also if y'all have any more requests drop on by


The reaping takes only a minute. Effie, shining in a wig of metallic gold, lacks her usual verve. She has to claw around the girls’ reaping ball for quite a while to snag the one piece of paper that everyone already knows has my name on it. Then she catches Haymitch’s name.


So I’m opening some commission slots because I wound up with some surprise bills and yada yada, fun adult stuff.

5 commission slots are now open.

This is my first time doing commissions so think of it like a test run.
If you’re interested please contact me via my e-mail ( with details about what you want.

I will draw:

Any fandom, OC, etc. so long as I am given references
Partial nudity, hiding the important bits ;P
A variable of humanoid species, again, so long as I have reference (Furries are out of the quesition, N-O.)

I will NOT draw:

Mechas/Machines (until I get some practice in I guess)
Anything that I’m uncomfortable with

I reserve the right to deny a potential commission if I am not comfortable drawing it or violates any of the above.

Wow, okay, now that we’re done with all that business, now to the details.

+$5 Per additional character

All prices are in USD

I will send you a WIP of your commission for your approval, and lineart if you request it.

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line with any curiosities you’ve got, either here on tumblr or my email above (though I wouldn’t trust tumblr’s message system as far as I can throw it)

Also, you can always negotiate with me on what you want and we can settle on an individual price for your piece :)