulars & that's not okay.

Continuation of ask about newbies. The more new characters they add in roles like vigilantes on TA the less time they have to spend on the regulars, there’s just no way around that. And so far season5 sounds way too focused on newbies. And that’s just not why I or most people watch Arrow. Why are we supposed to be okay with new vigilantes taking time away from the superheroes we know and love already? It’s just too much. I want proper story time for the core cast not time wasted on newbies.


I have to say this kind of attitude always surprises me when it’s coming from an Olicity fan. Thank heavens the writers are open to new dynamics and characters, otherwise we would never have had Felicity, Olicity or OTA. If they’d been worried about pulling focus from Oliver by having some blonde newbie IT girl in every episode and diluting out his story, just think what we would have missed out on. Just think about all the sides and aspects of Oliver’s personality and story we would have never gotten to see and enjoy. 

I mean, it’s awesome that people love Olicity and OTA so much, but to love it to the point that they want to exclude anyone else from being on screen - that I just don’t understand. How do you know you won’t be losing out on something truly magical if one or more of those characters really click with OTA? Why do you want to limit the Arrow universe to just OTA, turning the stories all inward and making this suffocating universe where it’s all about them? 

You can expand a universe and still maintain an intimacy with characters. Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive. So what if one episode out of 23 features the newbies? Some people are acting like that is how every episode is going to be. It’s not, and it’s nonsense to even think that. These characters won’t be in every episode, or heck, not all of them will necessarily be there all season. And they won’t be the focus. But they will be used as tools in telling Oliver’s story, and Olicity’s and OTA. Because that’s how stories work. 

I love Olicity and OTA as much as the next person, but I don’t want Arrow to be reduced to just them. I know you think that’d be awesome, but trust me, it wouldn’t, for two reasons. First of all, it’s like eating chocolate all day every day. Sure, you love chocolate, but when it’s all you eat, its impact starts to wear off. You become numb to how awesome it is, because you’re overdosing. Olicity and OTA are all the sweeter because of the very fact they’re not every single scene. You crave them, you always want more. If you always have them in every scene, you never get to crave them and that would be a very big disservice to them. 

Second of all, I can’t help but think that the folks who want the show to only focus on Olicity and OTA have really thought that through. Arrow is a show about drama and tragedy and pain and suffering, with occasional moments of happiness. Do you really want all that drama, tragedy, pain and suffering to just be told by Olicity and OTA? Wouldn’t you be a bit happier knowing all that angst is going to be shared around with other characters? 

I know I’m pretty happy knowing that if they’re going to play out the loss of a partner beat, Olicity and Dyla can have their odds of being spared increased because of Curtis and Paul… sorry Paul, but when it comes down to you, Felicity and Lyla, there really is no choice to make. Because make no mistake, Arrow will always have tragedy at its core… along with love and hope. I don’t mind sharing the love and hope if it also means diluting out the tragedy for my faves. 

I’m excited for the newbies. They’re not going to eat the show, but we are going to get to see our faves interacting with them and seeing different things drawn out. I’m excited at the thought of discovering a new Curtis. That’d be awesome! Bring it on, newbies, and lets have some fun. :D 


Right guys, I’m going to be keeping this ridiculously brief, bc I’m tired and lazy! Like seriously; I’ve been awake for 29 hours now, I think?!
This post will be an all over the place MESS! 😂

This whole holiday was a ten day event, not just the three day weekend! It was my first ever trip outside of the UK, and wow, what an amazing time I had! Literally from sunrise, to sunset, I was out and about, in and around Atlanta!

I just couldn’t stop myself from admiring the architecture; watching the people, wishing there was a way I could send people what I could smell, and just general flailing because of how grateful I was to be there in that beautiful city!
I also think I annoyed the shit out of my brother by going “Carol and Daryl dropped from here, in the van!”, “Beth got killed here…”, “This is the walkway where sleeping bag walkers were!!”…he just kept “wtf-ing” me!

One of the highlights of my stay, was taking a walk round Fernbank Forest. Wow, seriously. It was just so beautiful!

(I love how I’m just jumping from one topic to another, without a care in the world…sorry!)

Walked Stalker Con was out of this world! I’ve never been to a convention in my life, so was absolutely buzzing to be attending this event! I felt so happy to be under the same roof as so many people, who share a passion and love for something so great! The atmosphere was incredible! I loved watching people hug it out; seeing the happy smiles of people who had just met their faves, listening to the delighted flailings of people meeting up with others…it just makes me sigh with happiness!

Just a quick shout out to the amazing people I had very brief meet ups with! @carol-on, @leigh57, @illusianation, @silver-89, @princessnerfherder, @faith5by5-1013, @krazy-jenni, to the people who recognised MiniC and stopped me for a chat; to the others who don’t have a tumblr, but who follow on Twitter! Seriously, thank you guys so much!
One of the main reasons for this trip was wanting to meet with the amazing people I’ve met through social media, and even though they were very brief, I will literally treasure the memories forever!

Now that I’ve bored you to the point of wondering why you even read this post, I’m going to tell you about meeting with The Queen!

I love queues.
I’m British, all we do is queue.
So, I loved nothing more than standing in a queue with so many others, who felt sick with excitement about meeting her.

My brother was ahead of me, so got to meet her first. And literally the first thing he said to her was “I’m dying…” 😂
He was so thrilled to be meeting her, that he just said the first thing to enter his head! It was brilliant!

Now, my brother and I are dickheads, so we each wrote a letter to Melissa…(I’ve already mentioned the British-ness, and we love nothing more than to write letters, ok?!)…so he handed them over, declared what was in the envelope…

And you know what Melissa did?!
“Oooh, you’ve wrote me a lettah!”
I was almost pissing, then thought, shit…we actually say letter like that?! 😬

Melissa + British Accent = 😍👌

I zoned out a bit after that, I wanted my brother to enjoy meeting her without me being all 😁😍 stood beside him.

Then it was my turn.
Holy shit I thought I was going to burst in to tears, right there and then. I had to distract myself before I turned our meeting in to a snot fest, so I just plonked MiniC on the table in front of her, and smiled.

(I’m such a dork, I swear.)

After telling her it was MiniC, she sort of frowned at me.
Then looked to my brother, who was waiting along the side, and frowned.
Then frowned at MiniC.
Then repeated the frowning process.

She then smiled, recognition written all over her face, and says “Brother and sister?! You’re short, he’s tall…and you’ll have MiniC on you?!”


But on the outside I was just “Yeah, that’s us!” Again, such a dork.

She then gave me the permission to take a picture of herself with MiniC! (My son is delighted with the picture, and keeps saying “Mummy Carol is with her toy Carol” and I’m just all “T. you’re melting me, shush!”)

She then signed the autograph, I thanked her for her time, she thanked me…and that was it!

My brother and I went to sit down, which is when my resolve completely broke, and I sobbed. Like proper snot faced tears and everything! (Thank you to the lady who handed me a tissue, and offered a one armed hug! 😘)
Carol Peletier was the inspiration I needed, and coming face to face with the woman who essentially helped me change my life, was more amazing than I ever could’ve imagined.

I don’t think there’s much to say about the photo ops; apart from Melissa is a trooper, Norman smells great, and the queues were amazingly long!

And that wraps it, I think?!
I would tell you about my four days in Atlanta after the con, but it was basically me walking round the city all 😱😍, eating southern inspired food, and trying not to annoy my brother again!

It’s been one hell of a holiday, but I can’t wait to come back, and do it all over again! 🍻🤘