also if you can tell me what kind of poem this is you win a prize


Doubtless, you assumed I would just move on.
Only I didn’t. How could I? You are everywhere.
Never a night spent without your lingering must.
‘Til you came back, I didn’t breathe.

Getting over you felt like being tired, all the time.
Opening my mouth felt like drowning.

Press your hand against my face. Push me over.
Leave a mark. Leave a scar. Leave something.
Every autumn, the colors are so bright, and the wind blows.
Are you rustling the leaves? Are you swinging the door shut?
Somewhere, there are ashes where we could have lived.
Everywhere I go the trees are on fire.

Self-sacrificing son-of-a-bitch you are, you left.
Told yourself I was better off, that you were dirt.
At least we could have planted flowers.
You never wondered how I would sleep at night.